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Asked: 1 year ago

Diablos Hardhorn?

So i need help getting this specific item from the Diablos, being one of my favorite monsters in the Monster Hunter Series i have no problem grinding him but it just gets a little annoying when i don't feel like i'm making progress in the game due to grinding.

I've tried breaking both horns and killing/capturing him but nothing and i need 2 to finish his armor set. Is there an easier way to get them? Or anything you guys have learned or found out while fighting him that'll help getting the Hardhorns?

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K thanks guys i actually kept doing missions until i unlocked the [Advanced] Plain Dangerous and i literally got the 2 i needed in the rewards on my first attempt, it is the best mission for them

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From: brawlmaster95 1 year ago

There is a 5% and 7% chance of getting it by breaking the horns of Diablos and Black Diablos respectively.
Also, you have a 5% chance of getting as a quest reward on the 7-star port quest [Advanced] Plain Dangerous.

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Breaking both horns and capturing him is really all you can do. There's a skill that gives you an exra reward for captures (capture guru, I think).

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Apologies for the ignorant answer - that's what I really thought at the time, but could you close the question?

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I frequently see gamers ask "What is the quest for Diablos Hardhorns?". But have u guys ever thought of using Fate skill or does it have significant effect on quests like "Desert Dessertion"? Just wondering if Fate + 2 (Great Luck) can give me an easy rares from fairly low quests. Right now I only have Fate + 1. Let me know if you have thoughts on this.

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Spam Plain Dangerous. They say it gives you Hardhorns like candy.

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