Question from Sirius140

Where can I find Carpenter Bugs?

Need them for armor set.

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Smolderin answered:

If maybe you are still in the earlier phases of the game, and only have the Moga Woods unlocked, you can still attain Carpenter Bugs. Areas 1-5 all have bug catching spots, and all of them have the chance to yield Carpenter Bugs, albeit at a low percentage. The game guide I got with the game says that the chances you are looking at are 10%-16% with each swing of the net, so in retrospect, it isn't all that bad, it just takes a bit of effort. I myself was able to do this because I needed Carpenter Bugs for a Hammer Upgrade.
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Alastreon answered:

Tundra bug spots are the easiest,and you can just go to the guild hall and get them from the gathering quests there,,area 1 and 3 have them.
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Owens79 answered:

Grab some bug nets and go to bug catching areas. Each map should have at least one or two. They are marked by a blue butterfly fluttering about on screen when you are close enough to see it.
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MasKeraid1 answered:

Deserted Island, if you go to area 4 and go to the Cat hide out thing (if you don't know where that is look for a little hole in the wall by one of the entrances) you should find a bug gathering spot in the middle use a bug net and go to town with it, I've found allot of them by doing this.
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