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What enemies appear in *spoilers* Guardian Tower?

I would like to know what types of enemies appear in Guardian Tower, so i can get prepared. Also, certain denpa antennas will help too. Might be a while before i take on this dungeon, im only lv.44ish, :/

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Chaosmaster00 answered:

44ish? I would recommend being a higher level a bit, but that aside, you'll need lots of Denpas of different kinds. Bring one of every Attack All if you can, every enemy type and weaknesses apply, especially with the "elemental bosses" you fight along the way there.

As far as enemies go, I'll list some of them, and describe newer ones' element/weaknesses since it does rehash a lot of older enemies too:

Rock Toad: weak to Earth
Dark Goblin: weak to light
Golden Flapper: same as before
Golden Ham: same as before
Dark Dragon: same as ever
Dark Ghost: weak to light, is a ghost obviously
Aqua Mist: weak to light and earth, is a ghost
Scorpoison: weak to earth
Demon: same as before
Dark Mammoth: same as before
Hydratrunk: same
Octorush: same
Molar: same
Oracle Ape: weak to light, most of the time though it will start with a status that REFLECTS MAGIC, so don't use magic on them at all
Golden Fang: fast, doesn't run often, like Molar, resists all elements, but doesn't dodge well, has about 430ish HP, and drops lotsa money, little Exp

Dark Bear: weak to light
Hydramelon: weak to fire
Aqua Mammoth: weak to earth
Ice Fly: weak to fire
Octolich: reflects magic usually, has no weakness, and resists fire, but has really low HP

Bosses (all fought consecutively with no break, but not all at once):
Jack: weak to Wind
Queen: weak to water
King: weak to fire

All three of the last have switching phases, the first two being swaps between weak to phys/magic while changing their attack patterns, while King will straight up nullify either magic or phys attacks, so having a mix of attackers/magic helps with them.

Also, the superboss is there, but I shouldn't have to explain him. Big, tough, fast, will probably own you if you don't already have a flawless plan or countless Barriers.
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goldmario64 answered:

Chaosmaster00 is right.
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goldmario64 answered:

Oh, and Ice Bug is also weak to wind.
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