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Asked: 2 years ago

How do I get beehives to produce honey ?

May I know what's the use of those honey combs that I found in the wild ? And how exactly can I get beehives to produce honey ?

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Ehs , but then do I've to do anything to the honeycombs ? I put them in the storage ! -.-"

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Thanks for all the answers ! :)

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From: Hiperson819 2 years ago

The honeycombs are just materials that are used to make the beehives. The bees produce honey after every 6 sunny days.

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For the Beehives you need 5 honey combs for each one, then you need to buy the blueprints.. then you put a bee in it an wait 6 day,
If you connect them all i think you will get more honey.

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Once you build the beehives with the honeycombs and install the bees into them, spray it with perfume from the maker shed to increase the star quality.

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Also the beehives will not be active in the winter, so you can only bee keep in the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

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Keep beehives close to each other to get more honey

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