Question from Jamo03

Where can I find Pond Master Bait??

I've been told in the Angler Dwelling that I should have the Pond Master Bait to catch Master. One dwarf said if you catch Master with a regular bait, you're SO lucky. One time I even got Master to bite my normal bait... but he went off it and stole my bait... :(

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Michael-Ike-9 answered:

In Horti Kalcha, go left after you enter. Go north between the trees, and turn left at the end of the path to find a hidden staircase. Talk to the lady to receive 30 for free!
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finaleus answered:

It appears you can only get it in the collectors shop for a insanely high price.

Probably better off just using regular bait for half an hour til you get it
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h2oacidic answered:

I can't remember the name of the town at the top of my head but... Once you unlock the boat try to find an island that has a city focused on growing only flowers. You'll hear talk of about a "fish eater". If you find her house she'll give you 50 of them.
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