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kings Crest Help?

Ok so i need 3 kings crests to make the acrus lance, so Ive been killiing great Baggis, which is where supposedly you get them from. I have killed 14 great baggis, and have not seen a single freaking kings crest. I break the face every time. Every time in the rewards box, i get a sleep sac. What the *** am i dont wrong.

Owens79 asked for clarification:

I don't mean to be a jerk, but the Acrus Lance takes Lagiacrus parts.


Raszamatasz answered:

You probably mean the Azure lance, which needs leaders crests. And the only advise I can give is to say keep trying. Break the face, and hope for the best. Also get used to this, it's what Monster Hunter is all about. Happy Hunting!
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