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=====================  W A L K T H R O U G H  ==========================

After the opening scene and selecting your name, you’ll find yourself in
an empty street. There will be a voice that will ask you to go towards him.
Find a glowing silhouette of a person in the street ahead and approach him
to allow Walter to manifest. After the brief conversation, run straight
ahead to another silhouette in front of the broken statue head to meet

After the opening sequence, you’ll wake up from your nap in Lake Mikado.
Your friend Issachar will greet you and will mention something about the
Gauntlet Rite. The game will take you to the castle town and Issachar will
attempt to ask a luxoror for directions. After the conversation, you’ll
have the option to select your destination. 
The rite is being held in Mikado Castle. However, you can check the other
locations to speak with the townspeople and learn more of the back story if
you want. Mikado Castle has three locations. You may want to go to the
Aquila Statue Plaza to progress with the story.
During the ceremony, you’ll get your turn in the rite and as expected,
the gauntlet will choose you. The head of the samurai, Sir Hope will escort
you out of the plaza and to your quarters. Here, you’ll fall asleep as
part of the story. 

When you wake up, a fellow Samurai named Walter will talk to you. He’ll
mention to head to the Naraku Entranceway to start the training. The shops
won’t be open for now and they’ll be marked as “???”for the
meantime. You can explore the areas outside the Aquila Statue Plaza if you
want. Otherwise, select Naraku Entranceway to continue. 

Here you’ll meet the other apprentices. Once Hope arrives, he’ll brief
you of your current mission and receive basic supplies and stipends.
You’ll get 300 macca and Healing Water x5. After this, you can save your
macca or check the newly opened shops (Q’s Blacksmith and B’s
Apothecary). Your money won’t be enough to get you some new gears and
you’ll only be able to afford a few sundries. When ready, head to the
Naraku Entrance.

-==Naraku Entrance==-

A few steps away lies a couple of boards that you can read. You can also
interact at the edge of the ledge then press the down arrow key to jump
down to the lower floor. Head towards the door and the gauntlet will
display Burroughs, your gauntlet’s navigational AI. She’ll offer to
explain how to use her controls and the menu. You can go ahead with the
tutorial or skip it. Once you’ve unlocked the menu, save your game first.

Proceed through the door and you’ll use the gauntlet to perform an area
scan. During this event, you’ll automatically start your first quest. 

+++++ Training Exercise I ++++
Client: Hope
Reward: 150 Macca
Task: Slay some demons

Continue inside and find some demons. Remember that once you see them in
range, prepare to attack them to initiate a pre-emptive strike in your
favor. As discussed in the basics section of the guide, hitting the
enemy’s weakness will give you an extra turn. In this area, the Slimes
are weak to physical attacks. Since you’re battling alone, it will be
imperative to attack them first especially when they’re together with
other demons. 

After your first fight, your character will level up. You’ll have to
distribute the stat points to any of your stats. Once done allocating,
you’ll also gain App Points which you can use to unlock Burroughs’
locked pre-programmed functions. You’ll earn App points whenever you
level up.  

Also, after your first battle, Training Exercise I quest will be completed
and you’ll get your reward. Hope will then ask you to commune with
demons. This is when your second quest will start.


////Training Exercise II////
Client: Hope
Reward: 150 Macca
Task: Recruit 3 demons into your party

Also, Burroughs’ Scout function will become available. You can use this
to recruit demons you encounter and add them to your party. Find a next
demon and engage it in battle. Use the “Talk” function in your battle
menu. The demon will ask a series of questions. Depending on your responses
and selections, you can satisfy its requirements and convince it to join
you. Choosing the wrong responsesor refusing its demands may give it a free
turn to attack.

In addition to answering the questions correctly, a demon will also ask
for additional compensation such as items in your possession, a bit of your
HP or even the life of one of your allied demons. Take note that demons
have their own personalities; the answer that worked on one demon may not
work on the same demontype. Remember that negotiations aren’t always
successful. There will times that the demons you’re negotiating with will
leave the fight after getting what it wanted. 

Remember to save often. You can always go back to your barracks to rest and
fully replenish your party’s HP and MP. I suggest grinding a few levels
so you can save up macca for better gear and have your demons level up as
well. Once you collect three demons, the quest will be complete. 

As your demons level up, you’ll also be able to inherit “Whispered
Skills”. These are skills that your allied demons may transfer to you and
use them as your own. If a demon whispers a skill that you already know, it
will strengthen the skill. Demons can only whisper once but you can choose
multiple skills as long as you slots available. 

After completing the second exercise, you’ll get your rewards and the
final exercise will begin. You’ll now have to find a valuable item in
Naraku’s 2nd Stratum. 


////Final Training Exercise////
Client: Hope
Reward: 500 Macca
Task: Obtain the valuable item and return to Aquila Plaza.

The Mapper app will be available now. You must purchase it to enable it’s
function. Now with the map handy, explore the 1st Stratum and collect as
many relics / treasures as you can. Once you’ve found the way leading to
the 2nd Stratum, keep exploring the area until you find a sign that
instructs you to look up and a ledge nearby. This ledge leads to a treasure
chest with the item you need to take to complete the quest and a red demon
form guarding it. 

If your party is at least LV4 or above, you should be able to deal against
them with ease. This group is weak against wind / force attacks. The
fairy-type demon Napaea has this skill called Zan that can be helpful in
this battle. If not, LhamDearg’s Critical Wave will be a good substitute.
Be careful of their Dream Fist attack as they can deal heavy damage.
Napaea’s Dia healing skill will serve you well in this battle in addition
to her Zan attack. 

////To The Roof////
Client: Burroughs
Reward: 0 Macca
Task: Go to the rooftop

After wrapping things up with the training, you'll be given this very 
short story quest. From the Aquila Statue Plaza, select the "Meeting Spot"
location and watch the scene. After that, you'll retire for the night in 
your barracks and have a similar dream that you had earlier. The next 
morning, head to the Tavern to continue with the story. 


///To My Fellow Samurai///
Client: Navarre
Reward: 100 Macca
Task: Complete three quests and return to the tavern

Upon arriving at the tavern, talk with K to learn more about your next
mission. He'll also introduce you to Challenge Quests, which are basically
the games' sidequests. During this conversation, Burroughs will scan the
blackboard and register three challenge quests for you.

The following challenge quests below can be completed in one-go. You don't
need to deliver the lichen and gryphon talons immediately upon collecting

**Tip: Some (delivery) challenge quests can be turned over repeatedly for
diminishing rewards.

==A Missing Fellow Samurai==
Client: Name withheld
Reward: 1000 macca
Task: Find the missing Navarre

After completing the previous tasks and returning to the tavern, an
unfamiliar samurai will comment about your performance but at the same
time, deliver dire news. Navarre is missing and you have to return to
Naraku again to find him. This will be registered as your next main quest. 

**Tip: Make sure at least one of your demons knows the Posumudi Skill.
Naraku’s 3rd Stratum, which you’ll explore next has some poisoned
areas. If you don’t have a demon that has this skill or for some reason
unable to fuse one, drop by the apothecary and buy some Detox Solution. 

After resting, return to Naraku and breeze through the 1st and 2nd Strata
to conserve your HP and MP. Before going down to the 3rd Stratum, make sure
you save and bring at least one demon that can use fire attacks (Agi). It
will be useful to the upcoming battle. When ready, go downstairs to the
next level. 

Upon reaching the third Stratum, a hooded man will confront you and throw
two Nagas to fight you. 

LV10 Naga x2=
Fire: Weak
Ice: Null
Elec, Light and Dark: Resist

The enemies will act first and will use Tarukaja to increase their attacks.
Concentrate your attacks on one target at a time. This battle will be a
breeze if you have more than one demon that can use agi. If you have
acquired a Maragi Stone, you can use it in this battle as well. It will
further help your party if you have demons that can use debuffs and buffs
as well. 

After the battle, you can now freely explore the floor. Go past the door
and engage the demon ahead. Go through a small crawlspace to find a chest
containing a Detox Solution. Exit then head east. You’ll encounter Walter
along the way. There’s another crawlspace here but don’t go there since
there’s a wormwood blocking the path and you can only destroy it from the
other side. 

Head north instead and pass through the poisoned corridor. Continue until
you reach the intersection then turn west to find a chest containing a Dies
Irae sword. If you haven’t upgraded your sword yet, equip this one
immediately. Continue to the east this time and remove the poison and heal
up before continuing. 

In another intersection to the east, go north and climb the ledge to find a
medicine. Next, head south through the door. Destroy the wormwood to clear
up the path to the crawlspace you saw earlier. This will serve as your
alternate route around the poisoned corridor. Climb up the ledge to get
more items then backtrack to the north.

**Tip: Before heading further north past the intersection, swap any demons
in your combat party that has weakness to ice and equip ones with fire and
elec attacks. 
Proceed and you’ll encounter the hooded man again. This time, he’ll
throw a Wendigo for you to fight with.

LV10 Wendigo
Weak: Fire, Elec
Null: Ice
Resist: Force, Light, Dark

If you followed the tip earlier, then you shouldn’t worry about the
Wendigo getting free turns whenever its Mabufu attack hits your party.
Exploit its weakness against fire and elec, coupled with buffs and debuffs
you may have. Keep your party healthy at all times while continuing
attacking it. 
After taking the Wendigo out, the hooded man will send a horde of Wendigos
and Nagas to your party. Fortunately, your fellow Samurai will arrive just
in time to lend you a hand. 

LV10 DDS Horde
Weak: Fire, Elec
Null: Ice
Resist: Force, Light, Dark

Your allies can’t be controlled and the horde will have two turns per
round. It will help using fire and elec skills that hit all enemies like
Maragi and Mazio. Doing so will deal multiple damage to the horde and give
you a free turn at least. If you don’t have such skills, you can attack
using basic fire and elec skills such as Agi or Zio. Nonetheless, if you
didn’t have problems taking out the Nagas and lone Wendigo earlier, then
you should be able to manage against the horde. 

After the battle, you’ll have a conversation with the other samurai. They
will join you afterward and will be able to assist you in battle. Heal up
and save your game then proceed deeper. You’ll encounter a suspicious
samurai which will warn you about a portal. As you get near the portal,
more demons will simultaneously manifest so engage one and take it out to
clear the area. When ready, enter the portal. 

-==Naraku Domain==-

If you’re party is low in HP and MP and you’re also worried about your
supplies, relax; there’s a safe spot in this domain further on. After
discovering that you can’t go back to where you came from, you’ll have
no choice but to explore the domain further in. There’s an exit to the
northeast corner though it will just bring you back to the 3rd Stratum. 

Go past the exit and head south. You’ll encounter the ghastly girl for
the second time along the way. Continue forth and you’ll find a door.
Approach it and a strange man will make his appearance. Head inside the
room ahead to have your HP and MP fully replenished. You can come back to
him as many times as needed.

**Tip: This may be a great time to grind and scout the demons in the area.
Use this chance to fuse more demons and update your compendium as well. 

When you think you’re ready, heal up and proceed to the southwestern
corner of the map to find another door. This leads to the domain boss.
Before entering, make sure to have a demon that can heal poison and restore
your party’s health. For offense, bring demons that have fire attacks and
of course, buffs if you can. 

**Tip: The best support demon you can get at the moment is LeananSidhe. Try
grinding to LV11 to reach the required level to summon her. By default, she
has Media, a skill that heals all allies. Fuse her with another demon that
has Posumudi to keep your party afloat in the next boss battle. In the
other hand, a trained Apsaras will do the job as well. 

=Alraune LV11=
Weak: Fire
Resist: Gun, Light, Dark

The boss attacks twice per round and will use Poison Breath often, which
affects everyone in your party and has the chance to get poisoned. If you
have LeananSidhe, have her spam Media whenever you need and use Posumudi to
keep your party in top shape. Otherwise, you’ll have to resort to Detox
Solutions but your supply will be very limited for a prolonged battle. 

It’s Dorn Gift attack deals high physical damage so be careful not to be
caught off guard especially when your demons and your character is below
half of their HP. It’s weak to fire attacks so use this chance to exploit
its weakness and deal bonus damage. Use buffs and debuffs as well to
mitigate the damage or increase your damage dealt to the boss.

After the battle, the domain will disappear and the group will be taken
back to Naraku’s 3rd Stratum. The quest wil be complete as well. You have
to walk all the way back outside and if you’re poisoned from the last
battle, the status will still carry over. Heal up then exit the labyrinth
then take a rest in the barracks. 

////Let’s Eat Breakfast////
Client: Walter
Reward: 0 macca
Task: Eat breakfast together

The next morning, Walter and Jonathan will barge in and invite you to
breakfast. Exit to Mikado Castle and go to the Castle City to find the
Bakery. During the conversation, the baker will mention about Literatures,
Sabbath and a Black Samurai. After getting your bread, the quest will be
updated. Now you have to find a fine view where to have your breakfast.
Head to Lake Mikado next.

After arriving, you’ll find a familiar face - your old friend Issachar.
After Walter offers him to join you for breakfast, he declines and states
that he needs to go back to your hometown, Kiccigiorgi. After the
conversation the quest will be completed. To proceed to the next main
quest, you have to rest. However, there are two new Challenge quests
available in the tavern. (Chagrin Slaying Competition, The Cursed Gauntlet)
You can take them and finish them if you want. Refer to the guide’s
Challenge Quests section for more information about these quests. 

////Find the Survivors////
Client: Hope
Reward: 1000 macca
Task: Find the survivors

To start this quest, you have to rest. Walter and Jonathan will wake you up
to sneak up to the rooftop where Isabeau is hanging out. After a brief
conversation, a crimson patch from a distance will lit up in the sky.
You'll realize that it's from the direction of your home town, Kiccigiorgi.
Head to the Aquila Plaza for an emergency meeting.

As Hope stated, you can go back to the village and have your wounds be
healed by the samurai healers. This is also a good stage to grind since you
can always go back to fully replenish your party via allied healers. Follow
the path and you’ll find a relic. The road will split to two, each with
its own stationary, red demon forms, indicating they’re special demons
that you must defeat. Engage the one in the eastern corner first. 

=LV8 Innocent Horde=
Weak: Ice, Force, Light
Resist: Force

After defeating the horde, destroy the wormwood behind it and continue to
the next area to find some survivors. Heal up if you want then defeat the
next horde blocking the path.

=LV8 Element Horde=
Resist: Fire, Ice, Elec, Force
Null: Light, Dark

This horde has no weaknesses and they have two turns. It will be good to
rely heavily on physical attacks when facing them. Heal your party as
necessary and use buffs/debuffs to gain an upper hand in battle. 

Proceed to the next intersection in the path. Head to the east to find a
lone survivor getting attacked by a special demon called Strix. 

=LV12 Strix=
Weak: Gun, Elec
Resist: Light, Dark
Repel: Ice

This demon has two turns per round but her attacks aren’t that
threatening to the party. Just attack its weaknesses and it will go down in
no time. 

Proceed to the western path this time, across where you rescued the last
survivor. Engage the next Innocent Horde there and clear the path. Proceed
to the next area to find two more survivors. After rescuing them, Hope will
send a message regarding the source of the disaster and the most likely
culprit. The quest will be updated as well. 

From the intersection, you’ll find two paths leading south. The one to
the east is blocked by wormwood so you have to proceed through the western
path. Cut through more wormwoods until the path turns. Don’t forget to
pick up the relic along the way. You’ll find a ledge where you can jump
off but ignore it for now. Continue forth and you’ll find a chest along
the way containing a Healing Water. Go back to the ledge and jump down to
find a chest containing a Revival Leaf. 

Backtrack again to the main path and continue east past the ledge to find
Issachar. After a short conversation, you’ll have to fight him. 

=LV13 Issachar=
Resist: Dark, Light, Poison, Panic, Sleep, Bind, Resist
Null: Lost

Issachar doesn’t have any weaknesses and will use Critical Wave often.
Issachar has two turns but you can make him lost his chance to act for the
first time by answering “I am a Casualry” when he asks you during the

Just have a demon with Media in your combat party to heal up your team as
necessary. Use buffs and debuffs to gain a upper hand in this battle. This
shouldn’t be a challenging fight since his HP is only around 560.
After the battle, the quest will be updated. Continue to the east then
follow the path north to find the Black Samurai. After a brief
conversation, the Black Samurai will leave and will pit you against a horde
of demons. After the scene with the old man, he’ll instruct you to see
the girl by heading east (right) from your initial position. Head to that
direction to find the girl from before. You’ll wake up from that trance
and you’ll find yourself with your friends again. Hope will then ask you
to report back to the forest entrance. Your quest will be completed

////Capture the Black Samurai////
Client: Hugo
Reward: 4000 macca
Task: Capture the Black Samurai

As you’re ordered to return to the castle, you’ll have another dream.
The next day, Hope will inform you to assemble in Aquila Plaza. Before
going there, you may want to visit the Blacksmith and Apothecary to sell
the relics and to resupply if needed. Once ready, head to the Emergency
Meeting Ground to proceed with the story.

After the briefing with Hugo and Gabby, you’ll have to head to K’s
tavern to start with the main quest and pick up some Challenge Quests as

Before proceeding with the long, main quest, check your gauntlet to find
two more challenge quests (I want a Classy Down Quilt, Slaying the Dragon
of the Lake, Dance of the Dead) Refer to the Challenge quest section of
this guide for the individual walkthroughs of these side quests. 

**Tip: The Dance of the Dead challenge quest will be quite troublesome in
your current level. You may want to try it after finishing the lengthy main

-== Naraku – 4th Stratum ==-

Head to Naraku and skip through the first and second levels. Upon reaching
the third Stratum, you can take the alternate route to the east through a
crawlspace to avoid going through the poisoned corridor. Make your way to
the northwestern path of the 3rd level to meet up with the master samurais
guarding the place. They’ll then allow you to go deeper in the labyrinth.

There are new demons that you can scout and fuse here. The place also has
different elevations which will require you to use the ladders. Refer to
the map to find the relics in the area. Make your way to the northeast
ledge to find a Red Earring. Continue down south through a narrow bridge.
Be prepared though since three demons will ambush you in the front and
After crossing the first bridge, head to the southeast through a waterfall
to find another chest ahead containing The Key to Naraku.Now backtrack a
bit then jump to the west over the broken bridge. Head to the north first
to find a ledge with a chest containing a Bufula Stone. From there, head
south to reach the next level. 

-==Naraku – 5th Stratum==-

Run through the straight path until you reach a door. Pick up the relic to
the left and open the chest to the right to find a Revival Leaf. Now before
opening the door, get your toughest demons and carry at least one with
Media and Bufu. To make the battle easier as well, it will help bringing in
demons with buff skills. There’s a boss fight in the door ahead and
you’ll need as much help as you can get. 

=LV13 Minotaur=
Weak: Ice
Null: Fire, Light, Dark, :pst
Resist: Poison, Panic, Sleep, Bind, Sick

This boss has over 2700 HP which will make this battle last a lot longer.
Don’t let your guard down since it also has three press turn icons.
Fortunately, it has a weakness: Ice. Use ice attacks and items to gain as
many free turns as you can. This boss will use War Cry to lower your
party’s attack and defense then follow up with a multi-hit, all-party
attack called Labrys Strike. 

During the battle, the Minotaur will ask you questions. Depending on your
answers, you can gain an upper hand in the battle. 

First question: “We are determined to win” (increases your attack)

Second question: “Indeed not” (lowers the enemy’s accuracy)

Near the end of the battle, the Minotaur will start using Oni-Kagura which
can deals massive damage and can instantly take out low HP demons you have.
Continue with the assault and you should be able to outlast him in battle. 
There will be two paths available. Take the western arc as it contains
several relic spawn points. Continue to the middle north and take the
ladder down to the next area. 

-==Naraku – Excavation Worker Quarters==-

This area has several treasure chests. From the ladder, check the small
room past the sign to find a red chest with Dx Incense. Continue forth and
an event will take place. Here you’ll find a Bruce Gun which will be
added to your combat menu. It will be loaded with FMJ rounds. There will be
two chests in small alcoves nearby. Loot the chests nearby to get a Patra
Stone and Light Grimoire. 

Continue to the next alcove to find an Ag Incense. Another event will take
place as you walk further south and the group will find themselves in the
Sky Terminal. This will allow you to travel instantly to Naraku and Aquila
plaza. Very convenient! Name the terminal with whatever you want and the
link will be completely established. You can now use it to return to the
surface to rest and resupply. A new quest will be added as well though this
will a long, ongoing one as it requires you to find all terminals in

It will be a good time to upgrade your equipment as well since the shops
will have new inventory. There are two new challenge quests (Missing Child
Search, A Drunkard’s Best Friend) that you can register in your gauntlet
by looking at the tavern blackboard. These two can be completed now if you

When ready, grab the Lu Incense from the alcove in front of the terminal.
Head further south and exit through the door to reach the next area.

-== Naraku – Temporary Scaffolding ==-

Proceed and Stephen will appear before you again. Here, the DDS or Digital
Demon Service will be enabled. This will allow you to connect with other
demon summoners via Streetpass. You can exchange demons attached to cards
and exchange it with other SMT players. Attached demons via DDS may gain
levels or come back with items. If another user receives the card, the DDS
Skill that corresponds the number of received cards can be used in battle.
To activate this, open the menu and select Burroughs Streetpass. 

Continue down the ramp to get a Revival Bead from the chest. This is a
straightforward path so just follow the ramps and pick up any relics along
the way until you reach the elevator. Take the elevator for a scene.

-==Naraku – 1st Observation Platform==-

Once you reach a new area, Burroughs will warn you about a strong demon
nearby. That indicates a boss fight ahead. It will be a good idea to avoid
unnecessary battles for now and just collect the chests along the way.
There are only two chests here containing a Chakra Drop to the west and a
Zanma Stone to the right. Before heading to the exit, you have to prepare
for a boss fight. 

=LV15 Medusa=
Weak: Force
Resist: Gun, All status ailments
Drain: Elec
Null: Light, Dark, Lost

Best prepare demons with resistance against Elec attacks and those who can
use Force attacks. As usual, having demons with healing, buffs and debuffs
is recommended to win this battle. This boss has three turns and will use
Zionga, a more powerful form of Zio. She can also use Tathlum Shot which
can cause over 100 damage. Her Rapid Needle and Snake’s Fangs doesn’t
deal that much damage but can hit everybody in your party. Her life is
around 2800 so this battle will be probably as tough as Minotaur. 
Like Minotaur, there will be two instances that Medusa will chat with you
in the middle of battle. Answer her correctly and the odds of the battle
will tip to your favor.

First question: “Indeed, they’re beautiful” (Decreased attack)

2nd:  Give her a side glance. (Defense decreased)

Don’t let up on your attacks and she’ll eventually fall. 
After the battle, continue downstairs to the next elevator. After the scene
and getting out of the building, a new mission will be available to you. At
this point, you’ll have three active Main Quests that overlap each other
and go hand-in-hand. 

Please follow the walkthrough for "Find the Military Base" for the
continuation of this main quest:

-==After completing Find the Military Base==-

You’ll continue in this main quest after completing “Find the Military
Base” and activating the terminal in Kasumigaseki. For now, head back to
Mikado and use the barracks to heal everybody. Next, head to K’s tavern
to receive some new challenge quests.(Relic Recovery: Small Fridge, PC,
Power Cable and Wind Turbine)

You can also drop by the Hunter Association in Ueno and accept some new
challenge quests. These quests are probably too much for you at this point
so they may have to wait until you’re at least LV30. (The Secret to
Durable Clothing, Samurai and Hunters United and Hunter Tournament
Prelims).  Please consult the Challenge Quests section of my online guide 
for the individual walkthroughs of these sidequests. (check the link
at the top of this guide)

When you’re ready to proceed, head north of Sakura-dori/ Tokyo Station
area past the guide NPC in the city map. Enter the marker there to find a
hunter that will help you cross the river to the new area for 500 macca. 

-== Shinjuku ==-

In the first intersection to the west, past the poisonous swap is a tunnel
that leads to Ikebukuro region. There’s nothing much you can do there at
the moment but there’s a chest to the northwest containing a Bead. The
only accessible area is through a group of buildings to the southwest of
the tunnel but you can’t proceed anywhere at this point of the game. 

In Shinjuku, keep heading west past the tunnel across the poisonous swamp
until you reach the other side of the city. There are demon domains here
but don’t be fooled; the bosses of these domains are WAY too high for
your current level. (Unless you’ve been grinding with DLC challenge

You can explore the vast Shinjuku area and grab some items and relics along
the way.

++ Relics spawn points: Park Tower, Yoyogi Stadium, Nakano Building

++ Items: Chakra Pot, chest in the southwest corner
Bead Chain, chest northwest, past the poisonous swamp

++ Demon Domains: Yoroi Shrine

Further south are more locations of interests. However, be warned that the
demons here can be too much to handle if your current level. 

++ Relic points: 4 Towers
++ Domains: Cameron Building

Once ready, make your way to the south and turn east in the 4th
intersection. You’ll get past the Park Tower relic point and you’ll
find the Shinjuku South Entrance and the Shinjuku National Park. The latter
is not your objective yet but you can get a couple of items there. 

-== Shinjuku National Park – Pond Garden ==-

This is not your objective yet but you can explore the area to find some
items and relics. 

++ Chest, southeast corner: Balm of Rising
++ Chest, west: Summon Stone 

-==Shinjuku – South Entrance==-

This is a large area with lots of relics and treasures to loot. On your way
in, you’ll find a young girl named Hikaru. She’ll give you a tip to
check out the Juraku Bookstore in Ikebukuro. This will also update the
quest and unlock two new apps: Skill Augment and Gift Augment. 

Examine the corpse to the northwest corner of the first area to find a
Dis-Poison. Head to the east and check the wall to find a vent you can
climb in. This will lead you to another room with a chest. Open it for a
Chakra Pot. 

Now head to the middle and enter through the narrow passage. There’s
another hunter corpse in the northeast corner of the inner area, beside a
closed grate. Examine it to get a nerve gas. There’s also an elevator in
the middle though your access is limited for now. Head to the other side of
the station to find relic and a ladder that will allow you to climb up the
roof of a small convenience store. Loot a Bead from there. 

Now go back down and go to the southwest of the convenience store to find
another ladder. Climb it to reach an enclosed area with two chests
containing a 10-point card and Summon Stone.

Due west of the convenience store is a room that you can enter. Here,
you’ll find another female hunter which happens to be a friend of Nozomi.
She’ll ask for your help in taking pics. This will be registered as a new
challenge quest. (Shelter Inspection) After talking to her, exit this
immediate area (don’t leave to the city map!) and find the stairs leading
to Shinjuku’s Underground District. 

-==Shinjuku Station - Underground==-

Before doing anything else, go straight up to find a red button. Push it to
open the gates. To the west lies the elevator that will take you back to
the surface and to the right is the terminal that’s currently occupied by
a demon. There are also some new items in the stores here so you may want
to upgrade your gear and prepare your party before attempting to clear it. 

=LV24: Ose=
Resist: Dark

This demon has around 900 HP and has no weaknesses. Its main attack is
Fatal Sword, which deals 150+ damage to a target. You need to bring out
high-HP demons as well as those that can increase your party’s defense
and/or lower the enemy’s attacks. If you have a demon that can innately
nullify/repel/ absorb physical attacks then by all means use it. Having a
demon with a skill buff that can repel physical attacks will do as well. 

Defeating this demon will unlock the Shinjuku Terminal and update the main
quest “Activate All Terminals”. You can now check the tavern in Mikado
to receive a new challenge quest (Creating Fireproof Clothing). Use this
chance to conveniently use the barracks and rest up. 

Talk to the man in a black suit to the west of the station to update your
main quest. Head to the east this time to find the shops and Shinjuku
Hunter Association. Check the bulletin board to register new quests.
(Corpse Disposal, Quality Food, Phantom of Madness, Training Battle 1,
Training Battle 2). Refer to the challenge quests section of this guide for
more information. 

** Note: Of all the available Challenge Quests available, Corpse Disposal 
is very lengthy since it is required for the main plot to continue. 

After completing Corpse Disposal, the main quest will be updated. To
proceed further to the story, return to the Shinjuku Underground District
and talk to the Heavily Accented Man for him to open the shutter and give
you access to the western side of the Shinjuku Underground District. A new
main quest will become available as well. (The Seat of Government) 

There are also a couple of new Challenge Quests that you need to trigger by
talking to certain NPCs. (Her Memories, Ikebukuro Free District) Refer to
the challenge quests section of this guide for more information.

-==After completing the main quest The Seat of Government==-

From the Government Office Plaza, return to the West Entrance Buildings and
go through the manhole to the south. Follow the straightforward path until
you reach the Shinjuku Underground District. You can accept a new quest
from the Hunter Association (Demon Guarding the Shrine) though it can wait
since you need to face a LV45 demon for that specific challenge quest. 
Finish whatever extra business you may have then prepare to move out. From
Shinjuku, head north to where the poisoned swamp is and enter the tunnel
leading to Ikebukuro.


After exiting the tunnel, hug the rock wall to the north until you run
across a hole that will allow you to explore the area further north. There
is a relic spots there and a building that has a demon’s domain at the
end of the road to the west. The master of this domain is a LV44 Grendel. 
Defeating it will render a SDF Equipment, which is a valuable relic. Facing
this strong foe is entirely optional and you can just fight it later once
your party’s level is near it. If you still haven’t looted the chest to
the northwest, follow the road to that direction from the other side of the
rock wall. To proceed with the mission, head to the southwest and follow
the ramp leading to an entry point. 

-==Ikebukuro – Sunshine Front==-

Approach the barrier and a woman named Kaga will approach your group. Since
you have the Jirae Talisman from completing the last main quest, you should
be able to use it on the barrier. After a brief conversation with her, a
new main quest will be registered. (Hunting Xi Wangmu)
For the walkthrough of this quest, please follow the link above. 

===After completing “Hunting Xi Wangmu”===

-==Ikebukuro – East Entrance==-

After defeating Xi Wangmu in the main quest “Hunting Xi Wangmu”, the
path leading to this area from the Ikebukuro Underground District will
become open. This is a fairly large area so you’ll have to rely on the
map to know the locations of the relics and hunters’ corpses for loot.
There is also a large portion of the area that’s poisoned so you have to
have a demon that has Amrita or Me Patra to help you cope with it. 
If you have accepted the challenge quest “Sunset for a Demonnapper”,
search the room on the western side of the area, south of the stairs
leading to the station. 

If you have the challenge quest “Ikebukuro Free District”, the spot
where you can take a photo of the Ikebukuro East Gate is located in the
middle portion of the map, north of the taxis enclosed in a railing. 
After looting the area, make your way to the southeast where you’ll find
the Juraku Bookstore. It currently has a demon’s domain which you need to
explore and clear. 

-== Juraku Bookstore ==-

As you run around the domain, you’ll encounter the same horde of Lilim
demons shortly. They were the same horde that you encountered in the
Kiccigiorgi Forest mission. 

=LV30 Lilim Horde=
Weak: Ice
Null: Elec, Light, Dark

Pummel these demons with your party-based ice skills like Mabufu/-la/-dyne
and Ice Breath. You shouldn’t have problems defeating them since their HP
is only around 1100. 

After defeating the horde, explore the domain further until you reach the
door that leads to the Black Samurai. After a short dialogue, she’ll
finally surrender and you’ll finally be able to complete this quest. 
You’ll be back to Mikado automatically as part of the story. Read through
the next dialogues and part ways with your friends. Drop by K’s Tavern to
register new challenge quests. (I’m No Good at Demon Fusion, Training
Battle 3, Training Battle 4)

To proceed with the story, head to Mikado Castle and select Obelisk Plaza
to attend the public execution. The next morning, head to the Monastery to
receive a new main quest. Please refer to Rescue the VIPs for more

////Find the Military Base////
Client: Hugo
Reward: 3000 macca
Task: Find the Counter-Demon Force Base

After Burroughs scans the area, the map will be different. The glitchy blue
forms represent demons so you have to be careful when approaching them.
There are several locations and items to be collected in the area.
Northeast of the tower is a chest containing a Chakra Pot.From there, head
north a bit to find a chest by the river containing a Dx Incense. 
From the tower, go southeast to find another chest with Balm of Rising at
the end of a wide highway. Further to the west you’ll find another chest
containing a Bead. Head further west and you’ll find Ueno Station. Enter
it and explore the area. 

-==Ueno Station – Front Entrance==-

There are several relics in the area that you can gather. There are some
relics that replenish over time, like the Delivery Door beside the station
entrance and Ambulance in the far west of the entrance. Beside the Delivery
Door relic point is a hanging ladder which you can climb to find a relic
pile near the ledge. Destroy wormwood beside the station entrance as well
to acquire the Lu Incense from a chest at the end of the path. When ready,
head downstairs to the station. 

-== Ueno Underground District ==-

Upon arriving, you’ll be greeted by a smirking man. This is a safe zone,
which will provide you relief after battling Medusa and exploring the
immediate area. There’s a nearby vent leading to Ameyoko Way, the area
south of the station. Ignore it for now then head west. Save your game and
prepare for another battle. Beyond the door right beside the vent is the
terminal but you have to clear the demon’s domain  there. 

=LV14 KoppaTengu=
Weak: Elec
Resist: Force, Light

=LV20 KarasuTengu=
Weak: Elec, Ice
Repel: Fire
Null: Light

This battle will be quick if you have Mazio. The larger Tengu is also weak
to Ice to use that to exploit their weaknesses and get more turns. This
horde will often use regular attacks. Just make sure to heal if necessary
and don’t bring out demons that are weak against force attacks.

After clearing out the station and lifting the domain, the Ueno Station
will become available. This will also update the main quest “Activate All
Terminals”. Now you can go back to Mikado instantly. You can also go
further west and explore the Central Underground District. There’s a
tavern/bar there that has new Challenge Quests. (Eggs for One Hundred, I
Want to Make the City Bright) Now is the best time to finish any challenge
quests you left behind in Mikado. Of the two new challenge quests, you can
quickly do Eggs for One Hundred then just proceed with the main story since
you’ll come across the other challenge quest on the way there. You have
to talk to the Cold Man inside the bar to get a new Main Quest. 

There’s also a black market here weapons, guns and ammo. Talk to the old
man and type in “Erawan” to gain access to this store. 

To proceed with the story, head to the Hunter Association and talk to the
Cold Man. Another main quest “Peallaidh Extermination” will be added to
your list. For the complete walkthrough, that quest's section in this 

After completing Peallaidh Extermination and obtaining the boss demon’s
head, you may want to check the Hunter Association to register two new
Challenge Quests. (Competition for Blood, Deliver the Film) Between the
two, you can immediately complete “Deliver the Film”. The other
challenge quest will require you to defeat certain demons that are
available outside the Military Base so we’ll get to that along the way.
Refer to the Challenge Quests section for more information. 

When ready, return to the city map and head east a bit from the Ueno
Station. Once you find the river, go south to find two markers close to
each other. You need to go to the lower marker to find a horde of demons
waiting by the riverside. They’ll ask for Peallaidh’s head. To return
the favor, they can act as a bridge for you to reach the next area. 

After crossing to the new area, talk to the guide in the street to learn
where Shinjuku, Tokyo Station and Kasumigaseki are located. The main quest
takes place to Tokyo Station. Head west past the guide and take the road
south. You should find a chest containing a Bead. If you head north of the
guide, you’ll find a relic spawn point in Teito College. 

Follow the main roads to the southeast and you’ll find Tokyo Station. You
canenter it and just explore the area a bit but you’ll only be limited to
talking to NPCs. If you head to the southwest portion of the station and
you’ll be blocked by a Ring of Gaea member. Should you choose to ignore
this location, continue further to the southwest of the station to find the
next area.

-==Kasumigaseki – Sakurada Dori==-

This area is wide but small. There are two relic spawn points here and an
inaccessible chest at the moment. Your main objective is to find a working
elevator to reach the Counter-Demon Base. The other elevators in the area
are locked down, except for the one in the middle-left side of the map.
Don’t forget to get the Bead from the chest to the south as well. 

When checking the elevator to the west, two humans will block your way and
will attempt to shoo you away. Ignore their warning and you’ll have to
battle their demon pet. 

== LV21 Tsuchigumo ==
Weak: Ice, Force
Resist: Phys, Light, Dark

This battle shouldn’t be that hard since this demon has two elemental
weaknesses and only have around 1140 HP. It has strong attacks but can only
hit one target at a time. Avoid using demons weak against elec to avoid
giving the enemy free turns. 

After taking out the demons, the underlings will leave your party. Activate
the elevator and head to B1F. 

-==Kasumigaseki –Nagatacho Passage (B1F)==-

If you have the challenge quest “Competition for Blood”, this is where
you’ll encounter Strix demons. Defeat them to get the required number of
blood for the quest. There’s also a vent you can enter before reaching
the other elevator. This will take you back to the fenced area in
Sakurada-dori. There’s a relic spawn point and a chest containing a Balm
of Rising there. Return to the vent and take the elevator to the next

-==Kasumigaseki –Counter-Demon Base (B2F)==-

The first room to the west is a terminal but you have to defeat the boss
demon that created a domain there to be able to use the terminal. For now,
enter the room to the southwest corner for a short scene. You’ll obtain a
new gun called Lock Steyr, a Demonica armor set and an ID Card. This will
update the other main quest “Capture the Black Samurai”.

Once done, use the ID card to open one of the locked doors there to get a
Chakra Drop. Open the large door to the south next using the ID card.
You’ll stumble upon the abandoned briefing room of the Counter-Demon
force. Burroughs will download the data and send it to the monastery. After
a short scene, this mission will be complete. 

For the continuation of the main objectives, refer to the Capture the Black
Samurai quest walkthrough. 

////Peallaidh Extermination////
Client: Wall-Eyed Jun
Reward: 3000 macca
Task: Defeat Peallaidh, who has occupied Shinobazu Pond.

You’ll get this main quest by talking to the Cold Man in Ueno Station’s
bar. This will be active alongside other main quests available at the
moment. Head to the terminal and go through the vent beside it to reach
Ameyoko Way. 

-==Ameyoko Way==-

This is just a small area with two relic spawn points that you can find in
the middle and southeast. There’s also a ledge in the middle, to the east
that you can climb. You can find a greedy hunter here for the meantime. The
stairs to the southwest leads back to the Central Underground District so
just ignore it for now. Go west from the manhole to reach Central Way.

-==Central Way==-

There are several relic points in this area, especially in the eastern side
of the area. There’s also a Friendly Hunter on the top of the subway
entrance to the southern part of the area who offers to trade Expanse Meat
at triple the market price. You should come back and talk to him when you
have it. 

To the southwest of Central Way lie two wormwoods. There’s a chest behind
it containing a Bead and a manhole leading back to the Undeground
District’s inaccessible stairwell which has a chest containing a Summon

There are multiple relic spawn points here, especially in Central Way’s
eastern side. One of those spawn points, lead to a demon domain as part of
the challenge quest I Want to Make the City Bright. Refer to the Challenge
Quests section for the walkthrough of this sidequest. 

The path to the northeast corner leads back to the Ueno Station Entrance.
Destroy the wormwood blocking the path so you can easily access Central Way
from that area. Loot any relics that may have respawned then return back to
the Underground District. Use the terminal to teleport back to Mikado and
use the barracks to heal up for free. 

Return to the Underground District and go to the district’s second area
where the shops are. There’s a path to the southwest leading to the
Underground Passage. The vent and the stairs here will lead back to the
same area: Shinobazu Pond. For convenience, enter through the vent first. 

-==Shinobazu Pond==-
There are relic points in the southwest and northeast , along the pond’s
outer ring. There’s an exit to the middle-north part of the area which
leads you back to the city map. You can enter another building there
however there’s no one there yet so you can just ignore that exit for
now. Continue east of the outer ring to find a chest containing a Chakra
Pot and ledges where you can jump off. Ignore them for now then check the
middle path of the pond. 

Jump off from the broken fence so you can hop on the floating platforms.
Find a ladder in the pagoda’s northwest side and climb it to find a chest
with a Hawthorn Spear.This is a good weapon to equip since it can hit 1-3
times and can target all enemies. Plus, it can cause the Sleep status
ailment as well. However, you should also remember that your pre-emptive
strike will be a thrust instead of a slash so you have to adjust your
distance accordingly. There’s a relic on a floating platform to the
southwest. After getting it, continue to the southeast and destroy the
wormwoods there to open up the path. 

Your target is located in the small dock with small boats. Before entering
it, climb up the roof to find a chest containing a Balm of Rising. You can
take this time to go back to the district to heal up, especially if you
happen to engage several demons while exploring the whole area. Bring
demons with sizable HP and primarily those with fire skills. When ready,
enter the dock to find Peallaidh. Once the battle starts, Peallaidh will
summon a horde of demons. 

=LV17 Mou-Ryo Horde=
Resist: Phys
Repel: Ice
Null: Gun, Dark

This horde has no weaknesses so your main attacks should focus on the types
they’re not strong against. Use elec, fire and force attacks to whittle
their HP away. Their HP is only around 830 so it shouldn’t take that long
to eliminate them. They use Mudo and their physical attacks deal multiple
hits. After taking out the horde, the main boss will appear. 

=LV17 Peallaidh=
Weak: Fire
Resist: Ice, Light, Dark

Its HP is around 1200 only so you can quickly take it down with continuous
fire attacks. The only attack you should worry is its Axel Claw that deals
moderate damage to multiple targets. This battle shouldn’t be hard, as
long as you have 2-3 demons exploiting its weakness and getting free turns.
The quest will be completed and you’ll obtain Peallaidh’s head. This is
necessary to proceed with your ongoing main quest, “Find the Military
Base”.  There will be two new quests in the Hunter’s Association so
don’t forget to register them in your gauntlet too. (Competition for
Blood, Deliver the Film)

////The Seat of Government////
Client: Shinjuku Ashura-Kai
Reward: Jirae Talisman
Task: Slay the demon at the Metropolitan Government Office

This main quest will be given by the heavily accented man who’s blocking
the western side of the Shinjuku Underground District. You have to complete
first the challenge quest “Corpse Disposal”. Once done, head further to
the underground district’s western side and exit through the stairs
leading to the Shinjuku Station – West Entrance.

-==Shinjuku Station – West Entrance==-

A few steps away from the stairs is an open door. Enter it to find an
Ambitious Hunter inside. Talk to him and show him your camera to start a
new challenge quest.  (Ikebukuro Free District)
Find a ladder behind the closed subway entrance and climb it to find a
chest on the roof containing a Balm of Rising. Next, find the open manhole
in the middle and go through it to find a chest with another Balm of Rising
inside. Finally, go behind the stairs to the north of the street to find a
Dx Incense inside a chest.  After clearing the entire area, exit west to
reach the next area.

-==Shinjuku Station –West Entrance Buildings==-

This is a very small area with very few loots as well. Do not go through
the manhole to the south as it will just bring you back to the West
Entrance Passage. Continue to the west to reach the next area. 

-==Shinjuku- Government Office Plaza==-
Both main paths are blocked by wormwood barriers so you have to jump off
from the broken railings. Let’s start by jumping off from the southern
railing. Search the southwest corner to find a chest containing a Chainsaw.
Be careful since there’s a pitfall trap along the way.

After looting the chest, go upstairs to find a hunter corpse. Loot it to
find a Revival Bead. Continue upstairs until you find two chests containing
a Chakra Pot and Gold Jet. Now go upstairs and destroy the wormwood barrier
in the same level where you jumped off. Next, backtrack to the broken
railings and jump off from the other railing to the north. 

After landing, you can loot a hunter corpse behind to get a Nerve Gas. Go
upstairs and destroy a wormwood barrier to find a chest behind it. Loot the
Ag Incense from the chest. Continue upstairs and destroy another wormwood
barrier. Head to the west this time and go downstairs. 

There’s a relic spawn point in the middle of the street in the middle of
the street and a hunter corpse behind the bushes to the middle-south. You
can loot a Revival Bead from it. Finally, go upstairs to the southwest to
find the last wormwood barrier in the area. Destroy it to clear the path. 
Save your game and head to the government office building entrance.

You’ll find some men talking to the target demon. After the negotiations
have broken down, you’ll be given the option to kill the demon or not. If
you decide to slay the demon, you’ll have to face it in battle.

=LV26 Jirae Kuebiko=
Weak: Fire
Drain: Force
Null: Light, Dark

Spam this boss with fire attacks and use buffs/debuffs to further increase
your advantage in battle. Avoid using force attacks and physical attacks
(since it can counter). It uses Wind Breath, Rakunda and a devastating phys
attack called Axel Claw. It’s HP is almost 2000 so keep burning it with
fire until it succumbs. 

After defeating the enemy, you’ll obtain the cash reward and the mission
will be complete. You’ll also obtain the key item Jirae Talisman. 

If you refuse killing it, you’ll have to face a Harpy Horde instead.

=LV26 Harpy Horde=
Weak: Gun, Elec
Resist: Phys, Ice, Fire, Force
Null: Light / Dark

For this battle, spam the horde with your gun and elec attacks. Multi-hit
attacks should work best in shredding the horde’s 1900HP. 
After defeating the horde, the Ashura-kai man will leave. You won’t get
the cash reward for this but you’ll still earn the same experience and
the Jirae Talisman nonetheless. This key item is necessary to break the
barrier in Ikebukuro. Refer to the main quest “Capture the Black
Samurai” for the continuation of the main story. 

////Hunting Xi Wangmu////
Client: Burroughs
Reward: 0 Macca
Task: Slay Xi Wangmu

You’ll get this quest after breaking the demonic barrier in Ikebukuro –
Sunshine Front and after talking to Kaga.

-==Ikebukuro – Sunshine Front==-

Start by collecting the relic in the black car ahead. If you have accepted
the challenge quest “Ikebukuro Free District”, you should be able to
climb up the car to take a photo of the Ikebukuro Sun Building. After
taking the pic, continue to the northwest until you reach the next area. 

-==Ikebukuro- 60 Street Crosswalk==-

There are a couple of hunter corpses here where you can loot a Chakra Drop
and Poison Gas. The blue car also contains a relic. To the southwest
blockaded portion you’ll find a chest containing a Balm of Rising. After
collecting the treasures, return to the previous area and jump off from the
broken concrete wall. 

-==Ikebukuro – Sunshine Front (lower)==-

Beware of the purple sludge in the streets since it can poison your
characters. Explore the area for relics and items. From your landing point,
head to the northwest to find a chest with an Ag Incense inside. The ladder
nearby will allow you to climb back up to the flyover. The chest to the
northeast corner contains a Light Grimoire.

There’s an exit to the southeast leading back to the city map though it
only leads to a relic spawn point. Xi Wangmu’s domain is located to the
southeast, where a Ring of Gaea member is standing outside. If you want to
heal up before facing this demon, you can visit the Ikebukuro Underground
District and clear the demon domain that’s occupying its terminal. 

Head to the southwest to find a chest containing a Chakra Pot and a relic.
From there, you can exit to the city map. 

-==Ikebukuro Region==-

Once in the city map, you can enter the nearby temple to find Hariti. If
you have the challenge quest “Sunset for a Demonnapper”, this is where
you can find her and continue the quest later on. Make your way to the west
and pick up the relic along the way.Go north to find a chest containing a
Chakra Pot. From there, follow the road east to find the Ikebukuro
Underground District.

-==Ikebukuro Underground District==-

The first thing you’ll notice is that this isn’t a safe zone unlike
other underground districts. There are a few rooms with NPCs but they
won’t be of any help. Just go follow the path and go around. There’s a
room with a Lifeless Woman to the east and she’ll ask you if you’re a
demon or a human. Either choice will prompt the woman to leave. Proceed
further to the northwest and destroy the wormwood barrier. Save your game
and enter the terminal door to a demon’s domain. You have to defeat a
group of demons afterward.

=LV28 Kaiwan=
Weak: Ice
Null: Dark
LV28 Incubus x2
Weak: Elec
Resist: Force, Light, Dark

This shouldn’t be a hard battle, considering their HPs are practically
low. Just exploit their weaknesses to win the battle. If you have an
all-out ice skill, you can use that to exploit Kaiwan’s weakness while
damaging the incubi as well. Otherwise, you can do the other way around, by
exploiting the incubi’s weakness using all-party elec skills.

After clearing the terminal, the main quest “Activate All Terminals”
will be updated. You can now head back to Mikado and conveniently rest in
the barracks before returning here. Once ready, head back to Ikebukuro –
Sunshine Front (lower) and enter the domain to hunt for Xi Wangmu. 

-==Domain – Sunshine 60==-
This domain has a fixed map so it’s easy to navigate. Just ignore the
other rooms since there are no way of saving those trapped NPCs without
defeating Xi Wangmu. Head east then north then west to find Kaga fighting a
couple of demons. She’ll let you take out one of them. 

=LV28 Qing Niugai=
Resist: Dark
Null: Light
This demon doesn’t have any weaknesses but its HP is just around 1000.
You just need to attack and heal normally to take it out.

After defeating the demon, heal up and have some demons that can dish out
Force skills and has anything to counter elec skills. Lastly, having demons
that can debuff will be practically helpful in the upcoming boss battle.
Save your game when ready then open the door ahead to face the boss.

=LV30 Xi Wangmu=
Weak: Force
Resist: Phys
Null: Light, Dark

For the first round, don’t bother attacking her. Instead, buff your party
and/or use debuffs on her. Once you used your non-offensive skills, try
attacking her only to discover that you’re dealing very minimal damage on
her. During this scene, the other Ring of Gaea members will arrive and
attack her as one. Finally, Kaga will also lose her life along with the
other members. 

This unfortunate incident will render Xi Wangmu susceptible to your
attacks. This is the time also to go all out and chip her 4500 HP away. She
will start the battle using Orchard Guardian, a skill that will raise all
her stats. If you have Dekaja, you can use this skill to nullify the
enemy’s buffs. Other debuffing skills like Fog Breath, Acid Breath and
War Cry can also help even out her advantage. 

Xi Wangmu can use Maziodyne, which can be pretty destructive to any demon
that has no resistance or has weakness against it. Her another skill is
Megaton Press which can be easily repelled if you have Tetrakarn. When
she’s critically injured, she will use Queen’s Feast, which will deal
considerable damage to everyone and will heal her in the process. Continue
dealing damage to her using force skills and heal up your party as

After defeating her, the quest will be complete. In addition to the exp
reward, you can now also fuse Lady Xi Wangmu through special fusion. 
Defeating Xi Wangmu will allow you to finish the following ongoing
challenge quests:  Ikebukuro Free District and Sunset for a Demonnapper.
Refer to the Challenge Quests section for details. 

For the continuation of this quest, refer back to “Capture the Black

////Rescue the VIPs////
Client: Gabby
Reward: 4000 Macca
Task: Rescue the three VIPs imprisoned at Shinjuku National Park.

After receiving this quest from Gabby, travel back to Tokyo and head to the
Hunter Association in Shinjuku Underground District to get some new
challenge quests. (The Malevolent Star Falls, Excavate Coffee Beans,
Protect the Tower)

-== Shinjuku National Park – Pond Garden ==-

When ready, travel to Shinjuku Underground using the terminal and exit to
the city map. Enter the nearby location to the south of the station to
enter the Shinjuku National Park. If you haven’t explore the area yet,
head to the west to find a chest containing a Summon Stone. The path will
be blocked by wormwood and you have to break it from the other side so turn
back and follow the path leading east this time. 

Approach the magical barrier and check the gap to the left to find another
chest. Stand in front of the barrier and examine it. The hexagram barrier
will react; use it to destroy the barrier and continue forth. Check the
alcove to the southeast to find a chest containing a Chakra Pot. Further to
the west lies a hunter corpse that will net you an Expanse Meat. Proceed
further to the west to destroy the wormwood barrier. Head to the south next
only to be stopped by the guard. You’ll have to fight him and his demon
to proceed. 

=LV31 Balor=
Resist: Force, Light
Null: Fire, Dark

This demon doesn’t have any weaknesses so you’ll have to rely on
healing and buffs/debuffs to gain advantage in battle. Balor is also fond
of using Maragion and Mudoon so bringing demons that has defenses against
these attacks will help. He also uses Megaton Press which can be reflected
using Tetrakarn though you don’t have any idea when he’s going to use
it. Its HP is around 1,100 so you shouldn’t encounter problems in the
long run as long as you keep your party healthy. 

After defeating the demon, proceed south to enter a new area. 

-==Kagome Tower- Lower Level==-

Turn east to find a chest containing a 10-point card. Next, follow the path
and make your way to the room to the south. This area has some really
interesting demons so you can fight and recruit, maybe fuse to new more
powerful demons. Return to the Underground district if you need to heal up
but if you just want to complete your objectives (and if you’re confident
that your team is powerful enough), you can just avoid as much battles as

After reaching the next door, save your game and enter. Here, you’ll have
to face one special demon. 

=LV33 Murmur=
Weak: Fire, Ice
Repel: Elec, Force
Null: Light, Dark

Keep on the offensive by exploiting its weaknesses. It’s Axel Claw is an
attack to look out for since it deals multiple hits on a target. You may
want to reflect it or just keep your party’s HP up. Bring out a demon
that has defenses against Murmur’s Mazionga, to force him to lose his
press turn icons. His HP is only around 1300 which can be pretty short
especially if you get full press turns from attacking his weaknesses.
After defeating Murmur, you’ll be able to free one of your captured
fellows. The quest will be updated as well. Continue forth and take the
stairs. Be wary of an ambush that will trigger when you’re near the exit
to the next floor. Collect the relic here and move on. 

-==Kagome Tower- Upper Level==-

This is yet another straightforward path. As usual, be careful of enemy
ambushes along the way then continue until you reach the next door. Save
your game and fight the next demon guarding the cage.

=LV33 Gemori=
Weak: Ice
Drain: Fire
Null: Light, Dark

This demon has practically low HP (around 900) so just exploit its weakness
and you should be able to take it out in one turn by taking advantage of
extra press turn icons. 

After defeating the demon guardian, Walter will open the cage and escort
the captive outside of the tower. Proceed forth to the next door in the
same level. Be careful of the paralyzing trap on the way to the second door
as it can ensnare you and leave you vulnerable for demon attacks. Save your
game outside the door and face the next guardian. 

=LV33 Asmodeus=
Weak: Force
Drain: Fire
Null: Light, Dark

This demon is a bit dangerous compared to the other two guardians you have
faced so far. It has around 2600 HP so expect the battle to drag on longer.
Consider using buffs and debuffs since this demon can buff and even heal
itself. Asmodeus’ attacks are diverse so its really hard to determine
what attack to defend against.  It’s Hell’s Torment can deal heavy
damage to everyone, proportionate to their max HP so keep everyone afloat
using Mediarama. Exploit his weakness to force skills to get extra turns. 

After defeating the demon and rescuing the last VIP, exit the tower and
head back to the Shinjuku Underground. From there, take the terminal back
to Mikado. Go to the Monastery to complete the quest. You’ll also get two
main quests. (Kill the Black Samurai and Onward to Shibuya)

////Onward to Shibuya////
Client: Burroughs
Reawrd: 0 Macca
Task: Follow Tayama’s directions to Shibuya

Prepare your party before heading out, and maybe complete some challenge
quests available. When ready, take the terminal and travel to the Shinjuku
terminal. Exit the underground district back to the city map. From the
Shinjuku Station, head west a bit then proceed to the south. If you
haven’t explored the area yet, you’ll find a chest near an NPC by the
sandy area near the rock barrier. A short walk to the east you’ll find a
hunter woman that will give you a general idea about the district. 

Head to the west to find a tunnel you can enter. There’s also a relic
spawn point nearby and a demon’s domain. Enter the tunnel and the guard
will let you pass through. 

-== Roppongi==-

Once you’ve reached the next area, you can explore it a bit. To the north
of the tunnel lies a demon’s domain where a LV40 Demonee-ho resides as
the domain’s boss. Clearing this domain will net you a Firearm Box. Head
south from the tunnel then follow the road east to find a chest containing
a Bead.  You’ll find the Tokyo Tower further to the east but there’s
currently no locations of interest here except a lone relic spawn point
near the tower. 

There’s a demon’s domain in Camp Meguro to the southeast that has a
LV47 War Horde (Drain: Fire, Weak: Force) as the domain boss so you may
have to save it for later until you’re around that level.  If you manage
to clear it out, you’ll get a Bazooka Set. To the southwest corner is a
chest containing a Summon Stone.

When ready, return to the tunnel and enter the location directly next to it
to get to Shibuya. As soon as you enter, Burroughs will inform you about an
incoming message. Tayama himself will inform you to make your way to Club

-==Shibuya Station – Front Crosswal==-

This is an enclosed area. Start by checking the relic and random treasure
location in the southeast corner, from the entrance. Head a bit to the west
to find another relic spawn point and a hunter corpse that has Charkra Drop
in the middle of the street. Continuing to the west will lead you to the
next area but explore the northern side of this area first for more loot. 
Go through the opening in the steel fence then turn left immediately to
find a Gold Jet from the chest and a random treasure in the dead end. 
There’s a chest to the northeast containing a Bead, a hunter corpse to
the northwest that has a Knockout Gas and a relic spawn point at the closed
door. There’s a room to the northwest as well that has a demon but just
ignore it since it will just talk to you. The subway entrance to the
northeast leads to Underground District D but it’s closed from the other
side. Ignore this then leave the fenced area. Continue to the west. 

-==Shibuya – 108 Building==-

There’s some stairs leading to Shibuya’s large underground district. It
is a safe area that has shops and the hunter association in case you need
some healing and supplies. You need to head there to reach Club Milton but
for now explore the next areas for more relics and loot. 

Loot the hunter corpse in front of the stairs to get a Nerve Gas. Exit to
the southwest to reach an enclosed area in Shibuya – Dogenzaka.  Open the
chest to get a #1 Bazooka. Return to 108 Building afterward.

Head to the middle west to find a relic spawn point in the building
entrance. Go upstairs beside it to find a chest containing a Chakra Pot.
Continue to the northwest to reach the next area. 

-==Shibuya – Inokashira-dori==-

Don’t get discouraged by the wormwood barriers you’ll immediately see
in front you. Approach them then take a left to find a hunter corpse. Get a
Dis-Poison from it then follow the path until you reach the main road. Be
careful since there’s a fairy horde among the random demons in the area. 
Head south of the street to find a random treasure and relic point. Head
north this time to find more relics  and a hunter corpse to the northeast
backstreet. Get an Expanse Meat from it then destroy the wormwood barriers.
This area is now clear so you can just go back to the Underground District.

-==Shibuya Underground==-

District A has the weapon shop where you can find good upgrades to your
current melee weapon, gun and ammo. Proceed to the northeast to reach
District B. To the northwest corner you’ll find the terminal entrance.
Save your game and heal up your best party to clear the demon domain. 

=LV33 Orochi=
Weak: Elec
Null: Fire, Ice, Light, Dark 

This demon’s weak to Elec so use demons that can exploit that weakness.
Its main offensive element is ice so forget about bringing demons weak to
it. It will debuff the party using War Cry so it will help using your own
buffs to level out the battle. Its HP is just around 1,500 so it
shouldn’t be that much of a battle, if you’re able to utilize your
bonus press turns. 

After defeating Orochi, the main quest “Activate All Terminals” will be
updated.  From the terminal, continue to the northeast and climb up the
ledge to reach the next section of the Underground. Check the deadend to
the north to find a Light Grimoire.

Next, go upstairs to the east to find ladder going up. This leads to
Miyashita Park, an enclosed area where you’ll find some items. Check the
chests for Balm of Rising, Summon Stone and Ag Incense and some relics. Go
back underground and exit south of District B to reach District D. 

From there, find the exit leading to Shibuya’s Front Crosswalk and press
the button to raise the railing. There’s a chest to the district’s west
side but it’s protected by some objects so ignore it for now. Continue
south to exit to District C.

In this district, you’ll find the Hunter Associate to the southwest.
Enter it to get some new Challenge Quests and/or heal up. (Help Me Get Some
Servers, Banquet of Flames, Hunter Tournament Finals, Training Battle 5 and
Training Battle 6)

After getting the quests, exit to the southeast but don’t take the stairs
yet. Enter the vent to reach the unreachable chest in District D. Obtain a
Chakra Pot from the chest then go back to District C. Exit using the

-==Shibuya Station West Entrance==-

A bit to the southwest is a relic point. In front of it is a shed that you
can climb on. Loot the chest there to find a Lu Incense. Head south and go
upstairs to find a couple of hunter’s corpses containing a Revival Bead
and Nerve Gas. There’s another relic point in the bus and another one
near the stairs to the southwest. After checking the whole area out, enter
the underground entrance to the west. 

-==Shibuya – Inside Mark City==-

There’s nothing much to do here aside from checking the rooms and talking
to NPCs. There’s a relic spawn point here but that’s about it. Exit the

-==Shibuya – Dogenzaka==-

Loot the hunter corpse nearby to get a Revival Bead. Head to the east to
find a couple of relic spawn points and a chest containing skull rounds.
The west and middle paths are blocked by wormwood so take the path to the
east and destroy the barriers. 

Loot the corpse in the western path to get a Poison Gas. Continue north and
follow the path until you reach a dimly lit alley. An accented manager will
meet your party. The quest will be complete afterward. During the
conversation, a new main quest will be added. (Off Koga Saburo)
Koga Saburo is located ahead so heal up your party and bring out demons
that can dish out Ice attacks and has defenses against physical, force or
elec. You’ll prefer demons that has defenses against Phys attacks since
the next boss’ most damaging attacks belong to this type. Better yet,
have some demons that can heal and buff as well. When ready, enter the
alley to meet Koga Saburo. 

////Off Koga Saburo////
Client: Shibuya Ashura-kai
Reward: 9000 Macca
Task: Defeat Koga Saburo

After receiving this quest, continue to the dark alley to find this boss
demon. You’ll have the option to challenge it or walk away. Challenge it
to battle. 

=LV35 Koga Saburo=
Weak: Ice
Resist: Phys, Gun, Elec
Repel: Force 
Null: Light, Dark

Koga Saburo has three press turns and will start off using Sukukaja to
increase his hit and evasion rates. He’ll also use Javelin Rain, Fatal
Sword or a quick combination of Zandyne or Ziodyne.  If you don’t have
any demons that can counter those skills, don’t use demons that are weak
against those attacks instead. Its HP is around 2200 so the battle can drag
on for a while or end quickly depending on how much your party can
withstand his attacks or how you offensively take advantage of extra press

After defeating Koga Saburo, the quest will be complete.  After a short
scene with the Ashura-kai man, you’ll get a new main quest. (Onward to

////Onward to Roppongi////
Client: Burroughs
Reward: 0 Macca
Task: Go to the Hills Building in Roppongi and meet with Tayama

From Shibuya Station, exit to the city map then head east and enter the
tall building there. The guard will tell you to use the elevator to reach
the 52nd floor and meet Tayama himself. He will ask one more favor before
the hostage is released. He will give you an option to accept the quest or
refuse. Whatever you choose, you’ll get a new main quest. 

The quest will be completed after the conversation ends and after your
party returns to the city map. 

////Kill Yuriko////
Client: Tayama
Reward: 5000 Macca
Task: Kill Yuriko of the Ring of Gaea

Use a terminal to travel to Kasumigaseki then exit to the city map. You
need to enter Tokyo Station, a short walk to the east. 

-==Tokyo Station==-

Once inside, head to the southwest corridor where a Ring of Gaea man will
stop you. You’ll have to choose if you’ll tell him that you’ve come
to kill Yuriko or if you want to join the Ring of Gaea. Either option will
still put you in a fight against him and two of his demons. This battle
shouldn’t be that hard. Just head the demons with force attacks and use
the extra press turns to deal more damage or concentrate your attacks on
the remaining targets until all of them are defeated. 

After defeating the man, he’ll tell you to take the entrance test. The
quest will be updated. Continue to the next area afterward. 

-==Ginza- Underground District==-

Move forward a bit for your gauntlet to scan the area and create a map for
you. Head to the east and you’ll find Ginza’s terminal. It is unguarded
so you just need to head there and activate the terminal. This will also
update the main quest Activate All Terminals. There is some new equipment
here as well. Browse the weapon shop’s inventory and upgrade your arsenal
if you can afford it. 

For the main objective, you have to head south to Hongwanji Passage.
You’ll find Ginza’s Hunter Associate to the west. Check the bulletin
board to get another challenge quest. (The Great Drunkenness)The stairs
nearby leads to Ginza – 4th District Crosswalk. This is an enclosed area
with gates where you need to pay the gatekeepers for them to let you
through.(See the “I will Give You My Black Card” quest)
The following part of this walkthrough is optional. If you want to continue
with the main story, go to Hongwanji Passage then exit to the city map in
the area called Ginza Region.

-=Ginza – 4th District Crosswalk==-

The other gates will be locked and the only one accessible is to the west.
However, the Ring of Gaea man guarding it will ask you to pay 5000 macca.
Do so and you’ll be able to access the other areas beyond the gate. 

-==Harumi Way A==-

This is small area with several relic points. After collecting the relics,
you can go to the southwest corner of the area to find a staircase that
leads to the next area. 

-== Southwest Passage ==-

This passage is filled with toxic mist. This won’t cause you to get the
poison status immediately however every few steps will slowly drain your
party’s HP. This place is worth exploring since there are two chests that
contain good loot. 

Follow the path south until you see another path leading north. Destroy the
wormwood barrier then continue forth until you find a chest. Open it to get
a Battle Earring. Return to the main path in the middle then continue east.
Get close to the rubble to reveal a vent that you can enter on the ceiling.
Ignore it for now.

Take the path going south and destroy the wormwood barrier in another path
along the way. Loot the 10-point card from the chest there then destroy the
other wormwood barrier in the same corridor if you want. The path further
south is a deadend. Backtrack to the vent beside the rubble to the east to
reach the next area.  

-==Southeast Passage==-

The room to the north contains a shabby man that will sell a Silver Coin.
This is part of a challenge quest later on so you won’t be able to buy it
from him for now. You have to go back again after getting the Platinum Card
from the southern gate in the 4th District Crosswalk and once you have
100,000 in your pocket. There’s also a chest to the northeast and
southeast though you can’t access them yet. 

Enter the room to the middle-right to find a hunter that sells a Gold Card
for 5,000 macca. However, he will increase the price to 10,000 macca. Buy
it from him if you have the cash. The Southeast Passage has two more vents
you can enter, one in the southeast corner and one to the southwest. The
southwest vent leads to a chest containing a Balm of Rising while the vent
in the southeast takes you the enclosed chest containing a Bead. You have
to walk your way back to Ginza – 4th District Crosswalk.  

-==Ginza – 4th District Crosswalk==-

Head to the south to reach the southern gate. The Ring of Gaea woman there
will ask you to pay 50,000 macca before she lets you through. 

-==Central Way A==-
This is a small, enclosed area. There are two relic points to the western
side and two ladders on both ends of the Kabuki Theater’s entrance. The
northern ladder leads to a Chakra Pot while the other ladder leads you to
the Platinum Card. You can now head back to the 4th District Crosswalk. 

-==Ginza – 4th District Crosswalk==-

Once you have the Platinum Card, you can now buy the Silver Coin from the
man in the Southeast Passage for 100,000. If you head back to the Ginza
Hunter Association , you’ll get the challenge quest “I will Give You My
Black Card”. Deliver the Silver Coin you bought earlier to finish the
quest. Completing this challenge quest allow you complete another challenge
quest since you’ll need to use the Black Card to access the last locked
down gate. 

-==Harumi Way B==-
This is a small enclosed area with multiple spawn points. These spawn
points yield 3-star and 4-star relics that you can sell for much higher
prices. Other than that, there’s no other interesting objects in the

-==Central Way B – Shopping District==-

This gate to the north requires the Black Card to access. This immediate
area doesn’t have anything of interest aside from a few relic points.
Exit to the west to reach the Shopping District. The district has the
Members-only Item and Weapon Shops, that sell unbelievably expensive (yet
top-quality) items and equipment. 

If you have accepted the challenge quest “The Great Drunkenness”,
you’ll find a red demon in the northwest corner of the shopping district,
right outside the Members-only Weapon Shop. 

There’s a minor scene where Isabeau finds one of the chapters of the
manga she’s reading in a shop behind the weapons shop. There’s also a
group of bickering demons inside a shop to the south of the weapons shop
which will ask you which one is the “heroine”. Choose any one of them
to receive an item. 

There are also a few relic points here. After exploring the area, you can
now return to the Ginza Underground District to proceed with the main
story. Go through the Hongwanji passage and exit to Ginza Region. 

-==Ginza Region==-

You need to enter the temple that’s right outside of the passage where
you came from. However before entering it, you can explore some of the
accessible areas in this region. There’s a chest to the south that
contains a Bead. The two locations on the way to the desert portion to the
north have demon domains in them. Get past these domains and head  further
east will lead you to a relic point and a chest containing a Summon Stone.
Enter the temple when ready.

++ St. John’s Hospital: LV44 Ghoul x3
++ Kabuto Shrine:  LV75 Alciel (Reward: Kusanagi Tsurugi)

Once inside, a Ring of Gaea member will greet you. You’ll learn that you
have to pass their entrance test. He will upload a new Challenge Quest in
your terminal, “Overcome the Trial”.

Client: Ring of Gaea Member
Reward: 3000 Macca
Task: Get through the trial put upon you

This is a mandatory challenge quest that’s part of the main quest
"Kill Yuriko". Accept the quest from your gauntlet to proceed. You have
to reach the main temple before your candle goes out. The candle’s status
will be displayed while you’re exploring the place and during the battle.
The lesser damage you receive from combat, the better.

=== Tsukiji Hongwanji ===

Your allies will go separate ways so you’ll have to rely on your demons
in battle. The battles will be mandatory so don’t bother going around the
stationary demons. From the entrance, refer to your mini-map and head east.
Defeat the demon there and follow the path east, pass the other hallways
blocked by wormwood barriers then south until you find a portal. Enter it
to reach another hallway in the room. 

=== Main Temple ===

Destroy the wormwood barrier straight ahead then enter the next portal to
the left. In the next corridor, defeat two more demon groups ahead and
enter the next portal. 

=== 1st Training Hall ===

After emerging in a new area, open the chest nearby to get a Balm of
Rising. The path in the middle is blocked by wormwood so you either have to
go through the east or western portals. The eastern portal will transport
you back to the entrance so head west instead and defeat the demon. Enter
the western portal. In the next hallway, go around to the east and follow
the corridor until you find a demon along the way. Defeat it and destroy
the two wormwood barriers. Enter the portal to reach the next area. 

=== 2nd Training Hall ===

Defeat the demon around the corner and you’ll find two more portals to
the north and south. Take the portal to the south to reach the main temple
entrance. Before moving forth, save your game. A Ring of Gaea member is
waiting there and will serve as your last test before you can proceed

LV40 Taraka
Null: Light, dark 

This enemy has no elemental strength or weakness and immune to Light and
Dark insta-kills. Its HP is around 2700-2800. It can use Tetrakarn and
Mudoon that can easily take out your party one at a time. Concentrate in
attacking it using elemental skills to bypass the effects of Tetrakarn.
Since its only means of damaging you is by using ordinary attacks, you can
use your own Tetrakarn skill if you have. Bring out demons that have
defenses against dark attacks to increase your chances of winning. 

After defeating the boss, you’ll need to go through the door to complete
the challenge. However, you can take the portal where you came from to
return to the entrance and fully explore the area to get the other items
you may have missed. If you don’t want to bother, just skip the steps

=== Main Temple ===
(Starting from the entrance) Head west then enter the portal there. In the
next corridor, follow the corridor to the west then go around to the north.
Defeat the demon along the way then continue along the corridor heading
east. Enter the portal there to be transported to the other corridor in the
same area that’s blockaded by wormwood. Open the chest containing a
Chakra Pot then destroy the wormwood. We’re done in this area so let’s
go back to the entrance. Take the portal where you came from a few seconds
ago to return to the entrance. 

(Starting from the entrance again) Head west then enter the portal there.
Instead of going west, head north and enter the portal. (1st Training Hall)
Enter the portal in the middle. (2nd Training Hall) Enter the portal to the
north. Destroy the wormwood barrier to your immediate left. The portal to
the northeast will transport you back to the entrance so take the southwest
corridor and defeat the demon there. 

Enter the portal to get back to enclosed area in the Main Temple. (Main
Temple) Destroy the wormwood in the corridor to the west then follow the
path south. Defeat the demon there to get the chest containing Pumpkin

After getting the treasures, make your way to the entrance again then
follow the steps below to reach the Main Temple. (Main Hall) Go west, enter
the portal. In the next corridor, go north and enter the portal again. (1st
Training Hall) Enter the portal in the middle. (2nd Training Hall) Follow
the corridor to the northwest then enter the southern portal. Enter the
large door ahead. 

You’ll find your allies in the next room as they have completed the task
as well. This challenge quest will be complete. However, your celebration
is cut short since you’ll be caught in a trap. 

-== Passage of Ethics ==-
After landing on the dungeon-like passage under the temple, the mission
will be updated. Continue forth and you’ll find a split path. You’ll be
presented with choices which will affect your alignment. Jonathan’s
suggestions tend to incline towards “Law” while Walter’s choices
incline toward “Chaos”. You’ll have to make your choices on three
different paths along the way.

-First Question-
You are the ruler of a country. You have called upon your people to gather
en masse for a game. Among those who attend, one is extraordinarily tall.
What would you do? If you would exclude this person for the sake of
fairness, go right. If you accept one's height is merely a part of their
individuality and include this person, go left.

-Second Question-
You are the chief of a village which has lived the same way for 1,000
years. One day, a man visits your village, carrying with him revolutionary
technology. This technology would greatly ease your people's lives, but
would also do away with their current lifestyle. What would you do? Go
right if you would expel the visitor in order to preserve the lifestyle you
have always known. Go left if you would welcome the visitor in order to
adopt his technology for your village.

-Third Question-
The love of your life lies in front of you, unconscious. There is no hope
that they will ever wake again. You have already tried many things, to no
avail. What would you do? If you would care for this person for the rest of
your life, go right. If you would stop all treatment and allow this person
to perish naturally, go left.

After making your choices, you’ll meet Yuriko herself. After the scene,
this quest will be completed and you’ll get another main quest. 


////The Face of True Evil////
Client: Lilith
Reward: 9000 Macca
Task: Inspect the facility beneath the Hills Building in Roppongi

-==Tsuki Hongwanji – Shelter Ruins==-

You’ll continue exploring the ruins underneath the Ring of Gaea temple.
There are some traps along the way but there are no demons you’ll
encounter yet. Go around the path to the west to find a chest containing a
St Incense and the other side of the wormwood barrier that you can destroy.
Take the ladder in the middle north to reach the next corridor.

Continue forth and follow the path. Like the room, go around to the west to
find another chest (Summon Stone) and the other side of the wormwood
barrier. Take the ladder to the northeast to continue. 

In this room, go around the corridor and grab the Bead Chain from the chest
and destroy the barrier if you want. Open the door to the north to reach
the Main Temple. When asked where you want to go, exit to the main building
then take the portal to return to the entrance. Exit to the city map next.
Return to the Ginza Underground District .

-==Ginza Underground District==-

Head to the fountain and you’ll meet Hikaru and Walter there. After the
conversation, you’ll obtain the Matchbox and the quest will be updated.
While you’re at it, you may want to visit the Tavern in Mikado first to
get a couple new Challenge Quests: Require Ample Weaponry, Heavy Weapon
Recovery. Travel to Shinjuku next. 

-==Shinjuku Underground District==-
Head to the Hunter Association to get two new challenge quests. (RxW
Smacktacular XIII, Serial Kidnapping + Arson) From there, head to Shinjuku
East Entrance Main Street then exit north to Kabuki-cho.


Head to the café to the northeastern corner of the area. Show the matchbox
to gain entrance. Inside, you’ll find Hikaru, Skins and Fujiwara himself.
After the conversation, head back to the underground district and take the
terminal to Shibuya.  

Exit the underground district and make your way back to the city map. Head
east past Tayama’s tower, save your game and enter the next accessible
building to find a demon inside.  

-==Roppongi-Midtown 1F==-

You have to defeat Tenkai in order to proceed. This LV44 Famed demon has
resistance to phys, gun and all elemental attacks and can nullify both
light and dark. It uses Megido to deal almighty attack to your party and
will even increase its resiliency further by using Rakukaja. Heal as
necessary and compensate with Tenkai’s natural defense by using buffs and
debuffs. If possible, use your own almighty attacks. 

After dealing around 600+ damage to him, he’ll ask you a question about
your ideal Tokyo. Select the answer that best describes your alignment.
Continue dealing damage and he’ll ask you what you’ll do if you learn
about Ashura-kai’s secret. If you happen to answer that you don’t know,
Tenkai will just become stronger. 

Continue dealing damage to him and he’ll eventually tell you to defeat
him. This means his HP is critically low and just push forward with more
damage and he’ll go down.  

Tenkai will leave behind a slab of stone after he’s defeated. Take note
of it since you’ll have to pick something up from that stone later on.
Head north instead and check the northeast corner to find a chest
containing a Bead. Backtrack to the stone and follow the corridor east. You
can’t go further because of the barrier but you can go through a vent
around the corner. 

This will take you to a closed balcony with a chest containing a Balm of
Rising inside. Go back to the vent and take the elevator to the east, near
the barrier to reach the 33rd floor.  

-==Midtown 33F==-

Go to the west first then check the door to the southwest. You’ll obtain
a St Incense from there. In the same office room, check the cubicles to the
east to find a hunter corpse, a 10-point card from the chest and a relic
spawn point by the large door. 

Run to the north and follow the hallway to the east. Enter the room around
the corner to get a Dx Incense. South of that room is an open vent and
another relic point. Get the relic and enter the vent to reach the chest in
the western room to get a Sleep Harpe from it. 

Head east and destroy the wormwood barrier in the corridor to the south.
Follow the path northeast to reach the next elevator. Don’t forget to get
the Summon Stone from the chest in front of the elevator. Use the elevator
to reach 43F

-==Midtown 43F==-

After exiting the elevator, head to the southeast to find a chest
containing a Chakra Pot. Backtrack a bit then head west this time. Pick up
the relic from the door along the way then go around the corner to reach
the next room. There are two more spawn points by the doors along the way.

Go around the dividers and examine the room to the southwest. You’ll get
an Ag Incense. Follow the path until you reach the elevator lobby. Don’t
take the elevator yet. Instead, go north and destroy the wormwood barrier.
Enter the room nearby to get a Ma Incense. Return to the elevator and use
it to reach the 54th floor. 

-==Midtown 54F==-

Head to the south and check the corner beside some vending machines to get
a St Incense. Enter the nearby security room to a Lu Incense. Head to the
north and examine the door there. Burroughs will warn you about a strong
demon ahead. Don’t worry about it since you won’t fight it. 
After the conversation with Mastema, he’ll take down the barriers.
You’ll be outside the room after this so head to the east and use the
elevator to reach 1F. From there, take the stairs nearby to reach the next

-==Midtown – Employee Passage==-

This is just a short area so just follow the path until you reach the
trapdoor leading to the area below.

Midtown – Former Army Shelter==-

Go straight ahead then turn to the first right to find a chest containing a
Chakra Pot. Return to the main path and follow it until you stumble upon a
hunter corpse. From there, you’ll come across another intersection a few
steps to the west. Head north then west to find a chest containing a Bead
Chain. Make your way to the south and follow the path until you reach the
door. Exit to the next area. 

-==Reverse Hills – B7F==-

There are smaller rooms here that contain gas-masked men and their victims.
Just ignore them if you want and enter the room with the glass door to the
southeast corner to find a Chakra Pot from the chest. Take the path in the
middle and destroy the wormwood barrier there. Head to the northeast corner
and destroy another wormwood barrier there. The glass door’s switch seems
to be broken so ignore it for now. 

From there, head west for a bit then enter the next small room before
reaching the glass door in the northwest corner. You’ll find a gas-masked
man here that will give you Key #2. Head to the elevator to the south and
use the Card Key there. This will give you access to floors B8F and B9F. Go
down to B8F first. 

-==Reverse Hills – B8F==-

This floor has the same layout as the previous floor. Enter the glass room
to the southeast corner to find a chest containing a Bead. Head to the room
in the middle-north to find a gas-masked man teaching a couple of kids.
He’ll give you Card Key #3. 

Enter the glass room in the northwest corner and go up the broken vent up
in the ceiling. This will take you to the enclosed glass room in B7F. Loot
the Gold Bulldozer from the chest there. Go back down and head back to the
elevator. Go to B9F this time. 

-==Reverse Hills – B9F==-

Check the glass room to the southeast and you’ll find a hunter corpse
inside.  Next, check the glass room to the southwest corner and open it. Go
up the vent opening on the ceiling and do it once again to reach the
enclosed glass room in B7F that has a chest that contains a Great Chakra. 
Return back to B9F and go around the middle hallway. Destroy the wormwood
barriers and make your way to the northeast corner glass room. Open the
door and climb the ceiling vents to reach the chest on B7F containing Gouma
Rounds. Continue to the northwest and destroy the other wormwood barriers.

Go to the corner glass room this time and open the door. Loot the Summon
Stone from the chest inside. Finally enter the room beside the glass room
to find a gas-masked man in the middle of an extraction. 

You’ll have to fight the demon horde he’ll send at you. This horde
isn’t that difficult. It’s weak against fire so use an all-party fire
attack to decimate the horde quickly. You’ll obtain a Brown Bottle and
Card Key 4 in this room. Head to the elevator to the north and use that
Card Key to reach the next floor. 

-==Reverse Hills – B51F==-

From this floor, just go downstairs to the south and enter the door. After
the dialogue, the quest will be complete. 

Head north towards the elevator for another scene. Just go through a few
more scenes and another main quest will become available. 


================TO BE CONTINUED - GUIDE STILL IN PROGRESS================