Question from Estrane

Asked: 1 year ago

Can someone tell me what Granny's Special Goods from the DLC are?

As the title says, I can't really figure out what the new goods are. Yes I downloaded it, double checked that I have it and have checked constantly with her after every quest yet I have seen nothing so far as to what she gives out differently. Am I doing something wrong or am I just outright missing something?

Accepted Answer

From: SCU_Iori 1 year ago

Nope there is nothing wrong there... I think there is a 5% chance that it will come up and ones it shows up buy all the necessary goods because after doing a quest, it will go random again and chances of DLC goods show up is again minimal.

I bought all the goods when it show up and after doing a quest (dire mirallis because all my z are gone thanks to granny), the goods are again back to normal..... so it is really random.

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A lot of real good stuffs but I will enumerate the most important and thumbs up Goods: honey, raw meat, screamer and armor stone.

Yes Armor Stone.... You can now create your Tru Armor Spheres bu combining Meldspar and Armor Stone. I think Armor Stone is like 1500z

Screamer (i think cost 150z) a very important good for hunters who like to farm diablos in collecting there armor sets. The DLC for Granny is all two thumbs up for me.

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