Question from SashaNekosune

Where can I find Jumbo Bone?

I was wondering what creatures we carve it from or what quests it was a reward from.

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Johncgi answered:

Jumbo bones come from Azuros (the offline village LR capture quest I found to be best) and from Lagombi too.
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AlexanderKrauss answered:

If I am not mistaken it is can be found as a quest reward for one of the Sandy Plains quest and one of the random bone harvest points in the Sandy Plains...check the Jaggi Dens
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BurnsyZero answered:

I think you can also carve them from Popo's in the Tundra.
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cadooron2 answered:

I would recommend Arzuros since he is easy as hell, kill it or capture and you will have a good chance to get them in the reward
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