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Asked: 2 years ago

What exactly does luck do?

So, all the other stats are fairly obvious in what they do to your character, but I can't figure out luck for the life of me (besides it being an activation factor for several skills). So what does it do?

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From: legendrider 1 year ago

The Luck skill does the following:
-Reduces the chance of an enemy landing a critical hit on your units
-Affects the triggering of the skill 'Armshrift' ((Luck*2)%) (Learned by level 1 Mercenaries, affects whether or not your weapon will use a durability point upon attacks)
-Affects the triggering rate of the skill 'Miracle' (Luck%) (Learned by level 1 clerics, affects the chance of surviving a killing blow from an enemy)

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Affects ability to crit, and lowers chances of getting critted by enemies.

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It also affects the chances of certain skills triggering.

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Reduces enemy chance of critting (Personal crit chance is now tied to skill)
Also used for triggering certain skills

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The luck stat affects avoid, hit rate, critical avoid and certain skills, like armsthrift. has the calculations for hit rate, etc. And how the luck stat affects them exactly

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