Question from KarmieKarmie

Floating Empire Help?

I've gone through ALL of the areas in the Floating Empire.
It won't let me up the stairs to go to the final boss.

dineme81 asked for clarification:

Have you beaten all 3 bosses of the east, west, and south portions?

KarmieKarmie provided additional details:

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I have. I'll go through again and see if this is the problem.

masabic asked for clarification:

I beat every boss and push every switch when I did that a movie clip showed of the door but the door was it open some one tell me please what i did wrong I hope I don't need to start all over again

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Lirishae answered:

You need to press a switch found after defeating the boss of each section to open the way to the final room. It's possible you may have beaten a boss without hitting the corresponding switch.
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