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Asked: 2 years ago

How do I get past five?

Im on level 5 and im up 2 the place where the fire is and the turtles are going round a sliver grate but i dont know how to get to the ledge above me to carry on with the game plase can u help ??

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Hit Y and jump.

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You can latch onto the grates by jumping to them and pressing Up. You'll be able to climb along them and jump off of them at your leisure. If you're having issue getting somewhere a little high, then do a running jump.

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press up when infront of the grate and you'll grab it, while on the grate you can do everything normally, but if you dash while stationary, you will punch, eliminating enemies on the opposite side. you can also move in all directions. It's basically a permanent spider web that you can punch.

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First press up in front the grate then punch the grate with the dash button to make it go upward then jump onto the platform

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