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Where can I find (lava nuggets)?

I'm sure these can be found at the volcano, but I've mined continuously and I can't find any. I need 8 to make a new piece of armor so I figure that they might be common...but where are they? And do I have to kill an Uragaan for these, because I know it isnt the Agnaktor, I tried that one already.

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Johncgi answered:

You can get them from both Uragaan and Agnaktor in the rewards and you can mine them from Uragaan's tail when he falls over.
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Alastreon answered:

Yes you need to kill an uragaan for them,i believe you get them from mining his back,as well as just regular rewards,i got 4 from capping him,so that might be the best way,since i doubt you can carve them.
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pingomalik answered:

Mining uragans back is the easiest way. 50% of getting one.
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