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Fire Emblem Awakening Downloadable Content(DLC) Conversations
Change log:
7/25/13- First and only entry.
Quick questions about this guide:

Q. What are these?
A. In the DLC packs, there are the maps: Harvest Scramble, Summer Scramble, 
Hot-Spring Scramble and Future Past. Characters can converse with one another 
in certain maps. All their conversations are listed in here.

Q. Who can converse with who?
A. They are the people they support with(Chrom with Vaike, for example) in 
Harvest Scramble. But in Summer Scramble and Hot Spring Scramble, characters 
have conversations with people they normally never talk with in the game(Ex. 
Virion and Gaius). The possible pairs are listed in the Table of Contents.

Q. What is Future Past?
A. Three maps that take place in the horrible future mentioned by the 
children in the game. The parents can encounter their children in this 
alternate dimension and waiting next to them activates a unique conversation 
between them.

Q. Do children still show up in Future Past even if you don't pair up their 
A. Actually, they still do exist in the maps. Their stats go by their mothers 
alone and also share their hair colors from the official artwork of the game. 
These versions of the children don't possess a chance in living the Future 
Past maps, so don't attempt them unless everyone's all paired up. Also, 
conversations with these children will not activate without recruiting the 
present children first, as the parents obviously won't know who they are at 
the moment.

Q. What's the point of any of this?
A. The conversations actually reveal another side of the characters not seen 
within the game. For people that wish to learn more about their favorite 
characters or wish to save some money, it might be worth it to look at these.
Table of Contents
To skip to the desired support pair, use ctrl+F and type the following.

Example: Type Chrom x Frederick to skip to Chrom's conversation with him.

Avatar= Robin, the default name

Havest Scramble:
- Chrom#
Chrom x Frederick
Chrom x Vaike
Chrom x Gaius

- Lissa#
Lissa x Maribelle

- Frederick#
Frederick x Virion
Frederick x Henry

- Sully#
Sully x Miriel
Sully x Sumia

- Virion#
Virion x Libra

- Stahl#
Stahl x Kellam
Stahl x Donnel

- Vaike#
Vaike x Lon'qu

- Miriel#
Miriel x Cherche

- Sumia#
Sumia x Cordelia

- Kellam#
Kellam x Donnel

- Lon'qu#
Lon'qu x Gregor

- Ricken#
Ricken x Gregor
Ricken x Henry

- Maribelle#
Maribelle x Olivia

- Panne#
Panne x Cordelia
Panne x Olivia

- Gaius#
Gaius x Libra

- Nowi#
Nowi x Tharja
Nowi x Cherche
Nowi x Tiki

- Lucina#
Lucina x Kjelle
Lucina x Cynthia
Lucina x Tiki

- Owain#
Owain x Brady
Owain x Inigo
Owain x MaMorgan

Kjelle x Severa

- Laurent#
Laurent x Yarne
Laurent x Gerome

- Cynthia#
Cynthia x Severa
Cynthia x Nah

- Brady#
Brady x Yarne
Brady x Inigo

- Yarne#
Yarne x MaMorgan

- Severa#
Severa x Noire

- Nah#
Nah x FeMorgan
Nah x Tiki

- Noire#
Noire x FeMorgan

- Inigo#
Inigo x Gerome

- Tiki#
Tiki x Anna
Tiki x Say'ri

Summer Scramble:
- Costume Changes+

- Avatar*
Avatar x Chrom
Avatar x Chrom(Married)
Avatar x Gaius
Avatar x Gaius(Married)
Avatar x Cordelia
Avatar x Cordelia(Married)
Avatar x Tharja
Avatar x Tharja(Married)

- Chrom*
Chrom x Stahl
Chrom x Ricken
Chrom x Cordelia

- Lissa*
Lissa x Sumia
Lissa x Olivia

- Frederick*
Frederick x Vaike
Frederick x Kellam
Frederick x Libra

- Sully*
Sully x Panne
Sully x Nowi
Sully x Cherche

- Virion*
Virion x Donnel
Virion x Lon'qu
Virion x Gaius

- Stahl*
Stahl x Vaike
Stahl x Gregor

- Vaike*
Vaike x Ricken

- Miriel*
Miriel x Sumia
Miriel x Maribelle

- Sumia*
Sumia x Maribelle

- Kellam*
Kellam x Henry

- Donnel*
Donnel x Gregor

- Lon'qu*
Lon'qu x Gaius
Lon'qu x Libra

- Maribelle*
Maribelle x Cordelia

- Panne*
Panne x Nowi
Panne x Cherche

- Gaius*
Gaius x Henry

- Cordelia*
Cordelia x Tharja

- Libra*
Libra x Henry

- Tharja*
Tharja x Olivia

- Olivia*
Olivia x Cherche

Hot-Springs Scramble:
- Costume Changes~

- Avatar~
Avatar x Lucina
Avatar x Lucina(Child)
Avatar x Lucina(Married)
Avatar x Owain
Avatar x Owain(Child)
Avatar x Owain(Married)
Avatar x Severa
Avatar x Severa(Child)
Avatar x Severa(Married)
Avatar x Inigo
Avatar x Inigo(Child)
Avatar x Inigo(Married)

- Chrom~
Chrom x Emmeryn

- Lissa~
Lissa x Emmeryn

- Lucina~
Lucina x Severa
Lucina x Nah
Lucina x Noire

- Owain~
Owain x Laurent
Owain x Yarne
Owain x Gerome

- Kjelle~
Kjelle x Cynthia
Kjelle x Nah
Kjelle x Noire

- Laurent~
Laurent x Brady
Laurent x Inigo

- Cynthia~
Cynthia x Noire
Cynthia x FeMorgan

- Brady~
Brady x Gerome
Brady x MaMorgan

- Yarne~
Yarne x Inigo
Yarne x Gerome

- Severa~
Severa x Nah
Severa x FeMorgan

- Inigo~
Inigo x MaMorgan

- Tiki~
Tiki x Flavia
Tiki x Aversa

- Anna~
Anna x Say'ri
Anna x Flavia

Say'ri x Yen'fay

- Basilio~
Basilio x Walhart

- Gangrel~
Gangrel x Emmeryn
Gangrel x Aversa

- Walhart~
Walhart x Priam

- Yen'fay~
Yen'fay x Priam

The Future Past:
- Lucina*
Lucina x Chrom
Lucina x Sumia
Lucina x Sully
Lucina x Maribelle
Lucina x Olivia
Lucina x Avatar
Lucina x Lucina

- Owain*
Owain x Lissa
Owain x Frederick
Owain x Virion
Owain x Stahl
Owain x Vaike
Owain x Kellam
Owain x Donnel
Owain x Lon'qu
Owain x Ricken
Owain x Gaius
Owain x Gregor
Owain x Libra
Owain x Henry
Owain x Avatar
Owain x Owain

- Kjelle*
Kjelle x Sully
Kjelle x Chrom
Kjelle x Frederick
Kjelle x Virion
Kjelle x Stahl
Kjelle x Vaike
Kjelle x Kellam
Kjelle x Donnel
Kjelle x Lon'qu
Kjelle x Ricken
Kjelle x Gaius
Kjelle x Gregor
Kjelle x Libra
Kjelle x Henry
Kjelle x Avatar
Kjelle x Kjelle

- Laurent*
Laurent x Miriel
Laurent x Frederick
Laurent x Virion
Laurent x Stahl
Laurent x Vaike
Laurent x Kellam
Laurent x Donnel
Laurent x Lon'qu
Laurent x Ricken
Laurent x Gaius
Laurent x Gregor
Laurent x Libra
Laurent x Henry
Laurent x Avatar
Laurent x Laurent

- Cynthia*
Cynthia x Sumia
Cynthia x Chrom
Cynthia x Frederick
Cynthia x Gaius
Cynthia x Henry
Cynthia x Avatar
Cynthia x Cynthia

- Brady*
Brady x Maribelle
Brady x Chrom
Brady x Frederick
Brady x Virion
Brady x Stahl
Brady x Vaike
Brady x Kellam
Brady x Donnel
Brady x Lon'qu
Brady x Ricken
Brady x Gaius
Brady x Gregor
Brady x Libra
Brady x Henry
Brady x Avatar
Brady x Brady

- Yarne*
Yarne x Panne
Yarne x Frederick
Yarne x Virion
Yarne x Stahl
Yarne x Vaike
Yarne x Kellam
Yarne x Donnel
Yarne x Lon'qu
Yarne x Ricken
Yarne x Gaius
Yarne x Gregor
Yarne x Libra
Yarne x Henry
Yarne x Avatar
Yarne x Yarne

- Severa*
Severa x Cordelia
Severa x Frederick
Severa x Virion
Severa x Stahl
Severa x Vaike
Severa x Kellam
Severa x Donnel
Severa x Lon'qu
Severa x Ricken
Severa x Gaius
Severa x Gregor
Severa x Libra
Severa x Henry
Severa x Avatar
Severa x Severa

- Nah*
Nah x Nowi
Nah x Frederick
Nah x Virion
Nah x Stahl
Nah x Vaike
Nah x Kellam
Nah x Donnel
Nah x Lon'qu
Nah x Ricken
Nah x Gaius
Nah x Gregor
Nah x Libra
Nah x Henry
Nah x Avatar
Nah x Nah

- Noire*
Noire x Tharja
Noire x Frederick
Noire x Virion
Noire x Stahl
Noire x Vaike
Noire x Kellam
Noire x Donnel
Noire x Lon'qu
Noire x Ricken
Noire x Gaius
Noire x Gregor
Noire x Libra
Noire x Henry
Noire x Avatar
Noire x Noire

- Inigo*
Inigo x Olivia
Inigo x Chrom
Inigo x Frederick
Inigo x Virion
Inigo x Stahl
Inigo x Vaike
Inigo x Kellam
Inigo x Donnel
Inigo x Lon'qu
Inigo x Ricken
Inigo x Gaius
Inigo x Gregor
Inigo x Libra
Inigo x Henry
Inigo x Avatar
Inigo x Inigo

- Gerome*
Gerome x Cherche
Gerome x Frederick
Gerome x Virion
Gerome x Stahl
Gerome x Vaike
Gerome x Kellam
Gerome x Donnel
Gerome x Lon'qu
Gerome x Ricken
Gerome x Gaius
Gerome x Gregor
Gerome x Libra
Gerome x Henry
Gerome x Avatar
Gerome x Gerome

- Ma???*
Ma??? x MaAvatar
Ma??? x FeAvatar

Fe??? x MaAvatar
Fe??? x FeAvatar
Havest Scramble:

X > Y means X must talk with Y first. Then on Turn 3, Y can talk to X back.


Chrom x Frederick

Chrom > Frederick

Frederick: *Huff* *huff* Milord! Over here!

Chrom:  What in the world, Frederick? You're panting like an asthmatic dog.

Frederick: Sir, something of grave importance has come to my attention. 
Something connected with a certain famous feature of the town.

Chrom: Grave importance? Do tell.

Frederick: There is a renowned legend associated with the fountain in the 
plaza. Have you perchance heard of it?

Chrom: Er, no.

Frederick: No matter. I shall explain to you. Please come with me, sir.

Chrom: H-hey, stop yanking on my arm. What legend are you talking about?

Frederick: If two people toss a coin into the fountain at the same time... 
they'll be bound by powerful affection that will last until death do them 

Chrom: Till death do them part?! Now, w-wait a second!

Frederick: Come, sir! We cannot let this opportunity pass us by. The fountain 
is this way. And don't worry--I've a purse full of coins!

Chrom: Frederick, will you slow down?! This legend--surely it's meant for 
lovers? You know, young men and women hoping for a long and happy marriage?

Frederick: Heavens forbid! Marriage is a union of equals! A couple on the 
same footing! You and I are not equals! How could it possibly be the same 

Chrom: Er, that's not what I meant...

Frederick: Milord, this fountain will strengthen the bonds of servitude! 
Liege and vassal, lord and servant, king and subject... To serve you for life 
is my dream! ...And I want us to be closer than anyone--including that pair 
we just met!

Chrom: Ahh, now I see... So this is about those two, isn't it? Look, I know 
you can't stand losing, but sometimes you take things a bit too far. Besides, 
we have more pressing matters to attend to at the moment... You know, like 
the pack of monsters that are threatening this town?
(Chrom leaves)

Frederick: But, wait! My liege! Please, just one little toss of a coin! I 
assure you it won't take that long! Milord, where are you going?!
Frederick > Chrom

Frederick: *Sigh* How disappointing... Milord and I missed our chance to toss 
coins into the fountain. He thinks I only wanted to do it to not lose out to 
those other two... But no! For truth, my only desire is to cement my place as 
vassal! Of course, I have only myself to blame for not not explaining myse-- 
...Hm? What's that? An archer drawing his bow? And his target is... CHROM?! 
This I cannot allow! No matter how much milord doubts my sincere 
intentions... I shall always be ready to protect him-- with my very life if 
nescessary! Milord, look out! Ungh...!

Chrom: F-Frederick? What the--?!

Frederick: Milord, are you unharmed?

Chrom: I-I'm fine, yes, thank you. But what about you? You're wounded!

Frederick: A mere flesh wound. The joy of saving you from harm is smothering 
the pain most effectively.

Chrom: Frederick, are you sure you're all right? That looks VERY painful...

Frederick: If you wish to help me... perhaps... you will do me... a great 

Chrom: Of course! What do you want? Shall I bring a healer? Carry you to a 
medic's tent? Name it!

Frederick: ...I would like... I would like to toss a coin into the fountain 
with you.

Chrom: ...This again? Frederick, you truly are far too competitive for your 
own good...

Frederick: No, milord. You misjudge me. I care not whether our friendship is 
stronger than theirs. I merely desire to protect and serve you-- nothing 
more, nothing less. Even after peace has returned, I wish to remain by your 
side. Indomitable, faithful... inseparable unto death. 

Chrom: Ah, Frederick... *Sigh* You just will not be dissuaded, will you? Very 
well. Get your purse, and take me to this fountain of yours. 

Frederick: Thank you, milord! I shall remain your vassal for all time!
Chrom x Vaike

Vaike > Chrom

Vaike: Well, if it isn't Chrom. Just the prince I was hopin' to walk up and 
talk to!

Chrom: Er... right. What's up, Vaike? Usually when you look this excited, it 
means you want to spar. But really, I don't think this is the time or the 
place for--

Vaike: Rebuffed again? Aw, I even spit-shined my breast-plate and everything! 
...Wait, what am I talkin' about? Teach ain't lookin' to spar! No, sir. 
Actually, Teach is here to file a complaint!

Chrom: Is that... so.

Vaike: Look, you're a good ally. I'll concede that. Handy with a sword, 
everyone trusts ya... Granted, when it comes to rugged good looks, ol' Vaike 
has ya beat, but...

Chrom: Rugged good looks...?

Vaike: But with everything else, you always come out on top. And that's my 
problem! I'm tired of standin' in your shadow! What gives? It didn't used to 
be like this. We used to be like equals, you and me!

Chrom: ...Honestly, Vaike, I don't think anything has changed at all. Are you 
sure this isn't just all in your head?

Vaike: In my head?! Oh, I see--so now not only am I second fiddle, I'm crazy 
too! W-well, if we're gonna start hurlin' insults, Teach can give as good as 
he gets!

Chrom: ...... Look. We're in the middle of a battle. Can we discuss this 
later? (Chrom leaves)

Vaike: Hey! Where ya goin'?! Come back here! The Vaike's not done talkin'! 
*Sigh* One of these days, that man will show me the proper respect...
Chrom > Vaike

Vaike: HI-YAAAH!

Chrom: Buh?! Heh. The classic Vaike surprise attack. Swing first, ask 
questions later...

Vaike: I thought about tryin' a new approach, but I always come back to the 
tried and tested.

Chrom: Fair enough. Come on then. You've started it--now let's finish it.

Vaike: Gah, there you go again, bein' all irritatingly calm and smug! 

Chrom: Hrrgh!

Vaike: *Pant, pant*

Chrom: *Huff, huff* Well? Feel better now?

Vaike: Bah! Always lookin' down your nose at me... Patronizin', that's the 

Chrom: That's not my intent, Vaike. ...But while I have your attention, let 
me tell you something. Because of the duels we fight, I've grown to trust you 
a great deal. I know your strength, your skills, your prowess better than 
anyone. So no matter what you think of me, I know I can rely on your 

Vaike: Urgh...

Chrom: Think about it. How many times have we sparred like this now? I've 
lost count.

Vaike: Hmph. So yer sayin' the Vaike is a reliable guy? Well, har! I've 
always known THAT! Knew it from the very start!

Chrom: Then you should also know that I'm not trying to patronize you. So 
keep challenging me all you want, and I'll do my best to return the favor.

Vaike: Oh no, you don't! We're gonna switch things around, my little prince! 
You want to fight the Vaike? Then next time, YOU have to challenge ME!

Chrom: Heh... If that'll make you happy, then sure. Let's spar again once 
this battle is over.

Vaike: Ha ha! That's the spirit! We'll give this little fair its very own 
main event!  But first, we'd better get back to cleanin' up these pesky 
little rats.

Chrom: Right!
Chrom x Gaius

Gaius > Chrom

Chrom: What a delicious-looking cake. Soft, spongy layers smothered in 
icing...  And what's that? Is it an amulet of of some kind? Perhaps a 
protective charm? 

Gaius: Hey, Blue. What are you up to?

Chrom: Aren't these stalls fascinating? Such a weird and wonderful array of 
food and trinkets! 

Gaius: You think? Looks like regular old festival fare to me. If I've seen 
this stuff once, I've seen it a thousand times. ...Ah, but you don't visit 
village fairs, do you? Being a royal and all?

Chrom: Not all that often, I'm embarrassed to admit... Frankly, many of the 
customs are something of a mystery to me.

Gaius: Hey, it's never too late to learn. I'll teach you anything you want to 
know. You know, like what's good to eat, which games are fun, which are a 
scam... I'd wager I've seen more fairs than you've had hot custard pies. 

Chrom: Well, it would be nice to have a guide.  I mean, of course we have our 
own events at the capital from time to time.  But I haven't had many 
opportunities to see festivals in other parts of th-- ...Hm? What's going on? 
There appears to be a commotion in the plaza...

Soldier: Thief! Me money pouch, it's been nicked!

Soldier: Curses! Mine's missin' too!

Chrom: Uh-oh. This sounds like the work of a cutpurse... First he creates a 
distraction, then he relives his marks of their coins...

Gaius: ...... 

Chrom: Hm? What is it, Gaius? 

Gaius: Er, what? Oh, n-nothin'. I just... I've got an errand to run! If 
you'll excuse me...
(Gaius leaves)

Chrom: What came over him?
Chrom > Gaius

Chrom: Er, Gaius? Can I have a word? About before...

Gaius: ......

Chrom: W-wait, Gaius! Don't run away!  Now where'd he go? I could've sworn he 
ducked down this way... Wait... Surely he's not the cutpurse?  Could he be 
hiding from me in shame? Or to count his ill-gotten gains? ...No, what am I 
saying! It would be wrong of me to suspect a fellow Shepherd! 

Gaius: Hey, Blue. What's with the furrowed brow?  Troubles got you down?

Chrom: Ah-HAH! Gaius! Where did you run off to?!

Gaius: I was chasing down that pickpocket and then returning the purses to 
the soldiers. 

Chrom: You were?

Gaius: Set a thief to catch a thief, right? It was easy enough for me to suss 
out where the scoundrel would run. 

Chrom: I... I see...

Gaius: What's the problem? You're acting like you don't believe me or 

Chrom: Wh-what?! No, don't be silly! You're a Shepherd--I'd never doubt you! 
...Although you WERE acting incredibly suspicious...

Gaius: Hah! Sorry to make you worry. To tell the truth, I did act a bit like 
I had something to hide. But I wasn't trying to deceive you or anything.  I 

Chrom: Then what was it?

Gaius: Honestly? I was just having a little fun. I wanted to see if you 
really trusted me. Believe me, I was thrilled when you didn't immediately 
accuse me of being the thief! I apologize for messing with you like that on 
account of my own silly insecurities. 

Chrom: Heh...Well, the joke is on me, I guess. You had me worried there, 
Gaius. Between that and all this running around after you, I'm completely 

Gaius: Aw, now you're making me feel bad. Here, let me make it up to you. For 
the rest of the day, I'll treat you to whatever you want from the fair!

Chrom: Well, if you feel that guilty... why not? But are you sure you can 
afford it? This is my first proper fair, and I'll have to make up for all 
that I've missed. Which means sampling every cake and bonbon that's on offer! 

Gaius: Come on, Blue. You DO realize who you're talking to here? Anyway, once 
we're done sampling sweets, I'll take you on a tour of the nightlife. The 
after-hours shows here are somethin' else, and they run until dawn!

Chrom: Er, m-maybe you missed the part where I said I was exhausted...

Lissa x Maribelle

Maribelle > Lissa

Maribelle: This simply will not do! It's always "Oh, Lissa!" this, and 
"Please, Lissa!" That. Don't these people realize that my poor darling is NOT 
their personal servant? Her bright, vivacious character lifts spirits and 
boosts morale... She tends to the sick and cures their ills... My dear Lissa 
is a veritable angel of mercy!

Lissa: Hey, Maribelle! What's going on?

Maribelle: Lissa! Darling! I was just- Goodness. What in the name of the gods 
are you wearing on your head?

Lissa: Oh, this old thing? One of the villagers gave it to me earlier! Isn't 
it just adorablw? It suits me to a tee, don't you think?

Maribelle: Everything looks good on you, darling. ...Even that.

Lissa: Aww, thanks! You know, if you like it, I can get you one too- they had 
lots to spare!

Maribelle: Oh, gods, n- Um, that is... thank you for the kind offerm but I 
must politely decline. By the way, I couldn't help but notice all those 
people crowded around you just now. What did they want? They weren't asking 
anything... peculiar of you, were they?

Lissa: Peculiar? Gosh, no! They're my friends! They wouldn't do anything 

Maribelle: Hm. I wish I could have as much faith in them as you, darling.

Lissa: You know, Maribelle, I've noticed something about you. You're awfully 
hard on other people, but you've always been very kind to me...

Maribelle: I'm a noble, dear. I was raised to honot and respect my equals.

Lissa: Um, sure... but were you raised to be so mean to everybody else?

Maribelle: It's not about being mean. It's about not wanting others to take 
advantage of you. Every time you and I have some quiet time together, someone 
interrupts. There's always someone asking something of you. Why can they not 
leave us be?

Lissa: Oh, Maribelle... I wish you'd make more of an effort to let other 
people in. I mean, you know the old saying, right? Two's company, but three's 
even BETTER company!

Maribelle: Hogwash! You are MINE and mine alone, and I am SICK and tired of 
sharing you!

Lissa: Whoa. Are you all right, Maribelle?

Maribelle: Oh, gods. Did I say that out loud? Forgive me...

Lissa: Maribelle, wait-! ...Aaaand she's gone. I wonder what got into her all 
of a sudden? Gosh, I hope it wasn't the hat! It is a bit out there...
Lissa > Maribelle

Lissa: -Um, Maribelle? Do you have a moment?

Maribelle: Of course. I was hoping we might have a chance to chat, in fact. 
About my little outburst earlier... I really must apologize. I feel terrible. 
I don't know what came over me.

Lissa: Oh, gosh, it's okay! I was scared to death you were still angry with 
me! When you went off like that, I felt like I'd done something terrible...

Maribelle: Oh, Lissa. You really are too sweet. I'M the one who was acting 
horridly. I have no right to be angry with others for seeing just how 
wonderful you are. How could anyone not fall madly in love with you? You're 

Lissa: Oh, I don't know about that...

Maribelle: It's true! You've always had the most remarkable ability to charm 
people. You grew up a royal, cosseted away in that palace... and yet still, 
you managed to surround yourself with friends from all walks of life.

Lissa: I didn't do anything special. I just like talking, I guess...

Maribelle: It's more than that. You ARE special. You have a unique gift! 
*Sigh* I wish I had even a thimbleful of your charisma, truly I do... People 
do not clamor to spend time with me. They find me...prickly

Lissa: Prickly? You?! NEVER!

Maribelle: Meanwhile, you strike up friendships so easily with strangers... 
But when you do, it feels for all the world as if they're trying to steal you 
away from me. I can't bring myself to join in, so I just stand there fretting 
and fuming... I end up jealous of your easy charm and convinced that you're 
going to desert me. *Sigh* Isn't that awful? I'm a horrible, mean-spirited, 
and utterly selfish person!

Lissa: No way, Maribelle! Not at ALL! You're a totally wonderful person! 
You're kind and brave, and you have the best manners of anyone I know! I'm 
honored to that you're my friend!

Maribelle: Truly?

Lissa: Please, Maribelle. You have to trust me. I'll never leave you, okay? 
No matter how many friends I have, you'll always be the most important. You 
know, the villagers were saying that fairs are best enjoyed with friends. And 
guess who popped into my head right away? You, that's who! *Sigh* I feel bad 
that I made you worry so much without even noticing... Hey, I know- why don't 
I make it up to you with a special treat?

Maribelle: Thank you, Lissa, but I'm a bit too old to be appeased with 
trinkets. It's more than enough to know you are still my friend and always 
will be.

Lissa: Hmm... Okay. Well, how about this then...? Once this battle's over, 
let's spend a day at the fair together. Just you and me!

Maribelle: Oh, darling... Now, that sounds simply wonderful!

Frederick x Virion

Virion > Frederick

Virion: Finally, a quiet moment to myself to forget my cares and soothe my 

Frederick: Virion, what in the world are you doing?!

Virion: Why, I'm sipping tea, of course. What of it?

Frederick: In the middle of a battlefield? This is neither the time nor the 
place, sir!

Virion: Oh, shush now. We nobles bear many a heavy burden, you know. This 
delightful ritual of civilization gives me strength to fulfill my arduous 
duties! Indeed, you look a bit frayed yourself. Why not have a seat and join 

Frederick: Er, well, I WAS feeling somewhat parched... I suppose one small 
cup couldn't hurt. *sniff* Ah... An herbal mix, yes? From the plantations of 
Ferox, if I'm not mistaken. ...I consider myself something of a tea 
connoisseur, if I may be so bold.

Virion: Truly amazing. Inspiring, even!

Frederick: ...Beg pardon?

Virion: I was just thinking about what an abundantly gifted knight you are.

Frederick: Why, thank you.

Virion: Such breedingóto be able to indentify the source of a tea with a 
single sniff! I'm flabbergasted! Wonder-struck! Overcome with joy!

Frederick: Er, yes. Well, I'm not sure it's quite that big a deal, butó

Virion: That settles it. I must have you as my own! House Virion demands the 
very best. And you, sir, will make a superb addition to my retinue of 

Frederick: ...Are you headhunting me, sir?

Virion: Well, yes, I suppose I am. Metaphorically, of course, hah! One day, 
when this war is over, my domains will prosper again... And when they do, you 
WILL serve meóat double your current pay!

Frederick: A most generous offer, sir, but you ask the impossible. I'm afraid 
I must refuse.

Virion: Refuse?! But why?

Frederick: For generations, my family has served the royal family of Ylisse 

Virion: Exclusively?

Frederick: Exclusively.

Virion: To hear it twice stings my very soul... But the past is past, and you 
must consider your future! Still, I see you shall not be easily persuaded... 
Very well then. We shall speak more of this later. But rest assured, I shall 
not give up so easily! When it comes to wooing, my title of Virion the 
Tenacious is well earned!
(Virion leaves)

Frederick: Woo me as you may. I can assure you my answer will remain 
Frederick > Virion

Virion: Frederick! There you are. We have unfinished business to discuss.

Frederick: V-Virion! You caught me off guard. What could possibly be so 

Virion: Don't play coy with me! You know what I want. You. As my vassal. If 
you refuse, you may as well just take this sword and cut me down...

Frederick: Isn't that a bit... extreme?

Virion: I insist! Go on, lop off my head. I've no use for it if I cannot have 

Frederick: *Sigh* I appreciuate your fervor, Virion. But as I said before, my 
family has served House Ylisse for generations unbroken.

Virion: Yes, yes. I believe "exclusively" was the word you used. But 
exclusivity is a fleeting thing, my friend! Generations change! New 
allegiances are formed! Surely my impassioned plea is enough to move your 
heart to switch sides! So come, what do you say? Serve me, or strike me down 
where I stand!

Frederick: ...Very well, Virion. If you insist, then I suppose you leave me 
no choice.

Virion: Ha-HAH! I KNEW you would come around and agree to be my vassal!

Frederick: Are you ready?

Virion: Erm, w-wait... What's going on, exactly? Careful with that thingóit's 
quite sharp!

Frederick: Hi-YAAH!


Risen: *Gurgle*

Frederick: You can stop cowering now. It's dead. A close call, though, wasn't 

Virion: An interloper... How mischievous of you not to tell me.

Frederick: When in service of my lord, I believe actions speak louder than 
words. But as I said before, I'm afraid I cannot serve you. I am promised to 

Virion: Nothing will change your mind?

Frederick: Nothing.

Virion: *Shrug* Very well. I suppose even Virion the Tenacious cannot woo 
them all. But I hope we can remain friends? Perhaps share tea again?

Frederick: Now, that I can do. Tea is one passion of mine that knows no 
Frederick x Henry

Frederick > Henry

Henry: Oh boy, I LOVE town fairs! All the banners and stalls and screaming...

Frederick: Er, indeed. The colorful decorations do lift one's spirits, don't 

Henry: Oh? I didn't think you were the type to enjoy smallfolk frolics, 

Frederick: Of course I am! Everyone loves a good fair.

Henry: So when it all starts up again, you're gonna join in the fun? Sample 
the sweets, dance a jig, toss knives at the jugglers?

Frederick: Er, no.

Henry: Oh. So what ARE you going to do?

Frederick: My job- nay, my duty- is to protect the common folk from harm. 
Sometimes the most dangerous times are when we give ourselves over to 
celebration. We let down our guard, and threats to our lives are forgotten 
for the nonce. It's my responsibility to safeguard this town from war's 
terrible menace. As such, I must stand stalwart, alert, hand on pommel, ready 
to do battle!

Henry: Snooze. That sounds so boring! You must really hate your life.

Frederick: Not at all. Why do you say that?

Henry: Isn't it frustrating? Watching everyone letting their hair down and 
having fun? Meanwhile, you stand around all grim and serious like you've got 
a lance up your-

Frederick: *Ahem* On the contrary, I manage to keep myself quite busy indeed. 
Returning lost children to their tearful parents... Tying down tarps on 
stalls that are threatening to blow away... Settling disputes between 
neighbours who've had too much mead... For a knight who years to serve the 
people, there's no better place than the local fair!

Henry: ......

Frederick: So no, I don't hate my life at all. I find these fairs to be quite 

Henry: Hmm. I guess we just have different definitions of the word 'fun'...

Frederick: I think you'd benefit from being able to see things from a 
knight's point of view. Spend a day in my plate-metal shoes, and then you'd 
Henry > Frederick

Frederick: ...There we go. That should hold it.

Henry: Hey, Frederick. What are you up to?

Frederick: Securing the guy ropes on this awning lest the wind blow it away. 
Once I am done, the stall will be safe for the children to procure sweets.

Henry: Huh. Working for the people again! Listen, Frederick. About that talk 
we had earlier. Do you remember it?

Frederick: Yes, of course.

Henry: Well, I was thinking... You're ALWAYS helping people, you know? Not 
just at fairs, but on the march, in camp... Heck, you even dig out our 
latrines! But I have a hard time believing all the work you do is really fun.

Frederick: I'm not sure I follow...

Henry: You're like a donkey strapped to a donkey wheel! Round and round you 
go, working and working, never stopping for a rest. Seems to me your idea of 
fun is wearing yourself out with chores!

Frederick: Hmm. Perhaps you're right. I do derive pleasure from a hard day's 

Henry: Right?

Frederick: It gives my life meaning to sacrifice my health for the benefit of 

Henry: You know... it sounds a bit like the dark arts to me.

Frederick: Dark arts?!

Henry: Yep! Think about it: You derive please from working yourself to the 
bone, right? And in doing so, you manage to dredge up extra-powerful energy 
from within! I mean, to outsiders it makes you look like some superhuman 
saint... But in the end, you're just doing what feels good to you- just like 

Frederick: Er, I see... It's certainly an... interesting theory.

Henry: Nya ha! I know, right? Maybe we should work together to help you 
develop this natural talent!  I'll teach you all about dark magic and how to 
embrace your inner darkness. It's incredibly dangerous, of course. Most folks 
get swallowed up, never to return... But I've got a good feeling about you, 
Frederick! I think you'll probably be okay.

Frederick: P-probably?! I'm not sure I'd enjoy being swallowed by anything, 
let alone dark-

Henry: ANYhoo, now that that's settled, let me know whenn you're ready for 
our lessons!

Frederick: Er, something tells me you're not going to take no for an 
answer... *Sigh* Can we start out small, at least? Something with minimal 

Sully x Miriel

Sully > Miriel

Miriel: Sully. I wonder if I might pose an interrogative.

Sully: Uh, you mean you wanna ask me a question? Sure. Do your worst. Can't 
promise I can help, but I'll do my damnedest!

Miriel: Oh, I am certain that you'll be able to help... should you be 

Sully: You don't say.

Miriel: I do. In fact, I just did. Now, allow me to cut to the chase. My 
question is this: Why do you speak in such a gruff and masculine manner? 
According to my observations, few ladies of breeding speak so colorfully. You 
are the first I have encountered who says "arse," let alone "damn" or 

Sully: Whoa there, lady! All right, all right! I get the picture! See, in my 
house, I was the youngest of threeóI had two older brothers. And I learned 
that sometimes nothing says it better than a good, solid expletive. ...Yeah. 
Blame it on my damned brothersóthe foul-mouthed sons-a-guns!

Miriel: Fascinating. Which raises another, equally intriguing, question: 
these brothers of yoursóthey do not serve in the Ylissean Knights.

Sully: Er... right.

Miriel: It is my understanding that, by and large, all highborn sons of 
Ylisse enter the order. Why did they not do so? Were they perhaps afflicted 
by some physical handicap?

Sully: *Cough*

Miriel: I'm sorry? Were you attempting to tell me something?

Sully: ...Aren't you a nosy witch? Why don't you mind your own damn business!
(Sully leaves)

Miriel: Hmm. It appears that I have caused offense. Fascinating... 
Miriel > Sully

Miriel: Sully, I feel that I must make reparations with you.

Sully: Uh, sorry. What are we making? ...Oh, right. You mean you want to 
apologize about that stuff earlier?

Miriel: Precisely. I requisitioned the pertinent records and ascertained the 

Sully: Then I guess there's no point me tryin' to hide anything, huh...

Miriel: Indeed not. Your brothers, they were...

Sully: Uh-huh. They served as knights, all right. But one day, they went to 
help out a village that was being hassled by bandits... And they never came 

Miriel: I apologize for forcing you to recall such painful memories. 
Curiosity and a thirst for knowledge are no excuse for insensitivity.

Sully: Aw, forget it. It's all right. Seriously. I should've never gotten my 
smallclothes in a twist about it. How could you have known, right?

Miriel: You're very kind.

Sully: By the by, I've been thinking more about how I talkóy'know, all 
"masculine"? I think it's more than just listening to my brothers when I was 
little. Maybe it's got something to do with me trying to carry on their 
legacy. I wanted to honor their memory by being the roughest, toughest knight 
out there... And somewhere along the line, I ended up talking like one too!

Miriel: Fascinating. Psychologically speaking, your reasoning seems sound. I 
am sure that wherever they are now, your brothers are watching over you. And 
I am equally certain they are proud to see what a fine knight you've become.

Sully: Ha! Thanks, Miriel! You're just full of surprises, aren't ya? I never 
figured you for the religious type! Do you really believe in the afterlife?

Miriel: Interesting that you should ask. It is, in fact, a fascinating avenue 
of inquiry. Though there is little supporting data, some theorists have 
posited that... 
Sully x Sumia

Sumia > Sully

Sully: Hey there, Sumia. What a waste of a perfectly good fair, eh? Let's 
clear these shambling corpses out so we can get back to the party!

Sumia: I know! I bet everyone's dying for the festivities to start again! 

Sully: Say, check out that banner over there. "Something, 
looking villager... something... beauty pageant." Huh. This fair's got 

Sumia: "Looking for attractive contestants... male and female... and... 
and..." ...OH!

Sully: What's it say? I can't read that bit. The writing's too damn small.

Sumia: It says there's a beauty contest for women... dressed in men's 

Sully: Ha! Sure it does. Now you're just yankin' my chain.

Sumia; No, I'm serious! It's quite clear. "Women dressed as men," it says. 

Sully: What the hell kinda contest is that?

Sumia: I don't know, but I totally think you should enter!

Sully: M-me? In a beauty contest?! Har! You been hittin' the mead or what?

Sumia: But you look so good in men's clothing! Nearly everyone says so. And, 
I mean, you already kind of talk like a man, right? I bet you'd do really 

Sully: Look, maybe I swear too much for polite society, but dammit, I--

Sumia: Okay, well never mind about your potty mouth. But should 
consider it. Women dressing up like men is a long-standing and noble 
tradition, you know. It's from an elegant, seductive world that transcends 
the boundaries of gender itself!

Sully: You sure as hell seem to know a lot about it.

Sumia: ...Which is why the more I think about it, the more I know you just 
HAVE to enter! 

Sully: Forget it!

Sumia: Don't worry. I can handle the details. I'll be your manager, hee hee! 
Okay, first things first: we need to find you the perfect outfit...
(Sumia leaves)

Sully: H-hey! Wait up, Sumia! I didn't agree to this, damn you!
Sully > Sumia

Sumia: Okay, Sully, I'm back. Sorry it took so long!

Sully: Don't tell me you went and borrowed some poor sap's clothes?

Sumia: Well, not just ANY poor sap! When I told Chrom what it was for, he was 
more than happy to help! 

Sully: What? You borrowed togs from the prince himself?!

Sumia: Sure! He said these didn't fit him anymore, so he let me borrow them. 
Here you go. Slip your arm through here, and I'll just check it for size.

Sully: Right now? We're in the middle of a damn battle, for crying out loud!

Sumia: Huh...? Oh, right! Battle! S-sorry, I forgot... I just got so excited 
about the contest, I couldn't wait to start...

Sully: Heh, I don't think I've ever seen you this determined before.

Sumia: I know it's silly... but this whole thing is just SO alluring! I mean, 
men have their own unique appeal, and women do too, right? But combine them 
both, and you get the best of both worlds! The beauty of the female form, 
with the magnetic appeal of a handsome man... If we can pull this off, you'll 
be like a dashing prince from a fairy tale!

Sully: Uhhh, yeah, sure. Different strokes, I suppose. 

Sumia: Anyway, of everyone in this army, you're the best one suited for this. 
You're going to enter this contest and totally CRUSH the competition! And as 
your manager, I'll be right there, front and center, cheering you on!

Sully: Oh, for the love of the gods... You do realize I haven't actually said 
yes yet?!

Virion x Libra

Libra > Virion

Virion: Greetings, noble Libra!

Libra: Oh. Hello, Virion. Is there something I can help you with?

Virion: I was wondering. Once this beastly battle is over and the fair 
reopened... perhaps you might join me in touring the attractions and enjoying 
the festivities? Together- a highborn noble and a handsome young servant of 
the gods... Just think of all the appraising glances and not unwelcome 
attention we would draw!

Libra: In other words, you'd like me to help you pick up village girls. 

Virion: Come, come! We'll be the toast of the fair! Where's the harm in that?

Libra: I apologize, but I'm not in the mood for being the toast of anything.

Virion: What's wrong, young friend?! Are you unwell? Does your stomach ail 

Libra: No, it's not that. I'm afraid my affliction is of the mental kind. I 
am simply bemoaning my utter helplessness.

Virion: Helplessness? But, Libra, you always fight so splendidly!

Libra: You misunderstand... Shortly after we arrived, I met an elderly couple 
among the residents here. The two were horribly afflicted with a dreadful 
mortal disease. They seem to be suffering so, but I am powerless to help 
them... There's a cure, I'm told, but it is terribly expensive. Well beyond 
my meager means...

Virion: I see. And thus this feeling of helplessness.

Libra: Yes. I can strike down countless foes, yet I cannot save the life of 
one poor old couple? O merciful gods, what am I to do?

Virion: 'Tis a grave problem, I can see. But the solution is obvious, no? You 
seem to be quite friendly with the immortals above... Therefore, you must 
pray, my friend! Sooner or later, your voice will be heard!

Libra: Sooner or later? So I'm to just wait around for a miracle to occur?

Virion: Don't tell me YOU doubt the power of prayer?! Where is your faith, 

Libra: N-no, you're right... Forgive me. I need to exercise patience. I need 
to believe that with enough prayer, that couple can achieve salvation...

Virion:: Y-yes, well, then again, what do I know, right?! You are the priest, 
after all! ...... ANYhoo, I just remembered I've got some, er, less spiritual 
business to attend to. If you'll excuse me...

Libra: *Sigh*
Virion > Libra

Libra: O gods, hear my prayer...

Virion: Libra.

Libra: Ah, Virion. Did you take care of whatever business you had to attend 

Virion: I did. ...Here. This is for you.

Libra: A flask... of medicine?! Is this the cure I was seeking? Where did 
you-?! How did you-?!

Virion: *Shrug* I am a nobleman. I know powerful people in high places. You 
might say I pulled a few favours is all.

Libra: B-but this potion is incredibly valuable. The cost alone...!

Virion: Now, now. You let me worry about that! I'd say you have a more urgent 
job... There's a certain sickly old couple who are in desperate need of that 

Libra: Hmm...

Virion: What? why are you staring at me like that? It's most unnerving...

Libra: You used to own an expensive dagger, did you not? Crafted with the 
finest steel, encrusted with firestones and dragon gems?

Virion: Er...

Libra: Yes. A family treasure, passed down by generations of your 
ancestors... Yet today, the scabbard hangs empty at your hip. What happened 
to it?

Virion: Oh, er, so it does! The knife must have fallen out somewhere, ha ha! 

Libra: But that was an heirloom!

Virion: *Shrug* It wasn't THAT valuable, really. Just a fancy dagger, is all. 
Easy come, easy go, as they say! ANYhoo, must run again. Chat later? ...Oh 
and don't forget to deliver that medicine to that couple!

Libra: Virion, wait! *Sigh* He can't fool me. I know exactly what he did with 
that priceless dagger. He gave it up without hesitation, all for the sake of 
two elderly strangers... Perhaps that selfless, noble gesture was the miracle 
I was praying for all along.

Stahl x Kellam

Stahl > Kellam

Kellam: Stahl, you're amazing.

Stahl: Buh?! Where did you come from?

Kellam: Nowhere. I was just standing here watching you.

Stahl: Oh. So you saw me break up that quarrel just now then. It's only 
natural that tempers flare at times like these... In times of war and chaos, 
it's often the smallfolk who end up suffering the most. Somehow it falls to 
me to play the peacemaker. Seems I've got a knack for it! I pour oil on 
troubled waters, soothe injured pride- that sort of thing.

Kellam: Oh, I've seen you do it plenty of time. We sure are lucky to have you 

Stahl: Oh, I don't know about that. Chrom and Avatar are the ones who keep 
everything ticking. They're the leaders, the inspirers, the oxen that haul 
our wagons. Me? I'm just grease on the axles, helping to keep the wheels from 

Kellam: Well, however humble, it must be great to have you own special role 
to play. Man, I wish I could be like you... I wish I could be grease!

Stahl: Hah! Now I'm blushing, Kellam. No one's ever praised me like this.

Kellam: Well, it's true. I hope someday I can be as useful as you, Stahl!
Kellam > Stahl

Kellam: Hey, Stahl. Remember our little chat from earlier?

Stahl: You mean the one about the grease?

Kellam: Right. I was thinking... you know... maybe I could learn to be a 
conciliator too.

Stahl: Hm. I wonder...

Kellam: You don't think I have it in me, do you...? *sigh* I AM useless, even 
as grease!

Stahl: Come now, Kellam. I never said that. Everyone has something they're 
really good at, right? Better than others? You just have to figure out what 
it is you do best and make that your focus. You can't just force yourself 
into a role you're not cut out for. I mean, do you think when I started out, 
I WANTED to be the grease man?

Kellam: Then how come that's what you ended up doing?

Stahl: Honestly? I just sort of fell into it. No one else was willing to take 
the job, and it seemed to suit me, so... *shrug*

Kellam: Hmm...

Stahl: Look, what do you do in battle? You protect others, right? That's an 
important role. You should keep working on that. Get good at it. Look at me. 
When it come to fighting, I'm no better than anyone at anything. Not like 
you. No, you have REAL talent. You're a standout- and I envy you that!

Kellam: A s-standout? ME? No one's ever said THAT before...

Stahl: Oh, don't be so humble! I respect what you do. I always have.

Kellam: Respect?! Now you've really gone off the deep end! You sure you're 
feeling well? I respect you like a hundred times more than you could ever 
respect me!

Stahl: Hah! Look at us going red in the face and patting each other on the 
back... Of course, true comrades should point out each others' weaknesses as 
well. Still, it's a fine thing to get a word of encouragement every now and 
then. Especially if it means strengthening the bonds of friendship between 

Kellam: You're right. I'll keep that in mind. It's been an honor having a 
frank talk like this with someone of your caliber, Stahl!

Stahl: Well, when we're finished with this fight, we can sit down for another 
chat. Then I can tell you exactly why the honor is all mine, friend!
Stahl x Donnel

Donnel > Stahl

Donnel: Dancin' donkeys, but this fair ain't somethin' else!

Stahl: Donny? What are you doing standing there, mouth agape?

Donnel: I was just thinkin' how grand and colorful everythin' looks! I mean, 
we had our own fairs back in the village, but they weren't nothin' like this! 
Let's hurry up and finish whuppin' these Risen so we's can have some fun!

Stahl: Are fairs really that exciting? I haven't been to many, honestly.

Donnel: That so? Now, that there's a cryin' shame, if you don't mind me 
sayin'. Why, a good fair's just about the best darn thing in the whole wide 
world! You couldn't drag me away from a fair with a pair of shire horses!

Stahl: Hah! I bet I know why, too. The REAL reason you like fairs...

Donnel: Wh-what do ya mean?

Stahl: They offer... opportunities, shall we say? To the dapper young village 
lad? What better place to meet a young maid, dance a jig... and mayhap more? 
The promise of love and romanceótherein lies the charm. Am I right?

Donnel: Gosh, n-no! I ain't never thought anythin' like that! Not one bit!

Stahl: Are you sure?

Donnel: Er... well, maybe a mite. I mean, a lot of guys and gals go in for 
the dancin'... But I wasn't never much one for it. Had me two left feet, they 
used to tell me. Wasn't that I was clumsy or nothin', though. It's just... 
there was this one time... See, there was this paint pail and a piglet... and 
sweet Betty from down the lane... Well, let's just say it was mighty 
embarrassin'. Put me off dancin' for good!

Stahl: Oh ho! A young man with a checkered past! Tell me more!

Donnel: N-no way! I already done told ya more'n ya need to know! 'Sides, I'm 
tired'a talkin' 'bout me. How's about you?

Stahl: How's about me what?

Donnel: Ya know! Girls! I wager you got lots of fine lady memories.

Stahl: Who, me? Oh, ha ha, no, Ió

Donnel: I mean, a fella as good lookin' and charmin' and everythin' as you? I 
bet YOUR past ain't embarrassin' at all! I wanna hear all about it!

Stahl: O-oh, would you look at the time? Sorry, Donnyógotta run!
(Stahl leaves)

Donnel: Hey, Stahl! Wait up! Dang. Now why'd he run off like that? I bet he's 
got some great yarns to spin...
Stahl > Donnel

Donnel: Stahl!

Stahl: Wah! D-Donny?!

Donnel: Ah-hah! Gotcha cornered now! You're gonna tell me a story or else!

Stahl: Look, Donny. I don't have any stories.

Donnel: Now, you listen here. Ain't no use pretendin' ya got nothin' to say. 
I reckon you got a barrel full of stories from your youth, and I wanna hear 

Stahl: *Sigh* Fine, fine. As long as you promise to leave me alone after.

Donnel: I swear it on my uncles prize sow, rest her precious soul!

Stahl: Er, right. Anyway, this is a story from years ago, when I was still a 
lad. A friend took me alone to what would be the only fair I saw as a boy... 
I had a crush back then, and I was hoping to see her at this fair. We knew 
there'd be a dance floor, with girls looking for partners...

Donnel: See, I knew it! So? Did ya dance with her? Did ya fall in love?

Stahl: No. As we walked toward the town, my friend told me about a girl he 

Donnel: ...Oh. Don't tell meó

Stahl: Yes. It was the very same girl whom I had long adored from afar! I was 
deeply conflicted. But he was a fine friend, one I didn't want to lose. So, 
in the end, I did nothing. I stayed silent the whole night. He danced with 
the girl of my dreams, and I... never went to another fair.

Donnel: Gosh, Stahl. That was awfully kind of ya. You sure are selfless! I 
can't believe that girl ended up with your friend and not you!

Stahl: Kind? I don't know. Maybe I just lacked the courage to be frank.

Donnel: Well, never you mind! When this fight's over, we're gonna make things 
right. I'll put on a wig, you put on a blindfold, and the two of us'll dance 
instead! You can pretend I was your girl and get the regret right outta your 
system. Shoot. It's a fair, after all, right?! It'll be fun!

Stahl: Er, Donny... I appreciate the thought, but I really don't think 
that'll be necessary...

Vaike x Lon'qu

Lon'qu > Vaike

Vaike: Ogre's teeth! It's a veritable Festival of the Undead out here, eh? 
Whaddya say, Lon'qu? Let's light some fireworks and clean this mess up!

Lon'qu: Hush. I'm observing our foes. Your mindless chatter is distracting.

Vaike: Pfft. Fiiine, Lord Serious. Have it your way. But take it from ol' 
Teach... Standin' there all day with your shoulders all knotted is just gonna 
wear ya out. Sometimes ya gotta relax and learn to let your hair down! In 
fact, once we've taken care of business here, I'm gonna show ya how. We'll 
jump into his fair and have a whale of a time. Sound good?

Lon'qu: No. I am only interested in pursuits that will make me stronger.

Vaike: Look, the Vaike's makin' an effort here- least ya could do is meet me 
halfway. Ya keep brushin' people off like this, and eventually no one's gonna 
like ya! Speakin' of brushin' off, I heard ya have a hard time treatin' with 
ladyfolk. Course, it's just a daft rumor, and I'm sure there's not a grain of 
turth to it. A good-lookin' warrior like you goin' all knock-kneed at the 
sight of a lass? Hah! Sounds absurd to me!

Lon'qu: I don't expect you to understand me, nor do I care if you do.

Vaike: Wait, so yer sayin' there's some truth to it? You're an odd fish, 
that's for sure. ...But damn if this thing about women ain't gnawin' at my 
skull. It makes no sense- unless, maybe, you were scarred by some bad 
experience? Is that it? True love did you wrong? She dump ya for the local 
noble lad?

Lon'qu: Not at all.

Vaike: Then what's the problem? Ya gotta tell ol' Vaike!

Lon'qu: Will you PLEASE go away?

Vaike: Must be one hell of a secret, if yer so determined to stay mum about 
it... ...WAAAIT A MINUTE. I get it now. Har! Why didn't ya just say so? That 
ain't nothin' to be ashamed of! You should be proud that yer into-

Lon'qu: SILENCE! The last thing I need is you making up nonsensical theories 
of your own. Fine. I shall tell you the whole story. It's a sad tale, one I 
do not like to share, but... If it means shutting you up, then so be it. 
*Ahem* It all began-

Vaike: Say no more, my mysterious friend! The Vaike understands! I gotta go 
share the news with everyone... I finally figured out Lon'qu's big secret!

Lon'qu: Wh-what?! What have you figured out?! Come back here, damn you! I 
haven't told you anything yetm you infuriating knave!
Vaike > Lon'qu

Soldier: Say, did you hear?

Spy: About Lon'qu? Oh, yeah. I'd never have guessed!

Soldier: Indeed. But we should probably keep quiet about it. Maybe he doesn't 
want people to know...

Spy: What's to hide? He's one of our best warriors! He should be proud of 

Lon'qu: ......

Soldier: L-Lon'qu! Sire! Y-you're looking progressive today! Er, I mean- 
Uh... W-we were just leaving! Bye!

Lon'qu: This is your doing, Vaike. The ridiculous rumors you've been telling 
about me are everywhere. The men don't trust me anymore. You have to fix 

Vaike: Hah! ...Yeah. I never imagined the stories would get around so fast!

Lon'qu: That's it. You need to die. Bend your head, and I'll make it quick.

Vaike: Look, I said I was sorry! Sheesh. Anyway, it's all part of the Vaike's 
plan! Just you wait and see what I've got in store for phase two!

Lon'qu: Plan? What do you mean, "plan"?

Vaike: Trust me, pal! I know what I'm doin'. Honest! Spreadin' those rumors- 
that was just the start. I'm layin' the groundwork!

Lon'qu: ...Keep talking.

Vaike: Y'see, all you care about is fightin', right? Honin' your skills and 
all that. The problem is, you're neglectin' your friends and allies, and that 
ain't good. But by circulatin' these stories, I'm raisin' your public 
awareness, see?

Lon'qu: Even if I accept that ridiculous claim, surely there are better ways 

Vaike: Maybe, maybe not. I didn't think about it that hard.

Lon'qu: Damn you!

Vaike: But you're a real tough nut, and ya don't much like talkin' to anyone. 
I figured drastic measures were needed to get your attention. A little tiff 
between friends does more to strengthen bonds than story silence!

Lon'qu: ...... Fine. Carry on with your "plan."

Vaike: That's the spirit! Now come with me, and let's talk to the troops. We 
got a few fallacies to clear up!

Lon'qu: D-don't put your arm round my shoulders, curse you! We're supposed to 
be squashing the damn rumors, not sparking more!

Miriel x Cherche

Miriel > Cherche

Miriel: Fascinating. Most fascinating.

Cherche: What is it, Miriel? You've seen enough of the Risen to be used to 
them by now.

Miriel: Indeed. But this is the first I've heard of them being drawn to a 
harvest. The academic literature has so far been silent on the topic. I 
wonder if this odd phenomenon is due to something in their biological makeup.

Cherche: It does seem a little strange that monsters would be attracted by 
the harvest. But I have heard of other places where the two are connected. 
For example, there's a festival held around this time in one of the 
Outrealms. In it, children parade through their villages dressed as monsters 
and devils.

Miriel: To what end do they engage in such activity?

Cherche: Your guess is as good as mine. But perhaps there are more links 
between monsters and the harvest than we think.

Miriel: Intriguing. This demands further inquiry. If you develop your harvest 
thesis any further, you must notify me immediately.

Cherche: I will. But let's focus on harvesting these monsters first. 
Cherche > Miriel

Miriel: Cherche. Do you have a moment?

Cherche: For you, Miriel? Of course. You always have interesting things to 

Miriel: Fascinating. This is not the usual response to my attempts to engage 
in discourse. The stock reaction is one of discomfort, and in extreme cases, 

Cherche: Really? I can't imagine why.

Miriel: I gather that it is because I am considered tedious. This is due to 
my predilection for erudite language and abstruse subject matter.

Cherche: Oh, nonsense! I don't find you tedious in the slightest. In fact, I 
find the way you speak refreshingly precise.

Miriel: Truly?

Cherche: Oh, yes. When most people talk, logic and reason go out of the 
window. It's all "Wow!" and "Y'know!" and "Did you hear?" and so on. It's as 
if they just spew out whatever nonsense pops into their heads. But not you. 
You're calm, reasoned, measured, and to the point.

Miriel: This is high praise indeed. But I fear you may be overstating the 

Cherche: Not at all! In fact, you know what? I think I might be one of the 
few people who truly understands you.

Miriel: ...I am gratified that you think so. I also regard you in a positive 
light. Dialogue with you tends to result in more rewarding outcomes than with 
most. I find our talks both enlightening and enlivening.

Cherche: Ha. Now who's overstating the case? But listen to me prattling away! 
There's something I wanted to discuss with you. It's about a legend from my 
homeland. The story of a certain dragon... I think it might interest you. 
Would you like to hear it?

Miriel: Please go on. You have my undivided attention. 

Sumia x Cordelia

Sumia > Cordelia

Cordelia: Sumia? Can I have a word?

Sumia: Oh, hey, Cordelia. What's up?

Cordelia: What's up? More like what's down. As in, all over the ground. When 
you were hauling supplies earlier, you dropped and smashed a crate, didn't 

Sumia: Oh, that. Er, yeah, sort of...

Cordelia: You do realize this is an army, right? We can't afford to lose 
precious military supplies on account of ridiculous accidents. ...I also 
happen to know it was YOU who knocked all those spears over yesterday.

Sumia: Oh, you saw that too, huh... I'm SO sorry. I was just trying to-

Cordelia: I'm not finished! You also filled the pegasus feed bags with 
pebbles, did you not? And- I don't know how you did this- you spilled fig oil 
over the entire armory!

Sumia: ARGH, I'm really sorry! That pebble thing was a total accident! I can 

Cordelia: I don't need apologies or excuses! You must understand this is war. 
Even a small mistake can wind up costing someone's life on the battlefield! 
When that happens, are you going to say sorry to their corpse?

Sumia: I-I know, Cordelia... I know I shouldn't be so clumsy... I try SO hard 
all the time, but stuff just... *sob* ...keeps happening... WAAAAH!
(Sumia leaves)

Cordelia: Sumia, wait! Don't run off! Drat. She looked really upset. Maybe I 
was too hard on her...
Cordelia > Sumia

Sumia: Er, Cordelia...I'm sorry for running away from you earlier.

Cordelia: It's all right. I wanted to apologize as well. I spoke too harshly. 
I know you do your best. I shouldn't have gone on for so long about it.

Sumia: Oh, gosh, NO! You didn't do anything wrong at all! You were totally 
right! I know I mess up all the time, and I know it causes trouble for 

Cordelia: Look, Sumia-

Sumia: I might not get better right away, but I really, REALLY want to 
improve! So would you mind just keeping an eye on me a little while 
longer...? You know, in case I mess up again?

Cordelia: Of course not, Sumia.

Sumia: Oh, thank you! I promise you won't regret this! Er, by the way, 
Cordelia, while I have you here...

Cordelia: Hmm?

Sumia: At one of the stands, I saw these cute little pegasus-feather 
ornaments... When the fair starts up again, maybe you and I could go and have 
a look?

Cordelia: Good grief, Sumia, you really do take the cake! Here I was all 
worried you were off in some corner sobbing inconsolably... In reality, you 
were wandering around the stands looking for trinkets to buy! I tell you, I 
wish I could bounce back from setbacks as quickly as you.

Sumia: Ah... right. S-sorry...

Cordelia: Heh... Still, it's nice to see you smiling again. That cheerful 
face of yours has always been a boon during tough battles.

Sumia: It has? ...Wait, that's a good thing, right?

Cordelia: Of course it is, silly. It calms my nerves and allows me to focus.

Sumia: Oh, really? I never knew... Well, thanks, Cordelia. It means a lot 
knowing I'm at least a little bit helpful. So, er... about the feather 
ornaments? Will you come with me?

Cordelia: No need.

Sumia: Aww! Why not?

Cordelia: This is for you.

Sumia: Ohmigosh! That's the very ornament I was talking about! How did you-?!

Cordelia: I saw them earlier, before all this happened, and decided to buy 
two. It's funny that of all the trinkets on sale, we noticed the exact same 

Sumia: Wow! Thanks SO much, Cordelia! I promise to be more helpful now!

Cordelia: Good. And I'll do my best to help you along the way. Frankly, I 
need that cheerful support of yours on the battlefield!

Kellam x Donnel

Donnel > Kellam

Kellam: Um, Donnel?

Donnel: Hey there, Kellam! What can I do ya for?

Kellam: Well, there's something I've been wondering about for ages... I tried 
to resist, but... I just can't keep it to myself any longer.

Donnel: Well, ya know I'll help if I can! What's ticklin' yer curiosity?

Kellam: All right, I'll just come out and ask: Why do you wear a pot on your 

Donnel: Huh? THAT'S yer question? Err... A-ain't it obvious? You wear a big 
helmet when yer fightin', right? Well... I wear a pot for the same reasonóto 
keep my noggin in one piece!

Kellam: Well, yes, I'd guessed that much. But what I mean is, why a pot? Why 
not... you know, an actual helmet? If it's a question of coin, I'm sure Chrom 
would be happy to help...

Donnel: B-boy, you sure ya don't wanna talk about somethin' else? Anyway, no, 
it ain't about money. I been wearin' this thing since I was on all fours! 
I've grown mighty attached to it, ya know? Heck, I'd feel naked without it...

Kellam: I see. So in other words, it's kind of like a good-luck charm, huh?

Donnel: Er, yeah! That's EXACTLY what it's like! A good-luck charm! Well, 
glad we cleared that up. Now if you'll pardon meóWhoa, Kellam! Over yonder! 
It's some kinda monster! Sorry. I better run off and warn the others!
(Donnel leaves)

Kellam: Huh? But... I don't see any monster? ...What's gotten into him? 
Hmm... This all came about when we started talking about his pot... Maybe 
he's hiding something under that thing...? Something shameful that he doesn't 
want anyone else to know! Well, if there's anyone who can sneak up on him to 
yank it off and have a look... Okay, easy does it. Eaaasy does it...

Donnel: Phew! Dodged an arrow back there. Good thing I skedaddled when I 

Kellam: (Perfect. He hasnít noticed me yet. Almost there...  Allllmooost...) 
And... NOW!
Kellam > Donnel

Kellam: S-Sorry, Donnel...

Donnel: I should hope so! Danciní donleys, of all the mean tricks to pull...

Kellam: I thought you might be hiding something, but I never imagined THAT! I 
mean, your hair! Itís like, itís like... Gods, I donít know WHAT it was like!

Donnel: *sigh* Like a drunk musk ox ambled on up there and kicked the bucket?

Kellam: W-Well, that wasnít exactly what I had in mind... Although... now 
that you mention it... *snort*

Donnel: ......

Kellam: Ah, sorry! That... wasnít laughter, honest! J-just something caught 
in my nose!

Donnel: *Sigh* Ma always said I had hair messier than a slop trough. I done 
tried everythiníówater, bacon grease, my maís special ointments... As ya can 
see, nothinís been able to tame it.

Kellam: ...Still, does it really matter so much? Itís distinctive, Iíll grant 
you that, butó

Donnel: Oh, it matters all right! Shoot, this armyís just fullía lords and 
ladies, knights and princes... Iím surrounded by highborn types with their 
lustrous, flowiní locks... My curly mop stands out like a hedgehog in a pile 
oí marshmallows!

Kellam: Maybe. But if it were me, Iíd be happy to stand out. Itís good to be 
noticed! I donít look like anything special at all, and thatís why no one 
ever sees me... But then, Iím not the one with an ox on my head, right? So 
what do I know... Anyway, I promise I wonít tell anyone about your hair. 
Itíll be our secret.

Donnel: Truly? Shucks, Kellam, thatís a relief! I owe ya one! ...But I reckon 
youíve gotta tell me one of yer secrets now too. That way weíll both owe each 
other, and everythiníll be all fair and square!

Kellam: Wha--?! B-but I donít have any embarrassing secrets!

Donnel: Oh, I donít buy that for a cotton-pickiní minute! Go on, Kellam. Dish 
me yer dirt!

Kellam: Er... maybe we should get back to fighting those Risen...

Lon'qu x Gregor

Lon'qu > Gregor

Lon'qu: *Sigh*

Gregor: Oy! Lon'qu, my friend. Why are you making with long face. This is 
festival, place of joy and fun. You should be making with festive face!

Lon'qu: I hate festivals.

Gregor: Hate festivals?! Never before has Gregor heard such extraordinary 

Lon'qu: I'm not much for noise and clamor. I prefer quiet.

Gregor: But clamor is whole point! Without clamor, festival is like any other 
day. Boring!

Lon'qu: When this thing reopens, the plaza will be crawling with people 
again. The thought alone makes my head hurt.

Gregor: You are hating this much, eh?

Lon'qu: I don't even understand why we bothered coming here.

Gregor: Ha! But here we are, so is like spilled milk under fridge, yes? We 
should enjoy rare opportunity in strange otherworld place!

Lon'qu: Enjoy? More like preserve. I'll find no pleasure here.

Gregor: Oy! Why is butt always clenching so tight? Having fun is important 
life experience!

Lon'qu: Life experience?

Gregor: Yes! Gregor thinks you are living the very one-dimensional lifestyle. 
Every day, you train, you fight, you stab people... You must become more 
well-rounded person. Like Gregor! Basilio sent you out in world to discover 
new things and broaden the horizons, yes? So you must be letting down hair 
and joining in fun. Is your duty!

Lon'qu: Hmm... Broaden my horizons, huh. ...Very well. I shall join the 
festivalóno matter how painful it proves to be. 
Gregor > Lon'qu

Lon'qu: Gregor. I have a question about this festival business.

Gregor: You do? Ah, is good, is good! Gregor happy to answer all queries!

Lon'qu: In what manner should I use it to "broaden my horizons"?

Gregor: Mmm, is good question. First, when festivities begin again, you must 
be immersing yourself. Join crowds, try activities, and most vital, you must 
be talking to locals! Find out why they celebrate, so you can learn heart and 
soul of festival.

Lon'qu: I see. So I shall interrogate the participants, uncover the facts, 

Gregor: No, no! Gregor is not suggesting you become private investigator!

Lon'qu: Then how am I to find this information?

Gregor: That is easy thing! Share meat, drink mead, and make merry with new 

Lon'qu: I don't drink mead. Slows down the reflexes.

Gregor: Oy! First women, then festivals, now mead?! Is such cold and empty 

Lon'qu: ...You know nothing about it. I just don't like to drink, that's all.

Gregor: Hmm. Well, in any case, Gregor must be thinking of other ways to 
immerse you... Ah! Here comes storm of brain! You are handy with blade, so 
you must be good at peeling the vegetables, yes?

Lon'qu: On mess duty, the cook has been known to praise my work, sure... But 
what of it?

Gregor: What of it?! We must be taking advantage of your cooking talents, 
that is what! You can help kind people who prepare festival food. Easy way to 
make friends. ...Then you share meat and drink mead and make merry with new 

Lon'qu: That last bit sounds exactly like your earlier advise...

Gregor: Hah! Is no matter! No need to overthink small details, yes?

Lon'qu: Heh...

Gregor: Oh? What is rare smile Gregor sees on Lon'qu's face? Is gas, perhaps?

Lon'qu: I'm just... starting to think your suggestion might not be all that 
unpleasant. You're a remarkably persuasive man. Your enthusiasm is 

Gregor: Oy, such reaction warms cockles of Gregor's heart! But this is just 
beginning! Gregor can teach Lon'qu all about having fun! Once festival 
reopens, Gregor take you around and show you fabulous time!

Lon'qu: ...I'll think about it.

Gregor: Hah! You not saying no, so Gregor takes this as resounding YES!

Lon'qu: I said I'll think about it!

Gregor: Yes, okay. You think...then say yes! Gregor guarantees good time. Ah, 
Gregor very much looking forward to this!

Lon'qu: *Sigh* You're not going to allow me to refuse, are you? ...Still. I 
suppose a warrior should always be prepared to accept new challenges... 

Ricken x Gregor

Gregor > Ricken

Gregor: *Sigh* Trouble, trouble... Gregorís brow is the forrowed.

Ricken: Hey, Gregor. Whatís the matter?

Gregor: Ah, is Ricken! Gregor would like word with his little friend. Tell 
meópeople who come to fair were all taken to the safe refuge, yes?

Ricken: Yep! Everyone was evacuated, no problem. All nice and orderly, too.

Gregor: Nice and orderly, you say... but Gregor is afraid to be reporting 

Ricken: Uh, why? What happened?

Gregor: Crazy lady being ushered to safe place was drinking mead before fair 
begin! She drink so much she weaving and bobbing like ship in big storm, yes? 
But worst thing isóshe grasp Gregorís hand... and... beg Gregor to marry her!

Ricken: Whoa! She proposed to you?! Nice one! Youíre a real lady killer, 

Gregor: Nice one?! Oy, this is no laughing matter, pipsqueak!

Ricken: Iím not laughing! Iím seriously impressed! One look at you and she 
wanted to wed you? Man, grown-ups have it good!

Gregor: Ho ho. Well, Ďtis true. Gregor can charm spikes off of cactus, but... 
...No, no, NO! This is not a good thing! Woman so drunk, eyes were crossed!

Ricken: Hah! So youíre saying she couldnít even see you properly? What 
happened next? Did you say yes?

Gregor: Gregor is saying NO, of course! But drunk lady very, very persistent. 
She say she come back later for answer, after Gregor have time to think about 

Ricken: Oh boy...

Gregor: Oy, is like getting proposal from hellish underworld demon vixen.

Ricken: Sounds hard to refuse! Maybe you should just pack up and move to this 

Gregor: There you go again with the bad joking about a very, VERY serious 
matter. Anyway, Gregor is stuck in big pickle, and you cannot be helping ouó
Wait! Gregor is having storm of brain! Ricken, you CAN be helping Gregor!

Ricken: Uh-oh. This sounds ominous...
Ricken > Gregor

Ricken: Ugh, Gregor! Iím gonna get you for this, I swear!

Gregor: HA HA HA! Gregor is so sorry... *chuckle* Very... *snort* ...sorry...

Ricken: I canít believe you made me wear a dress and pretend I was your 
girlfriend! I feel like some kind of performing monkey or something! This is 
even worse than being treated like a kid!

Gregor: Ho ho! But, Ricken, long, blond wig is suiting you perfectly. Is 
good, no?

Ricken: NO!

Gregor: Ah, you look so beautiful as a lady. *sigh* It bring tear to Gregorís 
eye. It must be good to wear dress so well. Why you not happy like Gregor?

Ricken: Itís not good AT ALL! I donít see the humor in any of this, frankly!

Gregor: Oy, why Ricken is getting cute lady smallclothes in twist? What 
better time to let long hair down than at fair, eh? Ha ha! *sniff* Ah, but 
seriously. Gregor is thanking you for help. You save the bacon.

Ricken: Yes, well. I hope you ARE grateful.

Gregor: Of course, it help you make such pretty girl. Even high-pitch voice 
fools other lady. Thanks to you, Gregor safely refuse offer from terrifying 
drunken woman! Rickenís dainty gestures like highborn lady make Gregorís 
heart go aflutter!

Ricken: All right, all right! Thatís enough teasing already!

Gregor: Teasing? No, no! Gregor making heartfelt compliment! ...Oh, okay. 
Sorry. Gregor actually teasing. But now taking it all back.

Ricken: You sure? All that stuff about looking pretty and having a high-pitch 
voice, too?

Gregor: Yes, yes. All silly joke. Gregor not mean any of it.

Ricken: Well, good. Iím glad to hear it. I suppose I might forgive you 

Gregor: Ah! You did dainty gesture again! Just like real noble lady! Ha ha!

Ricken: GREGOR!
Ricken x Henry

Ricken > Henry

Henry: Hey-o, Ricken. Question: Are you interested in dark magic?

Ricken: Um, I'm not sure. Why?

Henry: Well, you're always trying to improve yourself, right? To be a better 
mage? If so, then you should learn about ALL kinds of magic, including the 
dark arts!

Ricken: Hmm, I don't know... I'm an elemental kinda guy. Always have been. 
Fire, Wind, Thunder- magic like that just works for me. I can trust it

Henry: Nya ha! That's because you don't know all the good things about dark 

Ricken: That's true- I don't. In fact, I kind of assumed there WERE no good 

Henry: What?! Blasphemy! There are good sides to everything! Even if said 
things just so happen to have the work 'dark' in them.

Ricken: Er, right. Yeah. Of course... Sorry. I didn't mean to be 

Henry: Nya ha ha! It's okay. I mean, it's not like I'm unaware of dark 
magic's fearsome reputation.

Ricken: So why don't you tell me then? The good things, I mean.

Henry: Well, for one, dark magic feels really good!

Ricken: ...It feels good?

Henry: Yeah! Like when you push your body to the limit to amass dark power. 
It's like if you buy something really, really expensive. Ever done that? 
Parting with all that coin is tough, and you feel guilty afterward... But at 
the same time, you end up with this amazing new thing you wanted! And that 
feels really good, you know? Dark magic is like that.

Ricken: Er, oh-kaaay?

Henry: Yeah. And it gets even better. With the dark arts, everything's 
painted black. Good stuff, bad stuff, it doesn't matter- and that makes you 
feel super powerful! Plus, when you defeat an enemy, the feeling is like 
nothing else. You really should give it a whirl- I know if anyone can 
appreciate it, it's you!

Ricken: That's awful nice of you to say but really, I just don't think-

Henry: Plus, the best thing is, if you master the dark arts... You'll totally 
start looking like an adult instead of some twerpy little kid!

Ricken: WHOA! R-REALLY?! An adult? ...Me? Hmm. Now that you mention it, the 
dark arts ARE very grown up... Fair enough, Henry. You've got me thinking 
about it in earnest now!
Henry > Ricken

Ricken: Henry! I've been thinking about what you said before, and I've 
decided. I AM interested in learning more about dark magic!

Henry: Nya ha! Really? That's great!

Ricken: Yeah! In fact, I'm thinking it would be fun to, er, try taking it for 
a spin.

Henry: You won't regret it. Get ready to enjoy the taste of immense power, my 
friend! First, I have to share some of my dark energy with you.

Ricken: Sounds good! What do I do?

Henry: Give me your hands. Both of them. I'll hold them in mine.

Ricken: Alrighty.

Henry: Now... stay still. Very still. If you twitch and i get it wrong, you 
could die.

Ricken: *Gulp* Er. I didn't know it was so-

Henry: Ready? Here we go! Three... two... one... NOW!

Ricken: Whoa. That feels weird! Like a heavy gloom is settling over me. I 
feel myself becoming... depressed. Is that normal?

Henry: Oh yeah. Everyone feels like that the first time. But then you get 
used to it. You just have to grin and bear it for a while until it starts to 
get better. Okay. You ready for more? Because here goes!

Ricken: ...YEOWCH! My whole... body... suddenly... wracked with pain...

Henry: Er, wait. It hurts?

Ricken: Y-yes... All over... Like being pricked with blazing-hot needles... I 
suppose this is normal too, right? Just... have to.. get used to it...?

Henry: Er, actually, no. Feeling bummed out, sure. Very normal. But horrible, 
prickly pain? That's not a part of the plan. *Gasp*...WHOA!

Ricken: Wh-what's wrong? Why'd you suddenly let go of my hands?

Henry: The magic was repelled somehow and flooded right back into me! Hmm... 
I'm afraid it seems like you're incompatible with dark magic.

Ricken: What? Aw, man! B-but I wanted to try it so much!

Henry: Sorry, kid. It's just not gonna work. Your body threw the power back 
at me. That must have been why it started to hurt. Like I said- you're just 
not compatible.

Ricken: Aw, shucks. I guess that's it then. I'm stuck being a regular mage 
and using boring old elemental magic... like a kid.

Henry: Uh, listen... you know when I said that dark magic would make you more 
grown up? Well, I kinda sorta made that up. I just wanted you to have more 
confidence... You need to stop worrying so much about what other people think 
of you.

Ricken: So... you wanted me to try dark magic to help me feel better about 

Henry: Pretty much, yep. Sorry it didn't work out, though. Guess I can't help 
you after all. It's too bad. I would have liked to have seen what you were 
like all grown up.

Ricken: Aw, Henry... I'm so happy that you cared about me enough to try this! 
I had no idea! Well, I'm not about to give up. I'm gonna keep trying and 
trying, until one day I can use dark magic too!

Henry: That's great, Ricken! Who knows? Once you're a little bigger, maybe-

Ricken: Hey! No more talking to me like I'm a kid, okay? It's not helping!

Henry: Oh, er, right. Sorry about that, nya ha! But anyways, let's try again 
in a little while. The more people we can show the good sides of the dark 
arts to, the better!

Ricken: Thanks, Henry! I'll do my best, I promise!

Maribelle x Olivia

Maribelle > Olivia

Maribelle: Ah, Olivia. I was hoping to run into you. There is something we 
need to discuss.

Olivia: Uh-oh... I mean, um, really? What is it?

Maribelle: It concerns your table mannersóspecifically, the way you use your 
fork. You brandish it like a battle axe. It is most uncouth. Iíve also 
noticed that you arrange your cutlery in quite the wrong order.

Olivia: Um, do I? To be honest, I didnít know there was an order. Hah...

Maribelle: Then there is a matter of the manner in which you left your seat 
yesterday evening. The racket when you scraped your chair across the floor 
was most unladylike!

Olivia: I-I can explain that one! Somebody asked me to dance, so I was in a 
hurry, andó

Maribelle: *Sigh* I suppose thereís nothing else for it. We simply cannot 
have you sullying this armyís reputation any longer. I will shoulder the 
burden of instructing you in the etiquette of the noblewoman. Though the task 
be dauntingónay, immenseóI shall make you my responsibility!

Olivia: Gosh, Maribelle... Are my manners really that bad? I mean, I 
appreciate the offer to teach me about forks and plates and things... But Iím 
so busy with dance practice, I donít have a lot of spare time...

Maribelle: Why, my dear girlóour lessons will complement your training 
perfectly! Manners are about moving with grace and style, after all. Is this 
not the very essence of dance?

Olivia: Hmm... I never thought of it like that before. But now you mention 
it, I suppose it does make a little sense...

Maribelle: "A little sense"?! It makes perfect sense, darling! In any case, I 
shanít take no for an answer. You WILL be my pupil! Do I make myself clear?

Olivia: Er... yes, maíam. Crystal clear...
Olivia > Maribelle

Maribelle: No, no, NO!

Olivia: Argh! Iím sorry!

Maribelle: How many times do I have to tell you? If you do it like that, it 
will end up splashing all over the place! Iíve never met anyone so utterly 
hopeless at pouring a simple cup of tea! Surely you must have performed at 
any number of society functions? How did you manage not to pick up even the 
rudiments of civilized behavior?

Olivia: Well, whenever I went to a fancy party, Basilio always came with 
me... He made sure I never got myself into trouble...

Maribelle: Hmph! I might have known that indulgent fool of a man was behind 

Olivia: B-but without him to help me, I could never have focused on my 
dancing! A young girl gets an awful a lot of attention at those rich peopleís 
parties. And not all of it is the welcome kind, if you know what I mean...

Maribelle: ...Yes. I can well imagine. Some of those old lords can be a 
terible handful. But thatís hardly a concern any longer, is it? Now that 
youíre a Shepherd, you are safe from such unwanted advances.

Olivia: ...Thatís true. I DO feel safe here.

Maribelle: Good. Then stop worrying, and start focusing on your lessons!

Olivia: O-okay...

Maribelle: "Okay"?! Good heavens, girl! The correct answer is "Yes, milady"!

Olivia: Y-Yes, milady!

Panne x Cordelia

Cordelia > Panne

Panne: Cordelia! Make ready to face me!

Cordelia: Panne! What in the world are you trying to---?! Aah! Hngh!

Panne: Hmph. Not bad. Your reflexes are... adequate.

Cordelia: What in blazes are you doing attacking me out of the blue like 

Panne: For many moons now, I have longed to challenge you to a duel. A duel 
to the death!

Cordelia: Good grief, why? Did I do something to offend you? Because if I 
did, I'm---

Panne: No. No insult has been given. I heard tell that in this army of great 
warriors, you are the greatest of all. Since then, I have burned with the 
need to know---how mighty are the man-spawn? How powerful is their greatest 
warrior? Is she a match for the last of the taguel?

Cordelia: Now, listen---taguel, human, or whatever else we may be, right now 
we're allies! The threat we face is far too great for us to be fighting 
amongst ourselves. I absolutely refuse to duel you, be it to the death or 
otherwise. We have more important things to worry about.

Panne: What can be more important than the honor of our respective races? We 
must duel and determine once and for all which is the mightier species!

Cordelia: Look, I'm not interested in being humanity's representative in your 
little... whatever. This place is crawling with Risen, and I have work to do, 
even if you don't!
(Cordelia leaves)

Panne: Wait! Cordelia! I am not done! Bah. You can run, man-spawn, but you 
cannot hide! I am the last of the taguel... and I will see this through!
Panne > Cordelia

Panne: Cordelia! At last I have found you!

Cordelia: Panne, I already told you, I'm not going to fight you. We're in the 
middle of a battle, and we have monsters to slay...

Panne: Then I will make it quick. Ready your weapon, human. The man-spawn 
must know the might of the taguel at last!

Cordelia: *Sigh* Okay, Panne. This has gone far enough. We need to talk. This 
isn't about proving which species is the strongest, and you know it.

Panne: You dare refute my motives? I fight for the honor of the taguel!

Cordelia: Is that really true? Is this really about the honor of your people? 
I think it's a little more personal than that.

Panne: Wh-what do you mean?

Cordelia: Remember when you used to say you'd never trust humans? Well, 
things have changed, haven't they? You've found friends among us.

Panne: ...This may be true. But it has no bearing on our quarrel.

Cordelia: Ah, but it does. As you've grown closer to us, you've lost that 
fire. You were filled with hate and anger over the loss of your people. That 
passion, painful though it was, drove you. It made you who you are. But as 
you learn to trust humankind, the flame is flickering out. And you fear that 
when it finally dies, your identity dies with it.

Panne: ...!

Cordelia: But you're wrong to be afraid. You have something else now. 
Something better. Something that will make you stronger than you ever were 
alone. You have friends.

Panne: ......

Cordelia: We can't replace your lost people, nor would we want to. But soon 
you'll get to know us even better. You'll learn to trust us even more. And 
when you do, you'll realize that... we're your people now.

Panne: ......You truly think so?

Cordelia: I know so. And it will be humanity's privilege to welcome you.

Panne: Thank you, Cordelia. You must forgive me...

Cordelia: There's nothing to forgive. Now about that duel. If it's not to the 
death, I might just consider it... Frankly, I'm as curious as you are to find 
out who's the strongest!

Panne: Hah! I doubt that!

Cordelia: Oh yeah? Try me!
Panne x Olivia

Panne > Olivia

Olivia: Panne! I can't believe you did that just now! You're so mean!

Panne: ...Hm? Ah, you mean the incident at dinner? But you eat so slowly. It 
is almost bovine. Must you really chew every single bite so laboriously?

Olivia: Hmph! Must YOU wolf down every morsel like it's trying to run away?! 
That piece of goat meat was the best part of the whole meal--I was saving it 
for last! It looked SO delicious... I was SO looking forward to it... But 
when I looked down, it was gone!

Panne: I can confirm that it WAS delicious.

Olivia: Ugh! You're horrible!

Panne: But I thought you were finished. The fat was starting to congeal. And 
besides, you have only yourself to blame. I merely obeyed the laws of nature. 
The animal that cannot safeguard its food must go hungry.

Olivia: That might be relevant if we were wolves or wild pigs living in the 

Panne: ...On reflection, I suppose I could have asked your leave 
beforehand.Very well. Next time I take something from your plate, I will ask 
first. Acceptable?

Olivia: Well, I guess that would be better than just snatching it...

Panne: Heh...Good. Then it is settled. Now let us dwell on this no more.

Olivia:...! ...Wait a minute. Did Panne just let out a little chuckle? Wow! 
That might be the first time I've ever seen her smile!
Olivia > Panne

Olivia: Panne! Not again! Why do you keep doing such horrible things to me?

Panne: Whatever do you mean? I did you a kindness in combing your hair. You 
told me it was an unruly mop, and you wished you could do something with it.

Olivia: Yes, something GOOD! I didn't mean I wanted it to stick straight up 
in the air! It looks like there's a tree growing out of my head--I'll be a 

Panne: Hm. You must forgive me. I find I cannot help but tease you.

Olivia: Ugh! Why? At least tell me that?!

Panne: Because I despise all man-spawn and have long sought my revenge. In 
you, I have found the perfect victim!

Olivia: What?! B-b-but that's horrid! Why me? What did I ever do to--?!

Panne: I jest.

Olivia: Gah! Well, don't, okay? It doesn't suit you...

Panne: ...If you must know the truth, I tease you because you remind me of 
someone. A young taguel. We were like sisters. She was a terrible crybaby, 
and timid, but with a good heart. She looked up to me. And I often teased her 
mercilessly, just as I do you. It sometimes pains me that I was not gentler 
with her...

Olivia: Why? What happened to-- Oh...

Panne: Yes, she is dead. Killed by humans.

Olivia: I'm so sorry, Panne...

Panne: Don't be. It was a long time ago. 

Olivia: ...Hey, I have a great idea-- why don't I take her place?

Panne: Hm?

Olivia: From now on, I want you to treat me just like a little sister. 

Panne: Olivia, I appreciate your concern, but that won't be nescessary... 

Olivia: It will be if I ever want to see you smile again! I don't think I can 
bear for you to be all glum now that I've seen you happy... It's such a 
terrible waste! I want you to laugh and smile all the time! So let's, let's--

Panne: ...Thank you, Olivia. You truly are just like her. Very well. We will 
do as you suggest. 

Olivia: Oh, I'm so happy to hear that!

Panne: As am I. I will enjoy the free rein you have given me to torment you.

Olivia: What? No! That's not what I meant! I just--!

Panne: Heh... Another jest, Olivia. Do not worry. From now on, I will try to 
be as kind as kind can be. As kind as I should have been to her...

Gaius x Libra

Libra > Gaius

Libra: O great gods above, grant us your mercy...

Gaius: Crivens, Libra, you sure are one for prayers, eh?

Libra: Hello, Gaius. Would you care to join me?

Gaius: Iím no believer. You know that. Besides, Iíve got nothiní to beg for.

Libra: But through prayer, we can ask mercy of the gods and cleanse our 

Gaius: Heh. I bet itíll take more than a few knee bends and "oh gods" to 
cleanse this soul...

Libra: Well, knowingóand regrettingópast sins is the first step toward 

Gaius: ......

Libra: Come now. One little prayer to lighten the burden on your soul.

Gaius: ...All right, Padre. What have I got to lose, right?

Libra: Nothing but your guilt!

Gaius: ...... Hold on. What are you doiní staring at me with that silly grin 
on your face?

Libra: My apologies... I was just thinking how dazzling you look kneeling 

Gaius: Dazzling? Me? You sure you havenít been dipping into the holy mead?

Libra: No, no. My head is as clear as a bell. To repent your past deeds, you 
have chosen to fight for everlasting peace... How can I fail to be dazzled by 
such purity of motive and nobility of heart?

Gaius: I donít get it, Padre. You get a kick outta reformed criminals trying 
to make good?

Libra: No, this is a compliment from the heart! I mean it in the best way 

Gaius: Well, you sure got a strange way of expressing yourself...

Libra: To commit mistakes, but then strive to correct errors of the past... I 
doubt there is anything that brings a mortal closer to the divine and holy.

Gaius: Look, I appreciate the compliments, but youíve got this all wrong. 
Thereís not much in the way of atoning or repenting going on here... The 
truth is I just really donít regret my past, okay?

Libra: Hmm, I wonder...
Gaius > Libra

Libra: So, Gaius, are you telling me you DONíT regret your past misdeeds?

Gaius: Look at it this way: whatís my main role here in Chromís army? Opening 
locked doors and cracking sealed treasure chests, thatís what. And how is 
that different from the old days? Not one bit, thatís how.

Libra: Yes, I suppose so, but...

Gaius: And not only that. I spend a lot of my time sneakin' into enemy 
camps... Iím a spy, a saboteur, a guerilla... even an assassin sometimes. 
Now, does that sound like someone whoís trying to atone for a criminal past?

Libra: But tell me. Why do you do those things?

Gaisu: Because Iím good at them, and it ups the odds of us survivin' the next 
battle. No matter how dirty the job, if it saves one more life on our side, 
Iíll do it.

Libra: That sounds... logical. On the face of it. Butó

Gaius: But even if the cause is just, the deed is still wrong? Is that your 
theory? Well, so be it. Someone's gotta do the dirty jobs, and it might as 
well be me.

Libra: Gaius, I fear there may be some misunderstanding. I do not blame you 
for your deeds, now or in the past. Thatís not my point.

Gaius: So whatís the third degree?

Libra: As you yourself seem to recognize, your actions are hardly worthy of 
praise. On the contrary, your... "special" skills may earn you the distrust 
of your allies. Your duties are dangerous, dirty, and bring you little 
personal reward. Yet even so, despite this, you persist in them. THAT is why 
I askówhy?

Gaius: It takes more than pretty words and noble purpose to build a better 
future. Someoneís gotta dig the latrines and haul out the rubbish. If itís 
not me, itís gonna be someone else. And why not me, right? Then you fair-
haired do-gooders can concentrate on saving the world. And you can do it 
without having to fret about getting your hands dirty.

Libra: But, Gaius...

Gaius: Thatís the right tool for the job, Padre. Thatís all I am.
(Gaius leaves)

Libra: ....... Ah, Gaius. Chromís army served by many a righteous, noble 
knight... but I would say you might just be the most upright and noble of 
them all... May the gods protect you!

Nowi x Tharja

Tharja > Nowi

Nowi: Tharja, you're so boingy!

Tharja: ...What?

Nowi: Didn't you hear me? I said you're boingy!

Tharja: And what does that mean, exactly? ...Do I even want to hear this?

Nowi: You know! Your figure! Like, your hips and your... other parts! Boingy!

Tharja: Gods. Where do you learn such things? One moment I'm dealing with a 
simpering innocent, and the next... *sigh*

Nowi: Sooo... can I see 'em? Your boingy bits, I mean...

Tharja: Why are you even asking ME, anyway? There must be others with more 
*ahem* "boingy" bits than me.

Nowi: Oh, no. I've checked out EVERYBODY in the whooole army, and you know 
what? You're the boingiest of them all. ...Trust me.

Tharja: What an honor. Perhaps you should check again to be safe? Now go on. 
Run along.

Nowi: FINE! If you're gonna be like that, I will! CHROM! HEY, CHROM! Tharja 
said that I should ask you about her boingy-

Tharja: WHAT?! Grr... Pipe down, or I'll hex you into next week!

Nowi: But you just TOLD me to-

Tharja: I changed my mind. No more asking anyone about boingy bits, you hear?

Nowi: Boo. Will you at least tell me what your boingy bits feel like? Are 
they soft?

Tharja: What is this all about? Why do you want to know?

Nowi: Well, I head some of the men talking about your figure... And they said 
they bet your boingy bits are white as snow and soft as pillows. That sounds 
pretty nice to me! So I decided I had to see for myself.

Tharja: Grrr... When I find out who these men are who've been talking about 
me... Well, let's just say there are bout to be some new toads hopping around 
Nowi > Tharja

Tharja: ...Hm? Did I just doze off in the middle of a battle? Curious. I must 
be even more tired than I thought. Still, it was a wonderful dream... Fancy 
Avatar showing up! Hee hee. Ooh, the fun we had...

Nowi: Morning, sleepyhead! That was quite a snooze you had there!

Tharja: What do you mean, quite a snooze? Why in the world didn't you wake me 
up? We're in the middle of a battle!

Nowi: Hee hee! Because you looked like you needed the sleep, silly! 
...Aaaaand it seemed like a good opportunity to get a closer look at your 
boingy bits.

Tharja: Y-you WHAT?!

Nowi: And you know what? "Boingy" doesn't even begin to do them justice! The 
way they make your clothes stretch! So smooth and-

Tharja: Are you out of your tiny mind?! I hope you enjoyed it...because 
you're about to recieve the hexing of your life!

Nowi: Eeeek! No, don't! I'm sorry! Sorry, sorry, sorry! I really am! You just 
looked so tired lately, I didn't want to wake you! I was worried, you know? 
But I stood watch over you the whole time, honest! I... I thought I was 
helping... *sob*

Tharja: ...Urgh. How am I supposed to stay angry with that face? All right, 
all right... Fine. I accept your apology.

Nowi: *Sniff* R-really...? Oh, yay! 'Cause you know what- you look sooo much 
better now! You were all super-pale before, and-

Tharja: Enough! Ever heard the expression "quit while you're ahead"? Anyway, 
no more staring at people's... ugh... "boingy bits" while they're asleep. 

Nowi: You mean I should only stare at 'em while they're awake? Gotcha!

Tharja: Grr... That's it. You ARE getting hexed!
Nowi x Cherche

Cherche > Nowi

Cherche: *Sigh* 

Nowi: Cherche, are you okay? Are you sick or something?

Cherche: No, I'm fine. It's Minerva. She's not feeling well at all. I think 
she may have caught a cold. Perhaps the air of the Outrealms doesn't suit 

Nowi: Awww. There, there... Poor Minerva-werva. I hope you get better soon, 
girl. When you do, you and me are gonna go out and play, okay?

Cherche: What a nice idea. The two of you can go flying  together. You 
probably have a lot in common, huh? Why didn't I think of this sooner? A 
manakete is a lot like a wyvern, right? You're practically sisters! 

Nowi: Umm... I guess...

Cherche: So tell me, Nowi--when you get a cold, what do you find is the best 
way to treat it? I'll wager there are cures for dragonkin that we humans 
would never think of!

Nowi: Lemme see... Um, I'd get plenty of rest, curl up in a blanket, and 
drink plenty of fluids. 

Cherche: ...Oh.

Nowi: Oh! Yeah, yeah, yeah! There's one more thing! I once knew an old 
manakete... A super-old, super-wise manakete... And he taught me that if I 
caught a cold, I should eat lots and lots of fruit!

Cherche: Fruit, huh? Heh heh. I suppose we're not all that different  after 
all. Still, it's good advice. And lucky for us this town's got plenty of 
fruit on sale! I'll pick some up for her as soon as we're done with this 

Nowi: Great! Hope it all works out for ya!
Nowi > Cherche

Nowi: Hey, Cherche! How's Minerva holding up?

Cherche: A little better since I followed your suggestion and fed her some 
fruit. Thanks very much for the advice, Nowi.

Nowi: Anytime! Always glad to lend a hand. Hey, speaking of which, I was 
thinking... If Minerva doesn't get better soon, I could turn into a dragon 
and carry you instead! 

Cherche: That's very kind of you. But have you ever put on a brindle and 
carried a knight into battle before?

Nowi: Nope!

Cherche: Hmm. Then it might not be a good idea. Not without a little 
practice, at least...

Nowi: Oh, it'll be fine, silly! All you have to do is hang on tight and not 
fall off! Why, I took Avatar to market on my back just the other day! She/He 
was quiet as a mouse the whole trip! 

Cherche: Is that so?

Nowi: Yep! I guess she/he was so excited, she/he completely forgot to speak! 
You should've seen us--we did a loop-the-loop and everything! And then I did 
this super-fast dive and pulled up juuust in time! Heh! That was her/his 
favorite part for sure! She/He was so excited, she/he lost her/his lunch! 
C'mon, I'll show you! It's fun, fun, fun! 

Cherche: Um, perhaps not. I think I heard about this shopping trip of 
yours... Didn't Avatar have to have her/his fingers pried off your neck one 
by one?

Nowi: Yeah, that was kinda weird... It took AGES to loosen her/his grip... 

Cherche: Gods, Minerva. Hurry up and recover soon!
Nowi x Tiki

Tiki > Nowi

Nowi: Wow, look at all these stands and shops! Letís check 'em out, Tiki!

Tiki: We haven't the time, dear. We
re in the middle of combat.

Nowi: Aww, come on! Just for a little bit! Itíll only take a few minutes. For 
us, thatís like a fraction of a fraction of a percent of a blink of an eye!

Tiki: Hmm. I suppose it does feel that way at times, but still... I keep 
forgetting that youíre the second oldest member of this army, after me. Even 
as another manakete, there are times it slips my mind.

Nowi: Oh, will you look at these ornaments! Arenít they cute?! A flower, a 
heart... Ooh, they even have a dragon! And look at this one. Itís a blue 
star! Just lovely...

Tiki: Yes... A star.

Nowi: Hmm? Donít you like stars, Tiki?

Tiki: Oh, no. I'm quite fond of them. Just... looking up at them, I sometimes 
can't help but think them terribly lonely.

Nowi: Lonely? Why?

Tiki: Have you ever heard it said that people join the stars when they die?

Nowi: I donít think so, no. Do they? Is that really what happens?

Tiki: According to some, anyway.

Nowi: So Chrom and Avatar will become stars too?

Tiki: When their time comes, perhaps. Thatís why I feel a heaviness when I 
gaze up at night. I'm trapped down here on earth, when all those I've loved 
are way up in the sky. So far away, beyond my reach... I wonder if they ever 
look down at me too.

Nowi: Gosh, thatís so wonderful!

Tiki: Wonderful?

Nowi: Yeah! Being able to see them every single night? Itís like you never 
lost them at all!

Tiki: Whaó

Nowi: Good-byes come too soon with people, and itís always sad to see friends 
go. But once theyíre stars, you can spend years and years together! 
Hundreds... Thousands! If anything could take the sting out of saying good-
bye, thatís it!

Tiki: ...... Yes... Right above us, every night, for thousands of years... I 
wonder why I never thought to see it that way before.

Nowi: Tiki? Wh-what's wrong? Are you crying? Did I make you sad? I'm so 

Tiki: No... I'm happy, Nowi. Iím happy. I was always afraid of starlight. It 
was a reminder of every time I'd been left behind. Of everyone I failed to 
save. But not tonight. Not ever again, thanks to you. Thank you, Nowi.

Nowi: Huh? First you're crying, now you're all smiley... Youíre pretty weird 
today, Tiki!
Nowi > Tiki

Tiki: Once we return from the Outrealms, will you join me in stargazing, 

Nowi: Sure, I don't mind, but... didnít you say that stars make you sad?

Tiki: Yes, until now. But I have a feeling thatís all in the past, thanks to 

Nowi: Really? Well, I donít know what I did, but if itís something you want 
to do, I do too! Plus, that way, even if you get lonely, I'll be right there 
with you! Itís a foolproof plan!

Tiki: Indeed. You're a brilliant strategist.

Nowi: Hee hee! Once it gets dark out, weíll have to hunt for the spot with 
the best view!

Tiki: As it happens, I already know of a place. The stars shine so 
beautifully there. Itís too steep to climb for most people, but for a pair of 
dragons, itís no trouble at all.

Nowi: Ooh! Then itíll be our secret spotójust the two of us!

Tiki: Ha ha, I suppose it will.

Nowi: Yaay! I get to have a secret spot with Tiki! I'm excited already! Gosh, 
I hope night comes soon!

Tiki: The nights have grown colder lately. Are you sure you'll be warm enough 
like that?

Nowi: Yup! I'll be just fine!

Tiki: And you won't fall asleep along the way?

Nowi: I almost never fall asleep while flying! Besides, I slept in extra late 
this morning! But, um... if it gets TOO late, I might nod off a bit...

Tiki: Well, then itís a good thing Iíll be there to wake you. So now thatís 
decided, letís end this fight. It seems still more Risen have arrived.

Nowi: Right! Just watch. I'll fight harder than ever! And thanks, Tiki! Iím 
really, reeeally looking forward to tonight!
(Nowi leaves)

Tiki: As am I, Nowi... As am I. So many lonely nights, I looked up at the 
stars and wept... All alone, head full of faces I would never see again. 
Those dark hours were torture. But I'm no longer alone, and I've shed my last 
tears of solitude. How could I ever be alone surrounded by my new friends, 
watched over by the old...? Mar-Mar... Friends... Iím coming to see you 
tonight. Shine extra bright so I'll know where to find you. I'll be waving 
back as hard as I can...

Lucina x Kjelle

Kjelle > Lucina

Lucina: What a splendid little town this is! Even if all of it's citizens are 
in hiding... I wager they'll throw quite the festival once we take care of 
this interruption.

Kjelle: Indeed. Back in our time, the interruptions never ended. We never had 
anything like this.

Lucina: Hey, what do you suppose they sell at that stand over there? Shall we 
take a quick look?


Lucina: Kjelle?

Kjelle: Lucina, we have our pride as warriors to maintain.

Lucina: Yes, and...?

Kjelle: And we'd do well to maintain decorum during combat. Battle is our 
purpose. This is our stage to shine on. ...Everything else is a distraction.

Lucina: But surely even a warrior needs rest now and again? Or do you have 
something against festivals?

Kjelle: Wh-what? No, it's not that... 

Lucina: All right, then how about this. Once the fighting is done, let's get 
everyone together to enjoy the fair. It'll be lots of fun--I'm sure of it!

Kjelle: Hmm...All right. If it's you and me, I...don't suppose I'd mind.

Lucina: Wonderful! But wait, just the two of us?

Kjelle: I only have time for the strong, Lucina. And in that, you certainly 

Lucina: I... see. Very well then, it's a date. 

Kjelle: ...... ...Enough. There's fighting to be done.
(Kjelle leaves)

Lucina: As you like.
Lucina > Kjelle

Kjelle: Lucina.

Lucina: Mm? Is something the matter, Kjelle?

Kjelle: You're just going to ignore what I said before? How could you, of all 

Lucina: Before...?

Kjelle: I said I only had time for the strong! You always pounce on lines 
like that, lecturing me about valuing the weak. 

Lucina: Ahh, that. Hah, yes, of course. 

Kjelle: What's so funny?!

Lucina: The fact that it bothered you if proof enough that the weak are on 
your mind. Besides, you care more than you let on. We see the defenseless the 
same, you and I. As something we must protect. 

Kjelle: What? But I--

Lucina: That was why I didn't say anything. The reason you and I are so eager 
to be strong is in order to be their shield. 

Kjelle: D-don't you think I know that?! Besides... 

Lucina: Yes?

Kjelle: I don't... I don't really think the others are weak. They've saved me 
from too many close calls to count. Which isn't to say I don't think SOME 
could bear to train a little harder...But there's more to strength than being 
able to fight. They...they're all right.

Lucina: Oh, Kjelle...

Kjelle: Ugh, enough of this prattle! All I was trying to say is that I need 
to get stronger still. Now, let's go crush these Risen and be done with it!
(Kjelle leaves)

Lucina: Heh...Well, that's a sight. Who knew tough girl Kjelle could grow a 
heart underneath all that armor? She sure has grown lately. I'd best be 
careful I don't get left behind.
Lucina x Cynthia

Cynthia > Lucina

Cynthia: Mmm, everything smells so delicious! Hello? Anyone here? I'll take 
three of... ...Oh. Right. They've all evacuated. Well, in that case... 
*Munch, munch, slurp* Hee! Soooo good!

Lucina: CYNTHIA! You can't just take those! 

Cynthia: Eep. 

Lucina: Don't you "eep" me! What did you think you were doing? The people 
here worked all year to grow and bring that fruit to market. I can't believe 
you would think to just take some without paying.

Cynthia: I know, and I'm sorry... I promise I'll come back and pay for them 

Lucina: Honestly, you can be such a handful sometimes... And look. You've 
dribbled juice all over your armor.

Cynthia: What? ...Oops.

Lucina: Hold still a moment. I'll wipe it off.

Cynthia: Heh, thanks.

Lucina: *Sigh* Really, I wonder where your head is sometimes. You're not a 
child anymore. You can't just keep acting without thinking.

Cynthia: All right, enough already! You're right. I'm NOT a child, so stop 
treating me like one, would you? I may be a little careless sometimes, but 
you've always been so patronizing! 

Lucina: I'm just saying that we all need you to act like an adult and start--

Cynthia: Stop trying to play the big sister! You're not so much older than 
me! I'm not a kid! I'm...I'm a hero! And that's what really matters! 

Lucina: Ugh, Cynthia, that isn't... Look, I never meant to--

Cynthia: Just forget it. Good-bye, you big bully! 
(Cynthia leaves)

Lucina: *Sigh* Seems I've gone and sparked a tantrum...
Lucina > Cynthia

Cynthia: Eww, I'm completely covered!

Lucina: Cynthia, what happened? You're a muddy mess!

Cynthia: I fell in that puddle... Ugh, I'm all soaked now. It feels icky! 
Make it go away, Lucina!

Lucina: Unbelieveable... What happened to you being an adult? We just spoke 
about this!

Cynthia: I'm sorry... I'll try harder. I promise.

Lucina: All right, that's enough. Don't start crying on me. I'll go find you 
a change of clothes and something to dry off with.

Cynthia: Thanks, Lucina! You're the best!

Lucina: Gah! Stop! Don't hug me. You're still-- Argh, now I'm all covered in 
mud too!

Cynthia: Wow, you really are. Um... Sorry? Ooh, but! 

Lucina: But what? Why are you so happy?

Cynthia: But this way we're like twins! Muddy twins, but still, twinsies! 

Lucina: Twinsies? ...Really, Cynthia. I give up. 

Cynthia: Ha ha ha! Cynthia conquers all! Even the ill humors of her evil 

Lucina: ...Heh. I never could stay mad at that smile for long. All right, 
let's get cleaned up and back to work. We've got to look our best for the 
festival, after all.

Cynthia: Right! I'm right behind you, Lucy!
Lucina x Tiki

Tiki > Lucina

Lucina: Wow! The decorations are so beautiful. Have a look at that stand, 

Tiki: It is indeed lovely. Most times, I've been on the other end of these 
events. The sentiment is nice, but having feasts dedicated to you isn't quite 
the same.

Lucina: Then you're unaccustomed to actually attending? 

Tiki: Yes. It's... it's a very strange feeling.

Lucina: Oh?

Tiki: Having been alive three thousand years, new experiences are hard to 
come by. Yet I feel my time with you all has been one discovery after 
another. I realize now that there's still a whole world out there I haven't 
seen. I've so much left to learn. About the world, and about you.

Lucina: Perhaps so.

Tiki: Now, what is this?

Lucina: Oh. That's a mask. People wear them to certain kinds of costumed 
dances. Would you care to try one on?

Tiki: A costume, you say? Hmm... To humans, I would think simply being a 
manakete is enough of a curiosity.

Lucina: Perhaps. Though still, that lacks a certain... fun, I suppose.

Tiki: Fun?

Lucina: Yes! Festivals are there to be enjoyed. Getting into the spirit of 
things is key. Hmm. There must be something we could put together just for 

Tiki: ...Lucina, tell me you're not planning to parade me around dressed in a 
silly outfit.

Lucina: Perfect! That's it! Why don't you try dressing up as you did when you 
were a child?

Tiki: Er...Why, exactly?

Lucina: I remember an old scroll noting that as a child, your visage healed 
the masses. Seeing you as an adorable child warmed their hearts and eased 
their sorrows. 

Tiki: Honestly, the dreck these scribes come up with...

Lucina: Even now, people speak of it! The wonder of seeing a charming girl 
suddenly transform into a godly dragon!

Tiki: I wonder if I'll ever understand the tastes of humans...
Lucina > Tiki

Tiki: ......

Lucina: ......

Tiki: ......

Lucina: Tiki, I... I don't really know what to, uh... I'm sorry...

Tiki: Yes, well, that's quite enough dress-up for now. Or ever.

Lucina: I was so focused on faithfully re-creating the outfit you wore in the 
past, I... I suppose I failed to anticipate how silly children's clothes 
would look on an adult.

Tiki: Silly? I think that was a far cry from just silly, Lucina. Did you 
never stop to wonder how I would even fit into clothes that small?

Lucina: I'm so, so sorry...Although it WAS you who decided to force your way 
into them anyway...

Tiki: What was that?

Lucina: N-nothing! I said nothing...

Tiki: Good. Honestly, three millennia alive, and I've never been so 

Lucina: I was just... You've lived in such a different world than us all this 
time. Even now that you're travelling with us, you seem so distant at 
times... I'd hoped to help close that distance, but I fear I've done the 
opposite. For that, I'm truly sorry, Tiki.

Tiki: ......You're wrong about that.

Lucina: Come again?

Tiki: Yes, the result was... less than ideal. But the fact that you were 
trying to treat me like a peer, as your equal...You didn't put me on a 
pedestal or treat me differently than the others. The costume was 
embarrassing, yes, but on the contrary, I feel... happy.

Lucina: You... Really?

Tiki: I do. It's... quite liberating. Thank you for that, Lucina. I've 
forgotten how wonderful human friendships can be, fleeting as they are. I 
shall endeavor to do what I can to grow closer to the others. And I hope 
you'll continue to introduce me to new firsts, good and bad alike.

Lucina: Of course, Tiki! It would be my pleasure!

Owain x Brady

Brady > Owain

Owain: Ahh, Brady. Perfect timing. Come here a minute.

Brady: Meh? What do you want?

Owain: What's a festival without music, am I right?

Brady: Uh, I guess? So what of it?

Owain: Then what are you waiting for, Brady? Or should I say... Grand 
Fiddlemeister Brady, beloved of the earth below!

Brady: Haw?!

Owain: Come! Now is the time to unveil your hidden powers of song! Make the 
sacred dragonsbeard sing! Play us a chorus of eternal prosperity!

Brady: Eternal what, now? What are you even talking about?

Owain: Oh dark and tragic day! Is my voice too soft to rouse your soul to 
wakefulness?! ...... Ugh. Work with me, Brady. I'm asking you to play music.

Brady: What, because they're havin' a festival, you want me to play violin?

Owain: There! Perhaps your soul's slumber is not so deep after all... Now 
take in hand the miraculous dragonsbeard, and-

Brady: And what's with all this dragonsbeard business? Violin strings are 
made from catgut, and my bowstrings are horsehair. No dragons involved, see?

Owain: Gods, you're no fun at all. It's called poetic license! I'm adding 

Brady: Yeah, whatever. Look, are we done? We got a battle to fight here.

Owain: Wait! Come on, play us a song!

Brady: Pass. I'm outta practice. I haven't played in weeks.

Owain: But it won't be a proper festival without music!

Brady: It won't be a proper festival with a buncha Risen walkin' around, 

Owain: Aww, come on! Pleeeease?!

Brady: GAH, fine! If it'll just get you off my back, just... fine!

Owain: You'll do it?!

Brady: Not like I got much choice. Sheesh... All right. You wanted music- you 
got it. Sit down, shut up, and listen!
Owain > Brady

Owain: Ahh, such dulcet tones! The melancholy melody flows like a river, 
washing the spirit clean!

Brady: Uh, thanks?

Owain: It is the divine breath of the muse-gods that fills your mortal frame, 

Brady: Stop. You're embarrassin' me. I got an image to keep here.

Owain: Heh, don't be so modest. I do not offer words of idle praise, friend. 
No, by lauding you, I've branded your soul with one of the six highest 

Brady: I got no clue what you're sayin'... But this may be the first time 
your usual malarkey ain't made me wanna slug ya.

Owain: You're welcome! And wow, you're pretty good at violin, huh?

Brady: Heh. Forgot you sound like an eight-year-old when talkin' normally.

Owain: You should have joined a symphony or something instead of an army!

Brady: How many symphonies you see fightin' Risen?

Owain: Still, I think it'd be a much better fit. Probably pays better too!

Brady: Look, I'm here because I wanna be, all right?!

Owain: It just seems like a waste, considering your potential.

Brady: Hey, I can't help that I'm an awful fighter...

Owain: That's not what I meant. You're a fine fighter, but I think you'd be a 
world-class musician!

Brady: Yeah, well. I don't need to be. Not now, anyway. This war's more 

Owain: Well, at least you don't have to worry about making ends meet after 
this is all over.

Brady: Maybe. And what about you? What's your plan once the war is over?

Owain: M-me? Er... Huh. Honestly... I have no clue.

Brady: Why not try and be a poet? A guy what with your, uh... fancy take on 
words could really go places, yeah? Plus, then I could just hire you to write 
my lyrics!

Owain: Poetry, huh? Hmm... Yeah, actually, I could see that! Owain the 
Wordsmith! It's got a ring to it, eh?

Brady: Heh. I'm kinda surprised you went for it that quick-like.

Owain: Hark! On this day is born the voice of a thousand fallen angels! Adore 
me, muse of muses, whose honeyed words sweeten even life's bitterest truths!

Brady: Good grief, I'm gonna end up regrettin' this, ain't I...
Owain x Inigo

Owain > Inigo

Owain: Hey. Can I ask you something?

Inigo: Hm? What? Why the serious face? It's not like you at all. If you're 
not careful, you'll scare off the few girls you haven't already evacuated!

Owain: Be serious, Inigo. This is important.

Inigo: Fine, fine. I'm sorry. What's your question?

Owain: ...How many people have you killed? Since coming to this time period.

Inigo: Wha-?! Owain! What kind of a question is that? If this is more of your 
usual fun and games, it hardly seems appropriate.

Owain: Do I sound like I'm playing?

Inigo: ...... Very well. Let's see... Honestly... I... I've lost count by 

Owain: You too...

Inigo: Why do you ask? Why now?

Owain: Something about the bright lights and festive decorations here just... 
I dunno. It got me thinking about things. Like... of my first time... How 
hard it was 

Inigo: Strangely, I think I know what you mean. There was nothing like this 
in our time. Gathering to celebrate was unimaginable. Life for us was all 
just running and fighting. But on the other hand, we only had to fight the 
Risen. They weren't...

Owain: Right. It wasn't until we got to this era that we were forced to fight 
the living.

Inigo: I'll never forget the nights I spent here before meeting up with the 
rest of you. All alone, fighting... Killing just to stay alive.

Owain: That transition was hard for all of us...

Inigo: It nearly crushed me, taking my first life... I remember my hands 
trembling, tears blinding me... I couldn't sleep for days.

Owain: Yeah... In our time, human life was the most precious thing 
imaginable. But the moment we arrived here, that all changed... We began 
claiming it. You can't just flip a switch, like magic, and be able to kill 
the very next day.

Inigo: Which world do you think is harder to live in?

Owain: Well, there's no doubt the future was a bleaker, harsher place. Not a 
day went by I didn't see humans being hunted and cut down by the Risen.

Inigo: Our parents among them... Nonetheless, this world has more than its 
fair share of harsh experiences. I suppose we have to face them down as we 
fight to bring them to an end.

Owain: ...And we will. Gods, I hope we will.
Inigo > Owain

Owain: So about what we were discussing earlier... What do we do about it? 
Where do we go from here?

Inigo: To Grima's door. We kick it in and beat him down to save our future. 
What else is there?

Owain: No, I know, but... something feels off. In the future, all we had to 
think about was fighting Grima and the Risen. Things were awful, but simple. 
But now... in the past, there are living, breathing people standing in our 

Inigo: You're worried you're losing sight of who it is we're really fighting?

Owain: ......

Inigo: We've got to face facts, Owain. Our enemy is anyone standing in the 
way of a peaceful future. Right? The Risen, Grima, their allies... They're 
all enemies of that peace.

Owain: I guess it's unavoidable, huh... Ugh. Ours was never an easy fate, and 
it just gets more complicated every day.

Inigo: We all knew it would be hard, but that's why we're here. To change our 
fate. Right? We just have to have faith.

Owain: I do.

Inigo: Then you've no cause for waver. We're not just fighting for family, 
but for mankind! We're out to save the world, Owain. But great things come at 
great cost. If we start second-guessing ourselves, we'll never see it 
through. ...Right?

Owain: You're right. Doubt like this will only get us killed. Hope for a 
better future brought us here, and I can't be second-guessing that. 
...Besides, I know I'm not bearing this burden alone. It's hard on everyone.

Inigo: We're all in this together, Owain. we've all lost people dear to us. 
We can try to put on a brave face, but those memories will always bubble up. 
...Today just happened to be your day of doubt.

Owain: B-blast my moment's weakness... But fear not this devilry, my friend! 
'Twas but the dark whimsy of wicked spirits!

Inigo: Now, there's the Owain I know and completely fail to understand.

Owain: What's to understand?! It's simple- I am the chosen warrior of light!

Inigo: Yes, good, good. Well, it would seem my work here is done. Now, let's 
have a smile before I go. We are at a festival, after all.

Owain: The warrior of light has no time for smiling! Only grim and sober 
smiting... for justice!

Inigo: Heh, very well. I guess I'll take it.

Owain: ...Hey, Inigo?

Inigo: Hm?

Owain: Sorry for the strange questions and all the self-doubt today. If you 
ever need a shoulder to lean on, I'll always be willing to listen.

Inigo: Oh? Are you sure? Listening's never been your forte...

Owain: Hey! I'll have you know-

Inigo: Ha ha. Easy now. Stay that sword hand of yours- I was just kidding. I 
know I can count on your when it really matters, Owain. And I appreciate it.
Owain x MaMorgan

MaMorgan > Owain

Morgan: Hngh...

Owain: Wha---Morgan! What are you doing on the ground? Are you all right?!

Morgan: Urgh... nngh... Huh? Ugh, ow!

Owain: What's wrong? Is it your head? Are you hurt? Was it... the Risen? 

Morgan: It was...the festival decorations. I saw them, and something started 
to come back to me.

Owain: You remembered something?!

Morgan: It felt like I was about to, but then my head started to ache... 
Everything went hazy, and I collapsed... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you 

Owain: So you blacked out just before you could remember? Interesting...

Morgan: Seems that way...

Owain: Yes, yes...This gives rise to a new hypothesis.

Morgan: It does?

Owain: Indeed it does, Morgan...Why, your memories have clearly been sealed 
away with some kind of evil curse!

Morgan: Meaning... what, exactly?

Owain: Meaning you didn't lose your memories. They were deliberately sealed 
away! And whatever fiend did it cursed you to fall unconscious if that seal 
was threatened!

Morgan: What?! But how can you be sure?

Owain: I can't. That's why it's still a hypothesis. But it's a credible one, 
is it not?!

Morgan: I... guess? Normally, I'd dismiss this as another of your crazy 
delusional fantasies. But you make a pretty solid argument... Still, who 
would want to do that?

Owain: Who indeed, and by what diabolical design? We must figure that out 
next, faithful friend!
Owain > MaMorgan

Owain: How are you feeling, Morgan? Manage to pin down any of those memories?

Morgan: Not one...

Owain: For shame. Headache still getting the way then?

Morgan: Yes. I wonder what's causing it...

Owain: It's got to be a curse. I'm sure of it!

Morgan: But who would go to all that trouble?

Owain: The Grimleal! You've been marked as prey by the dark priesthood!

Morgan: You... really think so? 

Owain: I know so. Just as I know there's some shocking secret locked in those 
memories! Some world-shattering revelation they don't want coming to light... 

Morgan: What? Why would I know anything like---

Owain: Fight it, Morgan! You must be strong! Resist their wicked magic! Tap 
into the power sleeping within your rarefied bloodline to break free!

Morgan: A-all right! Here goes... Hnnngh... Come on, me! Remember! Break free 
of... the curse... if, you know, there is one... like Owain is saying... 
Nnngh... Rrrraaaaagh!...Ahh!
Owain: What is it? Did you remember something?! Have you had a breakthrough?!

Morgan: Yes! I remembered... I remembered... I remembered that I forgot to 
eat breakfast this morning! That explains the headaches and the light-

Owain: ...Huh? Then what was all that about the festival decorations 
triggering your memory?!

Morgan: Oh, right! Yesterday, Mother lent me a book chronicling Ylisse's 
history. It had an illustration of an old festival that looked just like this 

Owain: What?! So that's it? Case closed? No curse? No grand conspiracy?

Morgan: Oh, what a relief! It was driving me crazy! ...I should probably eat 
something now. Oh, sorry. Were you saying something?

Owain: Ugh... Forget it. Our ultimate showdown with the Grimleal will have to 

Morgan: What's the rule on these custard trifles? Okay to eat for lunch, or--
-? Owain? Owain, are you still listening?

Kjelle x Severa

Kjelle > Severa

Kjelle: ......

Severa: My, Kjelle. That's a stern face, even by your standards. Something 

Kjelle: This festival has everyone going soft. A bandit slipped in while no 
one else was watching. I just sent him running.

Severa: What? Really? Wow, nothing ever slips past you, huh? It's amazing.

Kjelle: I'm hardly special. I'd say the fact that no one else took notice is 
a problem. ...Alas. In any case, I found this bottle on him.

Severa: Ugh! What's IN that?! The purple makes it look unnatural enough, but 
frothy too? That canNOT be good.

Kjelle: I overheard him muttering something about it being a rare brew. That 
it possessed miraculous effects. Maybe it awakens new powers in you?

Severa: Look, I really hope I'm wrong here, but you're not actually planning 

Kjelle: Ler's drink it together.

Severa: WHAT?! Not on your life, sister! Don't drag me into this!

Kjelle: You sure? It could be some amazing potion that doubles your 

Severa: Yes, and that's be great, except it's clearly some kind of awful 

Kjelle: Suit yourself. More super-strength tonic for me then.

Severa: What?! Stop! That stuff could kill you!

Kjelle: Oh, please. You're exaggerating. Now, I just pull out the stopper, 

Severa: Don't blame me if you wind up melting or something... I tried to warn 

Kjelle: Down the hatch!

Severa: Ew, yuck! Stop! Really, stop!

Kjelle: Gah! Hey, let go! What, did you decide you want in on it after all?

Severa: No, you lunatic!

Kjelle: Well, too late! You had your chance. *glug, glug, glug*

Severa: AAAH, I can't believe you really drank it! I tried to stop you, but 

Kjelle: Whew! I feel... The same? Wait, what gives? I don't feel stronger at 
all. Was it just water with some dye in it?

Severa: Gawds, Kjelle... Maybe it wasn't poison, but your little stunt there 
just shaved years off my life!
Severa > Kjelle

Kjelle: H-hey, Shevera... Y'know what? You're cute. Real... really *hic* 

Severa: Huh? Kjelle?! Why are you slurring? Are you sick? What the heck's 
gotten into you?

Kjelle: Mmmebbe I got a toofache. 'Cause yer shooo *hic* shweet. Heh heh. I 
been thinkin'... I... I'm tired of all these *hic* weak boys... I wanna 
shpend more time with... with... you inshtead... 'Cause yer sho shtrong *hic* 
and pretty... Reeeeal pretty...

Severa: H-hands, Kjelle! Hands to yourself! Honestly, what is wrong with 
you?! Look at you! Your cheeks are all flush!

Kjelle: I dunno... But I feel reeeally good! Hee hee... *hic*

Severa: Ack! Let go, you brute! You're sqeezing the life out of me! Oh, don't 
tell me... I think I've figured out the secret to that "miracle brew" of 

Kjelle: Didja? Gosh, and yer shmart too... Thish just proofs it! Hee hee... 
"proof." Shounds funny, doesn't it? That thief shaid it too. He shaid this 
shtuff was "hundred proof."

Severa: He said WHAT?!

Kjelle: Sheveraaa... C'meeeeere...

Severa: And quit tugging at my clothes! You'll stretch them out, you lummox! 
Rrrgh! You've left me no choice. Sorry, Kjelle, but... HU-YAAAH!

Kjelle: Ngwauh?!

Severa: *Huff, huff* *Ahem* ...Um, Kjelle? Are you, like, still alive?

Kjelle: Owww... Ngh? Where... Severa, what happened?

Severa: Ah, good. Sounds like that did the trick. ...It better have. I think 
I chipped a nail.

Kjelle: I can't seem to remember what- Severa, why are your clothes on all 

Severa: Where do I even begin, except to say THAT THIS WAS ALL YOUR FAULT!

Kjelle: How about... at the beginning? And maybe.. .a little softer? ...Argh, 
why is my head pounding? Sorry, but I think I need to go lie down for a 
little while.

Severa: Yes, maybe you'd better. You'll be doing us all a favor.
(Kjelle leaves)

Severa: Mm? It's that stupid bottle... She must have dropped it when I 
slugged her. Wait... This thing doesn't say anything about "proof"! It says 
"truth"! Gods, this print is so tiny, how can... Oh, gods... "Truth Serum"?! 
"This patented blend of fast-acting herbs relieves the body and mind of 
tension. allowing users to speak their minds more frankly than they ever 
thought possible!" Wait, then that was... Then she really... WHAAAAAAAT?!

Laurent x Yarne

Laurent > Yarne

Laurent: Hmm... Interesting.

Yarne: Mm? Talking to yourself again, Laurent?

Laurent: No, merely recalling something I read. "Trace back the roots of a 
cultureís festivals, and youíll lay bare its history."

Yarne: Huh. Does that work?

Laurent: Perhaps we'll find out today.

Yarne: Eh, Iím more interested in enjoying the festival than learning about 

Laurent: Even if its history might offer up some new information about the 

Yarne: Wait, you think it might?!

Laurent: The possibility is certainly there.

Yarne: Then Iíd definitely be interested! But isnít this just a harvest 

Laurent: It is now, yes. But that doesnít mean that was always the case. 
Every costume, every piece of dťcor is a window into this culture. Traditions 
like these speak volumes.

Yarne: Huh! All right, now youíre starting to get me curious.

Laurent: Ah! Yarne, look behind you!

Yarne: ACK! Wh-what?! Whatís behind me?! Oh. Hey, is that...? The paintings 
for sale at that stand... Those are paintings of taguel!

Laurent: Lions and falcons as well... And look. That one appears to be a 

Yarne: Aw, no rabbits, huh?

Laurent: You never know. Take a look and you might find some.

Yarne: So what are these, Laurent? Why would they paint pictures of taguel?

Laurent: It would appear theyíre illustrations of the legends of a 
neighboring continent. Shall we have a closer look?

Yarne: Yeah! Maybe weíll learn something!
Yarne > Laurent

Yarne: Hey, Laurent, it's not just those paintings. The murals here have 
taguel too!

Laurent: It would seem the taguel have some kind of connection to the history 
of this town. The relationship is unclear, but it certainly seems worthy of 
further investigation.

Yarne: Thanks, Laurent. Seeing people remember the taguel through stories and 
art like this... It makes me really happy!

Laurent: Iím delighted to hear it.

Yarne: ...I bet there were tons of them, huh? Back in the day, I mean. Of all 
different kinds too, just like in the paintings.

Laurent: Indeed... But through these paintings and murals and such, even the 
lost tribes live on. We are the benefactors of their wisdom passed down 
through the years.

Yarne: Yeah... Itís kind of amazing.

Laurent: Itís true you are a rare and precious creature, Yarne, but fear 
not... Even if you were to die and go extinct tomorrow, your memory would 
live on.

Yarne: Yeah... Wait, WHAT?! H-hey, talking about my death like that is NOT 

Laurent: Heh. My apologies. I didnít mean for it to sound glib.

Yarne: Yeesh, donít scare me like that! My heart couldíve stopped...

Laurent: What I said applies only from a historical perspective, of course.

Yarne: I... I see...

Laurent: Indeed, I've no intention of allowing ill to befall any of my 
allies. Least of all extinction! I swear it to you and all the other taguel 
enshrined in these pieces.

Yarne: Aw, thanks, Laurent... It feels good knowing I have you to protect me!

Laurent: ...Now itís your turn. Swear to them youíll fight bravely and 

Yarne: Wh-what?!

Laurent: It falls on you to defend their honor. To carry on their pride! Now 
let us rejoin the fray!

Yarne: Urk... R-right... Well, I suppose I've got no choice but to step 
things up. Iím not about to embarrass myself with all these other taguel 

Laurent: Thatís the spirit, Yarne!
Laurent x Gerome

Gerome > Laurent

Gerome: Laurent. A moment, please?

Laurent: Hmm? Is something wrong, Gerome? You look unwell.

Gerome: I've had a lot on my mind lately, and it's been giving me nasty 

Laurent: My condolences. But might I ask what it is that has you so 

Gerome: It's us. Our generation, come back from the future. I fear we're... 
losing focus.

Laurent: Oh?

Gerome: We've become... not 'tourists,' perhaps, but we've lost a sense of 
urgency. I keep thinking we need to recall our purpose here. You, me, all of 
us... Hence the headaches.

Laurent: I suspected you were feeling this way. Honestly, I'm in the same 

Gerome: So you see it too.

Laurent: I do. Especially of late, our forces have been prone to...idle 

Gerome: Yes. Just look how eager everyone is to indulge in this frivolous 
festival. It's good of us to protect these people, true, but's 
worrisome. But I'm glad to know I'm not alone in my concerns, Laurent.

Laurent: As am I. It seems we share good sense. 

Gerome: I've always considered you a kindred spirit among our peers, Laurent. 
And I'm certain I'll continue to depend on you in the coming fight. 

Laurent: Thank you, Gerome. That's high praise indeed, coming from you! I'm 

Gerome: It falls upon us to keep ourselves focused and to carry on the fight 
in earnest.

Laurent: Indeed. We have a realm and a generation to save, after all. All 
right. I'm ready to dive back into combat- risk and ruination be damned!

Gerome: Er... right. That wasn't quite what I had in mind, but...
Laurent > Gerome

Laurent: Ah, Gerome!

Gerome: Hm? What is it?

Laurent: Here. Have some of this fruit. I'm told it's a specialty of the 

Gerome: It certainly looks good.

Laurent: It is. One of the locals gave it to me earlier. Go on, give it a 

Gerome: Hm... Yes, perhaps I shall.

Laurent: Have as much as you like. I've got plenty.

Gerome: I was about to say that's quite the haul you've got there. It's nice 
of you to make the rounds and share your windfall with the rest of us.

Laurent: Oh, it's just you, actually.

Gerome: ...Just me?

Laurent: Yes. To be honest... I was inspired by our previous conversation. I 
realized you are precisely the type of person I should fraternize with more 

Gerome: I... I see.

Laurent: You're dilligent and focused. You know your priorities and don't shy 
from ugly truths. You're also fiercely dedicated to your allies but don't 
indulge in idle social prattling. we're alike in that. I feel certain ours 
will be an edifying partnership.

Gerome: Hmm. That's...very kind of you. Still, I'm a little surprised.

Laurent: Oh? Is this gesture so out of character for me? I hope I haven't 

Gerome: Not at all. But you would do well to spend time with the others too. 
The bonds that link allies are of critical importance in combat. Any effort 
you make to grow closer to the others can only make you stronger.

Laurent: ...Curious.

Gerome: You... disagree?

Laurent: No, your point is compelling. I just hadn't expected you of all 
people to make it. You're not exactly known for being a team player among the 

Gerome: I... suppose you're right. I didn't even know I was acting strange 
until now. Though you've been the same way lately. Apparently it's 

Laurent: Hah. Perhaps so. Still, I cannot deny the truth of your words. 
Fostering bonds is important. Perhaps I'll go share this fruit with the 
others after all. 

Gerome: A prudent plan. Though I'm glad you came to me first, Laurent. It's 
nice to have someone to speak  freely with, and I'm glad that someone is you.

Laurent: The pleasure is all mine.

Cynthia x Severa

Cynthia > Severa

Cynthia: Gaaah! I give up! Somebody, haaalp!

Severa: What the heck is wrong with you, wailing like a lunatic in the middle 
of combat?

Cynthia: I'm trying to comb out my hair, but it keeps getting stuck in a 
tangle of knots. My perfect battle cry is meaningless if I charge into battle 
looking ridiculous...

Severa: Ugh, no kidding. It looks like a bird's nest up there... Here, let me 
do it. If you just took care of it daily like a NORMAL person, this wouldn't 

Cynthia: Aw, I'm no good with that kind of girly stuff.

Severa: This may come as a shock, dear, but last I checked, you ARE a girl. 
Get used to it. I'm glad I caught you before anyone else saw this mess. I'd 
be mortified for you. Now hold still a moment.

Cynthia: Thanks, Severa!

Severa: Ever since we were little, it was always the boys you played with, 
huh? You'd always wanted to play the hero. I always had to play the wicked 
spinster... You know, come to think of it, I never much liked those games.

Cynthia: Ow! Ow ow ow! Take it easy, will ya! I'm sorry, all right?! We were 
kids! We didn't know any better!

Severa: Hmph, I wouldn't exactly say you've grown out of that phase. It 
wouldn't kill you to act the tiniest bit feminine from time to time, you 

Cynthia: Aw, that's all right. That's why I have you, Severa.

Severa: Well, don't blame me when you find you've grown up to be a wicked 
spinster yourself. 

Cynthia: Oh, I'll be fine. Besides, can you see me growing my hair out like 
yours? I wouldn't get a quarter of the way there before I got sick of it and 
hacked it all off.

Severa: Hmm. I guess you have a point. ...But waaait a minute. Something's 
coming back to me... Hmm...

Cynthia: G-gah! Try to stay focused back there, would you? You're- OUCH! 
You're pulling my hair out in clumps! ACK! Pay attention!
Severa > Cynthia

Cynthia: Oh, hey, Severa. Thanks again for helping me with my hair!

Severa: ......

Cynthia: Er, is something wrong? You're making your 'weird' face again...

Severa: Oh, like you can talk about being weird!

Cynthia: ...Huh? What'd I do now?

Severa: I remember now. I remember it ALL! Back before you started playing 
with the boys, you were the girliest of ALL of us!

Cynthia: Um... Yeah, I guess I was. Heh heh, I didn't think you'd remember 

Severa: Then all of a sudden you transformed overnight! It's like 
something... Oh. Oh no. Cynthia, wasn't that... That was right around when... 
Your mother...

Cynthia: ...Yeah. After the Risen killed her. Being such a mama's girl, 
losing her was... It just... hurt so much. I was so angry. After that, doing 
girly stuff... It all felt so pointless. I didn't care about being pretty. I 
just wanted to be strong enough to avenge her. I suppose I looked at the boys 
and thought they seemed stronger... It's silly, huh? When you spell it all 
out. But you know how kids are.

Severa: That's why you decided to be a hero?

Cynthia: Heh, yeah... Still got a long way to go though. I mean, have you 
seen Kjelle's arms?! I bet she could dual-wield halberds!

Severa: Heh. Honestly, you're still such a child. ...But I think I understand 
you now.

Cynthia: Heh heh. Talking about it is really bringing back the memories, 
huh... *Sniff* Sorry, Severa. I don't... I don't mean to... *sniffle*

Severa: You are absolutely hopeless, you know that? Now cut it out before you 
set me off too. ...And I'm sorry, Cynthia. I don't think I ever understood 
how serious you were.

Cynthia; N-no, it's... it's okay, really...

Severa: Well, if you ever need someone to untangle that mop of yours 
again...I'm here. So come on, enough tears.

Cynthia: Y-you don't mind?

Severa: Seeing you all weepy throws me off. I'M supposed to be the gloomy 
one. So... yeah. Any time you want. As a special deal just for you.

Cynthia Hee hee... All right. Thanks, Severa. I mean it!
Cynthia x Nah

Cynthia > Nah

Cynthia: Mmm, smell that fresh bread! The best part about a harvest fair is 
all the yummy food!

Nah: Youíre always thinking about your stomach, Cynthia.

Cynthia: Am I? I seem to remember you eating twice as many rolls as me at 

Nah: That's not true at all! After all, "a manakete cannot live on bread 

Cynthia: Ooh, is that an old adage from your people! What does it mean?

Nah: It means you also have to eat your veggies! And some fruit sometimes 

Cynthia: Wow, that's... not deep at all. I thought maybe it meant needing art 
and song and friends to nourish the soul too... Weird, I guess, but thatís 
just me!

Nah: Erm. That may, um... actually be right.

Cynthia: Hmm. Well, did YOU know that festivals werenít always happy 
occasions? They say that back in the day, some were downright scary, blood 

Nah: S-scary? And bloody? How?!

Cynthia: Well, on years when the harvest was good, people would celebrate. 
Like this, actually. But on years where there was drought or famine, they 
prayed for next yearís harvest. ...And offered up a childís life in 

Nah: S-s-sacrifice! A child?! But thatís terrible!

Cynthia: But oh so necessary! Their very LIVES depended on such precious 
sacrifice! Only the blood of a babe could move the dragon gods to break a 
famine or drought. ...Or so they believed. Pretty crazy, huh? People will 
make up any old thing when theyíre desperate, I guess.

Nah: Y-yeah, thatís... really crazy...

Cynthia: Hmm? You okay, Nah? Looking a little green there...

Nah: Y-you donít think... Theyíre not going to sacrifice a child at THIS 
festival, are they?!

Cynthia: Hmm... No, I don't think so. I mean, look around you! With a harvest 
this bountiful, there'd be no need to, right? Unless...

Nah: *Gulp*
Nah > Cynthia

Nah: Hey, Cynthia. About what you said earlier...

Cynthia: Huh? What did I say?

Nah: Itís... got me all scared. What if theyíre really looking for a 
sacrifice to offer to the dragon gods this year?

Cynthia: Oh, that? Why? Youíre worried theyíre going to pick you?

Nah: ...Maybe? I mean... look at me.

Cynthia: Well, you can stop. You're safe, I promise. You may look like a 
little kid, but you're just as old as the rest of us.

Nah: Sure, YOU know that, and I know that, but nobody HERE knows that... Even 
the Risen here all seem to be coming after me! Wait, maybe... You don't think 
they'd leave the festival alone if I served as a sacrifice, do you?

Cynthia: What?! No! That's crazy talk! Why would Risen want a sacrifice? They 
don't care about next year's harvest!

Nah: But if the village has a good harvest, the Risen get more food when they 

Cynthia: Hmm. I suppose thatís true. ...Oh, wait! You mean because they'd be 
able to eat what the farmers grew?

Nah: Yes...? What else would I mean?

Cynthia: ...That if there was a good harvest, all the village children would 
be fattened up?

Nah: Eep! Th-thatís terrible! Youíre terrible! Iím not hearing this!

Cynthia: Ah ha ha, Iím sorry! Iím sorry! No more talking about kids getting 
eaten, I swear. Besides, they used to feed those kids to the dragon gods of 
the lake, right? If anything, that means YOUíD have been the one doing the 
eating, Nah.

Nah: ...Come again?

Cynthia: Youíre a manakete, silly. Do the math.

Nah: I... Gosh, I guess I am! I kind of forgot for a minute there. When you 
put it like that, it's not so scary at all. Gross, maybe... but not scary.

Cynthia: Yeah? Hah! Glad you came around!

Nah: Hey, donít laugh! It was YOUR fault I got scared in the first place!

Brady x Yarne

Brady > Yarne

Yarne: I... I'm gonna go EXTINCT!

Brady: Buh?! What gives, Yarne? What's all the commotion about?

Yarne: This can't be happening! I'm feeling extra, EXTRA endangered right 

Brady: Would you give it a rest already?! Yer gonna make me go deaf here.

Yarne: I c-can't help it! This is supposed to be a festival! Who lets 
MONSTERS into a festival?!

Brady: It ain't like they rolled out the welcome carpet. Simmer down.

Yarne: Simmer down? SIMMER DOWN?! Festivals are supposed to be fun! And safe! 
Very, very safe! Th-this is not safe! At all!

Brady: Hey, if itís buggin' ya that much, shut yer trap and start fightin' 

Yarne: But I came here to enjoy the festivities! Not to fight...

Brady: *Sigh* Look, if ya wanna enjoy the party, yer gonna have to clean up 
the mess first. Now quit screamin' and complainin' and get out there. Yeesh.

Yarne: J-just... just shut up, Brady!

Brady: Haw?! That's my line, you furball!

Yarne: You donít know what it's like! What I'm feeling right now! All my 
hopes and dreams for just one day's peace, dashed to bits! Ugh, just... 
forget it!
(Yarne leaves)

Brady: Whaó?! Hey, wait! Man, what's got into him? He looked like he was on 
the verge of tears...
Yarne > Brady

Yarne: *Sniff...*

Brady: There you are. Yarne, why are you so hung up on this festivó Wait, you 
ARE crying!

Yarne: N-no, I'm not!

Brady: Then who put all the tears and snot on your face?

Yarne: Th-the wind blew something into my eye! ...And nose!

Brady: *Sigh* All right, fine. Lookóhere. Dry your eyes with this.

Yarne: O-okay... *HOOONK!*

Brady: Argh, FOUL! Who blows their nose into another guy's handkerchief?!

Yarne: ...Much better, thank you.

Brady: Yeesh... Anyway, what gives? Why are you so upset?

Yarne: Itís just... Iíve always dreamed of going to a festival. We didnít 
have anything like that when we were kids, you know?

Brady: I guess not.

Yarne: So it... I guess it became like a symbol of peace for me. Of a better 
world. I always wanted to go to one. To live in a world that had them. So 
when I heard we were going to one today, I just got so excited...

Brady: And now yer crushed because it fell through.

Yarne: Y-yeah... Even if it IS in an Outrealm. I still really wanted to 
experience one...

Brady: I hear ya, but... that donít justify getting' all weepy like the world 
was endin'.

Yarne: B-but it was really important to me!

Brady: Look, once the war ends, we'll have plenty of time for festivals in 
our world. All we gotta do is hurry up and go end it.

Yarne: W-well, yeah, but... that's a lot easier said than done...

Brady: Maybe, but it'll come a lot quicker if ya actually fight instead of 
just whine.

Yarne: Urk... B-but I mightó

Brady: Hey, give yourself some credit! You're not goin' extinct to the likes 
of these guys! Let's get this mess cleaned up here so we can get back to 
fixin' our world, yeah? Then we can throw all the festivals you want.

Yarne: Brady... O-okay, no more whining. I'm gonna try my best!

Brady: That's the spirit! Now let's go get some revenge on these party 

Yarne: Yeah!
Brady x Inigo

Inigo > Brady

Brady: Oh. Hey, Inigo.

Inigo: ......

Brady: Hello? Anybody home?

Inigo: ......

Brady: HEY! Quit ignorin' me, pretty boy!

Inigo: Gah! ...Yeesh, Brady. Don't sneak up on me like that. And why the 
shouting out of the blue? Is something wrong?

Brady: It ain't out of the blue, and I didn't sneak up on nobody! I called 
your name, but you were starin' off into space.

Inigo: You did? Er, I was? Ha ha, sorry...

Brady: Good grief... What's got you so preoccupied?

Inigo: Oh, just... It's nothing.

Brady: Lemme guess. You were thinkin' about how it'd feel to get up and dance 
at a festival like this?

Inigo: Wha-?! N-no way! I'd never want to-

Brady: Nailed it, huh? You're lookin' everywhere but my eyes. Heh, you're a 
terrible liar.

Inigo: B-but I'm not lying! Why would I think something like that? We're in 
the middle of a battle here. The only thing on my mind is the Risen! They're 
all I can think about! Promise!

Brady: Well, that ain't healthy neither.

Inigo: I'm just really eager to fight them. You know me: Mr Serious Fighter! 
I mean, it'd be a crime to see them wreck that AMAZING stage... Or to let 
them hurt any of these people who would LOVE my newest routine... Or to tear 
down that garland that just gave me the PERFECT idea for a new move... But I 
mean, really, who has time to think about dancing at a time like this?

Brady: ...If you were any more transparent, you'd be invisible. I dunno 
whether to be insulted or impressed that you thought I'd buy it.

Inigo: Urk...

Brady: How many years do you think I've heard you go on about your dreams, 
Inigo? If  you're starin' off into space, it's obvious what's kickin' around 
your head.

Inigo: Ha ha... Yes... I're...right... ......

Brady: Aaaaand there he goes again.
Brady > Inigo

Inigo: ......

Brady: Imagining yourself dancin' again?

Inigo: Huh? Oh, Brady. You caught me again. How embarrassing...

Brady: What's there to be embarrassed about? It's your dream, ain't it?

Inigo: W-wait, why are you being so serious all of a sudden? ...Ohh, I get 
it. You've been picturing yourself playing violin here, haven't you?

Brady: Heh. Look at you, tryin' to turn the tables... Yeah. You're half 

Inigo: Only half?

Brady: You remember our promise, Inigo?

Inigo: A promise? What, between us?

Brady: Yeah. Talkin' about you dancing for the people here made me remember. 
We were just kids. I don't blame you for forgettin' it.

Inigo: What was it?

Brady: To do what our mothers swore to, but never got the chance.

Inigo: Urgh...

Brady: I'd play violin while you danced.

Inigo: Oh... right! We'd go from town to town performing at festivals and 
feasts... We wanted to make as many people forget the war and smile as we 

Brady: So you do remember!

Inigo: Yeah! We wanted to use whatever talent we had to make people's lives 
easier. I remember our mothers always talking like that and getting all 

Brady: But they both died before they got the chance to see it through... The 
two of us promised to take up where they left off.

Inigo: I wonder how I could have forgotten something like that until now...

Brady: We had other things to worry about. Our world didn't leave kids a 
whole lotta time for dreamin'.

Inigo: Still, knowing I lost sight of something so important... I just... 
*Sniff* I'm sorry... Mother... and Maribelle... please forgive me...

Brady: *Sniffle* S-stop that... Wh-what kinda ladies' man cries like that?

Inigo: *Sob* Well, why do you always have to look so scary when you cry?

Brady: I can't...*sniff*...I can't help what my stinkin' face looks like! And 
why are we standing in the middle of a battle sobbin' like a couple'a fools?

Inigo: I don't know! ...Goodness, we must look terrible. ...... So about that 
promise... Do you still plan to keep it?

Brady: Course I do! I ain't about to remember it, then turn around and forget 
it again. ...I wouldn't have brought it up if I didn't want us to go through 
with it. True. I guess this means I'll have to start practicing twice as 

Brady: We got a battle to finish before we get too far ahead of ourselves 
here. That's about enough cryin' for today. Let's go, partner.

Inigo: I'm right beside you.

Yarne x MaMorgan

MaMorgan > Yarne

Morgan: Wow... So this is a festival, huh? Look at all these decorations and 
stands... It looks like so much fun!

Yarne: Oh? Is this your first festival, Morgan?

Morgan: I'm... not sure! Without my old memories, it's kind of hard to say. 
But this IS my first time since losing themóthat much I know!

Yarne: It's my first time too, actually.

Morgan: I don't know about you, but just looking around gets me in the mood 
to party!

Yarne: Um, you do realize we're standing in a war zone at the moment, 
right?...But I see where you're coming from. It's hard to keep from smiling.

Morgan: Right?! I find myself humming cheery tunes as I hack away at Risen!

Yarne: What?! That's probably going a bit too far... But you know, I'm a 
little jealous. Nothing ever fazes you, does it? It's like you're in your own 
little world.

Morgan: Huh? How do you mean?

Yarne: You're always... I don't know, oblivious? Unflappable? Whatever it is, 
I wish I could be more like that.

Morgan: Ha ha, thanks! Well, assuming thatís a compliment, anyway.

Yarne: See! Like that! That's what I mean! But I wonder... If you were an 
endangered species, do you think you'd still be so easygoing?

Morgan: Hmm, I donít know... I've never really thought about it before... But 
I'd probably still be the same as I am now.

Yarne: Whaó?! But... how can you be so sure?

Morgan: Hmm... I have my reasons, but it's a little hard to put it into 

Yarne: I... I see... Well, if you figure it out, I'm all ears...
Yarne > MaMorgan

Yarne: Well, Morgan? Have you put your finger on it yet?

Morgan: Oh, hello again, Yarne. And yeah, I think I've figured it out just 
enough to explain.

Yarne: ...Oh? I'm very interested. Because I think the threat of extinction 
would make anyone squirrely...

Morgan: Well, not having my old memories, the stakes just feel smaller for 
me, I guess. I may not be an endangered species, exactly, but I'm not far 
off, you know? Other than my mother, I don't have any real connections to my 

Yarne: Maybe so, but still... You want to be a tactician, right? There's no 
way for you to realize that dream if you're dead.

Morgan: Well, sure, I do hope to follow in my Mother's footsteps. Maybe even 
outshine her! And true, I guess that does mean I can't be too cavalier in the 
risks I take. But that's all there is. Simple as that.

Yarne: What do you mean?

Morgan: I donít have anything bigger than my ambitions to worry about 
defending. Itís not the sort of thing a person gets desperate over. At least, 
not me. If I die before it happens, thatís a shame, but itís hardly a cause 
for panic.

Yarne: Whaó?! Donít you dare say that!

Morgan: Er, Yarne? What's gotten intoó

Yarne: Don't even think it! That's horrible!

Morgan: Is it?

Yarne: Of course it is! Weíre comrades, Morgan. Friends! I'd be devastated if 
you died! Are you saying you wouldnít be sad to never get to see any of us 

Morgan: What? N-no! That would be awful!

Yarne: Right! So don't go saying the stakes aren't high when they absolutely 
are. Get desperate! Panic! You should be clinging to every minute for dear 
life! For you! For me! For all of us!

Morgan: Yarne, I... Iím sorry. And thank you. Hearing you say that, it's... 
I'm really touched you feel that way.

Yarne: Well, I'm happy to be able to shout some sense into you.

Morgan: Iíll take extra care to make sure both of us make it out of this war 

Yarne: You'd better! Surviving's no fun if you do it alone!

Severa x Noire

Noire > Severa

Severa: Ooh, Noire, have a look at this stand! Aren't these accessories 

Noire: I-I'm not sure we should be ogling the merchandies with the owner not 

Severa: Oh, what's the harm in a quick peek? Hmm, and this one's selling 
handicrafts... No, wait, it's a shooting gallery! I bet if you hit those 
targets with this toy bow, you win the prize above them! Although with the 
clerk evacuated and no one watching, we wouldn't need to bother...

Noire: S-Severa!

Severa: Oh, c'mon, I'm just kidding. Relax, Noire. I'm not some petty looter. 
Really, you're too easy to tease. No, we're going to win our prize fair and 
square! Now, I'll just set the coins here, so they'll know we paid, and...

Noire: B-but, Severa, I really don't think this is the time...

Severa: It's the perfect time! Battlefield or no, this IS a festival, isn't 
it? So come make with the festivity. Go on, take your best shot.

Noire: M-me?! Wh-why me? This is your idea...

Severa: Hello? Archery is YOUR forte, not mine! Now show me what you've got! 
Chop chop!

Noire: Eep! Th-this is tyranny... ...All right. Calm down, Noire. You just 
have to take a shot and miss on purpose... She can't blame you for-

Severa: Oh, and don't even TRY missing on purpose. I'll know, and it WON'T be 

Noire: *Gulp*

Severa: That necklace there is the one I want. Now less blubbering and more 
nocking and firing.

Noire: ......

Severa: Wha- Noire, wait! What are you doing?! Put down your bow! You can't 
use a REAL one! You have to use that toy to-

Noire: SILENCE, WENCH! You were the one who bade me strike down that bauble!

Severa: Eek!

Noire: Twigs loosed from that pathetic mockery could never smite the trinket 
you so covet! Now hold your acid tongue and bear witness to my FLETCHED FURY!

Severa: Y-yes, ma'am... But, um... Could you maybe "win" the necklace instead 
of smiting it? Please...?
Severa > Noire

Noire: S-Severa, I'm sorry about... about before... But I'm better with a bow 
when I'm, you know... like that.

Severa: Gawds, you can say that again. You, like, rendered the stand under 
that necklace to splinters! I had to leave extra money for damages... You, 
dear, are a BEAST with that bow.

Noire: Ooh, I didn't mean to... I just... Sometimes I just lose control 
and... *sniff*

Severa: Oh, don't start crying on me now! Look, it's... Sure, it's a little 
odd, but so what? Getting mad like that is a survival mechanism for you, 
isn't it? So why apologize for it? I say you should be celebrating it!

Noire: ...M-maybe you're right. We're at war. Being strong is a good thing... 
Maybe it'd be best if I went into every battle mad like that...

Severa: Well... that might pose a few problems of its own. You're a bit tough 
to... contain.

Noire: *Sigh* You're right...

Severa: And I can't deny you're deadly like that, but personally I prefer you 
the way you are now. You're a bit of a pushover, sure, but you're also kind 
and gentle and thoughful. Not that I have much right to say it after forcing 
your hand earlier... Sorry, Noire.

Noire: Severa...

Severa: So, um... by way of apology, please have this.

Noire: What? That's the necklace I just won you. But no... The color's 
different. The one we got was yellow, not green. This is lovely...

Severa: I know, right? I bought this one at a stand before the Risen showed 
up. I'd planned to wear it myself, but then once I saw its double in that 
archery stand... Well... I thought it might be fun if we had a matching pair, 
you know?

Noire: Y-you and me?

Severa: Is that a problem? I know. I thought it might be fun to 
get to be better friends with you.

Noire: Is that why you made me try to win it?

Severa: Right. Although it wasn't much of a plan, considering I wound up 
making you mad...

Noire: N-no! I think it was a great plan. Especially now that I know why. 
Thank you, Severa. I'll treasure this.

Severa: Heh, and I'll wear the one you got for me proudly. These are a symbol 
of our friendship, so don't you dare go losing it, you hear?

Nah x FeMorgan

Nah > FeMorgan

Morgan: Ooh, Nah! Do you have a minute?

Nah: Sure, Morgan. What do you need?

Morgan: As part of my research as a tactician, I'm gathering intel on 
everyone. So! I'll need to know your age. I've been wondering about it for a 
while, actually.

Nah: And, er... just what do you plan to do with this information once you 
have it?

Morgan: Well, put it to use when formulating strategies, I guess. Data on 
each soldier's temperament, skills, and condition are crucial for planning. 
Age is an important one of those factors.

Nah: I... suppose that makes sense. But we've made it this far without 
knowing, right? No need to fix what isn't broken!

Morgan: That won't do at all! We could fight and win a hundred battles and 
still lose the next! War is an unpredictable thing, Nah!

Nah: Hrmm... True, but still...

Morgan: So! Let's hear it. Give me a number.

Nah: Well, I'd say I'm about the same age as you, Morgan.

Morgan: Hmm. I see. But you look awfully young for someone my age... Not that 
I'm all that grown up yet either, mind you...

Nah: Actually... I'd rather not talk about this.

Morgan: What? Why not? There may come a time when we really need to know your 
exact age, Nah. Like, what if you got separated and we needed to ask around 
about you? What are we supposed to say? "Have you seen a girl who's I-don't-
know years old"?

Nah: Ugh, now you're just being silly. I told you, I'm the same age as you! 
And if you told somebody that, it'd make it HARDER to find me, not easier!

Morgan: Hmm... I suppose you've got me there. It'd be simpler to just ask if 
they've seen a girl who looks around 10 oró

Nah: ARGH. I am NOT going to run off and get separated! This conversation is 

Morgan: Er, sorry. Of course you won't It's just you're so small, sometimes I 

Nah: Ugh, that's it! Now I'm REALLY never telling you, you... You JERK! 
(Nah leaves)

Morgan: Nah, wait! Don't run off or you'll get...separated... *sigh* 
FeMorgan > Nah

Morgan: Ah ha! I've been looking everywhere for you.

Nah: ...Leave me alone.

Morgan: Why is this such an issue for you? It was just one simple question. 
I'm not prying into your business out of idle curiosity either, you know. 
This is part of a tactician's job. I'm doing this to help everyone. You 

Nah: ...A likely story.

Morgan: Oh, come on! I promise!

Nah: ...All right, fine. But you have to SWEAR you won't tell anyone else.

Morgan: Done! You have my solemn word.

Nah: I'm just a hair past...*whisper, whisper*

Morgan: So then you really are just about my age!

Nah: Yes! But I'm a manakete, so I grow slower. I mean, we've been over this 
before. We live far, far longer than humans, but that means we don't look our 
age at all...

Morgan: And this slower growthódoes it apply to your mental age as well as 
your body? I mean, are you psychologically younger than a human of the same 

Nah: Rrrgh... Yes. That's why I didn't want to say anything.

Morgan: Why not?

Nah: Because I don't want to be patronized! My mother always looked like a 
young girl, and in some ways she still was, mentally. So I heard no one ever 
treated her as an equal. She was always just a kid to them!

Morgan: I don't know about other people, but I'd never patronize you, Nah! 
You're still young, sure, yet you're already fighting alongside adults, 
aren't you? That's an amazing accomplishment! Besides, I think you're awfully 
mature for someone around your age.

Nah: ...What was that? What you said just nowócan you repeat it?

Morgan: I said you're mature, Nah. Most kids your age spend their days 
running around playing in the mud! You're way more grown up than that.

Nah: I'm grown up... Mature! I think that's the first time anyone's ever said 
that to me.

Morgan: Really, your age is only an issue when you make it one. So stop 
worrying about it! Honestly, you could stand to be LESS mature! Relax and 
enjoy your childhood!

Nah: Wow... So you're saying I'm actually too mature?

Morgan: Just a bit!

Nah: Heh. Thanks, Morgan. I feel a lot better hearing that. Phew... That's 
been weighing on me forever. I feel kind of exhausted now. In a good way.

Morgan: Oh? Is it nap time already? Well, don't you worry! Auntie Morgan can 
tuck you in and read you aó

Nah: MORGAN! Stop patronizing me! 
Nah x Tiki

Tiki > Nah

Tiki: So this is how the denizens of the Outrealms celebrate. People are 
scarcely different, whatever realm they inhabit. They pray for bounty, then 
despair when those prayers go unanswered. At times that despair gives way to 
war... Alas, festivals are but man placating his gods only to selfishly curse 
them later.

Nah: Wow, this square is huge! And I bet it'll be brimming with people once 
the party starts! I can't wait to beat these stupid Risen and have a good 
time with everyone! Oof, but if I'm there alone, I bet people will think I'm 
just a lost kid... again. Hmmmm... Ah, perfect! Tiki!

Tiki: ......

Nah: Hey, once we're done fighting, will you walk around the festival with 
me? This is my first time at one, so I'm really excited to see what it's 

Tiki: ...Very well. If you wish.

Nah: Thank you so much! I can't wait to taste all the amazing food and play 
all these games and...and...  Ooh, maybe I'll even take a dip in that 

Tiki: ...Come again?

Nah: Yeah! You and me can turn into dragons and flap around in it! It'll feel 

Tiki: Public fountains aren't for bathing, child. Especially not as dragons. 
We'd crush it.

Nah: Really? We can't go swimming? Aww, that's no fun at all.

Tiki: ...Hee hee.

Nah: Hmm? What are you giggling at, Tiki?

Tiki: Forgive me, dear. You just seem to be so very excited. Knowing how you 
usually are, it's quite a sight. I couldn't help but chuckle.

Nah: You're not excited too?

Tiki: Oh, I would say I'm starting to get into the mood.

Nah: Great! Then let's take care of these Risen and spend the rest of the day 
having fun!
Nah > Tiki

Nah: Hey, Tiki?

Tiki: Yes, child?

Nah: Are you sure you weren't fibbing when you said you were excited for the 

Tiki: Goodness, no. I'm looking forward to it. Whatever makes you ask that?

Nah: Well, I know you said so, but you just don't SEEM like you're looking 
forward to it.

Tiki: Is that how I appeared to you? Well, worry not, my dear. Everyone had 
their own way of expressing how they feel inside, Nah. There are those who 
show no outward signs, even when they're having fun. Especially old people 
like me.

Nah: Will I stop smiling when I grow up too?

Tiki: I couldn't say, child. Some do. I'm afraid I've lived far too long for 
little things to move me much... But today I'm in a rare mood to cut loose 
and enjoy myself. 

Nah: Oh, good! We're going to have so much fun together! 

Tiki: ......

Nah: Um, Tiki? Is something wrong? You're staring at me now...

Tiki: Ah, forgive me. 

Nah: ...I'm getting too excited again, aren't I?

Tiki: Not at all, dear. Seeing you, I just... It reminded me of my own 
childhood. I'd thought those memories long lost...

Nah: Memories from when you were my age?

Tiki: Yes. Or thereabouts. I'm sure that I once felt as you do at the 
prospect of a festival. Heart racing with joy and excitement. Everything 
fresh and beautiful and new. I must have grinned from ear to ear and ran 
around talking to everyone I knew. Just like you today.

Nah: Really? It's hard to imagine you were ever like me...

Tiki: Hmm. Time changes everything, child... But it isn't time that's 
stripped me of my sense of joy. That's naught but an excuse. I've shut myself 
off from new discoveries... Though realizing it may well count as one.

Nah: Tiki...?

Tiki: But I've only time ahead of me to continue searching for more. I 
suspect I'll have no trouble finding them as long as I'm traveling with you, 
Nah. What do you say? Will you continue to be my guide along the way? Teach 
me to see the world though your eyes, Nah.

Nah: Huh? I... I'm not sure if I really understand, but... if there's 
anything I know, I'd be honored to share it with you!

Noire x FeMorgan

FeMorgan > Noire

Morgan: BWAH HA HA HA! Come, fool! Grovel before me or be trampled underfoot! 
Those with no love of this mortal coil, step ye forward now and meet a fiery 

Noire: M-Morgan? ...What are you doing?

Morgan: Oh, heya, Noire! Perfect timing! I was just working on my impression 
of you!

Noire: I... Iím sorry? An impression? But why?

Morgan: As soon as the Risen hear it, they'll turn tail and flee! Shock and 
awe, right? It was a strategy I'd completely overlooked until now! Seems word 
of your fearsome feats has spread throughout their ranks, killer.

Noire: What?! S-surely that can't be... I don't have any feats to speak of!

Morgan: Aw, donít be so modest! You could fill books with all the things 
you've done! Thereís tell that he who falls under your gaze is marked for 
ineluctable death! One fool sought refuge in a boulderís shade only to have 
both rock and body skewered! Another sought to kill you in your sleep but was 
crushed flat when you rolled over! One victim escaped for a time. Three years 
later, BAM! An arrow from the heavens! All who see you echo a unified chorusó
that the shafts you loose are as ravenous beasts! Tirelessly they hunt their 
pray, and their bite is surest death! Woe be unto your foes!

Noire: Um... you made all that up just now, didn't you?

Morgan: Yup! So far it's a unified chorus of just me,  but I'm pretty sure 
it'll catch on.

Noire: Ooh, I wish you wouldn't tease me like that!

Morgan: Aww, I don't mean any harm. And I really do think it has potential as 
a strategy! If we can spread word of what a juggernaut you are, it may give 
foes pause. Imagineówinning battles without having to fight them. It's a 
tactician's dream!

Noire: You know I just want to help, but I'm not sure I'm entirely 
comfortable with this... Though I do wonder... Won't threatening the enemy 
just make them angrier?

Morgan: What? Naw, it'll be fine! Trust me! Just wait till they see you 
coming. Theyíll run away crying!

Noire: You know, she never listens once she gets like this... I just hope she 
doesnít wind up getting herself hurt.
Noire > FeMorgan

Morgan: *Huff, huff* ...Whew! That was awfully close, huh?

Noire: Yes, and... *pant* ...whose fault is that, exactly?

Morgan: Heh... Yeah, sorry about that... But I was right that doing my 
impression of you would send them running! ...I just thought they'd be 
running AWAY, not running AT us. Gosh, they were angry!

Noire: I t-told you this would happen...

Morgan: I know, and I should have listened. I'm sorry, Noire. Really. 
Thankfully, though, you got angry too and wound up crushing the lot of them! 
Actually, now that I think about it, they WERE running scared by the end! I 
guess my impression just can't compete with the real thing. You're amazing!

Noire: I'm a monster... When I get like that, I feel as though I'm not myself 

Morgan: Really? I think you're aces when you're angry!

Noire: S-stop, Morgan. You don't have to make up stuff just to cheer me up...

Morgan: Itís the absolute truth! I'd do anything to be more like that!

Noire: ...You would?

Morgan: Sure! A tactician always has to keep a cool head and examine the 
situation objectively. Sometimes that means making harsh choices.

Noire: W-well, yes... But what's that got to do with me and my... issues?

Morgan: The other day, the Risen had a group of us cut off. I was sure we'd 
lose a few lives. Normally I'd just swallow that loss and chalk it up to the 
vagaries of war... But then you burst onto the scene, eyes all full of "blood 
and thunder", right? It was tactically hopeless, but you just couldn't accept 
that, could you? You cut us a path out of it single-handedly, saving lives 
AND the day!

Noire: I... I did? I donít remember anything like that.

Morgan: Well, I was there and you did! It was incredible! There was no plan, 
no strategyójust overwhelming force! That's when it really hit me. Sometimes 
all the tactics and theories in the world canít help you survive. What you 
need is action! The momentum built up by fearless, decisive action!

Noire: Wow... I didn't realize... I mean, if I really did help, then I'm 
happy to hear it. This... this may be the first time Iíve ever been glad of 
this personality of mine.

Morgan: You should be! And that's exactly why we should keep spreading rumors 
of your feats! Next time they'll be SO intimidated, they won't even DREAM of 
facing us!

Noire: Eeep! No more, Morgan! P-please!

Inigo x Gerome

Inigo > Gerome

Inigo: Look at that fountain, Gerome. Isn't it just charming?

Gerome: ......

Inigo: Oh! And is that an antiques stand? Have you ever seen such a precious 

Gerome: ...Some of us are fighting here. Cease your pointless nattering.

Inigo: Ah, yes. So sorry to spoil the mood. Alas, my brilliant plan to bring 
a little joy into your dreary life has failed.

Gerome: If you're bored, there are Risen out there that need dispatching.

Inigo: Hmph. Just trying to set the tone for the festivities to come... Must 
you always be so dour? You're certainly dressed for a party. Do you often go 
to masked balls in that silly thing? Here, let me see it.

Gerome: Wha-?! Never touch a man's mask! Give it here!

Inigo: Ah ha ha! Now, now. A few minutes without it won't kill you, 
...Goodness. Those dark circles under your eyes can't be good, if you ask me.

Gerome: I didn't. Now give it back!

Inigo: Boy, someone's rather self-conscious... Not getting much sleep of 
late? Tut, tut. A soldier needs proper rest, Gerome.

Gerome: Hmph. You're one to talk.

Inigo: Oh? And what does that mean?

Gerome: That you'll be in no condition to fight if you keep slinking off into 
the night.

Inigo: I'm sure I have no idea what you mean. I'm always snug in my tent come 

Gerome: Really? Then how did you also manage to be at the edge of that lake 
last night?

Inigo: How did you-? Gerome, tell me you weren't...

Gerome: Watching you dance?

Inigo: Argh! This is so embarrassing! ...And creepy! Next time say something! 
Don't just watch from the shadows!

Gerome: Perhaps I will. Next time.

Inigo: ...I suppose you just didn't know what to say after seeing how awful I 
was. I guess I can't blame you.

Gerome: I never said that.

Inigo: Ugh, and of all the nights to be seen, last night was just dreadful! 
The choreography for that number is nowhere near done, and... Ugh, you are 
the worst! Stupid, stupid Gerome!

Gerome:: Minerva?!

Inigo:  Wh-what's gotten into her? She seems awfully riled up...

Gerome: Down, girl! I agree he was out of line, but mauling him is simply out 
of the question!

Inigo: M-MAULING me?! Eeeek! K-keep her away from me! I'm too young to be 

Gerome: Minerva, wait! Bad wyvern!
Gerome > Inigo

Gerome: ...Inigo. I apologize for earlier.

Inigo: Don't. It was my fault. I shouldn't have lashed out. I can't blame 
Minerva for getting excited after I yelled at you like that.

Gerome: Still, I...

Inigo: Mm?

Gerome: I am responsible for my partner's actions. She should not 
have...nipped you. Let's have that arm here. I'll clean the wound.

Inigo: What? N-no. I just... I don't think you and I are quite at that stage 
of our relationship yet.

Gerome: What? Quit spewing nonsense. Now, hurry up before they're upon us!

Inigo: Oh, fine... Here.

Gerome: ...... It's shallower than I'd feared. It should heal in no time, but 
I'll clean and dress it just to be sure...

Inigo: OW! Ow, ow, ow!

Gerome: Quiet, would you? I'm almost done.

Inigo: I can't help if it hurts!

Gerome: Hold still! You're making this harder than it has to be.

Inigo: I'm sorry! I'm just... not used to being manhandled like this... 
Please, Gerome, just promise me you'll be gentle!

Gerome: What the hell are you saying? Stop talking like that already!

Inigo: What? I just never expect you to have such a strong, firm touch...

Gerome: That! Words like that! You'll give everyone in earshot the wrong 

Inigo: About what?

Gerome: Ugh, forget it! ...There. You're done.

Inigo: Argh, but it hurts! It hurts so- Oh, you're done? Not bad! The 
cleaning was a little botched, but still, you're handy with a bandage, huh?

Gerome: The cleaning was fine, in spite of all your squirming.

Inigo: Ha ha. I'm sorry. I'm just teasing. Seriously, thank you, Gerome. Will 
you let me apologise to Minerva? Once we're done here, I mean. I want to tell 
her I'm sorry for snapping at you earlier.

Gerome: ...She wasn't angry on my behalf.

Inigo: What? Then why did she...?

Gerome: You spoke ill of your dancing. She's actually something of a fan of 
yours. She was upset that someone she's so fond of belittled his eminently 
enjoyable talents.

Inigo: Wait, what?! Are you serious?

Gerome: Inigo... this is me you're speaking to. Have you ever known me to 

Inigo: All right, fair point. But wow... I didn't see THAT one coming.

Gerome: That's why I didn't say anything last night. Knowing you, you'd have 
stopped as soon as you realized you had an audience. Minerva would have been 

Inigo: Huh. I see... Well, it's still a little embarrassing, but i'm glad to 
hear she liked it. Er... if you think she'd like to see more, tell her she's 
always welcome. I'll dance extra hard as a way to apologize for today and 
thank her for her patronage!

Gerome: Hmm... There are worse ways to kill time on sleepless nights, I 

Inigo: Ha ha... Touche. ...Er, wait a minute. Does that mean you're planning 
to come with her?!

Gerome: I'm not sending her out into the night alone. It could be dangerous.

Inigo: Well, yeah, for others! I have the bandages to prove it! But hmm... 
All right. Three's a crowd, but if you really must come too...

Gerome: What, so she's welcome, but I'm not? Wait, don't tell me you were 
planning to... Look, I know she's cute, Inigo, but she's a WYVERN. You can't-

Inigo: WHOA! Slow down there! Just how desperate do you think I am?! I just 
didn't expect you'd have much fun watching me dance, is all! I'd feel bad 
knowing you were suffering through it as her chaperone, and-

Gerome: Who says I'd be suffering?

Inigo: Huh?

Gerome: I thought you were pretty decent too. I... could watch you dance 
again. Er, if you don't mind, that is.

Inigo: You could?! Gerome, I... I'm speechless.

Gerome: Good. Because we've talked enough for today. Let's get back to work.

Inigo: Heh, all right. Thanks, Gerome. I feel a lot more confident now. You 
and Minerva can come and watch me anytime you like. I'll be waiting!

Tiki x Anna

Tiki > Anna

Tiki: Anna, might I have a moment? I wanted to follow up on something you 

Anna: More about the log my family keeps?

Tiki: Yes. Any written record of reasonable detail stretching that far back 
would be massive.

Anna: Tell me about it! It was a real pain to get through the whole thing 
when I was little. But reading that shared history is how the kids in my 
family grow up. Always has been. Which is why all that information is still 
stuck in our heads now. We all know it.

Tiki: That's rather remarkable, really.

Anna: It had a lengthy chapter on this world's history. Its culture and 
traditions. I could tell you all about King Marth's life the same as I could 
talk about yours, Tiki. In sober detail... Almost if I were there to see it.

Tiki: I have to say, Anna, speaking with you is very...well, very nostalgic, 
I suppose. To borrow your term.

Anna: Oh?

Tiki: It feels almost as if I'm speaking with an old friend. One I haven't 
seen in ages. 

Anna: Funny thing about that family history. As I read it, the passages 
flowed into my mind. It's different from learned knowledge. It's as if they 
became my own memories.

Tiki: What?

Anna: So the first time I saw you, I felt it too, on an instinctive level. 
Like I'd finally run into you again after thousands of years.

Tiki: But that's... It's as if our two souls have lived on, or been 
reincarnated, or... Somehow we've met and parted and met again, bound 
together across time.

Anna: Yes! That's the perfect way to describe it! It sounds like something 
plucked straight from a fairy tale, but it's how I really feel. And you feel 
the same?

Tiki: I do. Honestly, I feel a lot of things right now, Anna. Above all, 
profoundly happy.

Anna: You said it! I'm really glad we got to speak like this.

Tiki: Absolutely. And I look forward to many more conversations to come.

Anna: You can bank on it!
Anna > Tiki

Anna: Heh, looks like fruit is still the big seller at this festival. Nice to 
know some things haven't changed over the ages.

Tiki: Oh, hello, Anna. What are you doing?

Anna: Ah, Tiki! I was just taking a little look around the plaza.

Tiki: It sounded as if you were speaking to yourself.

Anna: Oops, was I? I didn't even realize. I suppose the sights have me 
feeling rather nostalgic. I'm all aflutter here.

Tiki: Oh? Then you've been here before?

Anna: Who, me? Nope, can't say as I have!

Tiki: But that's...You just said it was a nostalgic sight, did you not?

Anna: Ahh, yes. That. You see, my family has this looong tradition of writing 
each other letters. We tell each other all about the places and sights and 
exotic products we come across.

Tiki: How long is "looong"?

Anna: Let's just say "surprisingly." So it's entirely possible one of us has 
been here to see this. It just wasn't me.

Tiki: Hmm... I see.

Anna: I can remember reading about some of your exploits too, way back in the 

Tiki: Back in the day? That was two millennia ago!

Anna: Give or take. You've likely met some of my ancestors. Actually, I'd bet 
on it.

Tiki: Hmm. Now that you mention it... I do seem to remember coming across a 
few women who bore a similar air...

Anna: Did you, now? Well, if they looked like me, that's a near guarantee! 
Strong family resemblance and all that.

Tiki: Oh, I'm sure. 

Anna: Heh, that's kind of wild to think of, huh? A connection over the 

Tiki: Mmm, its a rather lovely thought.
Tiki x Say'ri

Tiki > Say'ri

Say'ri: Lady Tiki! Lady Tiki, are you here?

Tiki: Hm? What's the matter, Say'ri?

Say'ri: I've come before you this day to speak with you on a matter of 
personal importance. 

Tiki: Say'ri, you're always so stiff. Please, just forget about it already, 
would you?

Say'ri: Forget...about what, precisely?

Tiki: About apologizing.

Say'ri: I'm sorry? Er, I mean I don't understand. With all due respect, I've 
said nothing yet...

Tiki: No, but you were about to. Say'ri, I've been alive for three thousand 
years. I just know. You came to apologize for awakening me, yes?

Say'ri: That's---But how...? Truly, the Voice is wise beyond the ken of 
humankind! You've saved me the need for any preamble then. Please for give my 
hasty, selfish act---

Tiki: I've already told you it's fine. Just forget about it. Really.

Say'ri: Lady Tiki, with all due respect, I cannot! Out of necessity or no, 
I've flung you from your lofty slumber into the throes of war. It is by my 
hand, and no other, that you now stand in a position of mortal peril! My 
regret cannot go unvoiced! Please let me offer what meager apology I may!

Tiki: *Sigh* Raise your head, Say'ri. Please? Yes, I'd retired to a position 
of uninvolved security in my sleep. I merely observed. I intended to never 
again play a hand in the affairs of others... I thought that was best for 

Say'ri: And I violated that choice, ran contrary to my lady's wisdom!

Tiki: Well, yes. Perhaps you did. My legend was meant to fade, as legends do. 
To scatter like sand in the wind. 

Say'ri: I'd intended to offer you my life, body, and soul in recompense once 
the war ended...But I cannot imagine such a scanty offering would serve you 
any use.

Tiki: Nor bring me any joy, certainly.

Say'ri: So all I've left to offer is my humble regret. I ask only that you 
allow me, at the very least, to continue to voice this apology...

Say'ri > Tiki

Tiki: Say'ri, you've made one grave mistake.

Say'ri: L-Lady Tiki? I... Yes, I know.

Tiki: The choice I described before, to sequester myself away. That was how I 
felt then. Back when we first met. But that is not how I feel now.

Say'ri: Oh? Then... might I ask your mind now?

Tiki: I'm thankful to you, Say'ri.

Say'ri: Th-thankful?! ...To me, my lady? Pray, what could you mean?

Tiki: Yes, to you. Without your intervention, I'd never have met all these 
wonderful people. And you've made me see that I am still relevant. That I can 
still be of use. Even to those resigned to live out their days in hermitage, 
warm company is a blessing... It was you who reminded me of that, Say'ri.

Say'ri: My lady... I have no words.

Tiki: It seems even an old fossil like me can still serve as a brick in 
building a new future. To do any less would be a grievous waste. I would be 
no more than a forgotten stone. And a callous slight to all those who've died 
for their causes in three millennia's wars.

Say'ri: My lady's noble words are so resplendent, I fear I am scarcely fit to 
hear them... There was a time I considered...I thought, if it meant living a 
life of shame, better to... But no. I swear here and now I shall cast aside 
all such thoughts in the future.

Tiki: See that you do. If a decrepit old granny like me has yet to give up, 
you can't either. I can think of no greater waste than for one so young as 
yourself to squander her life. Your future stands before you still, decades 
ripe with endless possibilities. I implore you, Say'ri. Live, and live well!

Say'ri: I will, my lady, to the best of my ability. Your words are a treasure 
I shall cherish.
Summer Scramble

Costume Changes+


Chrom: I'm fairly certain this is the "winner circle" she mentioned... So 
what do I win?

Anna: Oh, you made it! This is so exciting! Since you've been selected as one 
of the world's most popular men... the Hotrealm has decided to present you 
with this commemorative swimsuit! Go aheadótry it on! Your fans are waiting.

Chrom: Huh? W-wait a second! These are those smallclothes you tried to get me 
to wear before!

Anna: They're not smallclothes! And they cost a lot of gold to make. It's not 
easy getting these things tailored to royal proportions. Now march that rear 
end of yours into the changing room!

Chrom: H-hey!
(Time passes)
Chrom: I'm supposed to try this on? It feels like I'm trying the rest of my 
garments OFF. Ugh, I guess the cape needs to come off first... And I'll just 
lean my sword up against here... ...Have I got this on backwards? Tell me the 
Brand doesn't go in front... Ugh, this is mortifying. I can't let Avatar and 
the others see me like this, or Iílló Ack! Was that a draft?

Anna: Chrom? Are you finished?

Chrom: "Finished" is probably an apt word, yes...

Anna: Okay, then. Come on out!

(CG of Chrom in his swimsuit)

Chrom: Here, satisfied? D-do I look okay?

Anna: *Whistle* Like a perfect 10! Letís just say the Brand really brings out 
your royal attributes.

Chrom: I feel like a buffoon...

Anna: What, are you crazy? You're a knockout in that!

Chrom: Really? ...You mean it?

Anna: Trust me. Now get out there and waste some brigands!

Chrom: What?! I can't fight like this! Tomes are one thing, but I can't stop 
swords and lances in just my skin!

Anna: Why not? You look plenty armed and dangerous to me. The historians 
would have a field day!

Chrom: Yeah... and so would the enemy. I'm not sure which would be worseóthem 
stabbing me or laughing at me.

Anna: Heh heh. All right, all right. I suppose I'll let you off the hook. Go 
ahead and change back into your armor.

Chrom: Thank the gods... The wind kind of... tickles... when I've got this 
thing on...
(Time passes)

Anna: Thanks for dropping by, Chrom. What did you think of your swimsuit? 
Pretty liberating, huh?

Chrom: You could say that... I'll admit my armor feels almost suffocating now 
that I've got it back on. It's no wonder you dress like that here in the 

Anna: In that case, why don't you buy the swimsuit? It was expensive, but I'd 
be willing to part with it for, say... thus paltry sum?

Chrom: Good gods... Aren't there at least two zeroes too many on that figure? 
Avatar would have my head if I blew through that kind of gold.

Anna: Really? That's too bad. I'll leave the offer open!

Gaius: Hellooo? I'm here to collect my prize?

Anna: Oh! Come on in. I'm so glad you made it! Since you've been selected as 
one of the world's most popular men... the Hotrealm has decided to present 
you with this commemorative swimsuit! Go onóyou can get changed in here. 
Don't want to keep your fans waiting!

Gaius: You want me to wear this tiny scrap of cloth? Nice try, honey. But a 
thief needs to be inconspicuous.

Anna: What if I threw in a box of the Hotrealm's finest confections?

Gaius: ...What body part would you like me to stick this on?

Anna: That's the spirit! Now, into the changing room...
(Time passes)

Gaius: Me and my sweet tooth... Maybe I shouldn't have been so gung ho about 
this. There must be laws against parading around in your skivvies outdoors. 
Well, let's get it over with. I can leave my headband on, I guess... Aw, son 
of aó I dropped my stash! Where do my legs go in this damn thing? ...Now I've 
got gotta hide my candy again, andóoh. Crap.

Anna: Gaius? Are you done changing?

Gaius: ...More or less.

Anna: Then come on out!

(CG of Gaius in his swimsuit)

Anna: Wow! Hello, hunk! Those candies on your trunks just scream, "Unwrap 

Gaius: Ugh...

Anna: What's wrong?

Gaius: I guess it would be a little sticky, but if all else fails...

Anna: Hello? You listening?

Gaius: Oh. Sorry, I was just trying to figure out where to hide my sweets. My 
usual outfit is full of secret pockets and what have you, but this... And 
let's not even talk about what salt water would do to my stash.

Anna: Well, just promise you won't get too creative with your hidey holes, 
okay? ...Say, how come you've got that kerchief wrapped around your forearm?

Gaius: Huh?! Oh, uh, you know. Long story...

Anna: Injuries?

Gaius: Something like that.

Anna: Well, if you ask me, you should be more worried about hiding that baby 
fat. Is that a six-pack or a one-pack?

Gaius: Hey! It's more than you'll ever see! Like it's not embarrassing enough 
wearing this clown suit... Look, you got what you wanted. I'm changing back 
into my own duds. I expect that box of confections in one hour, or there'll 
be blood to pay!

Anna: Hey! Take it easy there, pal... Ah well. He can pout all he wants now 
that I've got what I came for...
(Time passes)
Anna: Glad you stopped by, Gaius. So what did you think of your swimsuit?

Gaius: I hated it. I belong in my own breeches, no question. ...But thanks 
for the life experience, I guess.

Anna: No problem. And here I thought youíd already done it all. ...Well, 
hereís that reward I promised.

Gaius: Yes! Sweet, sweet candy. Come to Papa... Hey. Hold on. These are your 
finest confections? They look pretty ordinary to me.

Anna: No, sir. See those swirls? That's seaweed we harvest. It gives the 
candy a salty kick... Plus it's good for you. You won't find anything like it 
elsewhere. ...And you may not want to.

Gaius: Heh. I see. Well, as long as it sates my sweet tooth, I won't 
complain. So long, Red.

Cordelia: This should be the place... Beg pardon! Is anyone here?

Anna: Oh! There you are, Cordelia. You look ravishing today. Since you've 
been selected as one of the world's most popular ladies... the Hotrealm has 
decided to present you with this commemorative swimsuit! Step right inside, 
and you can try it on. Your fans would like that, Iím sure.

Cordelia: Fans? Ah, yes. The popularity contest of which you spoke before.

Anna: Ha, sharp as a tack! Can't pull a fast one on the famous Cordelia! But 
don't just do this for your fans. Do it as a treat for yourself, too.

Cordelia: All right, then. That I shall.

Anna: Great! Let's get you into the changing room then.
(Time passes)

Cordelia: What a charming little garment! You even picked my favorite color. 
I wonder if my beloved would look my way if I wore this outside... Oh, that 
would send me into raptures! Ack! This leaves far little to the 
imagination... And speaking of far too little... Oh, where is my breastplate 
when I need it? There must be some extra stockings around here or... 

Anna: Cordelia? Is everything all right?

Cordelia: I've finished changing... But Iím far too mortified to set foot 

Anna: What? But you have such a wonderful figure! Let me come inside and have 
a look.

Cordelia: What? ...No! Stay out! Pleeeeeease!
(CG of Cordelia in her swimsuit)
Cordelia: ...Ugh! Why did you have to come in?

Anna: Whoa! You look amazing! What was all the groaning about being 
mortified? Were you worried the men's hearts would stop when they saw you? 
Very chivalrous, but I think you can make your debut with pride.

Cordelia: But my... you know...

Anna: Your "you know"? Why are you holding your chest like that? Are you not 
feeling well? Here, let me have a look... Arms wide!

Cordelia: Ack! No, please, don't! Please, miladyóNOOOOOO!

Anna: ...Ohhh.

Cordelia: ......

Anna: I get it now. Youíre worried your size won't get it with the guys, is 
that it?

Cordelia: M-must you be so direct?! *Sigh* Now everyone will know my 
breastplate is a sham.

Anna: Now, now. Don't be upset, Cordelia. We can't all have everything, you 
know. It's the flaws that bring out our beauty!

Cordelia: *Sniff* You mean it?

Anna: Of course!

Cordelia: Well... all right. But I'd still like to put my armor back on.

Anna: Take your time. I'll be waiting outside.
(Time passes)
Anna: Thank you, Cordelia. You were a good sport.

Cordelia: Sorry I fell apart in there.

Anna: You have nothing to apologize for. Now that we've shared a secret, I 
feel like we're sisters. To be honest, it's a relief to see a softer side of 
you. A legend like you can be kind of intimidating, if you know what I mean.

Cordelia: Hee hee. Thanks... I feel as though I've gained a sister as well. 
Perhaps we can share more stories once all the fighting is done.

Anna: That sounds great to me.

Tharja: ...Is this the place? Where is that fool of a woman who calls her own 
protectors away from the battlefield?

Anna: Ah! Tharja! Don't you look cheery today. Since you've been selected as 
one of the world's most popular ladies... the Hotrealm has decided to present 
you with this commemorative swimsuit! You can change in here. Donít let all 
those eager fans down!

Tharja: ...... So I just have to wear this?

Anna: If you don't mind. To be honest, I half expected you to threaten to hex 

Tharja: Iíd rather get this whole horrible, wasteful experience over with...

Anna: Um... okay... Well! Let's just get you into that changing room, shall 
(Time passes)

Tharja: Hrm... There's not much here to wear. No one wants to see ME in this. 
Unless... Yes, perhaps Avatar would like it! This could be the key to winning 
his/her affections! Oof... It's a little tight... Is it supposed to hug my 
chest like this? And why is it... nngh... riding so far up my behind? Just 
what is that merchant up to, anyway?

Anna: Tharja, are you all changed?

Tharja: You should know, vixen swindler. I demand answers!

Anna: What's wrong? You don't like your swimsuit? Hang on. Let me take a 

(CG of Tharja in her swimsuit)

Tharja: ...Haven't you ever heard of knocking?

Anna: Sorry! It sounded like you needed help. My gosh, Tharjaómost women 
would kill for that body.

Tharja: ...Thanks. So did I.

Anna: Er... so whatís the problem? The swimsuit looks great on you. I think I 
picked out the perfect design.

Tharja: ...Did you even bother to check my size?

Anna: Uh-oh... Too tight?

Tharja: My uncanny valleys beg for reprieve. You bought me a size too small 
on purpose, didn't you?

Anna: I'm sorry, Tharja. I guess I got too focused on the design. And anyway, 
it's hard to get someone's measurements right based on hearsay. You've got a 
lot more, er, femininity than I'd heard.

Tharja: Spare me your flattery, slattern. Now Iíll never win Avatar's 
affections! I canít even step outside.

Anna: Avatar... Your tactician, right? He/She didnít quite make the swimsuit 
list, but ge/she scored high in the polls. Iíd say he's/she's even on par 
with you.

Tharja: ...What? On par? ...We have parity?! Then it's true! Some force binds 

Anna: Tharja? Slow down! You'll rip the swimsuó

Tharja: Aside, woman. I must change my attire at once and join my chosen one. 
My keen perception did not lie!
(Time passes)

Anna: Well, that was an adventure, wasn't it, Tharja?

Tharja: I've ventured into worse. Are we done here?

Anna: Yes. Sorry your swimsuit was too small.

Tharja: I'll lose no sleep over your bust-binding torture device. Now if 
you'll excuse me... Avatar needs me.
(Tharja leaves)

Anna: Right, um... bye? Well, she's certainly got personality. No wonder she 
rocked the polls.

Avatar x Chrom

Chrom > Avatar

Avatar: The Outrealm's hottest resort, huh? I don't doubt it. This place is 
amazing! We could have a lot of fun out here. Swimming, collecting 

Chrom: It's true we don't get very many chances to relax in our own world...

Avatar: Ack! Chrom?! You heard all of that?

Chrom: If you're going to talk to yourself so loudly, I'd suggest moving 
farther down the beach.

Avatar: I'm sorry. I shouldn't be daydreaming like that in the middle of a 

Chrom: Not at all. Everyone needs to unwind now and again. You should enjoy 
yourself. Iíve seen how tense you tend to become in the heat of battle, 
Avatar...  If this isnít the place to let your hair down a little, I donít 
know where is.

Avatar: Is that an order? Because if it is, I'm not complaining! Seriously, 
though, I've never been anywhere this beautiful before. It's so relaxing... 
Or perhaps I've been here hundreds of times and I just donít remember...

Chrom: Avatar...

Avatar: Sorry. Didn't mean to get all somber on you there. If my commander's 
ordered me to let my hair down, who am I to argue? I spotted an interesting 
creature when I passed by that tide pool over there... I'm going back for a 
closer look!

Chrom: Heh. I don't think I've ever seen Avatar so excited. This place really 
is everything it's cracked up to be. I owe it to him/her to help him/her 
enjoy it as much as he/she can while we're here. I only wish I knew how to go 
about it...Should I spoil him/her like Frederick does me? Maybe I'll help 
him/her gather seashells. ...... Or maybe not. I feel ridiculous. I'll think 
of something.

Avatar: Chrom, check it out! I caught that weird creature! Isn't this thing 
bizarre? I wonder if we could put it to any tactical use...

Chrom: ......

Avatar: What's wrong, Chrom? Don't you like it? I know it's not the most 
cuddliest critter, but it's kinda cute in its own way!

Chrom: Hmm? No, no, it's fine. I was just distracted, sorry. Don't worry 
about me. Go frolic with your weird little friend to your heart's content.

Avatar: Well, when you put it that way...
Avatar > Chrom

Avatar: Hey, Chrom! How goes the battle on youró ...Huh? What's up with all 
these seashells?

Chrom: Oh, hello, Avatar. I was trying to fashion a necklace out of them. It 
didn't go well.

Avatar: You were fashioning a necklace...? Has this been a hobby of yours for 
long? It looks as if they've been completely pulverized. What went wrong?

Chrom: Well, I can at least say I have a talent for smashing things in 

Avatar: So it seems... And what's that behind you? What are all those charred 

Chrom: Those are... er, WERE fish. I was trying to cook them. They got 

Avatar: That's putting it kindly...

Chrom: Yeah, it didn't exactly pan out as I'd intended.

Avatar: Huh. Well... I guess even the greatest of chefs burn things now and 
again... And I'll pretend I haven't noticed the collapsed sand castle or the 
half-built raft... And what is that? A bug-infested tropical fruit salad? 
...I'll just ignore that too.

Chrom: That would probably be for the best.

Avatar: Listen, Chrom, I'm sure my excitement for the beach earlier was 
infectious, but... well, maybe itís best you save these... activities... for 
after the battle's done.

Chrom: No, you're right. But first, there's one more thing I want you to see. 
Now that it's done, I think it might've been a terrible idea, but...

Avatar: Really? There's more? What is it this tió Oh my!

Chrom: So... what do you think?

Avatar: ...... Pfft... Ha ha ha... AAAAH ha ha ha ha ha! "Chrom & Avatar Were 
Here." Ha ha! Did you write this all by yourself?

Chrom: Yes.

Avatar: Ha ha! Just the image of you slaving over this giant scrawl is enough 
toó! Ha ha! I'm... I'm sorry. I shouldn't be mocking my commander in a time 
of war... B-but... Ha ha ha! I'm sorry! It's just too funny!

Chrom: So did you... like it?

Avatar: Like it? Ha ha! Are you kidding? I loved it!

Chrom: Whew. Then it was worth the effort. ...And the humiliation. I'm glad I 
was able to do something to make you happy.

Avatar: Wait, Chrom... Don't tell me all of this... All these ruined 
projects... That was you trying to make me happy?

Chrom: Is that so strange? I mean, you're the whole reason we were invited 
here in the first place. So I've been trying to figure out some way I could 
show my gratitude. And, you know... you don't have any memories from before 
we met. So I thought I might be able to help you make some new ones...

Avatar: Oh, Chrom... I didn't realize. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Chrom: Well, I'm not sure thanks are in order. After all, all my ideas ended 
in disaster...

Avatar: Heh. Well, that may be so, but I still owe you one. After all, it's 
no fair if I'm the only one having fun. So once this battle's over, let's 
think up something we can enjoy together. Deal?

Chrom: All right. You've got yourself a deal.
Avatar x Chrom(Married)

Chrom > Avatar

Avatar: The Outrealms' hottest resort, huh? I don't doubt it. This place is 
amazing! If only Chrom and I had this beach to ourselves - what fun we could 
have! We could swim, and collect seashells, and chase each other through the 

Chrom: It's true we don't get very many chances to relax in our own world.

Avatar: Ack! Chrom!? You heard all of that?

Chrom: If you're going to talk to yourself so loudly, I'd suggest moving 
farther down the beach.

Avatar: I'm sorry. I shouldn't be daydreaming like that in the middle of 

Chrom: Not at all. Everyone needs to unwind now and again. You should enjoy 
yourself. I see how tense you tend to become in the heat of battle, Avatar... 
If this isn't the place to let your hair down a little, I don't know where 
is. And I admit, the thought of being alone here with you has crossed my mind 
as well...

Avatar: Oh, Chrom... I'm so glad you feel the same way. I've never been 
anywhere this beautiful before. It's so relaxing... Or perhaps I've been here 
hundreds of times and I just don't remember...

Chrom: Avatar...

Avatar: Sorry. Didn't mean to get all somber on you there. If my commander's 
ordered me to let my hair down, who am I to argue? Of course, it wouldn't do 
to monopolize the army's leader during a battle... I promise I'll be quick! 
I'm just going to poke around in that tide pool over there...

Chrom: Heh, I don't think I've ever seen Avatar so excited. This place really 
is everything it's cracked up to be. I owe it to her to help her enjoy it as 
much as she can while we're here. I only wish I knew how to go about it... 
Should I spoil her like Frederick does me? Maybe I'll help her gather 
seashells. ...... Or maybe not. I feel ridiculous. I'll think of something...

Avatar: Chrom, check it out! I caught this weird creature! Isn't this thing 
just bizzare? I wonder if we could put it to any tactical use...

Chrom: ......

Avatar: What's wrong, Chrom? Don't you like it? I know it's not the cuddliest 
critter, but it's kinda cute in its own way!

Chrom: Hmm? No, no it's fine. I was just distracted, sorry. Don't worry about 
me. Go frolic with your weird little friend to your heart's content.

Avatar: Well, when you put it that way...
Avatar > Chrom

Avatar: Hey, Chrom! How goes the battle on your- ...Huh? What's up with all 
those seashells?

Chrom: Oh, hello, Avatar. I was trying to fashion a necklace out of them. It 
didn't go well.

Avatar: You were fashioning a necklace...? Has this been a hobby of yours for 
long? It looks as if they've been completely pulverized. What went wrong?

Chrom: Well, I can at least say that I have a talent for smashing things in 

Avatar: So it seems... And what's that behind you? What are all those charred 

Chrom: Those are... er, WERE fish. I was trying to cook them. They got 

Avatar: That's putting it kindly...

Chrom: Yeah, it didn't exactly pan out as I'd intended.

Avatar: Huh. Well... I guess even the greatest of chefs burn things now and 
again... And I'll pretend I haven't noticed the collapsed sand castle or the 
half-built raft... And what is that? A bug-infested tropical fruit salad? 
...I'll just ignore that too.

Chrom: That would probably be for the best.

Avatar: Listen, Chrom, I'm sure my excitement for the beach earlier was 
infectious, but... Well, maybe it's best you save these... activities... for 
after the battle's done.

Chrom: No, you're right. But first, there's one more thing I want you to see. 
Now that it's done, I think it might've been a terrible idea, but...

Avatar: Really? There's more? What is it this ti- Oh my!

Chrom: So... what do you think?

Avatar: C-Chrom... Just look at this great big message in the sand... "Chrom 
and Avatar 4 Ever." How did this...? Why would you...?

Chrom: Does it make you happy?

Avatar: I... I don't know if I should be happy or embarrassed or... what, 
exactly... But it's certainly a sight I'll never forget. I can promise you 

Chrom: Then I'm glad. Maybe I didn't make you happy, but I at least helped 
you make a new memory.

Avatar: Wait, Chrom... Is that what all this was about? The sand message, all 
the failed projects... It was all to help me make new memories?

Chrom: I guess it wasn't as obvious as I'd hoped it would be, huh? I know 
that you didn't mean what you said before. Of course it bothers you that you 
don't have any memories from before we met. I wanted to make sure you were 
able to form at least a few happy memories here.

Avatar: Oh, Chrom... Thank you. Thank you so much. But you didn't need to go 
to all this trouble. Just being with you has given me an endless supply of 
happy memories!

Chrom: ...It has?

Avatar: Of course! The day we first met... Our first battle together... That 
time you peeked in on me in the bath.. The day you confessed your love to 
me... I remember it all so vividly! I could never forget a single thing about 
you. Even if death were to tear us apart... Even if I lost my memories 

Chrom: Avatar... Why would you even say such a thing?

Avatar: What? I'm just speaking hypothetically. Why are you making that face?

Chrom: Avatar...

Avatar: Huh? What are you-?!

Chrom: ......

Avatar: Mmmmmph! C-Chrom! Y-your lips... We shouldn't...

Chrom: Did you not enjoy that?

Avatar: N-no, it was wonderful! But... we're in the middle of a battle here!

Chrom: I know. But the way you were talking... I couldn't help it.

Avatar: I understand, Chrom, but you're the commander of this army! Look, I'm 
going back to my position now. YOU stay and fight here, okay?

Chrom: Avatar, wait! *Sigh* She's gone. I'll have to apologize for that 

Avatar: Right in the middle of a battle! What was he thinking?! I'll have to 
scold him for that later... ...... Well, I suppose he's at least given me one 
more memory I'll never forget. The big dolt!
Avatar x Gaius

Gaius > Avatar

Gaius: Oh ho! This spirally blue shell oughta sell for a nice stack of coin.

Avatar: Gaius!

Gaius: Oh, hey there, Bubbles. What's with the shouting?

Avatar: D-didn't a huge volley of arrows just fall on this exact spot?

Gaius: Oh yeah, a whole bunch of 'em. But I'm fine. They all missed.

Avatar: They all missed, huh? And you're not afraid the same thing might 
happen again? Come on, you need to get out of here!

Gaius: Sorry, but not a good time. You wouldn't believe the treasure that's 
just lying here! Look at these shells! I can't just leave 'emóthey've got to 
be worth some serious cash!

Avatar: Seashells? What, you're going to sell them and use the money to buy 

Gaius: Well, something like that, sure.

Avatar: Gaius! Look out!

Gaius: Much obliged, Bubbles. You pushed me outta the way just in time.

Avatar: "Much obliged"?! That arrow could have killed you! For the love of 
the gods, stop collecting seashells and take this battle seriously!

Gaius: What, you're saying I'm not taking my fighting seriously now?

Avatar: If by "now" you mean when you were almost perforated while gathering 
shells, then yes!

Gaius: Pah, you were distracting me. Iím here keeping an eye on enemy 

Avatar: You've gotta be kidding! You're blaming ME for distracting YOU?

Gaius: I didn't say that, exactly. You gotta stop reading so much into 

Avatar: What?! That's exactly what you said! Hmph! Fine, do whatever you 
want. Sorry if my trying to save your life cut into your precious seashell-
gathering time! You can jump into the ocean and... and go pearl diving for 
all I care!
(Avatar leaves)

Gaius: Huh. He/She didnít seem too happy about that. That pearl-diving bit 
was pretty weak too. Shoulda stormed away a line earlier...
Avatar > Gaius

Gaius: Seems like I got most of the good shells on this stretch of the beach. 
Oh, wait. Looks like I missed something over there... What the...? It's 
wrapped in paper... Hey, this is a piece of coconut brittle! There's a whole 
line of 'em! Sweet, sweet candy as far as the eye can see! Man, this must be 
my lucky day. Well, time to start filling my pockets! ...... ......

Avatar: ......

Gaius: Whaó? Bubbles!

Avatar: Good job, Mr. Master Thief. I can't believe that actually worked.

Gaius: Wait... You're the one who left all that candy lying around?

Avatar: Yep. I needed to figure out a way to lead you here. Who would've 
thought the simplest idea would turn out to be the best?

Gaius: Hmph. Whatís with trying to lure me here anyhow? First you run off all 
upset, and now you're trying to reel me back in? Like to wear a guy out 
before hitting him with a second dose of lectures, huh?

Avatar: Actually, I wanted to apologize about before.

Gaius: Huh? Did a coconut fall on your head or something?

Avatar: Frederick saw our little talk earlier, and he filled me in. He told 
me why youíre always on the hunt for valuables. It's not so you can buy 
candy, is it? It's so you can help fund the army.

Gaius: *Sigh* That little tattletale... I told him not to say anythingó
especially around you or Chrom.

Avatar: Well, regardless of that, now I know, and I feel absolutely terrible. 
Thanks for performing such a vital serviceóand for being so modest about it.

Gaius: Pah, don't worry about it. If I'd wanted gratitude, I'd have told you 
myself. ...Still, at least now you know I WAS talking things seriously back 

Avatar: Thanks, Gaius. But it really is dangerous out here. Why don't you 
call it a day?

Gaius: Are you kidding? The more money we make, the better gear we can buy, 

Avatar: Hm. It's true we could use the money for new equipment... But it's 
not worth risking valuable military assets to acquire funds. And believe me, 
Gaius, you're a valuable asset. And an even more valuable friend.

Gaius: ......  All right, let's say I do hold off on the treasure huntingó
what's in it for me?

Avatar: You... you want a reward?! B-but I don't have anything to offer...

Gaius: Heh, I'm just kidding, Bubbles. These coconut brittles are payment 
enough. It's good to know someone like you is looking out for someone like 

Avatar: Gaius...

Gaius: Well, now that we've made nice, you can go on ahead. I need to make 
sure I didn't miss any of these tasty little fellas.
(Gaius leaves)

Avatar: What? But it's too dangerous! They're firing more arrows! Gaius, 
wait! Listen, I'll give you more candy later! Gaius? Gaiuuus! Gah, I knew I 
shouldn't have left so many of those stupid things...
Avatar x Gaius(Married)

Gaius > Avatar

Gaius: Oh ho!  This spirally blue shell oughta sell for a nice stack of coin! 
And this one.... That color'd really bring out Bubblesís eyes...

Avatar: Gaius!

Gaius: Oh, hey there, baby. What's with the shouting? You just that excited 
to see me?

Avatar: What are you talking about? Didn't a huge volley of arrows just fall 
on this exact spot?

Gaius: Oh yeah, a whole bunch of 'em. But I'm fine. They all missed.

Avatar: They all missed, uh? And you're not afraid the same thing might 
happen again? Come on, you need to get out of here!

Gaius: Sorry, but not a good time. You wouldn't believe the treasure that's 
just lying here! Look at these shells! I canít just leave 'em- they've got to 
be worth some serious cash!

Avatar: Seashells? What, youíre going to sell them and use the money to buy 

Gaius: Well, something like that, sure.

Avatar: Gaius! Look out!

Gaius: Much obliged, Bubbles. You pushed me outta the way just in time.

Avatar: "Much obliged"?! That arrow could have killed you! I don't want to 
lose you! Not here! And certainly not like that! For the love of the gods, 
stop collecting seashells and take this battle seriously!

Gaius: What, you're saying I'm not taking my fighting seriously now?

Avatar: If by "now" you mean when you were almost perforated while gathering 
shells, then yes!

Gaius: Pah, you were distracting me. I'm here keeping an eye on enemy 

Avatar: You've got to be kidding! Youíre blaming ME for distracting YOU?!

Gaius: I didn't say that, exactly. You gotta stop reading so much into 

Avatar: What?! That's exactly what you said! Hmph! Fine, do whatever you 
want. Sorry if my trying to save your life cut into your precious seashell-
gathering time! You can jump into the ocean and... and go pearl diving for 
all I care!
(Avatar leaves)

Gaius: Huh. She didnít seem too happy about that. I guess she doesn't see it, 
but I'm way more careful than I used to be. I used to think that nobody'd 
care much either way if I kicked the bucket. But thatís not true anymore. 
I've got her now. She said she'd hate to lose me like this... Well, I'd hate 
to lose her too. But thinking that to myself isnít worth a damn if I canít 
come out and say it. *Sigh* What's a man to do? ...Ooh! Look at that shell!
Avatar > Gaius

Gaius: Seems I got most of the good shells on this stretch of beach. Oh, 
wait. Looks like I missed something over there... What the...? Itís wrapped 
in paper... Hey, this is a piece of coconut brittle! Thereís a whole line of 
'em! Sweet, sweet candy, as far as the eye can see! Man, this must be my 
lucky day. Well, time to start filling my pockets! ...... ......

Avatar: .......

Gaius: Wha-? Bubbles!

Avatar: Good job, Mr. Master Thief, I can't believe that actually worked.

Gaius: Wait... You're the one who left all that candy lying around?

Avatar: Yep. I needed to figure out a way to lead you here. Who would've 
thought the simplest idea would turn out to be the best?

Gaius: Hmph. What's with trying to lure me here anyhow? First you run off all 
upset, and now you're trying to reel me back in? Like to wear a guy out 
before hitting him with a second dose of lectures, huh?

Avatar: Actually, I wanted to apologize about before.

Gaius: Huh? Did a coconut fall on your head or something?

Avatar: Frederick saw our little talk earlier, and he filled me in. He told 
me that you're always on the hunt for valuables. It's not so you can buy 
candy, is it? It's so you can help fund the army.

Gaius: *Sigh* That little tattletale... I told him not to say anything- 
especially around you or Chrom.

Avatar: Well, regardless of that, now I know, and I feel absolutely terrible. 
Thanks for performing such a vital service- and for being so modest about it.

Gaius: Pah, donít worry about it. If I'd wanted gratitude, I'd have told you 
myself... Still, at least now you know I WAS taking things seriously back 
there. Anyway, I'm sorry, Bubbles. You were just looking out for me, and I 
was a jerk.

Avatar: Oh, Gaius... It's okay- no harm done. But it really is dangerous out 
here. Why don't you call it a day?

Gaius: You really worry about me, huh? I should have told you this sooner, 
but... I really am trying to play it safe these days. I wouldn't want to put 
a big old frown on that beautiful face of yours, would I?

Avatar: But you can't guarantee you won't get hurt. This is war. Anything can 
happen... I worry about you, Gaius. You're the most important thing in the 
world to me.

Gaius: ...... All right, let's say I do hold off on the treasure hunting- 
what's in it for me?

Avatar: What's in it for you?! You donít get paid for listening to your wife! 
And even if I wanted to pay you, I don't have anything to give-

Gaius: Yes, you do. Right there.

Avatar: Huh...?

Gaius: ......

Avatar: Mmmph?!

Gaius: Mmm. You taste sweet as sugar, baby. Couldn't resist a little of the 
old coconut brittle yourself, huh?

Avatar: G-Gaius! What are you doing?! We're in the middle of a battle!

Gaius: It's called planting a big, juicy ki-

Avatar: Ugh, enough! You're not going to sweet-talk your way out of this one, 

Gaius: Geez, would you quiet down already? Everyone's gonna hear you! Anyway, 
I'll consider that payment in full. And in exchange, I'll try to stay out of 
danger as best I can. All right?

Avatar: Try? Is that the best you can do?!

Gaius: Look, you have my word Iíll stop risking my neck for pocket change. 
But I can't promise to stay completely out of danger at all times. What if 
someone attacked you? Youíre saying I couldnít jump in and save you?

Avatar: No, but I-

Gaius: It's all right. I know with your tactics, thatíd never have to happen 
anyway. I believe in you, Bubbles. More than I've believed in anyone.

Avatar: Oh, Gaius... Thank you. I'll do my best to keep us both out of harm's 

Gaius: I know you will. But listen, if you ever run short on funds and need 
my help again, just say the word. I'll make sure to keep the finder's fee 

Avatar: ...Excuse me?

Gaius: Heh heh. Just kidding!
Avatar x Cordelia

Cordelia > Avatar

Cordelia: My, isnít this a beautiful shell! Look how the waves have polished 
away its edges... This beach is filled to overflowing with lovely treasures. 
It truly is paradise!

Avatar: Cordelia?

Cordelia: Oh! Avatar! Is... is everything okay?!

Avatar: Thatís what I came to ask you! I saw you crouching in the sand here 
and was worried youíd been wounded!

Cordelia: Oh, no. Iím fine. But thank you for your concern. I was just... 
checking my bindings. We do have to watch out footing in this sand!

Avatar: Thatís very prudent of you, Cordelia. Anyway, Iím glad youíre not 
hurt. Iíd better be getting back toó Huh? Why are there so many seashells 
piled up behind you?

Cordelia: Hm? Oh, these? Umm, maybe the brigands were gathering them for some 
reason... Iíll just put them safely over here. We, um... wouldnít want anyone 
to trip over them.

Avatar: Okay, thanks. Iíll leave that to you.

Cordelia: Yes, sir/ma'am! Thank you, sir/ma'am!
(Avatar leaves)

Cordelia: ...... Phew, that was close... Waitówhat was close? What am I 
hiding? I could have just admitted I was collecting seashells... Ooh, isnít 
that one a beauty! And that one... And that one too!
Avatar > Cordelia

Cordelia: Aaand... itís perfect! Just the right amount of exotic flair!

Avatar: What are you doing with all those lances, Cordelia?

Cordelia: Oh! Avatar! These are, uh, um... I wasnít goofing off, if thatís 
what youíre implying!

Avatar: Huh?

Cordelia: In fact, I was... Oh! Yes! I was testing new ways to increase a 
throwing lanceís range! Specifically, attaching seashells for their... 
aerodynamic properties. Letís give it a try! Hii-YAH! See!

Avatar: Wow! You hit that tree dead center! And from this far away too. It 
totally worked!

Cordelia: Um, yes! Just as I theorized! So... itís lucky I made so many 
shell-enhanced lances!

Avatar: Iím really impressed, Cordelia. Hey, do you think this one will fly 
as far?

Cordelia: Th-that one? Uh...

Avatar: The shells make it really pretty too! Here, let me have a throw...

Cordelia: Avatar, no! Stop! Donít throw that one, please! Itís... itís my 

Avatar: Your favorite?

Cordelia: Iím sorry. All of that was a lie. I wasnít developing new 
aerodynamic lances... I just really like seashells. So I was using them to 
decorate my weapons.

Avatar: You were? But that lance you threw flew really far!

Cordelia: That was just... adrenaline.

Avatar: Adrenaline?!

Cordelia: Yes. The shells donít help at all. It was just brute strength. Iím 
sorry. I know I shouldnít waste time like this in the middle of a battle. 
Iíve let you down. Iíve let us all down. Iíll accept any punishment the war 
council sees fit to give me.

Avatar: Calm down, Cordelia. No oneís being punished here. Iím not upset. In 
fact, Iím kind of glad.

Cordelia: G-glad?

Avatar: Yeah. You always seem so serious, you know? Sometimes I worry that 
you donít know how to relax and let off steam. So Iím happy I was able to see 
a whole other side of you today.

Cordelia: ...Thank you, Avatar.

Avatar: And look at you, playing like a kid on the beach! Who knew you could 
be so cute?

Cordelia: C-cute?! There is nothing "cute" about me!

Avatar: Wait, are you blushing? Ha! Youíre getting cuter by the second!

Cordelia: Damn it, Avatar! Stop teasing mó

Avatar: OOF!

Cordelia: Oh my gosh! Iím so sorry! I completely forgot I was holding a 

Avatar: Iím... okay... Just... took me by surprise is all...

Cordelia: Are you sure youíre okay, Avatar?! You seem more winded than you 
should be from such a glancing blow... Waitómaybe my seashells really did 
make a difference! Maybe theyíre not just pretty after all!

Avatar: Maybe you could... help me up now and... discuss your seashell 

Cordelia: Oh, right! Sorry!
Avatar x Cordelia(Married)

Cordelia > Avatar

Cordelia: My, isn't this a beautiful shell! Look how the waves have polished 
away its edges... This beach is filled to overflowing with lovely treasures. 
It truly is paradise!

Avatar: Cordelia?

Cordelia: Oh! Avatar! Is... is everything okay?!

Avatar: That's what I came to ask you! I saw you crouching in the sand here 
and was worried you'd been wounded!

Cordelia: Oh, no. I'm fine. But thank you for your concern. I was 
just...checking my bindings. We do have to watch our footing in this sand!

Avatar: That's very prudent of you, Cordelia. But if you ever get hurt, don't 
be afraid to let me know, okay? You can be so stubborn, you know? I worry 
sometimes... Anyway, you carry on. I'd better be getting back toóHuh? Why are 
there so many seashells piled up behind you?

Cordelia: Hm? Oh, these? Umm, maybe the brigands were gathering them for some 
reason... I'll just put them safely over here. We, um... wouldn't want anyone 
to trip over them.

Avatar: Okay, thanks. I'll leave that to you.

Cordelia: Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!
(Avatar leaves)

Cordelia: ......Phew, that was close... Waitówhat was close? What am I 
hiding? Avatar is my husband. I shouldn't have to hide things from him. I 
could have just admitted I was collecting seashells... Ooh, isn't that one a 
beauty! And that one... And that one too!
Avatar > Cordelia

Cordelia: Aaand... it's perfect! Just the right amount of exotic flair!

Avatar: What are you doing with all those lances, Cordelia?

Cordelia:  Oh! Avatar! There are, uh, um... I wasn't goofing off, it that's 
what you're implying!

Avatar: Huh?

Cordelia:  In fact, I was... Oh! Yes! I was testing new ways to increase a 
throwing lance's range! Specifically, attaching these seashells for their... 
aerodynamic properties. Let's give it a try! Hii-YAH! See!

Avatar: Wow! You hit the tree dead center! And from this far away too. It 
totally worked!

Cordelia:  Um, yes! Just as I theorized! So... it's luck I made so many shell 
enhanced lances!

Avatar: I'm really impressed, Cordelia. Hey, do you think this one will fly 
as far?

Cordelia: Th-that one? Uh...

Avatar: The shells make it really pretty too! Here, let me have a throw...

Cordelia: Avatar, no! Stop! Don't throw that one, please! It's... it's my 
Avatar: Your favorite?

Cordelia: I'm sorry. All of that was a lie. I wasn't developing new 
aerodynamic lances... I just really like seashells. So I was using them to 
decorate my weapons.

Avatar: You were? But that lance you threw flew really far!

Cordelia: That was just...adrenaline.

Avatar: Adrenaline?!

Cordelia: Yes. The shells don't help at all. It was just brute strength. I'm 
sorry. I know I shouldn't waste time like this in the middle of a battle. For 
me to be playing like a child while my husband frantically drafts battle 
plans is... You must be so disappointed in me... If you want to annul our 
marriage, I... I'll understand.

Avatar: Calm down, Cordelia. You're blowing this way out of proportion. I'm 
not disappointed in you at all. In fact, this only makes me love you more.

Cordelia: It... does?

Avatar: Yeah. You always seem so serious, you know? Sometimes I worry that 
you don't know how to relax and let off steam. So I'm happy I was able to see 
a whole other side of you today.

Cordelia: ...Thank you, Avatar.

Avatar And look at you, playing like a kid on the beach! Who knew you could 
be so cute?

Cordelia: C-cute?! There is nothing "cute" about me!

Avatar: Wait, are you blushing? Ha! You're getting cuter by the second!

Cordelia: Damn it, Avatar! Stop teasing me! You know I hate that!

Avatar: Oh ho! Coming at me with your lance? Sloppy formóI saw that a mile 
away! Look how easy I can just side step it, andó

Cordelia: Right into my trap!

Avatar: Huh?! Umm-ah!

Cordelia: ...... Heh. Some master tactician you are! You left your lips wide 

Avatar: C-Cordelia... I can't believe you'd just...

Cordelia: ...I'd just kiss you in front of the whole army like that? Then you 
underestimate me. Now who's getting sloppy?

Avatar: Damn it!

Cordelia: What's this? You've gone beet red! Is that all it takes to make you 
blush? My, myóyou're getting cuter by the second!

Avatar: It's bad enough that I underestimated youónow I've lost the 
initiative as well. This is not going according to plan...

Cordelia: Is that a problem? Haven't your heard strong wives make for happy 
marriages? But if you're that upset, I guess you'll have to plan a 
counterattack. I'd suggest a surprise romantic offensive of overwhelming 
proportions, personally...

Avatar: I'm way ahead of you! But I'll make sure the specific plan of attack 
is one you'll never see coming!

Cordelia: I'll be looking forward to it! But know that I'll always be 
watching you... and only you. I love you, Avatar. I always will. 
Avatar x Tharja

Tharja > Avatar

Tharja: ......

Avatar: Hey, uh... Tharja?

Tharja: Oh? Youíre talking to me, Avatar? What a delight! How can I help you?

Avatar: Well... I was wondering why youíve been following me around all day. 
I mean, even when you run off to fight a foe, you come straight back to me.

Tharja: Is it so strange for me to want to be by your side every moment of 
the day?

Avatar: Uh, yeah, kinda...

Tharja: But itís so nice to spend time together by the sea. I donít want to 
miss a moment! Needless to say, if you werenít here, Iíd be bored out of my 
skull. But when Iím with you, it feels as if weíve been swept away to an 
island paradise...

Avatar: Oh, uh... okay? Well, in any case, Iím glad youíre enjoying yourself.

Tharja: Youíre so kind, Avatar. Can I ask you a favor?

Avatar: Uh, sure. What is it?

Tharja: I want you to slather my body with oil.

Avatar: S-slather? With... oil?

Tharja: Well, you wouldnít want my skin to dry out in this heat now, would 
you? And I canít reach my back and, you know... other places.

Avatar: I see. Certainly the climate here is harsh on oneís skin. But I have 
my hands full formulating our battle strategy... Iím sorry, but perhaps one 
of the armyís other women could help?

Tharja: No. I want you to do it. Otherwise, whatís the point?

Avatar: Uh, I thought the point was to protect your skin...

Tharja: Tee-hee...

Avatar: Wh-why are you blushing? Anyway, weíre in the middle of a battle. 
Sorry, but your oil will have to wait.
(Avatar leaves)

Tharja: Avatar, wait! Where are you going? Oh, why must he/she always be so 
difficult? Still, he/she can't evade me for long on this beach. There's 
literally nowhere to hide! Hee... Hee hee hee!
Avatar > Tharja

Tharja: Hee hee... There you are, Avatar!

Avatar: Th-Tharja?! Is this about the oil again?

Tharja: You really are clever! How did you know? Well then, please begin 
rubbing it in when youíre ready. And donít be afraid to put plenty onóyouíll 
hear no complaints from me.

Avatar: Iím sure I wonít... Listen, Tharja, did I not make myself clear? I 
canít be doing this right now!

Tharja: ...... No. No, of course you canít. How selfish of me. You belong to 
everyone, of course. And theyíd never let me have you to myself. Oh no.

Avatar: Um, Tharja? What are you talking about?

Tharja: When the battleís over, youíll run off to join them... And Iím sure 
youíll all have a wonderful time together in this... ugh... beautiful place. 
Silly me for thinking I might get some time with you in battle, at least. Not 
even when I have a perfectly legitimate excuse...

Avatar: Um...

Tharja: But alas, even here, Iím just a nuisance. Iíll leave you to 
fight...unencumbered. Sorry for distracting you.

Avatar: N-no! Tharja! Wait!

Tharja: Hmm?

Avatar: Itís not like that at all! I donít think of you as a nuisance! Itís 
just that...well, doing that at a time like this would put us both in danger!

Tharja: ......

Avatar: I promise you I donít value you any less than anybody else. If youíd 
like to spend time with me outside of battle, you need only ask. We are 
friends, after all.

Tharja: ...Really? Youíd want to talk to me even after the battleís over?

Avatar: Of course I would!

Tharja: ...And rub body oil on me?

Avatar: Thatís a promise.

Tharja: Thank you, Avatar... Youíve no idea how glad I am to hear you say 
that. Ahh, just imagine... Avatarís sweet caress... Here... and there... and 
over there...Iíve dreamed of this day for so very long!

Avatar: Um... Tharja?

Tharja: Come. We must dispense with these brigands as quickly as possible! 
The longer they last, the less quality time weíll have together. Hee hee... 
Now, what curse would work best... Maybe one to send them hurtling into the 
sea to become bloody fish food?

Avatar: *Gulp* I suppose I should count myself lucky sheís so fond of me...
Avatar x Tharja(Married)

Tharja > Avatar

Tharja: ......

Avatar: Hey, uh... Tharja?

Tharja: Oh? Hello, Avatar! What a delight! How can I help you?

Avatar: Well... I was wondering why you've been following me around all day. 
I mean, even when you run off to fight a foe, you come straight back to me.

Tharja: Is it so strange for me to want to be by your side every moment of 
the day?

Avatar: Well, no, but... aren't we always together? What's so special about 

Tharja: I suppose it's because I'm so glad to be in such a beautiful place 
with you. I've been in absolute bliss ever since we got here, Avatar. 
Needless to say, if you weren't here, I'd be bored out of my skull... But 
with you, it's just paradise, pure and simple. I don't want to miss a moment!

Avatar: Oh, uh... okay. Well, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. But be 
careful, okay? Next to me might not always be the safest place to be.

Tharja: You're so kind, Avatar. That's what I love about you. Can I ask you a 

Avatar: Uh, sure. What is it?

Tharja: I want you to slather my body wth oil.

Avatar: S-slather you? With... oil?

Tharja: Well, you wouldn't want my skin to dry out in this heat now, would 
you? And I can't reach my back and, you know... other places.

Avatar: Well, I guess this climate must be pretty harsh on the skin. But wife 
or not, I can hardly stop to rub you down with oil in the middle of a battle. 
Sorry, but if it's urgent, maybe you could ask one of the girls to help you?

Tharja: No! It has to be you! I won't let anyone touch me but you!

Avatar: I'm thrilled to hear that, but think what it would look like...

Tharja: Tee-hee...

Avatar: H-hey! What are you picturing in that head of yours? Anyway, we're in 
the middle of a battle. Sorry, but your oil will have to wait.

Tharja: Avatar, wait! Where are you going? Oh, why must he always be so 
difficult? Still, he can't evade me for long on this beach. There's literally 
nowhere to hide! Hee... Hee hee hee!
Avatar > Tharja

Tharja: Hee hee... There you are, Avatar!

Avatar: Th-Tharja?! Is this about the oil again?

Tharja: You really are clever! How did you know? Very well, please begin 
rubbing it in when you're ready. And don't be afraid to put plenty on - 
you'll hear no complaints from me.

Avatar: B-but I told you, I can't! Listen, Tharja, did I not make myself 
clear? I can't be doing this right now!

Tharja: ...... No. No, of course you can't. You're always SO busy. Even your 
wife can't be allowed to monopolize your time. I should have known better...

Avatar: Um, Tharja? What are you talking about?

Tharja: When the battle's over, you'll run off to join everyone else... And 
I'm sure you'll all have a wonderful time together in this... ugh... 
beautiful place. I know we're always together, but it's not enough to just be 
in the same place. You're always surrounded by people while your wife waits 
in vain. Not that anyone but me seems to care that I am your wife...

Avatar: Th-Tharja...

Tharja: I'm sorry for being so direct. But asking you to rub oil on me was 
just an excuse to spend time with you. You've made it perfectly clear that 
you don't have time, though. You must have strategies to plan. I'll leave you 
to your important business.

Avatar: N-no! Tharja! Wait!

Tharja: Hmm?

Avatar: I'm sorry. I didn't know you felt that way. I didn't realize that 
you'd been so lonely this whole time.

Tharja: ......

Avatar: We're married now. Your needs comes before everything else. After 
this battle, I'll make some time for us. I don't want you to be lonely any 

Tharja: ...Really? So after this battle, you'll spend the whole day alone 
with me?

Avatar: I will. That's a promise! And if I break it, you have my permission 
to curse me to death!

Tharja: That makes me very happy, Avatar. But I could never curse you. Well, 
not to death... Instead, you may seal your promise by kissing my hand.

Avatar: Um, right here and now?

Tharja: I've been waiting a long time for you. This is the least you can do.

Avatar: Well... if you insist. ......

Tharja: Mmmmph?!

Avatar: Was that okay?

Tharja: Those were my lips. I told you to kiss my hand.

Avatar: Sorry, I couldn't help myself. You're just too adorable...

Tharja: There's no need to overcompensate, you know...

Avatar: I'm not overcompensating. I mean it. But I'm sorry for not doing what 
you asked. I was supposed to kiss your hand, right? Let me try again.

Tharja: ...No, there's no need. You disobeyed me, but I'm feeling generous. 
I'll let it slide this once. Maybe when the battle's done... you can do it 
the wrong way again...

Avatar: Your wish is my command. Now, let's dispense with these brigands so 
we can be alone at last!

Tharja: Agreed. If I have to wait much longer, things are going to get 
ugly... ...... All right, go. But be careful out there. I'll be with you 
every step of the way.

Avatar: Thanks, Tharja. You be careful too.

Chrom x Stahl

Stahl > Chrom

Stahl: Phew. Well, this areaís clear.

Chrom: Good work, Stahl. Itís nice to know we can always count on you.

Stahl: Just trying to do my part! Against the weaker foes, at least...

Chrom: Donít sell yourself short, Stahl. Youíve become one of our most 
reliable soldiers. I often call you our bastion in stormy seas, you know. 
Others agree.

Stahl: R-really?! I-Iím not used to such praise. Youíre making me blush! 
Still, Iím glad you find me useful. I do try to serve best I can...

Chrom: You really need to stop being so modest. Your results speak for 

Stahl: Wow, Chrom, to hear you say that is hugely encouraging. Inspiring, 
even! From this day on, I solemnly swear to redouble my efforts. I wonít rest 
until Iím the mightiest knight in the halidom!

Chrom: Thatís the spirit! Iíll be following your progress closely. And I have 
every confidence youíll succeed, Stahl.

Stahl: ...Y-you do? And youíll be following my progress... personally? *Gulp* 
I... Iím honored that you would place so much faith in me! Honored... and 
perhaps a little daunted... (S-so... much... pressure...)

Chrom: Stahl, are you all right? Youíre suddenly covered in sweat and 
trembling like a leaf.

Stahl: Wh-who, me? No, Iím f-f-fine! J-just my n-n-normal reliable s-self... 
(Stahl leaves)

Chrom: ...Whatís gotten into him?
Chrom > Stahl

Stahl: *Pant, pant...* *wheeze*

Chrom: Good grief, Stahl. Are you all right?

Stahl: I-Iím fine... *wheeze* Must... defeat... more foes...

Chrom: Waitódonít let them draw you out of formation!

Stahl: But... I have to... kill them all... Canít stop... Must win... single 

Chrom: Stahl, get ahold of yourself!

Stahl: Whaó?! I... Iím sorry... I just thought... I mean, I know youíre 
counting on me, so Ió

Chrom: Stahl, look at you. Youíre as tense as a loaded crossbow. Itís a 
wonder you can even move with your neck muscles knotted up like that.

Stahl: S-sorry...  I just didnít want to let you down... Not after you put 
your faith in me... you know?

Chrom: Is that what this is about?

Stahl: Ever since you lavished me with all that praise, Iíve been very 
anxious... Becoming the mightiest knight in the halidom is a lot harder than 
I thought! Iím not so arrogant to think Iíd actually live up to that, but I 
knew I had to try...

Chrom: ...I see. It seems I owe you an apology. I only meant to encourage 
youóto let you know that your efforts were appreciated. I certainly didnít 
intend for you to try to take on the enemy single handed!

Stahl: No, of course not... I never shouldíveó

Chrom: Listen, Stahl... It makes no difference to me whether youíre the 
mightiest knight in the realm. What matters is that youíre healthy and able 
to help us win this war. To fight together with us not only as comrades... 
but as friends.

Stahl: Wow, I... I donít know what to say...

Chrom: Just say that you understand.

Stahl: Oh, I absolutely understand! In fact, I swear upon my familyís honor 
to fight harder than anyone has everó ...Wait. Iím doing it again. Heh. All 
right, letís just say this: I promise to do my best to help us get through 
this warótogether.

Chrom: Thatís more like it.

Stahl: Whew... I have to say, it feels good to get that off my back... My 
appetites returning already!

Chrom: Ha! Now thatís the Stahl I know. Itís good to have you back, friend.
Chrom x Ricken

Ricken > Chrom

Ricken: Hey, Chrom! Wait up!

Chrom: What is it, Ricken?

Ricken: Youíve got sand on your shoulder guard. Here, let me brush it off.

Chrom: Oh, I see. Thank you, Ricken. All done?

Ricken: Yep, just like new! Say, can I see your sword?

Chrom: All right, but just for a second. Iím kind of using it at the moment.

Ricken: ...I knew it. See here? Thatís rust. Let me give it a quick polish 

Chrom: Look, Ricken, Iím very grateful, but this isnít exactly the best 
timing... In any case, why the sudden concern? Whatís this about?

Ricken: Well, you know how I look up to you and want to be like you when I 
get older, right? I figure if I help you out with odd jobs here and there, we 
might end up forming a bond! And the closer we get, the better I can 
understand what it takes to be like you.

Chrom: Er, I see... But, Ricken, Iím not sure brushing sand off me in the 
midst of battle is the best wayó

Ricken: Oh, but it totally IS! And Iíll prove it! Iím going to keep it up, no 
matter what!

Chrom: *Sigh* If you insist. But can I at least have my sword back?

Ricken: Oh, right. Here you go. Now letís go fight! And donít you worry about 
sand anymore!
Chrom > Ricken

Ricken: *Pant, pant*

Chrom: Ricken, are you all right?

Ricken: *Gasp* Oh, yep! Definitely! Never been better! Just sticking close 
and watching your back, like I said I would!

Chrom: You sure youíre not overdoing it? Itís much hotter here than in 
Ylisse. And trudging through this sand is hard work, even without full battle 
gear. I wonít want you to wear yourself out trying to keep up with me.

Ricken: Iím okay, I swear! Completely fine! I... Iím going to stick with you 
no matter what... Even if the battle goes on and on... and on... and you 
move... so fast... Iím gonna... stick... Unnngh...

Chrom: Ricken!
(Time passes)

Ricken: ...Huh? Oh, man! Did I pass out? Iím really sorry, Chrom...

Chrom: No need to apologize. You just need to remember that youíre still 
young. There are limits to how far you can push yourselfóphysically AND 

Ricken: Curses...

Chrom: Not what you wanted to hear, I know.

Ricken: No. Not really.

Chrom: Look, I know this is hard, especially coming from someone you look up 
to. But you have to accept the fact that youíre too young to do everything 
you want to. You have to take things one step at a time. You canít rush 
things. After all, knowing your limitations is an important part of becoming 
a man.

Ricken: So youíre saying I should just accept the fact that Iím still a 

Chrom: I am. But donít worryóyouíre here because youíre already strong for 
your age. And youíre only going to get stronger. You just have to be patient. 
Anyway, you can go on fighting at my side, but only if you try not to overdo 
it. Deal?

Ricken: ...Okay, deal!

Chrom: Good. Now, you ready to get back to it? Weíve got some brigands to 
deal with.

Ricken: Yeah. Th-thanks, Chrom. I wonít let you down!

Chrom: Attaboy!

Ricken: H-hey! Hands off the hair! If you want to tousle something, get a 
lapdog! Yeesh. I may be a kid, but I still have my pride, you know...

Chrom: Ha ha! Sounds like youíve fully recovered. All right, RickenóIím 
counting on you!

Ricken: Right!
Chrom x Cordelia*

*Only possible if Cordelia is not married.

Cordelia > Chrom

Cordelia: Golden sand... Swaying palms... Could anything be more romantic? If 
only we could be here alone, just the two of us... Oh, but listen to me, I 
promised myself I'd stop dreaming about him...

Chrom: Dreaming about who?

Cordelia: *HACK!* C-Chrom?! Did I say something? I don't think I did! No, d-
definitely not!

Chrom: Huh. Guess I must have misheard. What's wrong, by the way? You seem 
unusually... tense.

Cordelia: T-tense? M-me? N-no, not at all! See? No tension here! *gasp*

Chrom: Er, if you say so... Anyway, it's pretty hot here, huh? Are you 
holding up okay?

Cordelia: H-h-hot? Oh, er, yes, it is, isn't it...? *Pant* *wheeze* *choke*

Chrom: Cordelia, are you all right? You sound like you can barely breather! 
Is it the heat?

Cordelia: I... I AM feeling flushed and hot... but it's nothing to do with 
the weather... This... this heat is in my soul! I'm overcome with emotion and 
drowning in joy! To be blessed with a rare opportunity to speak with Chrom 
himself... Why, it's almost more excitement than my poor heart can stand!

Chrom: Er...

Cordelia: ARGH! Did I just say that out loud?! Oh, GODS, this is mortifying!

Chrom: ...Rare opportunity? I do try to talk to the troops whenever I can, 
you know...

Cordelia: Oh! Oh, no! No, that's not what I- I wasn't criticizing you! You're 
a WONDERFUL leader, and you ALWAYS take time to talk to your people! When I 
say "rare," what I mean is... I just wish we could speak more often, and 
then... Argh! I'm doing it again! Cordelia- these silly fantasies have got to 

Chrom: I'm becoming increasingly confused by this conversation...

Cordelia: I'm SO sorry, Chrom... I really don't know what's come over me... 
Perhaps this heat IS getting to me... I'm feeling a little light headed...

Chrom: What? Why didn't you say so earlier?! Can you walk? Here, take my arm, 
and I'll escort you to that shade over there.

Cordelia: Y-you ARM? You want me- Cordelia- to... to touch your ARM?! I... I 
can't take this anymore... I feel so... happy... I could die...

Chrom: Cordelia, no! Don't close your eyes! If you see a light, don't go near 
it! Stay with me!

Cordelia: Ohh... I will, Chrom... I WILL... I wouldn't miss this moment for 
the world... Now, I'll just put my hands here... on your muscular forearm... 
...... .......

Chrom: What's wrong? Are your hands too weak to grip?

Cordelia: I... I can't do it! I can't bring myself to touch you! Just the 
thought of it makes me... makes me... ARRRGH!
(Cordelia leaves)

Chrom: Cordelia! What's wrong? Can you hear me? Cordelia! DON'T GO!
Chrom > Cordelia

Cordelia: I cannot BELIEVE I fainted like some ridiculous romance-novel 
heroine... And right in front of Chrom, no less! Gods, what would Phila say? 
Actually, I know exactly what she'd say. She'd tell me to stop feeling sorry 
for myself and make amends on the battlefield.

Chrom: Cordelia! What are you doing, rushing around under this blazing-hot 

Cordelia: C-Chrom! What a coincidence! We keep running into each other 

Chrom: Running into each other? I'm staying close because I'm worried about 
you. What if you passed out again? We haven't cleared out all the enemies 

Cordelia: Th-that's very kind of you, Chrom... I can't tell you how happy it 
makes me. But if you think I'm going to lounge under a palm tree while 
everyone else fights...

Chrom: Point taken. I know you're not the type to shirk a battle. But listen- 
you have to promise me that you'll take better care of yourself.

Cordelia: Er...

Chrom: You're your own worst critic, and that's part of what makes you so 
strong... But sometimes you take it too far. If you're feeling ill, it's 
imperative that you rest. Would you at least consider it? For my sake?

Cordelia: T-truly, Chrom... I'm grateful for the concern, but-

Chrom: But nothing. Go on, find a shady spot and let us finish this battle. 
If you collapse a second time, I'm not going to carry you to safety again.

Cordelia: Y-yes, sir... If you insis- ...Wait a second. Did you just say that 
you CARRIED me? As in... lifted me off the sand? Swept me up in your manly 

Chrom: Er... I'm not sure I'd put it like that, exactly. But yes.

Cordelia: ARRRRRRRRRRRRGH! Oh, gods, I am SOOO sorry! I can't BELIEVE I made 
you do that! It must have been such a chore! Was I heavy? Did you hurt your 

Chrom: Well, you WERE wearing armor...

Cordelia: UGH! I knew it! This has to be the single most embarassing thing 
I've ever done! Gods, Chrom, how am I ever going to make this up to you? 
That's it! I'm returning to battle! No more of this damsel-in-distress 

Chrom: Are you sure you can handle it?

Cordelia: Absolutely. If I run and hide in the shade now, I'll just die of 
shame... Instead, I'm going to take down twice as many foes to make up for 
what I missed! So if you don't mind, I'd like to get back to restoring the 
seaside peace here.

Chrom: Well, if your mind's made up...

Cordelia: You bet it is! Now if you'll excuse me...
(Cordelia leaves)

Chrom: ...Huh. Every time I try to talk to her, the conversation ends up 
turning weird. She takes her role as a pegasus knight so seriously... Perhaps 
I make her nervous? She seemed particularly off kilter today, though. Maybe 
it IS the weather? In any case, I think I better leave her alone- give her 
some breathing room...

Cordelia: *Sigh* It was so nice to talk to Chrom. And it actually went well, 
for a change. But I know his affections lie elsewhere... He and I... It'll 
never work. I know that someday I'm going to have to give up on these foolish 
dreams of mine... Someday... but perhaps not today. ...All right, Cordelia. 
That's enough pining. It's time to slay some brigands!

Lissa x Sumia

Lissa > Sumia

Lissa: Wow! Look at that ocean, Sumia! We have GOT to go swimming!

Sumia: Absolutely not, Lissa. We didnít come here to have a good time.

Lissa: Aw, but look at this place! Blue sky, golden sand, and alllll that 
beautiful water! Itís so pretty, twinkling in the sun. How can we NOT go 
splash around in it?

Sumia: Lissa, please. Weíre Shepherds. Proud warriors serving in Chromís 

Lissa: Uh-huh. So why do you have YOUR swimsuit then? Hm? ...HMM? Donít try 
to hide it! I see it peeking out of your bag there.

Sumia: M-my swimsuit?! I donít know what youíreó Ohh, you mean THIS?! Uh... 
Itís... not a swimsuit. Itís, um... my aquatic battle outfit! For... combat 
in water! I bought it as soon as I realized we might have to fight on the 
seashore. When youíre doing battle in the waves, you need complete freedom of 

Lissa: I donít see how wearing a swimsuit under armor helps with that at 

Sumia: Well... y-you wouldnít! Because... itís actually really complicated. 
Yeah, I barely understand myself! Ha ha.

Lissa: But didnít the merchant explain? You sure did spend a long time 
talking to her. From where I was, it looked like you got her to show you 
every style she had. You compared cuts and colors and patterns almost like 
you cared about how they looked... But why would you, if youíre only gonna be 
wearing the suit during battle?

Sumia: Er, right... Good question! I can totally explain that. Definitely. 
You I thought, if Iím buying one ANYWAY, I might as well get 
something flattering. I mean, have you ever seen swióer, aquatic battle suits 
like this back in our world...? ...Oh, all right, FINE! I admit it! I was 
excited about swimming in the ocean too. Okay? This isnít an aquatic battle 
suit at all... Iím sorry I lied to you, Lissa.

Lissa: Oh, you donít have to apologize. I totally understand! Soooo... seeing 
as how we DID buy these suits... we probably SHOULD try them out... Even 
soldiers deserve a break sometimes, right?

Sumia: Well, twist my arm, why donít you...? Hee hee! Okay, itís a date! But 
first, letís finish cleaning up this mess here on the beach!
Sumia > Lissa

Lissa: *Sigh*The swimsuit looked SO good when the merchant showed it to me... 
But when I put it on, it was all baggy and loose, and it looked TOTALLY 

Sumia: Iím disappointed with mine, too. I swear it didnít look THAT small at 
the stall! It doesnít matter how cute it isóif you canít wear it in public, 
whatís the point?

Lissa: Yeah, I know exactly what you mean! Unlike me, though, Iíll bet you 
look good in almost everything you wear. I couldnít help noticing what a 
great figure you have when we were changing. I would KILL for curves like 
yours! What size are you, by the way?

Sumia: Gosh! I never thought Iíd be having this conversation with a princess!

Lissa: Aw, come on! Weíre friends! We can talk about this kinda stuff, canít 

Sumia: Well, I guess. But a girl has to have SOME secrets, so donít go 
telling anyone!

Lissa: Oh, absolutely! Cross my heart and hope to die!

Sumia: Okay, lean in close. Iím going to whisper it, just in case any men are 

Lissa: Like this?

Sumia: Uh-huh.

Lissa: ...Iím waiting.

Sumia: ...Argh! I canít do it! Itís just... not something I talk about!

Lissa: Oh, COME ON! You canít make me go through all that and then not tell 

Sumia: Iím sorry! I know itís weird, but... Hey, wait! I just had an idea! 
Why donít we swap swimsuits?

Lissa: Huh? Why would weó? ...Ohhh, I get it! Mineís too big, yours is too 
small... If we trade, weíll both have suits that fit!

Sumia: Exactly! Now why donít we hurry up and finish this battle so we can 
try them on again.

Lissa: Sounds good to me! ...Hey, wait a second! You never answered my 
Lissa x Olivia

Olivia > Lissa

Lissa: Hey, Olivia! Wanna go for a swim when weíre done here?

Olivia: Oh, no... No, thank you. I just... I couldnít possibly.

Lissa: Huh? Are you blushing? Donít tell me youíre shy about wearing a 

Olivia: I... I kind of am.

Lissa: You wonít wear a swimsuit, yet youíre fine with dancing the way you 

Olivia: Thatís different... Dancing is my job. But to put on a swimsuit, even 
for fun... I could never do something so brave...

Lissa: Why not? It wouldnít reveal much more than your dancing clothes 
already do!

Olivia: You... you really think so?

Lissa: And besides, I think youíd look amazing in a swimsuit!

Olivia: Th-thank you. Thatís very kind of you... It seems everybodyís trying 
to get me to wear one. It was the same at Annaís shop. When I told her I was 
a dancer, she said I might like some of their...bolder designs... And the 
stuff she showed me... *shudder*

Lissa: Hee hee! Not quite your thing, huh? How bold are we talking here?

Olivia: You canít even imagine...

Lissa: Oh, youíd be surprised. Try me!

Olivia: Seriously, these things seemed to be mostly made of... string.

Lissa: String? But you canít just wear pieces of string! How would that even 

Olivia: Please. You donít want to know...

Lissa: Okaay... But they must have had just normal, everyday swimsuits too, 

Olivia: I really donít remember... I was so taken aback by all the other 

Lissa: Then letís go back and take a look! And this time, no freaking out! 
Itís your job to be the center of attention! You gotta conquer that shyness!

Olivia: Y-youíre right. And I suppose we are at the seaside, after all...

Lissa: There we go! Thatís the spirit!
Lissa > Olivia

Lissa: Wow, Olivia! That swimsuit is something else! Talk about smoking hot! 
Iím surprised the ocean didnít boil clean away!

Olivia: This is so embarrassing... I wish the ground would just swallow me 

Lissa: Um... The idea was to build your confidence, not make you worse!

Olivia: Please! Iím begging you! Stop looking at me!

Lissa: Oh, man... Hey, but it wasnít all bad, right? I mean, those brigands 
were gawking so hard, we beat them easily!

Olivia: That is something, I suppose...

Lissa: Itís just a shame that none of your cast-offs fit me, huh? You bought 
so many swimsuits, I was sure at least one would be my size. I donít get it. 
Weíre pretty much the same build and everything...

Olivia: W-well, itís just... youíre still growing, you know? I mean, every 
girl is...different, right? Iím sure youíll mature in all the right ways!

Lissa: And what do you mean by that, exactly!? Come on, spit it out!

Olivia: Er... nothing! Itís just that... um...

Lissa: Better hurry up, before I start maturing in all the WRONG ways!

Olivia: N-no, I was just trying to say that... youíre more like... like 
Emmeryn! Y-youíre developing more of her grace and charm with each passing 

Lissa: ...Oh. You really think so?

Olivia: YES! I sure do!

Lissa: Weird. Everyoneís always told me that Emmeryn and I are nothing 

Olivia: Really? Oh, uh... Well, wh-what do they know, right?

Lissa: Bah. Who cares, anyway? So what if weíre different? That just means I 
have to find my own path! And in the end, I might grow up to be even better 
than her!

Olivia: That... thatís right! And I just know you will! (Yeesh... How did 
this end up with ME having to reassure HER?)

Frederick x Vaike

Vaike > Frederick

Vaike: Aw, man, is this great or what? Clear water, blue skies, white sand... 
Time to finish cleaniní this mess so we can get to haviní fun!

Frederick: Do not allow yourself to be distracted, Vaike. The battle is not 
won yet. A single momentís lost concentration is all it takes for a soldier 
to lose his life.

Vaike: You think olí Teach donít know that? Relax already! Nobodyís sayiní we 
should up and throw a clambake or anything! Would it kill ya to loosen your 
codpiece and enjoy life a little?

Frederick: It very well might. I remind you againówe are in the midst of 

Vaike: At ease, Commander Killjoy! Ya gotta learn to lighten up! Just Ďcause 
ya dress like a tin can donít mean ya gotta be as stiff as one. Heck, maybe 
thatís the problem right thereóitís like a million degrees out! You should 
try beiní like Teach here. Lose the armor, and get some air!

Frederick: You presume to know the discomfort of armor? You who wear almost 

Vaike: Hey, just Ďcause I donít know what it feels like in there donít mean I 
ainít right! Bah, Iím done listeniní to you anyhow. All the Vaike hears is 
the sweet call of the sea!

Frederick: ......

Vaike: Whatís with the grimace? You gettingí constipated or somethiní?

Frederick: Very well. If this is how it must be...

Vaike: Finally cominí around to Teachís way of thinkiní, huh? All right! 
Letís get ya outtaó

Frederick: Unhand me and stand to attention, soldier!

Vaike: Huh? Whatís with you all of a sudden? Did all that sun finally get to 

Frederick: Your slovenly soldering will disgrace this army no longer! You 
will learn the focus and resolve of a warrior, or you will die trying! The 
road to discipline begins here!

Vaike: You gotta be kiddiní me...
Frederick > Vaike

Vaike: *Pant* *huff* *gasp* Canít believe... the Vaike is haviní to... run 
laps in the sand like this... Who woulda thought Frederick could be... so 

Frederick: I donít recall ordering you to take a break! Keep those feet 
moving, soldier! One and two and one and two!

Vaike: Eh?! How are ya always... right behind me? How do ya... keep up in 
that armor?

Frederick: Youíre wasting valuable breath, soldier! One and two and one and 
two! Keep it up!

Vaike: But this sandís so damn... deep... *gasp* I can barely lift my... 

Frederick: Precisely. Running through sand punishes the muscles of the lower 
body. That is why it presents such a fantastic training opportunity.

Vaike: But...*huff*...dammit, it... hurts... I can barely... move... Urgh... 
Just gonna... rest for a second... The Vaikeís...*pant*...his his limit... 

Frederick: It is only by pushing beyond oneís limit that new strength can be 
attained. You wish to become stronger, do you not? Then you cannot waste this 
opportunity. Back at it, soldier!

Vaike: B-but Iíve been running for hours! I must be plenty strong by... 
now... *Pant* *gasp* P-please... The Vaikeís begginí you... Just lemme... 
take a quick dip... Between the sweat and the sun, Iím gonna shrivel up and 
die here!

Frederick: *Sigh* Very well. I suppose it canít be helped.

Vaike: R-really...?! Youíre gonna... let olí Teach cool off in the drink...?

Frederick: But of course. If youíll just strap these weights on for me 

Vaike: Oh, for the love of the gods!
Frederick x Kellam

Kellam > Frederick

Frederick: Hello, Kellam.

Kellam: Y-you noticed me standing here? I guess nothing gets by the great 
Frederick, huh?

Frederick: What are you talking about? You were standing in plain sight.

Kellam: Well, as you probably know by now, I tend to... lack a strong 
presence. So, uh... thanks.

Frederick: It isnít you who should be thanking me, Kellam. Your presence is 
always felt. And more than that, it is greatly valued. I cannot count the 
number of times you have come to my aid in battle.

Kellam: Wow... It means a lot to me to hear you say that.

Frederick: I only wish that others among our number were as reliable as you. 
And as vigilant...

Kellam: Why, has something happened?

Frederick: Local miscreants have been spotted near the camp. I fear they are 
poised to take advantage of the distraction caused by the brigands. It is up 
to the likes of you and I to remain wary and ever vigilant.

Kellam: Well, you can count on me!

Solider: Forgive the interruption, sir! Thereís been an incident...

Frederick: Wha manner of incident?

Soldier: A burglary, sir! ...All of our swimsuits have been stolen!

Frederick: Damn them. Itís just as I suspected... Cowards and opportunists!

Kellam: The miscreants you mentioned?

Frederick: It would seem so. Men, lead me to the crime scene.

Kellam: Wait. Iím coming too!
Frederick > Kellam

Frederick: Take the prisoner away. See that justice is done.

Soldier: Yes, sir! Thank you for your help, sir!

Frederick: ...... It is you they should be thanking, Kellam. You certainly 
have my gratitude.

Kellam: Oh, I... I didnít really...

Frederick: Please. No need for modesty. You caught the culprit singlehanded. 
Had he escaped, it would have been a huge embarrassment for us all.

Kellam: W-well, Iím just happy to have been useful for once...

Frederick: And yet... I still cannot fathom how you apprehended the rogue 
with such ease...

Kellam: Well, thatís... Itís like I was saying... I donít have much of a 
presence... I was standing outside the tent, and he came out and walked right 
past me. He was looking really shifty, making sure he wasnít being 
followed... But he didnít seem to notice me at all, so I just walked up and 
grabbed him...

Frederick: Intriguing. This lack of presence of yours is beginning to seem 
like a rare talent!

Kellam: I... I dunno about that...

Frederick: And this is not the first time. Did a bandit not once infiltrate 
the Shepherdsí garrison? It was you who captured him, was it not?

Kellam: Oh, right. Yeah. I was napping in the barracks, and the guy didnít 
see me...

Frederick: Then we Shepherds have had reason to give thanks for your gift 
more than once. Kellam, may your gods-given lack of presence continue to 
protect us all!

Kellam: Um... Thanks? Never thought Iíd hear anyone talk about it quite like 
Frederick x Libra

Libra > Frederick

Frederick: Libra! Thank the gods. I was hoping I might run into you.

Libra: Hello, Frederick. Is there something I can assist you with?

Frederick: I have sinned... deeply and frequently. Unforgivably, in fact! Oh, 

Libra: Now, now. Try to remain calm. Were you hoping to confess these sins?

Frederick: Yes, absolutely. I... I must.

Libra: Then I would hear your confession. Naturally, anything you say will be 
kept in the strictest confidence, so try to relax. All right. Whenever youíre 

Frederick: Thank you. The truth is... lately, I have struggled to keep my 
devotion to my masters in check. And Iím terrified that Chrom and Lissa have 
come to despise me for it!

Libra: I... I see... But isnít such loyalty considered to be a virtue?

Frederick: Well, in general, yes...

Libra: Then perhaps it would help if you confessed some specific sins.

Frederick: Very well. Let me see... For one, I decorated the walls of my tent 
with paintings of my beloved masters. I find it so inspiring to wake to their 
images each morning! But when the two of then discovered this, they did not 
seem pleased.

Libra: ......

Frederick: Next... I found a year in Chromís smallclothes and set about 
mending it. When he saw this, he angrily ordered me not to trouble myself 
with such trifles...

Libra: Wait, none of these are sió

Frederick: And then, on a cold morning, I thought to warm Lissaís shoes at my 
breast. But when she found me, she told me to take my own shoes and shove 
them up myó

Libra: YES! Yes, I understand, Frederick. To be fair, that does sound a tad 
excessive, but still, I really wouldnít call it aó

Frederick: Oh, but Iíve only just begun! That was a mere taste of my 
countless transgressions! I can think of at least another 120 with very 
little effort indeed...

Libra: Which means the full total must be truly staggering...

Frederick: Precisely! Which is why I had hoped that you might ask Naga to 
forgive me...

Libra: Iím not quite sure itís Nagaís forgiveness you need. Have you ever 
considered spending a little time apart from your masters?

Frederick: What?! But... But I...!

Libra: Sometimes a bit of distance is needed in order to gain the proper 

Frederick: I... I suppose youíre right. I shall endeavor to give this a 
Frederick > Libra

Frederick: *Sigh*

Libra: Frederick?

Frederick: Ohhhh... *Sigh*

Libra: Frederick? Are you okay? Frederick!

Frederick: *Sigh* Chrom... Lissa...

Libra: I call his name, but he doesnít hear... I shake him, but he doesnít 
respond... How am I supposed to get through to him? ...... Thereís nothing 
else for it, is there? Gods, forgive me for the sin I am about to commit...

Frederick: O-ow! What in theó?! Oh, itís you, Libra. Why would you strike me 
so fiercely? What were you thinking?!

Libra: I might as you the same thing. Is it wise to be moping listlessly 
around the battlefield like this?

Frederick: Perhaps not... But I have been trying to spend time apart from my 
masters as you advised. And the harder I try, the more preoccupied with them 
I become.

Libra: Hmm. Your condition is worse than I thought. We may have to look into 
a more gradual course of treatment...

Frederick: But it cannot wait! The longer it takes, the more their contempt 
for me will deepen!

Libra: You neednít worry about that. I discussed the matter with them 
earlieróin a roundabout way, of course.

Frederick: Y-you did?! And what did you learn?

Libra: I sensed no anger or contempt at all. I did perceive a desire for you 
to temper some of your more... excessive behavior. But for the most part, 
they seemed to accept and appreciate your devotion.

Frederick: Truly, my lords are too kind. But it seems I must learn to resist 
the urge to... debase myself.

Libra: Only once you learn to respect yourself will they be able to truly 
respect you.

Frederick: I understand. Henceforth, I shall strive to serve milord and lady 
without doing myself a disservice.

Libra: I think that would be best for everyone.

Frederick: Then it is decided! And the first to know all about it shall be my 
beloved masters! Chrom! Lissa! Iím coming!
(Frederick leaves)

Libra: *Sigh* It looks like working through this may take a bit longer than I 

Sully x Panne

Panne > Sully

Sully: I've never told anyone this, but... I love rabbits. Big fan.

Panne: That was... out of the blue. What is this about? 

Sully: It's true. I used to have one for a pet when I was a kid. She kicked 
the bucket, though. Nothing crazy---just got old. It was like losing family, 
though. Real tough. After that, I made do with a stuffed rabbit. I'd take her 
to bed with me every night.

Panne: ...I still don't understand why you're telling me this. Are you trying 
to convince me of something? Perhaps that under that bluff, mannish exterior, 
you're as girly as the next woman?

Sully: What? No, nothing of the sort! Where'd you get that fool idea?

Panne: Then what AM I supposed to make of your ridiculous story? Are you 
saying you want me to take the place of your pet rabbit?

Sully: NO! Dammit, why does there have to be a reason?! I was just feeling 
nostalgic, that's all. When I saw you, I thought of my bunny. It popped into 
my head all of a sudden, so I went and blurted out the story. Needless to 
say, I wish I hadn't...

Panne: I suppose you meant no harm... But remember, we taguel were hunted to 
near extinction by your kind. And one reason we were hunted was to be given 
to young man-spawn as pets. Loved for a while, then disposed of when we grew 
too large...  
(Panne leaves) 

Sully: ...Damn, I had no idea. No wonder she's ticked off. I hope there's 
some way I can make it up to her...
Sully > Panne

Sully: Mmph... So soft and cuddly... ...Bwa? Where am I?! Was I asleep? Last 
thing I remember, I was standing on the beach...The sun beating down...I 
started feeling dizzy, and--- 

Panne: Good, you're awake. I became worried when you suddenly keeled over.

Sully: Panne?! Have you been here with me this whole time? 

Panne: I have. Did you enjoy your dream? Was it about rabbits, by any chance?

Sully: Huh? How did you---?! Waaait a sec. You didn't turn into a rabbit and 
snuggle up into my arms, did you?

Panne: ...I thought it might help. 

Sully: You did that for me... even after I said all that insensitive crap 

Panne: ...After I considered it for a spell, I realized that you meant no 
insult. Your face lit up when you talked about your pet rabbit. I saw that, 
yet I was harsh with you. For that, I apologize.

Sully: N-no way! Water under the bridge! ...And thanks for comforting me.

Panne: Heh. It was terribly hot being clutched in your arms under the blazing 
sun, you know. I came close to abandoning you on more than one occasion.

Sully: Hey, I was hot too. Holding on to that ball of fur was like cuddling a 
baked potato... But it was nice, too, and I didn't wanna let go. It was like 
I had my old bunny back.

Panne: I'm glad I could help.

Sully: You know, the thing that bugs me is that she died without ever saying 
a word to me. Yeah, yeah, I know... she was a rabbit, and she couldn't talk, 
so duh. But that didn't stop me from wishing she could. I always wondered 
what she thought of me. Did she like being with me? Did she like being my 
pet? Did I make her happy?

Panne: Well, look at it this way: Did you enjoy your time with her?

Sully: Of course I did.

Panne: Then you have nothing to worry about. Rabbits are sensitive animals, 
and they can pick up on your emotions very easily. When she looked you in the 
eye, she knew she was loved. Of that I'm certain.

Sully: ...Ha! I like talkin' to you, Panne. You know how to cheer a girl up. 
Let's do it again sometime, okay? Like right after this fight, maybe.
Sully x Nowi

Nowi > Sully

Nowi: Check it out, Sully! It's the OCEAN!

Sully: Sure is. Full of swaying palms and a crapload of gold sand. It's kinda 
like looking at a postcard from a holiday resort, eh?

Nowi: Holiday resort?

Sully: Yeah. Don't tell me you don't have resorts in the manakete world? 
Resorts are these vacation spots people go to when they wanna relax. They've 
usually got eateries and shops and lots of other little diversions.

Nowi: Wow, that sounds like SO much fun!

Sully: They're not bad. Hell of a lot better than a normal seashore, anyway. 
Some of the guys were saying that we should take a vacation here when the 
war's done.

Nowi: Oh man, that would be amazing! We could collect shells, build sand 
castles... Oh, and eat fruit! Lots of delicious, tropical fruit! Hee hee! I 
can't wait! Actually, scratch the vacation---we should just come live here 

Sully: Live here, eh? Lemme ask you something, Nowi...

Nowi: Ooh, lemme guess! You wanna know why the ocean gets angry sometimes, 
right?! Well, it turns out there's an old manakete king sleeping far beneath 
the sea. Whenever he snores, it causes big waves to come crashing into the 
sand! Isn't that crazy?

Sully: Uh, yeah... sure is. Who told you that story, anyway?

Nowi: Um... gosh. Who told me that one...? Ohh, I remember! It was a wise old 
manakete I once knew. He was a friend from a long, long time ago.

Sully: "He"? I didn't know there were any male manaketes. Figured you were 
all girls---Wait, why are we talking about this? That's not what I wanted to 
ask! When you were listing all that stuff to do on vacation, you forgot the 
best thing of all... Swimming! If you're hanging around the beach, you gotta 
go for a swim, right?

Nowi: Tra-la-laaaa! The beach is so much fun! All the sand and palms and sun!

Sully: ...And suddenly she bursts into song. I think I get it now. You can't 
swim, can you?

Nowi: WHAT?! That's CRAZY talk! ME? Not able to SWIM?! I can't believe you'd 
even say something like that! That's just so... MEAN! *sniff*   
(Nowi leaves)

Sully: Yeeeep. It's as I expected----she can't swim. Poor kid...
Sully > Nowi

Sully: Nowi! Hold up.

Nowi: Oh. Hello, Sully.

Sully: Listen, I want to apologize about earlier. I didn't mean to upset you.

Nowi: .......

Sully: Fact is, there are lots of ways to enjoy the beach. You don't HAVE to 
go swimming. Hell, lots of people don't go in the water, but it doesn't stop 
'em having fun, right?

Nowi: I guess so... Thanks, Sully... But actually, I thought about it a bit, 
and I think I agree with what you said. What's the point in coming out to the 
seaside if you don't go in the actual sea? That seems like a total waste, 
right? So... I came up with a brilliant idea! I'm going to learn how to 
swim... and YOU'RE gonna teach me!

Sully: What? The hell I am! ...Er, that is, I, uh, I meant everything I said 
just now. If you don't wanna swim, you don't have to. It's not like it's the 
law or anything! If the gods wanted us in the water, they would've given us 
flippers and gills, right? But nope, not us. Just two legs. Er, and in your 
case, a tail, I suppose...

Nowi: Waaait a minute. Don't tell me---!

Sully: Don't tell you what? Wh-why are you looking at me like that?!

Nowi: ......

Sully: S-stop staring at me, dammit! I mean it! ...Aw, crap, FINE! All right, 
I confess: I can't swim either!

Nowi: Ha ha! I KNEW it! ...But why did you pretend that you could?

Sully: Well... I've been searching around for someone who could help me 
learn. I figured if I could get you into the water, I could paddle alongside, 
pick up some tips.

Nowi: Hey, that gives me a great idea! Why don't we learn together?! Don't 
worry---it'll be totally safe! If it seems like we're about to drown, I'll 
turn into a dragon and rescue us both!

Sully: Har! Talk about overkill. Can't deny I'd welcome the peace of mind, 
though...All right, you're on. Let's clear out the rest of these brigands and 
then go for a swim!

Nowi: Yippee! We're gonna make a great swim team, you and me!
Sully x Cherche

Cherche > Sully

Sully: Not bad... I'm impressed!

Cherche: By what?

Sully: The way you ran that last foe through. Smooth and efficient. You 
looked damn good when you were doing it too. Real ladylike. Not many women 
can pull that off---not with a battle going on, anyway.

Cherche: Well, thank you, Sully. But really, I only did what I always do...

Sully: Yeah, I know. Just never got around to mentioning it before. So what's 
your secret, anyway?

Cherche: I don't know if I have one. To be honest, I've never thought about 
it until now... Unlike you, it seems! You've clearly put a lot of thought 
into it, and it shows. I mean, a lot of people think you're very attractive, 
both on the battlefield and off...

Sully: Hah! Yeah, maybe. But it's usually women who say so---not so much men. 
You're different, though. You've got a special kind of feminine charm. It's a 
tough thing to learn, but you seem to have it down pat. I gotta say, I'm 
pretty envious...

Cherche: That's awfully nice of you, but...can we maybe talk about something 
else now?

Sully: Aw, crap! I'm making you uncomfortable, aren't I? Sorry about that...

Cherche: No, no, it's fine. It's just this particular topic reminds me of 
something... irritating.

Sully: Irritating, huh? Give me one guess. Something to do with Virion?

Cherche: Yes, exactly. How did you know?

Sully: Well, "irritating" and "Ruffles" go hand in hand in my mind.

Cherche: Heh, I see...  Anyway, I'm a little tired now. Do you mind if we 
take this up later?

Sully: Sure thing, Cherche.
Sully > Cherche

Cherche: Hey, Sully? Do you have a moment? It's about our conversation 

Sully: What, the one about you and Ruffles?

Cherche: That's the one. I think you know, but I once served in Virion's 
household retinue. I was supposed to be a knight, but in that manor, I often 
felt more like a servant. He liked me right away, and for better or worse, I 
soon became his favorite retainer. Somehow, I found myself spending more and 
more time with him in the house. Which is how I ended up doing household 
chores, for want of anything better to do...

Sully: The hell you did! Didn't he have any maids?

Cherche: Oh, yes. Lots of them! It was a grand manor... That was the problem, 
though. He had no shortage of staff to look after him. So when I was thrown 
into their midst, the maids naturally viewed me with suspicion. Why was a 
knight doing their chores? Did I have "ulterior motives"? I had to work hard 
to fit in, to be even more maid-like than the best of them. At the same time, 
I had to remember I was a knight and bear myself accordingly. It wasn't easy, 
especially in the beginning. But in the end, I got them to accept me.

Sully: Riiight... And you think that explains your ladylike poise in battle, 
huh? How you can look like a hard-ass but be all dainty and feminine at the 
same time?

Cherche: Well, I'm not sure I'd use the word "hard-ass", but... maybe. I know 
it's farfetched, but it's the only explanation that makes sense to me. I'm a 
knight first and foremost... but inside, I'm a lady too. 

Sully: Sounds like one hell of a jugglin' act, but you pull it off with 
aplomb. Wish I could say the same!

Cherche: Oh, I bet you could do it if you put your mind to it. Why don't we 
give it a go?

Sully: ...Come again?

Cherche: Aren't you tired of being mistaken for a man and cursing like a 
sailor? This seaside resort is the perfect place to get in touch with your 
feminine side...Here, why don't you slip into this swimsuit and show off your 
womanly charms?

Sully: You have GOT to be kidding me! I ain't puttin' on no damn swimsuit in 
the middle of a fight!

Cherche: But you haven't even seen it yet! At least take a look. I chose it 
especially for you!

Sully: ...The hell? You call THAT a swimsuit?! It looks like it's made outta 
wyvern scales or something...

Cherche: That's exactly what it's made of! This is special combat swimwear, 
you see. Light enough to swim in, but with full battle protection. The best 
of both worlds! And on the back, it even has a little pair of wyvern wings to 
complete the look! *Sigh* Isn't it wonderful? This is just about the most 
perfect swimsuit I've ever seen!

Sully: If you say so... Just looks plain weird to me. Look, when it comes to 
womanly charms and all that crap, I admit you've got me beat. But gods strike 
me down if don't have the strangest taste in swimwear...

Virion x Donnel

Donnel > Virion

Donnel: ......

Virion: I am warm enough without the heat of your gaze, Donnel. Can I help 

Donnel: No, sir! I was just admiriní yer noble fanciness, is all. Reckon 
there ainít nobody dresses as nice, nor walks and talks quite the way ya do. 
Iím awfully sorry for gapiní, but we donít see so many folks like you back 
where Iím from.

Virion: Ah! Of course I understand, Donnel. Your reaction is entirely 
natural. I was born into nobility and raised to take pride in my breeding. 
One might even say that I am the perfect gentleman! So I daresay I cut a 
rather awe-inspiring figure to the likes of your good self...

Donnel: Wow, youíre as confident as a bull in a rut! I sure do wish I could 
be just like ya!

Virion: Do you indeed? Then I suspect you do not know the true burden of high 

Donnel: Ya donít say?

Virion: I do. While it is proper for you to envy your betters, youíre seeing 
only the surface. Yes, it is true we nobles live in a world of splendor and 
majesty... We dress in the finest clothes... We cavort with the finest of 
maidens... We feast upon the finest delicacies! And all with the utmost ease 
and grace. I imagine a commoner like yourself often dreams of such a 
seemingly charmed life.

Donnel: You bet yer right arm I do!

Virion: Ahh, dear, simple Donnel... Would that my life were as carefree as 
you imagine it. But alas, no. When we next speak, I shall tell you the other 
side of this sad tale...

Donnel: Well, shoot, I donít rightly know what yer talkiní about, but sure! 
Much obliged!
Virion > Donnel

Donnel: If yer still fixiní to tell me more about beiní a bigwig, Virion, Iíd 
sure like to hear it!

Virion: Ah, but of course. I promised to tell you of the woes of noble birth. 
Very well... Now, I suspect you have often bemoaned the idleness of the 
ruling classes, yes?

Donnel: Sure have! We simple folk work doggone hard from cocks crow to 
sundown! But ainít one of us could afford to buy so much as a simple crown or 
carriage or...

Virion: I sympathize deeply, of course. But do you really think we nobles are 
without hardship?

Donnel: Hardship like hoeiní turnips till yer backís fit to break, ya mean? I 
sorta doubt it...

Virion: As I have stated, I am sympathetic to the daily tribulations of the 
peasantry. But you must understandówe nobles spend our days with our very 
lives on the line!

Donnel: Yer very lives, huh?

Virion: Indeed. We are expected to protect our subjects, no matter what the 
cost. In times of conflict, we stand on the front lines with our weapons 
drawn. We must be a shield to protect the people. And at times, we must die 
for them. This is our duty. And it is one we may neither shirk not shrink 
from. Such is the burden of nobility.

Donnel: I reckon I can see what yer gettiní at... So yer lives may look 
mighty easy, but all that lollygagginí comes at a price?

Virion: Precisely, my dear Donnel! I am so pleased that you understand!

Donnel: So yer like heroes, huh? Charginí to the rescue when the common folk 
are in danger! Well, shuck my corn, I oughta tell ya that makes me feel a 
dang sight safer. Itís mighty nice knowiní yer all set to throw down yer life 
for me at the drop of a hat!

Virion: P-pardon me?! Why would Ió?!

Donnel: Why, Ďcause Iím a lowly, hard-workiní peasant, and yer a big, mighty 
lord! Werenít ya just sayiní how itís yer duty to protect us little folks?

Virion: Ah, well, I should clarify that a noblemanís duty is to the peasants 
of his fiefó

Donnel: Yee-haw, it sure is a load off knowiní I got my own personal 
bodyguard! Thanks for lookiní out for me, Yer Honor! And keep up the good 
(Donnel leaves)

Virion: N-no, Donnel, you misunderstand, Ió ...And heís gone. *Sigh* It seems 
we still have a few misconceptions to address...
Virion x Lon'qu

Lon'qu > Virion

Lon'qu: ...Virion.

Virion: Why, if it isnít Lon'qu! What a pleasant surprise. And how may I be 
of service?

Lon'qu: Youíre a skilled archer, are you not? I need to make use of your arm.

Virion: How could I refuse such eloquent praise? I would be delighted to 
assist you! But what, pray tell, do you require of me.

Lon'qu: I want you to fire arrows at me.

Virion: Er... my! And why, may I ask, would you make such a rash and reckless 

Lon'qu: They don't need to be real arrows. Practice arrows will do fine. This 
sand makes it hard to move. I need to hone my evasive maneuvers.

Virion: Ahh, so this is the method behind your seeming madness? Your 
diligence, as ever, impresses me deeply. I hold such ambition and 
determination as yours in high regard indeed! Even a nobleman such as I may 
learn from your example.

Lon'qu: ...So youíll do it?

Virion: Hmm...

Lon'qu: Delighted to assist me, was it?

Virion: Ah ha ha! Well, of course I am! But please indulge me for a moment 
first. Pray, look around youónote the sunís rays beating on the sand, the 
crashing waves... I long to cavort gaily amidst such beauty! ...In a noble 
and refined fashion, of course. And yet, you would have me participate in a 
crude display of machismo instead? I cannot help but fear this might cause 
distress to the many fair maidens present...

Lon'qu: Funny you should mention that. I heard some of the local women 
talking earlier. They were saying how impressive you look when you fire that 
bow of yours.

Virion: *Ahem* So! Tell me, Lon'qu, where exactly would you like me to aim?

Lon'qu: ......
Virion > Lon'qu

Virion: Mercy me, however did I allow myself to get caught up in such 
foolishness? *Sigh* Sometimes my boundless generosity surprises even 
myself... I must end this quickly, that I may return to the delights of 

Lon'qu:  Argh! Damn it! How do you keep hitting me?!

Virion: A lackluster effort, dear friend. Let us try once more.

Lon'qu: Oww!

Virion: Even practice arrows sting when they strike straight and true. Come, 
end this folly.

Lon'qu: It makes no sense! Even standing in this sand, I should be able to do 

Virion: Heh... Whether the sport be archery or seduction, I always hit my 

Lon'qu: How does the simpering fool always manage toó Argh!

Virion: My dear Lon'qu. Have you yet to see what hinders you? You lack focus, 
friend! You have done so from the start! It is the warm and pleasant 
atmosphere of the beach, I imagine. It is causing even one so strenuously 
uptight as yourself to relax his guard.

Lon'qu: What?!

Virion: It seems I have hit the nail on the head! Like... so!

Lon'qu: Yargh!

Virion: Surely even you have punished yourself enough by now? Shall we end 

Lon'qu: ...Very well. I must train myself to stop being swayed by 
distractions. Tell me, how do you stay so focused in a place like this?

Virion: An intriguing question. I believe it is my ability to enter another 
mental realm. One where I am able to act appropriately, regardless of 
circumstances. One must remain detached... objective... Therein lies the key.

Lon'qu: Interesting... Sorry to make you do this in the middle of a battle.

Virion: Think nothing of it. It has proved more of a fruitful exercise than I 
imagined! We must ensure that our post battle frolics are equally fruitful. 
Share we formulate a plan of approach for the fair maidens on the beach?

Lon'qu: "We"? I donít think so.

Virion: Oh? And why is that? Naturally youíll be joining me!

Lon'qu: I will?

Virion: Surely you donít intend to refuse me after I have assisted you so?

Lon'qu: Rrgh... I... I suppose not...
Virion x Gaius

Gaius > Virion

Virion: *Slurp* Ahh, nothing quite stirs the soul like a fine cup of tea on 
the battlefield.

Gaius: Crivens, Virion, are you seriously drinking tea in the middle of a 
fight? What's wrong with you?

Virion: Ah, hello, Gaius. Even in the throes of battle, one mustn't neglect 
life's essential pleasures. Though I regret to note that on this occasion, my 
pleasure is incomplete. Why, you ask? Because I lack a suitable confection to 
accompany this excellent infusion!

Gaius: Yeah? Well, boohoo for you, I guess. This isn't the time nor the 
place. Now if you're done waving your pinky in the air, how about getting 
back into formation? 

Virion: Why, from whence comes this unseemly haste? I simply must have my 
sweet, sir. And I believe that you are the very man to provide it. Bring 
hither a cake!

Gaius: Are you serious? I think you've confused me with your kitchen boy, 
fancy man.

Virion: Come now. The entire army knows your pockets are ever abrim with 

Gaius: And what if they are? Maybe you missed this the first time; we're in a 
BATTLE. I don't have time to stand around serving you cakes out of my secret 
stash. And even if I did---I wouldn't. Sweets as good as mine don't come 

Virion: ...Oh? So you're saying your cakes are of an exceedingly fine 

Gaius: You bet your arched eyebrows they are. I've got agents all over, 
buying up only the very best of the best sweets. It took a lot of hard work 
to build up those contacts and figure out all the logistics. Not that a 
pampered noble like you would understand the meaning of hard work...

Virion: Hah! Fair enough. But hmm...How much would it take, I wonder...   
*Gasp* Where are you going?! Gaius, wait! Come back here! I haven't told you 
my offer! *Sigh* And with that, he was gone, depriving poor Virion of his 
just deserts...
Virion > Gaius

Virion: Ah, Gaius, my good man. Might I have a word? 

Gaius: Huh? Oh. You again.

Virion: The very same! I was hoping we might resolve the matter of my 

Gaius: This again? Look, Your Lordship, I'm not your servant. Find another 

Virion: Now, now, Gaius. Don't be so hasty. You have yet to hear my offer.

Gaius: Offer? As in... you give me something I want in exchange?

Virion: Precisely! You present me with a sweet, and I present you with cold, 
hard coin. Come now. Name your price, and we'll see if the contents of my 
purse are sufficient.

Gaius: Seven hells, but you nobles are all alike. You think money can buy you 

Virion: Well, to be fair, it has seldom failed me in the past...But tell me, 
Gaius: Are you always this ill tempered?

Gaius: Only when I'm dealing with highborn fools who think they can buy 
anything they like.

Virion: But highborn or low, where is the harm in offering value for value? 
You have something I want, yes? I offer to pay you, and you name your price. 
When someone asks a favor of you, it's only reasonable to expect something in 

Gaius: All right, fine. You want one of my sweets? Then give me that drool 
bib of yours. I could do with one of those to keep the jam and crumbs off my 

Virion: ...Drool bib? Are you referring to my velvet cravat? If you are, I'm 
afraid I must refuse. I cannot part with this.

Gaius: Suit yourself. Then we're done here.

Virion: How unfortunate...*sigh* All I really wanted was to sit down with you 
for a cup of tea...

Gaius: Huh? 

Virion: Though we fight side by side, we've had little time to speak face-to-
face. What better occasion than this to rectify such a regrettable omission? 
What better place than here, on the golden beach, shaded by the swaying 

Gaius: *Sigh* If that's what you wanted, why didn't you just say so?

Virion: Am I to take it by your tone that you would look favorably on such a 

Gaius: ...I might. 

Virion: Excellent! I have your word then. We'll take tea at the earliest 
opportunity! ...But not before we've driven away these bothersome brigands. 

Gaius: *Sigh* All right, all right... You've talked me into it.

Virion: Wonderful. Then let us join forces and vanquish these foes!

Gaius: Right with you, Your Lordship.

Stahl x Vaike

Stahl > Vaike

Vaike: Ain't over there...  And it sure ain't over here...  Did it get swept 
out to sea...?  Nah, it couldn't haveóI had it when I sliced that brigand! 
Man, this is drivin' me nuts... Did it get buried in the sand? Like, so 
covered I can't even see it? I know you're somewhere on this beach, baby! The 
Vaike'll find ya somehow! Man, Teach ain't got time to waste... Time to break 
out the ol' Clearcutter!

Stahl: Vaike, there's a battle going on! What are you doing over here?

Vaike: I lost my better half! She's gotta be buried here somewhere...

Stahl: Oh? You lost your axe again, huh? Did you try lookingó

Vaike: Quiet! The Vaike can handle this! Just gotta get rid of this sand with 
the Clearcutter...

Stahl: Clearcutter... That's one of your special moves, right? And how does 
it go again?

Vaike: Huh? Well, I just grip the ol' axe low, like this, and start a-

Stahl: You grip your axe, huh? And what was it you were looking for again?

Vaike: You take a blow to the head, Stahl? I just told you! My beloved-- 

Stahl: You've been holding it the entire time.

Vaike: I have, huh... Uh, I meanówhoa! Where'd ya come from, baby?

Stahl: I just told you, you were holding it the entiró

Vaike: Then why in the seven halls didn't ya say so in the first place?

Stahl: I didn't think I needed to! It was right there in your hand!

Vaike: You don't get it, huh? This axe is like a part of the Vaike! How's a 
guy supposed to notice somethin' that's always there? I mean, I bet you just 
never up and think,  "Whoa, here are my arms!"

Stahl: Uh... no. No, I don't... But I think I get what you're saying. 
Sometimes my weapon feels like a part of me too...

Vaike: It does, huh? Then how come you ain't holdin' it?

Stahl: Huh? Itís rightóHey! My lance!

Vaike: See? I bet it's buried in the sand somewhere! Hah!
Vaike > Stahl

Stahl: Vaike, I found it! I found my lance! See that umbrella over there? 
Look familiar?

Vaike: Huh? The brigands are usin' it as an umbrella pole? Wish I thought of 

Stahl: That lance has saved countless lives! It can't be used to prop up an 

Vaike: Well, that's why ya gotta respect your weapon! Ya can't let it outta 
your sight!

Stahl: Huh? You're one to talk! *sigh* Anyway, what are we going to do?

Vaike: Whaddya think we're gonna do? Bash some heads and get it back, of 

Stahl: I guess so. I'd never be able to look you in the eye again 

Vaike: Huh? What's this got to do with the Vaike?

Stahl: Come on, Vaike! Donít tell me you've forgotten? Don't you remember the 
promise we made? Right after we joined the Shepherds?

Vaike: Oh, that? Yeah, some sappy junk about always bein' there for each 
other, right?

Stahl: Uh, no... Has the heat gone to your head or something?

Vaike: Nah, ol' Teach is just messin' with ya. Of course I remember! I 
crossed my axe with your lance, and we vowed to become great warriors 

Stahl: Exactly! So to lose the very weapon I swore upon would be to fail 
completely in my vow.

Vaike: Hey, if you're a failure for losin' a weapon once, what does that say 
about me?

Stahl: Heh. It says we both still have a long way to go...

Vaike: Exactly. So let's get started by moppin' up these chumps!

Stahl:  Good point. This great warrior stuff comes one victory at a time, 
after all.

Vaike: From your lips to Naga's ears, hah! Now let's go crack some skulls!

Stahl: I'm right behind you!
Stahl x Gregor

Gregor > Stahl

Gregor: Stahl! What is reason for standing still with such blank expression?

Stahl: Hm? Oh, hello, Gregor. Did I look blank? I was just staring out over 
the horizon. I like to do that sometimes. It's kind of a habit of mine...

Gregor: You have habit of staring into space? Since when is Stahl becoming 
old man? Why look at boring line where ocean meets sky? Look instead at 
beautiful lines where sunshine meets girls!

Stahl: Uh, which girls are these exactly? The only girls I see are head-to-
toe in armor, brandishing bloodied weapons...

Gregor: ...Ah, yes. Now you are mentioning it, Gregor can see this. Is bad 

Stahl: And besides, for all your talk, you haven't exactly been embracing the 
beach life. I'd imagine you'd be doing more to take advantage of this 
beautiful resort!

Gregor: What? No! Gregor is too old for frolicking in surf! Gregor is content 
to be sitting and watching youthful antics from afar. Give delicious ice 
cream and cold mug of mead, and Gregor is happy man!

Stahl: Well, there you go. I'm the same way. I'd rather sit back and relax 
than splash around in the waves like a child. *Sigh* Listen to me... I DO 
sound like an old man.

Gregor: To Gregor's ears, yes. But if Stahl is fan of such things, then why 
not? Everyone is having own way to enjoy pleasures of holiday, yes? Some 
chase girls and splash in ocean, and others stare into space like zombie.

Stahl: Hmm... I guess you're right. Say, you wanna grab an ice cream when 
this battle's over?

Gregor: Hah! Now you are speaking language of Gregor! We'll show youngsters 
there is more than one way to have wild and crazy time!
Stahl > Gregor

Gregor: Unngh...Woe is Gregor... Feeling sick like dog from too much ice 

Stahl: You do look a bit off color there. Here, I have some medicine that 
might help...

Gregor: But why are you not also groaning in uncompromising, horrible pain? 
You are eating from same bucket of ice cream as Gregor! For skinny man, you 
have strong stomach. Maybe stomach of iron... Unfortunately, Gregor has no 
such iron stomach, urrrgh...

Stahl: Well, my mother always did say I could pack it away...

Gregor: Bah, if Gregor was same age as you, he could be eating twice as much 
ice cream! But now he is aged, and having indigestion, and feeling like 
taking a nap...

Stahl: Taking a nap?! In the middle of a fight?

Gregor: Gregor is old man! Is needing snoozes to be keeping up with young 
folks! *Yawn* See? Cannot be keeping eyes open. Ahh, Gregor is so very, very, 

Stahl: Don't be so hard on yourself---you're not THAT old. You're 

Gregor: Bah! Try to console Gregor as much as you like, but Gregor knows 
truth! He is old! Old as dirt! Soon as he finish eating, fat is instantly 
upon his belly!

Stahl: But that's... Um, maybe it's just your metabolism, or... uh...

Gregor: You are nice boy, but is no use. Gregor is knowing he is old and 
crusted. But your kindness is pleasing. We shall eat ice cream again.

Stahl: Sure, that sounds great! How abut tomorrow?

Gregor: Tomorrow?! Oy! Gregor is still reeling from today's bucket! *Sigh* If 
only Gregor was still spritely spring chicken of years past...

Vaike x Ricken

Ricken > Vaike

Vaike: Cripes, this heat is stifliní... Makes ya wanna hop right in the 
drink, donít it?

Ricken: Uh-huh... Sure...

Vaike: Hey, are you even listeniní? ...Wait, yer readiní a book? Here?!

Ricken: Iíve got a lot of studying to do! I canít afford to fall behind.

Vaike: Lemme tell ya, kidóreadiní books ainít gonna cause no sudden growth 

Ricken: Huh? Whatís that got to do with anything? Reading wonít stunt my 
growth, either!

Vaike: Yeah, maybe not. But you could be usiní that time to pump iron!

Ricken: And I could be using THIS time to study! Would you just like me study 
in peace?

Vaike: Fine, but donít come cryiní to me when your brain boils over!

Ricken: Fortunately, my headís not filled with soup like yours.

Vaike: Hey! I happen to like soup!

Ricken: *Sigh* But I do know what you mean... I know I wonít get to be like 
Chrom just by reading books all the time. Books wonít make me as strong or as 
handsome or as kind...

Vaike: Itís always Chrom, Chrom, Chrom with you, ainít it? Donít you have any 
love for the Vaike?

Ricken: Huh? Well, I mean... youíre pretty buff, I guess? Thatís kinda 

Vaike: Gee, thanks, kid. Iím touched. But all right, letís see... If ya wanna 
get stronger, why donít ya try liftiní that big olí book while you read it? 
You can work your arms while ya work your brainótwo birds, one stone!

Ricken: Thatís actually not a bad idea... especially coming from you!

Vaike: See? Maybe Teachís head ainít so full of soup after all! ...Wait, 
waddaya mean especially cominí from me?!

Ricken: Heh heh. Iím just messing around. Come on, why donít we both give it 
a try?

Vaike: ...All right. Gimme one of them fancy books of yours. Somethiní heavy. 
Maybe Teach can learn a thing or two while heís doiní reps!

Ricken: Sure! We can both try to make up for our respective shortcomings. 
Iíll work on improving my strength... and you can focus on fixing your mental 

Vaike: Sounds like a plóHEEY, wait a minute!
Vaike > Ricken

Ricken: Eleven... Twelve... *pant* Phew... Working out while reading is a lot 
harder than I thought itíd be. The words all blue together... Just looking at 
them is giving me a headache! Hmm... Oh, I know! Iíll just lay the book flat 
on the ground and do push-ups over it! Okay... One, and... Two... No, this is 
even worse. My sweat is dripping all over the pages.

Vaike: Greetings, dear Ricken!

Ricken: Hey, Vaike. Man, this whole reading-and-working-out thing is a real 
pain. Hey, wait a secondówhy are you talking like that?

Vaike: Why, whatever do ya mean, my good lad?

Ricken: A-are you okay?

Vaike: Me? I feel wondrous! I assure you there is no cause for alarm.

Ricken: I think there isóyou sound like youíve swallowed a dictionary!

Vaike: Ha! The VaióI mean, Ióhave educated myself by reading the book you 
lent me. Did you know that the three fundamental types of magic are fire, 
wind and thunder?

Ricken: Of course I knew that!

Vaike: Additionally, there is dark magic, which cannot be cast by 
conventional sorcerers. It is said that the people of Plegia are especially 
adept at using dark magic.

Ricken: Yes, it isóby everybody who knows anything! But, hmm... It does seem 
like youíve been studying hard. If you keep this up, soon  no oneíll need me 
around anymore...

Vaike: It is indeed true that I have found great stimulation in the world of 
scholarship. Why, I may even be tempted to lay down my axe and pursue a life 
of study! Heh heó Ugh!

Ricken: Huh? Vaike? Vaike! He... he just collapsed! Vaike?! Speak to me!

Vaike: Unnnnngh... Head... hurts... Like wakiní from a nightmare...

Ricken: Whoa. Maybe your brain got overloaded by the sudden rush of 
activity... Like, it shut down from having absorbed more information than it 
can process...

Vaike: Huh? The Vaikeís what did what, now? You sayiní you know somethiní?

Ricken: Umm... No! No, I... I have no idea. I just found you lying here. 

Vaike: Huh! Well, whatever. Olí Teach is feeliní right as rain after that 
little nap! Letís get back to kickiní brigand butt, shall we?

Ricken: S-sure, letís do that! (I think Iíll just keep this little episode to 

Miriel x Sumia

Miriel > Sumia

Miriel: ...... ...... ......

Sumia: Er... Miriel?

Miriel: I am quite well, thank you.

Sumia: O-oh, really? Thatís good to hear. ...But what I was actually going to 
ask is: Why are you staring at me like that?

Miriel: I would prefer it if you refrained from addressing me directly. It is 
imperative that you pretend Iím not here, or the results will be compromised.

Sumia: The results? What results?

Miriel: The results of my observations, of course.

Sumia: Observations...? Er,  what observations?

Miriel: Iím trying to determine if you are a simple clod, or if your 
clumsiness is in fact an act. Dissimulation intended to elicit attention and 
sympathy from male colleagues.

Sumia: What?! You think I PRETEND to fall over just for attention? That is so 
unfair! Iím a little clumsy sometimes, but never on purpose, and never EVER 
to attract men!

Miriel: You seem defensive, but I mean you no offense. I find it admirable 
that you can turn an apparent failing to your advantage.

Sumia: B-but I donít! Iím not that kind of person!

Miriel: Fascinating. You seem sincere. Perhaps the behavior is induced 
subconsciously. Could this be evidence of a naturally occurring reproductive 
strategy? Itís hardly difficult to deduce how such a solution would self-
perpetuate. Displays of helplessness serve to attract mates of a protective 
predisposition. This in turn increases the likelihood of infant survival... 
Itís really quite simple.

Sumia: Um... what?

Miriel: Please continue. Pay me no mind. I must see your charms in action.

Sumia: All right, Miriel, thatís enough! I donít LIKE being a klutz, okay? I 
hate it!

Miriel: Good, good! The quivering lip, the tearful eyes... These are powerful 
signals. Males of the requisite predisposition will begin to congregate 
around you shortly.

Sumia: GAH! Miriel! You can be SUCH aó Whoooa-AAARGH!

Miriel: Sumia?

Sumia: Now look what you made me do! Iím absolutely COVERED in sand.

Miriel: Truly fascinating...
Sumia > Sumia

Miriel: Sumia.

Sumia: What do you want? ...Youíre not here to stare at me again, are you?

Miriel: That wonít be necessary. I have amassed all the data I require. The 
evidence is overwhelming. All that remains is for me to deliver my 

Sumia: Your... conclusion?

Miriel: My objective was to determine whether or not your frequent pratfalls 
were deliberate. The inescapable conclusion is that they are.

Sumia: Whaó?! No way! Y-youíve made a mistake! You must have!

Miriel: Iím afraid not. Did I not observe you practicing your poses before a 
mirror earlier?

Sumia: *Gasp*

Miriel: You were plainly trying to determine the angle from which you looked 
most pitiable. Now, come! Confess all! The role of the bumbling clod is 
naught but pretense! A ruse subtly and deliberately enacted to attract the 
attentions of men!

Sumia: Miriel... Why, you... Tee hee hee hee hee... BWAH HA HA HA HA HAH! 
Very well! I confess! Every word you say is true! And I wouldíve gotten away 
with it, too, if it werenít for your meddling experiments! My clumsiness, the 
silly flower fortunes... all of them carefully calculated lies. Every 
bumbling pratfall, every empty-headed utterance... meant only to attract men. 
But donít think Iím sorry. No, not one bit! Allís fair in love and war, 
sister. A girl has the right to use every weapon in her arsenal. EVERY ONE!

Miriel: ...Indeed. It is as I long suspected.

Sumia: And you just HAD to go and find me out, didnít you? But now you know 
something you werenít supposed to know... And Iím going to have to make sure 
no one else ever learns my secret!

Miriel: Wh-whatever do you m-mean? ...What do you intend to do?!

Sumia: Hee hee! Youíre the clever one. Why donít YOU figure it out? Do you 
REALLY think Iím going to let you blab this to everyone in the army?

Miriel: B-but... surely you wouldnít...? Not that? Y-youíre not the type... 
Ugh... Uwaaargh... M-my head is starting to spin... My vision grows 
blurred... I hear voices... in the distance...
(Time passes)

Sumia: óiriel? Ėhear me? Miriel?! Miriel, are you okay?! MIRIEL?!

Miriel: ...WAH! Whoó? Wható? What just happened to me?

Sumia: I donít know! You said you were feeling light headed, and then you 
keeled over! I was so worried... It looked like youíd seen a ghost or 

Miriel: You tended to me as I lay unconscious?

Sumia: Of course! Friends are supposed to look after each other, right?

Miriel: Did I...? Did I just imagine all that? About your... dissimulation?

Sumia: My dissimu-what? What are you talking about?

Miriel: Oh... heh... N-nothing at all... Please ignore me. No, of course 
not... How could one so guileless ever hope to maintain an elaborate charade? 
Sumia, I am truly sorry I doubted you, even if it was in the midst of a 
feverish vision.

Sumia: Er, sure? But I donít know why youíre apologizing... But hey, look! 
The colorís come back into your cheeks! Youíre going to be just fine.

Miriel: Yes, I feel much improved already. You have my gratitude, Sumia.

Sumia: Hey, anytime!
Miriel x Maribelle

Miriel > Maribelle

Maribelle: Oh my... This heat is absolutely, unutterably unbearable! What 
have I done to the gods to deserve such unjust punishment? Do they mean to 
blemish my perfect, porcelain skin with this scorching sun? Or do they think 
my darling, dainty parasol enough to fend off these ravaging rays? And to add 
insult to injury, I must watch these fools frolic in the sand like children? 
The heat has clearly melted away what little reason they had in the first 
place... Wouldnít you agree, Miriel?

Miriel: ......

Maribelle: *Sigh* Deep in study again, arenít you? I must say I admire your 
strength of will, maintaining focus in the infernal heat... Or have you cast 
some sort of spell to keep yourself cool?

Miriel: No such spell exists. I simply cannot squander the opportunity to 
study this behavior in the field.

Maribelle: And what behavior might that be?

Miriel: The loss of human inhibition in response to intense sunlight. It is 
truly an intriguing phenomenon.

Maribelle: Well, it certainly has me baffled...

Miriel: Clearly, participant observation is the logical next step. Only 
experimental evidence can provide the further inside I need.

Maribelle: Are you saying youíre going to gather data by playing on the 
beach? *Sigh* A brain the size of a planet, and even you canít help acting 
like a simpleton... Well, at least we have some evidence that you may be 
human after all...

Miriel: I shall begin by cavorting with the brigands encamped along the beach 
(Miriel leaves)

Maribelle: Youíll what?! Miriel, wait! It isnít safe! Get back here!
Maribelle > Miriel

Maribelle: Miriel! Are you all right?

Miriel: Yes, I am fine. But I failed to collect any meaningful data.

Maribelle: It wasnít your research I was concerned about...

Miriel: The subjects surrounded me and subjected me to some form of primitive 
social ritual. They asked meaningless questions about my birth sign and place 
of origin. I grew tired of being addressed as "baby" and fought my way clear.

Maribelle: I see... Well, we can be thankful that you came away unscathed at 

Miriel: Such simplistic creatures couldnít harm me if they tried.

Maribelle: Heh. I suppose youíre right.

Miriel: But it seems I must reevaluate my data-gathering approach.

Maribelle: Perhaps I can be of assistance. May I help you with your research 
after the battle?

Miriel: I fail to see what scientific value your complaints about the heat 
will bring...

Maribelle: Hmph! Thatís hardly fair. You wish to see what itís like to enjoy 
the sun, do you not? Well, running like a ninny through the sand and surf is 
not the only way to do it! I shall teach you a more sophisticated way to 
appreciate these tropical climes.

Miriel: Hmm... There may be value in such an approach. Very wellóI accept 
your offer.

Sumia x Maribelle

Sumia > Maribelle

Maribelle: Strange. I canít shake the uncomfortable feeling that someone is 
staring at me. Perhaps here on this golden sand, Iíve caught the eye of a 
hot-blooded gallant... The sun beats down mercilessly, yet it pales in 
comparison to the heat of his gaze. Hee hee! Oh, Maribelle, youíve still got 
the power to inflame menís passions... Hm? What was that? I couldíve sworn I 
heard a soft clunk.

Sumia: Oww! Stupid coconut...

Maribelle: Sumia?! Dear girl, what in the world are you doing hiding behind 
that palm tree? ...Is that a notebook in your hand? Whatever are you writing?

Sumia: Writing? Me? Er, I wasnít writing, exactly... Just taking some notes, 
thatís all...

Maribelle: So it was YOU who was staring at me so intently?! All right, 
whatís this about? Come now, girl. Out with it!

Sumia: Well, er... Iím not sure if you ever noticed, but... Iím kind of a 

Maribelle: Noticed? Iím quite certain every single person in this army has 

Sumia: Right... So... Iím trying to be more useful to people. To not get in 
their way all the time. In short, Iím trying to be more like you. Youíre 
always so calm and poised, and ever so graceful... I thought I could observe 
you and, you know, maybe pick up a few pointers.

Maribelle: I see! Thatís most admirable, Sumia. Self-improvement should never 
be discouraged. And yet I wonder at your decidedly ambitious choice of role 
model... Might it not be a bit more practical to set yourself a more... 
attainable goal?

Sumia: Oh, I know Iíll never reach your level. But I want to learn from the 

Maribelle: *Ahem* Indeed. You are wiser than you appear... Very well, I shall 
instruct you in the ways of the noblewoman. Lesson one: poise! A noblewoman 
never allows herself to become flustered.

Sumia: W-wait! I donít have my pen ready! Argh! And I dropped my notebook in 
the sand! Okay, okay, just a sec. "Flustered = bad." ...Oh, gods! How do you 
spell that again?! Is it with an "f" or a "ph"? Ugh, Iím falling behind! This 
is no good! Somebody HELP! *Huff, huff*

Maribelle: *Sigh* Letís forget poise for now and move on to lesson two, shall 
we? Attire. Attire is extremely important. A lady must always be impeccably 

Sumia: Right... *scribble, scribble*

Maribelle: Those two are the basics, Iíd say. The foundations upon which the 
edifice of noblewomanhood is built.

Sumia: Great! I think I can remember all that! Poise and clothes! No problem!

Maribelle: But, dear, Iíve hardly begun! Thereís so much more you need toó

Sumia: Thanks for the help, Maribelle! I donít care what anyone saysóyouíre 
the greatest!
(Sumia leaves)

Maribelle: Good gods, did she just run off? Whatever couldíve possessed her? 
And why am I entirely certain sheís entirely misinterpreted my teachings...?
Maribelle > Sumia

Maribelle: Sumia! There you are. Tell me, how goes the self-improvement? I 
trust youíve been putting my lessons into practice with great success?

Sumia: Iíve been trying, but... to be honest, it hasnít been going all that 
well...Okay, itís been going horribly.

Maribelle: I wish I could say I was surprised...

Sumia: I tried to polish my armor, but I rubbed boot blacking on it by 
mistake... And I was so flustered about my attire that I fell and dropped an 
armful of lances. Oh, b-but they didnít get damaged or anything! Theyíre 
just... sandy, is all.

Maribelle: *Sigh* In the field of clumsiness, you are a true innovator, my 
dear. Itís akin to genius. But tell me, is that all that went wrong? If so, 
you neednít worry yourself over it. After the battle, Iíll clean your armor 
and brush the sand from the lances.

Sumia: N-no! You mustnít!

Maribelle: But, Sumia, dear, we canít very well leave things as they are.

Sumia: I know! But Iíll never learn if I donít clean up after my own 
mistakes. Please, Maribelle. Just give me a bit of time, and Iíll make it all 
right again.

Maribelle: Sumia...

Sumia: I know Iím a complete clod, and Iím sorry if it holds things up, but 

Maribelle: *Sigh* As you wish. Itís really not my place to deny you 
permission, in any case. Youíre your own woman, after all. You must do as you 
see fit. I, meanwhile, must lend you moral support and what advice I mayóas a 
friend should.

Sumia: ...A f-friend? Really?! Youíre SO kind, Maribelle!

Maribelle: Should you... stumble upon anything you canít handle, you need 
only ask for help.

Sumia: Got it! Iíll do that for sure! Okay, Iím off! Bye! Ėleaves-

Maribelle: Hee hee. She has spiritóIíll give her that. Perhaps sheís not a 
lost cause after all... Give her a year or two, and who knows what she might 

Sumia: Oww! My knee! Who left this stupid coconut here?!

Maribelle: *Ahem* Perhaps we should make that three or four years...

Kellam x Henry

Henry > Kellam

Henry: Nya ha ha! So many foes to fight! This is the best battle EVER!

Kellam: ......

Henry: Huh? Hey, Kellam. Whereíd you pop up from?

Kellam: Actually, Iíve been standing here watching you the whole time...

Henry: You have? What for?

Kellam: Well... I couldnít help noticing youíve got this gigantic smile on 
your face.

Henry: Do I? Hee hee! But lookóyouíre grinning, too!

Kellam: Actually, Iím just squinting. ...I do that a lot.

Henry: Oh. Maybe you should try glasses.

Kellam: Um, Iíll keep that in mind... Anyways, it seems like youíre always 
smiling, no matter what?

Henry: Er, yeah, I guess I am, now that you mention it! Nya ha! I just love 
beiní in the thick of things, you know? All these epic battles... full of 
blood and gore and hexes and carnage and... Man, what a great time!

Kellam: Erm... right... So I was wondering... If I were more like you, always 
happy and enjoying my work... Do you think Iíd be less... invisible? Might 
people, you know... notice me more?

Henry: Why? Is being invisible bad?

Kellam: Well, not in itself, I suppose. But sometimes it feels like no one 
cares about me. Like I donít even exist.

Henry: I think I get it now. Seems to me youíre barking up the wrong tree, 
tin man. Visibility isnít your problemóyouíre just lonely! So all we gotta do 
is find a way to make you stop feeling lonely!

Kellam: Er... maybe, but that sounds much easier said than done...

Henry: Fear not! Let me stew on this for a spell and see if I canít come up 
with a solution. Donít worry, Kellam. Weíll find a way to fix you up... one 
way or another!
(Henry leaves)

Kellam: *Sigh* How reassuring...
Kellam > Henry

Henry: Kellam? Heeey, Kellaaam! Man, where is that guy, anyway?

Kellam: Iím right here now two feet in front of you...

Henry: Ah-ha! THERE you are. Okay, I want you to hold reeeal still...

Kellam: U-um... what are you doing?

Henry: Ungh... Here we... go... mmmph... Tight... squeeze... *gasp*

Kellam: Um... Henry? Why are you forcing your hand through that gap in my 

Henry: Iím trying to climb inside with you! I figure that suitís so big, 
thereís gotta be plenty of room in there for both of us!

Kellam: What?! Itís not THAT big! Youíll never fit in here!

Henry: Well, I might... if youíd just... scrunch over to the side... 
Almost... got it...

Kellam: Henry, this is NOT going to work! Even if you did get inside here, 
what in the world would you do in here?

Henry: Keep you company, duh! Remember? I promised Iíd cure your loneliness! 
This is me keeping my promise!

Kellam: W-wait, THIS is your cure for my bouts of loneliness? To pack us both 
in a single suit of mail and walk around like a pair of sardines?

Henry: Nya ha! Isnít it genius? I put a lot of time and effort into thinking 
this up! Have you ever seen a lonely man sharing his armor with someone else? 
I think not! Plus, you wouldnít be invisible anymore, Ďcause Iíd know exactly 
where you were! Not to mention how flummoxed foes will be when they discover 
the odds have doubled! Itís a win-win situation. So help me help you, and 
shove over a little, huh?

Kellam: P-please! This is NOT going to work! Ow! Get your foot off myó

Henry: *Sigh* I suppose youíre right... That armor just isnít as spacious as 
it looks from the outside. Oh well. Guess Iíll just have to come up with 
another plan!

Kellam: Whew... That was uncomfortable in every sense of the word...

Henry: Hey, that reminds meódid I ever tell you I was raised by wolves?

Kellam: W-wolves?! No, you didnít...

Henry: Itís true. When I was a kid, my only friends were wolves, so they 
ended up raising me. Thing is... that made it tough for me to learn about 
basic human warmth and affection... Like just now, I tried to be nice to you 
and show you that I care and stuff, right? But I got it all wrong and instead 
just made you freak out. Sorry about that...

Kellam: Golly, no, Henry! You donít have to apologize. I appreciate what 
youíre trying to do... and you actually did warm me up a bit.

Henry: I did? Nya ha! Great! Glad I didnít TOTALLY botch that!

Kellam: (I think he knows more about warmth and affection than he 

Henry: Huh? You say something?

Kellam: ...N-no, itís nothing. We should get back, though. We still have a 
battle to win!

Henry: Good point! Time for more carnage! Nya ha!

Donnel x Gregor

Donnel > Gregor

Donnel: *Siiigh*

Gregor: Oy, what is meaning of deep sigh, little farming friend?

Donnel: Oh, howdy, Gregor. I was just ponderiní stuff, is all. Seeiní this 
pretty ocean got me to thinkiní...

Gregor: Such melancholy is not usual behavior for you, yes? Come, share 
thoughts with Gregor. Soon we will be kissing sadness good-bye!

Donnel: Thatís awful kind of ya, but... well, okay. I sípose I can chat to ya 
for a bit. The thing is, Iím wonderiní, Gregor... What do ya think about war?

Gregor: War? Hmm, is quite tall philosophical question... Why are you asking?

Donnel: Well, the thing is, I pretty much hate it. War done killed my pa, and 
the folks in my village are struggliní just to survive... And they ainít the 
only ones, neither. People all over the world are sufferiní.

Gregor: Yes, is very sad truth, unfortunately...

Donnel: But at the same time, I been meetiní all kindsía fine folks duriní 
this campaign... Roaminí the world, goiní on adventures... Doiní lotsa stuff 
I never done before...

Gregor: Indeed, Gregor is feeling same way.

Donnel: Itís the change of a lifetime is what it is, but it only came my way 
Ďcause of the war. So itís got me wonderiní: Should I be thankiní the war 
insteadía cursiní it?

Gregor: Hmm. Is difficult question you are posing... Gregor will need some 
time to consider.

Donnel: Sure. I ainít in no hurry. What say we both chew it over for a spell?
Gregor > Donnel

Gregor: Mmm... Is very beautiful ocean... When Gregor is gazing upon blue 
waters, he is for short time forgetting about war.

Donnel: Hey there, Gregor. Speakiní of war...

Gregor: Ah, yes. Is ethical problem from before. Gregor has spent much time 
considering, but sadly, answer has not arrived...

Donnel: Well, I gots another question for ya. I hope ya donít think Iím beiní 
rude, but... yer what they call a sellsword, right? Doesnít that mean ya 
actually NEED wars just to put bread on the table?

Gregor: Unhappily, what you say is truth. But often, Gregor, too, is needing 
rest from bloodshed. Many times, in fact, he is thinking to himself that no 
more war would be a good thing.

Donnel: Really? Even for you?

Gregor: Yes, even for Gregor, fearless and extremely handsome sellsword! He 
has been doing this job for a very long time, you know? But even Gregor must 
eat, yes? So for coin, he does what he does best. But now, he is very often 
thinking... maybe time has come for putting down sword and picking up 
plowshare. Of course, Gregor is also happy that in war, he has met many good 

Donnel: Well, Iíll be! I didnít realize you were thinkiní of turniní yer hand 
to farminí... Yíknow what? I just had me a great idea! Once this warís over, 
why donít ya come back and live in my village?

Gregor: ...Live in your village? Gregor could do this?

Donnel: Sure! Ya could come help out on the farm! Yíknow, plowiní fields, 
harvestiní crops... that sorta thing.

Gregor: Hmm... Is nice idea, but... your village was almost destroyed by 
fighting, yes? Perhaps fellow villagers wonít take kindly to nasty sellsword 
living next door...

Donnel: Aw, donít worry Ďbout that. Us farmers always welcome an extra pairía 
hands! Yer background wonít matter none, and Iíd vouch for ya in any case.

Gregor: Hm, yes... Gregor is thinking this idea perhaps not so bad! Young 
Donnel is very lucky to have a warm home to return to. Gregor, he not so 
lucky. He is like rolling stone with no place for feather in hat, yes? 
Anyway, Gregor is honored by little farming friendís offer. He will consider 

Donnel: Yee-haw! Once yer mindís made up, you just let me know, friend.

Lon'qu x Gaius

Gaius > Lon'qu

Lon'qu: Hah! Yah! Haaaaargh! *Pant, pant*

Gaius: Youíre training in this heat? What are you, nuts?

Lon'qu: You should join me. The climate here is much harsher than that of 
Ferox or Ylisse. The intense heat allows you to work yourself even harder 
than usual.

Gaius: You donít say. Thanks, but I think Iíll pass. Pointless exercise isnít 
really my thing. I admit Iím enjoying the sun, though. Makes ice pops taste 
even betterín usual!

Lon'qu: Ice pops? Hmph. More sweets... No good will ever come of your 
preoccupation with sugar.

Gaius: As sunny as ever, I see. But youíd better sweeten your tone... 
Otherwise you wonít be getting any of this crate of pops I bought!

Lon'qu: I donít want any.

Gaius: Ha! Sure you donít! I mean, who wants a cool, sweet ice trickling down 
his throat in this heat, right?

Lon'qu: I donít care for sweet things. Nor do I care to be fat and out of 

Gaius: Boy, youíre a regular laugh riot, huh?

Lon'qu: Preferences aside, though, Iíll admit that sweets do have their uses.

Gaius: Oh yeah? Go on. Iím listening...

Lon'qu: Iíll show you once the battleís done. I donít have time to waste on 
you now.
(Lon'qu leaves)

Gaius: Yeesh, what is that guyís problem? Though Iím curious what he meant... 
What possible use could there be for sweets besides eating them?
Lon'qu > Gaius

Gaius: *Yaawn* ...Huh? Did I nod off? Shouldnít have eaten a whole cake so 
early in the day. That always makes me drowsy. Nothing wrong with a nice nap, 
but the battlefield isnít exactly the place...

Lon'qu: Pathetic.

Gaius: Blargh! Gods, Lon'qu! How long have you been standing there?!

Lon'qu: Long enough.

Gaius: Then why in the seven hells didnít you wake me?! This place is 
crawling with brigands!

Lon'qu: Relax. Iíve been here the whole time. Youíre safe.

Gaius: Well, if Mr. Super Swordsman says Iím safe, then I guess everythingís 
just peachy! Iím sure I looked adorable just lying there, but somehow I doubt 
thatís what did it. So let me ask you againówhy didnít you wake me?

Lon'qu: I told you that sweets had their uses, didnít I?

Gaius: You did. And Iíve been waiting to find out what you meant.

Lon'qu: One of those uses is attracting these little fellows...

Gaius: What little felloó? GYAAAH! BUGS! BUUUGS! GET ĎEM OFF ME!

Lon'qu: Beetles like these thrive in hot climates. Look how many there are!

Gaius: I said, get Ďem off of me!

Lon'qu: Are you afraid? Did you not play with bugs when you were young?

Gaius: P-play with them?! Are you crazy?! I hate bugs! Where in the godsí 
names did they all come from, anyhow?

Lon'qu: You brought them here.

Gaius: M-me?!

Lon'qu: The scent of all that sugary trash hidden in your clothes attracted 
them. Beetles eat tree sap, and the tree sap smells a lot like melting candy.

Gaius: You... youíre screwing with me, right?

Lon'qu: Look. Look at this one with the little horns. Itís like a miniature 
knight in armor... And this one with the pincers... a tiny swordsman wielding 
twin blades...

Gaius: Look, if youíre trying to freak me out, itís working, okay? Now get 
lost already!

Lon'qu: As you wish. A shame you canít even appreciate the splendor of these 
beautiful creatures. Iíll leave you to placate yourself with sweets like a 
spoiled child.

Gaius: Says the little boy playing with his bug collection? Please!

Lon'qu: ...... By the wayóthereíll be lots more of these little guys on the 
prowl come nightfall. Itís sure to be quite a show. Look forward to it, bug 
(Lon'qu leaves)

Gaius: H-hey! Donít just leave me here! Come on! Thatís not funny!
Lon'qu x Libra

Lon'qu > Libra

Lon'qu: Libra. There you are.

Libra: Good day, Lon'qu. Can I help you with something?

Lon'qu: Drop the pretenseóI want the same thing as you. Come and fight me!

Libra: What?! Where is this coming from?

Lon'qu: Iíve been watching you for some time. You style yourself a peace-
loving man of the cloth. But your love of battle is as plain as the nose on 
your face. I know you lust for greater strength, just as I do!

Libra: Is this really what you see in me?

Lon'qu: Stop this foolish charade and draw your weapon. You can cover 
yourself in all the white robes and piety you like. It wonít hide the 
bloodlust in your eyes!

Libra: Iím sorry, Lon'qu, but I decline.

Lon'qu: What?! Why? Do you not think of me a worthy rival? Am I not capable 
of challenging you?

Libra: Quite the opposite. I fear you may have overestimated me. Iím no 
power-hungry lover of war. I am a servant of the gods. I fight to protect 
mankind, and nothing else.

Lon'qu: Truly?

Libra: Truly. Iím honored that you consider me a warrior worthy of 
challenging. But Iím afraid I have no interest in dueling. Now, if youíll 
excuse me...
(Libra leaves)

Lon'qu: ......
Libra > Lon'qu

Lon'qu: So this is where youíve been hiding.

Libra: What is it now, Lon'qu? If itís about our previous conversation, I 
told youó

Lon'qu: You told me nothing. I need to know the truth behind the fire in your 
eyes... You canít tell me that the fury you show on the battlefield is born 
of mere piety. So tell me the truth, or youíll face me in battle. Itís as 
simple as that!

Libra: And what do you hope to gain by badgering me into fighting you? 
Please. Youíve exhausted my patience. Leave me in peace.

Lon'qu: ......

Libra: Are you really so desperate to know my past? Fine. If you insist. 
Although I suspect youíve guessed one part of my story already.

Lon'qu: And what part might that be?

Libra: That while I now serve the gods with all my heart, I wasnít always 
so... priestly. My parents never wanted me, never warmed me, and abandoned me 
at a young age. I canít say that the childhood that followed was a happy 

Lon'qu: ......

Libra: Perhaps some bitterness still lurks in the heart that beats beneath 
these robes. Maybe itís the dark shadow of my youth that manifests itself on 
the battlefield...

Lon'qu: It seems you and I really arenít so different after all.

Libra: Oh?

Lon'qu: I have a past Iím not so keen on discussing, either. I carry the same 
darkness as you...

Libra: Lon'qu...

Lon'qu: But you... youíre strong enough to keep that darkness buried deep 
within you. Itís that strength of will that gives you such power on the 

Libra: Heh... Thatís certainly an interpretation Iíd like to believe.

Lon'qu: Iím glad I understand the foundation of your strength now. But Iím 
sorry for forcing you to speak of such painful memories.

Libra: Thereís no need to apologize. Itís not a story I can share with just 
anyone... I feel better having been able to talk about it with you.

Lon'qu: Then Iím glad. If thereís ever anything you want to say, know that 
you can say it to me.

Libra: Thank you, Loníqu.

Maribelle x Cordelia

Cordelia > Maribelle

Maribelle: You and Sumia sure do seem to spend a lot of time together, 

Cordelia: Now that you mention it, I suppose we do. Is that a problem?

Maribelle: Ha! Can you not bear to leave her alone for fear she might trip 
and brain herself?

Cordelia: O-of course not! There may have been one or two... incidents, but 
she's a capable girl! And if you want to talk about inseparable couples, what 
of you and Lissa?

Maribelle: Why, Lissa and I are the dearest of friends! There's nothing 
peculiar about wishing to spend one's time in such pleasant company! She's a 
soothing and pleasant presenceóunlike that addlepated butterfingers!

Cordelia: H-how dare you?! Sumia is kinder and funnier than anyone else in 
this army!

Maribelle: Ha! Unintentionally, perhaps? Lissaís wit is both deliberate AND 
exceptional! It saddens me that you have yet to fully experience her joyful 
gaiety of spirit!

Cordelia: W-well... Sumia's smile is brighter than the very sun itself! One 
glimpse of it is enough to make amends for any blunder!

Maribelle: And Lissa's smile has precisely the same effect... The only 
difference being that she doesn't MAKE any blunders!

Cordelia: Oh, really? Not even the blunder of choosing YOU as a friend?

Maribelle: My, but you are a stubborn one!

Cordelia: ME, stubborn?! You are the most obstinate, contrary... so-and-so I 
have ever met!

Maribelle: Hmph! This is far from over! You will pay for you pigheadedness!

Cordelia: Ha! We'll see about that!
Maribelle > Cordelia

Maribelle: So are you finally ready to accept Lissa's superiority to Sumia in 
every respect?

Cordelia: Never! I'll stop at nothing to make you appreciate the beauty of 
Sumia's soul!

Maribelle: Gah! What will take to convince you once and for all...

Cordelia: ...that my beloved friend is the most wonderful person alive?

Maribelle: ...Fine. Fine!

Cordelia: Huh?! You're conceding defeat?

Maribelle: If that is what you insist on calling it, yes! My time would be 
far better spent enjoying Lissa's company.  Besides, what if something were 
to happen to her while we were here bickering? I would never forgive myself. 
Her well-being is all that matters to me in the world.

Cordelia: ...I know just how you feel.

Maribelle: You do?

Cordelia: We may have our differences, but we both care deeply for our 
friends. Sumia's happiness is the only thing that matters to me.

Maribelle: Cordelia...

Cordelia: Listen, I have a plan. When this battle is over, the four of us 
will go for tea together. We can settle the matter of whose friend is the 
most wonderful once and for all.

Maribelle: Very well. I accept your offer. And I accept that... I may have 
underestimated you...

Cordelia: ...And I you.

Maribelle: Hm. Suddenly I am rather looking forward to our little tea date.

Cordelia: Hee hee. It'll certainly be an event to remember!

Panne x Nowi

Nowi > Panne

Nowi: Wooow! Just look at that big blue sea! It goes on forever!

Panne: Have you never seen the ocean before? 

Nowi: Pfft! What are you talking about, silly? Of course I have! My parents 
used to take me to the beach all the time when I was little! I just... don't 
remember it that well. I was really young. Like, tiny!

Panne: Hmm. 

Nowi: Or maybe... I mean, I think I remember them taking me to the beach...? 
But all that kid stuff was so long ago now, it gets kinda mixed up with my 

Panne: Do you dream of your parents often?

Nowi: Oh yeah! Those guys are ALWAYS popping by to see me in dreamland! I 
just wish I could see them in real life too...

Panne: I pray that one day you do.

Nowi: Actually, you know what? Forget I said all that!

Panne: Hm?

Nowi: C'mon, I can't get sad about not seeing them all the time, can I? That 
would make them feel awful! I need to show them that I'm super happy and 
totally okay on my own!

Panne: Your parents would be very proud of you, Nowi. I'm sure they are 
watching over you from beyond the sea.

Nowi: Huh? You really think they're on the other side of this big ol' puddle? 
In that case, I've gotta tell 'em! I'll speak real loud so they can hear me. 

Panne: Nowi...

Nowi: *Cough* Whew! That's better. Feels like a real weight off my shoulders! 
Huh? Panne, you're crying! Are you hurt? Why are you sad?

Panne: I am not sad, Nowi, I just... Thank you.

Nowi: Huh? For what? I didn't do anything!

Panne: Sometimes your innocence alone is enough to heal an aching heart...
Panne > Nowi

Panne: Nowi... Like you, I once had a family. A big one. But they were all 

Nowi: Yeah, I heard about that... Murdered by humans, right? ...Do you still 
hate humans because of it?

Panne: I do. 

Nowi: I see...

Panne: But only some of them. I have learned that not all man-spawn are bad.

Nowi: Thanks to the Shepherds, right?

Panne: Heh.. .Yes, I suppose so. The Shepherds have taught me that I cannot 
hate based on species alone. Now I focus more on individuals. Human, 
taguel... it matters not.

Nowi: Erm... I'm not really sure if that's all that much better...

Panne: At least you still have other manaketes in the world. I envy you that.

Nowi: Huh? That doesn't make any sense. 

Panne: Why not? 

Nowi: You basically just said it doesn't matter if someone's a human or a 
taguel. So why should it matter if they're a manakete, either?

Panne: I'm not sure I follow.

Nowi: Well, I'm not lonely or sad, because I have you and all the other 
Shepherds. And just like you, I don't care if they're humans or taguels... OR 
manaketes. So what is there to be jealous about? I don't need other manaketes 
to be happy----I've got all of you!

Panne: Nowi...

Nowi: What's the matter, Panne? Did I say something stupid again?

Panne: No... Quite the opposite...

Nowi: Hey, don't cry! Oh! You know what helps? Whenever I was sad, my mom 
used to let me sleep with her. You wanna try that? Why don't you sleep over?

Panne: "Sleep over"?

Nowi: Yeah, it'll be super-duper cozy! I'll get into my dragon form, you get 
into your rabbit form, and we'll snuggle up! 

Panne: I suppose it does sound rather comforting...

Nowi: You bet it does! You'll be as snug as a bunny-shaped bug in a big ol' 
dragony rug!=======================================================
Panne x Cherche

Cherche > Panne

Panne: Cherche! This must stop!

Cherche: Panne, dear! Is something the matter?

Panne: Dear?! Do you think me your pet?! I am no "dear" of yours!

Cherche: Forgive me. I meant nothing by it. Now, what did you want to talk 

Panne: Grrr... Do not toy with me! You know full well what this is about!

Cherche: I do...? I'm sorry, but I'm drawing a blank here.

Panne: Your lizard, man-spawn. Can it do nothing but gaze at me and drool? It 
does not take great genius to guess what the foul creature intends.

Cherche: Minerva is not foul! And she's certainly no lizard! Show some 

Panne: The finer points of reptile taxonomy do not concern me. Your lizard 
wishes to eat me.

Cherche: That's absurd! Minerva would never try to eat one of her allies! In 
fact, lately she only has eyes for fresh, wild rabbit.

Panne: ...Do I need to spell this out for you?

Cherche: What? Oh, ridiculous! You may not care for taxonomy, but Minerva can 
certainly tell a taguel from a rabbit! Isn't that right, Minerva?

Panne: Somehow that fails to comfort me...
Panne > Cherche

Panne: Cherche! Did I not tell you to keep your lizard under control? She 
just grasped me in her mouth and threw me into the ocean!

Cherche: Goodness! Did she really? Perhaps she was trying to imitate a hawk--
-they sometimes try to drown their prey.

Panne: You think she was playing? Nonsense! The foul creature means to kill 
me! Who would have guessed that the taguel's greatest threat lay here in our 
own army?

Cherche: Panne, dear, don't be absurd! Your imagination is running away with 

Panne: For the last time, I am not your "dear"!

Cherche: I apologize, Panne. But honestly, I'm sure Minerva was merely 

Panne: M-merely?!

Cherche: Look at her sweet, innocent face. Why, she wouldn't hurt a fly! How 
could you suspect anything so foul from such a gentle creature?

Panne: Wouldn't hurt a fly?! You yourself said that she loves nothing more 
than eating rabbits!

Cherche: Did I? Well, she might hurt a rabbit... but certainly not a fly!

Panne: Ugh. I tire of your silliness. Just tell your lizard that it is not to 
eat its allies. Got it?

Cherche: Fine, fine. You heard her, didn't you, Minerva? Panne is a valued 
ally. And you are not even think of eating her, understand?

Panne: Hmm. She seems suddenly... quieter.

Cherche: Well, its most likely that you offended her than she's decided not 
to eat you. It's like I said---she only ever wanted to play!

Panne: Well, why can she not play nicely?

Cherche: She wants to, but she doesn't realize her own size and strength. 
There aren't many other wyverns in the army for her to play with. So she has 
to make do with whomever she can find...

Panne: ...Very well. If she promises not to eat me, perhaps we can play a 

Cherche: Hee hee. Thank you, Panne! And Minerva say thank you too!

Gaius x Henry

Henry > Gaius

Henry: ......

Gaius: ...What is it, Junior? Youíre staring at me like Iíve got a banana for 
a nose.

Henry: I wasnít looking at YOU, grumpy. I was looking at your sack of sweets!

Gaius: Hey, keep your sticky little mitts to yourself, kiddo. No one touches 
Gaiusís candy stash and lives to tell the tale.

Henry: I donít WANT any, silly. I just like looking at them!

Gaius: Huh? You never seen sweets before?

Henry: Not many, no. Back in Plegia, we hardly have any cakes or sweets at 
all. We donít get the plentiful harvests that Ylisseans and Feroxi enjoy. So 
the dishes we make are kind of basic, you know? Nothing like those, anyhow.

Gaius: Sounds like you had it pretty rough.

Henry: Yup. Itís hard to make cakes out of turnips, though that doesnít stop 
people trying! Anyway, the point is, Iíve never seen so many tasty-looking 
treats all in one place!

Gaius: Well, when it comes to sweets and cakes, presentation is as important 
as flavor. A sophisticated gourmand like me can tell a good cake from a bad 
one at fifty paces.

Henry: Huh. I never dreamed there were so many different kinds of desserts. 
Iím pretty sure I could spend the whole day staring at your stash!

Gaius: You know what, Junior? I can see youíre a man of exquisite taste. Tell 
you what... Iím gonna show you my secret hoard. Iím talking the godsí own 
sweets here. Treats like you ainít never seen. Iíve got a feeling youíll 
appreciate their splendor more than most.

Henry: Huh?! You mean youíve got even more than whatís in that sack?!

Gaius: Are you kidding? This little sampling would barely last me a single 
battle! Anyway, wait right here while I fetch my hoard. And donít try to 
follow me!

Henry: All right! Come back soon! Nya ha! This is gonna be great!
Gaius > Henry

Gaius: All right, Junior. You ready?

Henry: Am I READY?! I thought my head was gonna explode from the 

Gaius: Sorry it took so long. My hoardís gotten pretty big. Hauling it around 
ainít easy. Anyway, to business! Wait for it... Wait for iiit... Ta-DAAAAH! 
Feast your eyes on THIS!

Henry: WHOA! That is one amazing collection!

Gaius: Isnít it? Here, check out this wyvern in flightóthatís icing and 
marzipan, kiddo. And this looks like a regular quail egg, right? But itís 
actually a jellied coconut!

Henry: Thatís SO cool! Hee hee! And what about this one?

Gaius: Ah-ha! I knew you had an eye for quality, Junior. This, my savvy young 
friend, is the specialty of a little place in a distant corner of Valm. I 
donít recall the name of it, but inside itís filled with sweet black beans.

Henry: BEANS?! Nya ha! What an odd choice! So does it taste any good?

Gaius: Does it taste good, he says! Iíve had dozens of the things, and each 
oneís been better than the last. Theyíre full bodied and smooth, with a nutty 
sweetness that lingers on the tongue. Texture is medium firm, with a pillowry 
bite that melts in the mouth. Very well balanced. See the subtle earth tones 
of the dough and how they complement the filling? These sweet cakes are the 
work of a masteróthe result of YEARS of dedication. In fact, itís fair to say 
they represent the very pinnacle of the confectionerís art!

Henry: Wow! Yeah, I totally get that! Anything that has beans in it and still 
looks that good MUST be special!

Gaius: Right? Though not everyone appreciates them as much as you, strange to 

Henry: Well, thanks for showing me your treasures, Gaius. Itís been lots of 
fun! ...Oh! I almost forgot! I brought something to show you too!

Gaius: You did? What is it? A cake from your Plegian homeland?

Henry: Yeah... something like that! Theyíre baked in special ceremonies as 
offerings to Grima. Never eaten one myself, but as youíre the expert, I 
figured youíd like to try it!

Gaius: Crivens, Junior, was this baked in the fires of hell? It reeks of 
sulfur, and thereís an evil, black miasma oozing from it... It... itís like 
something that fell off one of those walking corpses...

Henry: Nya ha ha! You really do know your sweets. Thatís EXACTLY what itís 
like! Sooo... are you gonna take a bite or what? First time for everything, 

Gaius: Er... so they say, buó

Henry: I just KNEW a self-proclaimed expert like you would want to give it a 
try. I mean, what kind of connoisseur turns down the chance to sample a whole 
new taste?!

Gaius: Er, yeah! Absolutely. Took the words right out of my mouth, ha ha! 
...Ha. The thing is... Iím completely stuffed right now. Couldnít do it 
justice, you know? Maybe a bit later... or a LOT later, when Iím feeling 
more, er... peckish.

Henry: Alrighty! Here, Iíll give you this one, and you can dig in when youíre 
ready. Oh, and donít forget to five me your reportóI wanna hear ALL the taste 

Gaius: Ack! Y-you want me to touch the cursed thing? ...With my bare hands? 
C-could I maybe just... leave it here on the ground? While I, er... go do 
something? Iím sure itíll still be there when I come back!

Henry: Well, duh! Of course not! Then youíd get sand all over it, silly!

Gaius: O-oh... right. Ha ha... Wouldnít want to... *gag*...spoil it...

Cordelia x Tharja

Tharja > Cordelia

Cordelia: Phew, it certainly is hot out here...

Tharja: You can say that again.

Cordelia: Uh-oh. Donít look now, but I think youíre getting a tan...

Tharja: What? How? Iíve barely been outside for five minutes!

Cordelia: I guess with your complexion, even a little sun makes a big 
difference. Besides, itís kind of inevitable when youíre walking around half-
naked like that.

Tharja: Half-naked?! How dare you! Did you not notice my cloak? Itís not like 
Iím strutting around in my underwear like these... beach strumpets!

Cordelia: I donít really see how what they wear is any different to whatís 
under your cloak... Or perhaps Iím missing something? Here, take that off. 
Let me have a look.

Tharja: Touch me, and Iíll blight your prying fingers, girl!

Cordelia: All right, all right! It was just a joke.

Tharja: Hmph. I suppose I am showing a bit more skin than usual. But I 
confess I was blissfully unaware of it until you brought it up... Ugh. This 
is mortifying.

Cordelia: No, no! You said you were fine with it beforeójust forget I said 

Tharja: You and I both know thatís not going to happen. Nope. Itís official. 
I am completely and utterly mortified...
Cordelia > Tharja

Cordelia: Hi, Tharja. Feeling a little less self-conscious about your outfit 

Tharja: Very much so. I attached a de-shaming talisman to my back, and now I 
feel just fine about it.

Cordelia: Let me have a look... Wow. Itís, uh... not very subtle.

Tharja: Hm? What do you mean?

Cordelia: Well, itís just  a piece of paper with "mortification" written on 

Tharja: Thatís how these things work. Whatever you write on them gets 
canceled out. I was mortified, so I wrote "mortification", and prestoóno more 

Cordelia: But itís right there for anyone to see! Isnít it even more 
mortifying walking around with the very word written on your back?

Tharja: *Sigh* Thatís the whole point. NOTHING is mortifying thanks to this 

Cordelia: Oh, right. Sorry. Iím still trying to wrap my head around this... 
So if I were to take it off, would it stop working?

Tharja: My, youíre a sharp one.

Cordelia: Interesting. Letís try it and see, shall we? Here goes...

Tharja: W-wait, donító! Oh, gods, this is horrifying. Just kill me now...

Cordelia: I see. So now we stick it back on, and...

Tharja: My, it sure is hot. Why donít I throw off my cloak and take a nice 
dip in the sea?

Cordelia: And off again...

Tharja: Ugh, my calf is showing! Why didnít I wear a bigger cloak?

Cordelia: This is fascinating! Okay, letís put it back on...

Tharja: All right, thatís enough. If you value your fingers, you wonít mess 
with it again.

Cordelia: Heh. Sorry, Tharja. I... Iím only teasing you because Iím jealous. 
I wish I had the guts to wear something like that. You dress so wonderfully!

Tharja: Is that all? If thatís whatís bothering you, maybe I can help. We 
are...allies, after all.

Cordelia: Wow, really? I would love that! If you could show me around some 
boutiques, Iíd beó

Tharja: I meant I could erase your jealousy with a curse.

Cordelia: O-oh... Um, let me get back to you on that...

Libra x Henry

Henry > Libra

Libra: Hah! Hi-yah! Keeee-YAH!

Henry: Hey-o, Libra! Why are you swinging your weapon at thin air like that?

Libra: Iím practicing my strikes. Itís part of my daily training regimen.

Henry: Huh. Donít you get uncomfortable flailing around like that in this 

Libra: Iím only as hot as I allow myself to be. There is no pain the mind 
cannot overcome.

Henry: Really? I wonder. I figured some pain was way too deep for that...

Libra: You did? What kind of pain?

Henry: Like, I dunno... youíre a priest, but you wield a weapon and smash 
people with it, right? I bet it causes you all kinds of anguish to have to 
splatter the life out of others!

Libra: Thatís... very perceptive of you, Henry. Itís true that I inflict 
wounds with one hand while healing them with the other. But I do so in the 
belief that those wounds ultimately save lives.

Henry: But what a winding road to walk! Doesnít the contradiction drive you 
crazy? Why not leave the killing to those of us who enjoy it, and just focus 
on healing?

Libra: Thatís something Iíve often considered. But in the end, I always 
choose otherwise. When you wield a weapon, you hold the power to change menís 
fates in your hand. I have chosen to do so with full understanding and 
respect for that truth.

Henry: Arenít you overthinking things a little? A weaponís just a tool for 
killing! Wouldnít it be a whole lot easier to just accept that and move on? 
Who knowsóyou might wind up like me and start to really savor the joys of 
slaying! I mean, when you get down to it, arenít you and I both doing the 
exact same thing?

Libra: Youíre right. Accepting that probably would make things easier. But I 
donít believe that wielding a weapon should be easy...

Henry: Heh. You sure do like to make things difficult for yourself. I thought 
I might be able to help you simplify your life a bit, but... Oh well!

Libra: Weíll just have to accept that weíre never going to agree on this 
topic. And Iíll just have to hope that you can somehow learn to respect 
Libra > Henry

Henry: Hey there, Libra! Say, can we continue the conversation we were 

Libra: Are you sure you want that? I would certainly be happy to comply, but 
I fear Iíll simply end up repeating myself. I apologize in advance if I bore 

Henry: Bore me? No way! I always enjoy talking with you, Libra!

Libra: You do?

Henry: I mean, I guess itís hard for an altruist like yourself to respect an 
egoist like me, but...

Libra: Not at all. In fact, I would say we have the same core philosophy. We 
simply justify it differently.

Henry: Oh yeah? Go onóthis should be good...

Libra: Youíre no egoist. Donít forget that Iíve seen you fight. Iíve seen you 
risk your life to save othersócivilian and comrade alike. Thatís hardly a 
display of self-centered behavior.

Henry: Pah! You probably just saw some of my wanton slaughter save someone by 

Libra: No. Iíve seen you observing the battlefield and moving in to help 
those in peril. You can say that itís because you love fighting or because 
itís all just a game. But I know the truth, Henry. Youíre deliberately saving 

Henry: ......

Libra: And the gods know it too.

Henry: They do, huh? Well, I donít believe in the gods, so it doesnít really 
matter what they think!

Libra: I see...

Henry: But for some reason, I do kinda care what you think, Libra. Thatís a 
little weird, huh?

Libra: Not in the least. It simply means youíve accepted me as a friend and 
ally. I am pleased and honored. I shall continue to watch over youófor the 
rest of this battle, and beyond.

Henry: Nya ha! Thanks, Libra!

Tharja x Olivia

Tharja > Olivia

Olivia: Um... Tharja? Do you have a moment?

Tharja: What is it?

Olivia: I... I just wanted to say how wonderful you were in that last fight. 
You were so imperious, so... dominant... It really took my breath away!

Tharja: Theyíre common brigands. I hardly worked up a sweat. ...Do you want 
something? Fawning makes my skin crawl.

Olivia: I-Iím not fawning! I mean every word! I have only the utmost respect 
for you...

Tharja: Hmph. I donít see what you find so fascinating about me.

Olivia: Oh, but there are LOTS of things! I donít even know where to begin. 
...Thereís your figure, for one. Itís practically perfect. Youíre voluptuous 
where it counts and svelte everywhere else... Staying in that kind of shape 
must take HOURS of exercise each day!

Tharja: Exercise? Are you kidding? I donít do a thing.

Olivia: Y-you donít exercise?! You canít be serious! You MUST diet then, 
right? No wine? No sweets?

Tharja: I drink my fill of wine, and I touch whatever sweets I please.

Olivia: Hmm... Okay, Iíve got it. ...Youíve cast a slimming spell on yourself 
to stay thin. Right?

Tharja: Even if a spell of such dubious merit existed, I wouldnít use it. And 
I havenít.

Olivia: Ugh! Well, in that case, Iím afraid this makes you the enemy, 
Tharja... The enemy of every hard-working young maiden in the world!

Tharja: *Shrug* No skin off my nose.

Olivia: Oh, you wonít brush us off so easily! I hereby challenge you to a 
duel on behalf of all my sisters! Iíll... Iíll put a fattening hex on you and 
drag you down to our level!

Tharja: ...Oh? You would trade hexes with ME? Careful what you wish for, 
little girl.

Olivia: Oh, um... ha ha! Did I say hex? I did, didnít I? Er... that was a 
jest! I... I donít know what came over me! Ha ha! Ha... Um, letís just put 
down the cauldrons and spell scrolls and move along, shall we?
Olivia > Tharja

Olivia: Tharja, I was thinking... M-maybe we could form a little dance 
troupe? Just you and me, I mean. Youíre so beautiful and talented... It seems 
like a waste not to show the whole world.

Tharja: A dance troupe? Are you kidding? Forget it.

Olivia: N-no! I came up with a name and everything! I was thinking "The Dark 
Dancers!" ...or something like that.

Tharja: How nice. But tell meówhich part of "forget it" did you not 

Olivia: P-please, just hear me out. I even thought of a color scheme for us! 
B-black and pink! ...You would provide the black, of course.

Tharja: Why do YOU get to choose who wears what?

Olivia: Oh! S-sorry, I didnít mean toó You could wear pink if you prefer!

Tharja: May the gods strike me where I stand if they ever catch me wearing 
pink. Can you honestly imagine me in anything other than black?

Olivia: W-well, no. Thatís why Ió *sigh* Look, Iím sorry... Just... think 
about it, okay? Please. Iím sure youíd enjoy it. You could take center stage 
and be as dark and mysterious as you like. And I could... you know, do 
something in the background. Something... lighter.

Tharja: Let me get this straight: In this hypothetical dance, you would play 
second fiddle to me? You being a dancer, and me being someone who doesnít, in 
point of fact, dance? Look, when I told you to forget it, I meant it. ...But 
that doesnít mean I wouldnít be willing to help you perform.

Olivia: Wait, what? Youíd... youíd do that for me?! Oh, thank you so much!

Tharja: Of course, it will involve putting a hex on you...

Olivia: *Gulp* ...It will?

Tharja: The hex will paralyze you, rendering you incapable of moving so much 
as an eyelid. Then Iíll manipulate your limbs in a macabre dance, like a 
living marionette. I think that would be VERY entertaining, donít you? Hee 
hee hee!

Olivia: B-but, Tharja, that sounds...

Tharja: Did I mention that over the course of time, Iíll come to control your 
mind as well? Youíll belong to me heart and soulóa helpless puppet at my beck 
and call. How does that sound, Olivia?

Olivia: That... that sounds nothing at all like what I suggested! That sounds 
like a horror show!

Tharja: Well, everyone loves a horror show, donít they?

Olivia: Um, NO! Not when theyíre a part of the horror!

Olivia x Cherche

Cherche > Olivia

Cherche: Olivia? What are you up to?

Olivia: Oh, just collecting seashells.

Cherche: Really? What for?

Olivia: I was hoping to take one back as a memento of our visit here. As a 
dancer, Iíve been lucky enough to travel all around the world... And each new 
place I go, I always try to find a keepsake to take home with me. I thought a 
nice shell would be a perfect way to remember this pretty seashore.

Cherche: What a novel concept! For better or for worse, I spent most of my 
days in and around Virionís manor. I barely ventured beyond the grounds, let 
alone far enough to warrant a memento... So to be perfectly honest, I had no 
idea such a practice even existed.

Olivia: Thatís so sad...

Cherche: Ha! Well, not really. It was all I knew, so it seemed normal to me. 
That people can lead such widely differing lives is really quite eye opening.

Olivia: ...Ooh, I just had a thought! Why donít you look for a memento of 
your own?

Cherche: Hmm, yes... I would hate to forget any of the wonderful places Iíve 
visited. But it doesnít seem right to copy you. Iíll need something other 
than a seashell.

Olivia: Well... how about this? I found it earlier, sparkling in the sand. 
Isnít it pretty?

Cherche: It certainly is... Hm? Wait a second... I know what that is. Itís 
one of Minervaís scales.

Olivia: Oh, gosh! I-I had no idea!

Cherche: Hee hee, Iím glad you like it, but itís not much of a mementoófor 
me, at least.

Olivia: I guess not. You could pick one of these up just about every place 
you visit.

Cherche: Exactly. I need something that comes from here and here alone. But 
weíre getting ahead of ourselves here. Thereís a battle to be won here!

Olivia: Ah, yes! But if you do find something, promise to show it to me, all 
Olivia > Cherche

Cherche: Hi, Olivia.

Olivia: Hey, Cherche! So have you found your memento yet?

Cherche: Well, Iíve been scouring the ground and sifting through the sand... 
You know, beachcombing. Hunting for something as fitting as your seashells. 
Itís really amazing the kinds of things you find out here!

Olivia: Well, Iím glad youíre enjoying yourself! Did you find anything good?

Cherche: I certainly did! Take a look at this.

Olivia: Er, is that...? EEEEK! IT IS! Augh, YUCK!

Cherche: Whatís gotten into you? Itís just an insect husk.

Olivia: JUST an insect husk?! Look at that thing!

Cherche: Yes, itís quite a sight, isnít it? This type of insect only lives in 
warm, tropical locales like this one. It starts life as a grub, then it 
transforms into an adult, leaving behind this larval husk. All that buzzing 
you hear in the palm trees are the adults singing to court mates. If you look 
closely, the ground at the foot of the palms is littered with their corpses.

Olivia: ......

Cherche: The shine ever so briefly, live fleeting lives, then dieóall in the 
blink of an eye. Then their dried husks flutter to the ground, marking the 
end of an ephemeral existence. Itís ever so beautiful, isnít it? *sniff*

Olivia: Ever so beautiful?! More like ever so GROSS!

Cherche: Oh, come on. I thought you of all people would appreciate the 
poetry, Olivia.

Olivia: Donít look at me like that! Thereís no poetry in dead bugs falling 
out of trees!

Cherche: I think youíre allowing preconceptions to blind you to the wonder of 
the creatures. Here, look at this little fellow. Completely adorable! Up 
close, it almost looks as if heís smilingólike heís found peace in death.

Olivia: S-smiling?! ARRGH, I canít do this! Get that thing away from me!
(Olivia leaves)

Cherche: *Sigh* That girlís far too high strung... If you ask me, these 
little guys make for perfect mementos of this place. Once the battleís done, 
I think Iíll collect a whole sackful of them!
Hot-Springs Scramble

Costume Changes~


Lucina: Is this the place? I'm almost afraid to ask why I was summoned 

Anna: Welcome, Lucina! And congratulations! You've been selected as one of 
the future's most popular ladies!

Lucina: What...? By whom? This must be some mistake. I couldn't possibly 
presume to accept such an honor. Still, I thank you all the same. I'm 
flattered to have even been consideró

Anna: Oh, there's no mistake, I assure you! In fact, as a result of your 
selection... the Bathrealm has decided to present you with this commemorative 
yukata! And after you try it on, we've got another little surprise waiting 
for you too. I'm so excited! Your transformation is the one I've been looking 
forward to the most.

Lucina: Transformation...?

Anna: All right, let's get you inside. I'll help you slip into your yukata.

Lucina: O-oh, right. Very well. I... appreciate the help. 
(Time passes)
Lucina: A commemorative yukata, huh? I wonder which one it is... Oh? Look at 

Anna: All right, let's get started! Here's the yukata I've selected... 
Hmm...? What is it, Lucina? Is something the matter?

Lucina: That yukata there... Might I try that one?

Anna: You mean the one with the Brand pattern that I offered to Chrom?! Um... 
That yukata wasn't exactly intended to be worn by, uh...
Lucina: Never mind about that! It's absolutely spectacular... No, I've 
decided. It's the only one that interests me!
Anna: Okay, okay! I get it. Let me see if I can find one with that pattern a 
bit closer to your size...
Lucina: Yes, please do!

Anna: Here we go. All right, let's give this one a try. Step this way, 

Lucina: Gladly! *Shwip, fwip* *Squeeze* Oh, would you look at this? It's 
every bit as spectacular as I hoped. Thank you so much!

Anna: Well, as long as you're satisfied... And now for the finishing touch... 
Let's color your hair!

Lucina: My... hair?
Anna: That's right. To match your yukata, you need a nice twilight shine! I'm 
actually a natural redhead myself, you knowójust like my sisters. But I dyed 
my hair with a special elixir designed to accentuate my yukata. I'll do the 
same with yoursówhen we're done, we'll look like twins!

Lucina: I see. Well, I suppose it couldn't hurt to give it a try. I couldn't 
help noticing how striking it looks on you, after all.

Anna: Oh, you're too kind! All right, well, let's start applying the elixir.

Lucina: Eek! It's s-so cold! And it kind of stings...

Anna: That should go away soon. ...Hopefully. Now we just sit back and wait 
for the dye to set in! You should be good to go in three... two...

Lucina: Wow! It really does shine!

Anna: Look at you! Come on, let's step outside and show the world!

(CG of Lucina wearing her yukata)

Lucina: What do you think? Does this pattern suit me as well as it does my 

Anna: Are you kidding? It looks like it was made just for you! Then again, I 
bet someone like you could make any yukata look good.

Lucina: Heh... You flatter me. But I'm delighted to hear it all the same. 
Thank you for humoring me. I know this isn't the yukata you had in mind. In 
any case, I'd better get changed back into my normal clothes now.

Anna: What? You're changing back already?! But it looks so good on you! Why 
not savor it for just a little while longer?

Lucina: Would that I could... But not while my friends are risking their 
lives. We can't afford to tarry any longerópeace must be restored to the 
springs! We've caused you enough trouble already.

Anna: You caused ME trouble? How so?

Lucina: Because of these hideous monsters! They attacked as soon as we 
arrived. The ambush was surely intended for us.

Anna: ...... Heh heh...

Lucina: Wh-what's so funny?

Anna: You really are the sweetest thing. No wonder you won so many votes! Now 
put that thought out of your mind. These monsters didn't come for you. It's 
pure chance that they showed up when they did. I should be apologizing! I 
appreciate your sense of duty, but we all need to take a break sometimes. 
Just like you guys are trying to do right now.

Lucina: ...... I...I suppose you're right. Thanks again for letting me try 
the yukata and for dyeing my hair. It really did mean a lot to me.

Anna: No thanks necessary. I enjoyed it too! Now, let's get you back to your 
old self.

Lucina: Indeed!
(Time passes)

Anna: Thanks for coming, Lucina. Your hair's back to normal, by the way!

Lucina: It is...? You're right! That certainly was fast...

Anna: Yes, that was just a short-term elixir I use for sample purposes. If 
you like, I'd be happy to apply another dose?

Lucina: Ah, I appreciate the offer, but...

Anna: Heh. I had a feeling you'd say that. And as much as I hate to admit it, 
your natural hair is already stunning. No dye could ever match the 
resplendent blue that you and your father share.

Lucina: Thank you. For that, and for everything. Well, I'd better be getting 
back now. The next time I'm able to catch my breath... could you show me a 
few more yukata?

Anna: Are you kidding? It'd be my pleasure! I'll make sure I'm well stocked 
with lots of the... bolder designs that you prefer. 

Severa: So this is the place, is it? What's her deal, calling me here in the 
middle of battle? This better be good...

Anna: There you are, Severa! Thanks for coming. Since you've been selected as 
one of the world's most popular ladies... the Bathrealm has decided to 
present you with this commemorative yukata! And after you try it on, we've 
got another little surprise waiting for you too.

Severa: Oh? W-well, new clothes are always nice... And what girl doesn't like 
surprises? Ugh, but no! I don't have time to hang out and play dress-up 

Anna: Then hurry on in here! I'll help get your yukata on.

Severa: ACK! H-hey! I never said I'd do it! Q-quit pushing me, will you? I 
don't have time for this!
(Time passes)
Severa: What is wrong with you?! Now my hair and clothes are a mess. Keep 
your damn hands to yourself!

Anna: Oops. Sorry about that! But I wasn't about to just let you run off, you 
know... Not before I could see you in the yukata I picked for you!

Severa: What?! This looks... familiar.

Anna: It should! The pattern is based on the colors that your mother always 
wears. I'm sure it'll look wonderful on you. Care to try it on?

Severa: ...... *Sigh* I SUPPOSE I could humor you... But make it quick, you 
hear? The other are waiting.

Anna: I wouldn't have it any other way. Now hop on over here.

Severa: Fine, fine... *Rustle, bustle* *Swish* Huh. Well, at least you seem 
to know what you're doing.

Anna: You embarrass me with your praise. And now for the finishing touch... 
Let's get your hair dyed!

Severa: Let's what? You already messed up my hair- now you're changing its 

Anna: Sure am! When a lady wears a yukata, her hair should sparkle like a 
starlit sky! I'm actually a natural redhead, you know- just like my sisters. 
But I dyed my hair with a special elixer designed to accentuate my yukata. 
Come on, this is your chance to be at the forefront of contemporary fashion!

Severa: Hmph... I suppose it wouldn't kill me to try out a new look... But 
don't think you suckered me in with that "forefront of fashion" nonsense!

Anna: Noted! Now, sit still for a moment while I apply the elixer...

Severa: Ugh! What the hell?! It's cold! And yet, somehow it burns... G-get 
that stuff away from me!

Anna: Hey, that's the price you pay for beauty! Hold tight for just a little 
longer. The color is about to change... Okay, here we go!

Severa: Whoa, it really did change! This is so weird...

Anna: Ooh, it looks great on you, Severa! Come on, let's get back outside.

Severa: H-hey, take it easy, would you? What's with all the pushing?!
(CG of Severa in her yukata)
Severa: Fine, we're outside. Are you happy? ...So what's the verdict? Yay? 

Anna: Oh, definitely yay! You look gorgeous, Severa! You're every bit the 
beauty that your mother is.

Severa: Please. Spare me the sales pitch. I don't hold a candle to my mother. 
I'm sure the yukata you chose for me would look a whole lot better on her...

Anna: Well, you're probably right about that.

Severa: See?! I knew it...

Anna: Hee hee. That's not what I mean. See, yukatas look better on... well, 
let's just say "smaller" women. They're not exactly ideal for those with... 
ample proportions.

Severa: Huh? Are you serious?! *Sigh* I guess Mother wins again. She's as 
flat as an undented kite shield...

Anna: Are you mocking her or admiring her? It's... kind of hard to tell 

Severa: Can't it be both? But wait a minute here. Are you trying to say... 
I've got bigger ones than her?

Anna: As far as I can tell! Not that yours are worth writing home about 

Severa: Hmm... Interesting... Very interesting indeed! Hee hee! At long last, 
Severa comes out on top! I've finally bested her in SOMETHING!

Anna: Well, not to rain on your parade, but... remember how this little chat 
started? Your mother's modest chest is the reason she wears a yukata so well. 
Sooo... isn't that a win for her?

Severa: Hey! Can't I have a moment to savor my triumph before you nitpick it 
to pieces? Aren't you a merchant? What happened to the customer always being 

Anna: Heh heh. Forgive me, Severa. Teasing you is just too much fun! And I 
really was just teasing earlier. You look spectacular in that yukata. Even 
more beautiful than your beloved mother, if I may be so bold.

Severa: Ugh, would you just stop talking?! Your hollow flattery makes me ill! 
I see how it works now... You build me up so you can sell me the yukata, 
right? Ugh. Turn around- I'm changing back. You can keep your precious 

Anna: My, my. She sure is cute when she gets flustered...
(Time passes)
Anna: Aw, look at this. You folded up the yukata perfectly. Thanks, Severa.

Severa: Hmph. Don't thank me for that. It's common sense... By the way, 
what's up with my hair? It already changed back to its usual color.

Anna: Oh, right. That's just a short-term elixer for sample purposes. If you 
like, I'd be happy to apply another dose...

Severa: Thanks, but... no, thanks. I did like the color, but... I'm pretty 
sure my natural color's already at the "forefront of comtemporary fashion."

Anna: Heh, fair enough. It IS the same hair color as your father's hair, 
after all.

Severa: Th-that's got nothing to do with it! I just like the color, is all! 
Anyway, I have to go. But listen, um...

Anna: Yes?

Severa: Just... thanks for the little dress-up break. It was kinda fun... in 
a lame sorta way.

Anna: Hee hee. Anytime, sweetheart. I'm glad you came.

Owain: So this is the fabled "winners' circle," is it? But why summon me 
here? What could they be planning...?

Anna: There's our winner! Welcome and congrats, Owain! You've been selected 
as one of the future's most popular men!

Owain: Popular?! You fools... To so willfully ignore the insatiable fury that 
taints my blood!

Anna: Uh... yeah. Sure, kid. Anyway, as a result of your selection...the 
Bathrealm has decided to present you with this commemorative yukata! After 
you try it on, we've got another little surprise waiting for you too.

Owain: Huh? B-but my sword arm thirsts for battle! I don't have time foró

Anna: Right, right. Now please step inside. I'll help get you into that 

Owain: Y-yes, ma'am... 
(Time passes)
Owain: I need to get back into character... My big scene is coming up! This 
costume change marks the hero's ultimate awakening!

Anna: All right, let's get you dressed. Here you go: your custom yukata!

Owain: Gods above! It... it cannot be! This color... This pattern! This must 
be...the fabled lost raiment of the legendary Enigma King! Its power... 
overwhelms! Hurry! Tie the Belt of Warding before I'm consumed!

Anna: Would you sit still and stop squirming already? And quit flexing too.

Owain: Y-yes, ma'am. *Rustle, bustle* *Scrunch* All set? And not a moment too 
soon... The wards may holdóbut for how long?!

Anna: And now for the final step... it's time to dye your hair!

Owain: Indeed! ...Wait, what now?

Anna: Your hair! To match the yukata, it needs a more mystical color. We call 
this one "Twilight Gloaming."

Owain: T-Twilight Gloaming?! You do have a way with names... I respect that.

Anna: When we're through with your hair, it'll be the same color as mine! I'm 
actually a natural redhead, you knowójust like my sisters. But I dyed my hair 
wiht a special elixir designed to accentuate my yukata. I'm going to use the 
same one on you. We'll be like siblings!

Owain: You intend to taint this kingly coiffure? A millennia-old symbol of 
royal glory?! And yet...part of me years for release from the shackles of 
heritage... Very well. Do it! Debase me with your common dye! Befoul me with 
your Twilight Gloaming!

Anna: Um... okay... You know it's only temporary, right...? Anyway, I've got 
it right here. One shot of Twilight Gloaming coming right up!

Owain: Huh? Wh-what foul devilry is this?! It's cold and... it smells funny.

Anna: Hey, this is high-quality stuff! Just hold still. You'll be fine. 
And...there we go! Now give the elixir a moment to do its thing, and you're 
set. ...There. All finished!

Owain: What?! The man in the looking glass... He is me, and yet... I know him 

Anna: Ooh, not bad, handsome! Let's go outside and show everyone!

(CG of Owain wearing his yukata)

Owain: Bear witness to the legend reborn... My visage commands evil's gaze 
like moonlight reflected on drawn steel!

Anna: It sure does! Which maybe isn't so hot if you're trying to avoid 
enemies... But hey, if you're looking to stand out, it's perfect!

Owain: Ugh! My sword arm...throbs with fury... Is it resonating with the 
yukata?! If I can't keep this dire magic in check, the whole spring...will be 

Anna: I have no idea what he's talking about, but at least he likes the 
yukata... Hey, Owain? That yukata is for sale! How'd you like to take it home 
with you?

Owain: What?! You would seek to permanently bind me to this garment...? 
Hmm... The rites of binding are known to be dangerous and painful... Still, I 
may be the only man alive capable of containing its power...

Anna: So you'll take it? Great! A pleasure doing business with you. I'll just 
write you out an invoice here...

Owain: ...... WHAT?! How could any one piece of clothing possibly cost that 

Anna: Huh? It's the, uh... legendary fabric! That's why it resonates with you 

Owain: Th-thanks, but... I think just wearing it once was probably enough. 
I'll just change back to my old clothes, and we'll forget this ever 

Anna: Aw, are you suuure you don't want it? You were so excited about it...

Owain: N-no, I'm good, really! If I ever spent that much money on clothes, my 
mother would kill me...

Anna: Heh. Sorry to hear it, kid. If you change your mind, you know where to 
find me! 
(Time passes)
Anna: Thanks for dropping by, Owain. I hope you enjoyed the yukata! That's 
all that really matters.

Owain: Huh...? My hair's back to its old color already...

Anna: Oh, right. That's just a short-term elixir for sample purposes. If you 
like, I'd be happy to apply another dose...

Owain: N-no, that's fine, thanks. The Twilight Gloaming was nice, but I'm 
happy with my natural color. It's a reminder of my late father...

Anna: Oh, I see. Of course. Well, how about I put this yukata aside for you 
for a little while? Talk it over with your mother, and if she approves, you 
can come back for it.

Owain: Wh-what?! I'm not some child tugging at the hem of my mother's dress! 
I... simply lack the strength to bind with so potent an artifact! That's all! 
But I shall strive to amass experience, and once I have a great wealth of... 
experience... I vow to fulfill my duty to ensure the magic raiment is held by 
the forces of justice!

Anna: All right. Well, once you've got the money saved up, the yukata will be 

Owain: You have my gratitude, noble guardian of the Enigma King's legacy! 

Inigo: Is this where we're supposed to meet? My heart is racing! It's not 
every day I get a summons from a beautiful woman...

Anna: Oh! Come on in. I'm so glad you made it! Since you've been selected as 
one of the future's most popular men... the Bathrealm has decided to present 
you with this commemorative yukata! And after you try it on, we've got 
another little surprise waiting for you too.

Inigo: Reeeally? Not just the yukata, you say? Something... else too?

Anna: Absolutely! Now come on in, and I'll start getting you dressed.

Inigo: All right, sounds goo- Wait... You're coming in here too? ...While I'm 
getting dressed?!

Anna: Sure am! But don't you worry- I won't touch you anywhere creepy.

Inigo: How bizarre! That's usually my line...
(Time passes)
Inigo: Um... excuse me, but... I think I'll just get dressed by myself, so... 
Could you give me a moment here? You can help with the belt after...

Anna: Absolutely not. Do you know how difficult it is to wear these properly? 
I take pride in my products, and I won't have you looking like a fool out 

Inigo: I-I didn't mean...

Anna: Good. Now, let's get started. Here's the yukata I picked for you.

Inigo: Wow, that's really quite nice! It would be an honor to wear this. But 
tell me, my sweet... do you treat all your customers like this?

Anna: ...What do you mean, "like this"?

Inigo: It's just... some might call your treatment a bit... forceful. You 
know? Perhaps your male customers would prefer a more... demure saleswoman? 
Urgh! M-miss! It's too... tight! I-I can't... I can't breathe!

Anna: Oh? You'll have to forgive me, dear. My hands must have slipped. There. 
Does that feel better?

Inigo: *Gasp* Ah, yes... That's... That's much better. (I should probably 
take a bit more care not to offend her...)

Anna: Alrighty, now that you're all dressed, we're ready to dye your hair!

Inigo: ...My hair?

Anna: That's right! When wearing a yukata, your hair should sparkle like a 
starry sky. Like mine! I'm actually a natural redhead, you know- just like my 
sisters. But I dyed my hair with a special elixer designed to accentuate my 
yukata. Come on- you only live once, right? Let's see how it looks!

Inigo: I... suppose that's fine. Mainly because I'm afraid of what you'd do 
if I refused...

Anna: Aren't you a fast learner! Here, I'll apply the elixer.

Inigo: Oh my, s-so cold! that sent a chill all the way down my spine! And 
it's so... sticky... Urgh... Are you sure this stuff's safe?

Anna: Sure! It comes on a little strong, but I promise it's worth it. Just 
hold tight for a bit longer, and your hair will change like magic! Here it 

Inigo: Oh, look at that! Wow... I barely look like myself at all!

Anna: Oh, you look far more impressive. Come on, let's pop outside!

Inigo: Already? B-but I'm not ready to let everyone see me like this! Hey, 
don't pull so hard! You're gonna tear the sleeve!
(CG of Inigo in his yukata)
Inigo: Gods, this is so embarrassing... Please don't look at me!

Anna: Oh, come on! There's nothing to be embarrassed about! The hair color is 
great, the yukata looks wonderful on you... Women are going to be throwing 
themselves left and right!

Inigo: D-do you really think so?

Anna: Oh, I know so. And I've got thousands of satisfied customers to prove 

Inigo: I see... Well, that does make me feel a bit better. Thank you. You've 
renewed my confidence. Perhaps this look isn't all that bad!

Anna: Glad you like it! It's for sale, you know... Why not take it back home 
with you? I bet you can't buy anything like this in your world, right? And 
think of how great it would be for your dance performances!

Inigo: Yes, a garment like this would certainly inspire some new dance 

Anna: Right? Tell you what- if you act now, I'll even throw in the magical 
elixer. It'll be great for giving that special someone a taste of an all-new 

Inigo: S-special someone...?

Anna: Oh? Got someone in mind there, don't you, loverboy? Whoever she is, I'm 
sure she'd love to see you like this, no?

Inigo: What?! I... I...

Anna: I bet she'd be dazzled by your new look. She might just fall in love on 
the spot! Play it a little shy, like you are now- then slowly approach, and 
whisper... "I wore this for you, baby." Ooh, what girl could possibly 

Inigo: S-stop it, please! You're getting me all worked up! Look... I wore it 
like I said I would. Now I'm changing back to my clothes. And this time, stay 
out, would you? I can get dressed by myself!

Anna: Inigo, wait! *Sigh* He went back inside... Boy, I certainly botched 
that sale! I thought he'd want in for sure...
(Time passes)
Anna: Thanks for indulging me, Inigo. I'm glad you came. And... I'm sorry 
about the hard sell. The yukata just looked so good on you, it really lit my 
merchant's spark!

Inigo: Your merchant's spark, huh? Well, in spire of the embarrassment, I 
admit it was kind of fun. I'm grateful for the compliment too. So... thanks 
for that. By the way, what happened to my hair? It's back to its old color 

Anna: Oh, that was just a short-term elixer I use for sample purposes. If you 
like, I'd be happy to apply another dose?

Inigo: Ah, no, that's all right. It was a fine look, but I think I prefer my 
natural color. It feels good to have the same hair color as my father, you 

Anna: I understand completely. If you change your mind, just let me know. 
Normally the yukata and the elixer are sold as a set... but for you? Not only 
will I sell the elixer separately- I'll sell it to you at the wholesale 
price! In fact, act now and I'll throw in a bunch of free samples too! What a 

Inigo: Yeesh... Once your merchant's spark is lit, what does it take to put 
it out?

Avatar x Lucina

Avatar > Lucina

Lucina: This place has such wonderful atmosphere. Even crawling with Risen, 
it feels so strangely relaxing.

Avatar: Doesn't it? I can't wait to be done with them so we can get to 
enjoying the springs.

Lucina: You took the words right out of my mouth. Say, Avatar? What do you 
suppose that building there is?

Avatar: Going from the sign, I'd say it's a mixed bath.

Lucina: Oh? What do they mix it with?

Avatar: Er, no... It's not the water that's mixedóit's the clientele. A mixed 
bath is one that men and women can enter together.

Lucina: What?! S-such a thing exists? Goodness... This place is certainly 
(Male) Hmm, but that would mean I'd be able to join you and Father!
(Female) Hmm, but that would mean you and I would be able to join Father!

Avatar: (Male) Yes, that'só NO! Absolutely not! Please, PLEASE promise me you 
won't do that. Your father would fillet me for having told you about it in 
the first place...
(Female) Yes, that'só NO! Absolutely not! Please, PLEASE promise me you won't 
join him. A woman your age should not be taking baths with her father.

Lucina: ...Huh? W-well, all right. If you say so. So...what about that 
building there?

Avatar: A souvenir shop, I'd wager. You should go take a look once the 
fighting's done.

Lucina: How charming! They have wood carvings that bear my father's face.

Avatar: They what?! Whoa, they do! But why?!

Lucina: Judging from what I've heard, we're minor celebrities in these parts. 
I suppose it's not so strange to see our likenesses being used so.

Avatar: Still, that's a little... you know...

Lucina: Indeed. It must be mine, by any means necessary!

Avatar: What? Wait, what?

Lucina: My apologies, Avatar. As soon as we've cleared the immediate area, 
I'll be leaving the front for a moment.

Avatar: To go souvenir shopping?! I'm pretty sure they're not going to leap 
off the shelves anytime soon!

Lucina: One cannot take any chances. A greed-addled mob may be on its way to 
buy out the entire stock as we speak.

Avatar: Lucina, you're scaring me.

Lucina: Yes... I, too, am gripped with fear! I must make haste! Hold on, 
tiny, wooden Father! I'm coming!

Avatar: L-Lucina, wait! There's a whole pack of Risen that way! ...Uh, I 
mean, there was. Yeesh, she's even fiercer than usual... Just how badly does 
she want that thing?
Lucina > Avatar

Lucina: Apologies for my absence, Avatar. But the mission was a success! 
Feast your eyes on the sheer craftsmanship!

Avatar: That's, um... That's lovely. Hm? Was that not the only thing you 

Lucina: No. This caught my eye, and I couldn't pass it up. Doesn't it take 
you back?

Avatar: Wait, is that... That's the same mask you wore when we first met you!

Lucina: Well, a wood replica, but yes! I fear I left the original in the 
castle courtyard. It's probably still there.

Avatar: Ha ha, that does bring back a few memories... Back then, I would 
never have imagined you were a woman. With that mask on, you were so dashing 
and manly and cool and collected. Not that you aren't still, of course. Er, 
well, not manly, exactly, but... you know.

Lucina: Ha ha. Well, thank you. I'm pleased to hear you saw me that way. To 
tell the truth, I've been half in a panic ever since I arrived in this time.

Avatar: Really? Then you've done a remarkable job of hiding it.

Lucina: Masks are good for that. The moment I first saw my father, it was all 
I could do not to leap into his arms. That, or break down in tears at having 
seen him alive again after so many years. I couldn't have gotten through it 
if not for that mask...

Avatar: Lucina...

Lucina: (Male) No doubt I would still be a wreck now, had I given in back 
then. And I wouldn't be standing here today with you and him...
(Female) No doubt I would still be a wreck now had I given in back then. Or 
perhaps I would have run, unable to hold my emotions in check...

Avatar: Then I suppose we all owe a great deal of thanks to that mask.

Lucina: ...I may have need of it again before long.

Avatar: Oh?

Lucina: There is no guarantee that I'll be able to return to the future once 
peace is won. If I'm to live out my days in this era, I can't allow myself to 
linger at my father's side. It would only raise questions. Cause confusion... 
No, it's best I lived in shadow.

Avatar: ......

Lucina: Shame I'll have to content myself with a replica then, eh? Heh, it 
seems half ready to splinter in my hands right now. ...I worry it won't long 
conceal my loneliness.

Avatar: I don't see any reason why we should lose you to the shadows. I'd 
wager good money Chrom would tell you the same. He wants you to stay with 

Lucina: Yes, he would say that. Of course he would... But I cannot put him in 
that position. A mysterious woman clinging to the exalt's side, neither his 
wife nor his daughter? Surely you can imagine what the people would think.

Avatar: Perhaps...

Lucina: Then the answer is clear.

Avatar: ...I'll fix it. Somehow. I'll think of something. Some way that you 
can stay with Chrom without arousing any strange suspicion. What better test 
of a tactician's skill than concocting a plan to convince a nation?

Lucina: ...... Thank you, Avatar. For cheering me up. Meeting you is one of 
the greatest gifts this era has afforded me.

Avatar: R-really?

Lucina: Yes. I truly believe that. Now, shall we rejoin the fray? All this 
steam is making the mask swell and get soggy. I doubt it can take much more.

Avatar: Ugh, no kidding! All right, then. Guess we'd better hurry.
(Avatar leaves)

Lucina: Avatar. I'm touched that you would craft a strategy for my sake. But 
there's no need. Even if I cannot return to my own time, and even if I cannot 
stay with you all, I'll be fine. The time I've shared with all of you and all 
we've done together will keep me. It's a treasure I will cherish all my 
Avatar x Lucina(Child)

Avatar > Lucina

Lucina: This place has such a wonderful atmosphere. Even crawling with Risen, 
it feels so strangely relaxing. 

Avatar: Doesnít it? I canít wait to be done with them so we can get to 
enjoying the springs.

Lucina: You took the words right out of my mouth, Mother. Say, what do you 
suppose that building is?

Avatar: Going from the sign, Iíd say itís a mixed bath.

Lucina: Oh? What do they mix it with?

Avatar: Er, no... Itís not the water thatís mixedóitís the clientele. A mixed 
bath is one that men and women can enter together.

Lucina: What?! S-such a thing exists? Goodness... This place is certainly 
progressive. Hmm, but that would mean that you and I would be able to join 
Father! How wonderful it would be to spend quality family time together in  
the bath...

Avatar: Yes, thatísóNO! Absolutely not! PLEASE promise me you wonít suggest 
that that to him! If your father were to charge into the bath with us, weíd 
have chaos on our hands... Spending time as a family is all well and good, 
but bath time is an exception.

Lucina: ...Huh? W-well, all right. If you say so. So... what about that 
building there?

Avatar: A souvenir shop, Iíd wager. You should go take a look once the 
fightingís done. 

Lucina: How charming! They have wood carvings that bear your face, Mother.

Avatar: They what?! Whoa, they do! But why?!

Lucina: Judging from what Iíve heard, weíre minor celebrities in these parts. 
I suppose itís not so strange to see our likenesses being used so.

Avatar: Still, thatís a little... you know...

Lucina: Indeed. It must be mine, by any means necessary!

Avatar: What? Wait, what?

Lucina: My apologies, Mother. As soon as weíve cleared the immediate area, 
Iíll be leaving the front for a moment.

Avatar: To go souvenir shopping?! Iím pretty sure theyíre not going to leap 
off the shelves anytime soon!

Lucina: One cannot take any chances. A greed-addled mob may be on its way to 
buy out the entire stock as we speak. 

Avatar: Lucina, youíre scaring me.

Lucina: Yes... I, too, am gripped with fear! I must make haste! Hold on, 
tiny, wooden Mother! Iím coming! 
(Lucina leaves)

Avatar: H-hey! Lucina, wait! Thereís a whole pack of Risen that way! ...Uh, I 
mean there was. Yeesh, sheís even fiercer than usual... Just how badly does 
she want that thing?
Lucina > Avatar

Lucina: Apologies for my absence, Mother. But the mission was a success! 
Feast your eyes on the sheer craftsmanship!

Avatar: Thatís, um... Thatís lovely. Iím a little concerned about what you 
plan to DO with it, but... Hm? Was that not the only thing you bought?

Lucina: Yes, this caught my eye, and I couldnít pass it up. Doesnít it take 
you back?

Avatar: Wait, is that... Thatís the same mask you wore when we first met you! 

Lucina: Well, a wood replica, but yes! I fear I left the original in the 
castle courtyard. Itís probably still there. 

Avatar:  Ha ha, that does bring back a few memories... Back then, I would 
have never imagined you were a woman.  With that mask on, you were so dashing 
and manly and cool and collected. Not that you arenít still, of course. Er, 
well, not manly, exactly, but... you know. 

Lucina: Ha ha. Well, thank you. Iím pleased to hear you saw me that way. To 
tell the truth, Iíve been half in a panic ever since I arrived in this time. 

Avatar: Really? Then youíve done a remarkable job of hiding it.

Lucina: Masks are good for that. The moment I saw you and father, it was all 
I could do not to leap into your arms. That, or break down in tears at having 
seen you alive again after so many years. I couldnít have gotten through it 
if not for that mask...

Avatar: Lucina...

Lucina: No doubt I would still be a wreck now, had I given in back then. And 
I wouldnít be standing here today with you and him...

Avatar: Then I suppose we owe a great deal of thanks to that mask. 

Lucina: ...I may have need of it again before long. 

Avatar: Oh?

Lucina: There is no guarantee that Iíll be able to return to the future once 
peace is won. If Iím to live out my days in this era, I canít allow myself to 
linger at your side. It would only raise questions. Cause confusion... No, 
itís best I lived in shadow. 

Avatar: Donít be ridiculous, Lucina.

Lucina: Shame Iíll have to content myself with a replica then, eh? Heh, it 
seems half ready to splinter in my hands right now. ...I worry it wonít long 
conceal my loneliness. 

Avatar:  I donít see any reason why we should lose you to the shadows. I know 
I certainly have no intention to part company with you.  Iíd wager good money 
your father would tell you the same.

Lucina: Yes, he would say that. You both wouldAvatar But I cannot put you in 
that position. A mysterious woman clinging to the exaltís side, neither his 
wife nor his daughter? One who bears the Brand that proves her of the exalted 
bloodline, no less! Surely you can imagine what the people would think. 

Avatar:  Perhaps...

Lucina: Then the answer is clear. 

Avatar: ...Iíll fix it. Somehow. Iíll think of something. Some way that you 
can stay with us without arousing any strange suspicion. What better test of 
a tacticianís skill than concocting a plan to convince a nation? You need not 
worry about a thing, dear. Iíll make it right, whatever it takes. Youíre my 

Lucina: ...... Thank you, Mother. For all your love. Being with you again is 
one of the greatest gifts this era has afforded me.  I... Mother, I love you 
so much. 

Avatar: Stop. Youíre going to make me cry. 

Lucina: Iím sorry, but I truly believe that. Now, shall we rejoin the fray? 
All this steam is making the mask swell and get soggy. I doubt it can take 
much more. 

Avatar: Ugh, no kidding! All right, then. Guess weíd better hurry. 
(Avatar leaves)

Lucina: Mother... Iím touched that you would craft a strategy for my sake. 
But thereís no need. Even if I cannot return to my own time, and even if I 
cannot stay with you, Iíll be fine. The time Iíve shared with both of you and 
all weíve done together will keep me. Itís a treasure I will cherish all my 
Avatar x Lucina(Married)

Avatar > Lucina

Avatar: Beautiful place.

Lucina: It really is. Though I fear the view is marred by the Risen. We must 
see them slain and peace restored to this land at once.

Avatar: You sound especially passionate today. That eager to enjoy the 
springs, are you?

Lucina: I won't deny that's a part of it. But earlier, I overheard a couple 
as they fled.

Avatar: Oh, the newlyweds?

Lucina: Yes. This was to be their first trip together. I cannot abide letting 
their happy memories be sullied by these monsters. I... I know how I would 
feel in their position. As a fellow newlywed.

Avatar: Lucina... All right, then. We'd better get to work. Then it'll be our 
turn to make some happy memories!

Lucina: Right! Oh, speaking of that couple... I spoke to the husband briefly. 
He pointed to that building and mentioned a promise to go there with his wife 
later. What do you suppose it is?

Avatar: That? Going from the sign, I'd say it's a mixed bath.

Lucina: Oh? What do they mix it with?

Avatar: Er, no... It's not the water that's mixedóit's the clientele. A mixed 
bath is one that men and women can enter together.

Lucina: What?! Th-they have such a thing here?! I'm terribly sorry, Avatar. I 
had no idea what I was asking!

Avatar: Ha ha. It's fine. You didn't know.

Lucina: Though, now that the initial shock is you have any interest 
in trying one?

Avatar: What?! N-no, I... I'm not sure we're... I'm not sure I'M ready for 

Lucina: ...Even with the rest of the army?

Avatar: Oh... oh, I see. Yes, I suppose it might be fun as a big group... But 
wait, no! NO! You're not allowed into such a place, Lucina! That's a direct 
request from your husband. ...Uh, please?

Lucina: Hmm? W-well, all right. If you feel that strongly about it...

Avatar: Phew...

Lucina: But we ought to do something here, you know? I'd like to have some 
happy memories of this place. Let's think on it after the combat's done, all 

Avatar: Of course, Lucina. 
Lucina > Avatar

Avatar: How are you faring over here, Lucina?

Lucina: Mostly done. At this rate, we'll be finished before supper. Plenty of 
time for these newlyweds to enjoy their evening.

Avatar: Excellent! I'm sure they'll appreciate it. As will all the old 
couples who evacuated with them, I'm sure.

Lucina: Heh, yes, it did seem as though the average visitor here was...more 
mature. I think it's sweet, seeing couples who have shared so many years 

Avatar: I hope we're still sneaking off on little trips like that when we're 
old and gray.

Lucina: Yes... ......

Avatar: What's wrong?

Lucina: Do you suppose we'll really be able to stay together that long?

Avatar: What? Why wouldn't we?
Lucina: Well, once peace is won, I'll have to try to return to my own time. 
...Even if that turns out to be impossible, though, I can't remain by my 
father's side. But you're his tactician. His chief advisor. I don't see how 
our paths won't part...

Avatar: Lucina.

Lucina: And I've been charged with saving the world above all else. If, Naga 
forbid, I should ever have to choose between you and that mission... I 
couldn't allow my heart to turn me from what must be done. What right has a 
wife to be with her husband when she cannot put him first?

Avatar: She has every right. That's who she isówho YOU are. When we swore our 
oaths to one another, what did we promise? That Chrom and I would support you 
with all or might so you could fulfill your duty.

Lucina: But...

Avatar: It's all right, Lucina. No matter what you choose, or where you go, 
I'll be right there by your side. I promise you again, here and now. I'll 
stay with you and support you for all my life. And even then! If I'm killed, 
I'll find a way to come back. Just watch me!

Lucina: Don't promise such things!

Avatar: It's the job of a crack tactician to work miracles, isn't it? To do 
the impossible!

Lucina: Butó ...Pfft, ha ha ha!

Avatar: Wh-what? What's so funny?

Lucina: No, it's just... You're just so desperate to cheer me up. It's sweet. 
I fear I have a tendency to dwell on the negative and imagine the worst. I'm 
fortunate to have been blessed with such a legendarily optimistic husband.

Avatar: Heh. You're welcome?

Lucina: Thank you, Avatar... I feel a weight has been lifted from me.

Avatar: ...... Lucina.

Lucina: Yes?

Avatar: I'll do anything it takes to see that your future is a happy one. I 
just... need you to know that.

Lucina: Avatar, IóMmmph!

Avatar: ......

Lucina: Avatar, this is no place for...

Avatar: I know, and I'm sorry. No... No, I'm not. I needed to share how I 
felt, and that was the only way. It may not be very befitting a tactician to 
lose control like that, but I'm a man first.

Lucina: Just don't let my father see you.

Avatar: Gah! I didn't even think... Do you think he might have?!

Lucina: I'm kidding, dear. It was only for a moment. No one saw. ...And I'm 
glad you did it. I am a woman first, after all. And your way of sharing your 
feelings was very...effec tive. Though I may require a repeat performance 
once the battle's over.

Avatar: Heh. Umm, sure...I think I can arrange that.

Lucina: Lovely. Thank you.

Avatar: *Ahem* I, uh, I'd best be getting back to the battle now. You be 
careful, okay?

Lucina: You too.
(Avatar leaves)

Lucina: ...... Forgive me... Until this war is won, I cannot put you above 
all else. But I hope you understand how precious you are to me. I don't say 
it nearly enough... But I love you with all my heart. I would consider myself 
the luckiest woman alive were I able to grow old with you. You're the dearest 
thing to me in this world, and my greatest reason to save it... My one and 
only love... 
Avatar x Owain

Avatar > Owain

Owain: The steam, a veil of ghostly white. Trees, a riot of fiery crimson... 
My heart burns with a longing for home in the face of this nostalgic idyll.
Avatar: Hey, Owain. I'm about to make a sweep of the area. Care to join mó
Owain: No doubt that parched world cries out in anger and sadness at our 
abandonment. Heh... It would seem some sliver of frail human sentimentality 
yet lives in my breast.
Avatar: Uh, am I interrupting? Because if so... HEY! OWAIN! 
Owain: Waugh?! Whaó Avatar?! S-sorry. Did you have some need of me?
Avatar: I came to talk strategy. Will you help me take care of the Risen in 
this area?
Owain: Yes, of course! Onward, friend! We strike at once!
Avatar: No, we don't. Hold a minute, Owain.
Owain: Huh?
Avatar: It's too dangerous to rush them head-on. I'll brief you on the 
assault strategy I've prepared.
Owain: Assault strategies? Briefings?!! Blood...raging! 
So! What are my directives?
Avatar: I'll have you stand by, concealed in the shadows of that edifice 
there. I'll serve as a lure to draw them near, then you leap out and strike 
them from behind.
Owain: You're giving me the juicy part?! At... at long last, the vast power 
hidden with me has been acknowledged! Understood! I will see to it your words 
are made fact. You shall be made a prophet! Henceforth, this operation shall 
be known as Code Bloodleaf Shadowstalker!
Avatar: ...What?
Owain: Now, to get into place. Formation Missing Link is go! You see, the 
missing link is between us. They won't think we're working together... But we 
Avatar: Yes, that's... that's wonderful, Owain.
Owain: Rragh! My sword arm is writhing! Straining against my iron will! 
Thirsty for action! Yet if I indulge its destructive appetite now, Code 
Bloodleaf etc. will be compromised! Be calm, arm! Soon... Soon you will have 
your fill! So for now, be calm!
Avatar: Rgh, no! The Risen have heard us! Change of plans, Owain.
Owain: What?! B-but Code Bloodleaf! be it. My blade is ever at your 
command. I await your next strategy!
Avatar: No strategy. Now that they've spotted us, we'll have to try our luck 
Owain: Whaaat?! But that's so much less awesome! Why don't weó Hey, wait! You 
said it was too dangerous to charge in alone! At least let me take the 
vanguard! Um, the rear guard? ...Honorable mention?! Don't leave meee!
Owain > Avatar

Owain: They were a fearsome adversary. For a brief moment's time, I was 
tempted to unleash my true power...
Avatar: Hey, Owain?
Owain: Ah! Yes? Ready to discuss our next strategy?
Avatar: Oh, no. It's actually something I've been wanting to ask you about 
for a while. Why do you alway speak like you're delivering lines in a stage 
Owain: This is no mere act, my friend. No part of hollow deception... This is 
my true self. Aye, when the power hidden within me surges, it erupts forth in 
prophetic speech.
Avatar: Er, right. Of course... And what is this hidden power exactly? I 
guess you are of the exalted bloodline, so it's entirely possible you've got 
Owain: Y-yes, of course... Were I to bring my full force to bear, it would 
surpass even that of my uncle...
Avatar: Wow, really?! I had no idea!
Owain: ......
Avatar: Um, Owain?
Owain: ...... ...Not really, no. That was acutally a lie. I'm sorry, Avatar. 
I know perfectly well I don't have any special power... Uncle Chrom and 
Lucina are fit to bend the world to their whims, and I've got nothing.
Avatar: What?! Owain, that's not...
Owain: But I'd do anything to be like them. Every time I watched someone die 
in that world, I thought that. I begged and prayed. In the end, I thought 
maybe if I started acting like it were true, then maybe...
Avatar: I see. So that's your reason...
Owain: You're welcome to laugh, Avatar. But that sort of senseless hope was 
the only way to survive in that world.
Avatar: I would never laugh! No one would after hearing that story!
Owain: Avatar...
Avatar: So you don't have any mystical power or hidden secret. You still 
crossed time as one of a chosen few to wage a war to save the world!
Owain: ......
Avatar: So you should feeló
Owain: A chosen few... Crossing time to... save the world...
Avatar: Er, you all right?
Owain: You... you're right! This whole time, I'd been describing myself in 
those terms... But I never had someone else validate them. I think I'd begun 
to lose confidence... But I AM a chosen warrior, fated to spare the world 
from its cruel fate! I knew it! Heh... Thank you, Avatar! I feel ready to 
take on the entire cosmos!
Avatar: What, already? I barely said anything... W-well, so much the better? 
Besides, I probably should have seen that coming.
Owain: Ah! Avatar!
Avatar: Wh-what now?
Owain: Rejoice, my genius compatriot, for yonder lurks a pack of Risen. The 
time to recommence the late Operation Bloodleaf Shadowstalker is nigh!
Avatar: Um, Owain? I'm really glad you're feeling better, and I'm sure the 
future was bleak and all... But I KNOW you're doing that just because you 
think it makes you sound impressive...
Avatar x Owain(Child)

Avatar > Owain

Owain: The steam, a veil of ghostly white... Trees, a riot of fiery 
crimson... My heart burns with a longing for home in the face of this 
nostalgic idyll.

Avatar: I'm anout to make a sweep of the area, Owain. Come and join m-.

Owain: No doubt that parched world cries out in anger and sadness at our 
abandonment. Heh... It would seem some sliver of frail human sentimentality 
yet lives within my breast.

Avatar: Seems I'm interrupting. In that case... HEY! OWAIN!

Owain: Waugh?! Wha-Father?! S-sorry. Did you have some need of me?

Avatar: I came to talk strategy. Will you help me take care of the Risen in 
this area?

Owain: Yes, of course! It would be an honor to assist you, Father! We strike 
at once!

Avatar: No, we don't. Hold a minute, Owain.

Owain: Huh?

Avatar: It's too dangerous to rush them head-on. I'll brief you on the 
assault strategy I've prepared.

Owain: Assault strategies? Briefings?! This... is.... AWESOME! Blood... 
raging! Leave it to my old man, legendary tactician and sire of the world's 
last hope! So! What are my directives?

Avatar: I'll have you stand by, concealed in the shadows of that edifice 
there. I'll serve as a lure to draw them near, then you leap out and strike 
them from behind.

Owain: You're giving me the juicy part?! At... at long last, you've 
acknowledged the vast power hidden within your son! Understood! I will see to 
it your words are made fact. You shall be made a prophet! Henceforth, this 
operation shall be known as Code Bloodleaf Shadowstalker!

Avatar: ...What?

Owain: Now, to get into place. Formation Missing Link is go! You see, the 
missing link is between us. They won't think we're working together... But we 

Avatar: Yes, that's... that's wonderful, Owain.

Owain: Rragh! My sword hand is writhing! Straininng against my iron will, 
thirsty for action! Yet if I indulge its destructive apppetite now, Code 
Bloodleaf etc. will be compromised! Be calm, arm! Soon... Soon you will have 
your fill! So for now, be calm!

Avatar: Rgh, no! The Risen have heard us! Change of plans, Owain.

Owain: What?! B-but Code Bloodleaf! Well... so be it. My blade is ever at 
your command. I await your next strategy!

Avatar: No strategy. Now that they've spotted us, we'll have to try our luck 
(Avatar leaves)

Owain: Whaaat?! But that's so much less awesome! Why don't we- Hey, wait! You 
said it was too dangerous to charge in alone! At least let me join the 
vanguard! Um, the rear guard? ...Honorable mention?! Father! Don't leave 
Owain > Avatar
Avatar x Owain(Married)

Avatar > Owain

Owain: Heh... Even the obscuring vapors of the springs cannot quench this 
gemstone's fire. I knew it for a worthy tribute in an instant. A treasure 
suited to adorn my treasure...

Avatar: What are you up to, Owain?

Owain: Hah! My beloved wife and she who binds the power of two times 
together! No doubt it was the stone's otherworldly sparkle that summoned you 
hither? Heh... I ought have known such a riotous spectacle would catch your 
keen eye.

Avatar: Ah, I interrupted bath time, did I? Sorry, dear. You have fun.

Owain: Gah, wait! Avatar, come back! I just took a peek at some of the shops 
here, and I found this amazing necklace. I couldn't help myself, so I 
snatched it up.

Avatar: You were souvenir shopping during combat? Well, no use worrying about 
it now, I suppose. So tell me about this necklace.

Owain: Heh heh... Sparked your curiosity into a towering blaze, have I? Then 
hark! It bears a glimmering sheen fit to shame the lustrous pinions of the 
bird of paradise. Its design is so inspired, it is less a work of man than 
aught revealed by the very gods!

Avatar: That's nice, honey. Um, is this going to take a while?

Owain: What? No, I'm nearly done. By which I mean: here, have a look for 
yourself! ...Ta-da! Behold, my beauteous spouse! Well, what do you think? 
Pretty great, huh?

Avatar: W-wow, dear... Pegasus wings, wrapped in roses, wrapped in chains 
and...more chains. And for a souvenir, it deftly manages to avoid any 
reference to the springs whatever. It's a very, er...unique choice.

Owain: Right?! I'm glad to hear you singing its praises.

Avatar: Not praises so much as the opposite of praises, but yes.

Owain: So confident was I that you would absolutely love it, in fact, that... 
Ta-da-da-daaa! Behold! I bought you the ladies' version!

Avatar: A matched set?!

Owain: Just so, my love! They shall hang about our throats, mirror images in 
their elegance. And through them, our hearts shall be even more a perfect 
mirror. The truest pair! They shall stand as a symbol of our oaths, 
everlasting proof of a love beyond time!

Avatar: Y-yes... They're lovely... Thank you... I'll lock mine away safe and 
sound and privately treasure it always.

Owain: What? Such a sparkling gem deserves the light of the sun! Let us wear 
them together!

Avatar: Yes, I'll... I'll take that into careful consideration, dear. For 
now, I'll just get back to slaying Risen. You get back to the front lines 
too, honey.

Owain: What? Hey! Avatar?! What would drive you to leave your loving husband 
behind so? ...Ahh, yes, You're overcome! Cheeks ablush with joy! Oh, my 
bride, you are adorable!
Owain > Avatar

Owain: Why have you not donned your necklace, Avatar? There's no call for 
sheepishness. Ours is a love worth shouting from the mountaintops. Let 
everyone see our bond!

Avatar: Urk... Y-yes, well... I'm sorry, Owain. It was very sweet of you, but 
I just don't think I can wear that.

Owain: Huh? Why not?

Avatar: Because it's hideoóer, I-I'm afraid it's just not quite my style.

Owain: What?! Y-you don't like it...?

Avatar: I'm sorry, dear... Truly, it was a lovely thought.

Owain: N-no, it's... it's nothing to apologize for. I see... No, I ought to 
have known. Absent the goddess's blessing, even an epic treasure is a bauble 
lost to history's greató

Avatar: Owain! Snap out of it! Our theatrical affect is taking over again!

Owain: ...Waugh?! Wh-what just...? Oh. Oh, yes... Apologies. I wandered off a 
bit there. *Sigh* But the necklace is a bust, is it? I was hoping it would 
serve as a stand-in for a ring for a while, but so it goes...

Avatar: A ring?

Owain: Well, yes. We're married, but you still don't have a proper wedding 
ring. ...Because I'm too poor to afford one. I was hoping this might serve in 
its place until I could.

Avatar: What?! Oh, dear, I am so sorry! I had no idea! I... I'll wear it! I'm 
putting it on right now! Who cares about the design? Like you say, we should 
be celebrating our bond!

Owain: You don't have to do that, Avatar. We can wait to match until we've 
got two gold bands. I'm not sure when that'll be, but you'll have to come 
with me to pick them out.

Avatar: Oh, Owain... I'd be happy to. Thank you, dear.

Owain: I'll keep tucking away the money I find along the road and any change 
from errands.

Avatar: Aww, you're saving up? That's so sweet. And a little surprising, to 
be honest. You tend to surprise me often lately. I guess that means I still 
don't know you as well as I imagined I do.

Owain: And I think this business with the necklace proves I don't know you 
that well, either. But we have all the time in the world from here on to 
teach each other.

Avatar: That we do. ...Though I fear I know little more about myself than 
you. My birthplace, my mother's face, childhood memories... All a blank. It 
frightens me at times, Owain. I fear the memory of all the times I've spent 
with you will desert me too...

Owain: Avatar...

Avatar: Heh, sorry. I didn't mean to darken the mood.

Owain: Don't hide behind your smile. If you're afraid, say so.

Avatar: O-Owain, you're squeezing me awfully tight. I don'tó Mmmph?! ......

Owain: ......

Avatar: Owain... This is hardly the place for a kiss...

Owain: I needed to tell you you'll be all right, and the words weren't 
enough. I'll keep your memories safe. I'll stay by your side, memorizing each 
and every one.

Avatar: Owain!

Owain: So don't ever hide what you're feeling. Tell me everything. I'll be 
here, listening. Your favorite color, favorite meal, favorite season. Your 
favorite words and phrases. I'll memorize the lot of it. And no matter how 
many times you forget, I'll be here to remind you, every time.

Avatar: Owain... Thank you.

Owain: Feel a little less scared?

Avatar: A lot less. So, um... it's safe to let go now. The others are 
starting to stare...

Owain: What? ...Oh, right. Ack! What am I doing?! We're in the middle of 

Avatar: Well, no use wailing about it now. We can kick ourselves for it 
later. Together.

Owain: You'd free up time in your schedule for me?

Avatar: Of course, silly. You're my husband.

Owain: Then... after the battle, and a nice, long bath, and after we eat 
dinner... you think maybe we could spend some time together, just the two of 

Avatar: I think I'd like that very much.

Owain: Yesss! Heh... With that decided, we've no cause to stay our blades 
further. Be forewarned, minions of evil! You face Owain, crosser of worlds! 
Your ruin is nigh! ...All right, honey, I'm off. I'll see you tonight! I love 
you, Avatar!

Avatar: Owain, shh! No need to shout that! People are already staring... 
Honestly, what am I going to do with him? He's a mad fool, and totally 
inscrutable... But still... I love you too. My chosen warrior, come from 
beyond the rift to ransom peace beside his beloved. ...Hee hee.
Avatar x Severa

Avatar > Severa

Severa: Mmm, this steam feels incredible! AND it's good for the complexion? 
This place is too good to be true.
Avatar: Severa, what are you doing?
Severa: Ooh, perfect timing, Avatar! Check out this spring. Its water are 
supposed to work miracles for your skin!
Avatar: Oh yeah?
Severa: Yup! Just one soak, and you'll be smooth as a baby's butt! You should 
give it a try, Avatar. Here, I'll waft some of this steam at you.
Avatar: Er, thanks, Severa, but this isn't really the time. We're in the heat 
of battle here! 
Severa: Oh, a few minutes won't hurt anyone. Besides, I don't see any Risen 
Avatar: Yes, which probably means they're hiding. You can spend as long as 
you like in the baths after this. Try to focus for now?
Severa: Gawds, all right, all right. Fine. Can I at least dip my hand in for 
a minute? It's colder than you'd think out here, and my grip is starting to 
Avatar: Sure, I think we can spare one minute.
Severa: Woo! Hot spring, here I come! ...Wooow, it's sooo waaarm! Aaaah, I 
can't get over how good it feels! Oh, my achy knuckles! My poor joints have 
never felt better! I feel alive again!
Avatar: You sound like an old man...
Severa: Who cares? It's not like there's anyone around but you to hear me.
Avatar: What's THAT supposed to mean?
Avatar: What's wrong?! Risen lurking in the water?!
Severa: My hand is so smooth!
Avatar: Huh?
Severa: SO SMOOTH. MY HAND! Look! I just soaked the right one, and my left 
hasn't touched the water. Look how rosy my weapon hand is! How perfectly soft 
and supple it's become!
Avatar: Uh, yes, very impressive. Not worth the heart attack you just gave 
me, but great. Though it's hardly a miracle for hot water to improve 
circulation and rinse away dirt.
Severa: If a quick dip of the fingers does this much, just imagine a full-
body soak...
Avatar: Severa... Please don't jump in. Please, please don't jump in. Don't. 
Do. It.
Severa: ......
Avatar: SEVERA!
Severa: Hwuh?! O-oh... Avatar. D-don't be silly. I would never dream of 
jumping in fully clothed! Sure, I want my skin looking beautiful, but not at 
the expense of my clothes! Anyway, we'd better get back to the fight. Don't 
make me leave you behind!
Avatar: Hurricane Severa sweeps through again...
Severa > Avatar

Severa: Avatar... You have anything I could use to dry off?
Avatar: Gah, what happened, Severa? You're drenched! You didn't actually...
Severa: No, I did NOT jump in! Show me the girl who wants to leap into a pool 
fully clothed! ...I slipped. A pack of Risen flanked me out of nowhere, I got 
startled, and I slipped...
Avatar: Well, I'm glad you're only soaked, then. Hold on, I'll get you a 
Severa: That'd be great, thanks. And please. I left the lot of them floating 
facedown in the water. Trust me, I made sure they got what they deserved.
Avatar: Hah! That's our Severa.
Severa: Amazing, aren't I? *Sigh* But if I'm going to fall into a spring, it 
could at least be one good for my skin... Instead, I wound up dunked in a 
pool meant to help backaches and stiff shoulders! Between that and my pruned 
fingers, I feel like an old lady...
Avatar: Hah! That's kind of ridiculous.
Severa: It is, isn't it? Hee hee... Totally... completely...*sniff*...r-
ridicu... *sniff* ...lous... *Sniff* Oh, gods... *sob* Waaaaaaaaah!
Avatar: Severa?! What's wrong? Are you hurt?
Severa: N-no, I'm just.... I'm just... *wheeze* I'm just so HAPPY!
Avatar: Huh?
Severa: I mean, think about it. *sniff* We're fighting off hordes of 
monsters, yet we're cracking up over a silly spring? There was never any 
laughing like this in the future. Ever. I like to think I haven't gone 
totally soft since coming to this era, but still... *sniff* Back then, you 
always had to wonder if you wouldn't be better off dead. Every time a battle 
ended, you knew there was nothing but more bleakness ahead. There was never 
any talk about "after this battle" or "after the war."
Avatar: That sounds more hopeless than I can possibly imagine...
Severa: But here, we're all abuzz about what fun plans we have waiting for 
us, you know? Soaking in the springs... Taking in the sights... Going 
shopping for souvenirs... It seems so unreal. We didn't dare to dream about 
that sort of thing back in our time. But it's waiting for us. Actual free 
time. No one to bury. No new battle to prepare for. It's ours to do whatever 
we want with. And that idea just... It made me so happy. I...
Avatar: ...... Life has thrown so much at you, Severa, but look at you. 
You're still standing strong. After all that hard work and perseverance, I'd 
say you've earned one heck of a day off.
Severa: I... I should hope so... All right, it's settled, then. After this, 
I'm headed straight to that bath, and I'm not leaving till I'm positively 
Avatar: That's the spirit. Though I'd say you're already glowing pretty 
bright as it is.
Severa: Whaó?! C-cut that out... You don't need to make stuff up...
Avatar: Hey, I just said what I thought. That's all.
Severa: W-well, flattery will get you nowhere! Anyway, here's your cloth 
back. No more chatter. I want as much time in those springs as possible!
Avatar: Well, all right. Just be safe.
Severa: ...... But, um... thank you...
Avatar: Huh? For what...?
Severa: F-for the stupid towel, of course! Don't think for a minute it's 
because you called me radiant or let me cry at you. This and that are 
completely separate!
Avatar: Heh heh. Duly noted.
Avatar x Severa(Child)

Avatar > Severa

Severa: Mmm, this steam feels incredible! AND it's good for the complexion? 
This place is too good to be true.

Avatar: Severa, what are you doing?

Severa: Ooh, perfect timing, Father! Check out this spring. The waters are 
supposed to work miracles on your skin!

Avatar: Oh yeah?

Severa: Yup! Just one soak, and you'll be smooth as a baby's butt! You should 
give it a try! Here, I'll waft some of this steam at you.

Avatar: Er, thank you, Severa, but this isn't really the time. We're in the 
heat of battle here!

Severa: Oh, a few minutes won't hurt anyone. Besides, I don't see any Risen 

Avatar: Yes, which probably means they're hiding. You can spend as long as 
you like in the baths after this. Try to focus for now?

Severa: Gawds, all right, all right. Fine. Yeesh, you and Mother are always 
so serious. Can I at least dip my hand in for a minute? It's colder than 
you'd think out here, and my grip is starting to suffer...

Avatar: Sure, I think we can spare one minute.

Severa: Woo! Hot spring, here I come! ...Wooow, it's sooo waaarm! Aaah, I 
can't get over how good it feels! Oh, my achy knuckles! My poor joints have 
never felt better! I feel alive again!

Avatar: You sound like an old man...

Severa: Who cares? It's not like there's anyone around but you to hear me. I 
see no reason to bother acting cute with you when we're not out shopping...

Avatar: What's THAT supposed to mean?


Avatar: What's wrong?! Risen lurking in the water?!

Severa: My hand is so smooth!

Avatar: Huh?

Severa: SO SMOOTH. MY HAND! Look! I just soaked the right one, and my left 
hasn't touched the water. Look how rosy my weapon hand is! How perfectly soft 
and supple it's become!

Avatar: Uh, yes, very impressive. Not worth the heart attack you just gave 
me, but great. Though it's hardly a miracle for hot water to improve 
circulation and rinse away dirt.

Severa: If a quick dip of the fingers does this much, just imagine a full-
body soak...

Avatar: Severa... Please don't jump in. Please, please don't jump in. Don't. 
Do. It.

Severa: ......

Avatar: SEVERA!

Severa: Hwuh?! O-oh... Father. D-don't be silly. I would never dream of 
jumping in fully clothed! Besides, we may be family, but I'm not about to 
bathe with you watching! Anyway, we better get back to the fight. Don't make 
me leave you behind!
(Severa leaves)

Avatar: Hurricane Severa sweeps through again...
Severa > Avatar

Severa: Father... You have anything I could use to dry off?

Avatar: Gah, what happened, Severa? You're drenched! You didn't actually...

Severa: No, I did NOT jump in! Show me the girl who wants to leap into a pool 
fully clothed! ...I slipped. A pack of Risen flanked me out of nowhere, I got 
startled, and I slipped...

Avatar: Well, I'm glad you're only soaked, then. Hold on, I'll get you a 

Severa: That'd be great, thanks. And please. I left a lot of them floating 
facedown in the water. Trust me, I made sure they got what they deserved. 

Avatar: Hah! That's my Severa!

Severa: Amazing, aren't I? *Sigh* But if I'm going to fall into a spring, it 
could at least be one good for my skin... Instead, I wound up dunked in a 
pool meant to help backaches and stiff shoulders! Between that and my pruned 
fingers, I feel like an old lady...

Avatar: Hah! That's kind of ridiculous.

Severa: It is, isn't it? Hee hee... Totally...completely...*sniff*...r-
ridicu... *sniff* ...lous... *Sniff* Oh, gods... *sob* Waaaaaaaaah!

Avatar: Severa?! What's wrong? Are you hurt?

Severa: N-no, I'm just.... I'm just... *wheeze* I'm just so HAPPY!

Avatar: Huh?

Severa: I mean, think about it. *sniff* We're fighting off hordes of 
monsters, yet we're cracking up over a silly spring? There was never any 
laughing like this in the future. Ever. I like to think I haven't gone 
totally soft since coming to this era, but still... *sniff* Back then, you 
always had to wonder if you wouldn't be better off dead. Every time a battle 
ended, you knew there was nothing but more bleakness ahead. There was never 
any talk about "after this battle" or "after the war."

Avatar: That sounds more hopeless than I can possibly imagine...

Severa: But here, we're all abuzz about what fun plans we have waiting for 
us, you know? Soaking in the springs... Taking in the sights... Going 
shopping for souvenirs... It seems so unreal. We didn't dare to dream about 
that sort of thing back in our time. But it's waiting for us. Actual free 
time. No one to bury. No new battle to prepare for. And I get to spend it 
with my mother and father. That just... It made me so happy, I...

Avatar: ...... Life has thrown so much at you, Severa, but look at you. 
You're still standing strong. After all that hard work and perseverance, I'd 
say you've earned one heck of a day off.

Severa: I... I should hope so... All right, it's settled, then. After this, 
I'm headed straight to that bath, and I'm not leaving till I'm positively 

Avatar: That's the spirit. Though I'd say you're already glowing pretty 
bright as it is.

Severa: Whaó?! C-cut that out... You don't need to make stuff up. Save your 
flattery for Mother. And besides, daddy compliments don't count! I could be 
uglier than these Risen and you'd still tell me I was the prettiest girl 

Avatar: I've thought you were the prettiest girl alive since before I knew 
you were my daughter.

Severa: W-well, flattery will get you nowhere! And rightfully soóyou're my 
father! Ick! Anyway, here's your cloth back. No more chatter. I want as much 
time in those springs as possible!

Avatar: Well, all right. Just be safe.

Severa: ...... But, um... thank you...

Avatar: Huh? For what...?

Severa: F-for the stupid towel, of course! Don't think for a minute it's 
because you called me radiant or let me cry at you. This and that are 
completely separate!

Avatar: Heh heh. Duly noted. I guess I should be thankful you're so awful at 
hiding the way you feel.

Severa: It's your own dumb fault for picking a wife who's just as bad at 

Avatar: What was that, honey?

Severa: Nothing. I just said I love you, Daddy.

Avatar: What?! R-really?

Severa: Hee hee. Time to go!
Avatar x Severa(Married)

Avatar > Severa

Severa: Just look at the size of these baths! You could swim laps in this 
one! Ooh, and that one says its waters work wonders for dry skin! I need to 
be in these springs, Avatar. Now!

Avatar: Heh. Let's hurry up and be rid of these Risen. Then you can go soak 
all you like.

Severa: Ugh, must you say it like that?!

Avatar: Like what?! Did I mess up again?

Severa: Yes, you messed up again! "Go soak all you like"? What, are you just 
gonna send me off to the bath alone? Is that any way for a man to speak to 
his loving, caring WIFE?!

Avatar: Huh?! B-but if I'd said I wanted to go in with you, you'd have been 
even MADDER!

Severa: Well, yeah. I would have. Still it was inconsiderate and rude, and I 
don't appreciate it!

Avatar: Sorry, dear...

Severa: I mean, it's not like we're liable to visit a place like this again 
in the near future... This is basically our honeymoon!

Avatar: Our WHAT?!

Severa: Isn't it?

Avatar: Uh... maybe? I guess? If you say so? S-sure, Severa. It's a wonderful 
setting. Let's have a great time.

Severa: That's more like it.

Avatar: Whew... You're not mad anymore...

Severa: All right, then. I leave all the post-combat activity planning in 
your hands!

Avatar: ...Buh?

Severa: Don't "buh" me, buster! You're in charge! That's what you do. You 
plan things. And I want an unforgettable honeymoon!

Avatar: That's not really my area of expertise... Wait, but if I come up with 
a plan, does that mean you'll follow it? Because in that caseó

Severa: Mixed baths are off the table.

Avatar: Worst honeymoon ever...

Severa: Let me be perfectly clear, darling. You're planning OUR honeymoon. 
Not yours. So I'm looking forward to all your brilliant ideas for how Ióyour 
wifeócan have fun. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some undead stragglers to 
(Severa leaves)

Avatar: Ugh... She makes planning a war sound fun... 
Severa > Avatar

Severa: Ahh, there you are, darling. So how goes the planning?

Avatar: Sorry. I haven't really had a chance to think on it, given the 

Severa: Well, I suppose that's understandable. I'll be back to check in on 
you soon, then. ...Hm? What are those papers you've got? Drafting up some new 
tactics for us?

Avatar: Ah! N-no, those aren'tó

Severa: Hmm, let's see... Ooh there's quite the variety here. We've got trips 
to the souvenir shops, long walks through the foliage, stargazing! "Note: 
remember that it's snowing outside. Bring a coat and a hot drink for Severa." 
Aww, look at all this!

Avatar: ...All right, so I jotted a few ideas down between all the fighting 
for my life. It's not done, though. I wanted to wait till it was before I 
showed you...

Severa: .....

Avatar: Severa?

Severa: *Sniff* Waaaaaah! *sob*

Avatar: Ack?! Wh-what, you don't like it? I'll keep thinking, then! Don't 

Severa: No, you idiot, I'm happy! I knew you cared, but... *sniff* I never 
knew you cared this much...

Avatar: What?! You're in tears because I said I'd go souvenir shopping? Just 
how little did you think I cared before?!

Severa: It's not like that, you big dummy! You're our tactician. All of ours. 
I'm not used to thinking of you as just mine... I know you're busy, and I 
know it can't be helped, but... it gets lonely sometimes. And then today, you 
thought of all these ways to spend time with just me, and I...

Avatar: I'm sorry, Severa. I never meant to neglect you...

Severa: You haven't. You've been amazing. I'm just jealous, I suppose... I 
know you do what you do for all of us, Avatar. We're all lucky to have you.

Avatar: Severa...

Severa: And I went and burdened you with thinking up silly vacation plans! 
I'm such a child...

Avatar: .....Hold still a minute.

Severa: Huh? ...Mmmph?!

Avatar: ......

Severa: Wh-what in the world are you thinking?! This is no place to be k-

Avatar: It's your fault. You were too adorable.

Severa: A-adorable?! Don't even TRY that!

Avatar: It's the truth. I just have to live with the fact that I have the 
world's most gorgeous bride.

Severa: ...Prettier than my mother?

Avatar: What?! Uh, can we leave your mom out of this? Please? But yes. 
Cordelia is a lovely woman, but I'm afraid you win. She outdid herself with 

Severa: ...Hee hee. Then I suppose I can let it slide this once. But fair is 
fair, and I have no intention of letting you get away with it for free. 
There's a leaf in your hair, dear.

Avatar: What? Where...? Mmmnffg?!

Severa: .....

Avatar: Severa, tható Wow... what was that?!

Severa: Gee, I wonder. Perhaps a falling leaf grazed your lips?

Avatar: A leaf with a tongue?

Severa: What, you're complaining?! Anyway we have a battle to fight! Wipe 
that dopey grin off your face, and get back to the front lines! ...And hurry 
it up, or the souvenir shops will be closed.

Avatar: Those plans work for you, then?

Severa: I suppose after you took the time to draft them up, the least I can 
do is humor you! Once I've had a nice soak and some dinner, I... I'll be 
waiting for you. ...Don't be late.

Avatar: I'll be there.

Severa: Good. I'm counting on you. .. And I'm looking forward to it. Probably 
more than anything in my life up till now. I know that's not saying much, 
given the way things were in the future, but... Being in a place this 
amazing, with a person this amazing... I've never known happiness like this 
before. So thank you, Avatar. ...I love you. 
Avatar x Inigo

Avatar > Inigo

Inigo: Hrm... Nothing. There's nothing good!
Avatar: Looking for something, Inigo?
Inigo: Oh! Hello, Avatar! I was just searching for a memento.
Avatar: A memento?
Inigo: Yes. Some little token or trinket to remind you of the places you've 
been. Seashells from the shore, that sort of thing. Wherever I go, I try to 
find some souvenir to keep the memory fresh whenever I see it.
Avatar: What a charming idea.
Inigo: Heh heh. Credit goes to my mother. It's a habit I picked up from her.
Avatar: Lovelier still, then. So what have you found to keep the springs 
fresh in mind?
Inigo: Absolutely nothing! At first, I thought to collect up some of these 
red leaves. But unless I keep them pressed in a book or the like, they'd be 
shredded in days. Anything I take will be jostled around in a pack on the 
road. I'd prefer it were durable.
Avatar: Ah, a good point. What about some springwater, then? That CAN'T 
Inigo: ...Is that a joke, Avatar? You'd have me haul a skin of springwater 
everywhere I go for the rest of the war? Sloshing away as we march the roads? 
In combat?! Does that sound like fun to you?
Avatar: ...No, it doesn't.
Inigo: No! It doesn't! Yeesh, I'm mortified just imagining it. ...Besides, I 
already have thought of that, and I don't have any empty skins.
Avatar: But you thought of it!
Inigo: Ha ha ha. Well, sure. It's the most obvious thing to pick, isn't it? I 
also tried to shave a few shards off of some of these giant rocks.
Avatar: Oh?
Inigo: But they're awfully hard.
Avatar: Er, yes, well... Boulders are like that. I'm impressed the thought 
even crossed your mind to try.
Inigo: Didn't do me much good. I'm this close to conceding defeat. Maybe I'll 
just settle for a little chunk of a Risen or something...
Avatar: What?! Ew! No! Augh! Besides, is THAT the memory of this place you 
want to keep? There's got to be SOMETHING better than that. Let's keep 
looking, yeah?
Inigo: All right... I'll think on it as I fight.
Inigo > Avatar

Inigo: Avatar!
Avatar: Hm? Oh, hey, Inigo. Did you find your memento?
Inigo: I think so! There was a pebble in the shallows. It has a purplish hue 
that really evokes the springs and foliage. I think it's perfect!
Avatar: It's lovely. I'm glad you were able to find something.
Inigo: Me too! I'll not forget this trip as long as I have this. I'll 
treasure it. Always...
Avatar: Oh...? I didn't realize these momentos meant quite so much to you, 
Inigo: They do. Well, not the mementos so much as the memories behind them. 
I'm still rather shy on fun memories, you see... The future wasn't exactly a 
happy place. Even after coming here, the stretch of time before I met up with 
you all was... difficult.
Avatar: Y-yes... Of course.
Inigo: Plus, once peace is won, that's it. Whether we're able to return to a 
spared future or not, it will still mean good-bye. I'm eager to tuck away all 
the good memories I can before that happens.
Avatar: What do you mean it's good-bye even if you can't return?
Inigo: It won't be much longer till I'm born in this world. The real me, I 
mean. I have no place beside him. It wouldn't be right. That puts a pretty 
tight limit on the time I have together with you all. Heh. It's going to be 
awfully quiet...
Avatar: Inigo...
Inigo: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to ramble on. I'll be just fine. I've got 
this stone! I'm sure it'll see me through any lonely night, I'm sure. Really, 
I'm just happy I was able to find something!
Avatar: ...... Can I see it for a moment? The stone.
Inigo: Hm? Oh, sure. Here you go.
Avatar: HNNRAGH!
Inigo: Whaaat?! D-did you just...? What, is this some new game where you make 
me go fetch my prized posessions?
Avatar: That's no prize, Inigo! You don't need it.
Inigo: I'm sorry?!
Avatar: You think you can lock away all your happy memories in a rock and 
stew in solitude? If so, I think you need to think again!
Inigo: Avatar, that isn't youró
Avatar: If you feel lonely, or if you want to see us, then just do itócome 
and see us! If time or circumstances ever split us up, it's our job to come 
back together again.
Inigo: Avatar...
Avatar: Or what? You think we'd treat you like some kind of inconvenience? 
Some burden? Is that the sort of people you think we are? That the bonds we 
share are that flimsy?
Inigo: I don't think that. I don't think either of those things! I could 
never feel that way about any of you...

Avatar: Then it's simple, isn't it? You can come back to us whenever you 
like. And don't ever talk about making memories "while you still can." We've 
an amazing future ahead of us, full of all kinds of fun experiences. In fact, 
it's our responsibility to MAKE that future! That's why you came here, isn't 
Inigo: ...... ...It is. You're right, obviously. I shouldn't be thinking 
about bottling up my happiness to drown out my sorrows later. I should be 
making memories as a record of how we built a future where I can be happy! 
All right. Seems like we've got our work cut out for us... For starters, 
we'll have to make the most of these springs after the battle's through! 
You'll join me, won't you, Avatar?
Avatar: You couldn't stop me if you tried. After all, no one needs a set of 
happy new memories more than me!
Inigo: Ha ha, true! And thank you. Even if our paths should part someday, I 
feel as if today's memories will keep me... I'll be able to live with a 
smile, knowing I was able to share in all this with all of you. But... if I 
still get lonely from time to time, I'll come knocking on your door. I hope 
that whenever that is, no matter how many times it happens, you'll let me in. 
...That you'll be there to say "welcome home."
Avatar x Inigo(Child)

Avatar > Inigo

Inigo: Hrm... Nothing. There's nothing good!

Avatar: Looking for something, Inigo?

Inigo: Oh! Hello, Father. I was just searching for a memento.

Avatar: A memento?

Inigo: Yes. Some little token or trinket to remind you of the places you've 
been. Seashells from the shore, that sort of thing. Wherever I go. I try to 
find some souvenir to keep the memory fresh whenever I see it.

Avatar: What a charming idea. I seem to recall your mother saying something 
similar before. Is this something you picked up from her?

Inigo: Heh, yes. And why am I not surprised that you knew about it? You two 
were always so cute.

Avatar: What can I say? So what have you found?

Inigo: Absolutely nothing! At first, I thought to collect up some of these 
red leaves. But unless I keep them pressed in a book or the like, they'd be 
shredded in days. Anything I take will be jostled around in a pack on the 
road. I'd prefer it were durable.

Avatar: A good point. What about some springwater, then? That CAN'T break.

Inigo: Is that a joke, Father? You'd have me haul a skin of springwater 
everywhere I go for the rest of the war? Sloshing away as we march the roads? 
In combat?! Does that sound like fun to you?

Avatar: ...No, it doesn't.

Inigo: No! It doesn't! I'd be the son of our army's tactician and its biggest 
laughing stock. Yeesh. I'm mortified just imagining it. ...Besides, I already 
have thought of that, and I don't have any empty skins.

Avatar: But you thought of it!

Inigo: Ha ha ha. Wellm sure. It's the most obvious thing to pick, isn't it? I 
also tried to shave a few shards off of some of these giant rocks.

Avatar: Oh?

Inigo: But they're awfully hard.

Avatar: Er, yes, well... Boulders are like that. I'm impressed the thought 
even crossed your mind to try.

Inigo: Didn't do me much good. I'm this close to conceding defeat. Maybe I'll 
just settle for a little chunk of a Risen or something...

Avatar: What? Ew! No! Augh! Besides, your mother would burst into tears at 
the sight! There's got to be SOMETHING better than that. Let's keep looking, 

Inigo: All right... I'll think on it as I fight. And thank you for helping, 
Inigo > Avatar
Inigo: Father!

Avatar: Hm? Oh, hey, Inigo. Did you find your momento?

Inigo: I think so! There was a pebble in the shallows. It has a purplish hue 
that really evokes the springs and foliage. I think it's perfect!

Avatar: It's lovely. I'm glad you were able to find something.

Inigo: Me too! I'll not forget this trip as long as I have this. I'll 
treasure it. Always...

Avatar: Oh...? I didn't realize these momentos meant quite so much to you, 

Inigo: They do. Well, not the mementos so much as the memories behind them. 
I'm still rather shy on fun memories, you see... The future wasn't exactly a 
happy place. Even after coming here, the stretch of time before I met up with 
you all was... difficult.

Avatar: Y-yes... Of course.

Inigo: Plus, once peace is won, that's it. Whether I can return to the future 
or not, it will still mean good-bye to you and Mother. I'm eager to tuck away 
all the good memories I can bfore that happens.

Avatar: What do you mean it's good-bye even if you can't return?

Inigo: It won't be much longer till I'm born in this world. The real me, I 
mean. I have no place beside him. Who knows what sort of influence it might 
have... It wouldn't be right. Which puts a pretty tight limit on the time I 
have together with you two. Heh, it's going o get awfully quiet...

Avatar: Inigo...

Inigo: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to ramble on. I'll be just fine. I've got 
this stone! I'm sure it'll see me through any lonely nights when I get to 
missing you. Really, I'm just happy I was able to find something!

Avatar: ...Can I see it for a moment? The stone.

Inigo: Hm? Oh, sure. Here you go.

Avatar: HNNRAGH!

Inigo: Whaaat?! D-did you just...? What, is this some new game where you make 
me go fetch my prized posessions?

Avatar: That's no prize, Inigo! You don't need it.

Inigo: I'm sorry?!

Avatar: You think you can lock away all your happy memories in a rock and 
stew in solitude? If so, I think you need to think again!

Inigo: Father, that isn't your--

Avatar: If you feel lonely, or if you want to see us, then just do it--come 
and see us! If time or circumstances ever split us up, it's our job to come 
back together again.

Inigo: Father...

Avatar: Or what? You think we'd treat you like some kind of inconvenience? 
Some burden? Is that the sort of parents you think we are? That the bonds we 
share are that flimsy?

Inigo: I don't think that. I don't think either of those things! I could 
never feel that way about you two...

Avatar: Then it's simple, isn't it? You can come back to us whenever you 
like. And don't ever talk about making memories "while you still can." We've 
an amazing future ahead of us. full of all kinds of fun experiences. In fact, 
it's our responsibility to MAKE that future for our family. AS a family! 
That's why you came here. Isn't it?

Inigo: ..... ...It is. You're right, obviously. I shouldn't be thinking about 
bottling up my happiness to drown out my sorrows later. I should be making 
memories as a record of how we built a future where I can be happy! All 
right. Seems like we've got our work cut out for us... For starters, we'll 
have to make the most of these springs after the battle's through! You'll 
join me, won't you?

Avatar: You couldn't stop me if you tried. You can even let your old man 
scrub your back. ...Considering I'll be bathing you in a few years, this can 
be a practice run.

Inigo: Ha ha, true! And thank you, even if that is a touch weird... Um, 
Father? Even if our paths should part someday, I feel as if today's emories 
will keep me... I'll be able to live with a smile, knowing I got to share in 
all this with you and Mother. But... if I still get lonely from time to time, 
I'll come knocking on your door. I hope that whenever that is, no matter how 
many times it happens, you'll let me in. ...That you'll be there to say 
"welcome home."
Avatar x Inigo(Married)

Avatar > Inigo

Inigo: Avatar! Are you free a moment?

Avatar: Why? Did you need something?

Inigo: Hm? Do I need a reason to want to see you? We're at a hot spring, 
after all. I thought it a fitting place for some quality spouse time.

Avatar: I suppose it is. So what do you propose? A little dip in the mixed 

Inigo: M-mixed bath...

Avatar: Just kidding, dear. ...Hm? Inigo?

Inigo: I don't think... If anyone saw us, I would be so embarrassed. I just 
don't know...

Avatar: What? I told you I was only joking! Seeing you blush is going to make 
me all embarrassed too...

Inigo: R-right, a joke. Of course... Even more than being seen, I'd be afraid 
of what you might do to me in a bath...

Avatar: And just what is that supposed to mean?

Inigo: D-don't get angry, darling! But baths aside, I'm all for the two of us 
going somewhere once combat ends. We could take in the scenery, maybe browse 
the shops for a nice memento. Er, that's if you wanted to, of course.

Avatar: Of course I'd like to. I would never turn down an invitation to spend 
time with you.

Inigo: Wonderful! Thank you, my love. It's a date, then. I can't wait!

Avatar: H-hey! Let go, Inigo! We're in the middle of a battle here!

Inigo: Ha ha, indulge me one quick embrace. Battle or no, you're my wife. 
...Mmm, you smell nice. Is that the perfume I gave you? I'm happy to see 
you're wearing it.

Avatar: Well, sure... It was a gift from you. Of course I'm going toó *AHEM* 
Enough of that! Back to battle! Let go of me already!

Inigo: Aww. But as long as I have you in my arms, I can keep you safe from 
the big, nasty Risen.

Avatar: By immobilizing both of us and pinning my arms? Look, we can snuggle 
as much as you like later. For now, control yourself.

Inigo: Yes, ma'am...

Avatar: Good boy. Now, I'm off to field that area over there.

Inigo: What, by that little structure?

Avatar: Yes...?

Inigo: Hmm, better not. Why don't you let me handle that, and you can take 
that direction instead.

Avatar: All right. If you say so, that's fine with me. You be careful now, 

Inigo: I will! You do the same, Avatar. ...... ...... What?! That Risen is 
gone! Where... Rgh... This is bad.
Inigo > Avatar

Inigo: There you are, you slippery beast. Should've guessed you'd be hiding 
in the shadows... To no avail, I'm afraid. I'll just sneak up behind you, 

Avatar: Oh, Inigo! All finished cleaning up the area?

Inigo: Whaó? Avatar?! Shhh! Stay down! Rgh, he's seen us! Avatar! I need you 
at my side, NOW!

Avatar: What?! Inigo!

Inigo: I'm sorry, but hold still! I can't let you go just now, dear!

Avatar: Gah! You're squeezing the life out of me! L-let me go! Inigo, please! 
This isn't funny! Inigo, let gó

Inigo: Gwaugh!

Avatar: INIGO!

Inigo: Finally come out to make your move, eh? Well, I'm sorry, was 
your last! ...Hraaagh!

Risen: Gwaaargh!

Inigo: Phew... Good. He's had his sights on you for a while now. But he 
didn't see that coming, did he? Heh heh... Sorry for grabbing you like that.

Avatar: No! I didn't... Thank you, Inigo. ......

Inigo: Avatar? What's wrong?

Avatar: I'm sorry... You were protecting me, and I didn't even notice.. I 
even got you hurt! *Sniff* I didn't...

Inigo: Ack! Don't cry, please! Shhh, it's all right. I'm fine! S-see? This is 
just a scratch. Really! I'll pull through just fine. Now, come on. Smile.

Avatar: How can I smile? I'm a failure as a tactician AND a wife...

Inigo: That's not true, Avatar. Heh, look at you. Your cheeks are soaked now. 
Hold still a minute...

Avatar: Huh? ...Ah!

Inigo: ...... ...Heh heh. You taste salty.

Avatar: Inigo... A lick?! Where did that come from? I think you surprised the 
tears away...

Inigo: Then my brilliant plan was a success. You're not the only cunning one 
in this marriage. And you know I'd do absolutely anything to see you smile.

Avatar: Anything, huh? So if I asked you to say you love me...?

Inigo: What? Er, yes, well... Words are so trite. Why don't I express my 
affections through dance? I'll come up with a new routine, just for you.

Avatar: What? Why?! You used to go professing your love to girls you'd barely 
met! Why can't you say it to your wife?

Inigo: Owww, ow ow ow! Give! I give! Ease up on the headlock! It's just... 
When you actually really love someone, words don't seem like enough.

Avatar: What?

Inigo: Look, it's embarrassing to say it out loud, but I... I love you so 
much it hurts, all right?!

Avatar: Inigo... I see. All right, then. I'll let you off the hook with 
another of what you did before. But this time, on the lips.

Inigo: What I did beó Wait, what?! Er, but we're... Don't you think that sort 
of thing is best saved for a more appropriate setting?

Avatar: Oh, please. If you're too chicken to go for it, I will!

Inigo: What?! Avatar, wait aó Mmmph!

Avatar: ...... Hee hee. All right, maybe that was a little embarrassing.

Inigo: Boy oh boy... You're unbelievable. As usual, I can barely keep up.

Avatar: Since when was it a race?

Inigo: Since the start.

Avatar: Oh?

Inigo: You've always charged on ahead, forging your own path with me trailing 
after. Back when we first met, I was desperate to catch up, then desperate to 
keep up... But now that I've got you, I need to make sure I don't slack off.

Avatar: Oh, I'm afraid you're stuck with me now. You couldn't lose me if you 

Inigo: Well, thank you. But the rest of our lives is a long time. If my goal 
is to keep you happy, I'd best get cracking. You'd better watch out, because 
I aim to have you positively addicted to me. And forget about feeling 
bashful. I love you, Avatar. I'll say it a million times. Right now, right 
here, and for the rest of our lives, I love you.

Chrom > Emmeryn

Chrom: How are you feeling, Emm?

Emmeryn: A bit... tired...

Chrom: Sorry to hear that. I wish I could give you more time to rest between 
all these battles. But do you see these hot springs? They're therapeutic. 
Once the fighting is done, I promise to give you time to relax and heal.

Emmeryn: Thera... peutic...

Chrom: That's right. Soak in these waters and you'll feel all your pain and 
troubles melt away. Some foldk even claim hot springs can speed recovery from 
wounds and illnesses. Pretty impressive, don't you think? Almost like magic. 
I'm sure they'll work a host of wonders for you as well.

Emmeryn: The water... So warm...

Chrom: That's right, isn't it nice? Do you remember when I was little and I 
almost drowned in the bath? You came running in and plucked me out of the 
suds like a kitten! Ha!

Emmeryn: I'm sorry... I-I don't remember...

Chrom: It's all right. Everything will come back to you in time.

Emmeryn: But I... do like this...

Chrom: Like what?

Emmeryn: The water... It's warm... It smells alive...

Chrom: Well, I'm glad you're enjoying it. Now let's go finish off these Risen 
so you can appreciate it in full.
Emmeryn > Chrom

Chrom: I can't remember how long it's been since I've seen Emm so fond of a 

Emmeryn: The water... So warm... Thera... peutic!

Chrom: ...... Emm, there's something I think we should talk about.

Emmeryn: What...?

Chrom: How would you like to stay here for a while at the hot springs? I know 
you enjoy it here. And you could give yourself time to recuperate...

Emmeryn: ...?

Chrom: Of course I would rather stay with you. I wish I could always keep you 
close - keep you safe. But you spent the first part of your life preaching 
peace. I had no right to drag you into my war and entangle you in such 

Emmeryn: ......

Chrom: I... I would understand if you chose to leave it all behind and stay 

Emmeryn: Chrom...  Are you... crying?

Chrom: Hm? *sniff* Don't be silly, I--

Emmeryn: I want to stay... with you...

Chrom: What? But, Emm...

Emmeryn: I belong... with you... My strength... is your strength... The 
world... needs me... You and me...  And I... need you...

Chrom: Oh, Emm... *sniff*

Emmeryn: Don't... cry, Chrom... Everything... will be okay...

Chrom: Thanks, Emm. You'll always be my big sister. We belong together. And I 
swear on Falchion that no harm will come to you. I swear to all the gods! You 
and I will give the world the peace it desires. Together.

Emmeryn: Together...

Lissa x Emmeryn

Emmeryn > Lissa

Lissa: Hey, Emm!

Emmeryn: ...Lissa?

Lissa: You want to pop into the hot springs once we finish kicking Risen 
carcass? We can have water fights and see who can hold her breath longer - 
just like old times! The springs are so huge, we could probably have swim 
races too. And we won't tell Chrom because he's a big grump and will say we 
need to behave.

Emmeryn: Chrom...won't be there?

Lissa: What?! Emm! ...Brother or not, Chrom can't come into the hot springs 
with us! They're for bathing. The men and women have to use separate areas.

Emmeryn: Won't he be... lonely?

Lissa: Listen - a lady needs to have her privacy, so don't you dare invite 
him, I mean it! He'd do anything for you, you know? And I really don't want 
to picture him diving into a pool of naked women, shouting- "Hold on! I'm 

Emmeryn: You sound... just like him...

Lissa: Hah! I know. I should start charging people for the act. Anyway- you, 
me, hot springs. It's a date. Okay?
Lissa > Emmeryn

Emmeryn: Lissa...

Lissa: What's the matter, Emm? Trying to beat me to the hot springs, is that 

Emmeryn: Do you... hate Chrom...?

Lissa: WHAT?! ...Seriously, what? Oh, you mean because I said I didn't want 
to take a bath with him? Don't worry, I love Chrom a bunch. Just not in a 
wierd, creepy way.

Emmeryn: You... mean it?

Lissa: Of course! You know, it wasn't too long ago that I thought you know. I cried my eyes out every single day. Trust me, it was a 
mess. There were even days I wished I was dead just so I could be with you. 
But you know who pulled me through it? Chrom.

Emmeryn: ......

Lissa: The sadness must have been tearing him up even more. But he held all 
of that in check because he wanted to help me cope first.

Emmeryn: Chrom is... so nice...

Lissa: He sure is. And I'll tell you a little secret.I saw Chrom come back 
from visiting your sickbed one of those first nights. He was crying and 
thanking Naga for sending you back to him. It was like everything he was 
holding back opened all at once, like a floodgate. You set him free... Oh, 
Emm... *sniff* I'm so glad you're back.

Emmeryn: Lissa... Are you...crying?

Lissa: Not really, no... But when I remember Chrom's face... The tears... It 
was just a lot to process.

Emmeryn: Do you... always cry when... you're happy?

Lissa: Only for a special kind of happy.

Emmeryn: I love you, Lissa... Chrom too.

Lissa: Well, we love you back a hundredfold! ...But Chrom still can't come 
into the bath with us, and that's final.

Emmeryn: O... okay...

Lucina x Severa

Severa > Lucina

Severa: *Sigh*
Lucina: Was that a good sigh or a bad sigh, Severa?

Severa: Oh, Lucina. Hello. I was just caught up in watching the steam rise 
off of the pools. It's mesmerizing.

Lucina: It really is.

Severa: Brings up all sorts of memories... I don't need to tell you that most 
of them from the future aren't happy ones.

Lucina: Yes, I...I can imagine.

Severa: When we arrived in this time, my first thought was wow, our parents 
had it easy. I mean, just look at all they have. We grew up on the tales of 
their struggles, but old war stories are always embellished.

Lucina: ......

Severa: But then I took a closer look and saw them working harder than we 
ever did. They're even more amazing than the stories make them out to be.

Lucina: I agree completely. We still have so far to go before we can call 
ourselves their equals. Each day, I'm reminded that we're still just 

Severa: Excuse me? What are you babbling about? YOU don't count. You're an 

Lucina: Sorry?

Severa: You're freakishly strong, smart, AND charismatic. I guess that's 
breeding for you.

Lucina: Oh, I'm hardly...

Severa: Ugh, and modest. Just stop already.

Lucina: ...Just between us, there are times when I really struggle.

Severa: What, really?

Lucina: Of course. Any boons aside, the exalt's bloodline brings with it a 
crushing weight. Not a day goes by that I do not flinch under the weight of 
others' expectations. Or still worse, my own.

Severa: Huh. Even the mighty Lucina has her moments of doubt.

Lucina: I'm only human. Still, I try my best to see my lineage as an 
opportunity. To do good. To make change. Heh, that's something I inherited 
from my father, as much as the blood we share.

Severa: Hah, the resemblance is apparent. I wonder if that optimism isn't the 
real legacy of the exalted line.

Lucina: Perhaps... I would be proud if it were so. 
Lucina > Severa

Severa: *Sigh*

Lucina: Again, Severa?

Severa: More like still. Mostly I've decided to stop bothering to hide it 
around you.

Lucina: Hide what, exactly?

Severa: You're not the only one with insecurities. Or a full-blown 
inferiority complex...

Lucina: What? Why should you feel inferior? You're Cordelia's daughter. She's 
hailed as a genius, and those doing the hailing are impressive enough as it 
is. No daughter of hers has any cause to feel inadequate.

Severa: Yes, I'm quite familiar with my mother's talents, thanks. That's just 
the problem. I failed to inherit any of them. I try and I try, and still I 
feel I'm just barely keeping up...

Lucina: Severa...

Severa: But I can't even get anyone to acknowledge my effort, either. 
Whatever I do, it's because I'm the great Cordelia's daughter. That's how 
it's always been. Oh, sure, swans are all beauty and grace above the water's 
surface. Nobody bothers to notice they're flailing their legs like mad just 
to keep afloat...

Lucina: In the old story, it's the little swan that has the most trouble 
seeing how beautiful it is.

Severa: Yup, that's me! An ugly duckling! Except that I'm not going to 
magically grow up to be like my mother...

Lucina: I'm sorry. I didn't mean... That was thoughtless of me.

Severa: No, it's fine. You're right. Anyway, now you know. That's all I 
needed, was for one person toó

Lucina: No. If I'm the only one who knows, let me be the first to say this.

Severa: ...Huh?

Lucina: Severa, your strength is a product of your own hard work and 
dedication. Cordelia is an amazing woman, but you have a light in you wholly 
distinct from hers. I've seen it with my own eyes time and again in battles 
we've fought, past and future. I'm sure the others have as well. And I hope 
they can see where the credit for that lies.

Severa: Lucina... Thank you. It feels good to hear that, especially from you. 
I feel... vindicated. Would you maybe want to do this again sometime? Talk, I 
mean. Just us two? We can unload all of our pent-up complaints about our 
perfect parents!

Lucina: What?! I... I don't have any complaints about mine...

Severa: No? You're no fun at all. Well, whatever. You can sit there and 
listen to me, then. I've got enough for the both of us!

Lucina: Ha ha, I don't doubt it...

Severa: All right, let's hurry up and get through this battle. Then it's into 
the bath for some girl talk! 
Lucina x Nah

Nah > Lucina

Lucina: The ground is slippery there, Nah. Make certain you tread carefully.
Nah: Right! Thanks, Lució AAH!
Lucina: Watch out! Honestly, Nah, that wasn't but three seconds after I 
warned you...
Nah: I'm sorry...
Lucina: You didn't hurt anything, did you? No scraped knees or bumps?
Nah: Nope. I'm fine, thanks to you catching me.
Lucina: Well, good.
Nah: I'm a little surprised, though.
Lucina: Oh? Startled from the fall, or...?

Nah: Sometimes you have a tendency to treat me like a child, Lucina. Usually, 
if someone told me a wet floor was slipper, I'd yell back, "I know that!"

Lucina: Y-yes, clearly... I'm sorry, Nah.
Nah: No! Don't apologize! I'm glad you're the only person who doesn't make me 
mad about it.
Lucina: Oh. Er, I am?
Nah: You are. All my life, I've tried really hard to be grown up and self-
sufficient. That's why it really stings when people treat me like a child. 
But for some strange reason, I don't mind when it's you. It's almost the 
opposite. Like I'm happy for the attention. Happy to know you're looking out 
for me.
Lucina: Heh, well, I'm very glad to hear it. Appearances being appearances, I 
have a bad habit of seeing you as a little sister. If it ever bothers you, 
feel free to mention it right away, okay? 
Nah: It doesn't! At all. In fact, I'm really glad to hear you think of me as 
a little sister. I'm also glad to have figured out why it doesn't bother me!
Lucina > Nah

Nah: Hey, sis!
Lucina: Sis...?! Er, Nah... That's very cute, but could I ask you to drop the 
Nah: What? Oh, but you said you thought of me like a sister... Unless you 
were just saying that to make me feel better?
Lucina: No! No, I... I truly do feel a sisterly bond with you. But shouting 
after each other using pet names during combat isn't... Well, let's just say 
it may invite confusion among the others. Can we stick to using given names 
Nah: Well, if you say so... Sure, Lucina.
Lucina: Wonderful. Thank you, Nah.
Nah: Oh, I just remembered! I wanted to ask a favor of my favorite new 
Lucina: Oh? What can I do for you? 
Nah: Once the fighting is done, will you, um... Can we go in the springs 
together? We never had a chance to do that in the future, you know? I never 
even got to take a bath with someone else in a regular tub.
Lucina: Yes, I think that sounds doable. I'd be happy to join you.
Nah: Thanks! And, um... If it's not too much trouble, will you comb out my 
Lucina: Ha ha, certainly. It's been a fierce few days of fighting. I think 
we've all had to forsake some of the luxuries of personal maintenance. But 
don't you worry. I'll have you smooth and tangle free in no time at all.
Nah: You're the best! I can't wait!
Lucina: A little respite is nice every so often... In fact, in the end, it's 
these types of quiet, peaceful moments that we're fighting for.
Nah: Did you say something, Lucina? We should go. The sooner we liberate 
these springs, the sooner we get to use them!
Lucina: Right you are. Let's hurry and put an end to these Risen!
Lucina x Noire

Noire > Lucina

Noire: Bwaa ha ha! WRITHE BEFORE ME! Though death may overlook you, I shall 
not! The toll for despoiling these springs shall be paid in blood and pain! 
Now, come! Crash against me and be dashed like waves against the rocky shore!
Lucina: You're absolutely right, Noire. The people here won't be safe until 
the RIsen are gone. Let's try to settle this quickly!
Noire: Aye, justice is ever swift as it is implacable, and these maggots have 
been judged! Let them face their rightful sentence at my handóBLOOD AND 
Lucina: Sure, what is it?
Noire: ...Why does it never seem to faze you when I snap?
Lucina: Snap? I'm sorry. I didn't realize. I must not have been paying 
Noire: No, I mean... You didn't notice anything, I don't know, different 
about me? When I get mad, I'm... a little scary. I speak differently. I'm 
basically a different person.
Lucina: ...... ...What?
Noire: You don't... Wait, you really don't know what I'm talking about?!
Lucina: You're you, Noire. Who else would you be? I'm afraid I have 
absolutely no idea what you mean.
Noire: ...Eeek! It's not natural!
Lucina: Whaó Noire?! Where are you going? And be careful running! The ground 
is slick hereóyou could slip and fall!
Lucina > Noire

Lucina: Noire, can we talk?
Noire: Wh-what about? And why do you look so contrite?
Lucina: I'm sorry about before. I only caught on after you left that you'd 
been upset.
Noire: Oh. Er, yes, well... It's certainly nothing you need to apologize for. 
It's no fault of yours that I went berserk... It's kind of a habit. Or... 
defining trait. I'm the one who should apologize.
Lucina: Not at all. I should have been more observant. I just assumed you 
were your usual happy self and everything was fine... I'm afraid I'm terrible 
at picking up on it when people around me are perturbed.
Noire: Er, I... I don't know that "perturbed" really covers it in my case... 
But you've always been that way. You only see the good in people. Even when 
they get mad, or make mistakes, you're the first to forgive them...
Lucina: I am? I... I never thought of myself that way.
Noire: Hee hee. Of course not. That's part of what makes it so wonderful. You 
forgive people unconsciously, without the thought even crossing your mind. 
Lucina: Well, I can't say I've ever noticed... But if I'm doing something 
that helps you, I'm not about to complain.
Noire: You are. Thank you, Lucina. And don't ever change.
Lucina: My pleasure. And I wouldn't worry about changing. If I'm not even 
aware of what I'm doing, I'm not likely to stop anytime soon!

Owain x Laurent

Owain > Laurent

Laurent: Hmm? What have we here? This is quite the stack of papers. A 
manuscript, perhaps? ...... ...Fascinating.

Owain: -appears- Hey, Laurent?

Laurent: Good day, Owain. I take it from your tone you had a question?

Owain: Yeah, have you seen a stack of papers? Around yea high, tied with a 
string like... Like the one youíre holding there! Perfect! Thanks for finding 
it, Laurent!

Laurent: Ahh, then you are the author. Perhaps obviously, in retrospect. It 
makes perfect sense and yet it remains utterly inscrutable. How curious... 

Owain: H-hey! Quit leafing through it! Thatís private! Give it back! Come 
onnn! Hey, no fair hiding it behind your back!

Laurent: What is entry two on page 34?

Owain: The genesis of the Ebon Pinion, the unholy lance born in the clash of 
seraphs andó WHY AM I TELLING YOU THIS?!

Laurent: Yet another of the many disturbing questions this document raises. 
...Though I will grant that its contents are, the very least, very YOU, 
Owain. Have you considered your... "talents," if you will, might be suited to 
writing fiction? The world could use a few more farces to lighten the mood in 
these dark times.

Owain: Hey...

Laurent: In any cast, I shall return this. Thank you for sharing, Owain.

Owain: What? S-sure..

Laurent: Truly, the depths of your... knowledge? Imagination? Odd, infantile 
fantasies? Regardless of the label, theyíre astounding. You are a wonder, 

Owain: Theyíre not just idle fantasies, Iíll have you know!

Laurent: Quite. Theyíve crossed well beyond the bounds of simple delusion. My 

Owain: Apology... accepted? Wait a minute.

Laurent: Indeed, itís possible that... Hmm, yes. Yes, how fascinating. Simply 
(Laurent leaves)

Owain: Iím not one to talk, but sometimes I worry whatís going on in that 
guyís head...
Laurent > Owain

Laurent: Might I have a moment, Owain?

Owain: Oh, hey. Thanks again for finding my notebooóer, holy prophecies. Of 

Laurent: Think nothing of it. Now, after our previous discussion, Iíve 
arrived at a startling new hypothesis.

Owain: Uh-oh...

Laurent: Perhaps you are correct, and your writings are not idle fluff and 
fancy. Well, perhaps they began as such, but thatís immaterial to the issue 
at hand.

Owain: Where are you going with this, Laurent?

Laurent: Put simply, the possibility exists that your head is a conduit. A 
link to some omniscient core of wisdom, aware of every truth and law in this 

Owain: ...Iím sorry?

Laurent: Or perhaps your mind is a terminalóa gate of sorts to such a 
repository of knowledge.

Owain: Sorry. Words are coming out of your mouth, but I have zero idea what 
youíre saying.

Laurent: Iím saying you may be omniscient without realizing it, Owain. Truly, 
only a fool would believe anything you said, given your habitual delusions. 
But as the saying goes, where better to hide a tree than in a forest? And I 
can think of a few thickets thicker than you, Owain. Truly, the gods are 

Owain: Wait, wait. Laurent, I donít... wait. Everything in that notebook is 
just idle fantasy. Er, I mean, not IDLE fantasy, but...

Laurent: No, not idle fantasy. Your fertile imagination has come aligned with 
creation itself. You speak raw truth!

Owain: Yes, but no. Itís not... Laurent, Iím just...

Laurent: Owain! You must allow me to open that miraculous head of yours! FOR 

Owain: What?!

Laurent: Even if it fails to yield a path to the root of all knowledge, it 
may give us some hint... A sign. A sigil. Any minor abnormality could prove 
the key to all the worldís mysteries!

Owain: Youíre insane! Absolutely not! That sounds super painful and more than 
a little fatal.

Laurent: Indeed. A tragic but wholly acceptable sacrifice in the quest for 
primordial truth.

Owain: Now wait just aó Acceptable sacrifice?! Youíre deranged! And this is 
ME talking...

Laurent: Ha ha! It was only a jest, friend. Even Iím not so far gone that I 
would split an alliesí head for research purposes.

Owain: ...Really?

Laurent: You have my word. Though, should tragedy befall you in battle, 
leaving you dead or... close enough... I assume youíd not object to your 
remains being used for the betterment of mankind?

Owain: Donít even joke about it! And what do you mean, "close enough"?! 
...Iím outta here!
Owain x Yarne

Yarne > Owain

Owain: Hey, Yarne. Got a minute?

Yarne: Wait, why are you talking like a normal person? It's unsettling.

Owain: Hey, give it a rest. Even I have my undramatic moments, all right?

Yarne: No boiling blood? No "down, sword arm!" ...Nothing? Because you're 
really throwing me off here. Did you forget how or something?

Owain: Heh... Far be it for the scion of heroes to leave a challenge 
unanswered. Nay, I shall prove beyond all doubt that the chosen one never 
forgets! Not evenó

Yarne: Actually, forget it. Stop. Really! Please! Ears...bleeding...

Owain: You don't have to be mean about it...

Yarne: Anyway, you needed something?

Owain: Oh, right. I was just thinking back to how things were in the future. 
And I can't shake the feeling this era's kind of... I don't know, tepid? By 
comparison? What do you think?

Yarne: Tepid? Owain, just how hot were your baths? You're liable to boil 
yourself to extinction!

Owain: Not the water temperature, you goon. I mean the state of the world. 
Our condition. Things were more intense before. Or maybe just grimmer.

Yarne: The future definitely wins for grimness, yes. Take this battle. Seems 
like all anybody's talking about is enjoying the springs after.

Owain: And I'm not saying it's bad. Resting up is crucial when you're 
fighting a long war. But I still can't shake the feeling that we can't afford 
to waste any time here...

Yarne: Really? I'm all for it. Any time spent not in combat is time well 
spent in my book!

Owain: But don't you think there are other things we could be doing in the 
fight for peace?

Yarne: W-well, sure. And I'll grant that everything you're saying makes 
perfect sense... Which is REALLY throwing me off. If I thought normal-talking 
Owain was weird, normal-thinking Owain is just... *shudder*

Owain: All right, that's enough already! 
Owain > Yarne

Owain: You know, Yarne... You and me and the others, we... we lived through a 
future the people in this era couldn't imagine in their nightmares.

Yarne: What? Also, we're really running with this serious conversation thing? 

Owain: Will you drop that already? Once in a blue moon won't kill either of 
us. Besides, I'll have you know I'm always thinking about serious things... 

Yarne: I... find that very difficult to believe. But go on...

Owain: Since coming to this era, we've tasted real, normal happiness for the 
first time. I'm worried that's dulled our edge a bit.

Yarne: I suppose that's fair to say... I know I've gone a little soft, at 
least. I'm only in a state of panic half the time, tops.

Owain: Right? I wonder what it is that's got us slacking off.

Yarne: Having the grown-ups back, maybe? It's easy to feel they've got it all 
under control.

Owain: That's the trap with parents, I guess. They always seem superhuman. 
But we can't get complacent. We sat by and let them protect us in the future, 
and we saw how that ended. Half the reason we came back was to keep THEM safe 
this time.

Yarne: Right. I hate fighting, and I'm reeeally not excited about the 
prospect of extinction... But avoiding a fight and winding up with an 
apocalypse doesn't do anyone any good.

Owain: We've got to do whatever we can. For the world, and for the ones we 
love. Heh, when you think of it that way, it's easy to get fired up!

Yarne: Yeah. Even I'm feeling ready to fight!

Owain: Heh... We are come to this era across the bounds of time, triumphant 
o'er causality. The next to fall before us will be the dark bonds of fate 
that condemn us to suffering! I'll see each link of that infernal chain 
cleaved open by my blade, I swear it!

Yarne: Hah! And order is restored...
Owain x Gerome

Owain > Gerome

Owain: Heh... Were you aware, Gerome? 

Gerome: ...Of?

Owain: Of the ruins of yore whispered to lie cloaked in the steam of these 
baths! Within them slumbers the dragonsbane blade, named for a raging god of 
chaos... My blood boils hotter than the geysers that feed these pools... The 
sword calls to me!

Gerome: I ought to have known better than to ask. Leave me out of your 
pathetic delusions.

Owain: My delusions are NOT pathetic! ...Wait, that didnít come out right. 
Anyway, I came to ask a favor.

Gerome: Go look for your fantasy sword alone, Owain. 

Owain: Itís not that. Give me your mask!

Gerome: Excuse me?

Owain: Surely even you must feel it in your bones as I do. I am far worthier 
of donning that ebon visor!

Gerome: Forget it.

Owain: All right, fine. Then Iíll take the pitch-black dragon armor instead. 
Its onyx wings are a fitting match for my--

Gerome: No.

Owain: Urgh... You drive a hard bargain, sir, Iíll grant you that. Very well. 
I suppose Iíll content myself with your wyvern. Cede her unto me! I swear by 
the blood of heroes coursing within me I will see the dread beast tamed!

Gerome: Take that back! Thereís nothing dreadful about her! Minerva is just a 
great big cuddle monster. Whatís more, sheís like an extension of my body. 
Iíd no sooner lose her than an arm. She is not some animal to be tamed. 

Owain: Youíve driven us to impasse, my miserly cohort! Now is the time to be 
reasonableóstop idly idolizing me and contribute to my glory!

Gerome: I cannot begin to fathom what thatís supposed to mean. 

Owain: Heh... Come now, Gerome. Youíve clearly glimpsed my true form in your 
mindís eye. Your raiment is but an attempt to emulate my shadow-clad guise.  
Admit it!

Gerome: Well, this has been a colossal waste of time. 
(Gerome leaves)

Owain: Heh, are you truly so afraid of the awesome power silently seething 
within my breast? ...Gerome? Wait, where'd he go?!  Heh, I knew it. The man 
is obviously terrified!
Gerome > Owain

Owain: Hey, Gerome. Can I ask yó

Gerome: No.

Owain: I didnít even finish the question! Yeesh, someoneís prickly today... 
Youíll drive all your friends off with that attitude.

Gerome: Then so be it. I have no need of them.

Owain: All right, then... Um, anyway, I had a question. Why do you wear that 
mask? Thereís not much point when everybody already knows your true identity.

Gerome: Hmph. I wouldnít expect you to understand. I see no reason to reveal 
myself to my foes. Hiding oneís emotions in battle can grant a significant 
advantage. Not that I have need for such trickery. My true reasons run far 

Owain: All right, then what about the all-black outfit? Is that so you donít 
stand out?

Gerome: Itís a reflection of my innermost psyche, nothing more. The enhanced 
stealth it grants me is merely a happy coincidence.

Owain: And why the lone-wolf act? Youíre always running off on your own. 
Canít trust other people? Are you worried weíre all out to get you?

Gerome: I simply see no worth in fraternizing. ...No. Perhaps Iím merely 
afraid of losing anyone else. 

Owain: O-oh yeah? Well... fine. Last question. Does your blood ever get to 
boiling? Any old vendettas or suspicious amnesia?

Gerome: This isnít one of your fantasies, Owain. ...Though there are nights I 
am gripped with a sense of... foreboding. Heh... Laugh if you will. I fear 
even I donít fully understand the darkness that dwells within me...

Owain: Man, this is SO unfair! 

Gerome: Huh? What now?

Owain: When YOU say all this stuff, it sounds amazing. But me? Oh no, not me! 
Nobody takes ME seriously at all. Ugh. You... you show-off! 

Gerome: Show-off?!

Owain: Just you wait! Iíll show you one of these days! Iíll show everyone! 
(Owain leaves)

Gerome: What in the...? I donít understand that boy, and I donít think I want 

Kjelle x Cynthia

Cynthia > Kjelle

Kjelle: Mm... A dip in the springs sounds nice. I'm not about to lower my 
guard entirely, but the occasional break is important.
Cynthia: You said it! Especially for you, Kjelle. Your shoulders must be one 
big knot by now!
Kjelle: You can tell?
Cynthia: It's not hard to guess! You practically sleep in that armor. I doubt 
I could even walk in it, let alone fight!
Kjelle: Indeed. It's like an extension of my body by this point. And wearing 
it makes me feel... at ease, somehow. Growing up, we never knew when the next 
attack was coming. We couldn't relax if we weren't armed to the teeth. And 
even then...
Cynthia: Yeah...
Kjelle: Anyway, I've kept up the habit, even after coming back to this time. 
But I won't lie. There are times when it takes its toll on the body... Which 
is why I'm all for a nice, long soak. Once the battle's over, we can all hop 
Cynthia: What did you say? Just now, you...
Kjelle: What, did I say something strange?
Cynthia: Well, no, but yes. It wasn't strange, which is what made it so 
strange. Er, I mean... It's just awfully rare to hear you talk about wanting 
to do anything with the rest of us.
Kjelle: What?! What's that supposed to mean? Am I some kind of sad, lonely 
outcast to you?!
Cynthia: Not sad and lonely so much as... stern, maybe? I mean, take the 
other day, when we were sparring and you knocked me on my rump. You walked up 
to me and ust kind of sneered down at me like... "Ugh." Or something like 
that, anyway. But you get the general picture.
Kjelle: D-don't be ridiculous. I've never made any such sound, and I don't 
scowl like that!
Cynthia: Really? Because I thought I pretty much nailed it.
Kjelle: Well, you thought wrong! ... Even I want to spend time with others 
every once in a while, all right?
Cynthia: Well, color me surprised!
Kjelle: ...... But no... You're right. Maybe it's best if I didn't join you 
all this time around.
Cynthia: Huh? Wait, what? Why?
Kjelle: Don't worry about it. I'll just wait until you are all done.
Cynthia: Hey, no! Don't do that! What's wrong? Why the sudden change?
Kjelle: Sorry, I, um... I should get back to the fight.
(Kjelle leaves)
Cynthia: Don't be like that, Kjelle...
Kjelle > Cynthia

Kjelle: She must think I'm a complete freak... Still, it's best for everyone 
if I don't join the others. Not when she's around...

Cynthia: Kjelle!
Kjelle: Cynthia? What is it?
Cynthia: I... I'm really sorry, Kjelle...
Kjelle: Wh-what? Why? What for?
Cynthia: I just remembered... Kjelle, I know what you're doing. Why you're 
hiding from me.
Kjelle: What? Hiding? I'm not hiding anything. I just prefer to bathe in 
peace and qui-
Cynthia: That's not true! It's because of me... It is, isn't it?
Kjelle: ...... 

Cynthia: You're trying to protect me. Again. But it's the scar on your back, 
isn't it?!
Kjelle: What? That's ridic-
Cynthia: Don't look away from me, Kjelle! You're worried that I'll feel 
guilty if I see the scar from when we were kids. That Risen's dagger should 
have killed me, but instead it shredded your poor back...

Kjelle: ...... I did what I did because I wanted to. It was my choice, and 
I'd do it again in a minute. ...But yes, I was hoping you'd forgotten. I 
didn't want you blaming yourself again.
Cynthia: Does it still hurt?
Kjelle: Not at all. Hasn't for years. So really, let it go, Cynthia.
Cynthia: Good... But still, that's a scar that'll never go away. Your poor 
skin... I'm sorry, Kjelle. I... I'm sorry... I'm... *sob*
Kjelle: Cynthia, that was years and years ago! Why are you crying about it 
Cynthia: B-because! It's just... It's not... *sob*
Kjelle: *Sigh*... You always were a big crybaby. This is exactly why I didn't 
want you to remember. Really, Cynthia, that's all ancient history. Now come 
one, chin up. Look at me.
Cynthia: B-but!
Kjelle: Still won't believe me? Fine. There is a way to take the scar off my 
back if it means that much to you. It isn't easy.
Cynthia: What? There is?! I'll do it! Just tell me what to do!
Kjelle: Become a hero.
Cynthia: Huh?
Kjelle: And I mean a real one. Strong enough to keep me and all the others 
Do that, and my scar will stop being a scar and turn into a badge of honor.
Proof that I saved the life of the greatest hero of my generation.
Cynthia: A badge of...
Kjelle: You and I are stronger than a little scar, Cynthia. We may not be 
able to erase it, but we can change its meaning. So if you really feel bad 
about it, get to work, hero.
Cynthia: Kjelle, I... I'll do it. Just watch! I'll be the greatest hero the 
world's ever known!
Kjelle: Heh heh. Well, it sounds like you've got your work cut out for you 
It's a long, hard slog to becoming everybody's hero. How about you start by 
being mine?
Kjelle x Nah

Nah > Kjelle

Kjelle: So this is a hot spring, eh? I didn't really know what to expect. We 
didn't exactly have the chance to see any growing up, you know?

Nah: Um, actually...

Kjelle: Hm? What, you did? Really? Back in our time?

Nah: Yes. Well, yes and no. I did visit one. Just once...

Kjelle: Huh! Color me surprised. I wouldn't have thought we still had 
anything like that left. I'm envious.

Nah: Well, don't be. It's... not a very happy memory.

Kjelle: Oh? Do you mind if I ask what happened?

Nah: I was escorting a group in charge of procuring weapons. We passed by a 
mountain village built around a hot spring. We wanted to stay, but our 
mission had to come first, so we pressed on...

Kjelle: ......

Nah: Along the way, we talked about how fun it would be to stop by on the way 
home. ...But when we passed by again, the village was nothing but splinters 
and ash.

Kjelle: Risen?

Nah: Yes... There was a kind old lady at the inn who gave us lunch when we 
passed through. But when we came back, the property was burned beyond 
recognition... She was gone. They were all gone... Every one of them... 

Kjelle: I get it, Nah, You don't have to say another word.

Nah: And... being here now, I can't help but remember... *Hic* *sob*!

Kjelle: Nah... you'll just have to use this opportunity to rewrite those sad 

Nah: ...Rewrite them?

Kjelle: Yeah. The Risen have come to this hot spring too. Left alone, they'd 
raze the place just the same as they did to the town you saw.

Nah: ......

Kjelle: But we're not going to let them do that, are we? We'll mop the floor 
with them and then enjoy a nice, leisurely bath after!

Nah: Kjelle... Okay. This time I'm not letting them drive anyone off, No 
losing anybody else!

Kjelle: That's the spirit!
Kjelle > Nah

Kjelle: How are you holding up, Nah?

Nah: Unstoppable! They're not laying one dead finger on these baths while I'm 

Kjelle: Heh, hard to believe you were crying just a little while ago. Just 
don't get carried away and damage the springs yourself, you little spitfire.

Nah: Just leave it to me!

Kjelle: You've really laid the past to rest, haven't you? It's admirable... 
I'd better buckle down and get serious if I don't want to get passed up!

Nah: That's a funny thing to say for someone who's been fighting like a 

Kjelle: Heh, flatterer. Still, I'm afraid I just can't compete with a 
manakete for raw power.

Nah: Hee hee, now who's flattering who?

Kjelle: Would you say that's a manakete's greatest asset? Overwhelming 

Nah: Hmm. I think it's the defensive power we gain when using a true 

Kjelle: Interesting. I like to think I'm on the tough end myself, but I can't 
compete with you with you there either.

Nah: You don't have to, silly! It isn't a competition, Kjelle. We're allies! 
We can both protect each other!

Kjelle: ...You're amazing, Nah. Pure and strong and kind. That may truly be 
your greatest strength...

Nah: Hm? Did you say something?

Kjelle: Not me. Now come, Nah! Let's finish off these weaklings!

Nah: Right!
Kjelle x Noire

Noire > Kjelle

Noire: Nrgh... This steam... Every breath I draw is like... like fire in my 
lungs... But no... Need to... acclimate myself. Need to... be able to adapt 
to any conditions... I can't continue to be so frail, or I'll never be able 
to keep up... This is training, Noire... You just need to hold out... a 
little longer... *Huff* Just... *pant* ...a little... Aah!

Kjelle: Noire?!

Noire: Ngh... Hmm?

Kjelle: Noire, are you all right?!

Noire: Kjelle? When did you...?

Kjelle: You looked unsteady, so I came over to check on you. Sure enough, you 
passed out for a second there.

Noire: And... you caught me?

Kjelle: Huh? Er, yeah. I guess...

Noire: Wow, saved by Kjelle...

Kjelle: Why do you say it like it's such a shock?

Noire: No, I didn't mean... I'm sorry. It's no shock. Just... a pleasant 
surprise, I suppose. It's just a bit uncommon, is all.

Kjelle: That's not true at all! I'm always... Well, sometimes... All right, 
rarely... So maybe I haven't ever helped you before, but that wasn't 
intentional. I mean, we ARE allies, after all...

Noire: We are. And I thank you.

Kjelle: A-anyway! We should get you to some fresh air. Can you stand?

Noire: I think so... But could I borrow your shoulder for the first few 

Kjelle: Of course.
Kjelle > Noire

Kjelle: Feeling any better, Noire?

Noire: Much, thanks to you. If you hadn't beem there, I might have died...

Kjelle: That's a bit of a stretch. You can drown in the bathtub if you try 
really hard, but drowning in steam... That would take a special kind of 

Noire: I know... I'm absolutely useless.

Kjelle: I didn't say that.

Noire: It's all right. You don't have to feel bad... I'm well aware of it.

Kjelle: ..... You really are a pain.

Noire: Huh?

Kjelle: To be honest, I've never really known how to deal with you.

Noire: Kjelle...

Kjelle: You're all sicky and frail, but you've got a wild temper too. Even 
back in the future, I always kept my distance.

Noire: I... I'm sorry. I didn't-

Kjelle: But my opinion is starting to change. Since we've been back here, 
I've had a lot more chances to fight alongside you. I'm starting to get a 
better picture.

Noire: Oh...?

Kjelle: How long were you in that steam for? You were training, all on your 
own. Right? You'd already been at it awhile when I first saw you, and you 
lasted a long time after. Frankly, I'm surprised you didn't pass out a whole 
lot sooner.

Noire: You were watching me the whole time?

Kjelle: Well, I just happened to walk by. I saw you and wondered how long 
you'd last... Anyway, it was crazy to put yourself through that without 
working up to it gradually. It was more like self-flagellation than self-

Noire: Y-you may be right... I'm sorry.

Kjelle: Which is why I'm going to be spotting you when you train from now on.

Noire: Spotting... You mean you'll train together with me? Really?

Kjelle: How could I not, after watching you half steam-bake yourself? 
Besides, after all those years spent avoiding you, I need to make up for lost 
time. I'd like to get to know you better.

Noire: I'm... I'm really happy to hear that. I'd like to get to know you too. 
So maybe... Maybe we could chat sometime. Wh-while we're training...

Kjelle: Just as long as it doesn't distract us from our regimen, I'm game.

Noire: Ha ha, you have a deal... Thank you, Kjelle.

Laurent x Brady

Laurent > Brady

Brady: *Sigh*

Laurent: Something troubling you?

Brady: Eh? Oh, no. Just... I ran across a guard a minute ago. He was hurt, so 
I figured I'd patch him up. But before I got a word in, he took one look at 
me, screamed, and ran...

Laurent: He thought you were the enemy?

Brady: I guess?

Laurent: A ridiculous affront. You're a paragon of kindness, contantly caring 
for others. A jewel among our ranks.

Brady: L-Laurent...

Laurent: Though your face is regrettably... Regrettable.

Brady: Gwaugh!

Laurent: Your menacing mien hardly bespeaks a man of the cloth.

Brady: You think I need you to tell me that?!

Laurent: Truth be told, I overheard some of the locals whispering shortly 
after we arrived. After seeing you, they were convinced they had been beset 
by barbarian bandits.

Brady: Bandits?! You gotta be kidding me...

Laurent: My apologies. I ought not have put it so bluntly.

Brady: No... It's fine. Thanks for telling me straight. Guess I'd better 
start thinking of ways not to scare people off anymore.

Laurent: An admirable pursuit. I wholeheartedly support it.

Brady: Not sure I can really do anything about my mug, though. Hmm... 
Personality, then?

Laurent: A fellow's personality can be harder to change than his face in some 
cases. Why not focus on appearences first?

Brady: We already established I can't change my face! Whaddya want me to do 

Laurent: There's more to a person's appearence than just his face, Brady.

Brady: Yeah?

Laurent: Absolutely. I shall take the matter under consideration and report 
back soon.

Brady: All right. Thanks!
Brady > Laurent

Laurent: All right, Brady, let's see now. If you wish to give a positive 
impression, you ought first to rectify your posture.

Brady: My posture? I don't think that's such a-

Laurent: Tut tut! Stand straight and tall, and you're sure to present an air 
of gentle refinement.

Brady: ...If you say so. Hnngh... H-how's this?

Laurent: My apologies. Please forget everything I've said. Return to your 
usual stance. Quickly.

Brady: What? Why?!

Laurent: The sight of you glaring down at me from above in condescension was 

Brady: *Sigh* You're not the first one to say so. I tried to warn you. And 
besides, I normally hunch over so I can talk to women and kids at their eye 
level. Saves a lot of cryin' for everyone involved.

Laurent: How noble! I never suspected such an altruistic-yet-practical reason 
for slouching. That being the case, I fear there's little to be gained from 
altering your posture.

Brady: That's not all you got, I hope?

Laurent: Perish the thought. What of your tonsorial choices? A spiky haircut 
suggests a prickly temperament.

Brady: Maybe, but I wanted a style you don't see much, so I'd be easy for you 
guys to spot. Course, that means I'm an obvious target for our enemies too... 
But if I can be easy to find when my allies need me AND draw fire for 'em, 
I'm happy. I'd take that over blending in and letting friends suffer any day. 

Laurent: Inspiring, sir.

Brady: So that's a no on hairstyle too.

Laurent: So it would seem. I ad not realized it was such a deliberate choice. 
Truly, you are the epitome of an ecclesiast.

Brady: I dunno what that means, but thanks.

Laurent: However, I fear that leaves us with little room to alter your 
appearence. It would seem that in the end you're best served by remaining as 
you are at present.

Brady: What, hated and feared by strangers?

Laurent: Respected and loved by all who know you for who and what you are. I 
believe it only a matter of time beofe everyone else realizes your innate 

Brady: Yeah? Huh. When you say stuff like that, somehow it's weirdly 
convincing. Well, good, then! I guess I'll stick with the way I am now. 
Thanks, Laurent!

Laurent: My pleasure.

Brady: All right, you bruise piles! Who wants some of this healing staff 
action first? Eh?! EH?!

Laurent: Erm, Brady? Perhaps just a SLIGHT change in tone might be in 
Laurent x Inigo

Laurent > Inigo

Laurent: Might I have a moment?

Inigo: Hm? Sure. What is it?

Laurent: You wish to become a dancer, do you not?

Inigo: What? H-how did... Where did you hear that?

Laurent: A little bird told me while I was on my daily rounds gathering 
intelligence around camp. To the extent of my knowledge, male dancer 
aspirants are quite rare. I am extremely curious to see just what manner of 
dance you would perform. Might I request a demonstration?

Inigo: Uhh... I think I'll pass. We're kind of in the middle of combat here.

Laurent: Indeed. Precisely the circumstances under which your mother dances. 
If your performance bore a similar effect, it would be a considerable asset 
in battle. Is that not sufficient cause to try it here and see?

Inigo: Yes. Er, no... Whichever means "no, thanks" in this situation. Sorry, 
but no.

Laurent: Might I ask why not? Is my logic somehow mistaken?

Inigo: No, it's flawless. As usual. It's just...I really don't want to dance 
in a place like this.

Laurent: A place like... what, precisely? Are there some unfavorable 
conditions here?

Inigo: Well... yeah. For one, you're watching me.

Laurent: I see... So my spectating is an invalidating condition. Yet you DO 
wish to become a dancer, do you not? I'm a bit puzzled as to why a performer 
would balk at the prospect of an audience.

Inigo: It's... complicated.

Laurent: I've extensive patience and no aversion to difficult subjects. I'm 
all ears, Inigo.

Inigo: It's just... You know.

Laurent: I'm afraid not, or else I wouldn't be asking. Now please explain 
this aversion.

Inigo: It's EMBARRASSING, all right?!
(Inigo leaves)

Laurent: ...A concise response, but still inscrutable. Why ought a 
professional feel embarrassed? This demands further investigation. I'll not 
be letting you off the hook so easily, Inigo. 
Inigo > Laurent

Inigo: Phew... *pant* Good. It looks like I lost Laurent.

Laurent: Have you, now?

Inigo: GAH?!

Laurent: Our little game of tag has ended. Now, I believe you were explaining 
yourself. Why would my watching you make the prospect of dancing here 

Inigo: That's an excellent question. I've asked it myself many a time.

Laurent: Then you yourself don't know the answer? You don't understand your 
own thoughts?

Inigo: Yeah. Like I said, it's... complicated. I want people to watch me 
dance. I want to make them smile... But I can't help worrying what'll happen 
if I flop. What if everybody laughs at me? Whenever I get the urge to dance, 
those conflicting voices battle it out in my head. I guess I don't know which 
side is right.

Laurent: Ahh. So you're afraid of getting hurt.

Inigo: ...!

Laurent: The paradox is solved?

Inigo: I never thought of it like that until you said so, but... yeah. I 
guess I am.

Laurent: Anyone would feel wounded if they put their all into something and 
were mocked for it. One might choose to hide their passions away to ensure 
that never happens. I can understand the impulse to run and hide behind a 
shield of bashfulness. But doing so can only stifle those passions and 
obstruct future growth, Inigo.

Inigo: ......

Laurent: I understand that you're frightened... But why not begin to share 
your dance with the rest of us, a little at a time? I can personally assure 
you our ranks hold none who would belittle your aspirations. I include myself 
in that count. I support you in your dreams, and I swear never to laugh.

Inigo: Laurent. I don't... Thank you. I don't know what to say. Hearing you 
say that feels amazing. I feel like a weight's been lifted off me.

Laurent: Excellent. I'm glad to hear it. Now, newly light on your feet, will 
you share your dance with me?

Inigo: Sure! ...Does later work? Let's do later. Because I'm pretty sure 
we've been totally surrounded while we were talking. I'd do it now, but 
chances are we'd both be dead before I finished.

Laurent: ...Indeed. I'm mortified I didn't notice sooner. I was lost in 

Inigo: Well, we can pick up where we left off as soon as we're through with 

Laurent: I look forward to it! 

Cynthia x Noire

Noire > Cynthia

Cynthia: Ooh, Noire! Perfect, I was justó
Noire: IMPRUDENCE! How dare you disturb me in the heat of glorious combat?!
Cynthia: Gah?! Wh-why are you so mad all of a sudden? What did I do this 
Noire: Oh, n-no, you've done nothing wrong, Cynthia. I'm terribly sorry. 
Force of habit... It's just that you have a habit of pulling the strangest 
ideas out of thin air. Like the last three times you asked me to be the 
villain so you could play hero... It seems I've grown a conditioned response 
where seeing you fills me with rage.
Cynthia: What?! That's a little harsh, don't you think? I... I mean, yes, I 
suppose it's true I'm always asking you for unusual favors. And sure, most of 
the time it ends with you getting furious at me... But that doesn't mean it's 
fair to just skip to the part where you yell at me!
Noire: N-no, of course not... I'm sorry, Cynthia. You're right. Forgive me...
Cynthia: Hmph! Anyway, moving on! I wanted to ask you a teensy-weensy favor, 
Noire: Oh? D-don't tell me...
Cynthia: Yup! Another round of hero practice!
Noire: RAAAGE! How long must you mock me before you are sated, presumptuous 
Cynthia: Hey, hear me out! It's different this time, I swear!
Noire: ...Really?
Cynthia: Really, really! So please, just...just calm down, will you?
Noire: *Sigh* All right. I suppose...
Cynthia > Noire

Cynthia: So you see, this time the hero doesn't prevail by brute force.
Noire: No?
Cynthia: No! She uses a muscle far stronger than her rippling bicepsóher 
brain! Because this time our heroine is an ace detective, ready to crack any 
Noire: I... suppose that is different, yes.
Cynthia: Muscle-bound heroes are totally yesterday. This generation demands 
so much more! You need sharp senses, keen perception, unparalleled 
intelligence! Ahh, it's perfect! Just perfect! Doesn't that sound AWESOME?!
Noire: So, er... what are you making me do?
Cynthia: I was thinking you'd make a great victim. It's not a murder mystery 
without a corpse!
Noire: I'm sorry?
Cynthia: Outwardly, she seems like the perfect lady, but she's secretly a 
huge tramp. She's stringing along half the men in town. Plus! She's prone to 
wild fits of rage! So who killed her? It's hard to say! Between all the 
jealous men and angry gals, pretty much everyone has a solid motive... Well?! 
Are you totally hooked? It sounds fascinating, right?! 

Noire: B... Bluh...
Cynthia: Bluh?
Noire: BLOOD AND THUNDERRR! Presumptuous creature! Who are you calling a 
licentious, libidinous she-beast?!
Cynthia: No one! I never said any of that, actually...
Noire: My calm is eroded most thoroughly! This ridiculous farce will not 
stand, woman-child!
Cynthia: Ooh! A farce! Great idea, Noire. We can set up a stage and play out 
the whole murder mystery for the others!
Noire: SILENCE! Now return to your post, before a very unmysterious murder 
befalls you!
Cynthia: Eeep! Somebody, help! Noire's yelling at me again!
Cynthia x FeMorgan*

*Only possible if Cynthia isn't her mother.

FeMorgan > Cynthia

Cynthia: I STILL donít see why they had to yell at us like that!

Morgan: Well, I suppose we might have gotten just a teensy bit out of hand... 
Not that we can really be blamed, this being our first time at a hot spring 
and all. But I guess I can kinda, sorta, maaaybe see where they are coming 

Cynthia: Oh, donít be ridiculous. That was just a bit of innocent fun! All we 
did was barely touch the water and make a few ripples.

Morgan: Well, yes, at first...

Cynthia: All right, granted, then we started splashing each other a little. 
And then kind of a lot, and then we were both completely soaked.

Morgan: ...Along with everyone near us. In retrospect, that was probably 
where we crossed the line.

Cynthia: Oh, they were having fun too. You could see it in their faces!

Morgan: Well, yes... But I donít think the fact that we dragged them into our 
fun was the issue. It was probably more of  a ďletís take care of the 
murderous undead firstĒ sort of thing.

Cynthia: Hmm. Okay, that oneís a fair point. But still, thatís no reason to 
gang up on us!

Morgan: A fair objection. If they were all joining in by the end, itís hardly 
fair to just blame us.

Cynthia: Thereís only one thing for it, Morgan. As soon as the fightingís 
done, weíll play the mother of all pranks on them!

Morgan: The mother of ALL pranks?

Cynthia: All of them. And with my heroic charisma and your brain for 
strategy, itíll be a cinch! I call it Project Prankmaster Extreme!

Morgan: Wait, how exactly does your charisma figure in to coming up with a 
Cynthia > FeMorgan

Cynthia: All right, Morgan! Letís cook up this plan!

Morgan: Wait, you were serious?

Cynthia: Of course! Youíre studying tactics, right? Well, this is the perfect 
chance to out what youíve learned to constructive use!

Morgan: Well... all right. I suppose it canít hurt. ...Much. But if Iím doing 
this, Iím going all in. No pulled punches! Itís finally time to put this 
annotated strategy tome of Fatherís to use!

Cynthia: Whoa! You literally just pulled that out of your sleeve! Iíve never 
seen anyone do that. It looked totally awesome! Very "secret weapon."

Morgan: Y-you think? Thanks. I was hoping it would look kind of neat. Heh 
heh...Truth be told, I also have something in this one! ...YOINK!

Cynthia: Wooow! Another strategy manual from the other sleeve?! Wait, no, 
itís...the same one again? Um, Morgan? Why do you have two copies of the same 

Morgan: Whoa, youíre totally right! They ARE the same!

Cynthia: Youíre just realizing this...? You know, I could never quite telló
are you a genius, or a total airhead? Anyway, whatís our plan of attack? Any 

Morgan: Hmm... We could dig out some of the muddy ground and make a pitfall?

Cynthia: So itís the old slip, trip, THUNK! Classic! I like it!

Morgan: Then we can use the steam off the baths as cover while we switch the 
signs around. Weíll label the menís bath for women and the womenís bath for 

Cynthia: HAH! Just thinking about it has me in stitches already! You ARE a 
genius, Morgan! I donít know how you come up with this stuff!

Morgan: You really think so? Hee hee, gosh...

Cynthia: All right, itís settled! As soon as the combatís over, weíll put our 
plan into action! We just have to clear out these... enemies... Hmm.

Morgan: Something wrong, Cynthia?

Cynthia: I was just thinking: Weíve got this amazing planówhy not test it out 
on the Risen first? Itíd be a shame to try it for real later and have 
something go wrong.

Morgan: Ooh, good point. We can use these guys to run a proof-of-concept 
test! Actually, wait a second... Why donít we just do it against the Risen 
and call it a day? Iím pretty sure if we try it with the others, theyíll just 
wind up yelling at us again...

Cynthia: They SO would. Iíll say it again, Morgan: genius!

Morgan: The more I think on it, the more this seems like a way better idea 
than before. And there will be plenty of opportunities to prank the others!

Cynthia: Agreed! Now letís snare us some Risen and get the others to gush 
about how amazing we are!

Morgan: Itís a plan!

Brady x Gerome

Brady > Gerome

Brady: Man, I didn't even know stuff like this existed! Hmm...

Gerome: We're in combat here. There's be time to read later. What is that, 
anyway? The cover is awfully gaudy.

Brady: What, this? It's Anna's catalogue.

Gerome: ...Catalogue?

Brady: Yeah, like a list of all the stuff she sells. She's givin' 'em out for 
free. There was a stack sittin' by the entrance to the springs. It's pretty 
amazing, honestly. She's got at least three of everything.

Gerome: ...Everything, you say? Truthfully?! Would that include, 
say...gentlemen's masks?

Brady: What, you're buying MORE? Just how many of them things do you need? 
Anyway, let's see... Yup. Here we go. Page 316: "Masks for Him."

Gerome: ...You have my thanks, Brady. Hmm, an impressive selection. And all 
of them fine quality...

Brady: Told you, didn't I? Let's see... Hey, the necklace they've got paired 
with that mask is great. Sophisticated but not over the top, ya know? Be 
perfect for high tea...

Gerome: It says here there's a special feature on that piece on another page.

Brady: No kidding?! Er, you mind if I flip to it?

Gerome: Be my guest.

Brady: Thanks! Sorry. I'll be quick. Let's see... Ah! Here we go. Oh, yeah, 
that's a beaut. Hmm. Whaddya think? Could I pull it off?

Gerome: I think it would suit you well.

Brady: No kiddin'? Hmm... Maybe I should go for it.

Gerome: The price is quite reasonable. It seems a fair deal to me? Any 
objections if I turn back the page while you decide?

Brady: Goin' back to look at those masks again? Sure, whatever.

Gerome: ...What are your thoughts on this one here?

Brady: Not bad. The color ain't flashy, but the craftsmanship's obvious. I'd 
say it's pretty slick!

Gerome: Right?

Brady: Hmm... This is tough...

Gerome: Indeed it is... 
Gerome > Brady

Brady: Hey, Gerome! The stuff we ordered just arrived!

Gerome: What?! That's... impressive or frightening. I'm not certain which.

Brady: Yeah, I doubt anybody but Anna's people would deliver to a place like 

Gerome: Instantly. In the middle of combat.

Brady: Hey, check me out! Looks good, yeah? The color really works with my 
hair. I can't wait to show this thing off!

Gerome: Mm, and this mask's luster is even finer than I'd hoped. Print 
doesn't do it justice.

Brady: Never expected to wind up shopping, considerin' we came here to 

Gerome: If not for the wrathful undead, this would make for a pleasant 

Brady: Heh, I didn't think the V word was even in your vocabulary. But you're 
right. Hanging around a place like this, it's easy to forget we're at war. 
All the fighting seems a million leagues away. Like it was all a bad dream.

Gerome: I was thinking the same... Not exactly a boon for morale, I fear. 
That aside, I'm surprised to find us so much in agreement. It's rare our 
opinions align.

Brady: Yeah, well, it's rare we'd even talk. You and me ain't exactly social 

Gerome: True.

Brady: I guess the hot springs are to blame for that too. It's hard NOT to 
cut loose a bit.

Gerome: Yes, though we'd best put fun aside for now. Our foes have waited 
long enough.

Brady: Right. Whaddya say we fix that, you and me? Then we can have a nice, 
long soak and see about scarin' up some dinner!

Gerome: Sounds like a winning plan. Let's get to it!

Brady: Right behind ya! 
Brady x MaMorgan*

*Only possible if Brady isn't his father.

MaMorgan > Brady

Brady: Hey, Morgan. Still no luck with them memories of yours?

Morgan: Not yet, I'm afraid.

Brady: Sorry to hear it. Hopefully soon, though. You tried different ways of 
jogging it? Shock therapy and all that?

Morgan: More than I probably ought to have! I've tried falling from great 
heights, hitting my head against walls, you name it. Still no memories, and 
probably a few hairline fractures for my trouble...

Brady: That sounds like an awful lot of shock and not much therapy. You gotta 
be careful. Well, anyway, I just... Oh! Why not try going for a soak after we 
nix these Risen?

Morgan: Sure, but... why?

Brady: Hot springs are supposed to be good for your health, right? Maybe they 
can fix whatever's wrong with ya.

Morgan: An interesting theory! Leave it to an expert healer to bring in fresh 

Brady: I've actually been studyin' the therapeutic effects of spots like this 
for a while now.

Morgan: Oh, right! I saw a sign nearby that bore a list of them!

Brady: They're good for all kinds of ailments. Muscle stiffness, joint pain, 
circulation, you name it.

Morgan: Hmm, no. I recall it mentioned something else... Ah! That's right, it 
was "highly effective against amnesia"!

Brady: What?! You serious? Then what are you doing? Get in there already!

Morgan: You think I should submerge myself head first for a while?

Brady: Uh... why don't you start by just bathin' like a normal person...?

Morgan: Ooh! Another novel insight!

Brady: I'd say your plan was a lot more novel than mine. Also dumber. So 
where'd you see that sign, anyway? Which spring was it? Let's go for a dunk!

Morgan: What, together? Wait, are you hunting after lost memories too? Are we 
brothers in oblivion?!

Brady: No, you nutball. I'm comin' along to make sure you don't drown 
yourself! Now c'mon, let's go! March!

Morgan: Yes, sir! 
Brady > MaMorgan

Brady: So where's this spring that's supposed to cure amnesia at already?

Morgan: Hmm, we should have found it by now... Where did I see that sign?

Brady: It's weird that we've been looking this long and still haven't found 

Morgan: Agreed... Maybe it was just a mirage? A trick of the steam? ...Or 
maybe it's hidden.

Brady: Hmm, it's a possibility. This IS a mystical spring that cures memory 
loss, after all. Maybe it's little wonder we can't just waltz right up to it.

Morgan: Well, that presents quite the quandary! What do you think we should 

Brady: Ain't it obvious? We wipe out the Risen, then take all the time we 
need to find out!

Morgan: What? I can't ask you to spend that kind of time on me!

Brady: It's my time to spend how I like, ain't it? This place could hold the 
key to getting all your memories back. Besides, you're my... You know, we're 
allies or whatever! It's fine!

Morgan: Wow, Brady. I'm a little surprised to hear you say that. But it's a 
good surprise! I really appreciate it! Thanks, Brady!

Brady: Yeah, don't mention it.

Morgan: ...Ahh! There! There it is!

Brady: You found it?! Seriously? Nice work!

Morgan: Yes, just behind these rocks! That's the sign there. I'm sure of it!

Brady: Let's have a look. "Therapeutic benefits of spring bathing"... Stiff 
joints... check. Circulation... check. Hey, what gives? It doesn't say a damn 
thing about amnesia!

Morgan: It doesn't? Huh... It doesn't. How odd. I'm sure this was the sign... 
Oh well. I must have misread it, hah!

Brady: Haw?! How do you misread "stiff joints" for "cures your weird brain 
problems"?! Yeesh, and here I went and got my hopes up...

Morgan: Sorry about that... I suppose it was wishful thinking on the part of 
my subconscious.

Brady: Well, your subconscious just wasted a chunk of our day.

Morgan: Be that as it may, I still think going for a soak sounds like a fun 

Brady: Yeah, I guess it does. All right, c'mon. Let's cream these Risen, then 
kick back!

Morgan: Count me in! 

Yarne x Inigo

Yarne > Inigo

Yarne: ......

Inigo: Yarne? What are you doing? Why are you just standing there?

Yarne: There's...there's water everywhere. But it's HOT. There's HOT WATER 

Inigo: Heh. Pretty impressive, huh? I don't blame you for being awed at the 
sight. We never had anything like this ió


Inigo: Gah?! Wh-what are you...? Huh?!

Yarne: INIGO!

Inigo: What is it?!

Yarne: I'll never ask for anything again, I swearójust protect me from the 
bad water!

Inigo: Bad... Wait, what? Yarne, what in the world are you talking about?!

Yarne: Rabbits don't like getting wet! This place is like a scene from my 
moistest nightmares!

Inigo: What? That's news to me. You never seemed to have a problem wading 
through rivers and seawater in combat.

Yarne: Sure, but that was COLD water! This, though... This is hot! And awful! 
And I'll catch a chill as I dry, and then I'll DIE! ...Or worse, I'll trip 
and wind up floating in a giant stewpot! Inigo, have you ever heard a story 
about a rabbit in a stewpot that ended well? Aaah! I can't do this! I'm gonna 
wind up boiled and tender and delicious and extinct!

Inigo: Yeesh, Yarne, calm down. It's nowhere near hot enough to boil someone. 
Here... See?

Yarne: AAAAAAH! You splashed me! It's on my fur! It's hot! I'm melting! It's 
all going dark!

Inigo: Wow, you weren't kidding about not liking to get wet. I'm...impressed? 

Yarne: YOU'RE terrified?! What about ME?! Now come on, please! Save me from 
the water!

Inigo: Well, I can't very well ignore a friend begging me for help... All 
right, Yarne, sure. I'll protect you. As long as we're here, you can count on 
me to keep you safe and dry.

Yarne: Oh, thank you, Inigo! I don't care what women everywhere say, you're 
the best transtemporal guy I know!

Inigo: ...Uh, thanks. I think.

Yarne: Anyway, thanks again! I'm in your hands for the rest of the battle! I 
hereby dub thee Sir Inigo, Captain of the Yarnesguard!

Inigo: Oookay, then. Heh. Whatever makes you happy, buddy... 
Inigo > Yarne

Yarne: Eeep! Their swords are dripping with springwater! One swing, and the 
horrible stuff will come flying at me in a fatal, fur-matting spray!

Inigo: Not on my watch!

Risen: Hrrngh!

Inigo: ...Phew. Well? Still dry, buddy?

Yarne: Inigo, you kept your promise! Hah, and to think I was falling over 
myself wió ...Eeep! F-falling! I'm falling!

Inigo: Yarne, look out!

Yarne: NO! Inigooo! If you hadn't pushed me out of the way, it would have 
been I that fell in... I'll never forget you, brave friend!

Inigo: Gah... I'm completely soaked.

Yarne: Um... Are you all right?

Inigo: Oh, I'm fine. ...Besides, any playboy worth his salt needs to know how 
to make a splash, am I right?

Yarne: I'm considering my life-debt paid in exchange for ignoring that one... 
But mostly, I'm sorry... I didn't think I'd be putting you through quite this 

Inigo: Aw, don't worry about it. I made a promise, and I'm happy to keep it. 
What about you? I didn't get you when I fell in, did I? You all...all... 

Yarne: Oh no! You're not coming down with something, are you?

Inigo: I told you I'm fine! I'm plenty fit to keep you safe. After all, 
that's my job, right? Captain of the Yarnesguard?

Yarne: Yes, but now you're shivering. Look, it''s fine. Forget about 
guarding me.

Inigo: What? Why? It's just a tiny chill. Honestly, you're such a worrywart. 
I just need to move around a bit. Get the blood moving. See? I already feel 

Yarne: Inigo!

Inigo: NO! Yaaaaaarne!

Yarne: Gaaah! It's over! It's all ooover! It's hot and wet and my fur's all 
clingy and gross and I'm pretty sure I'm dying!

Inigo: Yarne... I don't get it. Why did you take the fall for me?

Yarne: I don't know. I moved without thinking... I guess I felt sort of 
pathetic depending on you to protect me all the time. No more being a dead 
weight, though. I'll protect myself from here on out. I promise.

Inigo: That's great, but I'm not seeing much point in either of us protecting 
you now. You're drenched. ...But it's rather amazing you did that for me, 
given how much you hate the water. So thank you.

Yarne: Heh heh.

Inigo: That said, we'll both catch colds if we stand around like this. As 
soon as we're done here, it's into a nice, hot bath for the both of us.

Yarne: WHAT?! B-but I... That's notó

Inigo: You're already as wet as you can get, rabbit. And now you need to warm 
your body. Plus, it'll be fun. We'll get all the guys to join us for a soak. 
I'll even help you dry your fur after. Deal?

Yarne: Inigo... All right, deal! I'll brave the hot springs just for you!

Inigo: Heh. That's the spirit... Now, back to business! 
Yarne x Gerome

Yarne > Gerome

Yarne: Gah, all this steam! The mugginess is killing me...

Gerome: You're surrounded by hot springs. Best you resigned yourself to a 
little humidity. ...Hm? What is that?

Yarne: What's what?

Gerome: Behind you.

Yarne: Behind... GAH?! M-m-monkeys! A whole pack of them! Why are they here?!

Gerome: Seems they're coming down the mountain in droves. That's quite the 
little army forming behind you.

Yarne: Eeep! What are they all crowding around ME for?!

Gerome: Maybe they think you're one of them?

Yarne: Ugh, RUDE! I'm a bunny, not a monkey!

Gerome: Tell that to the fellow picking through your back hair.

Yarne: That's back FUR, thank you veryó OUCH! Hey, quit tugging, you little 
flea trap!

Gerome: Quite the scene, really. I don't suppose I've ever seen a monkey 
groom a rabbit before. It's rather charming, actually.

Yarne: I'm so thrilled you think so... Now GET THEM OFF ME, GEROME!

Gerome: What? Why? They're just being friendly.

Yarne: I'll stick with human friends! And Ió ARGH! That REALLY hurts! Stop 
yanking at my ears, you monster! I need those attached, thank you veryó OW!

Gerome: *Sigh* Fine. Hold still a moment.

Yarne: Whew! Thanks, Geroó AHH!

Gerome: Waugh?!

Yarne: It just snatched your mask and ran! Don't just stand thereóafter that 
Gerome > Yarne

Yarne: Did you see which way that thieving ape ran? I've lost sight of him...

Gerome: Not this way, it seems.

Yarne: Don't see anything over here, either... Wait, how are you wearing your 

Gerome: I keep a spare for emergencies.

Yarne: If you have more than one, why are we still chasing after a stupid 

Gerome: Because. This backup is a pale comparison in quality. The one it 
stole was bespoke, Yarne. I refuse to cede it to some filthy primate.

Yarne: If you say so... Honestly, I can't tell the difference, looking at the 
one you're wearing now.

Gerome: Well, stop. I don't want anyone looking too closely. The 
craftsmanship is terrible. More importantly, they've obviously accepted you 
as one of their own. Can't you use that to get my mask back?

Yarne: Hmm. I don't really see how... Ah! No, that's perfect! Take me 
hostage, Gerome!

Gerome: Then what? We propose a trade? My mask for your life? I'm not 
convinced monkeys can be negotiated with. They can't speak, for one.

Yarne: You never know! I hear monkeys are quite smart, actually. We may as 
well give it a try, right? It's not like we've got a better plan.

Gerome: Fair point... I suppose we've nothing to lose. ...There! That's the 
one! He's still got my mask! Hurry, Yarne! Come here!

Yarne: R-right!

Gerome: All right, listen up, you flea-bitten felons! I've taken this monkey 
prisoner! Return that mask immediately, or the big ape gets it!

Yarne: O-oh, no! The horror! Help me, my simian cohorts!

Gerome: Hah! He's actually bringing it here! I'm not sure whether this proves 
they're intelligent or incredibly gullible... That's it, just a bit closer. 
Bring it here. ...There! Got it!

Yarne: Yes! Our plan's a brilliant success! ...Hm? WAAAAUGH! AAAAAAGHK!

Gerome: Yarne!

Yarne: Owww... As soon as he figured out I wasn't a monkey, the little 
monster attacked me! Got me right in the face, then ran off...

Gerome: Are you all right? Injuries aside, your idea worked flawlessly. I owe 
you one, Yarne.

Yarne: Uh... don't mention it? Whew, I'll be more than happy to never see 
another monkey. I thought I was a goner!

Gerome: Apologies...

Yarne: Ah, it's fine. What are friends for, right? I'm glad you got your mask 

Gerome: Well, thank you again. I, uh, hope your face heals up soon... 

Severa x Nah

Nah > Severa

Severa: Ugh, I'm SO ready to be done with this and into the springs already.
Seconded! I've never been in a bath this big before. I'm really excited! But, 
Severa: Hmm? What's wrong, Nah? You're red as a beet.
Nah: I've n-never been naked outdoors before... It's a little embarrassing.
Severa: Oh, that? Well, yeah, hopefully we won't have any Peeping Toms 
Nah: Peeping who?! I don't want any peeping anyones around! If I found anyone 
spying on us, I'd be motified!
Severa: Well, I'm not usually one to waste my precious time on petty thieves 
and pervs... But yeah, we're talking about our bodies here. We'd better come 
up with a plan.
Nah: Right!
Severa: Sooo... any brilliant ideas?
Nah: Hmm... Well, any good snare needs bait, right?
Severa: What, you mean us? You'd have the two of us go in first? And then 
what, fight in the nude?! They'd see everything!
Nah: Ooh, that's a good point... Hmm. What to do...
Severa: We can't fight in the nude, and we can't serve as bait if we're 
wearing clothes... Aha! I've got it! You'll act as bait, and then the second 
our little perv shows up, you go all dragon! No need to be embarrassed about 
showing a few scales, right?
Nah: Ooh, I like it! That's genius, Severa!
Severa: All right, I think we're on to something here. Let's keep 
brainstorming and figure out the rest of the plan!
Nah: Yes, ma'am!
Severa > Nah

Nah: So about that plan...
Severa: Operation Manakete Surprise?
Nah: Now that I'm thinking it through, aren't you going to be embarrassed at 
being seen?
Severa: What? I won't be in the springs. I'll be hiding in the shadows, 
waiting for the perpetrator to arrive. Fully clothed.
Nah: Whaaat?! Then I'm going to be the only one not wearing anything? No way! 
That's not fair at all!
Severa: Not fair? This is hardly the time to start being selfish, Nah.
Nah: What?! You're the one being selfish! You'll still be wearing clothes!
Severa: Honestly, I don't see why we're even worrying about a plan here. A 
silly Peeping Tom is bound to be far easier prey than the Risen.
Nah: Maybe so, but the conditions for victory are completely different. With 
Risen, you just have to beat them up. With a Peeping Tom, you can't be seen.
Severa: Ugh, good point. All he needs to "win" is to get a good look at you. 
Hmm, seems like us girls are at a huge disadvantage here...
Nah: Well, it'll be a difficult battle, and there may be crushing 
losses...but we have to try!
Severa: You're right... You're right, Nah! We'll fight him to the last!
Nah: ......
Severa: ......
Nah: Um, Severa? Remind me who it is we're getting fired up to fight again?
Severa: It's... a hypothetical Peeping Tom...who we're not even sure 
Nah: Am I the only one who suddenly feels like an idiot?
Severa: Nooope. No you are not.
Severa x FeMorgan*

*Only possible if Severa isn't her mother.

FeMorgan > Severa

Severa: Phew... That last one was tough.

Morgan: Sure was! ...Pfft, ha ha ha ha!

Severa: Huh? What in the world are you laughing like a lunatic about?

Morgan: Ha ha... S-sorry. I just... *snort* Paaah ha ha ha!

Severa: Get ahold of yourself, would you? And Iím still waiting on that 
explanation! Weíre in the midst of combat here. Iíll thank you NOT to be a 
distraction. Look, even Chrom is glaring at you.

Morgan: S-sorry! *gasp* Iím sorry... Ha ha... I was just... heh... just 
remembering a story my father told me the other day...

Severa: What?! Morgan, this is REALLY not the time to be revisiting small 
talk. Honestly... Sometimes I wonder if that tiny head of yours isnít just 
full of fluff...

Morgan: Heh, okay, okay. Sorry...

Severa: *Sigh* Well, go on, out with it. Whatís this story that has you so in 

Morgan: Okay, so! There was this girl, and she loved this boy, but she was 
too shy to tell him...

Severa: And...?

Morgan: And so she started teasing him mercilessly instead. In the end, he 
got totally fed up! She never got to talk to him again! Ha ha! Haaa ha ha ha 
hee hee!

Severa: What? Morgan, thatís not funny at all! Itís a dreadful story!

Morgan: Maybe it wasnít the story so much as the way he told it. It was 
completely hilarious! Father says thereís an Outrealm where people go to hear 
stories like these.

Severa: Whatís it called, the Stupidrealm? I donít know which is more 
mystifyingóthat story, or you finding it funny. ...Though I suppose thatís 
part of what makes you so damned agreeable.

Morgan: Huh?

Severa: I mean, come on. You couldnít dream up a more suspicious character 
than you. An amnesiac from the future? Please. Only a fool would take that 
story at face value! And yet everyone around the camp totally fawns over 
you... It makes no sense.

Morgan: Hm? Severa... is something on your mind?

Severa: Wh-what? No! And donít go making any weird assumptions... or else! 
(Severa leaves)

Morgan: Hmm...
Severa > FeMorgan

Severa: *Sigh*

Morgan: You SURE thereís nothing you want to talk about, Severa?

Severa: Morgan, I already told youó

Morgan: I promise I wonít tell anyone else about it, if that helps.

Severa: Iím not... Ugh, all right, fine. Iím just... Iím worried, is all. 
Worried that Iíve been... you know. Kind of a shrew. Iím always saying things 
I donít really mean or going on little fault-finding crusades... I worry the 
others will hate me.

Morgan: Ahh, so thatís where all that came from earlier. For what itís worth, 
I donít think fault-finding is such a bad thing. Talking about people behind 
their back is one thing, but this is different. This is like... giving people 

Severa: Uh, I suppose thatís one way to look at it, but...

Morgan: Whatís wrong with trying to encourage your friends to be the best 
they can be? If they get upset, maybe they just need to work on receiving 
criticism better.

Severa: But thereís a line between speaking frankly and being outright 

Morgan: Aw, we can take it, Severa. Trust me! We all love you! So stop 

Severa: Oh, brother. You could at least TRY to make it believable, you know.

Morgan: Itís the truth! Besides, donít you know? Girls like you are all the 
rage these days! Especially with the boys... *wink*

Severa: What?! ...R-really?

Morgan: Sure! Tough as nails on the outside, with an ooey, gooey damsel-in-
distress core... Always cross and short tempered, making every smile shine 
like a rare gem... Apparently thatís what the guys are into as of late. Who 

Severa: That sounds like torture to me. Not that Iím complaining, I 

Morgan: Itís like how a sunny day after a long stretch of rain is super 
refreshing! Ooh, or how a nice, hot meal tastes even better when youíre 
really, really hungry!

Severa: Hmm. I guess that kinda makes senó ...Wait a minute. Youíre comparing 
me to floods and starvation?! Are you mocking me?!

Morgan: No, not at all! And even if you donít believe me about the others, at 
least youíve got me?

Severa: Ugh, Morgan, you are the worst! ...Heh. Though I suppose you did help 
me take my mind off things. Thanks for that.

Inigo x MaMorgan*

*Only possible if Inigo isn't his father.

MaMorgan > Inigo

Morgan: ......

Inigo: Uhh, Morgan? Everything all right? You're just staring off into space.

Morgan: Oh, Inigo! Sorry, I was just running through strategies in my head. 
If I can come up with something good, it'll help lighten my mother's load.

Inigo: Aw, that's great. Here, let me help. I'm all for helping out Avatar!

Morgan: Wow, Inigo, I'm impressed! It doesn't stop you even if she's 
someone's wife or mother, does it? Still, I'm afraid I can't let you have 
her. Got to keep the family peace. You understand.

Inigo: Umm... I'm not sure YOU do? I think you've misunderstood my intentions 
here. I really just meant I wanted to help out as a friend and fellow 

Morgan: Oh, really? Gosh, I'm sorry. I just assumed you were doing your usual 
gigolo thing. In that case, I'd love your help!

Inigo: Sheesh, what kind of animal do you take me for? Actually, don't answer 
that. What sort of plan did you have in mind?

Morgan: I was thinking of hitting the spring with lightning.

Inigo: What?!

Morgan: I was just reading a while ago about how lightning travels through 
water! If that's the case, then zapping the water should leave all the bad 
guys crispy, right?!

Inigo: Yeah, and most of the good guys too! No, no way. We are NOT doing 
that. Gah, I can just see them all floating in the springs now... Is that 
what you want?!

Morgan: Hmm, I suppose not. Oh well. Better keep thinking, then.

Inigo: Phew, I'm glad I stopped to ask...

Morgan: Ooh! What about using flame magic to bring the pools to a boil?! 
We'll stew the Risen and end this battle in one fell swoop!

Inigo: Bleh, most disgusting soup ever... Can we find a plan that lets us win 
and still actually enjoy the baths afterward?

Morgan: Hmm, good point. I don't think I want to go for a soak in undead 
stock. Something else, then... This is pretty tough!

Inigo: I think it's great your ideas are so...unique, Morgan. But, um... 
Perhaps they're a bit TOO imaginative? And by that I mean sociopathic. Have 
you got anything a little more, I don't know, normal? Something nice and 

Morgan: Something basic... Ooh, I know! Yes, that's perfect! You gave me just 
the answer I was looking for!

Inigo: I did? Dare I even ask? 
Inigo > MaMorgan

Morgan: All right, so maybe Operation Play-Dead-in-the-Hot-Springs wasn't so 
Inigo: Yeah, the part where our allies all thought we were dead was kind of a 
glaring flaw.
Morgan: Rgh, and here I thought we'd really nailed it this time! We'd just 
float there, still as a log, waiting in ambush... Then as soon as the Risen 
were fool enough to think we were dead and came near... POW! Tricking your 
enemies into lowering their guard is introductory strategy. Super basic. Plus 
it had the added bonus of us enjoying a soak int he baths for a while too.
Inigo: ...Except our allies got to us first, and we got violently dragged out 
of the water. And it turns out having a ton of healing spells cast on you 
when you're not hurt? Leaves a guy kind of nauseous...
Morgan: Yeah, no kidding... But the worst was seeing my mother bawling her 
eyes out.
Inigo: Yeah, I think it's safe to say this plan was a dud. We had everyone 
Morgan: I'm sorry, Inigo. It's bad enough my strategy stank. I didn't mean to 
get you in trouble too...
Inigo: Huh? No, don't apologize! I only went along with the plan because I 
also thought it would work. I should be apologizing. I said I'd help and then 
hardly did a thing.
Morgan: Well, I thought you were a huge help. I really appreciate your 
advice, Inigo. Plus it was a lot of fun brainstorming with you!
Inigo: Heh, yeah? Well, good to hear it. Today was kind of tragic, but we 
won't give up. You'll be putting Avatar out of work with your brilliant 
strategies soon enough! Maybe I should start reading up on tactics myself...
Morgan: You mean it?! As it just so happens, I have a title I would 
absolutely recommend! And the margins are full to bursting with my mother's 
notes! It's incredible. If you're interested, I'd be happy to lend it to you!
Inigo: Really? Sure, thanks!
Morgan: No problem! I've got it stowed right... Oh.
Inigo: Wow, that'rs certainly... wet. You, had this on you when we 
were soaking in the springs, didn't you?
Morgan: Yes... Yes, I did. Ugh, it's swelled up to three times its size.
Inigo: The text is bleeding everywhere too. And this was annotated? Sounds 
Morgan: Oh, it's all right, actually! I have a spareóan exact copy.
Inigo: Wait, seriously?!
Morgan: Yup! I'm kind of a klutz, so I try to be prepared for every 
eventuality. I'll lend you that one once we get back to camp!
Inigo: Well, that's a relief. Though it's kind of sad that you EXPECT these 
sorts of accidents... Still, I'm glad to hear it wasn't irreplaceable! 
Anyway, thanks, Morgan. I promise I'll take good care of that copy.

Tiki x Flavia

Flavia > Tiki

Tiki: Khan Flavia of Regna Ferox, I presume? I have hoped for some time now 
to get this chance to speak with you.

Flavia: Well, that's funny. I've been meaning to break the ice with you too.

Tiki: Clearly this is our destined moment.

Flavia: Ha ha! Clearly.

Tiki: The realm you call Ferox certainly brings back memories... How do the 
people there fare today? I remember only a cold, harsh land. Have you found a 
way to cope with the heavy snowfall and barren soil?

Flavia: Well, we've struggled with the harvest for generations. Honestly, it 
took years and years of work before the soil was worth a damn... Still, I 
hope we've improved it some from what you remember.

Tiki: That's wonderful! Your people owe you much.

Flavia: My people owe me squat. It's my predecessors who did all the heavy 
lifting. The way I see it, I have yet to leave my mark on Regna Ferox. And if 
I'm lucky, my people and history will remember me as a good khan.

Tiki: That's very humble of you.

Flavia: Ferox has no future unless this war is brought to a favorable end. I 
must see it done within my lifetime.

Tiki: Well, you will. We all will- together.

Flavia: Damn right we will.
Tiki > Flavia

Flavia: Tiki, tell me more about the Regna Ferox you remember.

Tiki: Well, all right... After all, I slept there within the ice for several 
centuries. As I recall, it was a frozen hell plagued with barbarians and mage 

Flavia: So the legends go. I can tell you the barbarians, at least, are still 

Tiki: They are? But how do you keep them at bay? Are your villages not 
harassed day and night?

Flavia: Ha ha! I mean we're descended from the barbariansóthe Feroxi people.

Tiki: Really?! But you're so... so civilized. I guess people really do 

Flavia: Well, we did keep some of the old blood sport to fight boredom. Most 
of us love nothing more than a good brawl and a big keg to drown in after.

Tiki: Still, it reassures me to see a woman as strong as you with wisdom to 
match. You have power, but I know you would never brandish it without cause. 
All that barbaric energy was sublimated into positive potential.

Flavia: Funny how that worked out. One wrong step and we'd have died the 
howling primitives we started as.

Tiki: But you didn't. That shows just how much the Feroxi can do.

Flavia: That's nice of you to say, Tiki.

Tiki: I hope I get to see the northland again. It has been far too long.

Flavia: Then why don't you come and visit once the fighting is done? The 
Voice of the divine dragon is always welcome in Regna Ferox.

Tiki: Thank you, Flavia. Now I long to finish this battle all the sooner!

Flavia: You and me both! 
Tiki x Aversa

Aversa > Tiki

Aversa: Well, if it isn't the lips of the goddess herself.

Tiki: ...Aversa? Why are you staring at me like I'm some sort of monster?

Aversa: Oh, is that how it looks? I was going for more of a "how dare you 
always stay so youthful it sickens me" face. It's not fair! You've lived 
thousands of years and still look but a maiden.

Tiki: You must see these things in perspective. I used to look no older than 
a wee child. If people who knew me then saw me now, they would be shocked by 
how I've aged.

Aversa: How long ago was this?

Tiki: Umm... About 2,000 years?

Aversa: Argh! See? You've been young far longer than you deserve! Our 
comrades call me a hag behind my backóheck, some to my face! By the time 
anyone calls YOU hag, my grandkids' grandkids will be buried.

Tiki: I suppose so... It is beyond my power.

Aversa: So when WILL you be an old hag?

Tiki: Too long from now to be reckoned in years. I never did ask Bantu how 
old HE was...

Aversa: Must you manakete make us all look so pathetic and small? I can't 
even begin to fathom what it's like to have lived two millennia.

Tiki: Huh? No no, I have lived three millennia. I mean, if we're splitting 

Aversa: Th-three thousand years?! ...And to think, there's not a single 
strand of grey in those hairs you speak of... 
Tiki > Aversa

Aversa: *Sigh* I do wish I was younger.

Tiki: Why are you complaining to me? I am far older than you. And longevity 
isn't all it's cracked up to be, I'll have you know. You have to experience 
the pain of losing loved ones again and again.

Aversa: But I don't want eternal life. I want eternal youth.

Tiki: You just want to stop yourself from looking any older?

Aversa: Are you trying to imply I look old?

Tiki: Is that not what this entire conversation is about?

Aversa: Ugh, never mind that! The point is: I want to have a young, firm 
body, and I want to keep it. If I only live as long as the next human, I can 
content myself with that. As long as I get to go back to how I looked 10 
years ago!

Tiki: Uh-huh. Good luck with that.

Aversa: I wonder if drinking your blood would make me any younger.

Tiki: Wh-what? No, it won't!

Aversa: Couldn't hurt to try, though, could it? A lock of hair or phial of 
tears might do the trick too.

Tiki: Don't even think about it!

Aversa: I know. Maybe if I drink water from the hot springs where you 

Tiki: Are you trying to scar me for life? ...I have a long life, you know!

Aversa: You can't stop me. It's not as if these are YOUR hot springs.

Tiki: Well, stake your thirst when I'm not looking... And don't get your 
hopes up!

Aversa: I'll balk at nothing when my beauty is on the line.

Tiki: ...Naga take me! Three thousand years of turmoil, and only now do I 
think I know true horror... 

Anna x Say'ri

Anna > Say'ri

Say'ri: Anna! Anyone, is Anna about?!

Anna: Something the matter, Say'ri?

Say'ri: I was just passing by the inns near the baths, and I saw the most 
splendid thing. It was a sword in the fashion of my land housed in the most 
magnificent sheath. Yet it was no smithy selling it, and I saw no other arms 
among the baubles for sale. I ask you, as a merchant, why would that be?

Anna: They were souvenirs, most like. Aimed at tourists visiting the springs.

Say'ri: Tourists? What need have tourists for a blade?

Anna: Precious little, were it real. The edges are dulled to uselessness. 
They're toys, dear.

Say'ri: A toy? That? But the craftsmanship...
Anna: Is lovely, isn't it? Some people like to collect them as works of art. 
Not the wisest investment by my estimation...but to each his own, right?

Say'ri: I see... Hmm.

Anna: Why, were you thinking of buying one?

Say'ri: Wh-what? No! I've no interest in toys. An ornamental sword is no 
sword at all to a warrior...

Anna: You'd sound more convincing if you weren't fidgeting and eyeing the 
road back to town.

Say'ri: I... I was doing nothing of the sort!

Anna: Really now?

Say'ri: Yes, really!

Anna: My mistake, then. Good thing too. Replica swords are especially popular 
souvenirs. If you HAD been interested, you'd have needed to hurry before they 
all sold out... Luckily, that's no concern of yours, hmm?

Say'ri: What? Is that true?!

Anna: ...Not even a little. They're expensive, as souvenirs go. They'll sit 
on a store shelf unsold for years. That is, unless someone like you comes 
along to snatch one up!

Say'ri: Urgh... That was devious and unkind, my lady. And thoroughly 
embarrassing, besides.

Anna: Hee hee... Say'ri, you're adorable. 
Say'ri > Anna

Say'ri: Anna? I, er... About those swords...

Anna: Are you still on about that, dear?

Say'ri: No, I merely... Well, yes, put frankly. There is one I simply must 
Anna: Even though it's a toy?

Say'ri: It matters not. The graceful arc of it, the subtle color... I've 
fallen in love!

Anna: Hmm. Far be it for a merchant to discourage anyone's impulse 
shopping... But I'd still have to recommend against it.

Say'ri: But why?! I'm well aware it holds no use in combat!

Anna: It's not that. These tourist traps tend to pawn off faulty goods on 
unsuspecting customers. The quality isn't fit for a child's plaything, and 
the prices are outright criminal. This sword of yours, how much are they 
asking for it?

Say'ri: ...It's 1500 gold, if memory serves.

Anna: Scandalous! You could buy a real sword of silver for that sum!

Say'ri: It's expensive, then, you think?

Anna: Egads, woman. As someone well acquainted with a blade, I'd think you'd 
know better. Honestly, this is the trouble with princesses. No idea how the 
real world works at all.

Say'ri: I, um... My apologies.

Anna: It's not your fault, I suppose. Anyway, lead on. Let's pay this shop a 
little visit.

Say'ri: What, together? You'll come with me?

Anna: Merchant's pride. I can't abide by swindlers and frauds. I'll set them 
straight. Then, while they're picking up the pieces of their ego, we'll get 
you your sword... At MY price.

Say'ri: Oh, thank you, Anna! I'm so glad I thought to ask you. In matters of 
commerce, there is none stronger!

Anna: Heh heh. You can repay me by telling everyone else about what a gem I 
am. The better a merchant's reputation, the more money they can rake in, 
after all! 
Anna x Flavia

Flavia > Anna

Anna: My, my, if it isn't Flavia. ...Or should I say Your Grace, East-Khan of 
Regna Ferox? I'm simply dying to hear what matter would have you call me to a 
place like this.

Flavia: It's Flavia. Just Flavia. And I apologize for the sudden request. I 
need a favor.

Anna: If it's in my power, you need but command it. So what'll it be, Just 

Flavia: I'm told you can get your hands on pretty much anything. How much of 
that is idle legend?

Anna: Ooh, then it's a business inquiry! Excellent. As for your question... 
This legend is never idle. We stock literally everything, from drywall to 
dragon tears. Everything under the sun, and a few choice items from above it. 
That's our trade.

Flavia: Good. ...Then I'd like to buy some of these baths. To go, if you 

Anna: Come again?

Flavia: Regna Ferox is snowbound the year around. Frankly, it's colder than a 
Risen's nethers. That takes its toll on people. A place like this would warm 
their bodies and hearts.

Anna: I see... A lovely notion, really. But hot springs aren't known for 
their mobility...

Flavia: It doesn't need to be a natural spring, obviously. Have you anything 

Anna: Something to serve the role of a hot spring... That's quite the tall 
order. Hmm...

Flavia: My apologies. It was a foolish request. I shouldn't have burdened 

Anna: Now, don't be in such a hurry to leave, Ms. Flavia.

Flavia: Hm?

Anna: I told you I could get you anything. I'm not about to be proven a liar. 
I have my pride as a merchant to defend. Might I have a little time to think 
on it?

Flavia: You're serious?

Anna: Hey, this is a job for a khan, right? Stands to reason it would be a 
khan-sized job. That only means it'll be that much more satisfying to 

Flavia: I see! Well, if you're sure, I suppose I'll place my trust in your 
merchant's pride.

Anna: Heh heh. Always a wise bet. Now, time to see if the sisters have any 
Anna > Flavia

Anna: Flavia!
Flavia: Oh, Anna. Need something?
Anna: I was hoping I could have a word. About your hot-springs acquisition?
Flavia: What? Don't tell me you've already found some magic bauble to do the 
Anna: No baubles, I'm afraid. I doubt such a thing even exists.
Flavia: I see... Well, even a legend can't be asked to find something that 
doesn't exist.
Anna: True enough. But I was hoping you might take a look at this
Flavia: Hm? What is it? A bag full of...what, some sort of powder? Rather 
pretty, really, with all the colors. There's white, blue...
Anna: This turns into your hot springs.
Flavia: What? This?! I'll thank you not to pull my leg, merchant! Even if I 
were to fill this to the brim, the bag is too small to carry enough water! 
Besides, you said yourself there was no such thing as an instant spring.
Anna: I said it didn't exist. Which is why my sisters and I made one.
Flavia: ...You did what?
Anna: Take a whiff of that stuff.
Flavia: ...I know this. It's the same as the smell from the source of the 
Anna: Exactly. Add a bit of that to a tub of water, and you have yourself a 
hot spring. Same smell, even the same therapeutic effects. It's a brand-new 
addition to our lineup! Consider that a free sample, love.
Flavia: Thank you, Anna! I'd heard tales of your feats as merchants, but I 
never knew you were genius inventors! I'm certain my people will love it.
Anna: Hee hee. Another satisfied customer! We happily await your next 
purchase, Just Flavia.

Say'ri x Yen'fay

Say'ri > Yen'fay

Say'ri: ......

Yen'fay: Does something trouble you, Say'ri? Why are you gazing at the water?

Say'ri: Hmm? Ah, Brother... Beg pardon. My mind must have left me for a 

Yen'fay: Are you that eager to try the baths? Have patience. These Risen will 
be dealt with presently.

Say'ri: Nay, Brother, you have the wrong idea. I was simply remembering the 
time our family visited the hot springs in Chon'sin.

Yen'fay: Hmm... Aye, I remember the trip. You were little... Or rather... she 

Say'ri: We went with Mother and Father... when they yet lived. What fun we 
had! It had been some time since our last gathering, so I was a ball of 

Yen'fay: You were so excited that you fell by the entrance. I remember the 

Say'ri: Ha ha... Aye. So that part is the same. How strange, the places our 
tales intersect. I remember how you scrubbed my back in the bath to cheer me 

Yen'fay: Aye, that I did.

Say'ri: ...O-oh, but please do not get the wrong idea!

Yen'fay: Hm? Shall I scrub your back for you now?

Say'ri: Nay, and say no more of it! How old do you think I am?

Yen'fay: Ha ha ha. I jest, Say'ri

Say'ri: And... 'tis more than that.

Yen'fay: Hm?

Say'ri: Even if you are my brother... 'tis not the same. Do you understand?

Yen'fay: Say'ri...

Say'ri: Pray pardon. I need some space...

Yen'fay: It seems to trouble her that I have thrust myself back into her life 
like this...
Yen'fay > Say'ri

Say'ri: *Sniff* *sob*

Yen'fay: Say'ri...

Say'ri: Brother, I pray thee... Leave me be.

Yen'fay: .....

Say'ri: I do not wish for you to see me life this.

Yen'fay: There is no shame in tears. Too much sentiment burdens the body and 
mind. We must set it free.

Say'ri: I am far too old to "set it free" in front of you...

Yen'fay: ....

Say'ri: ...'Tis your fault!

Yen'fay: ...!

Say'ri: You look like him, speak like him... You even treat me the same. You 
trick the eye and make me believe I have him back! And the more you say you 
are different, the more you feel the same.

Yen'fay: Say'ri... I...

Say'ri: *Sob* Ahhh...

Yen'fay: You have the right of it. I ought never have returned to you like 
this. Perhaps the time has come to part ways... before the pain cuts 

Say'ri: What? ...Where are you going?!

Yen'fay: We shall not meet again. Your brother is dead, and you met a man who 
only vaguely resembled him. You need remember only that. Fare thee well, 

Say'ri: Wait! No! ...BROTHER!

Yen'fay: I tell you, I am not you brother.

Say'ri: It matters not! Can you not see that I need you?

Yen'fay: ...Are you certain? Perhaps we do our true siblings a dishonor by 

Say'ri: Our true siblings are gone... *Sniff* You are the brother I have.

Yen'fay: It seems I am cursed with the unfortunate gift of making you cry in 
any world. Forgive me, Say'ri. Your brother is here. My sleeves are yours to 
weep in.

Say'ri: Mercy, Brother... Thank you... *sob*

Basilio x Walhart

Walhart > Basilio
Basilio: If it isnít the beacon of happiness, Walhart. With a grimace like 
that, youíll have even your comrades running for the hills. ...Oh, right. I 
forgot. You donít NEED any comrades.

Walhart: If only your weapon received half as much practice as that glib 
tongue of yours. 

Basilio: Uh-huh. So why are you here again? You look more out of place at the 
hot springs than these Risen do. 

Walhart: ...Hmph. How strange. I had thought that eyepatch simply hid some 
old battle scar... But I see now it just prevents you from assessing the 
world twice as poorly.

Basilio: Youíre one to talk, beady-eyes. Can you even see through all this 

Walhart: A feeble salvo of words against the man who nearly killed you. Shall 
I dismiss your remarks as the madness of a weakling and a craven? 

Basilio: You could tryó

Walhart: Careful. If you draw your weapon, I must take it as a challenge. I 
would have no choice but to crush you where you stand.

Basilio: Rrgh... Forget it. Youíre not worth it. I didnít come here to cross 
with a lunatic like you. 

Walhart: Well, if youíre done singing, cricket, hop, hop away.

Basilio: I WOULD if youíd stop trying to get in the last word! 

Walhart: Like this?

Basilio: ARGH! NEVER MIND! I hope you fall over and drown before the battle 
is done! 
(Basilio leaves)

Walhart: Heh...
Basilio > Walhart

Basilio: Walhart! 

Walhart: Ah, cricket. You come with weapon drawn. Have I given offense? What 
with this steam and my beady-eyes, you may yet stand a shred of a chance. 

Basilio: HAAA!

Risen: ...Mmrrf!

Walhart: HRYAAAH!

Risen: ...Ooohhh...

Basilio: ...They thought they could get the drop on you? How stupid are they?

Walhart: I was in no danger.

Basilio: Heh, yeah. No danger at all. You had at least, what, half a second 
before that Risen skewered you? I was trying to warn you, and you act like I 
was out to kill you.

Walhart: Little difference it makes. Whoever challenges me shall crumple by 
the wayside in defeat. And I might point out that you, too, were moments from 
parting with your head.

Basilio: You talk too much.

Walhart: No man could talk as much as you.

Basilio: You know what? I think we need to settle our differences once and 
for all. 

Walhart: Come at me then, cricket. I will snap your bones like matchsticks.

Basilio: Actually, since youíre so confident, why donít you let me choose the 

Walhart: Bah... There is no arena beneath the sky in which you can surpass 

Basilio: So I get to pick? Good! I challenge you to a drinking contest.

Walhart: ...What?

Basilio: Ah, ah, ah. No backing out of it now! You donít know what youíre up 
against. They call me the Walking Cask of Ferox! 

Walhart: Hmph... I accept your challenge.

Basilio: Oh, you are so doomed. Iíll meet you right here after the battle is 
over. Letís see if I can make your face match your armor with a few kegs of 
Feroxi mead! 
(Basilio leaves)

Walhart: ...So he means to avoid a fight to save face but bond with me at the 
same time? That Basilio is cleverer than he looks.  His slow destruction by 
ale shall be most satisfying...

Gangrel x Emmeryn

Emmeryn > Gangrel

Gangrel: So, uh... Emmeryn.

Emmeryn: ......

Gangrel: Would you rather I left you be?

Emmeryn: ...No.

Gangrel: ...All right. Well, seeing as you and I now fight for the same 
cause... That is to say, I thought we ought to create more opportunities to 

Emmeryn: ...Yes.

Gangrel: Rrgh... I must make something clear to youóthough you are free to 
dismiss it entirely. I have no desire for your forgiveness. I did as my 
position demanded at the time. No more, and no less.

Emmeryn: ......

Gangrel: I simply clamored for justice! You were the one who leaped to her 
doom. Do I have the wrong of it?
Emmeryn: You don't... make any sense...

Gangrel: Heh. That I don't, sorry.

Emmeryn: Why are... you apologizing...?

Gangrel: What? N-no, that's not the same? I just told you I won't apologize! 
How dare you push me toward the precipice of remorse with your half-

Emmeryn: ......

Gangrel: Rrgh... Never mind. Forget we ever spoke.
(Gangrel leaves)

Emmeryn: ...... Gangrel... 
Gangrel > Emmeryn

Gangrel: Oh! Emmeryn... Fancy meeting you here...

Emmeryn: ......

Gangrel: Listen... I am just going to talk aloud for a bit. But these words 
are not meant for you! Certainly not! Shield your ears from Gangrel's mad 

Emmeryn: ...?

Gangrel: Even a dog like me knows the pangs of remorse. I laid legions of 
dead at my feet. But when I climbed that mountain of corpses... I found the 
vantage empty of any meaning. I failed to change anything.

Emmeryn: ......

Gangrel: I was supposed to be the one to... to fix everything... But these 
hands that I dreamed would shape the future... They reek of blood. And the 
blood won't come off... My hands were clean once, I swear! ...Weren't they? 
Or did I just never stop to notice? Gods, I only want to get away from this 
carnage that has become my brand... Is there no way out? Must this be my 
final mark?!

Emmeryn: ...... Don't cry, Gangrel...

Gangrel: Wh-why are you patting me on the head? Stop that!

Emmeryn: You're... precious to me...

Gangrel: ...What did you say?

Emmeryn: You're one of... my friends. Promise you... won't cry...

Gangrel: Ahh... Ahh, *sniff* Emmeryn! I'm not crying, damn you! I have 
nothing to cry about! N-nothing! *sob* AAAAAAH! Damn the gods above, one and 

Emmeryn: ...... You can... change... I believe in you... So don't cry... 
Everything will be... all right... 
Gangrel x Aversa

Aversa > Gangrel

Aversa: Oh. Look who it is. Shouldn't crows be picking your bones clean for 
all the naughty things you did?

Gangrel: Hmph... You're one to talk, vixen. You caused Chrom and the others 
more trouble than I! And yet here you are, suckling off his army stores like 
a shameless she-leech.

Aversa: Guilty as charged. But you see... I've decided to put the past behind 
me. And as long as I see a path to happiness, I intend to seize it.

Gangrel: Ha! Well, aren't you a resourceful little beaver. Stabbing people in 
the back didn't work, so now you'll just try something else?

Aversa: Waggle your tongue at me all you want, dog. See if I care.

Gangrel: I'm not the one retching forth nugget after nugget of half-witted 
provocation! Argh... Blazing hells! Just being around you fills me with rage!

Aversa: The feeling is mutual, I assure you. You remind me of past 
embarrassments I'd rather forget. So do us both a favor and don't slink so 
close to me next time.

Gangrel: Peh. Suit yourself, wench! 
Gangrel > Aversa

Aversa: Well... if it isn't the Mud King Mongrel. I thought I told you to 
keep away.

Gangrel: You don't own this world or any other, you flabby-thighed hag. And 
the name is "Mad King," not "Mud King." Get it straight.

Aversa: Ah. Then I take it you have no objection to the "Mongrel" part?

Gangrel: Why would I? I AM a dog. Always have been. And I like it that way.

Aversa: Then go piddle on a tree and leave me alone.

Gangrel: ...I loathe you, woman. But I suppose I should be grateful someone 
more putrid than I is still around to vilify. I can't badmouth the rest of 
these sapsóleast of all Chrom. He's the only reason I still have food to eat 
and a head on my shoulders to eat it with.

Aversa: The boy is far too lenient. Can you believe it? There's a war going 
on, and where does he take us? Hot springs! Not that a lady isn't grateful 
for the luxury. ...Just to be clear, I don't want you anywhere near me when I 

Gangrel: Ha! You bathe? I hardly noticed. Try not to freeze the water solid 
with that glacial charm of yours. No one wants to soak in COLD springs.

Aversa: You should talk. They'll have to DRAIN the springs after a toad like 
you upsets the mineral balance.

Gangrel: I hope you drown.

Aversa: I don't care what you do, as long as I keep denigrating you.

Gangrel: We'll see who denigrates who! I've got enough insults to last 
another lifetime. And who better to take out all this pent-up anger on than 

Aversa: Shall we make it a contest, then?

Gangrel: Your mother was a contest. 

Walhart x Priam

Walhart > Priam

Priam: Walhart... I see that not even these waters can quiet your lust for 
battle. If I didn't know better, I'd say your aura alone keeps the water 

Walhart: I could say the same. The energies surrounding you set the air 
aspark. Even in all this steam, you crackle like a beacon. My humors tremble 
in the face of so worthy a swordsman.

Priam: I know the quickening you speak of. But what I feel now is 
different... Could it be fear? I have faced myriad champions in duels to the 
death and survived every one. But I look at you now and struggle to picture 
my sword buried in that armor.

Walhart: Aye, just as I sense that you stand as the greatest threat to my 
conquest. You are a boulder in my path, Priamóone that must be removed.

Priam: Then let's finish this conversation blade to blade.

Walhart: Yes! Show me how you wield that bloodthirsty demon at your side!

Priam: The strong are drawn to the strong. Our very nature compels us.

Walhart: So it seems. Now have at you!

Soldier: ...Help! It's the Risen!

Priam: Damn. We'll finish this later.

Walhart: Indeed we will... 
Priam > Walhart

Priam: Something's coming... and it's not a Risen... I can feel the air 
around me closing in... Suffocating... Like it's trying to squeeze anyone 
unworthy right out of existence! He must be close.

Walhart: ...Priam. I could sense you approaching like a hot knife through the 
cold, buttery air. Only a man with your skill could project such an aura. I 
would know it even a thousand leagues away. How it pleases me that we may now 
finish our unsettled score!

Priam: The strong are drawn to the strong!

Walhart: Now, come and break that mighty blade upon me.

Priam: I think I'll just break you. ...Draw!

Soldier: Help! More Risen! We're surrounded!

Priam: Ugh... Not again.

Walhart: Perhaps we are simply not destined to clash just yet. Priam... what 
say we annihilate these Risen fools and settle our score then?

Priam: You suggest an alliance?

Walhart: Just imagine it. Side by side, we could disintegrate those wretched 
corpses with a sneeze.

Priam: Heh... Sounds like fun. And I could use a warm-up before I take you 

Yen'fay x Priam

Yen'fay > Priam

Priam: *Sigh*

Yen'fay: A sigh, Sir Priam? Whatever could ail a warrior of your stature?

Priam: What, can I not just be tired? We HAVE been fighting an endless number 
of battles. I mean, I did my share of training back when I was living on the 
island, but still... World travel takes a lot out of a man. Otherworld travel 
even more so.

Yen'fay: Aye, but 'tis strange to hear words of defeat from a champion of 
your caliber.

Priam: ...Did you really just talk about me using the D word?

Yen'fay: Pray pardon, sir. I meant no offense. This side of you only makes 
you more fascinating. And it comes as a relief.

Priam: A relief?

Yen'fay: Aye, sir. On any day, you fight as mercilessly as a demon. Thus, 
whatever the cause of your present troubles, they come as a breath of fresh 
air. They show that the might Priam is human, you see.

Priam: Well, I've never thought of myself and anything else.

Yen'fay: And therein lies your power! Most men expose susceptibilities in 
their moments of conceit. Even me, it shames me to say... But not you, sir. 
Somehow you retain humanity, yet hover above human weakness.

Priam: That's a nice bit of poetry, but let me lay it all out for you. I'm 
just a man. See? A regular human. Not some super race, not some demon. And I 
swear to you now on this glaive that I intended no such affectations.

Yen'fay: ...The less you see it, the stronger you prove yourself to be. 
Priam > Yen'fay

Yen'fay: Sir Priam.

Priam: Still need something, Yen'fay?

Yen'fay: Have you heard these waters are therapeutic? They soothe the body.

Priam: I have. So?

Yen'fay: You had insinuated our campaign was taking its toll upon you, sir. 
Thus I thought it prudent, perhaps, that you rest in the bath for a spell. 
After, of course, the Risen have been vanquished and business restored.

Priam: I take baths on my own time. I don't need to do it in a place  so... 
exposed. Even if they let me take my weapon in, I still have to doff my 
armor, right?

Yen'fay: You fear the Risen will strike whilst you bathe?

Priam: Pretty much.

Yen'fay: Then put your fears to rest. We can bathe in shifts. Guards will 
always be posted.

Priam: I know, but...

Yen'fay: You trust no guard but yourself.

Priam: Well...

Yen'fay: My friend, I have little doubt your strength surpasses that of any 
among us. But the strength of one is easily broken by the strength of 
numbers. Without us by your side, how would you fare against a well-trained 
army of a thousand?

Priam: All right, Yen'fay. You've made your point. No man is an island... 
even if he did use to live on one. I'll take your advice and put a little 
more faith in the others.

Yen'fay: Splendid. ...And remember the bath. I promise you these waters will 
chase the fatigue from your bones. 

Priam: Heh... Relaxing is hardly my bread and butter, but I'll give it a try. 
I never knew you were such a hygiene guru. What gives?

Yen'fay: Chon'sin had many such hot springs. Laugh it off as an old custom, 
if you wish.

Priam: I see. Well, I think it's a great custom. And I'm lucky to have a 
friend like you to give such good advice. Thanks, Yen'fay. 
The Future Past

To trigger these conversations, the character must wait next to them.

*For Child x Child, (1) is the Player version, (2) is the NPC version.


Lucina x Chrom

Lucina: Father?! Is that you?

Chrom: Lucina! Are you all right?

Lucina: Father! Oh, Father, I don't care if you're a ghost...I'm so glad to 
see you! Please stay with me. Please...

Chrom: I'm no ghost, Lucina. But neither am I your real father.

Lucina: What?

Chrom: I come from an alternate world. An "Outrealm", if you like. I'm not 
the same man as the Chrom who lived in this world.

Lucina: I... think I understand. But it is still wonderful to see your face. 

Chrom: Thank you, Lucina.

Lucina: Whatever world you hail from, you are still my father. That powerful 
voice, the kindness in your eyes...Those strong arms that taught me how to 
wield a sword...You have burned brightly in my memory since the moment I lost 
you. I never dreamed I would be able to see you again, to speak to you like 
this...Where do I even begin? There's...there's so much to s-say...Oh Father! 

Chrom: Forgive me, Lucina. You never would have had to take up the sword if I 
had lived. I should have been stronger for you. I know it's too little, too 
late...but I hope you will accept my apology.

Lucina: You did nothing wrong. I am the one who must apologize for dragging 
you into this hell. If I were stronger, my world would be safe and my people 
would not suffer.

Chrom: You have fought valiantly.  And most importantly, you never gave up. 
Ylisse owes you everything. Now here you are on the verge of saving the 
world! I came here to do it with you. Let me fight with you and see your task 

Lucina: Wha---? N-no, please don't.

Chrom: ....Why not?

Lucina: I am so sorry...You don't know how happy I am to hear those words. 
And you have already saved us just by coming here. But I beg you, please 
stand down before I have to watch you get hurt again! You fought to protect 
me once before, and it ended badly. I never saw you again... I cannot bear to 
relive that pain.

Chrom: I understand. But my past failures are exactly why I must insist on 
staying. I swear to you, Lucina. I WILL protect you. As your father, I have 
no greater duty.

Lucina: But how do I know you won't---

Chrom: You know because I jut swore it. You will not shed tears over me a 
second time.

Lucina: Ah... ...... All right. But remember---you swore it!

Chrom: You have my word.

Lucina: Thank you, Father. Let us finish this task, then. And when it is 
over, may Naga see you safely back to your own world. May she bring you and 
your daughter there nothing but joy.
Lucina x Sumia

Sumia: Lucina! You're all right!

Lucina: Mother? Is that really you?! I thought I saw you amongs the 
reinforcements, but it seemed impossible... I can't believe this is 
happening. I never thought I would see you again!

Sumia: So you were watching when we came to your world.

Lucina: My world? I-I don't understand...

Sumia: The other reinforcements and I came from another world. We were told 
you were in danger and wanted to help. I'm sorry I'm not your real mother, 
but I intend to keep you safe all the same.

Lucina: No... I refuse.

Sumia: What?! Why? I know I'm less capable than the others, but I will fight 
doubly hard for you!

Lucina: I know how strong a warrior you are, Mother. Everyone does. I just 
don't want you putting yourself in danger. You have a life in your own world, 
don't you? A daughter there? She needs you more than I do.

Sumia: Lucina...

Lucina: Look around. Grima has us hopelessly outnumbered. Ylisse is in its 
final hour. I will not allow it to be yours as well.

Sumia: You're very kind to look out for me, Lucina. But I don't think you 
understand motherhood very much. When you push me away like this, it makes me 
sad. I want you to lean on me a little. It makes me feel needed. Just because 
we're in another world doesn't change who you are to me.

Lucina: Are you really sure?

Sumia: Of course. You can count on me. This won't be your final hour, now 
will it be mine, nor will it be Ylisse's. If you believe in me, I'll surpass 
your every expectation.

Lucina: I do believe in you. And I would be honored to fight with you.

Sumia: Good. Then come with me, Lucina. Let's restore light to your world 
once and for all!

Lucina: Thank you, Mother!
Lucina x Sully

Sully: Lucina? ...Lucina, right?

Lucina: Who...? M-Mother?! Then that was you I saw amongst the 
reinforcements. But I thought it mere coincidence. How is this possible?

Sully: You're pretty damn sharp if you spotted me from that far away. I came 
from another world. That's what you saw. We heard you were in danger and came 
here to set things right. I'm... sorry... I'm not your real mother...

Lucina: You are my mother! Don't say that! It doesn't matter where you came 
from. I'm still so glad to see you!

Sully: Kind of you to say, Lucina. I've been watching you too, you know. You 
put up one hell of a fight. I imagine you've seen some damned horrific 
battles over the years. ...Some mother I was, too, leaving you to fight them 

Lucina: I was able to fight them because you saved my life- you and Father 
both. Ever since your passing, you have lived on in my heart and kept me 
strong. You died to keep the exalted bloodline alive, and I will not let that 
be in vain. Your conviction has seen me and my friends through every trial.

Sully: I'm proud of you, Lucina. And I know the Sully here would have been 

Lucina: Oh, M-Mother... *sob*

Sully: There, there. Everything's gonna be all right. You rest and leave this 
fight to me.

Lucina: Will you be all right?

Sully: Me? It's the dastards I'm about to skewer who need to worry! Hell hath 
no fury like a ticked-off mother with combat training and a pointy weapon!

Lucina: Indeed. Thank you, Mother!
Lucina x Maribelle

Maribelle: Lucina, darling? Is that you?

Lucina: Mother?! I thought you were dead!

Maribelle: Alas, yes. In this world, I fear that I have passed on. Allow me 
to explain. I come from a world separate from this one. When we heard you 
were in trouble, we came here as quickly as we could.

Lucina: So that WAS you I saw amongst the reinforcements.

Maribelle: Oh! Uh... So you saw us arrive? I do fear my landing may have been 
a tad clumsy, but I assure you--Lucina?

Lucina: M-Mother... *sob*

Maribelle: Oh, don't cry, you silly girl! I scraped my knee, but that is 
hardly any reason to bawl your eyes out.

Lucina: It's not that, Mother. I just can't b-believe that I'm really talking 
to you!

Maribelle: Well, dry your eyes before you get me started... t-too... Ahh... 

Lucina: Mother, I've missed you.

Maribelle: You poor thing. Look at those wounds... You have been through so 
much, but you surmounted every challenge.

Lucina: I don't deserve your praise. You fought and died to protect this 
world. If I were stronger, it wouldn't have turned out like this...

Maribelle: Hush now. You've done marvelously! I am proud beyond belief to 
have you as a daughter. You have a noble heart, and I love you to pieces.

Lucina: *Sniff* Mother...

Maribelle: I'm here now. Everything will be all right--I promise. Watch your 
mother scatter Grima and his Risen to the wind!

Lucina: You'll help me? Then let's do it together. I'll cut down every last 
one of them!

Maribelle: That's my girl. Now follow me! We have a battle to win!

Lucina: Right!
Lucina x Olivia

Olivia: Whew! I made it in time! Lucina... You poor thing... You're covered 
in wounds!
Lucina: Mother? No... I must be seeing things... 
Olivia: You're not. Naga used her power to send me here from another world. 
I'm not your ream mother, but I am real.
Lucina: You're from another world?
Olivia: Yes. But you're still my daughter. Now come here and let me hold you.
Lucina: Oh, M-mother...
Olivia: My dear, sweet Lucina... I am so proud of you for making it this far.
Lucina: Mother please... You're embarrassing me. I am not a child anymore. 
And when you squeeze me like this, I can't... nngh... see your face...

Olivia: Oh! I'm so sorry...
Lucina: Whew... There you are. I have missed you so much. Thank you for 
coming to our aid. But I cannot allow you to join such a dangerous battle. 
Please return to your own world before any harm befalls you.
Olivia: What? I can't leave you!
Lucina: But don't you see? You have already turned the tides of battle. Just 
seeing you again has given me courage.
Olivia: No... no it's not enough.
Lucina: Mother, please!
Olivia: On our way here, we saw your friends. The ones you're expecting.
Lucina: What?
Olivia: They were fighting tooth and nail to bring you the Gemstones-to save 
the world!
Lucina: Naga kept them safe...
Olivia: Why are they allowed to fight for you but not your own mother? That 
hardly seems fair! I know I may not be strong, but I care about you, Lucina. 
I'm going to protect you if it's the last thing I do! Now, will you fight by 
my side or not?

Lucina: All right, Mother... Thank you.  But only if you'll swear you won't 
get yourself killed.
Olivia: I swear it!
Lucina x Avatar

Lucina: Mother? Are you... But that doesn't make any sense!

Avatar: Lucina, are you hurt? Oh, my poor baby...

Lucina: GET... BACK!

Avatar: What?

Lucina: There is no way my mother could be here. Grima sent you. You're an 
illusion! Some... despicable servant! I will not be fooled!

Avatar: I... suppose you would think that. And I only have myself to blame 
for failing to protect you in this world.

Lucina: What do you mean, "this world"?

Avatar: I come from another world, Lucina. I'm not the same woman as the 
Avatar you know.

Lucina: ......

Avatar: I know it's incredible, and you don't have to believe me. But no 
matter what you say, I WILL protect you. I want you to change your destiny 
and find happiness. And as your mother, I will do absolutely whatever it 
takes to make that happen. Anything and everything!

Lucina: Mother, I'm... I'm sorry... I'm so sorry! It is you, isn't it? No 
servant of Grima's would ever speak such words... Oh, Mother... *sniff* 
Ahh... *sob*

Avatar: You believe me now?

Lucina: Yes! Just don't let go.

Avatar: I won't. I am so sorry I left you to face all of this on your own. 
You deserved better of your mother.

Lucina: Just seeing you here now is more than enough. I miss the strength in 
your arms, the wisdom in your voice... your guiding hands. I have missed your 
warmth during these long years... more than you can know. You have brought me 
happiness just by being here.

Avatar: Lucina...

Lucina: Well... I wish I could stay like this forever and share stories with 
you... But there's a battle to be won.

Avatar: Yes, there is.

Lucina: Will you help us?

Avatar: Of course. That's why I am here.

Lucina: Thank you, Mother. May I look at you once last time? I will miss you 
terribly once you leave again. But the smile on your face now will sustain me 
in the years to come.
Lucina x Lucina

Lucina: So that's what would have happened to me if I hadn't traveled back in 
time... This is our third visit to this world... If what Father said is true, 
then the five Gemstones and Fire Emblem still exist. That's very fortunate. 
In my future, one of the Gemstones had been lost forever. There was no way to 
perform the Awakening or restore Falchion's power. The only way to stop Grim 
was to use Naga's power to go back in time. Thankfully, this world is 
different. Theirs is the more dire future... and yet, they have the greater 
hope. If all eight children we saved make it back, the Fire Emblem can be 
completed. My counterpart here can finish Grima once and for all without 
leaving her world behind. ...I wish I had had that choice. I never wished to 
drag Father into my struggles. I wanted to kill Grima myself. But... what's 
done is done. I must deal with the evils at hand. ...Just as she is. I hope 
she finds the brighter future I never could. 

Owain x Lissa

Lissa: Owain: It's you, isn't it? I'm so glad you're all right.

Owain: M... M-M-Mother? That's impossible! You've been dead for years! And... 
I remember you being bigger.

Lissa: Well, maybe YOU were just a shrimp! Ugh. Anyway... I'm not the Lissa 
you're thinking of. This is going to sound insane, but I've come from another 
world to rescue you. After all, you are still my son... in some weird, cross-
dimensional way.

Owain: ...Oh.

Lissa: "Oh"? That's it? Usually a word like "cross-dimensional" sends you 
into spasms of nomenclature. Aren't you going to shout "My sword hand 
twitches!" or something?

Owain: ...... *Sniff* You're alive...

Lissa: Owain, are you... are you crying?! Did the Risen bonk you on the head? 
Let me see the bump. Come on...

Owain: I'm fine! I'm n-not crying! It's like you said... M-my eyelids twitch 
in rapture!

Lissa: Owain, I-

Owain: Behold! Like a whetstone of hope, you have crossed the planes to 
sharpen my b-blade... M-my ethereal blade of... of... Baaaaaah! *sob* 

Lissa: Oh, Owain... There, there. Everything's going to be all right. You're 
such a brave boy- always putting up a bold front. I'm really, really proud of 
you. So you go ahead and have a good cry in your mother's arms. You earned 

Owain: BAAAAAAAAAAH! Mother, I'm so, so sorry! I shouldn't have let you die! 
And I shouldn't have given up like I did at the bridge. You didn't save me 
just so I could throw my life away! I'm sowwy, Mubba... *sniff* I'm a *sob* 
h-howwible berson... *wail*

Lissa: Hey. Wipe your nose, mister. You're dribbling. You are certainly NOT a 
horrible person. You're my son. All that matters is that you're safe. Now... 
If you're done sobbing and sniffling, we've got work to do. These Risen will 
be the ones crying when WE'RE done with them. So what do you say, kiddo? 
Ready to save your future?
Owain x Frederick

Frederick: Is that... ? Owain, it's you!

Owain: What the-? ... Father?! Yes... It has to be you. I know that brave 
expression- that gallant stance! But I don't understand... I saw you die!

Frederick: I am your father, Owain, but not the father you knew. I have come 
from another world to lend you my strength.

Owain: I... I see... It's good to see you again, but... how poor a warrior 
must I be if I'm receiving help from other worlds?

Frederick: Poor? Certainly not. It's clear to me that you're more than 
capable. But not even the strongest of warriors can hold off an entire army 
alone. Come. Allow your father to be your shield for what brief time he can.

Owain: No, it's all right. I apprreciate the thought, but... I can't put you 
in danger.

Frederick: Owain! I will not listen to such fatalism!

Owain: The last thing I'm being is fatalistic. Look, I know what kind of 
damage you can do with a sword. I learned from you. But I still can't accept 
your help.

Frederick: Why not?

Owain: This is a chance for me and my friends to shape our own destinies. I 
wouldn't be right to accept help from your world in order to save ours.

Frederick: Hmm... I see your point. very well. If those are your reasons, 
then I shall put my concern to rest. Fight your fight, and fight it well. But 
at least let me stay close behind so I may bear witness.

Owain: Thank you, Father. You won't be disappointed!
Owain x Virion

Virion: Hmm? Unless my eyes deceive me, you are my son, Owain.

Owain: What? ...F-Father?!

Virion: Correct! I am Virion, Fatherest of Fathers! But not the Virion you 
knew. I have come from a world far, far away...

Owain: You did? Oh no... It's all over, isn't it? I'm finished... My own 
father has come from the next world to claim me!

Virion: Ha ha! Save that wild imagination for the ladies, my boy. Do you 
really think your father would stand by while his son breathed his last? No, 
I say! He would command you to fight tooth and nail to survive!

Owain: But this isn't possible...

Virion: What does THIS Virion know about MY Virion, you might ask. But we 
Virions are of one mind! Even across worlds! And any Virion would want his 
son to live to be a toothless old man. ...After saving the world and earning 
his place in the sagas, of course. But even if you fail--better you live in 
disgrace than die gracefully.

Owain: Oh, sure. You're one to say that. You died protecting me, remember? 
The Archest of Archers--felled by an arrow! Pah! Do you have any idea how I 
felt? How much I blamed myself?

Virion: Ah. Is that how this world's Virion met his end? All the same, he did 
not choose to die. He CHOSE to protect you. Death was merely the consequence.

Owain: There's a difference?

Virion: Put yourself in his shoes, my boy. Would any father willfully leave 
his son to fend for himself? No, I say! Your father intended to live. He did 
not want to protect you once. He wanted to protect you always. You, 
however... You chose to die. How does that keep your friends safe?

Owain: Hmph...

Virion: That is where you are your father differ. A true Virion never dies on 

Owain: ......

Virion: Nonetheless, he did leave you behind. And for that, I must apologize. 
Allow me to atone by destroying your enemies here. You might find this Virion 
to be a share more tenacious than yours!

Owain: Huh? F-Father, wait! ...... He's right. I didn't think my actions 
through. This time, I choose to fight... Not to the death. Just to fight.
Owain x Stahl

Stahl: Owain! You're safe!

Owain: ...Father?! But that's impossible! My father died protecting me!

Stahl: Yes. Your father did... But he and I are two different people. I'm 
from another world. With Naga's help, I came here to keep you safe.

Owain: I see... That explains why you look so young. But I can see you're 
still a seasoned fighter, just like my real father was.

Stahl: I can think of nothing more flattering than to hear that from you, 

Owain: You may not be my real father, but I'm still really happy to see yó 
Nngh! Ahh...

Stahl: Owain! Are you injured?! Let me see...

Owain: No, I'm fine. It's just... seeing you took me out of the battle, and 
now my stomach...

Stahl: Huh?

Owain: The pressure of one crisis after another... It gets to me. I'm fine in 
the heat of battleóbut as soon as things calm down, I get stomach pains.

Stahl: You too? My stomach goes haywire all the time. Sorry... That's the 
last thing I wanted to pass down the family tree...

Owain: Well, if it's something we have in common, then I'm glad my stomach 
hurts. And to be honest, talking to you like this makes me feel a little 
better. I'll be all right, so go find someplace safe to hide!

Stahl: Owain, I could never walk away from my own son when he needs me most. 
Let's fight together. We'll clear this battlefield of Risen in no time! 
You're not going to tell me I came all the way from another world for 

Owain: Are you sure?

Stahl: You're not the only one who needs to get his mind off his stomach.

Owain: Ooh... Don't bring that up again. ...All right, Father! You win! Let's 
run those Risen through!

Stahl: Heh. I'll race you.
Owain x Vaike

Vaike: Hey, Owain!

Owain: That voice! ...F-Father?!

Vaike: Wrong! This Vaike has come from another world to do what your father 
couldn't. ...And that's to kick some sense into your scrawny arse!

Owain: It's good to see you again, Father. But I can take care of my own 

Vaike: Ha! All talk, no game. If you had the situation under control, what 
was that nonsense at the bridge?

Owain: Oh. Well, I wasó

Vaike: Givin' up is what you were doin'. You listen to Teach... Takin' bold 
action is fine. So is lookin' out for your friends. But throwin' your life 
away? That's just plain chicken. Ba-BAWK!

Owain: Er... yes. So you saw everything?

Vaike: Every last second.

Owain: ...W-well, what about you? You threw your life away to save me, didn't 

Vaike: You mean the other Vaike? Hmm, point taken. But so what! That's all 
the more reason for me to step in. Am I gonna let you make the same mistake 
as my other idiot self? Hell, no!

Owain: ......

Vaike: No son of mine is gonna bite the dust without a fight. In fact, I'm 
gonna personally guarantee it. You hear that, Owain? The Vaike's strength is 
yours, as long as you've got the stones to ask for it! Have you got the 
stones?! DO YOU WANT TO WIN? ...Or do you just wanna die in style?

Owain: ...... I want to win. ...No matter what it takes! Lend me your 
strength, Father! I'm not too proud to ask! Ylisse needs me, and I need you!

Vaike: Now THAT'S the Son of Vaike talkin'! Come on, Owain. Let's give these 
Risen scum a real Vaike-ache!

Owain: Thanks, Father! They'll be hurting for sure with you on my side! 
Owain x Kellam

Owain: Who goes there? I sense no ill intent... But if you're not one of the 
Risen, how did you slip through their ranks?!

Kellam: You might say going undetected is a special talent of mine.

Owain: *Gasp* Father, can it be you?

Kellam: Well, no. I'm not really your father, strictly speaking... I'm more 
like a different Kellam who came from another world.

Owain: Another world? ...But how?! Such wizardry should be impossible... And 
yet it has to be you, father. See? When I squint like this... you sort of 
fade into the backround...

Kellam: Ha ha ha. Ouch...

Owain: You know, I take after you. I don't really stand out.

Kellam: Really? You seem pretty "there" at the moment.

Owain: At the moment, maybe. But if I don't keep talking, the others 
basically forget I'm around.

Kellam: Hmm... That does sound hereditary. Sorry.

Owain: Oh, don't apologize. If anything, it's been a boon. In battle, I can 
easily sneak up on foes as long as I stay silent. Then... when the moment is 
right... I SHOUT SOMETHING EPIC! And then they jump out of their skins just 
long enough for me to smite them. ...I call it the Owainian Victory Strike.

Kellam: Sounds like something I should try! Now stay behind me. I've come 
here to protect you, after all.

Owain: What? But, Fatheró

Kellam: I know what you're going to say, Owain. You're afraid you might lose 
me again. Well, don't worry. I'm not about to see my son hurt twice like 

Owain: ......

Kellam: You don't believe me?

Owain: No, I do. I know my father wouldn't lie. Not my real father, and not 

Kellam: Then that settles it. Right?

Owain: ...All right, Father. Let's scatter these feeble maggots... as a team! 
Ylisstol awaits her hero's return!

Kellam: That's the spirit. You can count on me! 
Owain x Donnel

Donnel: Owain? It's you, ain't it? Thank the stars you're alive!

Owain: F-Father?! Is that you?

Donnel: Sure is. Except I'm not REALLY yer pa. I came here from another 

Owain: ...Another world? I guess anything is possible...

Donnel: ......

Owain: What's the matter?

Donnel: I was just mullin' over what ya did back there, Owain.

Owain: You mean at the bridge? I know it was stupid. It was suicide. Go ahead 
and tell me off...

Donnel: Tell ya off? Now why would I ever do that?

Owain: Well, you look pretty upset...

Donnel: No, I was just thinkin' it takes real stones to do what ya did.

Owain: ...Huh?

Donnel: I couldn't have done it myself. And my world's got its share of wars 
too. Even if I KNEW somethin' would do me in, I don't reckon I'd take the 
chance. Sayin' ya wanna save yer friends is one thing, but actually doin' it? 
That takes real gumptionóespecially in a nightmare world like this.

Owain: ...You really mean it?

Donnel: Sure do! Ya done good, Owain. In fact, I couldn't be prouder! I wish 
everybody back home could see ya right now. But you've struggled enough. Now 
it's yer pa's turn to fight and make sure ya get home to Ylisse. Ya still got 
plenty'a livin' to do!

Owain: Thanks, Father. I'll find even better ways to make you proudóyou'll 
see! No matter where you goóeven if we end up worlds apart... I want you to 
always know that you made me a better man.
Owain x Lon'qu

Lon'qu: Owain.

Owain: Ack! Father?! B-but... you're dead!

Lon'qu: I cam from another world. Which means I'm not your father, but still- 
to me you are a son.

Owain: Um... All right...?

Lon'qu: I saw what you did before. You showed true mettle and resolve. It 
takes a brave warrior to give his life so his comrades can finish the 

Owain: I just put myself in your shoes. I asked myself what you would do. 
Mother said you once risked your life to save her from brigands. And you gave 
your life to save me. Giving mine is the least I can do to honor your memory.

Lon'qu: The Lon'qu of this world is lucky to be so fondly remembered.

Owain: It's the son who was blessed.

Lon'qu: Thank you, Owain. But if you truly wish to honor your father, you 
musn't give up your life so easily. If you want to keep your friends safe, 
then fight. Live to keep defending them. Look at what happened to your 
father. He died to save you. But he also lost his chance to ever save you 

Owain: ......

Lon'qu: Promise you won't repeat his mistake.

Owain: ...All right. On my sword, I swear it.

Lon'qu: ...Good. Now get behind me, and watch these fools who would do you 
harm die on my sword.

Owain: No doubt they all would. But let me at least watch your back. I've 
always dreamed of protecting you in battle. Will you do your son that honor? 
I doubt I'll ever get another chance.

Lon'qu: Heh... All right. Show me what you can do.

Owain: Right!
Owain x Ricken

Ricken: Aaagh! I'm gonna fall off the cliff!

Owain: Hup! ...Whew, I've got you! ...What are you doing here, you idiot? 
This is a battlefield!

Ricken: Oof... THat was close. Thanks... Huh? Owain?!

Owain: How does a little kid like you know my name?

Ricken: I'm n-not a kid! That is no way to talk to your father!

Owain: Hah! "Father"? Did you hit your head? My father died years ago! I 
don't know how you got here, but you need to leave before you get hurt. This 
is no time for practical jokes, kid.

Ricken: Would you stop calling me "kid"?! My name is Ricken. I came here from 
another world to help you. I know I don't look like the father you lost, but 
you have to believe me. ...Wait! I know! That sword you're carrying. The 
inscription on the hilt reads, "May the road you walk be filled with hope." 

Owain: ...Y-yes! How do you know that?!

Ricken: Heh heh. Lissa and I agreed that when we had our first son, we'd give 
you a sword. We promised we'd forge it with exactly that inscription. I guess 
we really did go through with it!

Owain: Then you really are my father... when he was young?

Ricken: In my world, yes. I know I may not look as touch as your Ricken, but 
still. A few ragtag Risen like these are no problem for me. Let me lend you 
your strength. I want to be here for you.

Owain: Thank you, Father. I never expected to be reunited with you like 
THIS... I'm sorry I doubted you.

Ricken: It's all right. We've cleared up the misunderstanding. Now let's work 
on making that inscription hold true. What do you say?
Owain x Gaius

Owain: Do the raging valley winds play tricks on my eyes? Now I'm seeing 
phantoms of my father.

Gaius: I'm no phantom, Owain.

Owain: The howling of the wind, it... it even SOUNDS like my father... Has he 
come from the next world to claim me?

Gaius: Hey! Do I look like some kinda deathly messenger to you? I may have 
come from another world to save you, but not THAT one.

Owain: You mean you're... not a ghost? You're really here?!

Gaius: Yes! Can we get past the ghost thing already? And even if I was a 
ghost, I wouldn't be helping to drag you off to heaven.

Owain: Huh?

Gaius: I mean, what kind of father wants to watch his son bite the big one? 
Not me, that's for sure. I ought to club you one for trying to sacrifice 
yourself like that at the bridge. Brave or not, that was a cruel thing to 
make your old man watch.

Owain: But I was just trying toó

Gaius: You need to take better care of yourself, Owain. That look on your 
face back there gave me a real scare. I could see in your face that you were 
ready to... that I almost lost you.

Owain: All right... I'm sorry. I'll take better care of myself. I promise.

Gaius: Good. I came here to save you. That means you have to fight to stay in 
this, no matter how hard it gets. Don't make me say it again!

Owain: Huh? ...Father, wait! ...He's gone. ...... Well... thanks for the 
tough love. I think I needed that.
Owain x Gregor

Gregor: Ho! Is very impressive, that look of daring in son of Gregor's eye. 
Perhaps even put other Owain to shame, yes?

Owain: Father?!

Gregor: Er... not exactly. This Gregor come from another world. Not the same 
as Gregor YOU know.

Owain: Huh? Another world? Then how did you get here?

Gregor: Naga has few tricks up sacred sleeves. She send Gregor here to help 
you. But seems like you don't need any help. This world's Gregor would be 

Owain: No... I doubt he would have anything nice to say about an egomaniac 
like me.

Gregor: Hm? What is this "egomaniac"?

Owain: It's just... I always talk a big show. This time I proclaimed I was 
going to sacrifice myself to save the others. But all I wound up doing was 
leading us to our doom! I'm a fool who only cares about how I look to other 
people. I'm sure my departed father would look upon me only with pity.

Gregor: Really?

Owain: Uh... yes, really.

Gregor: And what is so wrong about "talking big show" if it helps you find 
courage? What is so terrible about putting comrades first in times of danger? 
Is certainly bad idea to go running headlong toward own death, but still. You 
are strong, boy, and Gregor will crush anyone who dares say otherwise. That 
even includes you!

Owain: Oh, Father, I... *sniff* I'm sorry! Ahhhh... *sob*

Gregor: Yes, good boy. You cry as many big man tears as you need. After 
everything you've been through, you deserve it. But once the man tears dry 
up, we fight, yes? Ylisse awaits!

Owain: Y-you're right. My world needs me! ...I have to survive this!

Gregor: That's Gregor's son!
Owain x Libra

Libra: Owain! Thank the gods you still live.

Owain: F-Father? What are you doing here?

Libra: I come from another world, my son. By Naga's power, I have crossed the 
Outrealms to lend you my strength.

Owain: Outrealms? Hmm...

Libra: That's right. So while I may not be your father, you are still, in a 
way, my son. It pains me to see you throw your life away... But let the gods 
be praised for seeing you through this crisis thus far.

Owain: So you saw what I did at the bridge.

Libra: Every heartbreaking moment. I feared I was about to lose my son... But 
that's over now. I have you back. *Sniff* Oh, Owain...

Owain: H-hey! Why are you crying? I'm the one who should be choked up! My 
dead father just showed up out of nowhere to rescue me! Praise the gods 
indeed. I thought they'd abandoned me.

Libra: Now that I've found you, Owain, you must let me fight with you. 
Together we will see you through these perils.

Owain: Thank you. But you have to promise me you won't put yourself in 
danger. I couldn't bear to lose you a second time.

Libra: I promise. I swear to the gods themselves.

Owain: Ha! You would, wouldn't you? These days, I just swear AT the gods. But 
maybe I'll give faith another chance. After all, I've got a world to save 
Owain x Henry

Owain: Hm?! What's this horrible sense of foreboding? No... it can't be...

Henry: Huh? It's you, Owain!

Owain: I knew it. Father! But how can you possibly be alive?

Henry: Oh, that. Yeah, I came from another world. I'm not really your father.

Owain: Another world?! N-no, you must be some trick of the enemy.

Henry: Nya ha! A trick? Now that's not very nice, Owain. But I guess this IS 
all rather sudden. Hrrrm... Well, whatever. You can think of me as some kind 
of ghost if you want. It's not like I can stick around here for long anyway.

Owain: ...A-all right.

Henry: But you've gotta promise me something. Pinky swear! No more putting 
your life on the line. Understand?

Owain: Huh?

Henry: Look, I totally get the fascination with dying. Heck, I used to dream 
about my horrible, icky demise all the time! Henry impaled on a lance! Henry 
impaled on a sword! Oh, the possibilities! ...So you probably get the 
impulsive death-wish thing from me. But Lissa and I agree with your friend. 
We don't want you to throw your life away. And since I'm your father, I'm 
allowed to be hypocritical like that.

Owain: ......

Henry: ...Sorry. I guess you think it's weird taking orders from a ghost.

Owain: Yes. It's weird.

Henry: Nya ha! I figured as much. Oh well. Then I guess it's time to make 
myself even more transparent. But just know thisóI'll always be looking out 
for you from afar. Okay, that's it. Happy living! ...Emphasis on the "living" 

Owain: Don't worry. You got your ghostly point across just fine.

Henry: Really? Nya ha! Thanks, Owain! See ya around, then.*Whoosh* *ghost 
(Henry leaves)

Owain: *Sigh* Good-bye, Father. I'm sorry I had to push you away. Especially 
when you came all this way to keep me safe. But that's how I lost you the 
first time. Trust meóit's better this way. Just having this one moment with 
you is enough to carry me the rest of the way. 
Owain x Avatar

Avatar: Owain? ...Owain!

Owain: F-Father?! No, I must be seeing things. The enemy seeks to vex me with 
cruel illusions! My father can't be here, becasue he's... he's...

Avatar: You're right, Owain. I'm not your father. At least not in this world. 
I've come to help you from a world of my own.

Owain: And how do I know THAT'S not a trick?

Avatar: I'm glad you're smart enough not to take it at face value.  You think 
like a tactician. At least I know my son was raised well. ...And anyway, it 
doesn't matter if you belive me. I didn't come here to convince you.

Owain: ......

Avatar: I won't be able to stay in this world for very long, but I... I just 
want you to know that I'll do what I can to protect you while I'm here. 
...Farewell, Owain.  You've grown up to be a fine lad.  Stay alive and grow 
strong... Carve out your own future. I may not be able to share it with you, 
but I'll always be watching over you.

Owain: ...W-wait! Father, please!

Avatar: Huh?

Owain: You ARE him. Those were my father's exact last words to me. If you 
were some trick of the enemy, how could you possibly know that? You may be 
from another world, but you ARE my father.

Avatar: Owain... *sniff* That's right. I am your father. And to be honest... 
it does matter that you belive me. More than you can know.

Owain: *Sniff* Father... I'm so sorry I doubted you!

Avatar: Don't be sorry. I don't care what you say or do to me, just as long 
as you're safe. Now dry your tears and let's fight together! We're going to 
get you home to Ylisse.
Owain x Owain

Owain(1): Hmm? Who is THAT? It's like I'm gazing into the mirror of my very 
soul! Together we could instantly vaporize the enemy with a Dual Owain 
Blast... But then again, waiting until the last second would be more epic... 
Hmm... Huh? Ack! He's coming this way! What do I do? I'm not ready! Shoot, I 
have to find a place to hide!
Owain(2): *Huff, huff* ...Where did he go? How strange. He looked just like 
me! ...Could it be like that old tale? At the gates of death, we are met by 
our own twins... No, that's rubbish. It can't be! I swore I would make it 
back to Ylisse! If the Reaper wants my soul, he'll have to pry it from my 
cold, dead hands!
Owain(1): Whew... Talk about your close encounters. And yet, what resolve in 
his eyes! What determination in his stance! Perhaps it was fortuitous I did 
not break his concentration. Yes... Tonight, Alter-Owain must blaze his own 
path to glory! Go, Alter-Owain! I've got your back!

Kjelle x Sully

Kjelle: ...Mother! I thought I sensed the presence of a great warrior... But 
I never imagined...

Sully: I sensed the same thing myself. And here you are.

Kjelle: But... how? You couldn't have survived! ...Could you?

Sully: You're asking the wrong Sully, kid. I'm not from this world---meaning 
me and your mother are two different people. Long story short, I was summoned 
from a faraway place to save you.

Kjelle: ...You're my mother from another world?

Sully: Yeah. And you're my daughter from another world. Crazy, isn't it? You 
seem to be one hell of a survivor, kid. Couldn't have raised you better 
myself! Seriously, though, I'm proud of you, Kjelle.

Kjelle: Proud? I've brought you nothing but shame. However hard I try, I 
can't seem to change the fate of this world. None of us can. We're not like 
you---the generation of heroes... When you all died, it fell to us to keep 
the peace, and we weren't strong enough. I mean, even now, in the middle of a 
mission to save the world... I was ready to give up. I'm pathetic!

Sully: That's a load of crap. You'd have to be blind not to see the fire in 
those eyes! You haven't given up on squat. You're still here, and you're 
still fighting. So stand up. Get back on your feet before I take you across 
my knee!

Kjelle: Y-yes, ma'am! ...And thanks. If we can just get through this fight, I 
know I can handle the rest by myself.... Will you help me a little longer?

Sully: You're damn right I will.
Kjelle x Chrom

Chrom: Kjelle!

Kjelle: Father?! ...But how?! They said you died in the war!

Chrom: I'm a different Chrom, sent here by Naga from another world. We came 
to help as best we can... But we can't stay here for long.

Kjelle: ...What? I'm sorry... but this is a little hard to take in. You're 
saying you're my father... but from a different world?

Chrom: Basically, yes. I'm impressed, Kjelle. Not many people could have 
survived this long unarmed...

Kjelle: I don't know how impressive I am, but... I do remember every word of 
the lessons my father taught me when I was young. Swordsmanship, physical 
fitness, mental conditioning... I've practiced every day without fail.

Chrom: That's wonderful, Kjelle. You're a warrior worthy of standing among 
the great exalts of Ylisse. I'm proud of you.

Kjelle: Well, you shouldn't be. I'm not worthy of your pride, or our blood. 
I'm alive, sure, but when I was disarmed, I almost gave upóabandoned my duty. 
In the end, I failed to protect everything I swore to protect. I'm a failure 
as a warrior and a failure to Ylisse...

Chrom: Don't say that. Given the circumstances, you had no choice. A futile 
resistance would likely have gotten you killed before we even arrived. But 
even so, if you believe you've failed, then go and claim redemption! If you 
have time to regret, spend it planning your next move! It'll all come down to 
you in the end, Kjelle, because we can't stay here.

Kjelle: *Sigh* I wish you could... but you're right. This is my fight. It was 
good to see you again, Father. Before you go... will you lend me just a 
little more of your strength?

Chrom: Of course I will. In the stead of this world's fallen Chrom, I shall 
be your sword and shield... So that you may gather your strength for the 
trials ahead.

Kjelle: I will... thank you, Father. 
Kjelle x Frederick

Kjelle: *Gasp* You... You're...

Frederick: Kjelle... You saw me die in this world. That I stand before you 
now testifies to the fact that I'm not who you think I am.

Kjelle: ...What is it you're trying to say?

Frederick: On the field of battle, one must be ever thoughtful and ever 
vigilant to stay alive. Surely the Frederick of this world taught you that 

Kjelle: He did. And at first, I assumed you were part of an enemy ruse.

Frederick: At first...? I take it you changed your mind.

Kjelle: Yes. I watched you fight. I saw your skill and your strength... That 
gave me reason to hope that you were indeed my father. Granted, there were 
minor differences... but I'm happy to see you all the same.

Frederick: I see... Your powers of perception are impressive indeed. No 
matter how dire the situation, nothing on the battlefield escapes your 
notice. ...You are my daughter, after all.

Kjelle: Oh, Father... I've wanted to see you again so badly! *sob*

Frederick: Everything's going to be okay, Kjelle. You fought bravely today. I 
fear I cannot stay here long, but I'll at least protect you until this 
battle's through. 
Kjelle x Virion

Virion: My dear Kjelle, it is you! I thought I caught the scent of nobility 
when first I arrived... What a joy to encounter a beauty of your caliber in 
so dreary a place as this.

Kjelle: Father...?! Is it really you? But... but you're dead!

Virion: Dead? What force could possibly stay a man of such matchless vigor as 
I? A jealous god in a fit of pique, perhaps... But certainly no mortal hand.

Kjelle: Gods, it really IS you... who else talks like that? But... how can 
you be alive?

Virion: Alas, I am no man of this world, my dear. Unfortunately, I cannot 
call you my child.

Kjelle: Huh? You're from a different world?! Will you... be staying?

Virion: I am afraid my time here is fleeting. Like a flower that reveals its 
vivid majesty only to be scattered to the four winds... Indeed, perhaps it 
would have been kinder had we never met at all.

Kjelle: I... I see. But before you go, there's something I always wanted to 
say to my father... I know you aren't him... but I'll never have a chance 
like this again, so... Can I say it to you instead?

Virion: But of course, my dear.

Kjelle: Father... What lord has ever fought harder or more bravely in defense 
of his subjects than you? I will never forget the courage you showed in 
defending your people against the Risen. And when it cost you your life, I 
only admired you more. It was your example that inspired me to become the 
person I am--the warrior I am. All my life, I have only ever wanted to 
protect people as you once did. I know you aren't my real father, but... 
thank you for letting me say that.

Virion: ....

Kjelle: Are you... crying?

Virion: Wh-what? Men of nobility never cry! I... simply had dust in my eye. 
...Yet I will not deny there was a rare beauty in your sentiment. The thought 
of having to abandon so precious a child is truly heartbreaking...

Kjelle: Thank you, Father. For coming here. For everything. I promise I will 
never forget this.
Kjelle x Stahl

Stahl: Kjelle!

Kjelle: F-Father?! How can youó?! You'reó! You DIED!

Stahl: Sorry to say I'm not actually your father. I'm a different Stahl from 
another world. But I've been sent here to rescue you! ...Which sounds a 
little unlikely, I realize.

Kjelle: You're from another world...?

Stahl: Yes. But you're still my blood... sort of. Together we can turn this 
battle around!

Kjelle: This... this is like a dream! The truth is, I... I lost my weapon. 
I'd actually given up any hope of survival... But then you showed you to 
rescue me in my hour of need... It's just perfect! Please, Father, help me 
through this, and I promise I'll never give up again!

Stahl: It'd be my pleasure, Kjelle. ...Say, you're not hungry, are you? I 
still have some of my rations from earlier. It's not much, but it's yours if 
you want it.

Kjelle: ...... You're offering me food? ...During a battle? Father, you need 
to maintain a sense of urgency on the battlefield! You don't remember Mother 
scolding you about that day in and day out?

Stahl: She did...?

Kjelle: Yes! You two always talked about being the two knights who served the 
Hero-King... She was the Bull, and you were supposed to be the Panther. But 
it always ended with her chewing you out for being too mellow for the role...

Stahl: Heh. Who knew we'd still be arguing about that for years to come?

Kjelle: Of course, in my eyes, you two were far better than any of the Hero-
King's knights. Fighting by my father's side is like a dream come true... 
Even if you aren't really him.

Stahl: Well, he sounds like quite a guy... I've got a lot to live up to. All 
I can say it, I'll do my best to protect you, just like he would have done. 
And hopefully without embarrassing you any further out here on the field!

Kjelle: Thanks, Father. 
Kjelle x Vaike

Vaike: Well, if it isn't Kjelle! Looks like you're still in one piece!

Kjelle: F-Father?! What devilry is this?! This can't be happening!

Vaike: What, 'cause your old man's dead, ya mean? Har! Don't sweat it, kid. I 
ain't a ghost! This Vaike is from another world! I hotfooted it across the 
Outrealms just to save your hide! You can thank me later.

Kjelle: You're... my father from another world? You're really him... *sob*

Vaike: Uh... what's with the cryin'? Ain't ya happy to see me? Relax, kid. 
Teach here's gonna protect ya, so no more waterworks, all right?

Kjelle: *Sob* I... I'm sorry, Dad... It's just... I was just about to give 
up... The one thing you told me never to do! I was going to abandon this 
world... Abandon my friends! I'm so sorry! *sob*

Vaike: Heeey... take it easy, squirt! You're still alive, ain't ya? All ya 
gotta do is buck up and get those Gemstones back to Ylisse. Easy peasy! Now, 
the Vaike can't stay forever, but he can help ya out for a little while. Long 
enough to make sure you emerge from this mess victorious, at least. And long 
enough to remind ya that the Vaike's daughter is no quitter! Right?!

Kjelle: Yes... you're right. I won't let myself lose. And I won't ever think 
about quitting again! I'll keep on fighting until this world's been saved and 
peace restored!

Vaike: That's my girl! Now clean that pretty face of yours and let's get 

Kjelle: Yes, sir! 
Kjelle x Kellam

Kellam: Um... Kjelle?

Kjelle: Who dares- What?! It can't be!

Kellam: Ah... no. Well, sort of... Um... This might seem a little hard to 
believe, but... I'm a Kellam from another world.

Kjelle: Another world?!

Kellam: Another one, yes. We heard this world was in trouble, so we came to 
help out. Things are looking pretty bleak for you all, aren't they? It 
must've been tough... I know I'm not really your father, but I hope you won't 
mind me saying... I think you're doing an amazing job.

Kjelle: When you said your story would be hard to believe, you weren't 
joking... But I have no reason to doubt you. And if what you say is true... 
Father, there's something I need to tell you.

Kellam: There is...?

Kjelle: Father... I've spent my whole life trying to be just like you. When I 
was growing up, you used to come home covered in wounds every night. Wounds 
you willingly suffered to protect your friends. You were like a shield to 
them. I'll never forget the day it cost you your life... I was never more 
proud to be able to say I was your daughter. It was then that I swore to 
train until I was strong enough to defend my loved ones.

Kellam: Kjelle...

Kjelle: But today, for the first time... I failed. I couldn't protect my 
companions. I spouted some nonsense about our defeat not being inevitable, 
but... in truth, I was just fleeing from my own failure. I'm not fit to be 
your daughter.

Kellam: That's a load of nonsense, Kjelle. I can tell just by looking at you. 
I can see how hard you've worked to become the woman you are... You said you 
were proud of me... but it's me who should be proud of you! And I am, Kjelle. 
I truly am.

Kjelle: You... are? Gods... to hear you say that... it's all I ever wanted... 

Kellam: Kjelle... even if you did have to flee, you could always come back 
stronger. But I don't know much longer we have, so... can you stand strong 
for me now? I'll be right there with you, okay? So, please... don't cry.

Kjelle: *Sniff* I'm... *sniff* I'm sorry, Father... This time, I swear I'll 
be strong!
Kjelle x Donnel

Donnel: Huh? Well, shuck my corn! Kjelle, is that you?! Ain't you a sight for 
sore eyes!

Kjelle: F-Father?! B-but you died! This... this is impossible!

Donnel: Yeah, above that... I reckon ya won't believe a word of this, but... 
I ain't ya pa, Kjelle. I'm a different Donny, come here from a whole 'nother 

Kjelle: ...Another world?

Donnel: That's the long and short of it. Trust me, it don't make much sense 
to me neither. All I know is, once this battle's done, we're headin' right 
back to where we came from.

Kjelle: I see... It's a bit much to swallow, but... I think I understand. 
Regardless, I'm just happy to see you alive and in one piece...

Donnel: I'm glad ya didn't just turn up and run! I knew my kid would turn out 
bright. Say, did the me of this world ever take ya back to the village, show 
ya the farm?

Kjelle: No... He talked about it constantly, but... he died before he got the 

Donnel: Well, that's a darn shame. Once this war's over, I'd like ya to go 
see the homestead. I reckon the me of this world's up in the sky over the 
farm, hopin' you'll drop by. It'd be mighty kind of ya to swing on by and pay 
him a visit!

Kjelle: I'll do that. I promise.

Donnel: Thank ya kindly, Kjelle! The least I could do in return is to help ya 
outta this little rhubarb here. You go find a safe place to rest up, ya hear? 
And I'll get to protectin' ya just like your real pa woulda done.

Kjelle: Thank you, Father... for everything. I'll never forget this day as 
long as I live.
Kjelle x Lon'qu

Lon'qu: Kjelle...?

Kjelle: That voice... Father? Father, is that you?!

Lon'qu: Kjelle... It's good to see you alive. Quite a feat for a disarmed 

Kjelle: It's good to see ME alive?! FatherĖI thought you were dead!

Lon'qu: Ah. No... I'm not your father. I came here through the Outrealms.

Kjelle: The Outrealms?! Gah! For a moment there, I allowed myself to believe 
you were really him...

Lon'qu: I'm afraid not. I hail from another world. I didn't mean to give you 
false hope.

Kjelle: Oh... Of course not. I did wonder why you looked so young... But even 
if you are from another world, I know you're still my father. I sense the 
same warmth of spirit buried under all that coldness. My father couldn't bear 
to be near women,
but he treated me with kindness, as you do. That has to mean something.

Lon'qu: Make of it what you will.

Kjelle: I already have. So would you be willing to do your daughter from 
another world a favour?

Lon'qu: If you're about to ask me to help you win this battle, save your 
breath. That's precisely why we're here.

Kjelle: ...Perfect. Thank you, Father.
Kjelle x Ricken

Ricken: Kjelle! Thank goodness you're okay!

Kjelle: Huh? Who are you?

Ricken: It's me! Ricken! ...Your father? Don't tell me you've forgotten!

Kjelle: What do you take me for? An idiot? My father died years ago! And he 
certainly wasn't some scrawny childóhe was tall and strapping! I'll admit 
your face does resemble his quite a bit... All right, quite a lot. But you 
can't really be him. ...Right?

Ricken: Actually, I can! And what's more, I AM! Well, kind of. I'm a Ricken 
from another world, and I've been sent here to help you out!

Kjelle: But... why do you look so young?

Ricken: Um... yeah, sorry about that... I know I must not look like much to 
you. Our world is still at a slightly earlier point in time than this one.

Kjelle: I see... Then I owe you an apology. I'm sorry I doubted you.

Ricken: Oh, don't worry about it! It is a lot to wrap your head around. By 
the way... you mentioned that in this world I was a lot bigger... I believe 
your exact words were "tall and strapping"? ...I guess that means I'm gonna 
grow up to be a pretty impressive man, huh?

Kjelle: Absolutely! My father was as broad of shoulder as he was warm of 

Ricken: No way! That's awesome! Wow, I feel like twice the man already... 
This is really encouraging! I know I don't inspire much confidence yet, but I 
can more than hold my own in battle! Trust me, I'm tougher than I look. 
Prepare to be amazed by what you dad can do!

Kjelle: I'm looking forward to it. Thanks... Father!
Kjelle x Gaius

Gaius: Kjelle?

Kjelle: *Gasp* Father?! What... what are you doing here?! 

Gaius: Me? Just visiting from another world. We heard you guys were in 
trouble, so we came to lend a hand. I'm not your old man from this world, 
though, kiddo. Iím afraid he's still gone. You're looking at a different 

Kjelle: A different Gaius...?

Gaius: Yeah. But you're still my daughteróno matter what world you're from. 
And I'm glad to see you're alive.

Kjelle: Well, the feeling is hardly mutual! How dare you show up out of the 
blue like this?!

Gaius: Wha--?! What did I do?

Kjelle: I know it's pointless even asking, since you're not the same man, 
but... Well, I need to ask you anyway. Why did you leave us alone for so 
long? Why didn't you stay to protect Mom? Why did you go and... die on us 
like that? Argh! I... I hate you!

Gaius: Kjelle, I...

Kjelle: *Sniff* I... I'm sorry... That was a lie. I don't hate you. When I 
was little, I thought you weren't around because you were out stealing...  I 
dreamed of growing up to be strong enough to capture you myself! But then 
after you died, they told me... you hadn't been stealing at all... You'd had 
been traveling the realm, protecting people from the Risen... They told me 
how you'd cheer up kids who lost their parents by giving them candy...  How 
you'd done all these kind and noble things...

Gaius: ......

Kjelle: But I wished you weren't some hero! I wished you really were just a 
thief! If you were saving people, why not Mom? If you were cheering up kids, 
why not me? I loved you! I wanted you to be with me! 

Gaius: Crivens... That must have been rough. ...I'm sorry, kiddo. 

Kjelle: No... No, that wasn't even you. I shouldnít have said those things. 
But I felt like if I told you, my real father would hear them somehow... I'm 

Gaius: Don't be. Any father who'd leave his little girl behind like that had 
it coming. I know I can't make up for what you went through when you were 
growing up, but... As your father, I can at least try to do right by you now 
and keep you safe. 

Kjelle: I... I understand. Thanks, Dad.
Kjelle x Gregor

Gregor: Kjelle! You are alive! Gregor is feeling great relief!

Kjelle: Father?! Is it really you?

Gregor: Your father is not having come back from the grave. This 
Gregor is different! He comes from other world to briefly give helpful hand.

Kjelle: ...What? How is that even...? Well, whoever you are... it's good to 
hear your voice.

Gregor: Never has Gregor seen warriors so outnumbered. Is very bad 
situation... You have been at war for long time, yes? Gregor is thinking... 
is not easy.

Kjelle: No. I suppose it MIGHT have been easier if my father had taught me 
how to fight. But sadly, he couldn't be bothered. Everything I know I had to 
teach myself or learn from my friends.

Gregor: You are... angry with Gregor.

Kjelle: I know I'm wasting my time asking this, but why wouldn't he teach me 
how to fight?

Gregor: Hm... Maybe this Gregor can shed light on situation. Your father, he 
is sellsword for many years, yes? He sees much pain and suffering. But also, 
he loves his daughter. He does not want her to know such horrible things. 
Perhaps Other Gregor was wrong. For him to not train born warrior is like for 
painter to not frame most beautiful picture!

Kjelle: ...... Father... Please go. The longer you stay, the harder it will 
be. Thank you for coming to save me. I missed you so, so much... *sniff*

Gregor: ...Very well. Gregor will be going. He knows someday, somewhere, our 
paths shall be crossing once more. 
Kjelle x Libra

Kjelle: F-Father? Is that you? Can it truly be?!
Libra: Ah, my dear Kjelle. You are safe. I am grateful that the gods saw fit 
to spare my daughter from the ravages of this world.
Kjelle: Oh, Father... I've missed you so! *sob*
Libra: But I must question why the gods saw fit to assign this task to me... 
To abandon my daughter to this forsaken world so shortly after being 
reunited... It is unconscionable. Am I even capable of so cruel a deed?
Kjelle: Father...?
Libra: Forgive me, child. But I am not your true father. Truth be told, I 
have traveled here from another world. A world to which I fear I must return 
once I have laid your foes to rest...
Kjelle: Another world... That explains it. I knew my father couldn't still be 
alive... He left us many years ago. But that doesn't change how I feel. Just 
talking to you now fills me with new hope. If you could just help me get 
through this, I swear to finish the fight when you're gone. Will you do that 
one thing for me? ... Before you go away again?
Libra: Of course I will, Kjelle. And may I say that your strength and courage 
are a joy to behold. To think that one such as I could have played a part in 
raising you! May the gods grant you every blessing along the difficult road 
Kjelle: Thank you, Father. And may the gods bless you on your journey as 
Kjelle x Henry

Henry: Nya ha! There's my Kjelle!

Kjelle: ...Father? Father, is that really you?! But... y-you're dead... Is 
this a trap...? Some sort of necromancer's curse?!

Henry: Heeey, nice idea! But no, nothing like that, sadly. The truth is way 
more boring. I just came from another world, hah! Anyway, I'm here to save 
youóyou can rest easy now, nya ha!

Kjelle: You do look like him... and he did smile like that... but you seem... 
different. The father I knew was much calmer... He always had a kindly air 
about him.

Henry: Huh! Is that right? Actually, that doesn't really surprise me... 
Sometimes I feel like being married to Sully may have softened me up a bit... 
Seems like it's only going to get worse! Nya ha!

Kjelle: M-my father used to say the same thing about being married to 
Mother... I guess really are him... *sniff* Oh, Father... *sob*

Henry: Now, now, Kjelle... Take it easy with the weepy stuff, okay?

Kjelle: I'm sorry... I know you aren't really him, but... I'm just so happy 
to see you. It's nice to see you're a lot like he was. After he married Mom, 
he changed a lot. His family became everything to him.

Henry: Huh! The perils of marriage! I'd better hurry up and save you, then, 
before I totally lose my edge! Nya ha ha!

Kjelle: Heh... Thanks, Father.
Kjelle x Avatar

Avatar: Kjelle! Are you okay? Have you been hurt?!

Kjelle: Huh? F-Father?! How can this be...?!

Avatar: Even if I were to explain it, I doubt you'd believe me... To put it 
simply. I've traveled here from another world to save you.

Kjelle: You're... my father from another world?

Avatar: Yes. I may not be the exact man you knew, but in my eyes, you're 
still my daughter. And if you'll have me, Kjelle, I'll defend you with my 

Kjelle: Father... of course I'll have you. Thank you so much. I was disarmed 
and surrounded by the enemy... I was prepared to die. To have my father swoop 
in and save me... Gods, I'm so happy to see you!

Avatar: Kjelle... You've done more than enough for today. Go find someplace 
safe, and leave the rest of this battle to me. If we can get you out of here, 
will you be okay to take the Gemstones back to Ylisse?

Kjelle: Yes, I'll see they get there no matter what. And I promise you I'll 
never give up again!

Avatar: That's my girl! 
Kjelle x Kjelle

Kjelle: So thatís this world's version of me... I'd love to talk to her, but 
I'd better not. She'd probably assume I was her evil twin and attack me on 
sight. I know I would. Wow... I can't stop looking at her... She cuts such an 
impressive figure... With her battle-scarred armor and that look in her 
eyes... So intimidating! And that's without a weapon. The gods only know what 
she'd be like armed... If I don't train a whole lot harder, She'll completely 
put me to shame. But even if I AM only half the warrior she is, it still 
looks like she could use my help... Stand strong, other me- help is coming! 
Today, I'll fight for the both of us!

Laurent x Miriel

Laurent: M-Mother?!

Miriel: My dearest son. Seeing you unharmed fills me with joyous sensations. 

Laurent: Mother! Oh, Mother! I can't believe I have finally found you! After 
your disappearance, I scoured the battlefields but never located your body. I 
always believed you were alive! 

Miriel: Oh... Yes, about that...

Laurent: Perhaps there really is such a thing as miracles!

Miriel: Erm...Well. Laurent, you may wish to gird yourself for what I am 
about to tell you. I should have told you from the outset, but... I am not 
your mother. I am not even from your world.

Laurent: Egads, Mother. If you've taken up humorous banter, your sense of it 
is appalling.

Miriel: I am not joking. I come from another world entirely. An "Outrealm". 
So while I am your mother, I am not YOUR mother, if you follow. It's 
fascinating. Tragic... but fascinating. 

Laurent: Take that back. My mother would never speak such baseless nonsense!

Miriel: Indeed she would not. I suppose I would harbor my own suspicions if I 
did not know better. But I do, ergo my nonsense is not baseless, ergo it is 
not nonsense. 

Laurent:  Then my real mother is... She's really gone. 

Miriel: I'm sorry. I do regret the brief dose of elation I seem to have 
misadministered. I hope I have not crushed all your hopes under the weight of 
this latest one.

Laurent: ...No. Perhaps it is best I let my mother go. Dreaming she lives on 
is just that---a dream. A useless fallacy. She would want me to move on. 
Thank you for waking me up. You know, this does still feel like a reunion, in 
a roundabout way. 

Miriel: Thank you, Laurent. Against better reasoning, I feel much the same. 
Now, allow me to join my talents with yours on your real mother's behalf. She 
would want you to be safe during your most momentous of battles.

Laurent: Thank you, Mother. I have always longed to fight by your side. How 
strange that a crossing between worlds helped realize that wish.

Miriel: It is most curious indeed.

Laurent: I would very much like to study these other worlds---Outrealms, you 
called them? Once I have put Grima's terror to end, I shall set to work.

Miriel: Only my son could think about research amidst a crisis like this. And 
how I admire you for it! A thirst for knowledge proves how alive we truly 

Laurent: Then may my thirst never be slaked.
Laurent x Frederick

Frederick: Laurent? How it pleases me to see you safe!

Laurent: F-Father? No, this is far too implausible...

Frederick: I come from another world, son. I am not the same man as the 
father you knew. Nonetheless, I wish to keep you safe for as long as I am 
permitted to remain here. Will you grant me that favor?

Laurent: Another world? ...Father, I appreciate the thought. But my Ylisse 
will soon fall beneath the veil of darkness. It is over. I am far too 
grateful to see you again to put your life in danger. So please, return 
whence you came.

Frederick: But, son, I cannot-

Laurent: I insist!

Frederick: So stubborn and serious. I hardly need wonder who you take 

Laurent: Huh?

Frederick: I know you are a kind lad, Laurent- a friend who puts others 
first. Sometimes you put them too far ahead of yourself and get hurt in the 
process. And that is partly my fault- for not being there to share your 
burdens. But you have suffered enough. I want you to live in happiness now.

Laurent: Father, I...

Frederick: It's all right, Laurent. There is no shame in letting your father 
do his job.

Laurent: But you might... You'll...

Frederick: I will not. I may have brought you sadness by dying once, but 
never again! I swear to defend you to the last! I shall finish the other 
Frederick's job for him!

Laurent: ..... All right, then. I accept your help. I suppose I always have 
wanted to take the battlefield at your side.

Frederick: Together we shall do just that, Laurent. You and I shall restore 
hope to Ylisse!

Laurent: Right! Come, Father!
Laurent x Virion

Virion: Do I spy a Laurent?

Laurent: Father?! You're alive? ...Impossible! I buried you myself! You must 
be a 
Risen. Rrgh! You will pay for sinking to such a disgusting ruse!

Virion: Huh? Now just hold on, Son...

Laurent: I will free you, Father! You will rest in peace again!

Virion: Ow! Relent, I say! Do I look like a Risen? Show me just one Risen 
with so fair a complexion! With such...unglowy eyes!

Laurent: Huh? Then... what are you?

Virion: A visitor from another world, actuallyóone where your father still 
lives. I am not the Virion who died here. I am the Virion who lives there, 
you see? I have some to help you, not to be mistaken for dead flesh.

Laurent: Another world...

Virion: Yes. Are you trying to drive me to an early grave? Ugh! You did not 
even hesitate to strike me. Was the Virion of this world so poor a father to 

Laurent: No, my father TAUGHT me to do that. He said a true noble must be 
ready to set his emotions aside to protect his people.

Virion: And you followed my advice to the letter, I see.

Laurent: Yes. If my own father came to me as an enemy and tried to hurt my 
friends... I would have to... you know. *sniff*

Virion: Are you all right, boy?

Laurent: I would do what I have to, but that doesn't make it easy. It broke 
my heart to strike you like that just now. ...You? A poor father? You were 
the finest father I could ask for. Do you have any idea how glad I am just 
to... s-see you...?

Virion: Laurent! My son... Forgive me. I chose my words callously. Rashly, 
perhaps, since I may not be able to stay in this world for long. I did not 
mean to elicit tears.

Laurent: You didn't do anything wrong. I did. Anyway, I'm better now. Don't 
feel bad on my account.

Virion: Always looking out for others... Even covered in wounds, you managed 
a most convincing smile. Only a true nobleóthe true heir to House Virionó
could have so kind a heart. Now, shall we finish this battle? I believe you 
have a peaceful future to secure.

Laurent: You'll help me?

Virion: Of course. Watch me devastate your enemies with legendary grace!

Laurent: I shall look forward to it. Thank you, Father! 
Laurent x Stahl

Stahl: Laurent! I'm so glad you're all right!

Laurent: F... Father?! My dead Father is standing before me. He's talking to 
me. Have my visual and auditory faculties failed me at last?

Stahl: Heh, that's my son. You're like me. When things go weird, you assume 
it's your body acting up. Listen, I'm not a ghost or anything.

Laurent: Then how can you be here? Did you survive somehow? Were you in 
hiding somewhere?

Stahl: It's even stranger than that. I've come from another world. I'm sorry 
to get your hopes up but I'm not really your father.

Laurent: Don't apologize. Of course you're my father. And I have missed you 

Stahl: It's good to see you too. I don't know how you managed in such a 
dismal world, but I'm proud of you.

Laurent: My achievements still pale to yours. I know all you accomplished 
while trying to keep Ylisse safe.

Stahl: Like father, like son, I suppose. But that's not exactly the legacy I 
had hoped to leave you...

Laurent: I'm glad you did. I consider it an honor. I may not win fame or 
accolades, but I know that I am needed. Being in this position makes me feel 
connected to you.

Stahl: Thank you, Laurent. That's nice of you to say. I wish we could spend 
more time catching up, but the battle won't wait. Will you fight with me to 
save your future?

Laurent: What? I can't put you in danger.

Stahl: It's all right, Laurent. Why do you think I came here? I don't want 
you to spend one more second going through this alone. There's nothing wrong 
with accepting my help. This is what fathers do. It's what your father would 

Laurent: Thank you... Will you do me a favor, though, and take this medicine 
with you?

Stahl: What is it?

Laurent: I mixed it myself. It's special. You taught mother and me the basic 
formula, and we perfected it. It should be enough to close minor wounds. You 
told me you always carried it into battle.

Stahl: I see... Thank you, Laurent. It feels nice to know you kept making it 
after I was gone. But for what it's worth, I don't plan on getting wounded. 
Just wait until you see how strong your father was.

Laurent: I'll be watching every moment. And I promise to never forget the 
second father who came to save me... 
Laurent x Vaike

Vaike: Laurent? Is that you? So the Son of Vaike still lives!

Laurent: F-Father? Have I gone mad?

Vaike: Is it just me, or are you even lankier than I remember? I'm sure food 
must be hard to come by, but come on! Put some meat on them bones!

Laurent: How can you be here?

Vaike: The Vaike is everywhere! He may be dead in your world, but not in 
others. What's why the Vaike has crossed between worlds to save your hide.

Laurent: Is that even possible? ...No, I refuse to believe it.

Vaike: Ugh, does everything always have to add up with you? Look. The Vaike 
is here! Are you gonna turn that kind of power down 'cause you can't wrap 
your head around it?

Laurent: No. I don't need to understand it. I just need to stay calm and... 
and then I can f-figure out the best course of... Ahh... *sob*

Vaike: Do you always break down into tears before you finish your sentences?

Laurent: I'm not crying! S-some ash just flew into my eyes.

Vaike: Through your glasses?

Laurent: Ugh. Listen-- I have feelings too! My dead father just appeared out 
of nowhere. How did you think I'd react?

Vaike: Couldn't turn the floodwaters back, eh? The Vaike does have that 
effect on people. But maybe you should trust your heart more than that head 
full of brains. Ya coulda just said you're happy to see me instead of bein' 
so stubborn.

Laurent: I shouldn't be weeping like this on the battlefield. How 

Vaike: Naw, let it all out. At least this means ya finally accept who I am. 
It's time to let me be your father again. For a little while, anyway. C'mere.

Laurent: Father...

Vaike: *Ahem* All right, tender moment over. Now let's shake and Vaike those 
Risen! Let's see what Teach's son has learned since class was dismissed.

Laurent: All right, Father. You just wait till you see how fast I move. The 
wind will dry the tears right off my face! And besides... I wouldn't want 
blurry vision to ruin this chance to see the Vaike in action again. 
Laurent x Kellam

Kellam: Laurent, is that you?

Laurent: Father?! It can't be!

Kellam: I'm not exactly your father, Laurent. I came here from another world.

Laurent: Is that even possible?

Kellam: I'm just glad to see you safe... or at least as safe as can be 

Laurent: I fear the odds against our longevity grow worse with each passing 

Kellam: What?

Laurent: If these are to be my final minutes, I am glad I get to spend them 
with you, Father.

Kellam: Now hold on just a darned moment! You've come all this way only to 
give up?

Laurent: I am simply making a rational observation. Grima's army is as 
formidable as ever, while our strength continues to dwindle. We have 
exhausted all means of extricating ourselves from this plight.

Kellam: Laurent... Then it's a good thing your father came along, isn't it?

Laurent: Hm?

Kellam: I thought you would worn down to nothing from all the fighting... But 
you and your friends were full of fight just a moment ago. So what happened? 
It's because I'm here, isn't it?

Laurent: Y-yes... I suppose that's true. I'm not sure what came over me...

Kellam: Well, don't worry. I won't tell the others about your little moment 
of weakness.

Laurent: Heh. Thank you...

Kellam: You've fought brilliantly so far. And now victory is right within 
your grasp. All you have to do is take it. Are you ready to save Ylisse? I'll 
be right there by your side.

Laurent: Yes, Father! Let's put an end to Grima once and for all.
Laurent x Donnel

Donnel: Laurent? You're all right!

Laurent: I know that voice... Father? But no... My father is dead. And 
anyway, you are far too young... Hmm. Father never spoke of a younger 
brother. And yet, nor do you bear the telltale signs of a Risen... This 
raises troubling questions. Very troubling...

Donnel: Uh, Laurent? Snap out of it! I done came from another world! I'm here 
to help ya out.

Laurent: There are other worlds?

Donnel: Yep! I don't get it neither. I just sorta roll with these things.

Laurent: Well, that explains why you look so young... Anyway, you need to 
take shelter, and quickly. You've come to a very dangerous place.

Donnel: Well, shucks, I know THAT! That's the whole reason I'm here! I'm not 
gonna leave my only son to face this nightmare alone.

Laurent: But you'll... Listen, I have already been through this once.

Donnel: I get it. You're worried I'll die like the Donny of this world did.

Laurent: ......

Donnel: Right?

Laurent: It's difficult not to. Every night I relive that scene in my sleep. 
You have your back to us as Mother and I flee... You're holding them off. And 
then I s-see it... The blade passing through your body... I can't endure that 
torture again. I won't!

Donnel: Well, don't you worry. Lightning don't strike twice, and I won't die 
twice. I reckon I'm a lot stronger than the Donny ya remember! Also, I ain't 
alone this time. I got a whole darn army with me! They got my back, just like 
I got yours.

Laurent: But...

Donnel: If you're that worried about it, you can watch my back too. Any son 
of Miriel oughta be able to analyze the enemy in a heartbeat! I tend to rush 
into things, so havin' a keen pair of eyes sure would help.

Laurent: All right. I can agree to that. Thank you, Father! You can count on 

Donnel: Likewise! 
Laurent x Lon'qu

Lon'qu: Laurent.

Laurent: Huh? ...Father?! No, that isn't possible. I must be seeing a ghost. 
Or worse... a Risen!

Lon'qu: I can understand why you would jump to such conclusions. Your father 
is dead. But I'm neither a ghost nor a Risen. Nor am I even him. I came here 
from another world. Your father and I are different Lon'qus.

Laurent: Then why would you come to a dismal world like mine?

Lon'qu: To fight. That is always my reason.

Laurent: No, Father! You mustn't. Not this time. My world is too dangerous. 
There's no reason for you to get killed!

Lon'qu: If it's that dangerous, do you really intend to fight this battle 
without help?

Laurent: Yes. I would rather lose this battle than go through losing you 

Lon'qu: Then you're a fool! If darling notions like that fill your head, it's 
a wonder you still live.

Laurent: Wh-what?

Lon'qu: Whether or not we survive a life-or-death battle comes down to fate. 
But death is a near certainty without the will to win! Remember that.

Laurent: I-I know that, Father. I'm sorry.

Lon'qu: ...So am I. I should not have raised my voice. The warrior in me 
simply wishes for you to bear yourself with strength. Your dead father would 
have wanted the same, I am sure.

Laurent: He would. And I have done my best to live up to those expectations. 
It seems I still have a ways to go. I suppose I should feel slighted or 
embarrassed. But in way, I'm happy. You have reminded me that I still have 
room to grow, which is exciting.

Lon'qu: Miriel was always trying to better herself. You take after her as 
much as me.

Laurent: Well, you both certainly liked to scold me. It wasn't until just now 
that I realized how much I have missed it.

Lon'qu: Really? This is my first time scolding my son.

Laurent: Ha ha! Is it too late to caution you away from the habit? I suppose 
I should be honored I stole first dibs from your real son.

Lon'qu: And I suppose I should be ashamed for being so heavy handed.

Laurent: As I said, I missed it. I feel like I really am your son. And that 
gives me the courage to finish this fight. ...I have changed my mind. Will 
you fight with me after all?

Lon'qu: Gladly.

Laurent: Thank you, Father. 
Laurent x Ricken

Ricken: Laurent, is that you? I'm so glad you're safe!

Laurent: How do you know my name? And what are you doing here? You're just a 

Ricken: Am not! It's me. Ricken. Your father!

Laurent: M-my father? Don't be ridiculous. My father passed away. Unless... 
Are you his reincarnation? That would be fascinating...

Ricken: Ha ha... I suppose it would, but no. I'm just me. I came here from 
another world where I'm still young. So you see, I'm not really the same 
person as your father.

Laurent: Fair enough. Well, I'm still glad I got to see you again, Father. 
But it's not safe for you here. Taller men than you have faced Grima and 
perished. Stay behind me. I will protect you.

Ricken: W-wait a second! You've got this all backward! The whole point of my 
coming here was so I could protect YOU!

Laurent: Perhaps it wasn't. Perhaps you true role here is to give me strength 
and courage.

Ricken: Right. And maybe I can draw pretty pictures of rainbows for you too.

Laurent: Father, do you know why I became a mage? I never had a gist for 
magic like you or mother. In fact, she told me I was not suited for it. I 
lacked the substance. Nonetheless, I persisted. Why do you suppose that is?

Ricken: Uh... You were bored?

Laurent: No, It's because you were always looking over my shoulder while I 
practiced. You were there to encourage me after every failure, to ensure I 
never gave up. You molded me into the resilient fighter who stands before you 
now. This is fact, not flattery.

Ricken: Well... thank you.

Laurent: So now you get to look over my shoulder again. I want you to see 
that your patience and guidance paid off. I use wind magic. It used to be my 
worst element, but now it's my best. You were the same, weren't you?

Ricken: Uh-huh... *sniff* And yes... I would love for you to sh-show me.

Laurent: Why are you crying?

Ricken: I'm just so happy! In this world, Miriel and I are gone. But here you 
are picking up where we left off. Carrying on! Laurent, please let me fight 
too. I want to protect you! I'm your f-father, for gods' sake! Ahh... *sob*

Laurent: I suppose you still have some growing up to do where you came from. 
But you have the same gentle hands, the same keen gaze... I wish I were your 
son in a world where we could spend more time together. ... Thank you for 
coming for me. I'll always remember this, even if you forget me once you 
Laurent x Gaius

Gaius: Laurent! It's good to see you still breathing.

Laurent: Huh? Father?!

Gaius: Not quite. I'm not really part of this world, you see. I travelled 
here from another world. So I'm Gaius... but not the Gaius you were hoping 
for. ... Sorry.

Laurent: I see...

Gaius: For what it's worth, though, I'm here to help you and your friends. My 
skills are at your disposal. I'll hold off the Risen while you recover your 

Laurent: Can I ask you something first?

Gaius: Hm? What's on your mind?

Laurent: In this world, my father died protecting me. Would you do the same 
thing as him?

Gaius: ......

Laurent: I want an answer.

Gaius: I guess... I wouldn't.

Laurent: Oh...

Gaius: I can't tell if you're happy or disappointed. But listen... I don't 
have any attention of abandoning you. I just intend to look out for myself 
while I look out for you.

Laurent: I'm sorry?

Gaius: I don't want to watch you die, but I also don't relish the idea of 
dying in your place. So I guess I'll just have to work twice as hard. Happy?

Laurent: Father, I... *sniff*

Gaius: What's gotten into you now?

Laurent: I... I... Nothing, I j-just... Something about the way you said that 
just made me realize how much I've missed you.

Gaius: Well, don't get so worked up. You'll live longer. Miriel does enough 
of that for the whole family.

Laurent: You were always the tough one.

Gaius: Heh, then you don't know your mother. Anyway, we need to get back on 
task here. See all those Risen?

Laurent: You'll help me defeat them?

Gaius: You bet your cupcakes I will. 
Laurent x Gregor

Laurent: Father? I-is that you?

Gregor: Greetings, Laurent! Gregor has returned from dead to save the day.

Laurent: What?! Ahh!

Gregor: Bwa ha ha! Just yanking the chain. Gregor actually come from other 
world. Not the same as dead Gregor in your world. Sorry for making funny.

Laurent: So you're not my father...

Gregor: Why so disappointed? Any Gregor is still your father, yes? ...This is 
part where you say yes.

Laurent: Is your world at peace?

Gregor: No, Gregor is fighting war in home world as well. Quite nasty one, 
actually... Perhaps not yet this nasty, though.

Laurent: Then you needn't stay here. Go home.

Gregor: Now hold the horses. Gregor did not come this far for nothing!

Laurent: My world will be fine. I promise to protect it at all costs.  Now 
you need to go and do the same.

Gregor: You know, Laurent... you are one very lousy liar.

Laurent: Huh?

Gregor: You are trying to chase Gregor off because you think he will be 
killed. This is the basic gist of it, yes?

Laurent: ......

Gregor: Well, you can rest easily. Gregor is plenty strong enough to take 
care of BOTH worlds, no problem. And so is Gregor's son.

Laurent: Father...

Gregor: What? You do not believe ramblings of dead man?

Laurent: I know you're not dead. And I do believe that you're my father. But 
why are you doing this? Don't you have people you care about who need you 
back in your own world?

Gregor: Gregor's son is most important person in any world! Now stop with 
griping and get your heinie moving. Gregor wants to see some spells fly. Go 
heal your friends or something.

Laurent: All right, Father... Thank you!
Laurent x Libra

Libra: Laurent, is that you?

Laurent: F... Father?

Libra: Thank the gods you are safe. I feared that last attack had done you 

Laurent: Father, what are you doing here?! Has some miracle of the gods 
brought you back from the dead?

Libra: A miracle like that is beyond even the divine dragon herself. I come 
from another world, son. I am not your true father.

Laurent: You crossed from another world? That is a small miracle in itself, 
if you ask me.

Libra: Yes, it is. But even Naga's power is not without limit. I doubt I will 
be able to remain here for long. But will you let me fight for you as long as 
I can and keep you safe?

Laurent: No, Father. You have your own life in your own world... You should 
return to it. I needn't explain to you how perilous my world really is.

Libra: Why do you think I came here in the first place?

Laurent: But I don't want you to die!

Libra: I am not afraid of dying if it means protecting me beloved son. Let 
the gods take me, if that is their will.

Laurent: Father! I'm not even your real son! I don't deserve such favors.

Libra: Of course you do, Laurent. I could have a million sons, and each would 
yet be my own.

Laurent: You really mean it, don't you... Well, know this. I am prepared to 
die protecting you as well. Let an age of peace dawn without me, if it means 
I get to save you.

Libra: Don't... don't say that!

Laurent: See how it feels? Now promise me you'll speak no more of dying. I 
watched one father's life blink out and haven't the stomach to do it again.

Libra: All right. Before the gods, I swear I will not perish this day. Now 
are you ready, Laurent? Let us fight together now to find a ray of light in 
this dismal mess.

Laurent: I'm ready, Father. Thank you.
Laurent x Henry

Henry: Laurent, you're all right! Whew, you really gave me a scare.

Laurent: F-Father? ...Is that really you?

Henry: Well, I don't know who else it would be!

Laurent: But... you're dead. You died ages ago! Or have you used your dark 
arts to... to summon yourself back from the netherworld?

Henry: Nya ha! That does sound like fun, but I'm afraid no such spell exists. 
Or at least I haven't found it. But you're right about the summoning-from-
another-world part!

Laurent: I have a father in another world?

Henry: You sure-dippity do! I heard you were in trouble, so I came to this 
world to help you. Now just point me at the Risen you want me to obliterate!

Laurent: Uh, Father... Believe me when I say I am truly ecstatic to see you 
again. But I am not about to put you in danger on my behalf! Never again.

Henry: Uh, sorry? I don't follow.

Laurent: It's dangerous here. You could die! I could not bear lose 
you a second time.

Henry: Thanks for the vote of confidence, Laurent! How do you know I won't 
survive? I thought this was your big, epic clash. Aren't you here to win?

Laurent: Of course I am, butó

Henry: Then when someone offers to help, stop trying to show them the 
proverbial door. Are you gonna risk losing everything just to save me?

Laurent: That's not the pointó

Henry: You're a smart kid, Laurent. Too smart to squander a good resource. 
That much of Miriel lives on in you. So while I appreciate you not wanting to 
thrust me toward a messy death, you really can't afford to be that nice in 
the icky business of saving the world. Now put your emotions aside, and try 
to think rationally. Are you gonna let me help?

Laurent: ......Yes. You have the right of it. Help me defeat the fell dragon, 
Father. Help me save our world.

Henry: Now we're talking! Stand back, and watch me mow your enemies down!

Laurent: Thank you. But promise me you won't do anything reckless. ...You 
know what? Strike that. Do whatever you have to do, and I promise to keep you 

Henry: Still trying to look out for me, huh? Well, I guess I can't change you 
with just one pep talk. But that tender heart of yours will serve you well in 
the better world to come. Now we just have to win it! 
Laurent x Avatar

Avatar: Laurent, you're alive!

Laurent: I-it can't be... Father?

Avatar: Not quite. I come from another world. I'm afraid I'm not the same as 
the Avatar you knew.

Laurent: But... how...

Avatar: It doesn't matter. To me, you are a son. Perhaps I haven't the right, 
but... I have come here to protect you for as long as Naga's power allows. I 
wish I could have done more, and sooner. I am sorry...

Laurent: Sorry? I'm the one who ought to apologize, Father.

Avatar: What? Why?

Laurent: You were my hero--a master of strategy, a giant on the battlefield. 
You were a kind and generous friend who saw your army through the hardest of 

Avatar: I'm just a man, Laurent...

Laurent: You were more than that to me. You were something to aspire to. And 
so I have fought tirelessly to try to wrest my home from the jaws of Grima... 
But all was for naught? You see? Here we stand on the brink. I have allowed 
my family and friends and countless more Ylisseans to perish. I am an 
inefficacious, worthless man--nothing at all like you. I have dishonored all 
you achieved by failing to save the world you loved.

Avatar: Laurent, I... I never meant for my actions to become the lash that 
drives you toward unhappiness. But I think you have done magnificently. As 
well as I--if not better!

Laurent: Don't fool yourself.

Avatar: When I look around, I don't see the world of ruin you do. I see a 
world of hope. A world that should have already perished but survives by your 
courageous efforts. And now those efforts are about to turn the tides. You 
have accomplished everything that I could not.

Laurent: Father, I... Thank you. ...Thank you. You c-can't know how much it 
means to me to hear you say that...

Avatar: We're almost there, son. A peaceful future lies just around the bend. 
Fight with me now. Together we will save this world once and for all!

Laurent: ...Right!
Laurent x Laurent

Laurent(1): Hmm... That must be this world's version of me. When he stood 
between Lucina and the fell dragon, I must say my heart skipped a step. No 
one wants to watch himself die... But it appears I have made it in time. Is 
it safe to speak to myself, I wonder? Such opportunities scarcely come along. 
Think what I could learn! Just witnessing my own reaction to myself would be 
an experiment among experiments... ... But it is probably a bad idea. What if 
I caused my own heart to stop? If the other me has some key role here, I 
could cost him the battle. No. My energies would be better applied to 
expunging all these ghastly Risen. I hope my meager help manages to make a 
difference, Other Me. You deserve a happy future.
Laurent(2): Hm? I swear that warrior over there could be my twin! Wonderful. 
Now I'm imagining things...

Cynthia x Sumia

Cynthia: M-Mother?! How is this possible?! What are you doing he----BWAAAH!

Sumia: Cynthia? Are you okay? You need to watch your footing around here or 
you'll tri---AAARGH! Gods... that one hurt my knee almost as much as my 

Cynthia: Well, I guess that settles it. You really ARE my mother. But... what 
are you doing here? I thought... I thought you were dead.

Sumia: Oh, sweetheart... I'm not the Sumia you once knew. I came from another 
world to save you and your friends. But I can't stay.

Cynthia: You came from another world? And once you're finished here, you have 
to go back?

Sumia: Yes. I'm sorry.

Cynthia: You don't need to apologize! I'm super grateful for any help you can 
give us! And once we've gotten through this, we can totally handle the rest 
ourselves. We made it this far without your help, after all. But I suppose I 
might still... miss you... a little...

Sumia: Oh, Cynthia... Come rest your head in my arms and forget it all, just 
for a moment.

Cynthia: ...No. Thank you, but... I can't. I'm feeling better now, so... 
uh... You can go.

Sumia: What...?

Cynthia: It's just... the longer you're here, the harder it'll be when you 
leave. I don't want to end up bawling and begging you to stay with me 

Sumia: Oh, Cynthia... You're such a brave girl. But bravery isn't the answer 
to everything. I want you take care of yourself, okay? Know that even when 
I'm back in my world, I'll be thinking of you. And no matter how far away I 
am, a part of me will always be here with you. Don't you ever forget that.

Cynthia: I won't. Thank you... Mother. I'm glad I got to see you again.
Cynthia x Chrom

Chrom: ...Cynthia?

Cynthia: F-Father?! Is that really you? But... what are you doing here?! You 
died! You died years ago!

Chrom: N-no, I'm not the Chrom you once knew. I came here from another world 
through a place called the Outrealm Gate. The divine dragon granted us a 
brief visit to your world in the hope that we could help.

Cynthia: ...You were sent by Naga?!

Chrom: Yes. Cynthia... I'm so sorry. I understand it was my death in this 
world that set this whole tragedy in motion...

Cynthia: Father, please... don't be sad. You were a great hero and the exalt! 
I can't bear to see you looking so down. I worshipped you growing up... You 
were--you ARE my hero! What do you think Lucina would say if she saw you 
looking this glum?

Chrom: Lucina...? Is she still in Ylisse?

Cynthia: Yes. She's defending Ylisse by herself while we collect the 
Gemstones. That's why we have to win this fight! If we don't return, all hope 
is lost!

Chrom: Then swear I'll do everything in my power to see you safely home to 

Cynthia: Thank you, Father. I just need you to lend me your strength for 
today.If you can get us out of here, I know we can handle the rest ourselves. 
We won't let this happen again. We'll prove that we can protect everyone!

Chrom: Well said, Cynthia. I'll be ready to leave this world in your capable 

Cynthia: Thanks. I won't let you down. And I'll fight all the harder knowing 
I have the faith of the greatest hero of all...
Cynthia x Frederick

Frederick: Cynthia, are you hurt?! Stay by my side! I'll protect you.

Cynthia: Wha...? F-Father?!

Frederick: No, child---I'm afraid I am not the same man you knew. I have 
traveled here via the Outrealm Gate in hopes of rescuing you... Think of me 
as a visitor from another world.

Cynthia: You're from another world?!

Frederick: Yes. And that is why I cannot rightly claim the honor of being 
your father. But the fact that you are not "my" Cynthia matters little, for 
you are still Cynthia. And for the brief time I have in this world, I vow to 
protect you as if you were my own!

Cynthia: You'd do that for me...? That's so kind of you! So kind and so... 
so... It's just so...*sigh*

Frederick: What is it?

Cynthia: It's just so... humiliating! Even if you ARE from another world, 
this isn't how I wanted my father to see me! Gosh, I must look so pathetic 
here, all unarmed and helpless... But normally I don't need protecting! I 
swear I can fight well all on my own! When you guys weren't there to protect 
us anymore, we learned to do it ourselves. I just... I just need you to know 

Frederick: But I knew it already, Cynthia. One need only look into your eyes 
for a moment to see the warrior within. You've fought numerous battles just 
to make it this far---that much is clear. I shouldn't have presumed to offer 
one such as you protection... But would you deny me the chance to fight 
alongside a hero? I am a knight, after all, sworn to serve the righteous...

Cynthia: You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear you call me a hero... 
Thank you. After giving it some thought, I've decided to accept your offer of 
service, Fath---I mean, Sir Frederick the Valiant!

Frederick: Then I am yours to command, milady!
Cynthia x Gaius

Gaius: Huh? Is that you, Cynthia?

Cynthia: F-Father?! How in the world...?!

Gaius: Crivens... what a pit! Never thought I'd find you in a place like 

Cynthia: A place like this...? I never thought you'd find me anywhere! I 
thought you were dead! I waited so long for you to come home, and when you 
didn't, I told myself not to hope... But you've been alive all this time, 
Father! Gosh, I'm so... so HAPPY! *sob*

Gaius: Ah... yeah, about that... It's true I AM Gaius... but I'm not the same 
Gaius as your old man. I came here from another world to rescue you guys. I 
mean, take a good, close look. The Gaius you knew must've been way older, 

Cynthia: Oh... I... I suppose so...

Gaius: Sorry to get you all excited over nothing, anyhow.

Cynthia: No, it's... it's okay. I'm sorry too. It was silly of me. It's too 
bad that you're not my father... but I'm happy to see you all the same.

Gaius: And I'm happy to see you too, kiddo. The least I can do is take care 
of you and keep you safe. Consider it my apology. Here. Let's seal the deal 
with a candy. This one ain't cheap, so savor it, all right?

Cynthia: ......

Gaius: What's wrong? No daughter of mine would ever refuse one of these 

Cynthia: Could you hold on to that? Like... as a reward for if we make it out 
of here alive? My father always gave me candy as a reward for working hard at 
something... It taught me to keep on going till the end. It made me believe I 
could do anything.

Gaius: Huh. Your father was pretty smart. ...And no doubt incredibly handsome 
too. All right, then. You got yourself a deal. No candy till the battle's 
won. Just... try your best to stay out of harm's way, you hear?

Cynthia: I will. Thanks!
Cynthia x Henry

Cynthia: *Huff, huff* Come on, Cynthia... Don't give up... Gods, if only I 
had my lance... I don't know how much longer I can last...

Henry: Nya ha ha! Who's that crybaby? Wait, what? She looks just like my kid!

Cynthia: D-Dad? Is that you?! But... how?! Did you... use a hex to resurrect 
yourself? ...And isn't that strictly forbidden?!

Henry: It sure is! But nope, that's not what's going on here, sadly. Truth 
is, I'm just visiting here from another world. I can't stay long, but the 
good news is I'm here to rescue you! Nya ha!

Cynthia: Hold up- you're my father from another world... and you're here to 
rescue me?!

Henry: Yup! ...More or less. Naga took care of the particulars. Anyway, what 
was with all that whining and whimpering I heard before? You're my daughter! 
You're supposed to be smiling all day, every day! Oh well. Guess you can't 
expect every fruit to fall next to the tree... Nya ha!

Cynthia: N-no, it's not like that! I wasn't whining, I swear! It's just... 
they took my weapon, and now I can't fight... But I never gave up this whole 
time! We've been fighting back for ages! And we'll keep on fighting back! 
You'll see! We'll keep fighting until this world is saved!

Henry: Now that's more like it! Maybe you ARE my daughter, after all!

Cynthia: Wait a minute... You were just trying to provoke me, weren't you?

Henry: Who, me? I wonder...

Cynthia: I'm sorry I was weak. I swore I'd never give up, but for a moment 
there, I... *sigh* Anyway, I'm back to my old self now. And it's all thanks 
to you. These Risen don't stand a chance!

Henry: Nya ha! That's my girl! But I came a long way, so... let me handle 
these guys, all right? You've got the whole rest of the world to save, 

Cynthia: Aww... All right, fair enough. But just this once! And you have to 
let me watch!
Cynthia x Avatar

Avatar: Cynthia! Thank the gods you're safe...

Cynthia: Father?! Is that-? Is that really you?! What are you doing here?!

Avatar: I'm... not the Avatar you know. I'm from another world. I came here 
to rescue you and your friends, but I'm afraid I haven't much time...

Cynthia: You've come from another world...?

Avatar: Oh, Cynthia... this is all wrong. Even if I can help you win this 
battle, what then? The thought of leaving you to fight a war without end in 
this forsaken place... No father would knowingly put his daughter through 

Cynthia: Father...

Avatar: Cynthia, I want you to come back with us to our world. I don't care 
what Naga says... I can't leave you in a place like this!

Cynthia: ...No. Even if Naga allowed it... there's no way I could go with 
you. There are people here I have to protect- a world I have to save! But 
it's sweet of you to say those things. And your words have given me strength. 
So... it's okay. I'll be fine.

Avatar: Cynthia...

Cynthia: Please don't think that just because I can't go with you, I'm not 
glad you came. I really DO need your help right now. They took my lance, and 
I can't fight at all without it... If you can just get me through this day, I 
promise I'll take care of everything else. I won't stop fighting till the 
Risen are defeated and the world is safe again. ...Will you give me a chance 
to do that?

Avatar: Of course I will! I'll slay every last enemy on this battlefield 
myself if I must! You just find somewhere safe and rest, okay?

Cynthia: I will. Thank you. *Sigh* Swooping down to save me in my darkest 
hour... That is so unbelievably amazing! Even if I never see you again, 
Father... you'll always be my hero.
Cynthia x Cynthia

Cynthia(2): What the...? Is that... me?! But... how come I can see myself? 
Was there always a mirror here...? ...... Huh. You know, I actually look 
pretty good! My complexion's surprisingly rosy... Nice shine to my hair too. 
And my clothes are holding up WAY better than I thought. I figured I'd be a 
wreck at this point, but... maybe things aren't so bad after all! Seeing 
myself like this kinda puts things into perspective. I feel a lot stronger 
Cynthia(1): Good thing I didn't open my mouth, or she would have totally 
freaked out, but yikes... Bleak future me is looking pretty rough. That girl 
badly needs a bath, some sleep, and a new wardrobe! And yet there she is, 
fighting so hard to save her world, in spite of it all... That's probably 
exactly how I looked before I went back in time... Maybe I've just gone soft 
since then. Maybe I should be working harder... Well, I guess protecting this 
world's Cynthia would be a good way to start!

Brady x Maribelle

Maribelle: Brady? Is that you, darling?

Brady: ...M-Ma? No way!

Maribelle: No, young man. I am not YOUR mother, strictly speaking. I've come 
from another world to lend you my considerable assistance.

Brady: Another world? Um... right. ......

Maribelle: Wh-what?! Where are you going? Stop running, young man!

Brady: Ow! Let go of my ear! What do you care if I haul it out of here? 
You're probably s-some enemy ruse!

Maribelle: I most certainly am not! If I were some artifice of the enemy, 
then you would already be dead. I or someone else would have struck you down 
the moment you hesitated.

Brady: Well... yeah, but...

Maribelle: But nothing! Stand up straight! Did I raise you to run for the 
hills at the sight of your own mother's face?

Brady: You didn't raise me period! Ugh, I give up. So what do you want, Ma?

Maribelle: At last, some respect! Naturally, I have come to make sure my son 
in this world carries himself with dignity.

Brady: ...... BAWWW! *sniff* *sob*

Maribelle: Brady, whatever has come over you? You usually cry after my 
lectures, not before them...

Brady: I just can't look at you a second... *sniff* longer... I never thought 
I'd see you again, Ma! *sob*

Maribelle: So that's it. It was not a ruse you feared. It was that I might 
see you shed tears.

Brady: Shaddap! I was only... Rrgh... Gods! All right! So WHAT if I didn't 
want to look stupid in front of ya?

Maribelle: My dear, sweet child. You have your silly moments. But stupid? Far 
from it. You helped your friends by keeping the Gemstones safe. I think it 
was dashing. And if people daresay otherwise, I shall have to reprimand 
them... with my boot!

Brady: ...Pfft! That's not exactly genteel, Ma.

Maribelle: Of course it's genteel. It just won't be GENTLE.
Brady x Chrom

Chrom: Good. You're still safe.

Brady: Pop? No way... You're still alive?! No... You must be a ghost!

Chrom: My name is Chrom, but I'm not your father. I came here from another 
world to help you for as long as I can.

Brady: Another world...? Hmph... Well, wherever you came from, I've got a 
favor to ask. You gotta help my friends!

Chrom: You mean the two who stayed behind enemy lines? But you know they 
didn't just do that to save you.

Brady: I know... They need us to deliver the stones and save the world.

Chrom: Right. And I intend to help you to do that.

Brady: You won't save the others? Why not?

Chrom: I can't just leave you here with no way to fight off the Risen. 
Especially considering the gravity of your task. Besides, I heard you say 
your friends would pull through. Was that a lie?

Brady: What? No, I believe it! They're tough as nails! know what 
it's like to have that naggin' feeling in the back of your head? I've spent 
my whole life being protected. By you, my friends, the people... But I'm your 
son. I'm the damn prince, for Naga's sake! When the hell do I get to start 
protectin' back?

Chrom: Brady...

Brady: If I leave them now, I'm no prince. I'm just an exalted loser. Why 
can't the gods send me just a little power to help my friends?!

Chrom: I understand how you feel. ...But maybe they already have. Maybe I am 
the power you seek.

Brady: ...... Pop, I... *sniff*

Chrom: It's all right, Brady. You've changed my mind. I will save your 

Brady: ...You mean it?

Chrom: If they're still alive, I'll keep them safe. But in exchange, you have 
to make it through this too. You have to honor their sacrifice and keep 
running until you get to Ylisse. Right now, that's exactly what she needs of 
her prince.

Brady: All right, Pop. I get it. ...Well, it was good to see you. Even if 
it's not really you. Take care of the others.

Chrom: You want a handkerchief?

Brady: No, I'll be all right.

Chrom: That's my boy. Good luck, Brady!

Brady: You too, Pop!
Brady x Frederick

Brady: Pop? Is that you?! How in the hell can that be?

Frederick: I'm not the man you think, Bradyónot the father who met his end 
here. I have been dispatched here from another world in order to help you.

Brady: Heh... I thought something was fishy. You're too young to be my pop. 
So did you come from the past?

Frederick: Yes, in fact. I see Maribelle and I raise a very perceptive son. 
...Your tone could use a bit of refinement, but I'm willing to overlook that.

Brady: Can it, Sir Nosy! You'd rebel too if you had to grow up with two 
meticulous parents.

Frederick: Is that why you talk like that? You're "rebelling"?

Brady: Yeah. My ma and pop were way too overprotective. But I know they did 
it out of love. I wish I hadn't fought back so much. Now I'll never get to 
see them again... Sometimes I wish I could visit the next world just to say 
I'm sorry.

Frederick: Brady...

Brady: Well... I guess I might finally get the chance.

Frederick: And what do you mean by that?

Brady: I never should've abandoned my friends back at the bridge. I deserve 
to die, and I probably will.

Frederick: What?! Don't speak such nonsense!

Brady: ...Huh?

Frederick: Now you listen to me, young man. The only way you'll keep living 
is if you WANT to keep living.

Brady: ......

Frederick: And sometimes wanting it isn't enough. Look at your father. He 
wanted to live with all his heart... but reality had other plans in store. So 
how do you expect to stay alive in a world like this if you DON'T want it? 
Stop blaming yourself and start looking toward your future. Because if you 
don't, I'll never leave. I'll be far too worried. Do you want your 
overprotective, meticulous father to nag you forever?

Brady: ...... It's funny. You said something like that once before... right 
before you died. I'd almost forgot...

Frederick: Good. I'm glad the other me didn't neglect to tell you.

Brady: You know, this has been a real wake-up call. I guess I do need to snap 
out of it.

Frederick: That's the spirit.

Brady: ...But hey, let me tell you something. Since I was too busy bawlin' my 
eyes out to say it to my real pop, I just wanted you to know that as much as 
you crowded me... I still liked having you around. ...So don't even think 
about dyin' on me again, or I'll break your face!

Frederick: Duly noted. I promise never to elicit such harsh words again.
Brady x Virion

Brady: *Huff, huff* The Risen just keep comin'...

Virion: Are you all right, Brady?

Brady: Huh?! Who the hell are you, and how do you know my name?

Virion: Ack! C-calm yourself, young man! I have no intention of doing you 
harm! Don't you recognize me? It is I, VirionóFatherest of Fathersócome from 
worlds afar to help you!

Brady: Pop? No... Can it really be you? I guess you do kind of look like him. 
And you're wearing Ma's matching scarf.

Virion: There, you see? No need to raise your voice and take years off my 
life... You may not have your mother's mastery of tirades, but you did give 
me a scare.

Brady: ...Sorry. So if you're really my old man, there's something I need you 
to hear.

Virion: Well, I am not the same man, but I shall endeavor to listen on his 

Brady: Right, whatever. As long as I get to apologize. ...I really let my pop 

Virion: Hm? Whatever do you mean?

Brady: My folks always taught me that nobles should be the shield of common 
folk. That we should defend others. But today I abandoned my friends... The 
only one I protected was myself. I failed you, Pop. There's nothing noble 
about me!

Virion: Are you upset over what happened at the bridge?

Brady: You saw it?

Virion: Perhaps I should teach you a noble's other great responsibility.

Brady: There's another one?

Virion: Commitment. Once you decide to do something, you must see it through. 
You cannot back down from hard choices the moment they start to sting. Make 
whatever losses you sustain count by finishing what you start. That is true 

Brady: ...Commitment, huh?

Virion: Correct. And what have you committed yourself to at this very moment?

Brady: To deliver the Gemstones... Right.

Virion: Get to it, then. And as for me, my commitment is to protecting you. 
So allow me to exert my usual grace and escort you back into Ylisse.

Brady: Right. Thanks, Pop. I appreciate it.
Brady x Stahl

Brady: Huh? Hold your griffons- green armor? No, it can't be!

Stahl: Brady...

Brady: Pop? Is that really you? I thought I recognized you! What are you 
doin' here? I thought you were dead!

Stahl: Well... the Stahl in this world probably is. But I'm not him. I've 
been sent here from another world to help you.

Brady: So you're n-not my pop? I see... ...... BAWWW! *sniff* I'm s-sorry! 
It's just... when I see your damned face, I just... Gaaah!

Stahl: I'm sorry, Brady. I was trying to stay out of sight. I know you can 
get emotional at times.

Brady: I'm just happy to see ya, Pop... I really, really am!

Stahl: You made a tough choice back there with your friends, Brady. I saw the 
whole thing.

Brady: I know, I just... *sniff* I hate myself for being so powerless...

Stahl: I completely understand. But you made the right choice, and I'm proud 
of you.

Brady: It tore me apart to do it. But you know what you said to me once? 
"When you're unsure in battle, ask yourself what you can do for the greater 

Stahl: I taught you that? That's sound advice. But your friends gave you an 
important task. I would have done the same thing as you.

Brady: But was it the right choice?

Stahl: Only time will tell. Right now, that's not what you should be thinking 

Brady: I... I know. I need to make sure the Gemstones reach Ylisse!

Stahl: Exactly! And I'll be right here to help in any way I can.
Brady x Vaike

Vaike: Hah! Is that a Brady? I think it's a Brady!

Brady: Pop?! How the hell...?

Vaike: The Vaike has crossed over from another world to save your bacon! I'm 
not the same man as your father... but I'm possibly more impressive.

Brady: Another world? I hope you don't mean THAT world. Tell me you're alive 
and not some Risen.

Vaike: Are you kiddin'? Would some sack of flesh have muscles like this? Come 
on now. So when do you and me get to team up and bash some undead heads in?

Brady: ......

Vaike: Somethin' wrong?

Brady: No, it's just... You're all talk, Pop. You know I don't have your 
strength or skill with weapons. My friends usually protect me, not the other 
way around.

Vaike: Yeah, the Vaike witnessed that little incident at the bridge.

Brady: I was afraid of that. The Vaike would never abandon his friends, would 

Vaike: You abandoned them? ...Is that what ya did?

Brady: I... uh...

Vaike: Or did you SAVE THE WORLD by keepin' the Gemstones safe? ...Teach may 
have to grade harshly based on how you answer.

Brady: I didn't abandon them. But still...

Vaike: Blah blah blah. You did the right thing! Time to move on. The real 
difference between you and the Vaike has nothin' to do with strength. It's 
the fact that you're always blubberin' like a baby.

Brady: I don't b-b-b-blubber! *sniff* I'm introspective, damn it!

Vaike: Heh heh. I'm just givin' ya a hard time. And anyway, you inherited the 
best parts of Maribelle and yours truly. Like the way you talk.

Brady: I definitely didn't get that part from Ma...

Vaike: Now how about we snap a few Risen in two and get ya on your way?

Brady: You really want to team up with me?

Vaike: Listen, the Vaike only picks winners! 
Brady x Kellam

Kellam: Brady! You're all right.

Brady: Huh? ...Holy horse feathers! Pop? You come back to haunt me?

Kellam: No, I'm no ghost. 

Brady: Like hell you're not! My old man died ages ago. Killed by a bunch of 
Risen. Besides, you've got this ethereal look to ya...

Kellam: That's, uh... That's my usual look. Anyway, let's get to the point. 
I'm from another world. I came here to help you when I heard you were in 
trouble. So I'm not a ghost... but I'm also not really your father. 

Brady: Oh. Well, that's a relief. I almost thought you were my escort to you-
know-where. So you say you're here to help?

Kellam: That's right. I'm going to get you back to Ylisse safe and sound. No 
Risen are going to get past me!

Brady: No, old-timer, listen to me... You gotta help my friends, not me. 
They're stuck on the other side of the ravine!

Kellam: But I'm worried about you...

Brady: The hell with me! I'm your son, ain't I? I bet the Risen won't even 
see me. Except, unlike you, I ain't got what it takes to save my friends. So 
you gotta do it for me. ...Promise! They could be badly wounded, or... No, 
I'm not gonna think about it. 

Kellam: All right, Brady. I understand how you feel. I'll look after your 

Brady: You mean it?! ...Aw, thanks, Pop! 

Kellam: But you have to make me a promise too. You're no warrior. Stay away 
from the Risen, and get out of here. Fast. 

Brady: All right. I promise. You watch your sorry hide too! 
(Brady leaves)

Kellam: Don't worry about me. I can-- ...Huh? Where'd he go? Holy smokes! He 
does take after me... He might even have me beat.
Brady x Donnel

Donnel: Shuck my corn, is that Brady?

Brady: Huh? That drawl... Pop?! No, it can't be. You're dead! You had better 
not be a Risen, or I... I...

Donnel: Easy nowĖI ain't no Risen! But I ain't your pa, neither. I came here 
from another world to lend ya a hand.

Brady: Haw? Another world? ...Meh, whatever. As long as you're no Risen. So 
my pop is still in his grave?

Donnel: Well, now ya done got me worried too, but yeah, as far as I know...

Brady: Whew, that's a relief. Sometimes dead folks in my world come back with 
a vengeance, if you get me. Nothing terrifies me more than the thought of 
bumping into you or Ma. ...Anyway, sorry I freaked out on you like that.

Donnel: Poor kid. Ya been through a lot. I shoulda got here sooner and saved 
ya all that grief by the bridge.

Brady: You saw all that?

Donnel: I sure did.

Brady: It was really tough, Pop... *gulp* Leavin' em like that... Runnin' 
away... But the world needs the Gemstones... *sniff* I had no choice...

Donnel: I know it's gotta hurt. A kind-hearted kid like yerself shouldn't 
have to make such tough decisions. Ya done good, Brady. Ya done real good.

Brady: Thanks...

Donnel: But ya know what comes next, don't ya? Ya know what ya gotta do?

Brady: Uh-huh...

Donnel: Well, don't you worry. I didn't come all this way to let ya down, 
Son. I'll fight off them Risen. You dry yer eyes and hurry on back to 

Brady: I will. *sniff* It was good to see you, Pop. I'll make you real proudĖ
I promise! I'll give it everything I've got!
Brady x Lon'qu

Lon'qu: Brady.

Brady: Who's there? Come on out, you fiend!

Lon'qu: It's me. Your father, Lon'qu. I've come from another world to lend 
you my strength.

Brady: Huh? Is that really you, Pop? Hmph... Seems a little hard to swallow. 
How do I know you're not tryin' to dupe me out of the Gemstones?

Lon'qu: I thought you might say that. I probably wouldn't believe me either, 
considering the circumstances.

Brady: Yeah? Good. Then take a hike. I don't buy any of your hogwash.

Lon'qu: Before you write me off... take a look at this.

Brady: What's thisóa ring?

Lon'qu: Yes. The same one your mother left you when she passed away.

Brady: You're right... It's the same. ...... Ma was real impressed at how you 
picked out the ring all on your own.

Lon'qu: Huh? But I didn't. Maribelle and I went and bought it together. That 
was the first day I worked up the courage to hold her hand...

Brady: Ding ding! Correct! So you really are my old man...

Lon'qu: I see... You were testing me.

Brady: Yep. Sorry about that. It's good to see ya again, Pop. Even if you're 
not the same man.

Lon'qu: You're just like your mother. Always a step ahead of me.

Brady: Well, don't sell yourself short. I'm your son too, after all. Even 
though I didn't exactly inherit your prowess in battle. Now my friends are 
trapped across the ravine and I can't do a damn thing about it. Sorry to 

Lon'qu: I'm not disappointed. You don't need a sword to be a strong fighter. 
Delivering the Gemstones to Ylisse will win more battles than any blade.

Brady: I guess...

Lon'qu: This world has tempered you and made you tougher than I'll ever be. 
But still I've come this far, and I intend to help. So go, Brady. I'll strike 
down any enemies in your path!

Brady: Right... Thanks, Pop!
Brady x Ricken

Ricken:  Brady! Oh, whew. I'm so glad I managed to catch up.

Brady: Who the hell are you, kid?

Ricken: It's me, Ricken. Your father?

Brady: Uh, are you crazy in the head or something? My old man's dead. And 
anyway, he wasn't some pipsqueak like you.

Ricken: Heh heh... I thought you might say that... So I brought a little 
leverage to help my case... ta-da! Feast your eyes on these tea leaves! Look 

Brady: Yes! ...... Okay, no.

Ricken: This is the tea Maribelle and I drink every single day! Come on, look 
closer! I'm sure you've seen it a million times.

Brady: I'm sure I have, but I don't know jack squat about tea leaves just by 
looking... Here, kid. Let me have a whiff.

Ricken: Ah, right! Of course! You might recognize the smell... Well? Well, 
well, well?

Brady: *Sniiiiiiff* ...Yep. You win. You're my pop, all right.

Ricken: You believe me?

Brady: Uh-huh. You don't really look like how I remember him, to be honest. 
But only my old man would be this eager to make me sniff tea leaves.

Ricken: Ha ha! That's a relief.

Brady: So what exactly are you doing here in junior form?

Ricken: I came from another world to help you. I saw how you got split up 
from your friends before... I know this must be so hard for you... But I'm 
here to fight by your side!

Brady: Well, thanks. But I'd rather you help them, not me. I had to leave 
them on the other side of the ravine... I hope they're all right.

Ricken: Are you sure? But then who's going to keep you safe?

Brady: I can take care of myself. I have a way of slipping right under the 
enemy's nose... Musta got that from you. Ma told me about the time you snuck 
behind enemy lines to rescue her.

Ricken: Ha ha! She did? Well, still, Brady. The stakes are higher this time. 
You have the Gemstones. You have to stay alive no matter what. Do it for your 

Brady: All right. But you be careful too, okay?
Brady x Gaius

Gaius: Brady? Is that you?

Brady: Pop?! How in the hell...

Gaius: Sorry. Wrong Gaius. I'm here from another world. The divine dragon 
Naga sent me to help you.

Brady: She what? ...Hang on, I thought you were a thief. What kind of thief 
takes a job like this? Did she offer you money? Jewels? Pancakes? It must've 
been something good.

Gaius: Nope. No reward. 

Brady: You're workin' for FREE? What kind of cheapskate goddess is she?

Gaius: What does it matter to you?

Brady: Well, actually, I wanted to find out your price so I could buy your 

Gaius: What? I'm your father! You don't really think I'd charge you?

Brady: Huh? You just got finished sayin' you AIN'T my father. Look, just take 
your damned money or cookies or whatever and hear me out!

Gaius: Heh. I see not even hard times have softened up that hard head of 
yours. You remind me of your mother... Well, I can't work for you because YOU 
are gonna do a job for me.

Brady: Oh yeah? And what's that?

Gaius: You're gonna make it home to Ylisstol in one piece.

Brady: Pah! Who are you kiddin'? I don't need you to ask me to do that. I can 
do it myself!

Gaius: Aren't you gonna wait and see what the payment is? Do the job for me, 
and I'll go rescue your friends across the ravine.

Brady: Wha... But that's what...

Gaius: What you were going to pay ME for. You think I don't know you? Let's 
just hope they're in one piece. Well---two separate pieces. One piece would 
be awkward... If they are alive, I'll make sure they join you in Ylisstol 

Brady: You better not be trickin' me.

Gaius: Hey, let's not be mixing up thieves and liars here, huh?

Brady: ...All right. You got yourself a deal.

Gaius: Good. Now get moving. No son of mine is gonna slip up here... You make 
sure you get home safe.

Brady: I will... You watch yourself too, Pop. Yeah. I know it's you, even if 
you say it ain't.

Gaius: Don't you worry about me. I break locks, not promises.
Brady x Gregor

Gregor: Ah! Brady... Is good to see you still breathing.

Brady: Pop?! No way... Did the Risen get me? Did I pass into the other world?

Gregor: Hah! Is much too soon for you to die, yes? Relax. This Gregor come 
from other world. Not the same man as your dearly departing Gregor!

Brady: There's two of you?! So, what are you doing in MY world?

Gregor: Gregor has come to help in time of need! Is Gregor not allowed to 
worry about his dear, sweet son?

Brady: ...You're worried about me? As if I didn't cause my real pop enough 
Gaaah! I'm sorry! *sniff* I turned out worthless. Worthless! *sob*

Gregor: Oy! Stop with the crying. You have work to do, yes?

Brady: *Sniff*

Gregor: Is okay to have regrets. Gregor have whole mountian of regrets! Lousy 
clients... Lousy jobs... Lousy taverns... But now is not time for regrets. 
You must put those thoughts aside and instead take action! Your friends did 
not make big sacrifice for nothing, yes?

Brady: So you saw all that...

Gregor: Yes, from distance. So Brady, tell Gregor... Is your job to boo-hoo? 
Is your job to wish things turned out different? No!

Brady: That's right. My job is to deliver the Gemstones! Will ya help me, 

Gregor: Of course! Gregor will finish job of other Gregor and keep his little 
son safe.
Brady x Libra

Libra: Brady? ...That's you, isn't it?

Brady: Pop?! N-no way. My old man kicked the bucket ages ago... Oh, hell. 
Don't tell me you've come to drag me off to the world of the dead!

Libra: It's not your time to go to the gods yet. Although I do come from 
another world. Which of course makes me a different Libra than the father you 

Brady: So you're my old man in another world?

Libra: Yes. And by Naga's power, I have come here to aid you.

Brady: Heh. That's an impressive trick. But you know what? Naga can kiss my 
butt. I appreciate the divine intervention, but where was she when Ylisse 
went to hell?

Libra: B-Brady! Shame on you! You're a man of the cloth! That's no way to 
speak of the divine dragon!

Brady: Oh, we were believers all right. Me and my ma and pop... We put all 
our faith in Naga. We prayed and prayed, thinking it would be worth a damn. 
But nope. Naga didn't listen.

Libra: Of course she-

Brady: And the gall! She sends us help now? Real nice of her to wait for my 
parents and a big chunk of Ylisse's population to die. Now my friends are 
next, if they're not dead already. All because she left us to fight this 
stupid war! I don't want Naga's help! She's too late! She's too... ah... 

Libra: Brady... forgive me. I have no intention of glossing over your 
struggles with talk of religion. But Naga has not abandoned you. Please 
realize that it took nothing short of a miracle for her to send what help she 
did. Your prayers did not go unanswered. It just... took time for the answer 
to arrive.

Brady: ......

Libra: I will not ask for you to put your faith in some higher power. But 
will you put your faith in me? I wish to save your world. I do not want 
anyone else to die- least of all you.

Brady: ...All right, Pop. All right. I'll give Naga another chance. After 
all, you're standing here before me. That really IS a miracle. Maybe she 
really will come through for us in the end.

Libra: She will, Brady. I promise.
Brady x Henry

Henry: Well, well. Look what the cat dragged in! Though, I guess we're 

Brady: Pop?! You're not dead! Did you use your hexes to preemptively bring 
yourself back or something?

Henry: No... But wouldn't THAT be fun! "Presurrection"! Anyway, I'm not the 
Henry you know. I came from another world to help you. It's called an 
Outrealm, because it's a realm outside this one. Get it?

Brady: Er... yeah, I get it. It's a shame you're not my real old man, but at 
least you're alive, um, legitimately.

Henry: Uh-huh. So which Risen do you want me to kill first? It's the least I 
can do for you since the other me is a smelly, wormy carcass now. Just point 
me at your most hated enemy, and I'll blow him off the map!

Brady: I wish it were that simple, but this battle is all but lost. You 
should go back to your world before things get any worse, Pop.

Henry: Huh? Why?

Brady: Uh, how about 'cause the valley is swarming with foes and we might 
drop like flies? You don't have to die to save somebody else's world.

Henry: Why not?

Brady: Beeeeee... cause you don't?

Henry: Sorry, but I'm not about to abandon my son when he's in danger. I like 
danger! And I'm also surprisingly okay with death. And flies. To me, this 
world's as cozy as a blanket. Nya ha ha!

Brady: Pop, you're kind of freaking me out.

Henry: I have that effect on people. But don't worry. I'm not actually going 
to die. Now shoo! Get on home to Ylisse! I'll take care of things here.

Brady: ...... Well, I don't know how to say no to that. But seriously, you'd 
better not die. 'Cause if ya do... I may not be you, old-timer, but I know a 
few measly curses of my own.
(Brady leaves)

Henry: I hope they're measly. I don't want you dabbling in curses. You're too 
nice for that. Besides, they take a toll on the body. ...Oh! Want to see my 
rashes sometime? Anyway, I'll have this all sewed up in no time, so forget 
the curses and get moving!
Brady x Avatar

Avatar: Brady? Brady, it is you! I'm so glad you're all right!

Brady: Pop?! What are you doing here? I thought you were dead! You never came 
home. Did someone capture you?

Avatar: No... You don't understand. I'm not really from this world. And I'm 
not really your father. I can only stay here for a short while...

Brady: What? You're not him? Then... my old man must be...

Avatar: I'm sorry, Brady. I didn't mean to build up false hope. But even if 
I'm not your real father, you're still like a son to me. Let me fight 
alongside you for as long as I can!

Brady: You'd do that for me? Thanks, Pop... But I sure wish you didn't have 
to see me like this.

Avatar: Like what?

Brady: I did something terrible. Real bad. I abandoned my friends... They 
helped me get away, and I can't even go back and save them... I don't know 
how to fight. I'm sure I'm nothing like you wanted me to turn out...

Avatar: Brady, that's not true at all.

Brady: It ain't?

Avatar: Of course not. You're a remarkable son. And besides, if you'd tried 
to go back and save them, you would have been killed. Then the Gemstones 
would have fallen into enemy hands. I'm proud of you for staying calm and 
making the right choice. You kept your emotions at bay and did what your 
friends wanted. That took guts.

Brady: Really? *sniff*

Avatar: You're exactly what I wanted in a son. A quick thinker who gets the 
job done. A true strategist, like his father.

Brady: You m-mean it? *sob*

Avatar: You'll start feeling better once you complete your mission here. And 
you'll have my help every step of the way!

Brady: Thanks, Pop. Ylisse needs me, and I won't let her down. WE won't!

Avatar: That's right! 
Brady x Brady

Brady: Oh, crap! That's me! ...The other me! I didn't realize I'd wandered so 
close... What the hell am I supposed to say to myself? Oh! I could tell him 
that he'll get the Gemstones safely back to Ylisstol. After all, I did. 
...Wait, no. Bad idea. I can already tell the situation here is way worse 
than what I dealt with. There weren't half as many Risen here, and me and my 
friends didn't get split up. I don't want him to let his guard down... Naga 
wasn't kidding. This world is messed up beyond belief. Maybe it really is 
doomed... Aw, the hell with that. I'll undoom it! What am I here for? Just 
watch, other Brady! I'm gonna get you home safe and sound.

Yarne x Panne

Yarne: M-Mother? ...Is that really you?

Panne: It pleases me to see you safe, Yarne.

Yarne: Oh! Mother! It's a miracle! You're back from the dead! ...Y-you're not 
a Risen, are you?

Panne: Well, I may have red eyes... but no. I am not a Risen.

Yarne: You mean it? Then you really are alive! This is wonderful! I thought I 
was the last taguel, and I was so, so scared...

Panne: Poor Yarne... Your world has been so cruel to you. But I am so proud 
of you for keeping our race alive.

Yarne: Wait... What do you mean, "your world"?

Panne: I'm sorry, Yarne. I'm not really your mother. I should have told you 
sooner. I've come from another world to help you for as long as I can.

Yarne: You mean you're going to leave? But I just got you back!

Panne: Naga's power here is limited. My task is to ensure you and the 
Gemstones reach Ylisse. Then I must go.

Yarne: No! No, no, I want you to stay! I don't want to be the last taguel 
anymore! *sniff*

Panne: I truly am sorry, Yarne. I know your loneliness all too well. I never 
meant for you to share it... But know that I will always love you, even when 
we are worlds apart! I will never stop praying for your safety and happiness. 
Please, do not cry. You will break your mother's heart...

Yarne: *Sniff* All right... I won't cry anymore, Mother. I know I'm too old 
to be falling apart like this.

Panne: Good boy...

Yarne: I had better go. If we have to say good-bye, I'd rather make it quick. 
But thank you for coming to help me. I'll be thinking of you too. Just 
hearing your voice gives me hope. And... now I know I'm not alone. There are 
worlds where my mother is alive! Maybe even lots of worlds! Which means... 
the taguel still have a fighting chance! Yippee!      
(Yarne leaves)

Panne: Huh? Yarne, where are you---*sigh* Silly boy...He said he was done 
crying, but I could still hear the quiver in his voice. Well, never fear. 
Your mother has not left you yet. I will keep you safe and help you find the 
peaceful future you deserve.
Yarne x Frederick

Yarne: Is that...? It can't be! Father?!

Frederick: Hello, Yarne. You may be my son, but I'm not the father you think. 
I've come from another world, you see.

Yarne: I... No, I don't see.

Frederick: Well, as much as I'd love to draw you a picture and explain... 
time runs short. You need to get to Ylisse. I'll stay here and hold the enemy 
at bay.

Yarne: What? Now, hold on! I just left two of my friends behind. Now you want 
me to leave you too? I can't just let you stay here and die... Not after 
you've come all this way to save me.

Frederick: You've already lost me once- is that why?

Yarne: That's right. Just thinking about how you died protecting me... It's 
not fair! I don't want a life that's been bought with the lives of others!

Frederick: Then shall we die together? Is that what you'd prefer? The son I 
know would do anything to avoid extinction.

Yarne: Huh?

Frederick: I think I know why your friends trusted you with the Gemstones. 
They were betting on you.

Yarne: What do you mean?

Frederick: They believed that you, more than any of them, had the strongest 
will to live. Also, no son of mine would ever abandon his liege. Lucina needs 
you, and that is why you will return to Ylisse. I know it, and your friends 
knew it too.

Yarne: Ah...

Frederick: Seeing more clearly now? Good. Then finding you was worth it.

Yarne: You're right. Th-thank you, Father... I swear I'll make it out of here 
alive! And I'll tkae any help I can get. Can you hold them off?

Frederick: It would be my pleasure.
Yarne x Virion

Virion: Whew... All these Risen do tire a noble out... What I wouldn't give 
for a freshly brewed cup of tea and a few moments to relax. ...Hmm? Now who 
is that running this way?

Yarne: FATHER! That's really you, isn't it?

Virion: Aieee! ...Good gods, my boy! My heart nearly stopped. So you must be 
this world's Yarne... You do know how to startle your elders, don't you? 
Truth be told, I was hoping to avoid this meeting... Alas, it seems my 
destiny is, as always, to be noticed.

Yarne: Well, when you talk to yourself and gesture dramatically like that... 
*Sigh* Never mind. What are you doing here? You're supposed to be dead.

Virion: Ah, you mean your FATHER is supposed to be dead. But I am not your 
father. I am the OTHER Virion who is NOT dead! You see, I came from another 

Yarne: ...Er, why would you do that?

Virion: A little bird told me you and your companions were in dire straits. 
And when presented with the opportunity to help, I... I... *gulp*

Yarne: ...You...?

Virion: *Ahem* Forgive me. You are not REALLY my son, but it distresses me to 
see your life in peril. My usual grace and composure, they... Oh dear? I'm 
starting to... to sweat. From my eyes. I am quite sweaty.

Yarne: Father, you're crying! No wonder you didn't want us to cross paths. 
Ohh... *sniff* Oh, Father!

Virion: Ah-ah! Dry those tears, my boy. A son of any Virion must maintain his 
dignity. Besides, your eyes will get red.

Yarne: Um... My eyes have ALWAYS been red. You know that.

Virion: Ah yes... Like your mother's. Such a lovely color! But enough 
sentimentality. Since you know I am here, I can no longer protect you in 
secret... However, I still have your back... And YOU have a mission to see 

Yarne: Don't worry, Father. I will!
Yarne x Stahl

Stahl: Yarne! You're alive!

Yarne: Wh-what? Father?! But I thought you were dead!

Stahl: I'm not the Stahl you know. I came from another world.

Yarne: Wha...? Why would you do that?

Stahl: To save you, of course!

Yarne: You're here to help? Then don't save me. You have to rescue my 
friends! They're stranded on the other bank...

Stahl: I know. I saw. It must have been hard to leave them behind. That took 

Yarne: I didn't want to do it, but I had to honor their wishes. I had to! 
*Sniff* What would you have done? I'm scared I made a mistake...

Stahl: You didn't, Yarne. Trust me. I know how it feels to make a tough call 
and be left to wonder if there was another way. But you can't get hung up on 
things like that. You need to keep moving forward.

Yarne: How can I?

Stahl: Listenólife lays a lot of choices before us, and sometimes they're all 
bad. You have to be able to pick the least of those evils and live with it. I 
know I have. But if you stop to question it, you'll never get to the next 
choice. You'll never get anywhere. Understand?

Yarne: ......

Stahl: You know what you need to do now, right?

Yarne: Yes... Deliver the Gemstones. I don't know why I was so clouded... I 
have to hurry up and finish my mission!

Stahl: Good. And I'm going to help you. You ready?

Yarne: I am now. Thanks, Father!
Yarne x Vaike

Yarne: Father, is that you?!

Vaike: Ah! There ya are. So you must be this world's Yarne.

Yarne: I-I don't understand. Are you a ghost? Have you come back from the 
Vaike: Sorry, kid, but neither one. I came from another world, so I ain't the 
same Vaike you called your father,

Yarne: There's more than one of you?! Oh... Then I guess my father really is 

Vaike: Hmm... Looks like the Vaike went and got your hopes up... But this is 
no time for you to be feelin' bad for yourself, Son of Vaike. You've got an 
important task ahead of ya- ain't that right?

Yarne: ...Th-that's right! The Gemstones. I have to get them back to 
Ylisstol... Father, I'm sorry to ask you this, but can you help my friends? I 
would do it myself, but I can't stay here.

Vaike: Your friends? Ya mean the ones who cut the bridge down...

Yarne: Yes! They might be badly hurt by now... or worse... But if I go help 
them, Iíll just get myself killed, and it will all be for n-nothing... 
*Sniff* *sob*

Vaike: Yarne...

Yarne: I-it's not fair! *sob*

Vaike: H-hey! Kid, take it easy! I get it. And you remember how tough your 
old man was, right?

Yarne: Of course I do! The Vaike was Ylisse's ultimate warrior! He was 
greater than even the greatest of taguel legends. His ferocity in the field 
inspired his comrades and put the enemy to rout! My father was the best!

Vaike: Good. Then ya now the Vaike'll take care of things here too. You 
handle your mission. The ultimate warrior will do the rest! You and your 
friends have got nothin' to worry about.

Yarne: R-really?!

Vaike: Really! Now get movin', Son of Vaike!

Yarne: A-all right! Thank you, 
Yarne x Kellam

Kellam: Yarne... You're safe.

Yarne: Waugh! ...F-Father? I must be seeing things. Are you a g-ghost?

Kellam: No. I'm not really your father. I came from another world.

Yarne: Another world? I bet you've come here to scold me...

Kellam: Huh? Why would I do that?

Yarne: B-because I left my friends behind! I left them to die!

Kellam: You mean back at the bridge?

Yarne: *Sniff* I didn't mean to leave them. I was going to stay by their 
sides--even if it meant extinction! But I messed up! I failed them! Waaah! 

Kellam: Aww. Easy now, Yarne. I understand... It hurts when you can't be 
there to protect your friends. I know that as well as anyone. Every injury 
they sustain is like a knife in your chest. I get it.

Yarne: You do? *sniff*

Kellam: But I also know it's important to keep living. Why's that?

Yarne: I don't know.

Kellam: Yes, you do. You have a mission.

Yarne: ...To get the Gemstones back to Ylisse. Y-you're right, Father. I was 
so upset that I nearly lost sight of it.

Kellam: Then you'd better get going. I'll handle things here!

Yarne: Right! No looking back. Thanks, Father!
Yarne x Donnel

Donnel: Yarne! Yer all right!
Yarne: Ack! F-Father? Is that you?
Donnel: Well, nice as it is to hear ya call me that, I ain't the Donny yer 
thinkin' of. I came here from another world.
Yarne: A-another world...? Well, either way, you're still my father, right? 
I'm so sorry I let you die! I never got the chance to apologize...
Donnel: Let me die? Sorry... What are ya gettin' on about now?
Yarne: You died... protecting me from the Risen...
Donnel: Oh, ya mean the other me. Hmm... Well, that ain't no good...
Yarne: You need to leave now, Father. This place is swarming with Risen! Go 
back to your own world where it's safe!
Donnel: No can do. I didn't come all this way to turn around now.
Yarne: But I can't lose you again! I don't want anyone else dying on my 
account! I'd rather be extinct than hurt like that again...
Donnel: And who says I'm gonna die?
Yarne: But it's happened before!
Donnel: That was your other pa, Yarne. But I'm here right now, and I ain't 
dead. Not yet. So how 'bout you consider the chance I might pull us through 
Yarne: ......
Donnel: I ain't one to ever give up, no, sir. Not while there's still hope! 
Things may look grim, but we gots to make the best of it. Just like a field 
don't plow itself, neither does a battle win itself!
Yarne: ...Heh. Only you would say that. I remember how hard you used to work. 
You brought home the best carrots! Even after the world went to hell, you 
still kept the fields filled. ...I guess I see your point. Maybe you really 
can turn this around. All right, Father. You win. Help me get back to Ylisse!
Donnel: Shucks, it'd be my pleasure!
Yarne x Lon'qu

Yarne: F-Father?! Is that you? It can't be...

Lon'qu Yarne.

Yarne: This isn't possible. Please tell me you're not some Risen... I d-don't 
think I could fight an enemy with my own father's face...

Lon'qu Relax. I am no Risen. Nor am I your real father.

Yarne: What?

Lon'qu: I come from another worldóan Outrealm separate from this one.

Yarne: I... I see. Then you're here to rescue me?

Lon'qu: No. You know me better than that.

Yarne: What do you mean?

Lon'qu: I mean my son needs no rescuing. You may be the last of the taguel, 
but that's also because you are the strongest.

Yarne: ...I am?

Lon'qu: Yes. Today you need a comrade to guide you through the danger. Not a 
father to pull you out of it. Whatever enemies I destroy will be to hasten 
your victory, not hand it to you.

Yarne: ......

Lon'qu: I believe in you. Today my strong son is going to come through for 
his friends.

Yarne: You're right. I have to get back to Ylisstol. I have to deliver the 
Gemstones no matter what the cost! The whole world is counting on me.

Lon'qu: That's right. Now go. Any Risen who stands in your way will have to 
face my blade.

Yarne: Thank you, Father! 
Yarne x Ricken

Ricken: Yarne! You're all right!

Yarne: Ack! What's a little kid doing here?

Ricken: Hey! I am NOT little! I'm your father, Ricken. You could at least TRY 
to recognize me? I came here from another world- one where I'm still young.

Yarne: YOU are my father? Hmm... I guess you do have his features... But 
you're still a kid! What are you doing on a battlefield?

Ricken: Saving you! You need all the help you can get, right?

Yarne: You're here to rescue us?! Then forget about me, Father. you have to 
help Owain and Inigo! They put themselves in danger so that I could escape!

Ricken: I know. I saw what happened at the bridge. But you do know why they 
did it, right? As cruel as it seems?

Yarne: So that I could deliver the Gemstones...

Ricken: That's right. They want you do make it home to Ylisse. And you know 
what? So do I.

Yarne: You mean you won't help them?

Ricken: Of course I'll help them! We're all in this together. But your safety 
comes first, and you can't expect me to forget that.

Yarne: Nngh... I know...

Ricken: Good. Then you know what we need to do. Now let's finish this, Yarne. 
I'll hold this spot, so you go on ahead!

Yarne: *Sigh* All right, Father. Thank you.
Yarne x Gaius

Gaius: Hey there, Yarne.

Yarne: F-Father?! ...But I thought you were dead!

Gaius: No, I'm not the Gaius you knew. I come from another world.

Yarne: So you're... my other father? ...Oh! Have you come to save me?

Gaius: Heh... What kind of chump do you take me for?

Yarne: What?

Gaius: I heard this world was loaded with treasure and decided to stop by.

Yarne: B-but...

Gaius: And THEN I saw you were hopelessly outnumbered and decided to help.

Yarne: Oh...

Gaius: Now you listen to me, Yarne. As much as you like to go on about 
extinction, this right here isn't it. Come on... Look at these guys you're up 
against. They're a walk in the park! I'm only helping out because I'm bored. 
And you think you need saving? You've got better things to do, like build a 
better future with your friends. Now, shoo. That's what your father would 

Yarne: I know what you're trying to do. You're pushing me away so the enemies 
will come after you instead!

Gaius: Ha! Like I saidódo I look like a chump? Go on, scram! Finish your 
damned mission!

Yarne: ...A-all right, Father. I will! But you'd BETTER not die on me!

Gaius: Heh... Trust me, kid. My species is in this for the long run. 
Yarne x Gregor

Yarne: F-Father?!

Gregor: Ah... Gregor's cover is blown.

Yarne: Father, it's really you! I... I...

Gregor: Ay-ay is right! *Sigh* Gregor was hoping to stay out of son's 
peripheral vision... But oh well. It seems family reunion was in cards.

Yarne: I can't believe you're still alive!

Gregor: Listen, Yarne. Gregor you see here is not Gregor you know. This 
Gregor come from whole other world to rescue you.

Yarne: Another world? Oh... Then my father really is gone. *sniff* Is that 
why you were avoiding me? You didn't want to confuse me?

Gregor: Maybe a little. Gregor feared you might break into snivelly taguel 
tears. But... is not easy on Gregor, either, seeing you in trouble like this.

Yarne: Father...

Gregor: Oy! Gregor is not your father! N-now go on, before this get any 
harder... Gregor will watch back and make sure no one lays hand on other 
Gregor's little boy.

Yarne: All right, but... can I call you "Father" anyway? You're still him to 
me, whether you say so or not.

Gregor: Bah! Do what you like. Just make sure you stay alive.

Yarne: All right... Father. Thanks for coming to save me. I'm glad I got to 
see you again.
Yarne x Libra

Libra: Yarne! Thank the gods! I thought I had lost you.

Yarne: F-Father?! But how can...

Libra: I'm not your real father, Yarne. I hail from another world. When we 
heard you were in danger, my friends and I came to help. I'm glad you've kept 
yourself alive, though I don't know how you managed. The gods must love you 
as much as I do.

Yarne: I doubt that.

Libra: What do you mean?

Yarne: I left my friends to die back there. I doubt the gods would approve, 
even if it was so I could complete my mission... They ought to strike me down 
where I stand!

Libra: Wha-? Yarne!

Yarne: This is all wrong... I'd rather be extinct than l-lose my friends... 
*Sniff* *sob*

Libra: Hmph. Well, I'll tell you this. Even if the gods abandon you, you will 
always have me on your side. I promise you that.

Yarne: ...Really?

Libra: You didn't leave your friends to die. You honored their wishes. I 
think that's commendable, regardless of what the higher powers might say. And 
if they have a problem with that, they can take it up with me!

Yarne: ...... Thank you.

Libra: Now don't ever let me hear you say you want to be extinct again. Is 
that what the Libra of this world died for? I think not.

Yarne: *Sniff* You're right. I'm sorry. You and Mother gave me a second 
chance. I won't waste it.

Libra: Good. Now off you go, Yarne. Honor your friends by finishing your 

Yarne: All right. I will. Thank you, Father!
Yarne x Henry

Henry: Whaó? ...Oh, hey, Yarne!

Yarne: F-Father?! ...Oh, gods, now I'm seeing ghosts...

Henry: Ghost? Nya ha ha! That's rich! But I guess it makes sense, with the 
whole crossing-of-worlds thing.

Yarne: The what?

Henry: See, I'm not your HenryóI'm MY Henry! I come from another world. And I 
can't stay very long. So in that sense, I really am kind of a ghost.

Yarne: Well, that's all right. Whatever you are, I'm glad you're here. I get 
to see you one last time.

Henry: One last time?

Yarne: Mm-hmm. Take a look around. This world is doomed... It's beyond 

Henry: Wow! Usually you're dead set against the whole extinction thing. What 
made you change your mind?

Yarne: I didn't change my mind! I'm saying there's no hope.

Henry: Bzzt! Wrong! There WAS no hope. Until I showed up. But now Henry the 
super ghost is gonna lay waste to all these Risen! And YOU'RE gonna wake up 
tomorrow and think this was all some weird dream.

Yarne: Stop joking around! Don't you realize how powerful they are? You can't 

Henry: Oh, I think I can at least make a dent.

Yarne: You're going to DIE!

Henry: Ghosts don't die, silly! ...Sorry. Is this metaphor annoying?

Yarne: Yes! I don't want to lose you, so just... leave! Don't make me watch 
you die a second time!

Henry: Gosh, you're a lot more squeamish than I am. But I guess it's kinda 

Yarne: Hmph...

Henry: It was worth dropping by just to see how great you turned out! But 
don't worry. I'm not about to let either one of us die. Bye for now!

Yarne: F-Father! Hey, come back! ....... Argh! What's wrong with me? Why 
can't I be like him? This isn't even his battle, and he's fighting twice as 
hard as I am! Grr... I have to be stronger. I can't give up now! I have to 
get these Gemstones back to Ylisstol, no  matter what...
Yarne x Avatar

Avatar: ...Yarne? It's you, isn't it?

Yarne: Father? Y-you're alive!

Avatar: I wish I was your real father, Yarne. But I come from another world. 
I crossed the borders of space and time to help you escape. Now go! I'll hold 
them off!

Yarne: No... That's all right.

Avatar: Huh?

Yarne: You saw how many Risen there were. This world is done for... Finished. 
Don't throw your life away with ours.

Avatar: Hey!

Yarne: We've already lost. I left my friends back there to die... It's over. 
I'm the worst...

Avatar: No, you're not!

Yarne: Hm?

Avatar: I'm not blind. I saw what really happened. You didn't want to abandon 
your friends. You had to force yourself away. You decided to honor their 
wishes in the end.

Yarne: I still left them to die.

Avatar: Well, maybe you need to have a little more faith in them!

Yarne: I wish I could, but I'm not stupid.

Avatar: Then suppose you're right, and they don't make it. Don't you owe it 
to them to finish your mission and honor what they did? Don't you owe it to 
your parents?

Yarne: Rrgh...

Avatar: Your survival could be what pulls this world back from the brink of 
chaos. Are you going to try? Or are you going to waste what time you have 
left feeling bad for everyone?

Yarne: *Sniff* I'm s-sorry, Father. You're right... I had all but given up... 
But not anymore. I won't let their sacrifices be in vain. Please... Will you 
help me finish what we started?

Avatar: Of course! 
Yarne x Yarne

Yarne(1): So that's me in this world... I'm surprised I havenít died off by 
now...What are the odds?  Maybe I should go give myself a pat on the back... 
Huh? But wait a second. What if he's so scared to see himself that he drops 
dead from the shock?  Th-that would be a disaster! I can't do that to myself! 
Not after Other Me has made it this far! I'll just watch from a distance... 
...hang in there, Yarne. You stay alive. I know you'll make this world so 
peaceful, you'll never be afraid of dying out again!

Yarne(2): ...... You too, Yarne.

Severa x Cordelia

Cordelia: Severa? At last I've found you!

Severa: M-Mother? What are you doing here?

Cordelia: I was so worried I wouldn't make it in time.

Severa: Hey! You don't have to squeeze that tight, you know!

Cordelia: I am so proud of you for protecting Lucina like you did. And here I 
thought we were so different... But you protected your princess just like any 
pegasus knight would.

Severa: Why does everything I do have to be framed in terms of you? Why are 
you even here? I thought you were dead. 

Cordelia: I am so sorry, Severa. But your mother and I are two different 
people. I come from another world.

Severa: What? You're not my mother?

Cordelia: No. By Naga's power, I have been sent to help you for as long as I 

Severa: If you're not my mother, then get your hands off me.

Cordelia: Ah... Of course. Forgive me.

Severa: No matter what world you came from, you never change. Everything is 
always about you---about how you feel, about what you can do. You think that 
because I'm your daughter, I'll turn out exactly like you. Not once have you 
stopped to ask ME how I feel.

Cordelia: What?

Severa: Y-you made me so angry... *sniff* I h-hated you! Waaaaaah!

Cordelia: Oh! Baby, don't cry... Come here...

Severa: Don't tell me what to do! Ahh... *sob*

Cordelia: I don't even know where to begin. I am so sorry for all that I put 
you through.

Severa: ...F-fine. I accept your apology. Now let go of me. 

Cordelia: Better now?

Severa: *Sniff* Of course I'm better now....Your nose is running. I guess 
sometimes we do feel the same... I missed you.

Cordelia: ...I missed you too!

Severa: All right, PLEASE stop hugging me! This is a battlefield!

Cordelia: Yes, it is. Well, are you ready to finish this fight?

Severa: Only if you're ready to get blown away by how strong I've become.

Cordelia: Heh, let's see what my little girl can do.
Severa x Frederick

Frederick: Severa! There you are. Thank the gods you still live.

Severa: D-Daddy? But that's not possible...

Frederick: Alas, I am not your late father. I only just arrived here from 
another world. But to me, you are still a daughter, and I wish to help you. 
Please, allow me to keep you safe.

Severa: I never thought I would see your face again.

Frederick: Severa, I am so proud of all you have accomplished. Few would put 
the life of another above their own, but you did so for the princess. Before 
me stands a true knight. You have taken my ideals and embodied themóperfected 

Severa: I was just... doing what I thought you and Mother would do. I wanted 
to keep Lucina safe the way you always kept her family safe. Just thinking 
about you gave me courage!

Frederick: Such words gladden me.

Severa: But I was so... so scared. *sniff*

Frederick: I know. You did well. And you have done enough. I want you to find 
someplace safe and recover your strength. I shall wipe these Risen from the 
face of Ylisse!

Severa: No, I can't let you do the hard work for me just because you're my 
father. When I was little, you taught me how to fight for a reason. You 
wanted me to become strong. And that's what I did after you passed away. I 
never stopped fighting!

Frederick: Your determination would put any man to shame.

Severa: Great. Now you're calling me manly. You don't have to make fun of me.

Frederick: I'm doing no such thing. I hold your femininity in equal regard.

Severa: Daddy! Just... stop complimenting me. You're making it worse. Come 
on, let's finish this battle. I want you to see how great a warrior I've 
become. If I only get to see you for a short time, I intend to leave an 

Frederick: I shall watch every move so that the memory stays with me forever.

Severa: Heh. Good. Now keep your eyes peeled! And don't forget me...
Severa x Virion

Virion: Whew... Right in the nick of time. Good day, Severa.

Severa: Huh?

Virion: Poor girl. Such terrible wounds! Had I arrived too late, I might 
never have forgiven my noble self.

Severa: Daddy? You're alive?!

Virion: No, my dear. I came from another world entirely. When I heard this 
world was in peril, I gracefully sprang into action. And now I wish to fight 
by your side in your departed father's stead!

Severa: I appreciate any help I can get, but you do realize how dangerous it 
is here. Don't you have problems in your own world to worry about?

Virion: Indeed I do. The Fatherest of Fathers is a busy man. However, the 
needs of my beloved daughter come first in any world. Saving you is the noble 
thing to do.

Severa: You and your roundabout answers. It's the noble thing to do, but not 
what you want to do right? You'd rather be with your real daughter in your 
own world. I'm not stupid. So why are you risking your life here?

Virion: I shall assume those harsh words are an expression of concern. I can 
see you are just as kind and considerate in this world...

Severa: Stop changing the subject!

Virion: There is no one I care about more than my own daughter. No one.

Severa: Huh?

Virion: Of course, in this case, I have more than one daughter. But I refuse 
to put one daughter above the other. My daughter is my daughter. I cherish 
you both equally. Ergo, no one is more important to me than you.

Severa: Y-you really mean that? Having another daughter to look after isn't 
just some annoyance?

Virion: Certainly not. Now dry your tears. You have shed more than enough to 
prove how graceful and kind you are. Are you ready to join forces and rewrite 
your future?

Severa: Yes! Thank you daddy! 
Severa x Stahl

Stahl: Severa? You're safe!

Severa: D-Daddy? Oh, Daddy, Daddy!

Stahl: Whoa! I didn't expect you to just throw your arms around me like that.

Severa: You're alive! *sob*

Stahl: Poor Severa... You've gone through so much. I wish I didn't have to 
add to your sorrows. But... you see... your father is still dead.

Severa: What?

Stahl: I came from another world. I'm not the Stahl you knew. I just want to 
protect you for what little time I have here.

Severa: Y-you can't stay?

Stahl: I'm afraid not. As soon as the battle is over, I will have to leave.

Severa: ...... Well, you totally ruined THAT moment.

Stahl: Sorry.

Severa: Are you from the past? You look a lot younger than I remember. And 
more dashing.

Stahl: Uh, I guess it was sort of the past...

Severa: I don't know why you came all this way just to get my hopes up. You 
shouldn't have... done that... *sniff*

Stahl: I know, Severa...

Severa: I loved you so much. You were always so gentle and easy to get along 
with... Nothing at all like my mother, Miss Perfect.

Stahl: Well, your father loved you just as much. But I didn't come here just 
to reminisce. I came here to keep my favorite daughter safe.

Severa: Thanks, Daddy. But I think you mean your ONLY daughter safe... I AM 
your only daughter, right?
Severa x Vaike

Vaike: Looks like the fell dragon's dastardly attack wasn't enough to do ya 
in. That's my little girl!

Severa: Daddy?! What are you doing here?

Vaike: The Vaike's come from another world to rescue his darling daughter! I 
may not be the Vaike you know---but who cares! You're still my little ball of 

Severa: I see...Well, even if you're not my real father, it's still good to 
see your face.

Vaike: It's good to see you too! You were amazin' back there. The Vaike saw 
how you protected Lucina. It takes real guts to do that---even for a friend. 
Lucina's just as lucky to have you as Chrom is to have me.

Severa: Really? I always thought you were jealous of him.

Vaike: Well, he does take most of the credit on the battlefield. 

Severa: Then why help him out? Why not let him earn his glory himself?

Vaike: ...Not very bright, are ya?

Severa: Ex-CUSE me?

Vaike: I help him 'cause he's my friend. The Vaike may not get much credit, 
but he gets a good friend in return. It's the same with you and Lucina, ain't 
it? You give her tongue-lashings all the time, but you would never abandon 
her. She's a good friend to you.

Severa: Well, someone has to stick up for her when she's too dense to do it 
for herself. That doesn't make us "friends".

Vaike: Ya know, you take after the Vaike so much it hurts.

Severa: Don't insult me! I'm nothing like you.

Vaike: Well, you certainly got Cordelia's good looks. The Vaike would hate to 
see such beauty come to an end here. Now how about we fight together? All 
right, Severa?

Severa: But... I don't want you to die...

Vaike: Oh? So ya don't think you're good enough to watch the Vaike's back?

Severa: Of course I am! I'm way better than you! The Daughter of Vaike isn't 
about to be bested by her old man.

Vaike: That's more like it. With you by my side, I don't think I could die if 
I tried. Now come on.... HaaaAAA! 
(Vaike leaves)

Severa: W-wait, Daddy! Ugh, does he even have a plan of attack?...... But I'm 
still glad I got to see him again... Thanks, Daddy.
Severa x Kellam

Severa: *Huff, huff* They're not messing around. But I have to hold out... 
...Ah! Archers? No... I'm finished... Huh? I'm still alive? What happened?

Kellam: Severa, are you all right?

Severa: D-Daddy? What are you doing here? I thought you were dead!

Kellam: In this world, I suppose I am... But I come from another world. I'm 
not the Kellam you know. That's why we're able to talk like this.

Severa: Oh... Well, thanks for protecting me just now. But don't ever do 
anything like that again.

Kellam: What? But the whole reason I came here was to keep you safe.

Severa: Well, then I guess you wasted your time, didn't you? It's MY job to 
protect people in this world. Not yours! You gave up your right to do it when 
you left us.

Kellam: And that's why you risked your life to protect Lucina before.

Severa: Yes! I don't need you anymore. I'm fine without you! And don't you 
dare make me question that now... Y-you... you don't have the right!

Kellam: You're right, Severa. I'm sorry. I didn't think about how you felt. I 
came here for selfish reasons, because... Well, because I don't want to watch 
you die.

Severa: Duh! You think I don't know that? You don't want to watch me die, so 
I have to watch you die instead. Right? Yeah, that's real fair. But whatever. 
I'm used to it by now.

Kellam: That's not what I mean. Listen, Severa, how about this... Neither one 
of us wants to lose the other, right? So why don't we watch each other's 
backs? That'll make the battle easier on both of us. Well, easier on me, 
anyway. I can see you don't need any help.

Severa: Hmph... Fine. But don't be embarrassed when I run circles around you.

Kellam: Nothing would make me prouder.

Severa: ...Okay. Thanks, Daddy. You may not be the father I lost, but it's 
still nice to have you back.
Severa x Donnel

Donnel: Is that you, Severa? Gosh, you're safe! Hooey... My heart's been in 
my throat since the moment I done got here!

Severa: "Hooey"? ...Daddy, is that you?

Donnel: Hmm... So the other me never managed to kick his accent either.

Severa: What other you?

Donnel: Oh. Well, ya see, I'm not the Donny you're thinkin' of. I came here 
from another world to lend ya a hand!

Severa: And you're my daddy in that world too.

Donnel: So ya believe me!

Severa: I don't see any reason you'd be lying. But I don't need your help, so 
you can march right back home.

Donnel: Haw?!

Severa: You've got more important people in your life back in your own world. 
I don't want to get you killed here. All right? Good. So long!

Donnel: Well, that's mighty sweet'a ya to worry 'bout me. I reckon I'm pretty 
lucky to have such a carin' daughter. Both of me are pretty lucky, actually! 
But ya see, that's all the more reason for me to want to keep ya safe.

Severa: Did you hear a word I said? If you die here, you'll be abandoning 
everyone you left in your own world!

Donnel: Well, then it's a good thing I'm tough! Maybe even tougher than the 
pa ya knew. We'll just see who kicks the bucket this time!

Severa: Daddy, you are so... dumb. But I love you for it.

Donnel: Aw, I love ya too, sweetheart.

Severa: It turns out I'm pretty tough too. I bet I could snap the Severa you 
know like a twig! So you'd better not have any ideas about stealing all the 

Donnel: Ha ha! That's my baby girl!
Severa x Lon'qu

Lon'qu: Severa.

Severa: Huh?! No... Daddy?!

Lon'qu: I'm not sure whether or not you can call me that. But yes, in this 
world, Lon'qu was your father.

Severa: "This world"? What are you talking about?

Lon'qu: I come from another world. When I heard your world was in danger, I 
came here to alter your destiny.

Severa: Okay. So you're another version of my father.

Lon'qu: Hmm... You don't seem very surprised.

Severa: Are you kidding? My heart is racing. I'm so confused. But you always 
told me to stay calm on the battlefield. I'm taking your advice.

Lon'qu: Smart girl.

Severa: I know, right? At first, I thought there was no way I could keep my 
cool. But eventually all the death and tragedy just sort of... sinks in. Like 
Grima back there? I wasn't s-scared of him... And you think seeing my dead f-
father is enough to sh-shake me? Ahh...

Lon'qu: Severa! Easy...

Severa: I'm fine! I'm c-calm! You're not going to make me c-cry... Ahh... 

Lon'qu: It's all right, Severa. You don't need to put on a show for me. If 
you need to cry... cry.

Severa: But I... But I... *sniff* Waaaaaaaaah! Daddy, I missed you so much! I 
don't care if you're really him or not. I'm s-so glad to see you!

Lon'qu: I'm sorry my poor advice caused you to hold so much in. But you don't 
have to do it anymore. Staying calm on the battlefield means nothing if 
you're forcing it. Sometimes you need to let everything out before you can 
really collect yourself. Your father here never wanted you to suffer. I know 
he didn't.

Severa: *Sniff*

Lon'qu: Listen, Severa. I can't stay here for much longer. But I'll keep you 
safe as long as I can. I will see you through this! Let me be your father 
while I'm here.

Severa: I would love that, Daddy. Thank you... But you'd better stay safe. I 
mean it. 
Severa x Ricken

Ricken: You're okay!

Severa: Who's okay? Run, kid, before you get hurt!

Ricken: I'm not a kid! Don't you recognize me, Severa?

Severa: How do you know my name? And why do you look vaguely familiar?

Ricken: It's me! Ricken!

Severa: As in my dead father, Ricken? I guess I do see a resemblance, but 
come on. I'm not stupid.

Ricken: Of course you aren't! You're my daughter. The reason I look this way 
is because I came from a world where I'm younger. That doesn't change who I 
am though.

Severa: Well, it's kind of hard to believe... But strangely I do believe it. 
Who knew my father used to be so adorable?

Ricken: Um... I'm glad you think so. Now can we get serious, please? Are you 
alright? It looked like the fell dragon hit you pretty hard.

Severa: Don't worry. I've been through worse.

Ricken: I don't know if I can even picture worse... Well, I'm here now, so 
you find someplace safe and leave the battle to me.

Severa: What? No way! Daddy or not, you're still just a child. I'm not 
letting you march off to your death! Watching one father die was bad 

Ricken: ......

Severa: I guess you wouldn't know. You wouldn't understand... I watched my 
father die right before my eyes... *sniff*

Ricken: I'm sorry, Severa. I left you fatherless and alone. But just because 
I'm younger than he was doesn't mean I'm weaker. Chrom and the others look up 
to me! They know what I'm capable of.

Severa: Really?

Ricken: Really! So don't you worry. I'm going to keep you nice and safe. Your 
father never wanted you to be unhappy, and neither do I.

Severa: All right, Daddy. But only if we fight together. I won't use you as a 

Ricken: ...All right. Fine by me! Together we'll be an unstoppable force.

Severa: I know we will. Thank you, Daddy. 
Severa x Gaius

Severa: Huh? D-Daddy? I must be seeing things... Are you a ghost?

Gaius: Nope. I'm no ghost.

Severa: But... this doesn't make any sense. My father is dead!

Gaius: I came here from another world to lend you my strength. Didn't you 
notice all the soldiers that showed up out of nowhere?

Severa: ...For all I know, this is some elaborate trap.

Gaius: Naturally suspicious, huh? I guess you take after me. That's all 
right, though. I don't need you to believe me. I'll have to leave this world 
soon anyway. But will you at least let me give you this?

Severa: This is... candy.

Gaius: Yup. I brought it from my world as a gift in case I ran into you here. 
You know, something to remember me by.

Severa: This candy... It's not just smoke and air. It's real... It smells 
sweet. ...It reminds me of how you used to smell when you picked me up... or 
held my hand. You're r-real, aren't you...? Oh, Daddy... *sniff* 

Gaius: Slow down, kiddo. What happened to being naturally suspicious? Heh. I 
guess I'm not the only one who judges a book by its candy. 

Severa: Daddy, I missed you so much! I'm sorry I didn't believe you!

Gaius: Well, turn the waterfalls off. I can't fight for you if I get all 
emotional. ...Or if you're bear-hugging me like that.

Severa:  You only want Mother to hug you. I see how it is.

Gaius: Don't start.

Severa: Hee hee. I'm sorry, Daddy. Thank you so much for coming to help me.

Gaius: It's worth it just to see you smile.

Severa: It's good to see your face too.

Gaius: ...Well, we've got a battle to finish. Any fool who tries to hurt you 
is gonna have to go through me!
Severa x Gregor

Gregor: Oy! Is good to see you in one piece, Severa.

Severa: No... It can't be! ...Daddy?

Gregor: Actually, Gregor come from another world. Is not same as Gregor who 
died in this world, yes?

Severa: Another world? But why?

Gregor: To protect darling daughter, of course! Gregor heard your world was 
in trouble.

Severa: And you show up NOW? I don't need your stupid help!

Gregor: Oy, here we go... Must you always pretend you are angry? Is not 
hereditary... Would it really kill you to just tell Gregor how much you miss 

Severa: I don't miss you!

Gregor: Very well. Either way, Gregor is sorry Other Gregor died and left you 
all by yourself. It must have been very hard on you.

Severa: Darned right it was! What kind of father does that to his daughter? 
My life has been horrible ever since I lost you!

Gregor: Severa...

Severa: I loved you so much, I decided to be a mercenary like you when I took 
the field. You were my model of strength! When you died, you robbed me of 
more than just a father. Don't you get it?

Gregor: Yes, Gregor get it very much. *sniff* You are making Gregor want to 
shed the tears now. Gregor is very proud you followed in father's footsteps. 
Your father would have been proud.

Severa: I... I don't need you to tell me that.

Gregor: Of course not. Well... Gregor has come to keep you safe, so that is 
what Gregor will do. Is no way those Risen will hurt his precious little 

Severa: Well, you just make sure not to slow me down. And... thanks, Daddy. I 
don't want to admit it, but I've always dreamed of fighting by your side like 
Severa x Libra

Libra: Severa? Where are you? She took such a terrible blow... I hope the 
gods have kept her safe.
Severa: ...Daddy? Is that really you?
Libra: Severa! ...Praise Naga! I feared you would be the next victim of this 
bleak future.
Severa: Then it really is you! I would know those cries of devotion anywhere. 
But I don't understand... Did Naga bring you back to life? I didn't think 
that was possible.
Libra: It isn't. ...Severa, I am not really your father. The gods saw fit to 
bring me here from another world.
Severa: You're not him? But you still came here because of Naga, right?
Libra: Correct.
Severa: What is WRONG with you?!
Libra: P-pardon?
Severa: Why does EVERYTHING you do have to be about the gods? You pray to 
them, you fight in their name, you cross WORLDS for them... And then, at the 
end, you leave ME so you can be with them. Why can't they save us for a 
change? Wh-why won't they give you back to me *sob*
Libra: Severa... For give me for seeming so shallow. But you mustn't lament 
your father. It was right for him to die. Especially if dying meant 
protecting you and joining the gods as a cornerstone of peace.
Severa: ......
Libra: I realize this hardly lessens the blow of his leaving you alone. But 
try not to blame him. I know that were it within his power, he would have 
stayed with you.
Severa: Y-you think I don't know that? I know what he was fighting for! I was 
proud of him! I loved him with all my heart! If only you realized...
Libra: I do, Severa. Thank you. Your love continues to warm him even as he 
sits with the gods. Now let me handle the Risen here and finish what you came 
here to do. Let me be a father to you for what little time I have here.
Severa: ...Hmph. You'd really do that for me?
Libra: Of course
Severa: ...All right. Thank you, Daddy. It means a lot to me.
Severa x Henry

Henry: Severa, is that you? I sure am glad you're in one piece!

Severa: Daddy?! I don't understand... How is this possible? Y-you're not a 
Risen, are you?

Henry: Aw, heck no. I'm a different Henry who came here from another world. 
I'm here to help you, so you just point me at those nasty Risen. ...You know, 
so I can blow them to smithereens.

Severa: Not so fast, daddy! These Risen are stronger than you think. I 
appreciate the help, but not if it means you're going to die on me!

Henry: Die? If I was gonna die, I would feel my about-to-die tingle. But I'm 
definitely not tingling, so I don't think you need to worry.

Severa: I'm not worried! I'm trying to warn you! Ugh, did you have to remind 
me of how completely weird you are?

Henry: So the Henry in this world was just like me?

Severa: Yes! He always had that same stupid grin and talked about losing 
fingers and stuff. I couldn't count on him for anything.

Henry: Oh. I'm really sorry to hear that.

Severa: But after we lost Mother, Daddy never left my side. "Don't worry," 
he'd say. "Daddy will always protect you." And then what did he go and do? He 
died! He left me to fend for myself! *sniff* Why did every last thing he ever 
said have to be nonsense? Ahh... *sob*

Henry: So that's how it happened... well, I'm not like your Henry. I won't 
die while you still need me.

Severa: How do YOU know?!

Henry: Well, stop me when this gets too creepy and arcane, but basically... 
My dark powers seem to allow me to commune with myself in this world. Like, I 
can hear my dead self's voice.

Severa: You can?

Henry: Yup! Your father says he's going to help me keep you safe. And with 
his strength, I'll be twice as strong. Therefore, no about-to-die tingle! You 

Severa: All right, Daddy...

Henry: Good! Now leave the Risen to me.

Severa: Thank you. I'm sorry to put you in danger, but I know you'll get us 
both through this. And I'll be fighting right by your side to protect the 
world you loved.
Severa x Avatar

Avatar: Severa! You're all right!

Severa: D-daddy?! You're alive?

Avatar: No... Well, not exactly. I'm not from here. Naga's power has allowed 
me to come here from another world.

Severa: Another world?

Avatar: I know it sounds crazy. But I've come here to save you!

Severa: Well, you're a little late for that!

Avatar: Huh?

Severa: We've managed on our own since you passed away. You don't get to just 
show up now and save the day! Why didn't you come help us all the times we 
needed it before? Why didn't you stop Mother from dying? You could have even 
saved yourself!

Avatar: Severa...

Severa: We don't need your help anymore. We'll win this battle on our own!

Avatar: I'm sorry. I was presumptuous. I should have considered your 

Severa: You should have NOT DIED is what you should've done! Ahh... *sniff*

Avatar: I understand how you feel. But I still have to protect my daughter. I 
can't walk away knowing you might get hurt.

Severa: Daddy... ...... I'm sorry. I take it all back. I don't want you to 
leave. I've missed you too much...

Avatar: Well I'm here now, Severa. Take cover and leave the rest of this 
fight to me.

Severa: Will you be all right?

Avatar: Ha! I'm more resilient than you think. I intend to win this fight.

Severa: Thank you. I never thought I would see your face again, Daddy. Just 
promise you'll stay safe. The other Severa back in your world needs you too.
Severa x Severa

Severa(1): *Sigh* What are we doing meddling in this stupid world? We haven't 
even saved our own yet. Now here I am stuck in a world just like the one I've 
left behind. No one came to save US, did they? *sigh* ...Ack! Is that... me?! 
Oh no! I've got to hide!

Severa(2): *Huff, huff* The Risen just... keep coming... But I can't give up. 
I have to hold out... just a little longer...

Severa(1): ...She's gone. Gawds, look at her. Her hair is messed up, her skin 
is all blotchy... Ugh, and don't even get me started on her clothes. But 
those wounds... She's just like me before I jumped back in time. ...No. She's 
fighting even harder. Why am I picking on her when she clearly deserves our 
help? I was in bad shape, but not that bad. Her whole world really is on its 
last legs... Well, hold on, Severa. I've got your back! You can worry about 
your hair and clothes once the world is safe. ...And you'd better. I have a 
reputation to uphold, you know. Especially since I may never get to return to 
my own time to uphold it...

Nah x Nowi

Nowi: Heeeey, Nah!

Nah: Huh? Is that... my mother?! How can this be?

Nowi: I don't really get it myself! All I know is that we're here from 
another world to save you! But we can't stay here for long, so we have to 
move quickly...

Nah: This is all a little hard to swallow... But when I saw you, I guessed it 
had to be something like that.

Nowi: That's my Nah---smart as ever!

Nah: Mother... I don't want you to save me.

Nowi: What?! C'mon, don't be a spoilsport! I'm all fired up for a rumble!

Nah: The Risen here are extremely powerful. I can't let you put yourself in 

Nowi: What? Why not?! You think I can't handle myself? Or what, was the Nowi 
of this world some sort of superhuman megadragon?!

Nah: I wouldn't know. My mother died when I was too young to remember. I only 
know how she looked from pictures. Did she look strong...? Maybe...

Nowi: O-oh... I'm sorry, Nah. I... I didn't know...

Nah: That's why I don't want you to fight them---how could I go on if I lost 
you twice? So please... just leave, okay?

Nowi: ...Hmm, nope! Sorry. Nuh-uh. I'm not going anywhere.

Nah: Huh?

Nowi: I came here to save you, Nah. I love you! I have to protect you! And 
your real mother----the Nowi of this world----she wants me to save you too. I 
can hear her telling me so!

Nah: You... you can hear her...?

Nowi: Yup! And with double the Nowi power, there's no way we're gonna lose! 
So have some faith in your mothers, okay?

Nah: ...... Are you sure...?

Nowi: Sure, I'm sure! Now relax and leave everything to us!

Nah: ...Okay. I will. Thank you. Both of you. I'm sorry for what I said 
earlier. I'm really happy I got to see you... And that you...*sniff*...came 
to save me...
Nah x Frederick

Nah: You look familiar somehow... Wait- are you my father?

Frederick: You must be the Nah of this world. I've come through the Outrealms 
from another world. I am here to save you.

Nah: Another world? So you're not my real father?

Frederick: Alas, no. But I shall protect you as ferociously as if I were!

Nah: Then... where is he? Where's my real father?

Frederick: Oh, I... I'm afraid I, uh...

Nah: It's okay. I know he's dead. I know he's not... here. It's just seeing 
what he looked like in the flesh got me thinking. "Is this what my real 
father looked like? Is this how he sounded?"

Frederick: I see. Why would it matter to you how he sounded?

Nah: Well... I was raised by strangers from a very young age. I always 
thought they would like me more if I spoke the way my father used to. So I 
asked the people who knew him how he talked, and I tried to talk the same 
way. Oh, Father... *sob* Will I ever meet him...? Will I ever learn if we 
really do sound alike?

Frederick: Forgive me, Nah. It seems my presence has forced you to recall 
painful memories...

Nah: No. I'm sorry for bursting into tears over something so trivial. Even if 
you aren't my real father, I'm still glad you came. It's proof that miracles 
really can happen. That we should never give up the fight.

Frederick: Your courage is admirable, Nah. I cannot undo the pain I have 
caused, but please allow me to ensure your safety. It's the least I can do 
for my would-be daughter.

Nah: Oh, Father... Thank you. 
Nah x Virion

Virion: Oh? Could it be? Can this comely young noblewoman truly be my flesh 
and blood?

Nah: I'm sorry--what...? Wait. Are you... my father?!

Virion: Alas, my dear, that is not quite the case. I am, in fact, a Virion 
from another world, summoned here to-- Oof!

Nah: Father! Father, it's really you! I... *sniff* I just can't... *sob*

Virion: Barely have I introduced myself, and the child throws herself into my 
arms... It seems I've been blessed with a powerful aura of paternal 
reassurance. A gift indeed!

Nah: I don't care if you're from another world! You're still my father! All I 
ever knew of you was from pictures. I'm so happy to finally get to see you in 
the flesh--walking and talking and--

Virion: My dear Nah, please. One mustn't speak of people as if they were 
exhibits at a zoo. And while I find great comfort in your embrace, perhaps 
this is a tad... excessive.

Nah: Huh? Why?

Virion: Well, my dear, your true father is watching this whole spectacle from 
the heavens. I shudder to think how envious he must be of the kindness you 
heap upon me...

Nah: O-oh... Yes... Of course, you're right. *sniff* *Ahem* I'm okay now. I'm 
sorry I burst into tears like that.

Virion: Nah, you are a magnificent young woman-- as graceful as you are 
beautiful. I am truly proud to call you my daughter.

Nah: Heh. Come now... You tell me you're not my real father, then you start 
talking as if you were! Which is it going to be?

Virion: I... Well, you see... Hmph. Very well. You have the better of me 
there, my dear. Now, if you're finished mocking me, shall we turn our 
attention to your rescue? Parent or not, it is my sworn duty to come to the 
aid of any damsel in distress!

Nah: Fair enough. Thank you... Father.
Nah x Stahl

Stahl: Nah! Thank goodness you're safe...

Nah: You look familiar somehow... Wait... are you my father? Can it really 
be...? Father! Oh, Father!

Stahl: Heh. I was worried you might be hurt, but that hug could choke out a 

Nah: But how come you're here? Are you a spirit sent to take me up to heaven?

Stahl: No, no. Nothing like that. This is going to be hard to believe, but 
hear me out... I'm... not your father. I'm another Stahl. From across the 

Nah: Huh? Like, another world...?

Stahl: Yes. And I have to go back there soon. But not before I've seen you 
safely through this battle.

Nah: So we can't be together long... O-okay. I understand. But...while you're 

Stahl: Of course, sweetheart. Come rest in my arms all you like. I have to 
say it's quite a relief that you believed me so readily. I'd been worrying 
this whole time about how I could possibly explain who I was...

Nah: I don't know. I just... felt it. All I know of you, I learned from 
pictures. I don't remember being held in your arms... I never knew the sound 
of your voice... But this... this warmth... I somehow just knew it had to be 
you. I may never have met you... and you may not be from here...but you're 
still my father. I'd know you anywhere...

Stahl: Nah...

Nah: Okay, that... that's enough.

Stahl: Nah? Where are you going? What's wrong? I can't protect you if you 
don't stay close!

Nah: I... I can't be around you anymore.

Stahl: What? Why?

Nah: I'm not strong enough... If I spend any more time with you, I won't be 
able to cope with you leaving.

Stahl: ...... I understand. Then just try to think of me as... a helper from 
another world. Do you think you can do that? Would you let me protect you 

Nah: I... I'll try... Thank you, Outrealm Father. I'm glad I got to meet you. 
I'll cherish this moment for the rest of my life.
Nah x Vaike

Vaike: Hey! You must be the Nah of this world!

Nah: Hm? Hey, I've seen pictures of you... But... but this is impossible! 
You're... my father?!

Vaike: Er... not exactly. This might be hard to swallow, kiddo, but... this 
Vaike's here from another world. I dunno if that makes me your old man or 
not, but it sure is somethin'!

Nah: You're from another world...?

Vaike: But ya know, you got a Vaike-like vibe about ya. Hard and steely, I 
like it!

Nah: If there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that I don't resemble my father 
at all!

Vaike: What?!

Nah: Or my Mother, either--outside of being a manakete, of course. I don't 
understand how I can possibly be your child.

Vaike: What?! You're questionin' whether you're the Vaike's kid?! Why would 
ya do that?

Nah: Well, it's just... I quit! I completely gave up! I gave up on any hope 
of rescue... I gave up on getting the Gemstones to Ylisse... From everything 
I hear, my parents never gave up! They never accepted defeat...

Vaike: Hmmm. Guess ya got a point there. Me and Nowi don't ever stand for 
losin'. We're both kinda idiots like that. 

Nah: Urgh...

Vaike: But us bein' idiots like that is the reason you're all alone now. So 
if you're a tad bit less gung ho than us, that's no bad thing. Anyway, ya 
didn't really quit, and you know it. Ya knew deep down that things'd work 
out. Ya knew you'd get those Gemstones back. C'mon, is Teach right or is 
Teach right? Ya even lost your dragonstone, but did ya roll over and give up? 
Of course not!

Nah: Father...

Vaike: That fire you got deep in your heart-- consider that your inheritance, 
kiddo. Like it or not, you're every bit the daughter of Nowi and ol' Teach!

Nah: Father.. *sniff* Oh, Father! *sob* You're right, I... I don't want to 
lose! I don't want to let them beat me!

Vaike: There, there. It's all right. You go ahead and cry if you gotta. The 
Vaike's here to win back your pride. Ain't no way I'm lettin' my little girl 
Nah x Kellam

Nah: You look familiar somehow... Wait... are you my father?

Kellam: Uh, hello, Nah. It's good to see you.

Nah: B-but how is this possible...? You died years ago!

Kellam: Well, uh... I'm not actually the Kellam of this world you see. I'm 
from another world in the Outrealms. And I can't stay here for long...

Nah: You're from another world? Please, you have to take me back with you! 
I... I don't want you to leave me again!

Kellam: Oh, Nah... I wish I could. But I can't take you to my world. I don't 
have that kind of power. I'm sorry. I'm as useless to you as ever...

Nah: B-but! It's okay. I know I can't really leave here... I'll be fine. This 
is where I belong.

Kellam: Um, do you always stifle your true feelings like that, Nah? I guess 
that was the only way you could survive without me or Nowi around, huh? But I 
bet the Nowi and I of this world wouldn't have wanted it to be that way. It's 
okay. You don't need to act tough. Not while I'm here...

Nah: Oh, Father... *sniff* *Sob*

Kellam: Nah... Even after I'm sent back to my world, I hope you know that 
I'll never forget you. Live on, Nah. Live and be strong.
Nah x Donnel

Nah: I can't believe it's gone... Damned Risen! Now what am I supposed to 

Donnel: This here stone what yer lookin' for?

Nah: Oh, uh... yes. Yes, it is.

Donnel: One of them critters dropped it a bit ago. I had me a notion it might 
be yours, Nah

Nah: ...Thanks. It was a gift from my father, so it means a lot to me. It 
isn't as powerful as a dragonstone or anything, but... Hey, wait a minute- 
who are you? And how do you know my name?

Donnel: Whoops! I plumb forgot to explain! Here, take a look- see at this...

Nah: It's another stone... Hey, it's exactly like mine!

Donnel: Sure is. And one day, I'll give it to ya. I'm your pa, see- here from 
the Outrealms.

Nah: What are you talking about?

Donnel: Naga used her power to send us here for two shakes so we could save 

Nah: Naga sent you?! But... why are you so young?! I din't even recognize 

Donnel: My world's just a smidge farther back in time than this one, is all. 
But I'm still the man who becomes yer pa.

Nah: Father... It really is you, isn't it? I never imagined... It's a 
miracle! Oh, father, I'm so happy to see you! *sob*

Donnel: Ya done good, survivin' against the Risen like this. I can't stay 
long, but I'll protect ya while I can. I swear it on this here stone.

Nah: *Sob* Th-thank you... *sniff* And I swear on the stone too- that I'll 
never give up hope again!
Nah x Lon'qu

Lon'qu: Nah...?
Nah: Huh? Are you...? I know you... You're... my father! Oh, Father!
Lon'qu: Actually, I'm a different Lon'qu, come from from the Outó Oof!
Nah: Father! Father, I've missed you SO much! *sob* Oh, Father... I could hug 
you forever! I'm so happy to see you!
Lon'qu: Did you... not hear anything I just said?
Nah: Even if you're a different version of him, you're still my father! I 
never thought I'd get to see you alive! You don't know what this means to me! 
Huh... In the pictures I saw, your eyes seemed much more gentle... You're 
kind of scary looking.
Lon'qu: I'm scarier looking than the me of the future? Then I suppose that 
your being born may change me.
Nah: I suppose so! But even if you are a little scary now, you still look 
magnificent to me! Not that I'd expect anything less from my own bloodline... 
Lon'qu: It's strange... When I'm with my own daughter, I don't feel any 
aversion to women at all. All I feel is... happiness.
Nah: Well, I'm happy to see you too, Father.
Lon'qu: So... the me of this world died and left you all alone? I can't 
replace your father, but I can fight for you every bit as fiercely.
Nah: I know you can. And I know you will. Thank you for coming to save me.
Nah x Ricken

Ricken: You're Nah, right? The Nah of this world?

Nah: You look familiar somehow... Wait... Father...? Is this a dream?

Ricken: No, not a dream exactly. I'm a Ricken from another world. From a 
place called the Outrealms. So... I'm not really your father.

Nah: Well, thank goodness for that! I'd have been a little worried if my 
father turned out to be some little kid!

Ricken: Great... Even my own daughter gives me the little-kid treatment...

Nah: If it makes you feel any better, Mother always said that Father was a 
great man.

Ricken: Really? Well, that's good to hear, I guess.

Nah: He was a great man, so I'm sure you'll grow to become one too.

Ricken: Heh... Thanks! When I came here to rescue you, I never thought it'd 
be YOU cheering ME up!

Nah: Ha! Well, I never imagined I'd meet a young version of my father in need 
of cheering up! But... I'm glad I did. It felt good to talk to you. Better 
than I've felt in a long time...

Ricken: Well, allow me to repay you for the pep talk by taking care of these 
Risen. Finding out I grow up to be such a great man has got me all fired up! 
I'm so glad we decided to heed Naga's call to save you!

Nah: Naga's call?! So that's how... Then miracles really do happen... I guess 
the faith I abandoned has found me again. Thank you, Father. And thank you, 
Nah x Gaius

Nah: You look familiar somehow... Wait... are you my father?

Gaius: So you're the Nah of this world, huh? Nice to meet you, kid.

Nah: You're a ghost, aren't you? Not that I mind. I'm just happy to have you 
back. I... I've missed you so much! *Sob*

Gaius: Sorry to break it to you, but I'm not the ghost of your old man. I'm 
not even from this world. I'm another Gaius, come here from the Outrealms. So 
in a way, I guess I am your dad. But also... not. If that makes sense?

Nah: You're my father from another world?

Gaius: Yeah, that's about the size of it. And I'm here to rescue you. I'm 
sure I'm no substitute for the real thing, but... I'll do what I can. I 
should be able to get you out of this mess, at least. Hey, you ever eat one 
of these candies? They're the best. Why don't you get yourself someplace safe 
and try one?

Nah: Sure, I know these. They're the ones they say you used to carry 
everywhere with you...

Gaius: Oh yeah?

Nah: I don't remember anything about my real father at all... But when I used 
to get lonely, I'd buy some of these and try to imagine him... The taste of 
these candies is the only real connection I have with him...

Gaius: Nah...

Nah: They taste like... *sniff* They taste like... home... *Sob*

Gaius: There, there, kiddo. It's okay to cry. You cry all you want. And when 
the tears stop flowing, I'll still be right here by your side.
Nah x Gregor

Gregor: You! You are Nah of this world, yes?

Nah: Huh? Who are y-- Wait a sec... I know you from somewhere. Are you... are 
you my father?!

Gregor: Ah, how Gregor wishes to be saying yes... But alas, no. This is 
different Gregor. This Gregor travel here from other world. From Outrealms!

Nah: Another world? If that's true, it would have to be some kind of 

Gregor: *Sigh* Gregor was hoping daughter of this world look at least little 
bit like him... But no, same as in other world. Little Nah looks just like 

Nah: You really don't think I resemble you at all?

Gregor: Gregor sees no resemblance! This is probably for best, of course...

Nah: Well, so what if we don't look alike! I heard my father fought 
unflinchingly for justice and always took care of his friends. I at least 
resemble him in that way, if nothing else.

Gregor: ...... Uh, yes, something like that...

Nah: Hm? Hey, don't turn away! Why are you staring at the ceiling like that?

Gregor: *Sniff* Is... is nothing! Please be paying Gregor no mind. Most 
important thing right now is for Nah to get to safe place. Your job is to 
take Gemstones back to Ylisse, yes? So you worry about that, and let Gregor 
handle the squashing of monsters! And remember, Nah--even when things look 
bad, never give up the hoping! Keep believing until end, and maybe you see 
true miracle after all.

Nah: Father, you're... You're absolutely right. I'll, uh... I'll never give 
up the hoping again!
Nah x Libra

Libra: So you're the Nah of this world? Thank the gods that you're safe!

Nah: You seem familiar somehow... Are you my... father? Oh, Father! Father! 

Libra: My dear child. It pains me to have to tell you this, but... I am not 
your true father. I am a visitor from another world...

Nah: Another world...? So you're like... an alternate version of my father?

Libra: Right. And though my time here is short, I will do everything in my 
power to save you.

Nah: I see... Then... thank you. I gladly accept your offer of help. You may 
not be my father, but I'm still glad I got the chance to meet you. And to 
learn how I ended up speaking so... softly compared to Mother... Hee hee. I 
clearly got that part from you...

Libra: Heh. perhaps you did. Our manner of speech is similar indeed. Nah, I 
owe you an apology. On behalf of myself and your father of this world...

Nah: You do? What for?

Libra: I spent my own formative years starved of parental love. The last 
thing I ever wanted was to put my child through the same hardship. Forgive 
me, my child.

Nah: There's no need to apologize. I may only know my parents through the 
pictures that my father drew... But people tell me one thing about them, time 
and time again. They gave their lives for my sake, and for the sake of our 
world. I could never hold that against them.

Libra: Nah... Even denied the love of a mother and father, you still grew 
good and gracious. Truly, the gods are great!

Nah: The gods... Yes, I suppose this is proof that miracles really can 
happen. My own father was a priest, but I couldn't find it within myself to 
have faith. Forgive me, Naga. My change of heart may be late in coming, bit 
I'm ready to believe now. Thank you for letting me meet my father just once. 
Thank you for that most of all...
Nah x Henry

Nah: You look familiar somehow... Waitóare you my father?

Henry: Oh! You're this world's Nah! That's pretty wild.

Nah: But... aren't you supposed to be dead? Is this some sort of curse?

Henry: Nope! Not a curse! Good guess, though. I actually came from a whole 
other world just to rescue you! So I'm exactly like your father... except I'm 
completely different. Nya ha! Crazy, huh?

Nah: So you're my father... from another world?

Henry: Uh-huh!

Nah: Then there's something I want to say to you, since I can't say it to my 
real father.

Henry: Ooh! What's that?

Nah: Long ago, when you proposed to Mother, what was it you promised her? You 
said you'd make manakete children so she'd never have to be alone again, 

Henry: Well, it wasn't all that long ago for me, but yup, that was pretty 
much it.

Nah: But in the end, Mother died...

Henry: And now you're the one who's all alone? Is that what you're saying?

Nah: No. Completely the opposite, in fact. Mother is gone, but I have lots of 
friends. Loyal friends who fight at my side. So you don't need to worry about 
me. I'm doing well. I'm not lonely. I just wanted you to know that.

Henry: Well, well. I see you've grown up to be a strong girl after all. I 
think the me of this world would be relieved to know that. In fact, since 
we're basically the same person, I'm sure of it! Ha!

Nah: I'm happy to hear that. Thanks for listening to what I had to say.

Henry: Sure. Now, unless there's anything else you need, you'd best go 
somewhere safe. I'm gonna mop up the rest of these Risen, and things are 
about to get gooey!

Nah: Thank you, Father. It meant a lot to me that you came to my rescue like 
this. I guess Naga really does perform miracles...
Nah x Avatar

Avatar: Wait, is that...? You're Nah, aren't you? The Nah of this world, I 

Nah: You're... Huh? But it can't be... Are you my... father?!

Avatar: Poor Nah... I can't imagine how hard it's been for you, I'm so 

Nah: Father! Is it really you? *sob*

Avatar: How could I leave such a vulnerable child all alone...?

Nah: Father... All this time, I thought you were dead! I'm so happy you're 
still alive!!

Avatar: Oh...oh, no! It's... not what you think, Nah. Gods, I'm such a fool. 
Listen, I'm from another world. Your father and I... We're not the same 
person. And once this battle is over, I'll have to go back to the world I 
came from.

Nah: So my father is... dead after all...

Avatar: I'm so sorry, Nah. I came all this way to save you, and all I've done 
is make you sad. I can't believe I made a mess of our one chance to be 

Nah: It's okay. I accepted the loss of my father a long time ago. I'm fine 
now. And even if you aren't exactly him, I'm still very happy to have met 

Avatar: You have a very forgiving heart, Nah. But how many tears have you had 
to shed to earn it? I'm going to make up those tears. I'm going to get you 
out of here. And I'm not going to say or do anything to make you cry anymore. 

Nah: Thank you, Father. But... I'm welling up again already. Heh. *sniff* And 
it looks like I'm not the only one...

Avatar: I guess it... *sniff* ...runs in the family!
Nah x Nah

Nah: So that's the me of this world... Looks like she's in pretty rough 
shape. She's struggling just to hold it together. Back in my own time, we 
stopped here when we were recovering out world's Gemstones. But we didn't 
stay in this place for long... If we had stayed for longer, I wonder if we 
would have ended up trapped like this... This world's a lot like the future 
I'm from. But there's something different about it. Everything just seems to 
be headed in the worst possible direction. But I'm not going to sit idly by 
as it slides into ruin! So don't you worry, other me - I'll protect you, no 
matter what! Just stay strong for a little while longer...

Noire x Tharja

Tharja: ......

Noire: M-Mother?! Y-your here?! B-but... how? Did... did you ressurect 
yourself with some kind of curse?

Tharja: Hee hee... And what if I did?

Noire: It wouldn't matter one bit!

Tharja: ...It wouldn't?

Noire: Of course not! I'm used to your curses! And I don't care if you're a 
zombie! I'd put up with anything just to be with you again...You don't know 
how lonely I've been since you sacrificed yourself to save me. I don't care 
if you stink of death or your insides have turned to goo... I'm just happy to 
see you---alive, undead, or whatever else. Oh, Mother! Please don't ever 
leave me again!

Tharja: Noire...I'm sorry. I shouldn't have led you on like that. Your mother 
hasn't come back to life. I'm not her.

Noire: B-but...

Tharja: I'm a different Tharja on a brief visit here from another world. I'm 
not the one who raised you. Sorry for getting your hopes up.

Noire: Oh, you... Oh... I... I suppose I should have known. Death is 
permanent, after all... But I meant what I said. I am happy to see you, even 
if you're Even if you are from another world... Even if you're 
here only briefly...

Tharja: Good. Then I'm happy too. You were saying earlier that they took your 
talisman, weren't you? Let me make it up to you by helping you get it back.

Noire: Really? You'd do that? Oh, thank you! *Sob* Mother...

Tharja: Tears? Really? What am I supposed to...? Listen, I don't have much 
time. But while I'm here, I'm going to make the creatures who tried to hurt 
you pay. Out of respect for your real mother, if nothing else.

Noire: ...Thank you.

Tharja: Now, let's pick out the perfect curse for your vengeance, shall we? 
And let's make it a real humdinger. After all, what's the point in coming to 
another world if I can't let my hair down? Hee hee hee...

Noire: Oh, Mother... This is just like old times!
Noire x Frederick

Frederick: You must be the Noire of this world.

Noire: What?! F-Father?! How can you possibly be...?

Frederick: I am not the Frederick you knew. I've traveled here from another 
world. Naga's powers allowed us to come here to save you. But we have 
precious little time.

Noire: Wait... You're from... another world?

Frederick: It's a difficult story to believe, to be sure. But I promise you I 
speak the truth. If I may be so bold... might I ask how the me of this world 

Noire: Um... Well... H-he sacrificed himself so that the women and children 
of a town could flee the Risen. They say he fought against impossible odds to 
save as many people as he could.

Frederick: ...I see.

Noire: When he died, Mother went completely berserk, even by her standards. 
She vowed to hunt down and kill every one of the Risen that had attacked him. 
It was an impossible task, but she persisted, her fury never wavering. And 
she joined him in the afterlife not long after...

Frederick: What a pitiful end. I would have expected better from myself. 
Causing my family such sorrow... Spurring my wife on to a futile quest for 
vengeance... And leaving my precious daughter all alone in the world.

Noire: No. My father was a hero who fought and died for what he believed in. 
There was nothing pitiful about him.

Frederick: ...Forgive me. He and I are not the same, after all. I had no 
right to speak ill of him.

Noire: ......

Frederick: And you're rightóit's hardly a pitiful end. In fact, he must have 
died a happy man. Knowing that his memory would be honored by such a loving, 
faithful daughter...

Noire: Father...

Frederick: I doubt he would have regretted what he did to save those 
villagers. But I am sure his desire to protect his wife and daughter was 
strongest of all. To protect you in his stead, even for just this battle, 
would be the highest honor.

Noire: Oh, Father... *sob* To hear you say that... *Sniff* It means 
everything to me... Thank you.
Noire x Virion

Virion: Greetings, Your Grace! Oh? Forgive me. I simply assumed this elegant 
creature before me was royalty... What a pleasure to discover that the lady 
in question is in fact my very own daughter!

Noire: What? F-Father? Can it really be you?!

Virion: Indeed it can, my dear! For I am a different Virionóone hailing from 
the Outrealms! But fear not. Though I may not be your true father, I shall 
protect you as though I were!

Noire: I... I don't care if you're from another world... I'm just happy to 
see you! Oh, Father! *sob*

Virion: There, there, my love. Your dear daddy is here now to soothe your 
sorrows away... Now, am I to understand that these noxious oafs purloined 
your precious weapons? The insolence! Rest assured, my child, that they will 
pay dearly for their effrontery!

Noire: Itís true... They took our weapons...  Please, you have to get them 
back! They even took my bow! My most precious memento of you...

Virion: I am truly honored to hear that you've treasured it so, my dear. 
Worry notóyour father shall return it to its rightful place by your side.

Noire: I'm sorry, Father. You come all this way to save me, and all I've done 
is ask for more...  But when I hold that bow, nothing can break my spirit, 
you know? It'll help me to keep on fighting. Even... after you return to your 

Virion: Oh, my precious Noire... You are as perceptive as you are beautiful. 
You have guessed at the truth I found too painful to utteróalas, I cannot 
tarry long.  But, my brave princess, know this... Though I may depart, no 
force may break the bowstring that binds my heart to yours. As painful as our 
parting may be, can I trust in you to stay strong?

Noire: ...Yes, Father! You can!

Virion: Then I shall dispatch these Risen with a grace and beauty worthy of 
my daughter! Behold now my martial majesty, that your father's valor may 
inspire you forevermore!
Noire x Stahl

Stahl: Noire! Noire, it's you, isn't it?

Noire: Huh?! F-Father?! But... but you can't possibly be!

Stahl: I know this must sound crazy, but... I'm a different Stahl. From 
another world.

Noire: Another world...?

Stahl: That's right. So technically I'm not really YOUR father. But to me, 
you're still my daughter, and I'll do anything I can to help you. I can't 
stay long, so come with me, and let's fight our way out of here together!

Noire: Wait, but... how do I know it's really you? Can you show me some 

Stahl: P-proof?! What am I supposed to show you? I don't have a birthmark or 
any special talents or anything really. I'm just a regular guy...

Noire: ......

Stahl: Hmm... Proof of who I am... Maybe my chronic bed head? No... Wow, I'm 
really stuck here...

Noire: F-Father... It really is you, isn't it?

Stahl: Huh? What did I say?

Noire: Hee hee. It's not what you said. It's that look on your face... You 
always did get so flustered over things like this.

Stahl: I-I did? Uh, well...that's good, I think? It's not like I had any 
better ideas...

Noire: Plus, I've always had terrible bed head too. It's got a mind of it's 
own, just like yours! I remember how long you used to spend combing it out 
for me every morning... Oh, Father... I'm so glad to see you. Even if it is 
only for a little while...

Stahl: I'm glad too. And... thanks for believing me. You did great, holding 
out for so long without a weapon. Let me step in and look out for you now. 
Together we can get through this.

Noire: Of course. And thank you... Thank you for coming to save me.
Noire x Vaike

Vaike: Hey! Noire! It's me! NOIRE!

Noire: Eek! Get away from me, fiend!

Vaike: Fiend?! That's no way to talk to your old man!

Noire: But... you were charging at me, bellowing at the top of your- Wait. 
Old man...? Father? Is that you? Is... is that really you?

Vaike: Kinda? I'm a different Vaike from another world. I'm here to save your 
bacon! Don't you worry- the Vaike is the Vaike is the Vaike. I'm awesome 
anywhere! Uh, but I can't stay long.

Noire: Father... oh, Father... *sob*

Vaike: Hey, cool it with the tears would ya? How'd Teach's kid grow up to be 
such a crybaby?

Noire: It's not my fault! It's because Mother used to test all her hexes on 
me... But you would always come to my rescue... You taught me that no matter 
how bad a hex was, I should never let it beat me... I always thought you were 
so strong... But then you lost. The Risen beat you...

Vaike: Ya don't say. Musta ate somethin' weird that mornin', hah! Sorry about 
that. Anyway, looks like the Vaike's just gonna have to redeem himself. It's 
time for Teach's next lesson: how to rid the world of these rotten Risen! 
What happened to the other me don't matter- this Vaike'll never lose!

Noire: Thank you, Father... And this Noire won't ever lose again, either- not 
until the world is safe!
Noire x Kellam

Kellam: Noire...there you are. Thank goodness you're safe.

Noire: Huh? F-Father?! What are you doing here?! How didó Waitóis this one of 
mother's hexes?

Kellam: Not this time. I'm actually a different Kellam, from a different 
world. We heard your world was in trouble. It's...worse than I expected...

Noire: Oh...yeah. Things are pretty bad here...

Kellam: Well, it's all right now. We're here to save you. You've done well to 
make it this far, Noire. To stay alive through all... this... I can't stay 
for long, but... hopefully you'll let me protect you while I'm here?

Noire: Thank you, Father, but... I don't need you to protect me...

Kellam: don't? How come?

Noire: Well...I know I said our world was in grave danger... But you already 
did so much to protect everyone. You protected the soldiers in your army... 
You protected people from the Risen... And in the end, you died protecting 
me... So I... I can't let  you protect me anymore! It was bad enough I got my 
own father killed once... I couldn't stand to see it happen again... *sob*

Kellam: So that's it... Sorry. I should have considered that before I asked. 
...But it'll be okay this time. There's no way I'm dying here. Your father 
can live on through me. I'll protect you for the both of us. You're taking 
the Gemstones back to Ylisse, right? Well, I want to do my part to help make 
that happen. Believe in me, Noire. Your faith will give me all the strength I 

Noire: Father... ...... O-okay... *sniff* I... I believe in you.

Kellam: Thank you, Noire. Now let me handle the rest.

Noire: I will, but... please... Be careful, okay? 
Noire x Donnel

Donnel: Well if it ain't my little sugar beet! How ya doin', Noire?

Noire: What?! F-Father?! But... But! BLOOD AND THUNDER! DO MAGGOTS NOT FEAST 

Donnel: Whoa there! Easy, girl! I see yer just as fierce, even without yer 
talisman. Just like my own Noire... Anyhow, listen upóI ain't yer real pa. 
I'm another Donny, from the Outrealms. Seems we ain't got long here, but I'm 
fixin' to do whatever I can to save y'all!

with such flippancy?! Why do you not beg for forgiveness? You who forsook 
your wife and child for the easy peace of death! You shall pay for the sorrow 
and torment you brought upon us!

Donnel: Hey now, are those tears? Don't cry, sweetheart.

Noire: C-cry? Shed tears for a deserter? Never! I... I just have s-something 
in my eye... I... Y-yeah... That's all it is... I, uh... *sob*

Donnel: Aw, shucks. Look at you, all sad. I'm awful sorry, truly I am. Now 
listenóthe me of this world might've up and left y'all up a tree... But not 
this Donny! I ain't goin' no place until y'all are safe and sound, y'hear?

Noire: O-okay... *sniff* Th-thank you, Father... Just... don't die again, 

Donnel: Ya got my solemn word on that, little lady. Cross my heart!
Noire x Lon'qu

Noire: Eek! G-get away from me!

Lon'qu: Noire, wait. Calm down and look closely. It's me.

Noire: F-Father? But... how?

Lon'qu: I'm not the same Lon'qu you knew. I cam here from another world to 
save you.

Noire: ...... ...Is it really you?

Lon'qu: I know it's hard to believe, but yes.

Noire: Oh yeah? Then you won't mind if I do... this!

Lon'qu: What are you doing? This is hardly the time to be holding hands...

Noire: You didn't even flinch! You are an impostor! I knew it!

Lon'qu: Huh?

Noire: My real father had an aversion to women. If you were really him, you'd 
have pulled your hand away immediately!

Lon'qu: What kind of a test is that? Surely I'd never flinch from my own 
daughter's hand?

Noire: Oh, uh... Now that you mention it...

Lon'qu: Is that really all I'd do if a woman touched me? Flinch and pull 
away? My condition must have improved quite a bit over the years... If anyone 
except you grabbed my hand like that now, I'd probably pass right out. 
Marrying Tharja must have really helped me get over that whole thing...

Noire: My real father used to say the exact same thing... That marrying 
Mother really helped him overcome his aversion to women... Does that mean... 
you really are him?

Lon'qu: Yes. So come closer. I can't protect you over there. Stay beside me, 
Noire. No one's going to hurt you anymore.

Noire: Oh, Father... *sob*
Noire x Ricken

Ricken: Noire! I'm so glad I made it in time! You go hide somewhere safe, 
okay? I'll take care of things here!

Noire: Uh... And you are?

Ricken: Huh? You don't recognize me? I'm Rickenóyour father! I've come from 
another world to save you!

Noire: What? My father?! How can that be? You're just a boy!

Ricken: Aw, man, not you too! Uh, I mean... well, yes, I may look a little 
young... And maybe the me of this world was... I don't know... older looking, 

Noire: ......

Ricken: Oh, never mind... There's no way you'll ever believe me, anyway. But 
that's okay. All that matters is that I'm here to protect you. Besides, even 
if I did convince you, I still have to go straight back to my world... So 
just watch and learn, okay? This is how real men do battle!
Noire: W-wait!
Ricken: What is it?

Noire: I don't know... I just have this feeling. I don't want you to go... 
You do sort of look like my father... And he always did go on about how manly 
he was... So... maybe I do believe you. If so, do you think you could help me 
get out of here? ...Father?

Ricken: Oh, Noire... I mean... *ahem* ...Yes! Yes, of course I can! Just sit 
back and let your big, brave dad take care of all these mean ol' Risen!

Noire: Hee hee... Thanks! 
Noire x Gaius

Noire: F-Father?! How is this possible?

Gaius: Hey, kiddo. Listen, this is probably gonna sound weird, but... I'm not 
your father. I'm a different Gaius from another world.

Noire: Y-you're right- I don't believe it! I know an enemy ruse when I see 

Gaius: Not convinced? Well... would an imposter bring a bag of candy onto a 

Noire: Hmm... My father was very fond of candy. And cookies. And cakes... But 
it's not like they're hard to come by- any two-bit con man could just buy 

Gaius: Okay, how about I pick the lock on that door? Could any two-bit con 
man do that?

Noire: No, but any two-bit thief could!

Gaius: Geez, Noire- you're not exactly making this easy for m- Hm? Ugh, I 
knew I shouldn't have eaten that tray of tarts earlier! Damn nosebleeds...

Noire: ...You ARE my father!

Gaius: Huh? A nosebleed? That's what it took to convince you?

Noire: My father always used to get nosebleeds from eating too much sugar!

Gaius: Crivens... Well, at least you're on board. Now I'm gonna help you get 
outta here. Okay, kiddo?

Noire: Thank you, Father. Even if you're not him exactly, I'm still really 
glad to see you. But... maybe you want to plug that nosebleed before you head 
back out there?
Noire x Gregor

Gregor: Noire! Is Noire, yes?

Noire: It... it can't be... Father?

Gregor: Is Father, but... not from this world. This Gregor come from 
Outrealms! Is other world very similar to this one but taking place many 
years in past.

Noire: You're telling me you've come from another world... from the past...?

Gregor: Yes, is crazy story. But even more crazy is Noire surviving so long 
without weapon! Noire take after fatheróis very hard to kill! Anyway, Gregor 
must return home soon, but right now he is here to be saving you!

Noire: Y-you traveled across worlds to save me? *sniff* I... *sob*

Gregor: Now, now. No time for crying. Gregor is sentimental typeóyou make him 
cry too!

Noire: I'm sorry. It's just... Seeing you again, it... reminds me of 
everything that happened... But waitóhow come you look so much like him? I 
thought you came from the past, but you look just like my father did when...

Gregor: You are saying older Gregor not look older? Gregor still strong and 
virile in future?

Noire: Uh, no... I'm saying the younger Gregor looks... kind of old...

Gregor: Oy! Is like saying goesókids say most damnable things... Relatively 
speaking, is trueóGregor is still old man compared to most. But this Gregor 
promise youóhe is much younger than Gregor of your world! Come, witness 
strong and virile father from somewhat-younger-old-man era!

Noire: O-okay, I'm looking forward to it! ...I think.
Noire x Libra

Libra: Noire, is that you? Oh, gods be praised! You're alive!

Noire: F-Father?!

Libra: I've crossed the Outrealms to find you. It truly is a miracle. The 
gods are kind.

Noire: But how are you here? I thought you were... dead...

Libra: I'm not the Libra of this world. I am visiting you from another realm, 
guided by Naga.

Noire: N-Naga?!

Libra: My time here is short, Noire, so listen wellóyou are safe now. I have 
been sent to mete out divine punishment to these foul creatures. Fall back, 
and give thanks to the benevolent gods for your salvation.

Noire: ...No! I will not!

Libra: Wh-what...?

Noire: It's always gods, gods, gods with you! Why? The gods don't care about 
you! You devoted your life to them, and they let you die! "Give thanks"?! I 
curse them every day! If they're so benevolent, why would they let the world 
get this bad? And why would they take you away from us? You don't know what 
it's like for Mother and I having to fend for ourselves! And have no idea 
what it was like for me when your precious gods took her too!

Libra: ......

Noire: All I ever wanted was to be with my parents... I don't need gods! I 
need what I always neededóyou and Mother!

Libra: Forgive me, Noire. Your point is... well taken... Very well. No more 
talk of gods. I fight for the sake of my daughter. A daughter who at this 
moment stands weaponless and prone. Will you allow me to stay close and 
protect you? Not for the gods' sake, but for my own.

Noire: Father... Of course... That would make me very happy. And I'm sorry 
for that little outburst. I didn't mean to blaspheme...

Libra: Think nothing of it. The gods forgive all. Now, allow me to eradicate 
these accursed Risen. Find a safe place, and know that I will be nearby! 
Noire x Henry

Henry: Hey-o, Noire! Good to see you're still alive!

Noire: Wh-what?!

Henry: Don't freak out on me! Just listen. I'm not your enemy---I'm your dad. 
Sorta...Naga sent me here from another world to protect you.

Noire: I... I don't think so! This is another trap, isn't it? You're some 
sort of illusion!

Henry: What? You don't believe your own flesh and blood?! Mmm, blood...       
Noire: No, I don't believe YOU! My father is dead!

Henry: Hmm... I guess it is a pretty tough story to swallow. And a healthy 
sense of skepticism is a sign of a sharp mind, after all... That's my girl!

Noire: It's just... how is Naga supposed to help us if we don't even have the 
Fire Emblem yet? That's not how it works! You must be an illusion or a shape-
shifter or... under some kind of resurrection hex!

Henry: A hex? Nya ha! You really are your mother's daughter! Fine----
resurrection curse it is! I'm Henry the Risen----rawwr! Nya ha ha!

Noire: Huh...?

Henry: If believing that helps move things along, then so be it. You go right 
ahead and think I've been all Risened up by some curse! I just wanna get past 
this so I can start saving you from peril!

Noire: ......

Henry: If it helps me protect my daughter, I'll be anything she wants me to 

Noire: F-Father...*sob* I'm sorry! I'm so sorry I doubted you... I believe 
you---really I do! I'm sorry I thought you were cursed!

Henry: Huh? So now you believe me? You're a strange kid...

Noire: It's just... no impostor could ever talk the way you do, Father... 
So... about that offer to protect me...Will you help me get out of here 

Henry: Of course I will! Hexed or not, I've got your back, come hell or high 
water! Nya ha!
Noire x Avatar

Avatar: Noire! Thank heavens you're okay.

Noire: F-Father...? What are you...? How can you be here?

Avatar: Ah...yes, about that. I'm... not your father. I'm another world's 
Avatar. Naga granted us passage here temporarily in order to save you.

Noire: Naga sent you?! Oh, Dad, I'm so sorry! What must you think of me...?

Avatar: You're sorry? What for?

Noire: I was... surrounded and disarmed... I lost faith, and... I... I 
surrendered... You taught me to visualize victory and to believe in it, but I 
just couldn't see it... I'm suppose to be taking the Gemstones home to save 
our world, and I gave up! How could so brilliant a tactician have so cowardly 
a daughter?

Avatar: Ha! You don't think I get scared? It's only natural to be afraid. 
Disarmed and surrounded by the enemy? I'd have been trembling in my boots! 
Don't dwell on your failures. Instead, focus on reacting to the current state 
of battle. There's a path to victory even in the face of defeatóand I'm here 
to help you find it!

Noire: Father...

Avatar: I can't stay long, Noire, but will you allow me to protect you while 
I can?

Noire: Of course! Thank you so much for coming to save me. And...thank you 
for letting me see my father's face again...

Avatar: It's my pleasure. I'm all yours as long as I'm here! 
Noire x Noire

Noire: Stay strong, Noire of this world... I'd say this to your face, but you 
look pretty panicked already... Best not to surprise you. But rest assured, 
I've got your back. And I swear I'll get you out of here alive. ...... You 
know, something about this place seems really familiar... Yes- this is the 
building we stopped to rest after we collected the Gemstones. I remember we 
talked about maybe staying the night here. But something about it didn't feel 
right, and we left soon after we arrived. Our future was like this one, 
but... I guess we were a tiny bit luckier. Seems the me of this world made a 
few unlucky choices... But that doesn't mean she deserves to lose her life! 
Looks like it's up to me to make sure that doesn't happen.

Inigo x Olivia

Olivia: Inigo!

Inigo: M-Mother?! No, that's impossible... My mother died before my eyes. I 
know what I saw.

Olivia: I'm not the Olivia you know. I've come from another world. Look at 
you. You've been through hell... And all this time you've held strong... I 
should have been there for you! I'm so sorry, Inigo... Please forgive me...

Inigo: Another world? No wonder you look so young. But what are you 
apologizing for?

Olivia: Because the me from this world... She shouldn't have left you alone! 
What kind of mother am I to abandon my son like that?

Inigo: That's not my fault. It's not even my real mother's fault. Please, 
don't fret...

Olivia: I can't help it! I just... Ahh... *sob*

Inigo: Heh. Stop it, Mother. A lovely lady like you should always wear a 
smile. Especially when your son hasn't seen you in so long!

Olivia: I'm sorry...

Inigo: I'm the one who ought to be bawling. Had to beat me to the punch, huh? 
...Well, I'm still glad. Your tears give me the strength and courage to fight 

Olivia: You won't have to fight alone. I'll be right by your side doing what 
the other Olivia couldn't!

Inigo: Thank you, Mother. But I don't want you to put yourself in danger. 
Stay where it's safe.

Olivia: What are you saying, Inigo? I came here to watch over you!

Inigo: You are watching over me. You know, I often practice dancing and 
fighting near your grave... And when I do, I always feel you there gently 
pushing me along.

Olivia: Inigo...

Inigo: Since your passing, I've gotten much stronger. Watch and see. IF I 
know you're watching, not even a hundred Risen can stop me!
(Inigo leaves)

Olivia: Huh? Inigo, wait! ...Heh. He's really got his heart set on doing this 
alone. I know, son. You're scared of losing me again. But don't push me away. 
You might find that I'm stronger than you remember too. No harm will befall 
you while your mother is here- I swear it!
Inigo x Chrom

Chrom: Inigo.

Inigo: What? No, it's not possible...

Chrom: I know what you're thinking, Inigo. But I'm not truly your father- at 
least not in this world. By Naga's power, I've been sent here temporarily 
from a world of my own.

Inigo: I see... ......

Chrom: You don't believe me?

Inigo: No, I do. It's just... my father passed away when I was very little. 
So I'm not sure what I'm supposed to feel around you.

Chrom: Oh... Well... I'm sorry that I wasn't there for you.

Inigo: Don't apologize! You fought to keep us safe. It's funny, though. The 
stories about you were definitely true. Just standing near you gives me the 
courage to fight. And the strength and kindness and dignity in your eyes 
befit a king. You're every bit the man Lucina told me about. You and she 
are... very alike.

Chrom: Well, I would say you and I are alike too.

Inigo: ...We LOOK alike. But even though I share your blood, I cannot wield 
Falchion. I have no way to protect my friends... to give people hope...

Chrom: Of course you do.

Inigo: Just look at before. I made a split-second decision that may have cost 
us everything. If I were smarter- stronger- then I wouldn't have put the 
others in danger. I would have found a better way to save them. You see? I'm 
not like you. I'm not half the man you were...

Chrom: You're wrong. You did what you did because you thought it would keep 
everyone safe! You believed that you could save them all and acted 
accordingly. Ylisse is lucky to have a prince like you. And any who disagree 
can answer to me.

Inigo: Father...

Chrom: You have the Brand, and that means you ARE my son through and through.

Inigo: ...Thank you.

Chrom: The Chrom in this world may have died before you and he could speak. 
But I know he would say the same thing. And another thing- you give me too 
much credit. Put in the same condition as you back there, I may not have 
acted in time. You can be greater than your father- greater than I. And 
that's why I intend to do everything in my power to keep you safe.

Inigo: Huh? But, Father...

Chrom: Not another word. I crossed between worlds to see this done. I'm going 
to be the father that your true father couldn't. Will you fight by my side, 

Inigo: ...... ...Yes. Thank you, Father.

Chrom: No thanks needed. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Inigo: Just promise you'll stay alive.

Chrom: All right. I promise!
Inigo x Frederick

Frederick: Inigo, is that you?

Inigo: Father?! It can't be...

Frederick: No. Not your real father. I hail from another world entirely.

Inigo: But... you are my father in that world?

Frederick: Correct. And so naturally I feel like a sort of father to you as 
well. Allow me to keep you safe.

Inigo: Father, I'm glad I had the chance to see you again. I truly am. But 
it's too dangerous here. You could get yourself killed. I can handle a few 
Risen, so pleaseógo back to you world before it's too late!

Frederick: You've been ready to die since the moment you cut down that 

Inigo: You saw that?!

Frederick: You made a brave and wise choice back there, Inigo. That you put 
your friends' lives above your own proves you have a knight's heart. It takes 
fortitude to become your country's fist and your comrades' shield.

Inigo: I know. I remember what you taught me when I was little. I looked up 
to you. I swore I would defend others, just as you did.

Frederick: Then do it now, son. Defend me.

Inigo: What?

Frederick: I wronged you by asking if I could keep you safe. You're not a 
child anymore. I shall trust your strength and let you stand in the lead.

Inigo: It doesn't matter who stands where! I don't want you in a position 
to... I don't want you to die protecting me!

Frederick: Then don't give me the chance. You're a brave young man. As long 
as you fight hard, we will both see the end of this battle. Don't you agree?

Inigo: Yes, but...

Frederick: Let the old wounds close, Inigo. Fight, and I know you will 
prevail. Your liege, Princess Lucina, needs you. Will you fail her? Now let 
us break these poor excuses for Risen and return home to Ylisse!

Inigo: ...All right. A knight never abandons his liege. I accept your help, 
Father. And I promise to see you safely through the battle.

Frederick: Then I entrust myself to your care, Sir Inigo. Show your father 
what a grand knight you have become! 
Inigo x Virion

Virion: Inigo! You are safe!

Inigo: Huh? I know your face... This isn't possible!

Virion: Anything is possible for Virion, Fatherest of Fathers. My son, I have 
come from another world to rescue you.

Inigo: Um, another world?

Virion: Yes. While I no doubt remind you of your father's magnificence, I am 
not, in fact, him. Allow me to applaud you, my boy, for that gesture by the 

Inigo: ...Y-you were watching?

Virion: As heir to the great House Virion, your deeds can only be called 
exemplary. What could be more noble than putting yourself under fire to 
protect your charges? Your actions deserve the higest praise. However... as 
your father, I must ask you: What in blazes were you thinking?

Inigo: Huh? But I-

Virion: You could have gotten yourself killed. I can imagine no greater pain 
than outliving my own child. If I had been forced to watch you die... Ugh. 
Let us just say it would have taken a few years off my life. Never give your 
father such a scare, Inigo! It is far too cruel!

Inigo: I'm sorry... I was scared too. I told Owain that we'd all make it- 
that together we could win. But deep down, I knew this might end up being my 
final resting place. As each blade clanged like a death knell, I wondered 
whether the end would hurt... I've never been so scared in my life.

Virion: Well... everything will be all right. You will see. Look at you, poor 
thing... You are shaking.

Inigo: I can't help it... But I feel a little better now. Seeing your face 
has given me a renewed sense of hope.

Virion: Then let us fight together! Any who wish you harm shall fall before 
the Fatherest of Fathers! ...And the Sunniest of Sons, of course.

Inigo: Thank you, Father. I'll fight hard too. It's my turn to keep you safe.
Inigo x Stahl

Stahl: Inigo?! That's you, isn't it? I'm so glad you're safe!
Inigo: What? FATHER?! I must be seeing things... How can you possibly...
Stahl: You're not seeing things. But I'm also not the Stahl you know. I came 
from another world to lend you a hand. I may not be your father, but you're 
still my son... if that makes any sense. Here, I'll watch your back.
Inigo: ...N-no! Don't!
Stahl: Wh-what? What's gotten into you?
Inigo: I'm really happy to see you, Father. And I appreciate that you're here 
to help. But I refuse to put you in dangeróeven if you did come from some 
other world. I've already lost you once. Just stand back and watch me fight. 
...You're in danger here. Go!
Stahl: Stop that, Inigo! You don't need to play the tough guy! I'm fine! I 
can take care of myself.
Inigo: I don't want you to!
Stahl: You don't trust me? Then I guess you've heard the stories.
Inigo: Huh? What stories?
Stahl: About how average I am? About how I don't stand out in any way?
Inigo: ...... Well, neither do I.
Stahl: What?
Inigo: Everything I do turns out average too. I'm completely forgettable 
compared to my friends. That's why I was prepared to sacrifice myself to keep 
them out of danger. Although even that turned out to be a middling success...
Stahl: You were ready to die for the others?
Inigo: I knowóI'm a hypocrite. I told Owain not to waste his life, and what 
do I do? I guess I'm just selfish. But if someone has to die, I couldn't let 
it be them. I'm sorry, Father. Your son didn't turn out all that clever.
Stahl: He turned out just fine. And I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I 
feel like it's my job to take hits for the team. They tell me I'm too nice 
for my own good.
Inigo: You get that too?
Stahl: Heh... Oh, yes. Listen, let me fight with you, Inigo. Maybe neither 
one of us is the best fighter around, but together? I think we could get 
through this. We could get you home where you're needed.
Inigo: All right, Father. But promise me you'll be okay. I couldn't stand to 
watch you die.
Stahl: Neither one of us is going to die. I promise. We're going to be okay.
Inigo: I believe you. Things are finally starting to look up.
Stahl: That's the spirit. Now let's go get those Risen!
Inigo x Vaike

Vaike: Yo, Inigo!

Inigo: F-Father?! It can't be!

Vaike: It can! It is! The Vaike is back from the dead to save his son's 

Inigo: Back from the dead? ...Then you're a Risen. And a dastardly one at 
that to try to disarm me with such a filthy ruse...

Vaike: Huh? Wh-whoa! What are ya doin'? Put your sword away! I ain't a Risen! 
That's not what I meant!

Inigo: Then... what are you?

Vaike: I came from another world. I'm not your dead father. See? No rottin' 
flesh hangin' off me. No creepy glowin' eyes. ...Right?

Inigo: Yes... All right, I believe you.

Vaike: Heh, whew. I knew ya would! The Vaike wasn't about to get chopped down 
by the son he came to rescue! Inigo, I want you to know I'm proud of ya for 
stickin' by your friend at the bridge. That was manly! That was "Son of 
Vaike" levels of manly! I'm so proud of you, I'm gonna fight by your side. 
How's that sound?

Inigo: ......

Vaike: ...Uh, hello?

Inigo: *Sniff* Ahh...

Vaike: Whoa there, short stuff! Who turned the waterfalls on? Are you hurt? 
Or are you like Olivia and havin' a cry 'cause the wind smells nice?

Inigo: It's not the wind! *sniff* I'm just glad you're not a Risen. If you 
were, I... I wouldn't have been able to do it... I wouldn't have been able to 
cut you down. *sob*

Vaike: Hey... There, there, Inigo. The whole "back from the dead" thing was 
just a bit of Vaike humor. That would never happen to your real dad. Ain't 
gonna happen to you or me, either, if ya let me watch your back.

Inigo: ...All right. Thanks, Father.

Vaike: Any time! Teach is itchin' to send these baddies back a grade. If 
you're not careful, I might just steal all the glory.

Inigo: We'll see about that. Some say the Son of Vaike is all his father was 
and more...

Vaike: Oh, you're givin' me lip now? Guess your pouty fit's all over. That's 
m'boy! Follow the Vaike, Son of Vaike!
Inigo x Kellam

Kellam: Inigo! At last I've found you.

Inigo: Father?! How is this possible?

Kellam: I'm not your real father, strictly speaking. I came here from another 
world to rescue you. I don't know how long I can stay here, but let me fight 
with you while I can.

Inigo: So... you're my father in another world? That's quite a story... but 
you don't look like you're lying. If you really are my father, can I ask you 
a question?

Kellam: Of course. What is it?

Inigo: Back there, what would you have done in my position? You used to be 
the Shepherds' greatest defender, right? It's just... I don't know. I find 
myself less certain I made the right choice by the bridge. What if there was 
another way and I messed it all up?

Kellam: Well... if it makes you feel better, I would have done the same as 
you. There was no other way to defend your comrades from a distance. You had 
to make a quick decision, and like me, you chose to be their shield.

Inigo: As long as I did what's right. My friends count on me to protect them, 
so I'm always afraid of making the wrong call.

Kellam: I definitely know that feeling.

Inigo: Thank you, Father. I feel better now. But I had better finish the job. 
These Risen won't quit until they're dead.

Kellam: Wait... Inigo, let me fight with you!

Inigo: No. I can't put you in danger like that. You just watch me fight. I 
feel my fortunes changing already just for getting to see you again.

Kellam: Poor Inigo. It can't be easy keeping your friends safe in a world 
like this... Every decision is a matter of life and death. This time, though, 
there was no right answer. No matter what you chose to do, it would have cost 
you your life. I'm here to change that. I know you don't want me to 
interfere, but... I can't let you meet your end here.
Inigo x Donnel

Donnel: That must be the Inigo of this world. That's my boyólook at him go! 
But I'll probably scare the tar out of him if I just march up and say hi... 
And that's if he even recognizes me... I reckon I look younger than he does!

Inigo: Father?! What are you doing here?

Donnel: Inigo?! How'd ya know I'm your pa?

Inigo: Uh, can anyone else fight that well with a pot on his head? But I 
thought you were dead!

Donnel: Oh, uh, well... Hold on to yer britches, 'cause you're not gonna 
believe this. I done came here from another world to save ya from yer doom!

Inigo: Another world? No wonder you look so young... Without the pot on your 
head, I never would have recognized you.

Donnel: Er, yeah. I think you've made yer point.

Inigo: Father, there's something I've always wanted to tell you.

Donnel: Oh yeah? Hit me!

Inigo: You know the ballad of the swan princess and her black swan prince?

Donnel: Of course! Olivia used to dance it somethin' fierce!

Inigo: That's right. You would sing, and Mother would dance along. I remember 
the song well from when I was a little boy. You two were so in love. You used 
to say that the song was about you... That no matter what tragedy struck, 
you'd always be together.

Donnel: Gosh, ya remember all that? It's kinda embarassin'...

Inigo: I just wanted to say... I'm sorry.

Donnel: Huh? What the heck for?

Inigo: You both died to keep me safe. I was the tragedy that finally tore you 
two apart. I just... I need you to forgive me...

Donnel: Now, Inigo...

Inigo: I know it's too much to ask. I must sound like an utter fool. You're 
not even my real father...

Donnel: Do I get to talk now? 'Cause you didn't tear me and yer ma apart.

Inigo: ...I didn't?

Donnel: Heck no! If anythin', yer the glue that proves how inseparable we 
are! What better way to show our live than to leave a remarkable son behind? 
Long as you take good care of yerself, we'll live dang near forever!

Inigo: Really? *sniff* You m-mean it, Father? Thank you... Oh, thank you! 

Donnel: Sorry me and Olivia left ya here by your lonesome. It's our fault you 
been blaming yerself this whole time. But everything's gonna get better now. 
I can promise ya that. I'm gonna protect ya so ya can bring peace to this 
world. Then ya won't ever have to be sad againónot you or nobody! 
Inigo x Lon'qu

Lon'qu: .......

Inigo: Father? Is that you? But... how can you be here? You're dead... Oh 
no... You've come from the afterlife to collect me, haven't you? I'm 

Lon'qu: ...Finished, you say? If you're that ready to die, I won't bother 
with any speeches.

Inigo: Huh?

Lon'qu: Inigo... I sentence you to death here and now... Prepare to die.

Inigo: Ack! Wait!

Lon'qu: What's the matter? Come at me. I'll make it painless for you.

Inigo: But... I don't want to die...

Lon'qu: You don't? ...Then don't let me ever hear you say you're "finished". 
If the afterlife sends someone to collect you, you put that messenger in the 

Inigo: ...!

Lon'qu: The Lon'qu of this world is dead. His sword has been silenced, never 
to speak again... No prayers will bring him back to fight for this world or 
protect its people... But you can still do what he couldnít. Because you... 
are still alive. Don't you... don't you see...?

Inigo: Father... Are those tears in your eyes? It's not possible! Please, 
forgive me! My weakness has broken your spirit!

Lon'qu: No, Inigo. I weep for myself. I came all this way to find you... to 
save you... And yet instead I assail you with only the cruelest of words. 
Forgive me... I do not know how long I can remain in this world. But I wish 
to fight for you.

Inigo: I would be grateful. But please, promise youíll stay alive. Nothing 
frightens me more than losing you again because of me.

Lon'qu: Why is that frightening?

Inigo: Because you and Mother already died once to protect me! I feel as 
though everything I love in this world is ruined on my account.

Lon'qu: Is that how you feel? ...Hmm. You take after your father more than 
you realize. Your grief may even be greater. But we differ in at least one 
important way. You never let your grief turn you cold. Even in despair, you 
remain kind. Nothing could ever be ruined on your account, because you only 
bring people joy. I promise you I won't die today. I'm not the same man as 
your father

Inigo: You mean it?

Lon'qu: Lying is not my way... Winning is.

Inigo: All right, Father. Let's win, then. Thank you. As long as I still 
breathe, I'll keep fighting- to honor the father I lost.
Inigo x Ricken

Ricken: Inigo! *huff, huff* Whew, I made it...

Inigo: Huh? Who are you? How do you know my name?

Ricken: Ah, I guess you wouldn't recognize me... Umm... It's me, Ricken. Your 
father? I came here from another world. Oh! Here, look. This ring should 
prove it. It's the same one Olivia gave you, right?

Inigo: Yes... it is. Yours is newer, but there's no question it's the same 
ring. So... you really are my father?! Why do you have the ring and not 

Ricken: Heh heh. Olivia let me borrow it. She figured you might have 
questions. That's your mother. She's like the other half of my brain. 
...Anyway, there's no time for this. Inigo, we need to get you out of here. 
Are you hurt?

Inigo: Huh? Oh... Thanks, but it's nothing serious.

Ricken: Oh, whew. I'm glad to hear that! Olivia gave me a whole pack full of 
medicine in case you wereó ...Inigo. Your arm. What happened? It's bleeding 
like mad!

Inigo: I've dealt with worse.

Ricken: Are you kidding? That's a gaping wound! Hold on. I'll get a 

Inigo: I'm fine. You don't get far in a world like this fretting over a few 
scratches. And anyway, it looks worse that it feels...mostly.

Ricken: ......

Inigo: Father?

Ricken: Ahh.... *Sob* I'm so sorry...

Inigo: Father, why are you crying?!

Ricken: Why am I crying? *sniff* J-just look at you! You're a mess! You're 
bleeding and tired, and you pretend like nothing's wrong!

Inigo: That's because I really am fine! Stop crying. Which one of us is the 
kid here?

Ricken: Right now? M-me! Okay? I know that! I'm such a shrimp that I had to 
borrow Olivia's ring just so you'd recognize me! One of us has to cry. *sob*

Inigo: ...... Father, look...

Ricken: I came all this way to save you, but I didn't realize how bad it was. 
You have to let me keep you safe. The other me couldn't, so let me. Please!

Inigo: All right...

Ricken: I'm going to get you home to Ylisse without another scratch. I swear 
it! Now stay by my side. We're going to fight this out together! *sniff*

Inigo: I will... Thank you, Father. Should I, uh, lend you a handkerchief?

Ricken: N-no! I can wipe my own face!
Inigo x Gaius

Gaius: Wait! Inigo, is that you?

Inigo: Father?! I thought you were dead!

Gaius: Nah, I'm not your real father, kid. I came from another world.

Inigo: But you ARE my father there, right? I'm so happy to see you. ......

Gaius: What's wrong? Are you hurt?

Inigo: No, no. It's just... seeing you like this has thrown me for a loop. I 
was ready to make my last stand, but this changes everything.

Gaius: Yeah, nice stunt by the bridge, by the way.

Inigo: You saw all that?

Gaius: Look, I think it's pretty sweet that you put your friends first. But 
as your father, I want you to put YOU first. I didn't cross between worlds 
just to get a front-row seat at your "last stand."

Inigo: ...I'm sorry.

Gaius: It's all right. I should've gotten here sooner. Then you wouldn't be 
in this position. I'm sorry, Inigo. I blew it.

Inigo: Why are you apologizing? Like I said, I'm happy just to see my father 
again. You have... n-no idea...

Gaius: Hey! You all right?

Inigo: Ugh, and now I'm getting all blurry eyed. I know you're not even him, 
really. But I was so young when youó

Gaius: Shh... Hey, I understand. You've been through a lot.

Inigo: *Sniff* Oh, gods... Now I'm really getting w-worked up... *sniff* I 
don't know if I can fight like this... Ahh... *sob*

Gaius: ...... ...Here.

Inigo: Is this... c-candy? But why?

Gaius: I dunno. Usually babies cry when you take candy from them. I figured 
I'd try the opposite.

Inigo: ...Heh. *sniff* This is the same kind you used to give me when I was 
little. It made me stop crying every time. You may not be the exact same 
person, but... you're still definitely my father. Oh, Father... I've missed 
you. *sob*

Gaius: Hey. That candy was supposed to make you STOP crying. Yeesh... Well, 
may as well let it all out. 'Cause once you're done, we're gonna litter the 
valley with these Risen. No one's gonna touch MY son.
Inigo x Gregor

Gregor: Oy! Inigo!

Inigo: ...Father?! No, that can't be right. My father is--

Gregor: Dead? Yes, is sad but true. However, this Gregor not quite same as 
your father Gregor. THIS Gregor is very special Gregor come to visit you from 
other world!

Inigo: A special Gregor, huh? Hmm... Well, any version of my father is still 
good news to me.

Gregor: Is very kind of Inigo to say.

Inigo: Of course! I've always looked up to you. Or him, or whatever. He 
taught me everything I know about fighting.

Gregor: Really? Gregor thought your stance and swing look familiar, 
but...hmm. Shouldn't you learn more than cobbled-together technique of old 
hired sword?

Inigo: Don't be so modest. That cobbled-together technique has saved me more 
than once.

Gregor: Now you flatter Gregor...

Inigo: It's true! I even started out as a mercenary so I could be more like 
you. You gave me something to aspire to.

Gregor: ......

Inigo: What's wrong, Father? Are you crying?

Gregor: *Sniff* Is... is nothing. Perhaps Gregor growing a little soft with 
old age... But enough blubbering! Is time for Gregor to live up to overblown 
reputation. Stay close, my son! Your father has come to rescue you! Together 
we will fight our way through ugly quagmire, yes? Gregor has your back!

Inigo: Thank you, Father. I've got your back too. I'm not going to lose you 
again! Just watch how strong your son has become. See what passions have 
sustained him through this bleak hell... Watch, and remember me even when you 
return to your own world!
Inigo x Libra

Libra: Inigo, is that you? Praise the gods for keeping you safe.

Inigo: Father?! You're alive?

Libra: Listen to me. It is true I am your father, but... not in this world. I 
came here to help you.

Inigo: You're from another world? ...Really? Then there's a world where you 
survived?! Oh, that's wonderful! Praise the gods indeed!

Libra: You're happy for me even though I am not your real father? What a 
kindhearted young man I raised.

Inigo: You know, there's something I never had the chance to ask you. Do you 

Libra: Ask awayóalthough I cannot promise my answer would be the same as your 

Inigo: That's all right. Listen, I really want to follow in yours and 
Mother's footsteps and be a dancer.

Libra: Oh? Not just Olivia's dancing, but my ceremonial dance as well?

Inigo: That's rightóboth. Dance that pleases the heart, and dance that 
pleases the gods. I've always dreamed of combining them into a new form of 
dance... a symbol of peace and faith I can spread throughout the world.

Libra: Really?

Inigo: Do you think it's silly?

Libra: Of course not. Not at all! And I take back what I said before. On this 
point, I am certain your real father would agree. Inigo, I came all this way 
to save you. And you have just given me all the more reason to do it. Let me 
join what modest strength I have to your own. Let me fight with you.

Inigo: You do me a kindness, but I would rather you stay out of danger. I 
have already lost one father. I doubt I could bear to lose another.

Libra: Heh. You worry just like your mother. Don't worry. I would never do 
anything to bring you grief.

Inigo: Swear to the gods?

Libra: I swear.

Inigo: ...All right then. Thank you, Father. For returning to me like this, 
and for supporting me. Now it's time to get through this mess so I can see 
make those dreams come true!
Inigo x Henry

Henry: Inigo? Boy, am I glad you're still in one piece.

Inigo: Father? It can't be... You're dead.

Henry: Nya ha! I wish! I know the Henry in this world died a long time ago. 
But see, I'm not him! I came from ANOTHER world to rescue you. I'm amazed 
you've managed to hold all these guys off. It must've been tough!

Inigo: Huh? O-oh. Well, you know. I battle Risen like this almost every day. 
Heh... Maybe it's them you need to rescue instead of me!

Henry: ......

Inigo: Um... did I say something wrong?

Henry: Do you always crack jokes like that, Inigo? Do you think it's FUNNY?

Inigo: Wh-what's gotten into you? You crack jokes all the time.

Henry: But when I do it, I mean it. I can tell your laughter isn't genuine, 
and that makes me sad. If you need to cry, cry. If you're having a rough 
time, say so. You don't need to pretend in front of your own father.

Inigo: What?! I'm not pretending. Why would I pretend? Everything is p-
perfectly... *sniff* Oh, gods, no, it's not... Ahh... *sob*

Henry: There, there, Inigo. It's okay. See how much better it feels to let it 
out? I used to keep things bottled up inside me too. I didn't know how to 
feel. It wasn't until I met your mother that I figured out what a real smile 
was. So now you need to let me put a real smile on YOUR face. It might not 
happen right away, but you have to promise to let me try.

Inigo: ...... ...No. No way.

Henry: Muh?! Why not?

Inigo: Because I want you to leave! I don't want you to get killed again 
because of me! You and Mother already gave your lives to protect me. All the 
"real smiles" in my life died with you! How can you ask me to lose you all 
over again?

Henry: ......

Inigo: Just... go home. This is my fight. You can still make it out of here 
if you go now!

Henry: ...... As fun as it sounds, I would never die knowing it would make 
you sad. And you know, you didn't lose us.

Inigo: What?

Henry: Half of Olivia and half of me still live on inside you. We'll always 
be close, as long as you take care of yourself and stay alive. The only way 
we'll REALLY be lost is it YOU die. Now, I really don't want to see you OR 
the other version of me croak. So let me protect you. Let me fight by your 
side. All right, Inigo?

Inigo: But... ...... *sigh* All right. But promise meóPROMISE ME you won't 
get yourself killed. Otherwise I'll come back to haunt you. And considering 
I've got half of you inside me, I can be SCARY when I haunt people.

Henry: Nya ha! I believe it! All right, I'd better be extra careful.

Inigo: Thanks, Father. I know you'll keep your promise.
Inigo x Avatar

Avatar: Inigo! Thank goodness I made it!

Inigo: Father? ...Is it you?! You're alive! I thought I had lost you forever! 
...And, gods, you look fantasticólike you're 10 years younger...

Avatar: I'm sorry to ruin the moment, Inigo, but I'm not from this world. 
I've come to help you, but I'm not the same as your father.

Inigo: Then he's really dead...

Avatar: I'm sorry to get your hopes up. Still, even if I'm not the father you 
knew, I intend to keep you safe.

Inigo: ......

Avatar: Inigo, are you all right? I know this must have come as a shock butó

Inigo: Father, what would you have done back at the bridge?

Avatar: Come again?

Inigo: At the bridge. How would you have handled that predicament? Would you 
have cut the bridge down? Would you force your way across? Or was there some 
other method I failed to even consider?

Avatar: Inigo, I hardly think it matters whichó

Inigo: I just need to know. Did I make the best choice? You're in a better 
position to judge than anyone on this battlefield. ...Why are you laughing?

Avatar: Pfft... Heh heh... I just expected you to be all doom and gloom. And 
yet here you are pondering strategy. You ARE full of surprises. That's my 

Inigo: Well, for your information, I've got plenty doom and gloom. My father 
is dead, for one! But a true tactician doesn't stop to lick his wounds. He 
figures things out.

Avatar: I couldn't agree more. Still, while an analytical eye is important, 
Inigo, let bygones be bygones. It's not the past you need to figure out. It's 
what you do next.

Inigo: Ah... True...

Avatar: Imagine this situation... You're cornered, you're outmanned... but 
you have to win the fight. A single warrior appears. After exchanging a few 
words, you think he might be trusted. Do you ask for his help or not?

Inigo: ...Heh. You've made your point, Father. Help me win this fight!

Avatar: I will, Inigo. I'm your new strategy. Now let's take out those Risen 
and make it a winning one. Agreed?

Inigo: Agreed. Thank you, Father! 
Inigo x Inigo

Inigo: So that's the me of this world... I can't believe I cut down the 
bridge like that... I can see I'm playing it tough, but last time I checked, 
I'm not crazy. I wouldn't have pulled a stunt like that unless the situation 
had gotten truly dire. I had best lay low to avoid traumatizing myself any 
further. ...It's strange, though. I remember crossing this valley in my own 
future when I returned with the Gemstones. But there was no horde of Risen on 
our tail. And no one had to cut down the bridgeówe stayed together the whole 
way. Not to mention this Inigo looks stronger than I... How did we get 
cornered? For all the similarities between our futures, I guess I can't take 
anything for granted. Even Grima could be stronger here than I remember... 
Well, whatever the case, I've got his backómy backówhatever. I made it 
through this valley, and so will he!

Gerome x Cherche

Cherche: Gerome? Pardon me, but are you the Gerome of this world?

Gerome: Wha---? But how----? I mean----

Cherche: "Hello, Mother," would do. It's so good to see you---especially in 
one piece!

Gerome: N-no... Stay back! 

Cherche: What has gotten into you?

Gerome: This must be a trap. My mother was killed by Risen long ago. And no 
matter how much I long to see her... no matter how much Minerva misses her... 
she can never return. It's not possible. Stay away, you impostor!

Cherche: ......Well, I never claimed to be your departed mother. But still...
(Minerva roars)

Gerome: What is it, Minerva? Why are you so happy? 

Cherche: Thank you, Minerva. She says she's glad to see me, whether I am the 
Cherche she knew or not.

Gerome: You understand her? The you must be my mother. You must...

Cherche: To me, you are a son, Gerome. But I come from another world. So no, 
I am not the same woman as your mother.

Gerome: So you ARE an impostor. I knew it. In that case, leave us... 
before... .....

Cherche: Do not cry, Gerome... If I am the impostor you say, then those tears 
are wasted on me.

Gerome: ...Wh-what tears?

Cherche: Such a strong boy. Here...

Gerome: Ah!

Cherche: Such a heavy mask you wear... And so much sorrow and pain it was 
made to hide... I am sorry I left you. Your mother should have stayed with 
you till the end. But you see? That is how I know how strong you are. You 
never gave up.

Gerome: ........

Cherche: Now that your struggles near their end, I am here to struggle with 
you. You needn't accept me as your mother. But all the same, I swear to 
defend you and Minerva both. Where this world's Cherche failed, I intend to 

Gerome: ...... You'll fight by my side? But why trouble yourself with a 
stranger's problems?

Cherche: You are no stranger. You are my son----in any world. Taking care of 
you is my greatest joy!

Gerome: Thank you, Mother. I am glad I got to see you one last time.

Cherche: Here. You probably want this back.

Gerome: And, Mother?

Cherche: You do not have to say it. I already know, Gerome. And I love you 
Gerome x Frederick

Frederick: Gerome! Thank the gods you're safe.

Gerome: What? F-Father? That's impossible!

Frederick: Yes. It is true that the Frederick of this world passed away long 
ago. However, I have come here from another world. Ergo, I am not the same 
man as your father.

Gerome: Another world? But how can that be...

Frederick: Gerome, you did a marvelous thing back there. Shielding milord
Chrom's daughter from the fell dragon's blows took courage. You have the 
heart of a true knight.

Gerome: Yes, well... both my parents were knights. Perhaps nature intended 
for me to be this way.

Frederick: Don't be so humble. From one knight to another: I admire you. No 
doubt the Frederick of this world would have been equally proud. However, as 
a father... I cannot praise such actions wholeheartedly...

Gerome: And why not? My life exists to protect my liege. I give it without 
reservation. Were you or my Mother any different?

Frederick: A father wants his son to live in happiness, not die with honor. 
Does being a knight disqualify me from such sentiment?

Gerome: I could say the same!

Frederick: What do you mean?

Gerome: When I lost you and Mother, I knew you died with honor. But I wanted 
you to live! To me, you were a father first and foremost!

Frederick: I... I know. Forgive me, Gerome... But at least you understand how 
I feel now. Knight or no knight, you must endeavor to keep living. You only 
get to die to save your liege once... But by living, you could do even 
greater good.

Gerome: I understand...

Frederick: You won't have to struggle alone. I have come here to help you. 
Not as knight--but as a father. I intend to keep you safe. No more talk of 
giving your life when you don't have to.

Gerome: ...All right. But I am still a knight. I will strive to keep living, 
but not by using you as a shield. We will fight side by side. Agreed?

Frederick: Agreed!

Gerome: ...Thank you.
Gerome x Virion

Virion: Gerome? Where are you, lad? I do hope he survived that brutal attack 
from before. You'd think he would have the grace to show himself and allay 
his father's fears. Hm? What's that coming this way? A bird? A lance? *Gasp* 
a wy-wy-wy-
(Minerva roars)
Virion: Ow! Minerva?!

Gerome: Father?! What insanity is this?

Virion: Gerome! Y-you are alive!

Gerome: What are you doing here? I thought you were dead.

Virion: I would love nothing more that to elaborate, but kindly... Ow! Kindly 
bid Minerva release me! I cannot talk while she is b-biting my face!

Gerome: Down, Minerva.

Virion: Whew. My thanks, boy. I must say, it relieves me to see my fears were 

Gerome: Forget your fears, man, and explain how it is you stand before me.

Virion: Such cheek! I am your father, you know. ...Very well. The reason I 
stand before you now is... I hail from another world. Wisely, I chose to come 
to your aid and secure my place in this world's sagas. After all, your 
world's Virion died before he could truly leave his mark.

Gerome: Another world? Hmph. Hard to believe, but not out of the realm of 
possibility, given what I've seen.

Virion: I sense no affection in your words. Did your father in this world 
mistreat you in some way?

Gerome: In the worst way.

Virion: What?!

Gerome: The dastard was everything to me. If he wasn't teaching me the ways 
of war, he was drilling me on courtly behavior. He made me who I am, and I 
loved him. ...And then he died. He hurt me in the worst way imaginable!

Virion: ......

Gerome: He and Mother and Minerva left after swearing they would return. They 
swore it! But only Minerva came home, covered in wounds... My father was the 
most wretched liar I have ever known.

Virion: No wonder you greeted me so callously. Forgive me, Gerome. Even the 
great Virion cannot predict his own demise. Your father had every intention 
of keeping his promise. I know it. Unfortunately, he and destiny did not see 
eye to eye. In his final moments, I am quite certain he was thinking only of 
his promise to you.

Gerome: ......

Virion: And while it may be too late, I am here to uphold that promise on his 
behalf. Fight with me, Gerome. Let me help you win a happy future for 
yourself and Minerva. I am a younger man than your father. I think you will 
find my odds are better.

Gerome: ...... All right, Father. Thank you. I'm sorry I called you a dastard 
and a liar. I can be poor at expressing what I truly feel sometimes...

Virion: Now, now. You've no need to apologize.

Gerome: I don't?

Virion: Not now, anyway. Let us win the day first- then you can wax 
sentimental. Promise me you will share your true feelings with me after this 
battle. And in turn, I promise to survive the battle and return. Only this 
time... I WILL keep my promise.

Gerome: Father... All right. I promise.
Gerome x Stahl

Stahl: Gerome? Are you all right? Gods, look at you- you're covered in 

Gerome: Father? Do my eyes deceive me?

Stahl: Your eyes are fine. But I'm not the Stahl you know. I came here from 
another world to help you for as long as I can.

Gerome: Another world?

Stahl: That's right. I could be whisked back out of here at any moment. We 
need to finish this fight now! Follow me, and I'll-

Gerome: Why didn't you come sooner?

Stahl: Beg your pardon?

Gerome: If you had this kind of power, why didn't you come sooner? Do you 
have any idea what we've been through? What we've lost?

Stahl: Huh? Gerome, I... *sigh* I'm sorry.

Gerome: With your help, we could have saved so many lives. We might have been 
spared the worst of our troubles. You could have saved Mother's life... and 
maybe even your own! Instead, you show up now, after nearly all is lost... 
All I can feel now is regret!

Stahl: I know... You're right. I should have come sooner. I would have, if I 
knew how. You needed me. You deserved better of your father.

Gerome: ......

Stahl: But better late than never. I can still save at least one life- yours. 
For me, that's reason enough to fight. Will you let me? I swear I'll protect 
you and Minerva with every bone in my body. Let me at least try to make up 
for all the times I've failed you.

Gerome: I... A-all right... Thank you. I'm sorry I got so worked up. None of 
this is really your fault... It's that damned fell dragon's.

Stahl: I know you were just upset.

Gerome: Will you help me defeat Grima, Father?

Stahl: Of course I will!
Gerome x Vaike

Vaike: Still alive and kickin' boy?

Gerome: Huh? That voice...

Vaike: The Vaike is no voice. The Vaike is legend!

Gerome: I'm fairly certain even legends have voices... But... is that really 
you? It doesn't seem possible...

Vaike: I ain't the Vaike you know. I'm another Vaike from another world. You 
can never have too many Vaikes, and this one's here to save your bacon!

Gerome: Another world?

Vaike: That's right. I thought OUR world was bad, but yours is a nightmare! 
Teach gives you full marks for survivin' this long. You truly are the Son of 

Gerome: I had to survive.

Vaike: Yeah?

Gerome: I've known nothing but pain and despair since I was a child. I was 
born into a world where every day is a battle. After a while, sidestepping 
death became a routine.

Vaike: You're always ready, huh?

Gerome: My father taught me to be ready.

Vaike: Smart man!

Gerome: No, but a determined one. "One day the Vaike may fall. But not the 
Son of Vaike!" he said. Those were his last words before he went off to 
destroy the Risen. He never returned. Since then, I have taken those words to 

Vaike: In that case, I wish I'd thought of somethin' more clever...

Gerome: No. It was exactly what I needed to hear. And as you noted, it has 
kept me alive where others died.

Vaike: Well, now that Vaike and Son of Vaike are a team, no one's gonna die.

Gerome: More bravado?
Vaike: You can't spell "bravado" without V. ...Ya know? V for Vaike! Anyway, 
are we gonna sweep up this battlefield or not?

Gerome: Heh. Fair enough. Try not to wet yourself when you realize how strong 
your son is.

Vaike: Har! That goes both ways!
Gerome: All right. Let's go! 
Gerome x Kellam

Gerome: Whew... I can do this. All I have to do is hold out until the others 
get here...
(Minerva roars)
Gerome: ...Minerva? What are you growling at? There's nothing there.

Kellam: ...Gerome.

Gerome: Wh-what?! Father? No, that's impossible. Are you a Risen?

Kellam: No, I'm Kellam all right. But I came from another world. I'm not the 
same man as your father.

Gerome: What? Hmm... Well, as long as you're not a Risen.

Kellam: Don't worry.

Gerome: Then it is good to see you again, Fatherówhatever world you say 
you're from. Minerva is pleased too. But you should return from whence you 
came. It's too dangerous here.

Kellam: Huh? Oh, no, I can't leave now. I came here to help you!

Gerome: I don't need your help.

Kellam: You don't?

Gerome: I've managed just fine on my own. And besides, it's my job to protect 
people now, not yours. Since you... left, someone had to step up and keep the 
others safe. That someone is me. The last thing I need is some visitor from 
another world to do my job for me.

Kellam: I... see.

Gerome: Do you? Then why are you still here?

Kellam: I know you're just saying that because you don't want me to get 

Gerome: Do I look that nice to you?

Kellam: As a matter of fact, yes. I am your father, you know. I understand 
you more than you realize.

Gerome: ......

Kellam: Anyway, it was brave of you to take over after this world's Kellam 
passed away. I know it couldn't have been easy. Maybe he can't help you 
anymore, but I still can. So I hope you'll forgive me if I ignore your wishes 
and help you anyway. And tell Minerva I'm happy to see her too. Now take 
care, son.

Gerome: Huh? ...Wait! Grr... I'm sorry, Father. I shouldn't have talked to 
you that way. I suppose I do need you... a little...
Gerome x Donnel

Donnel: Gerome? Is that really you? Reckon I made it just in time!

Gerome: F-Father?! I must be dreaming...

Donnel: Hmm? Now, why's that?

Gerome: Not only am I seeing my dead father, but he's years younger than I 
remember! I must have hit my head... Either that, or I'm dead...

Donnel: Oh, you sure ain't dead! And you ain't dreamin', neither! I'm here as 
sure as the's sky's blue. ...Er, blood red.

Gerome: How can that be?

Donnel: Well, ya see... I came here from another world to help ya. I may not 
be able to stay very long, but I'll fight with ya as long as I can.

Gerome: Another world, is it? Then you may as well be a dream.

Donnel: What? Well, that sure ain't nice!

Gerome: Don't get me wrong. I can see that you're no ghost. But a father from 
another world who isn't here to stay? That sounds like a dream to me. 
Tomorrow, I shall wonder if this even really happened.

Donnel: ...... Gerome, ya sure you're not just sayin' that to keep from 
gettin' hurt?

Gerome: What would you know about my pain? Did you lost your father in some 
meaningless war? No, I thought not, soó

Donnel: Actually, I did.

Gerome: Huh?

Donnel: My pa died in the war. It darned near broke my heart too. Course, I 
can't say I know exactly how ya feel. At least I still got my ma. But I 
understand a wee bit, and I'm sorry I left ya on your own. At least let me 
make it up to ya now by fightin' at your side. You're my only son, Gerome.

Gerome: ...... Father...

Donnel: I may not be the strongest warrior in these here parts... but I'll be 
damned if I let any harm come to you or Minerva!

Gerome: Fine, but... how do I know I won't lose you a second time?

Donnel: I promise! Your pa's plenty tougher than ya remember him, I reckon.

Gerome: All right. Then lend me your strength, Father. Together we might just 
pull through this. 
Gerome x Lon'qu

Lon'qu: Hmm, is this area secure...?

Gerome: Who are you?

Lon'qu: ...! I'm... a warrior come from another world.

Gerome: Are you now? I must say I saw you fighting before. You fight 
remarkably. Your offense and defense are both impeccable.

Lon'qu: ...Right.

Gerome: You remind me of someone... This may sound silly, but you fight just 
like myó

Lon'qu: This is a battlefield. Stop prattling on and fight!

Gerome: Huh? Wait!
(Minerva cries)

Lon'qu: What is it, Minerva? I mean... Urgh, damn!

Gerome: You know my wyvern's name? ...She used to coo like that around my 
father. I haven't heard the sound for years.

Lon'qu: Coincidence.

Gerome: I think not... Father.

Lon'qu: ......

Gerome: I saw the resemblanceóyour stance, your moves, your voice, your 
words... But it seemed impossible, I... Is it really you?

Lon'qu: I was hoping to avoid this, but yes. Minerva knew me at this age, so 
I should have anticipated being recognized. Anyway, I'm glad you're alive, 
Gerome. You have done magnificently.

Gerome: Father, I... *sniff* I don't know what to...

Lon'qu: Don't cry, Gerome. You wear that mask for a reason. So your enemies 
never see any fear... or doubt. Don't let tears betray you now.

Gerome: Easy for you to say. I'm not the stalwart, collected man you were.

Lon'qu: You think I never showed weakness? You must have never seen me around 
women, then. Your mother, Cherche, was the exception. But before her... Trust 
me when I tell you you are the stronger one. The better fighter, and the 
better man.

Gerome: Th-thank you...

Lon'qu: I have come here to keep you safe. Now that you know who I am, you 
must let me protect you and Minerva. I'm not about to let my son and my 
favorite wyvern come to harm.

Gerome: You'd do that for me? I've always strived to fight like youóhoped I 
would one day be your equal. I never got to test my strength against that of 
my father in this world. But with you...

Lon'qu: I relish the chance. Show me what you can do, Gerome!

Gerome: Right! 
Gerome x Ricken

Ricken: Gerome!

Gerome: Huh? What are you doing on a battlefield, boy?

Ricken: Agh, I knew this would happen. It's me, Ricken! Your father!

Gerome: Ha! That's rich! My father died years ago. Whatever mischief you're 
plotting, you need to leave right now. It's too dangerous for you here.

Ricken: I'm not going anywhere. For starters, I came here from ANOTHER WORLD 
to help you. That's why I look so young. My world is further in the past. 
Secondly, you're my SON! I'm not going to leave you here to die.

Gerome: I'm sorry, but do you really expect me to believe nonsense likeó
(Minerva roars)
Gerome: Minerva? What is it?

Ricken: Thanks, Minerva! I was hoping you'd remember me. After all, you've 
known me longer. We've been friends since I was young. I missed you too!

Gerome: Is this really happening? This... boy is my father? No, I need 
further proof.

Ricken: Alright. How can I prove it?

Gerome: When I was little, my father tried to teach me magic. But I decided 
to become a wyvern rider like my mother instead. What did my father say to me 

Ricken: What? But... that hasn't happened to me yet. How could I possibly...

Gerome: ......

Ricken: Wait. I can figure this out. I think... I would probably say this: no 
matter what path you choose, I'll always watch over you. If you think your 
place in the world is to be a knight, then a knight you should be. ...But the 
world of magic will be missing out.

Gerome: ...!

Ricken: Was that even close?

Gerome: ......

Ricken: I guess not.

Gerome: Close? That's EXACTLY what he said. Nearly word for word.

Ricken: Then you believe me?

Gerome: Yes. I'm sorry I doubted you.

Ricken: Woo-hoo!

Gerome: I didn't follow in your footsteps, Father, but I always looked up to 
you. Mage or not, you cut an imposing figure, and your hands were full of 
strength. I can remember every spell you weaved in front of me like it was 
yesterday. I would... very much like to see that again.

Ricken: Well... I can do the magic, but I'm not so sure about the imposing 

Gerome: I'll take what I can get. My memory should be able to fill in the 

Ricken: Really? All right, Gerome. You've got me all pumped up now! Get ready 
for a maelstrom of magic to top them all!

Gerome: Go get 'em, Father. 
Gerome x Gaius

(Minerva cries out)
Gerome: Minerva? Why are you growling like that? Hm? Who goes there?!

Gaius: H-hey! Stop it, Minerva! That tickles!

Gerome: F-Father?! Impossible...

Gaius: Agh. I was trying not to be seen...

Gerome: What are you doing here? You're dead!

Gaius: Correction: the Gaius in THIS world is dead. I'm not him. I come from 
another world, see. All those reinforcements that just showed upóthey came 
with me.

Gerome: You expect me to believe that?

Gaius: Hey, I had trouble swallowing it at first too. In fact, I knew you'd 
think I was pulling your chain. That's why I was trying to avoid you and save 
us the trouble.

Gerome: No wonder you were sneaking around.

Gaius: Thief, remember?

Gerome: ...... I do believe you.

Gaius: Hm? Sorry. Speak up?

Gerome: ...Nothing. I said Minerva must believe you, the way she's taken to 
you. And since I trust her, I'll accept your story for now.

Gaius: Well, thanks. I'm glad I pass the test for one of you, at least. Who 
deserves a special snack from Uncle Gaius? That's right, you do, Minerva!

Gerome: ......

Gaius: What's wrong, Gerome? Jealous?

Gerome: *Sniff* Ahh...

Gaius: Who, whoa. Easy there, kid! If you want it that bad, I'll give you 
some candy too.

Gerome: Ugh! I don't want your candy! What kind of child do you take me for? 
It's just... I remember how you used to give Minerva candy like this, and 
it... Ugh... It affects me.

Gaius: Aww... I'm sorry, Gerome... I never should've left you to fend for 
yourself in a hellhole like this. I know it might be too little, too late, 
but at least let me make it up to you. Let me fight with you and Minerva and 
keep you safe. All right?

Gerome: ...All right, Father. Thank you. 
Gerome x Gregor

Gregor: Oy, Gerome! Still in one piece?

Gerome: Huh?!

Gregor: ...Because dying here would be a terrible waste.

Gerome: What in the gods' names...
Gregor: Is that how you greet own father? With confused scowl? Not that 
Gregor is real father, but still...
Gerome: I don't understand...
Gregor: You mean why Gregor is here? Gregor come from other world. In other 
words, this Gregor not the same man as Gregor you know.

Gerome: I... see.

Gregor: Anyway, don't get too cozy, yes? Gregor is not long for this world.

Gerome: You're dying?
Gregor: Hah! No, Gregor must leave soon- return to own world once fighting is 
done. So Gerome will let Gregor help with the fighting, yes?
Gerome: If so, there's something I need to say to you first.

Gregor: Oh? What is it? Gregor is always willing to lend the ears.
Gerome: It's about Minerva.
Gregor: Minerva? Ah. So Cherche leave growling partner-pet to you?

Gerome: That's right. Minerva and I are one. Our bond surpasses any 
We need no words to know what lies in the other's heart.
Gregor: Cherche would have been happy to know this. So what is it you want to 
tell Gregor?

Gerome: I wanted to thank you. Mother told me you saved Minerva's life once.

Gregor: Oh, that? Is nothing special...

Gerome: It is. My friends give me strength, but cannot know the strength 
Minerva gives me. And I owe that just as much to the man who saved her.

Gregor: Gerome...
(Minerva roars)
Gerome: Heh. You see? Minerva is grateful too.

Gregor: Then do Gregor favor. Let Gregor protect his investment and fight 
with you here. Is good deal! Not everyday you get Gregor-quality mercenary to 
fight on your side.

Gerome: Are you sure?

Gregor: Gregor will do the keeping alive. But you and Minerva must do the 
Once this is over, find what brings you joy and do it. Live the life Gregor 
of this world could not, yes? Make him proud.

Gerome: I will, Father. Thank you.
Gerome x Libra

Libra: Gerome! Youíre alive. Praise the gods!

Gerome: Father, is that you? But your spirit is with the gods now...

Libra: Yes... It seems the Libra of this world did meet such a fate...

Gerome: Of this world?

Libra: Correct. I am a visitor from a world apart from this one.

Gerome: But... how...

Libra: Listen to me. I cannot stay long. But let me fight with you while 
there is still time!

Gerome: No... I can handle this alone. If you cannot stay, then save yourself 
the trouble and leave now. 

Libra: Why would you say that?

Gerome: I'm used to fending for myself. For years, no help came. If we've 
made it this far, we can make it the rest of the way. So you can keep your 
little divine intervention.

Libra: Those are harsh words... but I cannot deny the truth in them. Very 
well. If I cannot fight with you, then I will be your shield instead. If need 
be, I will die for you.

Gerome: What? No! No, I will not allow it! I have already watched my father 
die once! You win. You may fight at my side. But stay alive! I beg you!

Libra: Are you that worried about me? I'm not your real father, you know.

Gerome: It... it doesnít matter. Watching even a false father die sits ill 
with me. 

Libra: Very well. Then my strength is yours. 

Gerome: Thank you. 

Libra: See? That wasn't so hard. You push people away with harsh words, but I 
can see the love in your heart. I am proud my son turned into such a caring 
person. (Libra leaves)

Gerome: ...... You were my pride too, Father. Iím sorry I was never able to 
say the words...
Gerome x Henry

Henry: Hey-o, Gerome! that's you, isn't it?

Gerome: ...Father?!

Henry: It IS you! Whew, good thing I made it. After that blow you took 
before, I thought I might find you in gooey, gloppy pieces.

Gerome: But you're the one who's supposed to be dead.

Henry: True! The Henry of this world definitely bit the big one. But I'm not 
him. I came here from another world. I can't stay very long, so point me at 
the bad guys so I can help out!

Gerome: No. If what you say is true, then I don't need your help. Go back to 
your own world.

Henry: Whoa, what? That's kinda harsh!

Gerome: I already watched you die once. Do you really think I want to see 
that again?

Henry: So instead you're going to make me watch you die? Sorry but I'm not 
scurrying off until I know you're safe.

Gerome: I appreciate the sentiment, butó

Henry: Good! Now that we're on the same page, I know the two of us will get 
through this.
(Minerva roars)

Gerome: What is it, Minerva?

Henry: Nya ha! Sorry, Minerva. I meant "the three of us." Together, we'll be 
an unstoppable force of death and destruction!

Gerome: You understand what she said?

Henry: Uh, well... she is family, you know? You and Minerva and Cherche are 
everything to me. You see why I'm fighting to hard to keep you alive, Gerome?

Gerome: Yes... I suppose I do. All right... Help me, Father. But you had 
better not die again.

Henry: Don't worryónot planning to!

Gerome: Good. Thank you. 
Gerome x Avatar

Avatar: Gerome? You're safe!

Gerome: Father? Is that really you? You're alive!

Avatar: Not exactly. I'm not technically your father. I've come from another 
world to help you and Minerva where he couldn't. Will you let me fight by 
your side?

Gerome: ......

Avatar: Gerome?

Gerome: You have some nerve. Do you have any idea where we are? What's going 
on around us? You could be a sinister trap of Grima's, and you expect me to 
trust you? Begone, ghost, and speak my name no more.

Avatar: Gerome! I... I must admit you're right. You shouldn't trust me, 
tactically speaking. That clever thinking has saved your friends more than 
once no doubt.

Gerome: Huh?

Avatar: I will respect your judgement and keep my distance. But like it or 
not, I intend to fight for you, even from afar.

Gerome: ...... I learned it from you.

Avatar: I'm sorry?

Gerome: You taught me to keep my cool no matter how strange things get on the 
battlefield. You said my comrades might panic or get confused, but I at least 
should stay calm. You taught me to be a leader.

Avatar: And a tremendous leader you have become.

Gerome: Father... *sniff*

Avatar: You believe me, then?

Gerome: Only my father could remain so indifferent after being rebuffed like 

Avatar: Thanks... I think.

Gerome: I'm sorry I doubted you. Will you fight with me now to change our 

Avatar: That's why I'm here. 
Gerome x Gerome

Gerome(1): So that's the "me" of this world. His Minerva is just as 
magnificent... But what's this? Her scales and wings have lost their luster. 
Her body is covered in wounds... As is mine, I see. That last attack did some 
serious damage. If I don't end this soon, the other me will almost certainly 
die. I like meddling with an alternate world even less than I like meddling 
with the past. But how can I witness this and do nothing? I hope what meager 
help I can offer makes a difference. My friends and I will do all we can to 
keep you and Minerva safe. But you must keep fighting. You must!
Gerome(2): ...What's wrong Minerva? Why do you keep looking over there? Do 
you sense danger?
(Minerva roars)
Gerome(2): Minerva? Who are you... who are you thanking?

Ma??? x MaAvatar

???: Is that... Master Grima? No, it can't be. It has been ages since my 
master took that form... Could he be some emissary of Naga's sent from 
another world? That damned dragon has no right meddling with my heart. But it 
is too late. I cannot knowingly fight him. Forgive me, Master Grima. I must 
Ma??? x FeAvatar

???: Ahh! Master Grima!

Avatar: Huh?

???: What are you doing out here? Please, return to the Table! It's too 

Avatar: What are you talking about?

???: Huh? Wait... You're not Master Grima?

Avatar: I think you have the wrong person. I'm not even from this world. I 
only arrived to lend the Ylisseans what help I can.

???: You're from another world? Then that makes you... No. This is dreadful 
news. I must alert my master that reinforcements have arrived... But...

Avatar: You seem troubled.

???: That's not your concern! Why did you tell me you're in league with the 
Ylisseans? Not a sound strategy, is it? What if I'm with the enemy? I could 
report your arrival and summon more Risen.

Avatar: I suppose. The hood does make you look a bit shady. But something in 
my gut tells me you're no enemy of mine.

???: A tactician ought to base her judgments on more than a gut feeling.

Avatar: Oh? And how did you know I was a tacticlan?

???: I have my ways.

Avatar: You know me. Or at least you know me in this world. And based on your 
concern before, I can only surmise I'm someone you care about. ...Isn't that 

???: So what is you are? You won't get me to talk, no matter how you torture 
me. I know where my allegiance lies. I trust that your... that her path is 
the correct one.

Avatar: I don't know what the other me in this world is up to, but I'll tell 
you one thing. She's lucky to have you.

???: I... I said that's none of your concern!

Avatar: You're right. I overstepped my boundaries. Here. Let me give you this 
as my way of apologizing.

???: What is it?

Avatar: One of my favorite books. It details my basic battle strategies. 
Perhaps it might benefit one so obviously fond of tacticians.

???: But isn't this special to you? And more importantly, aren't you worried 
we'll use this against you? I could end your little crusade right here and 

Avatar: You could. But you won't.

???: What makes you so sure?!

Avatar: You remind me of someone too. Someone very special to me. Again, it's 
a gut feeling, but I do not believe you wish me harm.

???: ......

Avatar: Time is running short, and I need to go. But I'm glad we got this 
chance to talk.
(Avatar leaves)

???: Huh? Wait, where are you... ...... I already have this book. You gave it 
to me long ago. The notes and dog-ears are all exactly the same. ...I can't 
do it. I can't keep fighting. Up until now, my faith was unshaable. I was 
ready to kill my own friends... But I cannot strike down the kind and gentle 
mother I once knew... Forgive me, Master Grima. I must withdraw... I remain 
your servant and am ready to accept any punishment you see fit.

Fe??? x MaAvatar

Morgan: Ahh! Master Grima!

Avatar: Huh?

Morgan: What are you doing out here? Please, return to the Table! It's too 

Avatar: What are you talking about?

Morgan: Huh? Wait... You're not Master Grima?

Avatar: I think you have the wrong person. I'm not even from this world. I 
only just arrived to lend the Ylisseans what help I can.

Morgan: You're from another world? Then that makes you... No. This is 
dreadful news. I must alert my master that reinforcements have arrived... 

Avatar: You seem troubled.

Morgan: That's not your concern! Why did you tell me you're in league with 
the Ylisseans? Not a sound strategy, is it? What if I'm with the enemy? I 
could report your arrival and summon more Risen.

Avatar: I suppose. The hood does make you look a bit shady. But something in 
my gut tells me you're no enemy of mine.

Morgan: A tactician ought to base his judgments on more than a gut feeling.

Avatar: Oh? And how did you know I was a tactician?

Morgan: I have my ways.

Avatar: You know me. Or at least you know me in this world. And based on your 
concern before, I can only surmise I'm someone you care about. ...Isn't that 

Morgan: So what if you are? You won't get me to talk, no matter how you 
torture me. I know where my allegiance lies. I trust that your...that his 
path is the correct one.

Avatar: I don't know what the other me in this world is up to, but I'll tell 
you one thing. He's lucky to have you.

Morgan: I...I said that's none of your concern!

Avatar: You're right. I overstepped my boundaries. Here. Let me give you this 
as my way of apologizing.

Morgan: What is it?

Avatar: One of my favorite books. It details my basic battle strategies. 
Perhaps it might benefit one so obviously fond of tacticians.

Morgan: But isn't this special to you? And more importantly, aren't you 
worried we'll use this against you? I could end your little crusade right 
here and now!

Avatar: You could. But you won't.

Morgan: What makes you so sure?!

Avatar: You remind me of someone too. Someone very special to me. Again, it's 
a gut feeling, but I do not believe you wish me harm.

Morgan: ......

Avatar: Time is running short, and I need to go. But I'm glad we got this 
chance to talk.
(Avatar leaves)

Morgan: Huh? Wait, where are you... ...... I already have this book. You gave 
it to me long ago. The notes and dog-ears are all exactly the same. ...I 
can't do it. I can't keep fighting. Up until now, my faith was unshakable. I 
was ready to kill my own friends... But I cannot strike down the kind and 
gentle father I once knew... Forgive me, Master Grima. I must withdraw... I 
remain your servant and am ready to accept any punishment you see fit.
Fe??? x FeAvatar

???: Is that... Master Grima? No, it can't be. It has been ages since my 
master took that form... Could she be some emmisary of Nagas sent from 
another world? That damned Dragon has no right meddling with my heart... But 
it is too late. I cannot knowingly fight her. Forgive me, Master Grima. I 
must withdraw... 
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