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A more "critical" look at Fire Emblem: Awakening.azn_boy1506/10
The best game in this series thus far, and perhaps even of all time for me.DarkHeroRaven10/10
Fire Emblem: Awakening - The perfect game for both fans and new comers alike!NettoSaito10/10
Easily one of the best games of the modern generation.The Retro Goat10/10
Fire Emblem: Awakening Is An Amazing GameAme_no_Murakumo10/10
Fire Emblem: Awakening brings about a new standard of excellence in the Fire Emblem seriesarvilino10/10
It's so nice to feel special for once!Biospark2710/10
Flawed, but fans of the series probably won't mind.DDJ6/10
Love CAN apparently bloom on the battlefieldDonald Love 879/10
They should sacrifice this game to Grimag62603/10
Awakening: SRPG or RPG?katella3/10
A brilliant but somewhat polarizing entry into the Fire Emblem seriesModel_Omega8/10
A wonderful entry in a long running series, but not without its flaws.MSAddict9/10
An experience that you make yourselfNickvp9510/10
While heavily flawed, Fire Emblem: Awakening manages to make up for it with rich gameplay and an abundance of replay value.OhHiRenan8/10
Reawakens the Fire in my Emblem, whatever that means.RidleysShadow8/10
My Pleasant Awakening to Fire EmblemSNeIa9/10
An awesome Fire Emblem game masked by several flawsSuper Slash8/10
Good game? Yes. Worth the hype? Almost but not exactly.Vinz557/10
Amnesia may be a tired concept, but Fire Emblem Awakening: Awakening sure isn't!XenotheWise1358/10
The greatest SRPG ever made? It might well be._pigzigaccount59/10

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