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Can i get another torchic (mystery gift) if i restart my save?


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socklesshermit answered:

Yes, you can. I decided to restart yesterday; I traded my starter and Torchic to a friend to be safe, and I was able to get the mystery gift Torchic again after restarting - same 3DS, same cartridge.
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ArabNerd93 answered:

no, once you get it onto one 3DS you can only get it on another 3DS (IF IM NOT MISTAKEN WITH A DIFFERENT CARTRIDGE AS WELL!!)
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adam270391 answered:

You can reset the cartridge (not just new-game) by holding a certain button combination while starting up the game from the 3DS menu (I THINK it's the L button+down on the d-pad) by resetting the cartridge you should be able to re-download the mystery gift card and hence re-obtain the mystery gift itself, the best solution though would be to trade it to someone then start a new game and trade it back.
Just hitting the new-game button will not reset extra data...which includes your mystery gifts.
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racxius answered:

Yeah you can. I restarted and got him again.
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SakuraRin answered:

Yes, you can if you restart the whole game (Hold Up on D-Pad, X + B at the Title Screen where it says Press Start, not at the save select). I know this for sure because I've done it a few times myself.
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kizzo212 answered:

Due to the new breeding mechanics, once you get a ditto you can get as many speed boost torchics as you want.
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dark494 answered:

The short answer is yes, by deleting your save you can receive the mystery gift again as long as the promotion is still there (untli mid january I believe). You can delete your save by pressing up + B + X on the title screen. And yes you can do this to get as many torchicks as you'd like by trading them away to another game before deleting.
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