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When can my pokemon evolve?

I've noticed enemies can evolve but none of my pokemon have evolved and most are well past level 30.
At what point can I evolve them?

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willkli answered:

As i have answered this exact question before i will let you know the easy around it. From first hand expirience FFkunai has it partially right except the fact that the point of where your starters evolve isnt post game. When your main character returns to the human world you will start to play as your partner agter a few requests usually 4 or 5 you will be prompted to go to world core once you reach the very bottom of world core you will be asked for the main character to come back. you then obviously say yes then your main character will come back and after 2 or 3, maybe more, requests you will be able to evolve. Then everything after that is post game
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FFkunai1 answered:

All Pokemon except the main characters can evolve at anytime. Your two main characters can only evolve after finishing the post game.
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pokegal123 answered:

Starters can evolve after you beat the main story,
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thunderstar111 answered:

Starters can evolve after you finish the entire game then it will say your starters can now evolve.
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Darkwinger13 answered:

Not all pokemon evovle at 30. some evovle at 40,43,42,50.53etc. and some need evolutionary stones.
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