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Can you friend/ pet wild animals?

I know you can get wild animals as pets i know you can in the wii game.

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Thank you Brakzias

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rubenz_d answered:

You can befriend with the wild animals but from what I know you can't make them as a pet. For pets you can only have dog,cat and horse.
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Brakzias answered:

From what I've read and from previous titles having this option available, I believe you can. I think you need the blueprint for a Pet House though, which I don't really know much about.
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scribblykakuloo answered:

You can make the wild animals like you by giving them gifts, and if they like you enough they'll give you gifts back. But you can't bring them back to your farm as pets.

If you befriend a type of animal enough, a differently colored version will start to appear!
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turtlebums answered:

You can increase their FP, they'll give you gifts on your birthday if they likes joo
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