Question from Ghostwyvern

How can i get miralis hellwing?

I killed dire miralis 5 times and i still did not get this item


Estrane answered:

Break his shoulders. Those are where the hellwings come from though they seem to drop somewhat rarely. Just make sure to bust both his shoulders and there is a good chance of getting one as that's the only way to get one.
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Merben280 answered:

Focus his shoulders like Estrane said especially when hes in water. Part breaker would help alot.
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iWLL1313 answered:

Focus on his shoulders when under water. when he goes into armor mode(50% health) hit the space in between his shoulder and curve of his wing and they will break. also, like the person above, part breaker helps a ton.
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14jonathan answered:

I recommend a high grade slime weapon. Attack his shoulders. The slime helps break it. Also, break his chest for Immortal Heart. Oh, and the skill Fate will increase the odds.
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