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Enemy/Boss Help status answers
How do I beat (Bowser)? Answered 3
Strategy Help status answers
What is the best strategy for getting coins? Answered 1
Other Help status answers
(Where do I find the secert flag pole in the Boo Mansion in the Mushroom World?) Answered 1
Can I share the physical game between two 3DSes? Answered 1
Can you play multiplayer? Answered 2
Does this game have coin hiscores like super mario galaxy? Open 3
How do I do the coin trick in star 7? Answered 1
How do unlock Mushroom & Flower Worlds? Answered 1
How many Stars can you get on your profile? Answered 1
How many worlds are there in the whole game? Answered 2
I don't have "Unlimited Mushroom Houses", any ideas? Answered 3
I have found a few secret rought but its not giving me the path? Answered 1
Is it worth it? Open 1
Is there a difference between the two? Answered 4
Is there a way you can tell if you 100% a World? Open 5
Moon Coins? Answered 6
Multiplayer doesn't share campaign data? Answered 1
Replay/co-op any good? Answered 1
Should i download it or get a retial copy? Answered 3
Street pass? Answered 3
What are Star Coins used in this game for? Answered 2
What does the color mean? Answered 1
What Happens When You Max Out The Coin Counter? Answered 1
What's the best level to get 1-ups at? Answered 3
Whats the Score bar on bottom screen for? Answered 1
When Nintendo (America) say "midnight", which time zone are they referring to? Answered 5
Where do I find the Secert door to find the Hidden Boo Mansion in World 1? Answered 1
Where is the 'World Coin Total' posted? Answered 2
Where is the Coin Rush Pack Shop? Open 4
Why do I not have 5 stars? Answered 4
Why does it not say "All Spent" next to star coins? Open 2

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