Question from tigerhawk100

Asked: 8 months ago

Love potions?

Sooo emery flower are way expensive and hard to get is there any way to cheap or plentiful emery flowers or cheap or plentiful love potion and if so where?

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From: Moonborne 8 months ago

You really don't need Love potions, but your best bet would be to go through Sharence maze, or the dungeon plants... you are lucky to get 1-2 through each play through

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I wonder why you want Love Potions? I've quite a few but never used any for anything.
Emery Flowers are better used for creating Levelisers.

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I find lots of love potions laying around in either Dungeon Flower dungeons or Sharance Maze and I find one almost every time I enter these places. Aside from healing RP and giving massive ailment resistances, this item is pretty useless to the player's character or for the villagers, so give them to monsters to raise their resistances to ailments if you want. It does not raise friendship/love levels of monsters or, to my knowledge, the villagers.

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Actually.... My experience with them is quite different. Giving them to the bachelors and bachelorette actually does raise love levels. Quite a bit, in my case. As an additive, the reactions are pretty funny. I thought it was terribly cute when I gave one to Dolce and she asked me for a hug.

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I also had mostly sold all my love potions, but now that CrazySakura said that I'm going to start feeding them to my villagers.
But as previously stated, Dungeon Flowers are a good place to try without having to make one yourself.

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