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End game where to go?

I've beaten the elite four and the professor gave me the ticket to kiloude city but I have no clue what to do from there particularly to unlock the ability to find mega stones.


robotyellow answered:

At kiloude city you can find your rival serena, after you beat her, she will tell you professor sycamore is at annistar city, the professor will then upgrade your mega ring.
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Tankanko answered:

There's a few things i've found.
First of all, to clarify something from the other submitted answer, you can find your rival at the peak of the town AFTER participating in the fights in the middle building. To make the rival spawn I had to participate in 8 or 9 matches. You must then battle the rival and he/she'll tell you that the professor wants you. From here you can fly to the city with the sun dial. After doing this, you'll have an upgraded mega ring. From here on out you can: 1. Try and catch Mewtwo at Pokemon Village. 2. Goto the electric gym leaders town (starts with an I forgot the name lol) and you'll recieve a holo clip that allows you to start a side story. 3. you can also capture one of the legendary trio of birds.
If I find more i'll repost a response to this~
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waterboy99troop answered:

More clarifications on the answers given. You have to enter into the fights in the Battle Maison in Kiloude City in order for your rival to show up. You don't have to go far into the fights. I quit right after the first battle and had my rival waiting by the pond at the top of the city. Then you can go to Anistar City to upgrade your Mega Ring.

Aside from what Tankanko said, you can also go to Terminus Cave to catch the third Gen 6 Legendary, Zygarde. It'll be the first cave from the Anistar City side.
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BowtieLocked answered:

You could also go to Lumiose city and you will receive a holoclip from Looker who will accept you as his assistant.
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MuperSario1234 answered:

You can do so muc, don't have time to explain.
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