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can Chrom marry Olivia?

can Crom marry Olivia althoug she joins in chapter 11 ? and if it is possible how can you get them married ?

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deadrising427 answered:

It is possible, just a bit difficult. Basically Chrom can't have any support with any of his marriage candidates. That basically means don't have Chrom near any female, then pair him up with Olivia during Chapter 11.
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destinytellius answered:

Yes. The easiest way is to not support him with any other eligible brides, but that cripples his support bonuses for the first part of the game (not that you'll necessarily need them, as there are plenty of male supports).

Also, you can boost their support level by skirmish-grinding before entering Chapter 12.
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destinytellius answered:

I was wrong before. The marriage occurs immediately after Chapter 11 as part of a series of cutscenes. I still had no problem pairing the two, though, as I had already married off the other candidates.
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Abeldemon answered:

You have to marry off Sumia, Sully, and Maribelle to other characters or have them die in battle, I would go with the first option. Chrom picks his future wife in this order if all the girls have equal support with him by the end of Chapter 11: Sumia, Maribelle, Sully, Olivia, Female Avatar. If all of these girls are married off or dead by the end of Chapter 11. Chrom will marry a village girl.
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Firemage101 answered:

Yes, Olivia is the best choice for Chrom to marry, but Sumia is also fine. I don't like training Olivia, so I used Sumia, and she turned out just fine. You have to get Sully, Sumia, and Maribelle married before you marry Olivia to Chrom, though, and I hate using Sully and Maribelle, so I didn't want to waster my time doing that.
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Arceus7 answered:

All you have to do is save the Seed of trust you get thru renown awards. Just fight a bunch of risen to get the renown to get the first one, then save any ones you get in a shiny spot and give them all to Olivia. This should make it easier.
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risen987 answered:

To get Crom to marry Olivia you either have:

1. Crom not support with Sumia, Sully, or Maribelle
2. make Sumia, Sully, and Maribelle marry off to someone else if you have them support
3. (not recommended) kill off the the possible marriage characters that have supported with Crom.

Once you have done one of those options start chapter 11. Your best chance of getting Crom and Olivia to get relationship points is to stay away from the boss and defeat all the reinforcements. (watch out for the wyvern riders)
Once all the reinforcements are all taken cure of have Olivia dance to Crom for about 20 turns. ( I know its repetitive and boring)
When that is all done you can kill the boss and now get the Crom X Olivia marriage.
(Or if you want, you could have Olivia paired with Crom and just have them fight most of the enemy if it too time consuming for you.)
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