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Can your teammates die in a Parley?(Classical Mode)

So here's a summary of what lead me to ask this question for those wondering: Today I found a parley option and I read that could obtain my opponent's avatar if I one. As soon as I got in the battle I found myself to be over powered by my enemies team. Soon Miriel died and as her death scene played which i found odd because I thought this was just an option for friendly competition between other peoples teams. Wondering what would happen I sent Chrom charging into the enemies range to test something out and as he was killed I found out that my hunch was right. He died and i was given a Game Over screen. So I was wondering if you are playing on Classical Mode will your teammates die in a Parley?

Accepted Answer

destinytellius answered:

They die. You still have to be prudent and keep everyone alive in any battle, including Risen and SpotPass "challenges."
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Doug314 answered:

I don't know how they possibly wouldn't die, but you can check if you just get one killed, finish map, and see if you have them afterwards. If you don't like the result, don't save.
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