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How do I find the juraku bookstore and ikebukuro?

I am currently in shinjuku and i have just done a side quest there. while i was there a girl mentioned the juraku bookstore in ikebukuro and progress the plot?

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almostexactly answered:

1. From Shinjuku go north and then head east across the swamp. On a small poison free platform in the middle of the swamp is a tunnel to Ibekukero.

2. There is a flame wall in this area that you cannot pass until you get the Jirae Talisman. To get the Jirae Talisman, you have to complete the Corpse Hunt Quest in Shinuku.

3. After you remove the flame wall, you can find the bookstore in a demon's domain in that area.
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tathra answered:

When you first take the ferry to go to shinjuku, there's a small crossroads (actual roads) just to the west, inside the poison swamp; there's a tunnel there that goes to the region with ikebukero.

the juraku bookstore is occupied by a demon's domain that you have to kill as part of the main quest, and isnt too difficult to find.
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