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Where can I find Light Ore?

I read in the wiki that Light Ore can be obtained with a high mining skill level. How high does it have to be to get it? Also, I'm not clear on its effects when crafting a weapon. A detailed explanation would be helpful.

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KariWindblade answered:

I found most of mine in silver, ruby or sapphire mineral veins personally. Look around the Delierium Lava Ruins and scerenzo hill.

Essentially it lets you move the stats of a weapon at level 1 over to another weapon. Example following.

I'm using 2 basic claymores to make 2 broad swords.
Claymore 1 uses just iron. [basic sword stats]
atk +12, diz+12
Claymore 2 uses iron and grimoir scale.
atk +12 str +50, vit+160, int+50 diz +12

When crafting a broadsword use light ore and the weapon you want to transfer stats over.
Broadsword 1 is made with iron, light ore and claymore 1.
Stats atk+12 Diz+12
Broadsword 2 is made with iron, light ore and claymore 2
stats atk +12 str +50, vit+160, int+50 diz +12

Attempting to use Broadsword 2 to craft another broadsword was the same as crafting a broadsword with a grimoir scale.

Using an upgraded weapon still only uses the original stats of the weapon as it was at level 1. I haven't seen it work in using light ore in the upgrade process. So just craft it from the start.
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