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unlockable upgrades and planes

upgrades - you need at least domestic airport for those both upgrades (auto loader and arms ) can be gotten through double combo - but only one at each working day

unlockable planes : you need to have at least an international port and have both upgrades unlocked - you can only unlock one plane per working day - if you get a higher combo chain for which there are more then one plane to unlock you'll only get the first one you haven't unlocked yet (according to this list) narrow 01 - get double combo narrow 02 - get triple combo wide 01 - get tetra(4) combo wide 02 - get tetra(4) combo jumbo 01 - get penta(5) combo air force one - complete all of the missions and have a spaceport (the last mission consists of getting 6000 passangers while fullfiling the president's task and handling a hazard among other possible things

UPDATE: jumbo 02 - get hexa(6) combo jumbo 03 - get hexa(6) combo

  • TIPS on getting the hexa(6) combo:

-try to load as early as possible the luggage (of the proper color of course)as long as you left 1 or more luggage on each color on the conveyors, this way you minimize the probability of having two luggage that is perfectly aligned vertically to another luggage of another color. -try to start the game with initial quantity of 3/4 of the fuel, also it will ease your mind of not thinking when to deliver a fuel gas. try to refuel first if you haven't reached 3/4 of the capacity... after getting the fuel, just press start and replay the game -use 1.3x speed or faster or depends on the player. -have luck