Question from sassycat10

When can I get Rod's blueprints for his house?

I really want pets but Rebecca won't sell me the blueprints I need. I already made the restaurant and other buildings.

Accepted Answer

aurorical answered:

After completing Town Restoration # 2, Dunhill will come into your house the next day thanking you and what not and he'll give you # 3 to start on. Blue print for cottage (Rod's house) will become available at Rebecca's shop either that day or the next day.
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skoot100 answered:

you need to be on town restoration 3 and build the Cottage to get Rod
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Gaston42 answered:

Complete Town Restoration #2, unlock the 3rd one, and build the Cottage. Rod the pet store owner will move in, and his shop is right next to Neil's Animals.
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