Question from utterlymuah

How to get Black Rocks and branches?

I know in the mines, trunks, and the ground but is there any other places to get them easily? I need 60 or more.

utterlymuah provided additional details:

Puhleeessee someone😒


annieann2005 answered:

You can also get them by fishing. I've gotten a lot of them by fishing at the dock on my farmland.
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Yenevil answered:

I gotten several from the stumps. Just save before you check them. You can reload if you want to get something different.
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bettynoire answered:

Try trap fishing at the river. I have a bunch from doing this. I set up two traps across from each other on either side of that island in the middle of the bridges and wait it out. This is pretty good too cuz unlike regular fishing you can get multiples.
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