Question from magpie1950

Asked: 1 year ago

Using red bricks?

I have bought x2 and x4 red bricks, but they dont seem to be working, is there something I need to do to activate them?

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First you need to pause the game and then select extras. Go to your multipliers and if they say no that means that theyre off and u need to press the button "A" to turn them on. Now when you collect studs the difference should be noticeable but if you still see no difference here's a test: walk up to a silver stud (do not collect it yet) and look at your total amount of studs. Add 80 to that and then collect the stud. If the scores match, the multipliers are on because a silver stud is usually worth 10 but with the 2 and 4 multipliers it would be worth 80

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