Question from chasitywilson89

Asked: 2 years ago

Coin counter keeps starting over after it hits 100 how do I fix?.

It worked fine the whole game but now my coin counter for each level starts over after 100. I dont know what the problem is but its making it impossible to get to a million coins.

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From: Lukas-Tigani 2 years ago

There are 3 counters on the game, the one that counts how many coins you have at the moment (Upper left of top screen) the one that counts how many coins you've collected on the level (Botton left of botton screen) and the one that counts your total coins in the game (Pause menu). The million coins should be on the Pause counter, you don't need to collect a total of 1 million in the other ones.

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What Lukas-Tigani said was right; I'll just clarify what the counter on the upper left of the 3D screen does: it counts to 100, grants you a 1-Up, and resets. That's why it looks like you keep losing those 100 coins.

FYI: If you check the lower left corner of the touch screen, you will see the coins you have collected so far in that level.

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Every 100 coins you get equals a 1-UP.

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Well if you are looking at the top left corner one thats the 1-UP counter. Spose to start over after 100 coins. After each 100 you get a 1-UP! Look at th3 counter at the main menu or bottom left corner (not in levels). Thats the real one.

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