Question from garyuusan

Shiny stone in Super Training?

Anybody knows what is the time i have to get so I can get a shiny stone on gallade's ballon challenge?
My best was 2:11.2 and I can't get a better time.....


Kitazaki_san answered:

Yeah, it takes awhile to get. In the end, it's all chance. Even if you manage to get the world record for clearing that stage (if that even exist), there's still a chance at you getting nothing but a Soda Pop or a Hard Stone in return. I got mine at around 2:09, but only after about 5 tries
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EmbraceOblivion answered:

I'm pretty sure you get dawn stones from the gallade training, and shiny stones from the roserade one. I've heard you have to score between 2:20 and 2:10, but like Kitazaki said, it's all chance.
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Altarior answered:

I've been getting a couple of shiny stones from the Roserade training, but it really seems to be completely random. Just now I got a shiny stone at 2:12 and then one more at 1:41 time remaining... My best time is 2:27.1 and that didn't give me any shiny stone. It's hard to say if there is a pattern somewhere at all.
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VoidMiasma answered:

In the Secret Super Training, the evolution stones correspond with the stone used by the enemy Pokemon to evolve from its previous form. Gallade's balloon will only give Dawn Stones. If you want a Shiny Stone, you need to battle the Roserade balloon.
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StrawberryGecko answered:

ive gotten 2:41 and I STILL keep getting nothing but stardust.
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