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Best Classes for My Female Unit?

I like to use magic, swords or on a pegasus or horse. What are the best classes for my Female unit Also what should be my flaw and strength?

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fireemblemfan3 answered:

If you want to use swords and magic you could be a Tactician/Grandmaster or you could be a Dark Knight, which uses swords and magic and has a horse. Another possibility would be a Dark Flier, which uses lances and magic and also rides a Pegasus. As for your Asset/Flaw you could use +Strength/Magic (which ever one you think you will use the most) and -Skill/Luck. You could also use +HP/-Luck for a super balanced Avatar (+HP does not actually give you more HP, it just boosts a buch of stats.)
Dread Fighter does NOT have the best defense and resistance (though it does have the most balanced defense/resistance. Dread Fighters also use axes, along with swords and magic. Lastly, Dread Fighters are male-only, so she could not be a Dread Fighter.
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reilutellu answered:

I recommend going for myrmidon or tactian if you use swords mostly and
Strength :Strength
Flaw Magic
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LordPriam567 answered:

I think you should go Dread Fighter because it has the best defense and resistance and allows you to use swords and tomes and one other weapon if I recall... Am I right? But if you don't have that, I recommend the Dark Knight class, since you only use swords and magic AND your on a horse. Overall I think Dark Knight is your best bet.
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RLutece answered:

Well, My Strength was: Speed. while my Flaw was: Luck, ( Which I believe most people think is the best, but *Shug Shrug* ) And for classes, I started as A Tactician ( Like everyone did of course,) then went to Grandmaster for Ignis, Then I went to Dark Flier, ( For Gale Force ) then I went to A Dark Knight. ( For Lifetaker) And Now I am a Swordsmaster, ( For Astra/SwordFaire)

And for your Personal Preference: I'd say Either Grand Master ( Sword and Tomes) Or Dark Flier ( On a Pegasus, with lances and Magic)
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