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Brachydios Gem?

I have fought over 20 of them now and still i havent seen a gem, can i get them from the 8 star village or is it better to do the guild one?

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Zoque answered:

To get gems it's all about doing them quick and efficiently. You can get gems from:
Tears(3 times per encounter at 1% for high rank)
Tail carve(1 time per encounter at 2% for high rank)
Body carve(3 times per encounter at 2% for high rank)
Capture(2% per given reward slot*)
I say efficiently because if you use the skill tranquilizer it adds 2 reward slots for capturing, thus giving you 4 total bonus rewards, so if you don't use this skill it's better to kill and skin instead giving you 3 chances instead of 2 for unskilled captures.
I also say quickly because switching up to guild will also increase the health while not giving any bonus to item drop rate or reward totals, I also suggest not farming G-rank for gems because unless you have a group it's slow to die and only offers a 1% increase to each of the drop rates.
To solo get gems do the village quest
Unless you have Tranquilizer on your armor Kill Him!
90% of your gems will be through reward screen luck or from tears, no joke!
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Draconargentum answered:

The drop rate is the same between village and guild, so long as both are listed as High Rank. The only difference is monster health, so far as I'm aware.
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Hollow_chief answered:

I got my first Gem on the 23 Brachydios that i killed and it was a body carve not in the rewards.

If anything cut his tail since you have a smaller chance to get one from it but its still an extra carve.
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blazenace answered:

Its all about luck. u can get it on ur first try or it will take longer u can improve ur chances by picking up his shiney (2%) cut his tail (2%) break head(2%) in high rank. u can get skill tranquilizer so if u capture it u get more items in rewards. then check when u eat if theirs a feleyn luck/ultra lucky so u can get more items in rewards. its all about perseverance.
i had to kill 3 and captured 12 (over 30 min each) in g rank to get 2 gems and 2 pallium from slime guy solo. but it was so worth it
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zacharynelson13 answered:

Ok well here is a stupid idea use plesioth armor it give stamina and capture expert witch alow better rewards for items if u capture them i used this armor and i got two gemsits also gives heat cancel and trap master witch come in Handy
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groph_alakirr answered:

I have killed 2 so far
the first one i've fought droped one and then i got another in the rewards after i killed it
and the second one i got as a carve in the moga woods
i think that was just pure luck though
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SCU_Iori answered:

It is all luck to get Brachy Gem. But I would suggest beating the Quest G-Rank Sticky Situation (2 Brachydios the same time) for better chance in getting Brachy Gem. I was able to get 2 Brachy gem after the quest ends (Reward Box). Got it screenshot but cant post link on Forum.
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Samuel_Aran answered:

To get a Brachydios Gem, the best chances are from the following:

Village 9 star quest - Mark of A Hero: 4%
Carve Body/Tail/Capture - G-Rank: 3%
Carve Body/Tail/Capture - High Rank: 2%

So the best chance is 4 chances at 2% for carving a dead Brachy in the Mark of a Hero quest (which also gives a 4% chance of the gem as a quest reward)

With this knowledge, it's up to you to decide if you're going to spend the time farming that quest for the gem.
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Dauzie answered:

I'm still getting my Gem as well. It's been 20 kills & 32 captures, and no Gem, it's my dumb luck, but patience is a virtue. Cut the tail, break the pounders, break the scalp, and capture it(optional, but highly recommended).
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0HY34Y answered:

Break horn(top of head),two pounders(hands or whatever..),cut tail,and make it drop shinies.

That will give you a big chance to get it.
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astrangeone answered:

It's a tiny percentage of a drop rate. (2% according to the wiki.)

To max out your chances:
- cut and carve the tail
- kill instead of capture
- make one of the kids wear the Mock Melynx mask (they get an extra carve when you do)

I got one from the Mock Melynx mask. I checked the stuff Cha-Cha was holding, and managed to snag one.
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momo221297 answered:

i just fought my number 18 gems. I fought next one 3 gems!!! 1 for the shiny,1 for carving and 1 in guest reward!!! Its just a luck when you get gems i remember in tri i have to fought 26 ceadeus for 1 gem.
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vinox27 answered:

I got brachy gem as a reward. Got it after the third fight.
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0HY34Y answered:

Capture it.It will give higher chance.

How to capture it
1.Get a Shock or Pitfall Trap.
2.Get Tranq Bombs
3.Weaken the brach until he limps.
4.Put the trap at the place he limps to(usually 6 he goes to)
5.Move around until he is caught in the trap.Hurry before it breaks.
6.Throw Tranq bombs when he is stuck

(Use a water weapon because he is weak to it and can remove the slime quick)
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NinjaBlazeCraft answered:

Its just about luck. Just get some good armor and a good water element weapon and beat brachy to death numerous times. I got my first gem the 4th time I killed him and then got a second one the next fight. It just all about the luck you have.
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aquashiram14 answered:

Take heart, the Gem will show up eventually. I was farming for Scalps and I picked up a shiny and it just so happened to be a Brachydios Gem. Later on after I captured it, I got my 2 Scalps...and a Brachydios Gem. Then I talked to Cha-Cha, who was wearing the Mock Melynx mask and I saw in the items he held...a Brachydios Gem. That's 3 gems in one run. I was...appalled, to say the least. The chance for shiny drops is 1%, capture is 3%, and the 8-star "Brachydios" Means Trouble is 2%, so that leaves a 6% chance, and probably higher considering how many shinies he leaves behind. Also consider giving your Shakalakas something like the Mock Melynx mask, which steals materials from monsters. I once fought a Great Baggi, Deviljho showed up to ruin my day, I return to Moga and Cha-Cha is holding a Deviljho Hide.
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ultraye2 answered:

It's all about luck.
Breaking everything and capturing is puting sugar over the luck.
I got one from shinies I thought dropped from feline. Best first aid ever... ;)
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