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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
Can someone trade with me 4 animal medicines? 2

Item Location Help Answers
3 Silver needed , trade for 3 5 Star great Cows milk? 3
6 Crystals please ? 2
A little help unlocking the mine? 2
Ancient Clay figures? 1
Animal bell? 1
Anybody willing to trade amethyst? 4
Anyone got any spare Flourite? 1
Anyone have a potato or potato seed for trade? 1
Anyone have amethyst? 1
Anyone that can trade me a 5 start winter crop? 2
Anyone want ores for wheat? 2
Anyone want to trade a beehive or something for 10 chamomiles? 1
Anyone want to trade me for bottles? 2
Anyone want to trade me for fluorite and mythic stones? 1
Anyone willing to trade for moondrops? 1
Anyone willing to trade me Lavender? 1
Anyone with a banana to trade with me?? 1
Black Logs and Pink Diamonds?! 2
Bottle Help? 2
Bottles? 1
Bottles? Please? 1
Can anyone help me with 2 Moondrop Flowers? 1
Can anyone please trade 60 small branches to me? 1
Can anyone spare 10 jars of honey? :( 1
Can anyone spare some honey? 1
Can anyone spare some yams? 1
Can anyone tell me where to find black material stone and black lumber? 2
Can anyone trade 10 chamomile? 1
Can anyone trade me 2 flouridr? 2
Can anyone trade me Small Lumber please? 1
Can Anyone trade me some honey/bush ? 1
Can Buildings and Farm Structures be traded over WiFi? 2
Can I trade 10 honey with someone? 2
Can someone give me Honey or HoneyComb? 1
Can someone give me silver and glass stone? 1
Can someone please give me 10 honey? 1
Can someone please trade me 10 silver? 1
Can Someone Please Trade With Me Please? 2
Can someone send me 5 sheep wool? 2
Can someone trade 5 suffolk wool or 6 black lumber with me? 1
Can someone trade me 1 Chamomile please? 2
Can someone trade me 2 platinum? 1
Can someone trade me 20 small material stones? 5
Can someone trade me 3 chamomile? I don't have a lot, but I'll give what I have 1
Can someone trade me Amethyst? 1
Can someone trade me honey and chamomile? 1
Can someone trade me some bottles!? 1
Can someone trade me some platinum? 3
Can someone trade potatoe seeds with me? 2
Chamomile in the fall? 1
Chamomile x3 please?! 1
Chicken Feed production? 2
Cow Questions? 2
Crimson Fragment? 2
Did someone have 5 wool 1,5 stars? 1
Do crops retain their exact number of Star Points when turned into seeds? 1
Do I always need to put my items in storage before using them in the makers? 1
Do you have to water mushroom logs? and other questions 1
Does someone have a moondrop flower they're willing to trade? 1
Easy way to get silver? 1
Eel?! 1
Exchange bottles? 1
Give me the Farm Bell, Neil?!?! 4
Giving Bachelors Rings? 1
Golden eggs? 1
Harvest Moon A New Beginning: Bricks? 2
High Quality Honey, Please? 1
Honey for Restoration Plan #2 - Honey? 1
Honey please? 7
How can i get a silkie egg? Can anyone spare one? 1
How can i get my chickens to lay golden eggs? 1
How can I turn my wool into yarn? 1
How can I unlock yams/yam seeds? 2
How do I cut down trees in the forest if possible? 1
How do I get beehives to produce honey ? 5
How do i get blueprint for house expansion? 1
How do I get cheese? 2
How do I plant fruit trees? 1
How do I use fish traps? 1
How do Shipping unlocks work? 1
How do you get a good score on the gardening tours? 1
How do you get blue rose seeds? 1
How do you get the copper axe????? 2
How do you grow a lvl 1 1/5 star crop? 4
How do you make cloths? 1
How do you trade on this game? And can anyone trade me for 5 Suffolk wool? 1
How do you unlock gorgeous coat, platinum coat, and purple hoodie? 1
How do you unlock the bear suit and cat suit? 2
How does the bell work? 1
How long does it take a silkie egg to hatch?? 1
How many recipes does Clement give? 1
How to get watermelon? 1
How to obtain the Alarm Clock? 1
How to put Weathervane on roof? 1
How to unlock the makers and what are the 5 makers name?? 1
How to use fish food? 2
i cant find Chamomile Flowers? 1
I don't understand how fertilizer works, can anyone help with this? 1
I just need some platinum Q..Q please trade? 1
I need 10 chamomile ASAP? Trade! 1
I need 10 chamomile please? Someone please help 1
I need 10 chamomile. Trade? 1
I need 10 chamomile? any trades open? 1
I need 10 coconuts for my green house please help? 1
I need 3 Orange Down. Anyone wanna trade? 1
I need 5 moondrop flower. Can anyone trade with me? 1
I need 7 jars of honey! Can anyone help? 1
I need a Ancient clay figure? 1
I need adamanite. Can anyone trade with me? 1
I need chamomile? 1
I need jade or adamantite!?Willing to trade gems and 3 star fall crop 1
I Need Jade? 2
I need platnium, abyone want to trade?? 1
I need some recipes? 2
In need of fluorite and orange down? 1
In need of some Chamomile... Please? 1
Looking for some items! Can you help me? 1
Making roads fit? 1
Moon Drop flowers? 1
Need 4+ bottles. Can anyone trade? 1
Need Chicken Feed ASAP? 1
Need honey please? 1
Need Pink Diamond or some Black Logs? 1
Need potatoe seeds? 1
Need some (a lot of) Chamomile? 1
Needing at least 6 honey? 2
Pet house?! 1
Pink Diamond? 3
Please trade me some honeycombs? 1
Regarding Note Sheets? 1
Seeking 6 yam seeds and 5 moondrop flowers - trade? 1
Shrimp chili? 1
Snowball purpose? 1
Suffolk wool help?! 1
Supply Shed/s? 1
The leash? 1
Three quick questions about presents, prizes, and grains/ textiles? 2
Town Renovation #2 Honey? 2
Trade banana or kiwi trees? 1
Trade for 5 flourite? 1
Trade for purple or red down/cloth? 2
Trade please? 1
Trade! I need sulfolk wool! Can anyone trade with me? 1
Unlocking long perm hair? 2
Wagon? 1
Wanna Trade? 1
What are Sandroses used for? 1
What is Wheat used for? 1
What seasons can I find walnuts in? 1
When does Neil give the Farm Bell? 1
Where can I find (flourite)? 1
Where can i find a brick? 11
Where can I find a pink diamond!? 2
Where can I find all the coloured downs? 3
Where can I find Bamboo? 1
Where can I find Bottles? 1
Where can I find Bottles? 1
Where can I find boulder dance music sheet? 2
Where can I find Chamomile in early Fall? 1
Where can I find coconuts??? Plzz help!!!! 1
Where can I find down? 1
Where can I find feed for the wild animals? 1
Where can I find Fish Food? 1
Where can I find Great Alpaca wool? 2
Where can I find honeycombs? 2
Where can I find iron? 1
Where can I find jade? 1
Where can I find master rod (fishing) in Harvest Moon? 1
Where can I find miller and medicine maker blueprint? 3
Where can I find Pearl in the game? 1
Where can I find Sea Bream Chazuke? 1
Where can I find seaweed? 2
Where can I find Silver and any other stones like Ruby in the game? 1
Where can I find snowdrops? 2
Where can I find Steel or Ultra Hammer blueprint? 2
Where can I find the paper lantern blueprint? 1
Where can I find the supply shed? 2
Where can I find Triton's Trumpet? 1
Where can I get a back-up brush? 1
Where can I get soil? 1
Where can you catch Sturgeon fish? 1
Where can you get bottles from? 2
Where do I get A Seed Maker? 1
Where do I get yams? 1
Where is the newspaper? 1
Why can't I make any clothes at the Tailor? 1
Will anyone trade me? 2
Would someone be able to give me some honeycomb? 1
Would someone be kind enough to trade me five wool? 2
Yams? 1

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Advantage having a big animal? 1
Can I trigger Rod's black heart event with silkie chicken? 1
Can someone give me some detail about dog? 2
Can you change/affect the festival prizes? 1
Complete town renovation #1 and #2? 4
Does anyone know if giant fish can be multiplied in the fishing shed? 2
Does rain count towards watering crops twice a day? 3
Festival Outcome; random or predetermined? 1
For vacation hours to count at Neil's do you have to stay till 9pm? 2
Friend Code? 33
Gardening tour help? 1
Giving Treats? 1
Harvest Goddess gifts ? 1
Herb FAQ? 1
Herd a specific set of animals? 1
How do I chop down the pine trees? 1
How do I make my cow bigger? 1
How do i see a chart of how much the townspeople like me? 1
How do you get Sandra? 2
How do you set up the beehives to get the most honey? 2
How many animals should I get? 1
How to get speedy tool blueprints? 1
How to go on vacation? 2
How to Trade? 1
Is it possible to have fat pets with full hearts? 1
What animals should i get? 1
What happen if u leave animal outside overnight? 4
What is the best strategy for gifting Dunhill? 2
What is the best strategy for gifting Emma and the Princess? 1
What is the best strategy for planning out the town? 1
What items should i start hoarding early on? 1
What year do my character have to get married? 2
Will livestocks lose FP or get stress if I didn't pickup/talk to them? 2
Will putting in the Newspaper Carrier's house sooner than later influence any part of my game? 1

Other Help Answers
2 Jade needed please? 1
5 Bamboo? 1
A few questions. Any help? 1
Allen Won't Accept my Winter Harmony Day Chocolate. Why? 1
Anyone know Neil's heart events???? 1
Are animals better outside or inside? 2
Are there rivals? 1
At what point is the child's gender determined? 1
Bachelor/Bachelorettes Marriage? 1
Blue down? 1
Brown alpaca wool and silkie egg? 3
Buying a dog? 3
Can anyone give me recommend? 1
can anyone trade me 9 Chamomile herbs? 1
Can anyone trade me four star brown alpaca wool or yarn ball? 2
Can I give a ring to more then 1 bachelor? 1
Can I see the marriage again? 1
Can someone help me with this? 1
Can someone please trade me for 30 yams or yam seeds? 1
Can someone trade me 5 red cloth? 2
Can you friend/ pet wild animals? 4
Can you prevent having a kid? 1
Can you trigger the gray heart event when the character is already at a purple heart? 2
Can't you play this game using Wifi? 1
cant break up with Neil ??? 1
Chickens are confused? 1
Cn anyone trade me for 2 fluorite, Yam seeds,or coconuts? 2
Could someone please trade me a lot of Small Lumber? 1
Do bouquets ever wilt? XD 1
Do not know why Allen is not accepting my ring? 1
Do pets die of old age? 1
Does anyone want to be friends? 2
Does talking to villagers during festival event count to prevent them from losing friendship? 3
Does watermelon regrow? 1
Enormous, 50ft tall cow? 2
Fashion? 1
Fogu? 5
Friend code trade? 1
Gifts for Rebecca and Toni? 1
How can I get a dog/cat? 1
How can I tell the difference between my (fruit) trees? 1
How do I build Michelle's house, and what gifts does she like? 1
how do I get an ameyest? 1
How do I harvest fodder? 1
How do you do multiplayer? 1
How do you make your crops higher quality? 1
How long after the pregnancy scene before the baby is born? 2
How many animals can the barn hold? 1
How many times do i need to feed the animals before i can get a animal stone? 1
How many treats(for animal name here) do you have to give? 3
How to build a garden for the garden tour event? 1
How to find out how many hours you've grazed an animal? 1
hpw do I find my friend code? 1
I need a horse statue? 1
I need platinum and silkie eggs please!!! Can someone trade? 1
i Need some potato seeds ? 1
Is it possible for me to get silver, gold, and jade without Having a mine? 3
Is there a second mine? If so, how do I unlock it? 2
Is there anyway to change the time faster? 1
Is this game compatible with the Circle Pad Pro? 1
Italian Language? 1
Items? 1
My pets won't herd, What do I need to do? 1
Need 5 bottles can anyone help? 1
Need Chamomile! Help? 1
Need flourite and bottles? 2
Neil is at the RED HEART and he won't accept my ring, what do I do? 2
Newspaper carrier help? :O 1
Online Play? 1
Placing buildings on the grid? 1
Please can you add me? 1
Please! Need 3 Silver, 5 Jade? 1
Proposing help once again? 2
Proposing? 2
Some questions? 1
The guys won't accept the ring? 2
The mine? 4
Titles? 1
Trade? 2
UK Release Date? 1
Unlock the mine? 3
What are the best gifts for Tina? 2
What happens when your birthday is your wedding anniversary? 1
What if I chopped all of the small lumber trees down on the farm? 1
What's the difference between fields? 2
When can I get Rod's blueprints for his house? 3
When can I get the greenhouse? 1
When will Iroha give me a blueprint? 2
Where can I find a list of clothing? 1
Where do the Sprites go when it rains? 1
Where do you catch shrimp? 1
Where do you use the fish traps on Southern Island??? 1
Where is the Supply shed after building it? 1
Where to store material stones and lumber? 2
Which is better? 1
Why won't Allen take my Harmony Day present? 2
Why won't Hana accept my fish and butterflies? 6
Will anyone trade?I need honey! 4
Will I be able to unlock more pets? 1
Will I enjoy this game? 1
Will I lose any crops entered in the festival? 1
Would someone be willing to help me out with bottles, platinum or brown alpaca wool? Willing to Trade 1

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