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Skating Trick Locations?

I need help finding all the trainers who give you a skating trick when you talk to them. I've found two in Lumiose City (one at the plaza, one in the street of the Boulevard), but I don't know where to find the others, or how many others there are.


stormgsk answered:

The 3 others are in vert plaza in lumiose city, north bloulevard, and lost hotel.
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ouchalargerock answered:

Look for Roller-skaters. The ones that you need are located in:
Vert Plaza - Parallel Swizzle
North Boulevard - Backflip
Lost Hotel - Cosmic Flip

All three people will explain to you how to do each trick. Remember that you will need to progress a bit in the game to access any of these.
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soltys316 answered:

I found the one in lost hotel but he's not teaching me a trick. He just keeps saying his skills aren't up to snuff. Is it the wrong person or did I miss doing something?
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DustinG23 answered:

To get the trick in Lost Hotel, you need to have found all of the other skate tricks first.
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FOREVERMAN1 answered:

Roller Skates are a new item given to you when you reach Santalune City. They provide an alternative method of transport to running and the bike, but there are many unique factors to it. When you use the Circle Pad on the Nintendo 3DS, the Roller Skates activate. They allow you to go off of the standard grid movement that is done with the D-Pad and give you greater freedom.

Dotted around the region, there are various rails. These can be jumped upon when you have the roller skates out and give you access to a variety of previously unaccessible areas which typically have items. Some of these rails have dips that will knock you off if you are not going fast enough.

There are also five tricks to be obtained in the game, the last of which can only be obtained if you have the previous four.

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samsam87 answered:

Back flip: North Boulevard
Running Start: Vert Plaza
Parallel Swizzle: South Boulevard
360: Estivle Avenue in a Cafe
Cosmic Flip: Lost Hotel (You need to know every other trick to get it)
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