Question from camo4321

Where can I find a Razor Claw before the E4?

I know there is 1 at the battle mansion but is there 1 before the e4? id prefer a weavile before and not after the e4.


cutterrojo answered:

Maybe by super secret training with your Pokemon. When you do one of the super secret training mini games, they drop rare objects and a razor claw might be one of them.
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VirtusTenebrae answered:

As far as I've seen, the only ways to obtain either a Razor Fang or Razor Claw is either from a trade or the Battle Maison.
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SaiPrime answered:

You can get one from the Baloon Popping minigame on the Pokemon Global Link website and then recieve it in-game at a Poke-Center. Chck which one it is for yourself though, I don't know which out of 1 2 and 3 it's in.
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