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Open Questions

Item Help status answers
Are there dual blades in this game and if so where can I find them? Open 6
Gold Melon seeds? Open 1
Help finding crafting table and refridgerator? Open 1
How can genaral store sell gold veggies seeds? Open 3
How do i get a engagement ring and do i need one to get married before the marrage cutscence? Open 2
How does the Mage Staff+ charge attack work? Open 1
How does the upgrading bonus work?? Open 2
How many Giantizer? Open 2
How to I neutralize Giantizer effect? Open 1
Range buff stack? Open 1
Townspeople item drop? Open 1
Upgrading equipment with level 10 equipment? Open 3
What does the Fertilizer Bin do? Open 2
What is Nancy's Favorite Gift? Open 1
What joke weapons do? Open 1
Where can I find (Small Crystal)? Open 3
Where can I find a swimsuit? Open 3
Where can I find all of the Dual Blade Skills? Open 1
Where can I find char? Open 1
Where can I find colored grass seeds? Open 4
Where can I find gold? Open 1
Where can I find Golden Cabbages? Open 1
Where can I find Golden Turnip seeds? Open 2
Where can I find Invisible Stone? Open 2
Where can I find Master Cure ? Open 1
Where can I find more Rune Crystals? Open 2
Where can I find Pond Smelt? Open 3
Where can I find Silk Cloth? Open 3
Where can I find strawberry seeds? Open 2
Where can I find the following minerals? Open 2
Where can I find the healing spell? Open 2
Where can I find the rune ability flash strike? Open 2
Where can I find Tomato seeds? Open 1
Where do i buy Fodder? Open 5
Why do crafting skills have 2 levels? Open 3
Withered Grass? Open 2
Other Help status answers
About a monster in Rune Factory 4? Open 3
Added another year and 2nd Arc help? Open 3
Can any one help me find a good place to lvl. up? Open 4
Can you change your child's name a second time? Open 1
Can't tame Hinoe and Kinoto? Open 1
Competition Standards getting higher? Open 1
Cooking bread isn't working?? Open 1
Do mini events count as event days? Open 1
Does throwing birds at villagers have any negative effects? Open 2
Doug Dating? Open 1
Firefly festable? Open 1
Free roaming tools usage turning off? Open 1
Giantizer Help? Open 2
Help regarding the reverse proposal...? Open 1
Help with viewing Margaret's Marriage Events please? Open 1
House North of the Autumn Field? Open 1
How do I get forte's events? Open 1
How do I level up knock resistance ability? Open 1
How do i propose to kiel? Open 1
How do villager combat mechanics work? Open 1
How do you break up with someone? Open 2
How do you marry Dolce in RF4? Open 4
How do you party up with other characters? Open 2
how i do Get a 25% shipment rate! ? Open 3
How is this game compered to rf2-3? Open 4
How to have a tamed monster plant seeds? Open 2
How to trigger 'the running sign' event? Open 2
How to trigger Vishnal's proposal event? Open 2
I just wanted to know? Open 1
Increasing rune points? Open 4
Is it worth buying a 3DS just to play this? And if so is there a EU edition coming out? Open 3
Is Relax Tea RP max increase permanent or not? Open 1
Jealousy Dialogues? Open 1
Levelling up rune abilities? Open 1
Love confession reject?? Open 2
Maxing out soil stats? Open 2
Monster friendship leveling and Favorite foods? Open 2
Monsters Harvesting Trees? Open 1
My Monster Disappeared? Open 2
Nobody will go on an adventure with me? Open 7
Once you confess to someone and fail, will the rest of their replies for the day be a fail? Open 1
Question about forging tools? Open 1
Question regarding damages? Open 1
Rune Factory 3 Recipes? Open 1
Rune Factory 4: Maya Road blue switch? Open 1
Seriously Leon?! Open 4
Sleep Level Problem? Open 2
Sneaking into Sechs? Open 2
So is there a never-ending supply of Toyherb in the Selphia Plain? Open 1
Strengthening Monsters with Gifts? Open 1
Upgrading monster companions? Open 1
What are all of Dolce's events? Open 2
what is the Castle Shop? Open 1
What is the name of this Xiao Pai event? (See below for details) Open 1
When are the shops' 10% off days? Open 2
When will this be released in eroupe ? Open 3
Who should I marry? Open 3
Why am I still missing resist knockout skill at lvl 80? Open 2
Why are my NPC villagers so weak? Open 1

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