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Where can I find Metal Coat?

Where can i find a metal coat?


noddalives answered:

It's in the Pokeball Factory in Laverre City.
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SonicFire5 answered:

Pokeball Factory in Laverre City. When you enter take the conveyor belt around and head towards the stairs. Go behind the stairs the stairs and down and it should be there hidden.

Also you can catch Magnemites at the Lost Hotel or use Thief on them.
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Emical_Fire answered:

Try the Pokeball Factory in Laverre City after you get your 6th badge.
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Desulated answered:

There's one in the Pokeball factory. But if you want more, try to find a Friend Safari that has a Metang, Bronzong, or Magneton.

The ones at the Lost Hotel don't seem to give up Metal Coats as common as the ones in FS.
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