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Where can I find monster fluid ?

What kind of monster that i can get monster fluid.. ?


Rokuougan answered:

You can get it from Bhnabras and Altaroths, the bugs you find about. Bring either a poison weapon or looks of Poison Smoke Bombs (Bomb Material + Toadstool), preferably the bombs. Hit them with it, wait until they die of poison, then carve their body. Make sure Cha-Cha and Kayamba aren't with you or wearing the Fluffly mask since they could break the bug, leaving you with no corpse to carve. Good places are the Dunes (3, 8) and the Flooded Forest (2, 9).
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N0m4de answered:

you can also get monster fluid from giggis. go to low rank tundra harvest tour and kill loads of giggis in area 5, just don't destroy the egg they spawn from and you can kill them until you have enough fluid.

No poison needed
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