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How do Attack Bonuses Stack?

Just out of curiosity, but I'm curious how the attack stacks work together. For example, Element ATK +1 and Fire ATK +2. Do you gain +40% Fire damage or +22% Fire damage? Asking because my friend is bosting about his Element + Element Damage and I am curious if he is right or wrong.

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I'm not asking if they work togeather, I'm am asking which of the 3 conditions are what happens

Condition1) Only 20% because they don't stack at all
Condition2) Only 22% because they stack Multiply (20% of 20 is 2, so the total is 22%)
Condition3) Adds 40% because they stack additionally (20% + 20% = 40%)

Which one of those 3 conditions is what happens in the game?

Robertking1992 provided additional details:

I guess no one wants to answer, fine whatever...


Kaiyuni answered:

I think both would stack but I don't know the order in which they would. Otherwise, I don't see why not. Assuming you're using a fire weapon, it'll get boosted from that. Then from being elemental (duh) it'll get boosted from that.
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groph_alakirr answered:

Get 2 power charms from the argosy captain combine one with a deviljho talon
just put them in your bag and they work
i have jaggi armor wich gives me a good 70 to raw and the talon and charm give me 50 i think and this is all raw damage but it stacks and it helps
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Raszamatasz answered:

No one knows exactly, but as far as I can tell they multiply together in series. So, if you have a ten percent buff and a twenty percent buff,You would have a 1.1X1.2=1.32 buff, or 32%.

Hope that helps.
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