Question from MioSakai

How do i get a Worn Great Sword?

I know you're suppose to mine to get it but i just don't know where
Help please, thanks

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Rokuougan answered:

Both Low and High are fine. Might be more common in higher rank.
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Rokuougan answered:

Grab some pickaxes and head to the Volcano. There are maps on the Monster Hunter Tri page to help you find the points. You want Rustshards. When you finish the quest, you'll get them appraised. If you're lucky, you'll get a Worn Greatsword, but it could be one of many things as well.
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MioSakai answered:

High level volcano or does it matter?
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blazenace answered:

it has to be G-rank i got most of the worn weapons already because i was trying to farm tru armor sphere in volcano u can also get it secret area and mining spots in volcano ( best) or in tundra secret area not devil jo area. u can eat and get feline explorer by eating fish and drink then chose any G- rank hunt quest, farm then die three times. rinse and repeat, its really boring.
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