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How do I get the star house?

I had heard some where in world star there's a hidden toad house,how do i get it?

SMASHKING84 provided additional details:

I found that you have to get every star coin to see it.

SMASHKING84 provided additional details:

It Does NOT appear until you get EVERY star coin i can proove this. see you you can't see it before getting every star coins

DraconiumMaster asked for clarification:

Well, if it's plainly visible in World Star, I'm not seeing it. And I've beaten all the levels so If it's visible I'm not seeing it.

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LvSeti44 answered:

The "Toad House" to which everyone is referring is actually a unique "Star House". Mine appeared right after I finally obtained all star and moon coins, in Star World, at the very first intersection. The sign said it cost 9 star coins to get in and wouldn't you know, that's exactly how many I had left (after paying to open every possible path that required paying for).
I do have a question, though... it seems rather a letdown as a "reward"... all you get is an invincibility star which lasts the same amount of time as a regular invincibility star. Sure, you can save it as your 'extra item', which is somewhat of an advantage, but still. Am I missing something?
Note to Draconium Master: be sure you've gone through every single secret exit and pay for all paths to open, this may be the issue.
Thanks for listening- Lv
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SmokeRulz answered:

There is no hidden Toad House there. There is one very visible Toad House behind a 9-coin sign, and that's it.
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SmokeRulz answered:

@Additional details

I have achieved a 100% complete, 5-star save file. I have done everything, and that includes getting all Star Coins and Moon Coins. There is no secret Toad House in World Star. Trust me.
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SmokeRulz answered:

Then why were you even asking? I thought your question was for a DIFFERENT Toad House than the one behind the 9-coin path. That one isn't exactly secret, you're gonna be getting all the Star Coins anyway, especially if you want to open up Star World. You might as well close this question.
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