Question from yodaforsale

Asked: 2 years ago

Street pass?

Did anyone notice a street pass update that says "A mystery box has arrived" on such and such date? If so, what does it do?

Accepted Answer

From: SmokeRulz 2 years ago

I have not gotten a StreetPass tag for this game yet, sadly. That sounds like Super Mario 3D Land, though, so make sure you're not looking at the wrong game.

If you ARE looking at NSMB2, then the only StreetPass feature is other people's Coin Rush records. It's possible they arrive in a Mystery Box. Go check your Coin Rush area and see what happens.

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the answer above is probably right. make sure you mean New Super Mario Bros. 2 before asking a question. In 3D Land , they are small areas gained by streetpass for 1-ups, coins, and power-ups. In NSMB2 they don't exist

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Mystery boxes sound like Super Mario 3D Land. Are you sure you didn't open a notification for Super Mario 3D Land?

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