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FAQ/Walkthrough by King Ircher

Version: 0.150 | Updated: 08/13/13


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'*** To GameFAQ's: This is not a demo walkthrough; I thought it would be nice to note how far the demo went and walk you through it. The next section, Going by Foot, is the next portion of the game, and you should treat it as such, and not as part of the walkthrough for the demo. I have officially decided to divide this guide in to a total of 20 major portions excluding lore and Basic Information. ***'


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Copyright Information

With exception to content directly from the game or that relating to either company distributing the game, this information is copyright of Ircher 2013 unless otherwise is specified.

All direct content from the game, the game itself, and anything from items relating to or given with the purchase of the game is property and trademark of Genius Sonority Inc. (copyright 2012). Please be aware that using content from this guide except that which is fact or common knowledge (aka direct content, etc.) without permission is a breach of copyright and punishable by law.

Any trademarks and copyrights except to the exceptions stated above belong to the people or companies that own them. Basic Information

Version 0.000.0

Guide started; Basic Information is drafted. Occured July 29, 2013.

Version 0.000.1

Add basic controls and information about the game. Finished July 30, 2013.

Version 0.003.0

Added Demo Walkthrough. Finished July 30, 2013.

Version 0.050.0

Finished Getting Started portion of Demo Walthrough

Version 0.062.5

Added The Three Ooks; finished Caves of Darkness subsection. Finished July 31, 2013.

Version 0.100.0

Completed Demo Walthrough; Finished August 12, 2013.

Version 0.150.0

Added Going on Foot; Finished Boss Ook. Finished August 12, 2013

Author Information

Email me at ircher13@gmail.com if you got questions, comments, or concerns. Also email me if you want permission for use of my guide. Basic Information TOP

Basics of the Game

Basic controls (from instruction manual) and basic information of the game is listed here and is not my copyright.


These are the controls.

Digitown and World

+ Control Pad - Moves character/Select Menu Option

Circle Pad - Moves character/Select Menu Option

Y Button - Opens command menu where you can use items, skills, or check information about the denpa men in your party. You can also change equipment here.

X Button - Opens the Jump Menu, choose a location to be teleported outside of the area; unavailable in dungeons and some areas. Basics of the Game

Denpa Men House

+ Control Pad - Move Cursor/Move Denpa Men

Circle Pad - Move Cursor/Move Denpa Men

Y Button - Open a submenu.

X Button - Switch between house and party.

B Button - Go Back.

A Button - Select Denpa Man for moving/Unselect Denpa Man for moving. Basics of the Game

Antenna Tower/PC

Gyro Sensors - Moves the Camera

A, Y, L Buttons - Fires web (Antenna Tower)/Take Picture (PC)

X Button - Switch to Manner Mode (Antenna Tower)/Take Picture (PC)

B Button - Go Back Basics of the Game


Touchscreen - Give individual commands

Y Button - Go For It; the denpa men do what they think is best.

X Button - Heal; the denpa men use items and antennas to cure status ailments, revive downed denpa men, and heal damaged denpa men.

+ Control Pad - Move the Cursor

Circle Pad - Move the Cursor Basics of the Game


The Denpa Men 2: Beyond the Wave is a role-playing game where you capture people called denpa men, who are invisible to the naked eye, to help rescue your hero's family. The denpa men reside near radio waves and are different from place to place. Basics of the Game TOP

Getting Started

When you begin the game, everything is pretty explanatory; you'll need to move the camera around in order to find your hero; yellow arrows will point you in the right direction.


I would recommend getting the first game because this game has some denpa men you can't get on this game that are very useful.

After finding your hero, you will have a conversation with him (yes, it is always male) and then you will be in Digitown. Your hero (mine was Terence from the first game) will explain that he has a monkey problem and will ask you to help him get rid of it, but first he mentions an Antenna Tower. The Antenna Tower is located in the center of Digitown; but first, enter the house above you; there is something you may want that would make your journey easier. Located somewhere on the first floor is a red chest; let me go ahead and say that you should always strive to get anything you find in a red chest; there usually rare items you can't get else where. Inside, you should get something called 'streetlamp'; the game will ask you to activate streetpass; say yes unless parental controls doesn't allow you to (I'll tell you why we did this later in the guide). Good, now take the stairs in upper left of the room and look for a red door; you can open red doors right now. Enter it and it'll ask you if you want to go to bed; press yes and you'll see the following: "HP and AP Fully Restored. All status anormalities removed." Then the game will save; please remember that you should ALWAYS go here to save; never save at an inn; because the jump menu allows you to go right back to the place with the inn! Okay, now go back downstairs and exit the house; head toward the Antenna Tower; you'll see a house to the lower-left and a computer-like thing to the upper-right of the Antenna Tower. Enter the Antenna Tower and catch some Denpa Men.


Try shooting webs when the denpa men have there back turned. Also, denpa men with a white orb-like thing around there head are musts; don't go without then! Finally, shoot mainly for ones with antennas; a couple without antennas but strong denpa men helps some too!

You are going to need either 4 denpa men total or one with a fireball antenna if you want to go any further in the game. Once you have one of the two options above, head for the blue house you were in earlier and go save. Then exit and challenge the monkey in the garden plot to the right by running into him; this is how you start all battles by the way. The enemy name is Ook and he is weak to fire. Just press Y for auto, and everything should work fine. You'll use that for most battles, so get used to it. The other two choices, heal and attack, are more useful for bosses (technically, this is not a boss despite the emblem drop.) Attack doesn't use AP (antenna power) and heal does just that; for more detailed explanation of heal; look above at battle controls. Once you defeat Ook, go save and then exit Digitown by going to the edges until you no longer see Digitown but rather a small area that looks like a town. Be careful; if any of your denpa men lose all his hp (aka go down), that denpa man will be lost unless you revive him/her. Anyway, head left until you reach another place resembling where you were earlier when you exited Digitown. Touch the area and you should be in an area called Small Farm; there isn't anything to do here, but you may want to go save at Digitown.


Question: Do you have to walk all the way back to Digitown? Highlight the area next to the Answer: displayed below to see the answer.


SPOILER! Highlight to View

No, you can use the (X) Jump Menu to return to Digitown

If you read the above, you'll see your answer,

SPOILER! Highlight to View

the Jump Menu!

To activate it, touch it with the stylus or press the X button outside of battle or dungeons, the menu will be pulled up and you can select any area you've been in before with a few exceptions on the list; right now, it should display Digitown and Small Farm; choose Digitown with the

 Control Pad/Circle Pad or with the stylus, and you will notice you are

teleported one square south of it. So press up on the + Control Pad (from now on, this means Circle Pad too) and you should see the Antenna Tower in front of you; you enter Digitown from the south. This concludes Getting Started; I hope this has helped. Demo Walkthrough

The Three Ooks

Hopefully you have returned to Digitown and saved in your hero's blue house on the second floor by going to bed. Remember that you can save in Digitown by pressing SELECT; however, you can only heal if you goto the second floor of the hero's house. Maybe now would be a good time to introduce to some of the facilities in Digitown (because I know you didn't dare look at the game manual). First off, there is your hero's house which is blue; you can heal HP and AP, cure poison and fatal, and save on the second floor. Next, there is the Antenna Tower; you can catch and should catch denpa men there. It stands out quite well, so you will learn which one it is very quickly. Slightly to the southwest of that is the Denpa Men House; there you can talk, change party members, etc. It is where your fellow denpa men reside. Near your house are brown squares in plots of 25 squares; those are your garden plots which I'll discuss better in the future; if you find garden parts, you can get a whole new plot of 25 squares. You should realize that anywhere there is brown squares, it is a garden plot. Finally, there is the PC to northeast of the Antenna Tower and southeast of the garden plot where you fought Ook. The PC allows you to scan qr codes; someone else can explain how that works much better than I can, but basically, you take a picture of a black and white square and you get a denpa man in this case. Now, that concludes my explanation of Digitown, so are you ready to tackle a dungeon? Don't worry, this next dungeon doesn't have many enemies.

Caves of Darkness

Remember the streetlamp we got earlier? Well, hopefully it has some light in it (which it should), because we are about to use it. Exit Digitown and stay on the east coast until you reach a circle of green trees. Then, press up on the + Control Pad when you are at the tree at 6:00. You'll now be in an area called the Caves of Darkness; unfortunately, they don't add this area to the Jump Menu. Anyway, before you descend the stairs, goto your left of the stairs and open the two green treasure chests. What? Who puts such an item in a treasure chest? Well, unfortunately, people who hate us, the players; however, there is something special about these treasure chests; I'll sum up the differences between the 3 treasure chest colors below in a nice, neat table.

Treasure Chests Differences
BrownCommonA normal, one-time only, treasure chest.
GreenUncommonA treasure chest that can be opened infitively.
RedRareA treasure chest that contains rare items.

So what do you think? Pretty cool, right? Well, that is beyond the point; now go down stairs. Okay, there is a grey door ahead, but I better explain this now before you start: the Streetlamp allows you to stay in any of the 4 Caves of Darkness for the amount of time it currently has. Once the light goes out, you get kicked out of the dungeon. Anyway, good luck, look for the lamp extension and Museum Parts here. If you find the lamp extension, use it as soon as you get it by pressing Y (Commands) and then Y (Items) and searching in the items list for Lamp Extension. The Three Ooks

Small Farm

Once you are done with the Caves of Darkness, exit and Jump to Digitown, save, and then jump to Small Farm; hopefully you have some money on you. Enter the house (left of the garden plot) and talk to the guy inside; remember, people who like him are dwarves. If my memory serves me well, he should allow you to shop; if you played the first game, you'll notice some changes after pressing either Buy or Sell; I'm assuming you pressed buy.

At the top, the following is displayed: All|Head|Back|Arm|Leg|Body|Other. Now, if you'll notice very carefully, you'll see an X: All or something like that. Press X and it should say X: (The symbol) Star 1. Of course, I cannot create a star here, so deal with the fact that this guide cannot faithfully reproduce all aspects of the game. You should also notice the list narrowed some. Press X again and it says X: (The symbol) Star 2. Now the list is very narrow; it might not even display anything. Well, confused about what the star means? It is very simple actually: every item is assigned a Star or rarity level from 1 to 7 (unfortunately, all emblems are Star 1 for some reason...) So a Star 1 item is the most common while a Star 7 item is the rarest. You may skip the next section if you like; it is mainly prep for the future dungeons.

Digitown (Prep)

Jump to Digitown, and let me explain the other Digitown areas that may or may not be available right now. First of all, I forgot about the Spirit Shrine when I made earlier introduction; it allows you to bring back hero's who've been dismissed or vanquished in battle, for a price, without returning to their territory. It is southeast of the Antenna Tower. If you've followed my guide, you should know where the Museum is now. It gives information on items, antennas, and enemies; you should take a look now and then. To the south of the Denpa Men House is a charred area that'll later be the Gardener's House; I'll explain it later. Finally, to the east of the Spirit Shrine is the Shop Floor 1; it sells some basic items that beginners should buy; it'll appear at the end of this demo walkthrough and it has the same things as the guy in Small Farm had. Also, below the shop will be transfer guy.

Anyway, head towards the Antenna Tower if you're on the road or somewhere new with radio waves; else wise, skip to Mountain Cave. Now, here is the denpa men you want to catch; preferably in the color black or the color white:

  • Water Gun/Water Cannon/High Wave/Tidal Wave
  • Weak Flash/Bright Flash/Winter Sunlight/Summer Sun
  • Static/Shock
  • Multi-Attack Earth Antennas
  • Multi-attack Fire Antenna
  • Multi-attack Ice Antenna
  • Tiny Heal/Tiny Heal (all)/Medium Heal/Medium Heal (all)
  • Revive
  • A couple of antenna roots and hope for Revive (all) @ Lv. 44.
  • Poison Signal; Fatal
  • Mobilize (all)
  • Antidote (all)
  • Paralyze (all)
  • Tiny Rage/Rage/Tiny Rage (all)/Rage (all)
  • Tiny Weaken/Weaken/Tiny Weaken (all)/Weaken (all)
  • A couple of antennaless berserkers.
  • Breath Plug

I know that's a lot, but they sure are important if you plan on completely beating the game. The Three Ooks

Mountain Cave

Finally, on to the final part of the demo; it's time to fight those Ooks once and for all (maybe). Jump to Small Farm and head north until you hit mountain (ie - cant move upward) then go east until you see a slight difference in the mountains; head that way. The Jump Menu is now unavailable; hopefully, you bought a teleporter or have atleast a healer and a fireball or something like that. Anyway, here is the break down of the enemies:

  • Moldy Puff - Very Weak enemy; weak to fire.
  • Coin Cat - Weak enemy; weak to fire; steals coins.
  • Drywood - Strong enemy against beginners; weak to fire; watch for Extend Roots.
  • Ook (Boss) - Moderate difficulty; weak to fire; difficult together.

More on the boss:

Boss - 3 Ooks: Take them down like you did with the one; however, you do need a healer this time or you aren't gonna make it. They you slash and one other move I think it is called smash, but whatever; anyway, I believe the second is an Earth attack.

Once you defeat the boss, head to your left and talk to the dwarves alongside grabbing the treasure and what not. Also, step on the switch and exit to the north. Now why couldn't you use the Jump Menu? Because, it balances gameplay; on the bright side, denpa men aren't immediately lost on death :)! This concludes the demo walkthrough; purchase the full game before you continue to read this guide on The Denpa Men 2: Beyond the Wave. Demo Walkthrough TOP

Going on Foot

Later in the game, you will acquire a boat, so you can travel on water, but for now, you are traveling on foot. By this point of the guide, you have completed ten percent of the entire game; I have divided the entire game into 20 major dungeons. You've already completed Getting Started and Mountain Cave; the first two parts of the guide. Going on Foot

Boss Ook

Okay, you've defeated the three Ooks and exited to the north. You also got the Right of 6 and opened the trapdoor south of the area you exited from. If you didn't do one of these things, you'd better go and do them now. Anyway, Jump to Digitown (capital means use the Jump Menu; there shouldn't be any confusion). A shop opens up that sells the same things as the guy in Small Farm; the guy in Small Farm was a temporary vendor. He will no longer sell you stuff, so Small Farm is no longer useful in the game. I'd buy 25 Potion+, 30 Revive Potion, and as many teleporters as you can after you buy a fire amulet, a water amulet, an electricity amulet, and a darkness amulet. Also, sell any Monkey Emblems you have; all emblems are mainly for selling except for a few special emblems; which I'll explain at the end of my guide. Now, keep your current party, but add anyone who has an antenna root that is above level 6 (should be everyone, depending on how many enemies you fought); otherwise, take your multi-attack Earth and multi-attack Ice. Finally, you should take another fire guy if all the above is missing; if you've yet to read it, read Digitown (Prep) now.

Okay, Jump to the Mountain Cave (N). You'll be teleported right outside the northern end of the cave. Remember, the enemies here do WIND attacks. The enemies are as follows (in the table since the list isn't that great):

Near Feeding Ground Enemies
Leaf HogEasyIceBasic Wind Enemy
ShockmusherPain; EasyFireSpores put you to sleep.

Okay, now head north, try to find the thing looking similiar to the Mountain Cave Entrance; that is the Prison; just enter, and I believe a dwarf will lead you to the Feeding Ground when you leave; by the way, you can Jump here. It's not a dungeon. Follow the dwarf to the Feeding Ground and you'll have to fight another Ook (ugh...). Finish him, and look and see if there is any Gerbera or Hydrangea seeds in your inventory (you better not have planted them already!!!); Then plant them in the little soil in the Feeding Ground; this will attract Caterpillar; defeat it and hope for lemon seed. If you are lucky and it drops a lemon seed, then plant it; if you run out of sprouts, plant some pansies and hope for Gerbera Seed (I believe it is red). Otherwise, leave and fight enemies for pansies and such.

Feeding Ground Enemies
Red FlapperEasyNoneCan heal itself.
CaterpillarEasyFire,IceThread slows you down.
Boss OokTough; Med.FireThe King of the Ooks; be prepared

Then exit and head east til you are at the coast; then go west 3 spaces and start heading south. Look for circles of trees, etc. in the terrain; enter, and then leave the dungeon and Jump to Prison. I'll explain the rest in the next section.

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