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Good high rank gunner armor?

Iv always used blademaster armor, iv never used a bowgun or anything. But now iv gotten inrerested in using bows, i used the dios bow with no armor and defeated zinogre the first time i used a bow. So i need a little help with some good gunner armor to get me to G rank. Thanks


darkcloudrepeat answered:

I use Barroth S.
It has Precision+1, Atk up Med, Defence up Sml. You pop a few gems in to give precision+2.
It's great for bowguns but I don't think precision benefits bows in any way.

I'd recommend to go for something with Focus, Expert or Evade.
I know Barioth S has Evade, Ice Element up and Constitution.
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luckysword12 answered:

I've seen a lot of people using the silver Los armor when using bows, thought it might be the g rank and not the high rank. I haven't gotten there yet, so if you can fight silver Los check its gunner set
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Thard_Verad answered:

My gunner is using the Diablos S set. Pierce Up and Critical Eye are nice, and Tremor Res can be a godsend. Just had to get rid of the Precision -1 skill. I can usually correct for low deviation manually once I get used to it (as long as it's only in one direction)

(And with a question this old, why hasn't anyone bothered to close it?) ^_^
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