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How many Stars can you get on your profile?

You get a Star for various things like beating the game and collecting star coins, etc.
How many can you get and how?

Accepted Answer

SmokeRulz answered:

You can get a total of five stars:

1 - Beat the game, via World 6-Castle
2 - Collect all Star Coins (Worlds 1-6, plus Worlds Mushroom and Flower)
3 - Collect all Moon Coins (World Star)
4 - Clear all exits in the game (this includes normal exits, secret exits, and cannons. You don't have to clear Toad Houses, but I think you need to open all the pathways to them with your Star Coins)
5 - Collect the max number of lives (1110. There's an infinite lives trick on World 2-1, look for it on Youtube)

In addition, your stars will be sparkling if you didn't beat any levels with an Assist Block. If you did, go back to those levels and beat them legit.
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