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Asked: 10 months ago

How do I catch Rotom?

how do I get Rotom? I've been running around for hours and the trash cans arent shaking...

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From: Un0rthad0Xx 10 months ago

You have to catch it on a tuesday

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I got Rotom on my first try =/ Try doing it at night, that's when my Rotom first appeared.

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I just caught the Fire/Electric Rotom earlier tonight in the that drug addict crack den known as the "Lost Hotel" (I believe). I saw the can shaking as soon as I walked down and it was the first Pokemon I encountered down there. Maybe the time of day has something to do with it? Doesn't seem like that would make sense, though.

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Rotom is very hard to get. You could try importing them from D/P/Pl. versions (if you caught him in that game)

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Its a day based pokemon, some people find Rotom on thursdays in the trash cans others find it on another day, it doesnt give you 100% encounter rate it just makes it easier to find if you find your day which Rotom "appears" in your trash cans same with Bannett in Pokemon town

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Dude just you can add me i bred a bunch of rotom's i'll give you one or ten whatever floats your boat man..0087 2299 8793 message me on here first then i'll jump on..

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Found in shaking trash cans in lost hotel on Tuesdays, according to I found two the first time I went to the hotel (which may or may not have been a Tuesday). You can then change its form by interacting with the appliances in the warehouse within the Pokemon Laboratory (where Sycamore was earlier) in Lumiose City.

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