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How do I solve Blood Orbs puzzle?

There doesn't seem to be any way to actually get to the blood orbs on the map. It's always blocked off. Any ideas?


DevilLord4444 answered:

The blood orbs are in two completely different locations, actually. One's in the kitchen and one's in the Vampire's Tower, where you need to pull some levers to activate magnetic rails or something. Just look on the map to see what parts you haven't explored in those areas.
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pobatti answered:

If you haven't already gotten the orbs at this point, you will be directed to them by the red in-game map marker. The first orb can be gotten in the area immediately after you first encounter the door, though you'll need to navigate a number of obstacles to get there, such as by using grapple points and magnetic rails, and you'll need to open a number of doors. The orb can be found in a small room containing a statue.

The second blood orb can actually be found before you encounter the door. Once you have the ability to use the magnetic rails, return to the Kitchen and look around for one. When reaching the other side, you'll see a hunchback sitting in the corner clutching the orb. You'll need to perform a button-mashing QTE in order to take it from him.
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