Question from acope5134

How do I get the paint shop?

I want to know how to get the paint shop. Do I have to fight something or is it in a chest somewhere?


EpicDenpaMan answered:

I have not gotten to far yet,but my Other brother beat the game(all of his Denpa's where Lvl 99),And he is at the age of six,Thats impressive,But Im pretty sure you have to defeat the Lady Viper to get the paint machine.
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mariothebest22 answered:

The Paint Shop becomes available when you defeat Lady Viper and go to the warp spot at the fairy forest, the place where you talk to the fairy about where Lady Viper is. Take the warp it will take you to the fairy village. Go east of the queens house you will find a house that would be the paint shop.

I Hope This Helps You.
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